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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  March 21, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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is in fourth place. >> fourth place by himself. that will put a smile on your face. watney thrilled with that. >> yeah. that was a shot. >> back to 15. mentioned this downhill some 20 feet from tee to green. >> yeah. the wind is this way. the hole locion is right here, dottie. >> can you believe the sun is actually out. the wind has died. it is absolutely perfect out here now. 6 iron. starts at the center of the green. >> 3 is a good score here. >> that is a smart shot. maybe he will make aong one. who knows. >> back at 14. >> the third shot for k.j. choi from the right-hand rough. >> 157 left to the hole. the ball above his feet with the hole back left that might be help to k.j. to shape something toward it.
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>> he grew up on an island there were no golf courses but a driving range. wouldn't think he would have practiced shots like this very much. >> great audio there, but it is always difficult to understand what andy is saying. >> he said hit at the tv tower. 15 feet right of the hole. >> this ball trying to draw up. a little right of the hole. >> considerably short though. >> and now jim furyk. >> 133 left for jim on a bit of a downhill slope here. i would think with the wind direction that although there is not much of it, this will help down low. probably hit some low draw. >> tv tower with the blue
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matting back there, good target for furyk. >> pretty good-looking shot. >> that is a pretty good target for furyk. he's got three feet now. it has been a long 2 1/2-year march for jim furyk, but he is on his way. still some tough holes left. we'll be right back. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis. with two clinically proven dosing options, you can choose the moment that's right for you and your partner. 36-hour cialis and cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment's right. day or night. >> tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. >> don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. >> don't drink alcohol in excess with cialis.
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the conditions in palm harbor, florida, a far cry from this morning. thunderstorms. a near four-hour delay which delayed this final round by quite some margin. jim furyk has a two-shot margin over watson and choi right now. we've got some tough holes coming up. 16, 17, and 18 especially. this is bubba watson. two back. his second shot at 15. >> got a bit of a goer there. >> ahead at 18. the man that is on top of the fedex points cup. steve stricker. looked like he was going to contend early in the week. hasn't been able to put good enough play to chase down furyk. >> just a little left the second
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half. >> one of stricker's last 21 rounds has been over par. the first round at doral last week when he shot 73. stricker projected to stay on top. villegas the winner at the honda. ea ernie els who won at doral. >> this will be something for watney to post 10 under. >> this will be quite the up and in from the trees. tremendous shot coming in here. this, too, likes to break toward the front of the green. be careful. this can get away from you and knock it five feet by. it is sort of up and over, this putt. >> watney's second top ten of 2010. >> he is playing it pretty far out right.
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>> what a year watney is coming off. 12th on the money list last year. won the buick. >> that is a nice par. >> he matches stephen ames' 67 for the low round of the day. pettersson for birdie. >> another good par. all these holes coming in. pars are a good score. >> he'll stay at 8 under. we go to 14. >> beautiful look from above. this is k.j. choi at the par 5 with a very slow put, roger. >> uphiller. should turn to his left. 36 feet, eight inches. >> jim furyk, you can see his coin behind the hole in close at just three feet. >> psychologically not easy for the pursuers right now, johnny. jim furyk not the kind of player to have a double bogey or triple
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bogey in his last few holes. but you never know. >> it depends how he plays the holes coming up. 16 the toughest, 17 the second toughest, 18 the third toughest. he is a par kind of player when he needs it. bubba's putt. sort of a poorly played bogey. >> watson falls under the 12 under number and in solo third. k.j. low all the way there. so he will certainly tap that one in for his par but most likely will lose a shot to jim furyk. >> a poor drive, mediocre second and mediocre third and so-so par. >> retief goosen hit a terrible first putt. there has been no pep in goosen at all here in goosen the last
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hour or so. even par for the day, retief. >> he has played indifferently. one birdie, one bogey. hit some shots that were surprising. he is not pleased with this here. from 120 yards he left himself a 42-footer. not very good from that distance. >> he doesn't need a putt over seven feet, mark. >> got that one. so good two -putt for retief. he was razor sharp earlier in the week. 67 and followed it up with a 68. >> having a good week. tied for fifth. good top ten finish. >> if he can finish strongly. >> now jim furyk to open up a three-shot lead. >> putt should be a little to his right.
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>> important putt, huh, rog? >> absolutely. wouldn't you like to stand on 16 with a three-shot lead as opposed to two? if he can keep it through there. >> oh, there it is. firm. jim furyk has gotten it to minus 15. he's got four holes left. he leads by three. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] when we built our first hybrid,
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welcome back to the transitions championship here at the copperhead course at innisbrook resort. bubba watson on the tee at 16. going with an iron off the tee. that will prevent him from going through the fairway. nicely positioned. back to 15. >> there it is. down the hill. final group has arrived. >> we'd be remiss if we didn't thank ken and brian, who are the superint superintendents here. the great preparation for the first major, the masters, yesterday they were running close to augusta speed.
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today because of the rain they are not quite there. but, man, the course is pure. >> speaking of augusta, we have veteran players, some of the old-guard players coming into their own again as we get ready for the first major. ernie els playing better. vijay singh, although we are not sure of his condition after he withdrew with a bad back from this tournament. retief goosen playing well. >> exactly. well, here it is. downhill par 3. >> a little shadow creeping into furyk's sight there. >> the marshals, you see the fellow on the left with the be quiet, please. they put it up in front. >> he had the 6 iron up. changed to 5.
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this ball left of the hole. the wind is in behind it. >> got a double cross trying to hold the cut. that is quite the long putt there. that will be an easy two-putt. but, you know, he is putting. >> long time faithful caddie on the bag. who guided tiger around that historic first major at the '97 masters but has been with furyk pretty much ever since. >> nick o'hern at 17. >> tee shot right at the green. pitched past the hole. all of a sudden nick o'hern has gone bogey, bogey. >> k.j. choi, gary. >> he's got to shot for it, gary. >> 7 iron just left of the hole. >> so choi still not completely shaken. >> no. he is swinging well. he could be tough at augusta. >> goosen is next coming off
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that birdie, the first one since the first hole. >> bay hill is going to be fun to see with all the revamped greens and bunkers and repositioned bunkers. i'm real excited to see that. >> pretty good stretch for south africa with charles schwartzle in contention alongside ernie. looked like goosen might follow it up this week with a showing for his country. he is still on the leader board, seven back of furyk. >> 7 iron, a little right. that caught some rough on the right. that is a rough, low area. that is going to make it tougher to get it up and in. >> to 16. >> bubba watson is well back. >> 215 yards and wind setting up that doesn't favor this hole location at all.
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>> we've seen him play a couple of draws. >> i'm saying it is going to be a big old hook, gary. this wind is actually picked back up again. >> on the 13th hole a 9 iron. it is not like he can't hit a short iron and get it there. a little movement. >> this gentleman is in his way. he is going to try to ride the wind. he is trying to play a hook. that guy is 40 yards out of the picture. >> he is definitely aiming way to the left again. way to the left.
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>> asking for it to turn. the line was good. a club short. >> i don't think he thinks in straight lines, dottie. >> i don't think so, either, johnny. >> i think he just sees big curves. >> back at 15. >> furyk faced with a long birdie try at 15. he has had his share, especially early on. this is birdie for the par 3 15th in the first round. as this hole has been pretty kind to him. and then yesterday in the third round much shorter variety than what he faces right now. but he has done well here. >> that was a tough read there. he read it perfectly. he's putted really off the charts this week. you notice all the putts he's made, he's just made a ton of putts. >> if you just joined us, an upside down putter grip
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instituted by his father has given him a comfort with that cross-handed grip. there it is. >> to pull that off, you have to get out a 3/8 inch drill and drill the little hole at the top to get the rain water out and put it on backwards. >> goosen is going to play first here, roger. >> this little chip that goes back up hill. the hole is cut, it falls off on either side of the hole. it is right on top of a noll. >> that was beautifully played. >> yeah. that was really nice. >> really soft. >> that was a cool little staccato chip. real crisp. like, one, two. it wasn't lazy and it wasn't a pop. it was just really crisp.
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>> talked about veteran players in contention for the major at the masters. nine top ten finishes in his last 12 starts worldwide for goosen. at the age of 41. >> he's had a terrific career. south africans, they can play. they don't produce a ton of good players, but the ones they do, gary player, bobby lock. bobby lock was the first great one. yeah. they know what they're doing. >> what about this distance for furyk here, roger? >> 70 feet. >> see if he can get it to the hole. he's done that it looks like almost. >> a nervous one here for par. >> that was not good speed and bad line. not a good combination. so he might lose another one of these strokes maybe to choi. >> well, we've got bay hill. phil mickelson back in the mix trying to get his game on track
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for the first major of the year. ernie els. villegas, saturday 2:30 eastern time for the arnold palmer invitational presented by mastercard. always good to see the king. he has his golf course ready to go. >> it is going to be really cool. they could have a major championship at bay hill. that is a special spot in the sand capped area. >> i thought it is more exciting par 5. huge putt here for choi, roger. >> could be a two-shot swing, rog. >> could be. the first half of the putt is up hill. it levels out when he gets on top. pretty straight. >> i thought it was going move left. >> that was a big putt. jim furyk is thinking, oh, billy.
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>> still a chance for a one-shot swing if furyk misses his par putt. >> who knows. >> he uses a really fat grip. those are good grips if you want to quiet your hand action, the fatter the grip, the softer the hand action. >> there is maybe a future contender. >> strong grip. flat backed swing. >> he has no idea that johnny miller can telestrate a swing at any second with an umbrella. >> it is great to have the kids out. i remember going to the lucky international at harding park in the winter time and watching those guys slop it around in that rain. arnold palmer and all those guys. george bair popped it twice. >> you have a memory like a steel trap. he has not had a three-putt green this week. >> i think this would do an
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awful lot for his confidence for the next three holes to go, john. >> yes, it would. he could play conservatively at 16. he hit a bad drive at 16. yesterday he hit the tree. first things first is this one here. is this a vague putt, roger? >> i don't think it does much. if it had a tendency it would go fade left, but not much. >> there goes the three-shot lead down to two with three menacing holes ahead including 16th. bubba watson with a putt. >> solidly uphill the whole way. did he hit it, dottie? did he hit it? >> oh. par on the most difficult hole on the golf course for watson. he'll remain 11 under, three off
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the lead. the problem is he doesn't have any birdie holes left. the 17th has only yielded one all day and 18 only three. >> yeah. you're right. if there is course with not a safe finish, this is one of them if you have a two-shot lead. >> there is a good look to the tee at 16. and johnny, you mentioned it yesterday. water all down the right-hand side. furyk trying to play left-to-right tee shot. >> watch him run left trying to see this shot. >> he knew it was farther right than he wanted it to be. he got lucky. it hits the pine tree and kicks dead left into the middle of the fairway. >> looked like it was headed to the water. although jim furyk said yesterday he didn't think it was going to find the water. that is positive thinking. >> it might not have. he was complaining he lost 40
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yards from hitting a free. any time you hit a tree and bounce to the fairway you can't complain. >> no, i don't think so. that is k.j. choi's pet shot. >> and he's shaping it left to right. just left of the trees. this is really a pretty drive here. that is plenty good. >> that is gutsy. >> for a guy who hits a draw, i know this is not a comfortable tee shot for retief goosen, johnny. i have played this hole many a times. better be trying to play more conservatively. i think that is what he is doing. >> with the 3 wood. >> with the rough down on the left, you can get away with some shots. >> it is just a matter if you get unlucky with the tree over there. there are plenty of those. 3 metal.
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>> nobody is saying great shot. >> well, it's going down the left and it is going to find the rough. >> there is that light rough. >> that rough light because of the cold winter? >> i think so, john. the tour edict this year is make the rough not quite as deep. they wanted to see what would happen with the groove change, rough that is not quite as long. >> what a big shot this is, folks. >> and i know he doesn't like to think ahead -- think back to the memory of yesterday but is that going through his mind right now? >> i don't think so. he is experienced enough. he has a target. he picked out a tree he wants to get the ball started on. he is looking at his spot. >> see how low he is teeing. that is for a squeeze fade. >> yep. just trust your swing. >> and he's got this turning over a little bit to the left.
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i think this might run out of fairway. >> just. just. not bad. >> good. >> so furyk avoids the water off the tee at 16. he currently holds a two-shot lead. he knows this one is a little too far left. hang on. it's okay. announcer: wherever the game takes you, transitions is your best playing partner. transitions lenses adapt to changing light to help you stay comfortable and in the zone
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in all light conditions both on and off the course. kenny perry and trevor immelman have made transitions part of their game. transitions is proud to be the official eyewear of the pga tour and title sponsor of the transitions championship. they treat themselves well. on occasion, eveindulge. they don't run errands, they run errands. they don't see mountains, only little bumps. they know how to kick in and kick back. that's the ultra life. michelob ultra. 95 calories, 2.6 carbs... and exceptonally smooth taste. it's the surior light beer, perfectly balanced. for the ultra life.
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tonight the "celebrity apprenti apprentice" is all new. new tonight on nbc. to the 17th tee. >> carl pettersson ready with his tee shot. he pulled a 4 iron. >> this is the club that donald hit before him. that went to the center of the green or a touch short of it. >> yeah. looked like it was a pull. >> bubba watson is next. the hole location sets up for the big draw if he wants to play it. >> unlike the last hole the wind would help him get into that corner.
6:58 pm
>> there's a good look at his card. two birdies on the front nine going out. started the back nine birdie, birdie, but bogey at 15 on the par 3 after a not very good tee shot. >> this starts, i think left of tampa bay. >> out over the gulf? >> yep. >> he brings it back in. good shot. but still leaves a very lengthy putt for a birdie. and over at 16. a good look at the hole location. in the back right corner. putting surface up on a little shelf. been hard to get the ball anywhere near the hole. roger, i would think out of the rough here, goosen not looking to go hole hunting. >> i wouldn't think so. at 188.
6:59 pm
the wind again picking up now. it had died down for the longest time. now we are getting a bit of a gust. wind helping him from the right. >> is that a goer? >> well, this one's kind of coming back into the left. no. he started out right and fell out of the sky. it didn't stay in the air. >> not bad though. ahead at 18. >> you might have heard the roar in the background. nick o'hern for par at 18. >> pretty straight putt. >> there it is. straight as an arrow. >> 71 for the lefty aussie. >> always nice to finish with a birdie. >> 16. >> furyk's second. >> this from 185. a bit of a heavier lie. this ball is drawing toward the center of the green.


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