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tv   Today  NBC  July 27, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we are back with more of "today" on a tuesday morning, 27th day of july, 2010. it's a beautiful morning here in new york. bright, sunny skies. a little bit up there temperaturewise. the humidity is back. didn't you say, though -- >> tomorrow is better. >> we'll take a one-day reprieve. i'm matt lauer along with natalie morales and al roker. a lot to get to this morning, including that horrible story out of arizona where the officials have publicly
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apologized to the families of two young girls for confusing their identity after a tragic auto accident. one girl died, one survived. they were friends. coming up, we'll have more on how that could have happened in a little while. >> heart goes out for both those families. also, have you had enough of mel gibson by now? guess what? more of those tapes are surfacing yet again. tape number seven, i believe. allegedly mel gibson, in a bitter custody battle with his daughter with his ex-girlfriend. and celebrity roundup. we'll be talking about lindsay lohan in jail, week number two, some new details on who visited her. aus, she reportedly -- >> chelsea clinton did not visit. >> she did not visit her but chelsea clinton is getting married, as you know, four days away from the nuptials, most talked about nuptials possibly of the decade. >> bill clinton looking very svelte. >> father of the bride. >> he was obviously listening to joy bauer in our diet --
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>> do you think he was? >> i think so. >> perfect segue. >> trying to stay on a healthy diet, getting exercise while working the fight shift. the best sources of protein if you're a vegetarian and ways to speed up your metabolism. that's all coming up on joy's diet sos. >> fabulous. >> inside, a check of the headlines from ann curry at the news desk. >> good morning. a pentagon spokesman says the military still doesn't know who leaked the afghanistan war papers, but it aims to find out. there is considerable speculation that the 90,000-plus document provided to the whistle-blowing website wikileaks by a young army private, bradleymanning. nato says the body of a u.s. sailor last seen driving into a taliban held area has been
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recovered. he's been identified as 30-year-old justin mcnealy who has ties to southern california. the search continues for another sailor who disappeared with mcnealy last week. now a hospital and police are apologizing to the families of two girls who were misidentified after a car crash recently. the confusion added to the family's heartbreak. we have nbc's kristin welker in phoenix with more on thisser to. >> reporter: good morning, ann. abby guerra is still fighting for her life at st. joseph's hospital. she's undergone a number of surgeries. her family is holding a constant vigil by her bedside as authorities have begun to speak out about how they could have confused guerra with her very best friend, marlena cantu. >> it's a mistake. >> reporter: arizona officials made a public apology to the families who bore the brunt of a heartbreaking medical mixup. more than a week ago 21-year-old marlena cantu and her best friend 19-year-old abby guerra were in a car accident while
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driving with three other friend from disneyland to their hometown outside of phoenix. cantu died and guerra survived but somehow medical and emergency crews confused the girls' identities. a mistake that was not cleared up for nearly a week. >> i would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the arizona department of public safety to offer our collective sincere apologies. >> reporter: officials with the department of public safety say right after the accident they spent five hours trying to determine the girls' identities. hospital officials added, it was a trauma situation and it was not he's iscy to identify guerra because she was badly injured. >> we interviewed family member that evening and al qaeda for any discernible visible information that could help us make that positive identification. from the information that was provided us on that evening, we believed the patient was marlena cantu. >> reporter: complicating matters, the county medical examiner says there was a backlog of cases so the autopsy
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on what turned out to be cantu's body was delayed for five days after the crash. it was during the autopsy that cantu was identified with dental records. her family, who had thought she was alive, heartbroken. >> i'm going to miss my daughter, you know. and, you know, she's still with me, you know, just a matter of -- it's going to be hard. very hard. >> reporter: marlena cantu's family has begun funeral arrangements. in the meantime, hospital officials say they are taking steps to make sure this never happens again. ann? >> thank you so much. bp confirmed today that embattled ceo tony hayward will step down on october 1st to be replaced by robert dudley, the first american to hold that post with the company. firefighters are battling a raging wildfire that's burned five buildings and forced some evacuations in central california. the fire started monday, just north of kernville, a popular
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whitewater rafting destination and burned more than three square piles. two student at bring ham young university invented a motorized couch to get around campus. however, it was promptly banned by school officials. look like fun. five minute past the hour. let's go back outside. >> i give item an a-plus plus great inbegin newty. that's greatiering. >> yes. over to al. >> here's some other college student. i did this against my better judgment. good to see you guys. i'll be moving away now. let's check your weather, see what's going on. we've got severe storms along the southeast. risk of severe storms from atlanta, mirlgt beach, showers and thunderstorms are firing up, an inch, inch and a half of rain and back through the plains, sioux falls into duluth,
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minnesota, heavy thunderstorms firing up >> we are off to a nice, comfortable start this tuesday morning. mostly sunny skies. if you high, thin clouds of doubt, but generally sunny. and that's your latest on weather. natalie? >> all right, thanks so much, al. from another alleged recording of an engaged mel gibson and lindsay lohan's jail sentence and chelsea clinton's lavish nuptials.
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. good morning. >> good morning. >> tape number seven, i believe, allegedly of mel gibson. by now, most people have heard the voice and believe it is to be him, but what's different about this one? >> this tape he actually -- again, you know, he throws all sorts of obscenities but this time he throws his rage at timothy dalton, which is oksana's ex. he says, why don't you go back to him? this time he involves another party. >> is this the beginning of the end or a lot more stuff? >> this is one of the last tapes. really the beginning of the end. >> you're reporting in "people" magazine that mel was seen with his 9-month-old daughter over the weekend at his church on his property. there was someone else. who was that? >> a guardian, someone he has hired to look over when he visits with lucia. he has done this because he wants to pre-emt any claims from oksana saying he's a bad dad.
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so he hired an observer to watch how he acts, behaves, go he did on his own. >> this is somebody he pays for as well in. >> yes, he'll probably be on his best behavior. >> rulgt. and he signed up for some co-parents class? >> a source tells "people" that as part of their custody agreement they have to enter co-parenting classes. you learn how to interact with each other, how to balance things to make it work. >> lindsay lohan, in week two of her 90-day jail sentence although it appears the time will be reduced significantly, is that right? >> absolutely. >> how much time is she serving? >> we'll look at about two week. yesterday we spoke to the shafb's spokesperson and she's still looking at an august 1st or 2nd release. there's reports she's getting out as early as today. so far, sheriff's telling "people" this weekend. >> is that due to overcrowding? >> due to overcrowding, good behavior and she had a couple
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days knocked off for time served. >> but she's not going to be released outright. she'll have to continue to serve as a probational -- >> absolutely. and then afterward she has to go to rehab for 90 days. she won't have much freedom. right to rehab. >> there are questions about whether or not she is getting any special treatment? >> some inmates tell "people" she is getting special treatment. any time lindsay leaves her cell there's a lockdown. safb is telling us, she's not getting any treatment. >> we're seeing the inside, the regional detention facility in lynwood, that's where paris hilton was also held. in terms of the time that she has, i hear she's goetting some junk food. how is she getting? >> there's a separate website in l.a. where you can order gift packs of junk food, candy bars -- >> are you kidding me in. >> there's a limit of $150, and
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lindsay went through her balance very quick. she's eating junk food, read, sleeping a lot. >> i've heard she's been crying a lot, is that true? >> her lawyer told "people" during the first day she was crying. an inmate said she could hear her crying. >> let's switch to happier subjects. let's talk about the lavish upcoming nuptials of chelsea clinton with marc mezvinsky. we've told it's going to be held at this private estate 90 miles north of new york. >> there's lots of reports out there saying what the figure is going to be. it's obviously going to be -- could go into the seven figures. it's going to be at that estate, a large mansion north of new york. actually owned and created by the astors and now the home is owned by two clinton donors. we know there will be lot of
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brides maids as well. there may be be as many celeb friends friend with clintons because a source tells "people" chelsea and marc wanted more of their friends. >> we heard exactly that, this is chelsea's wedding and they want their friends. if you consider a price tag of $3 million to $5,000, you're talking about 600,000 a head. >> the extra costs are going into things, extra security, which, you know, a different type of wedding wouldn't have. they have air conditioned huge tents which costs thousands of drar dollars. bridal parties and transportation. because guests will be transported from one location to another location for the reception. >> is "people" in on -- any picture? >> i don't have an invite but hope to see the picture later. >> i can't wait to see her in her dress.
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>> she'll look fabulous. >> david caplan, thanks much. working the night shift, and getting the right nutrient if you're a vegetarian. we'll can your most frequent questions in our diet sos segment coming up. don't throw out the old clothes. we'll show you how to reuse and recycle. my sienna is great. it matches my style, it has great stuff for my kids, it has an available dual-view entertainment center. driving my sienna says, "sure, i'm a mom. but i'm not running around rocking mom jeans." miss, there's a diaper bag on your roof. please. ♪ [ male announcer ] meet the family and the toyota sienna on youtube. ♪ the book of truth. food myth #9. [ woman ] chopping, peeling and sauteing can be kinda relaxing at the end of the day. [ female announcer ] relaxing? for who? for fresh taste without the fuss, try new market creations from lean cuisine.
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helps regulate your digestive system in two weeks. mmmm. activia light is not light on taste! and with only 70 calories activia light helps make it easier to watch my weight. it helps me feel good and look good too! ♪ activia so, we're back with joy's diet s.o.s., where we help you with your diet dilemmas from what time is best to eat if you work the night shift. joy bauer has information for us. >> we have our first question on skype. what is your question? >> hi, joy. hi, how are you? >> great. thanks for the question. >> right. my question is, how often should
9:17 am
you eat during the day to speed up your metabolism? should you eat a small meal every two hours, like a protein and a vegetable, or more typical schedule like three meals per day and two snacks? >> you'll get a slight rev in metabolism any time you eat anything. that's because your body has to work in order to digest food. now, that being said, as long as you're eating throughout the day, let's say every four to five hours versus not anything all day long and slamming your body with the majority of your calories later at night, it really doesn't matter how often you eat. the research is not definitive. and most studies show it doesn't cause a significant increase in metabolism or help with weight loss with one eating style, three meals, versus six mini meals. i think the bottom line s you just got to choose what is best for your personal lifestyle and for your food preferences and just make sure that at the end
9:18 am
of the day, your total calories are appropriate for whatever your weight management goal is. and there's one word of caution, i will say, if you decide to go the mini meal route, so that would be eating every two to three hours and totals about six to seven meals at the end of the day, be very careful with keeping the mini meals mini because they tend to grow into larger mini meals. you take in a lot of extra calories. the result is going to be weight gain. a good ballpark figure, if you're going the mini meal route, versus three square, is 200 to 250 calories per mini peel. whatever works for you will work for weight management. i hope that helps. >> yes, thank you so much. >> good luck. >> our next question -- our next question is from holly in jacksonville, florida, who's on the telephone. holly, what's your question? >> hi, joy. i've recently become an vegetarian and i wanted to find some great sources in nutrient i
9:19 am
might be missing such as protein or iron. i'm going to be using my university's dining hall this next speser and i was looking for good tips for choices i can make. >> because you're a lacto vegetarian it will be easier for you because you're allowing yourself to have cow's milk, dairy, and eggs. both of those items are high quality protein foods. there are other of high quality protein foods, the soy foods, soy nuts, tofu. quinoa is a great green because it offers up protein. you could also get veggie burgers at the campus dining hall or keep them in your freezer. most items are pretty inexpensive. when it comes to iron, all those protein foods with the exception of cow's milk, dairy, also have
9:20 am
protein. the beans and lentils. and also leafy green like swiss chard, item-fortified grains, cereals, dried fruit like apricots, raisins, figus and th baked potato with the skin, you get a little iron well. but to increase the absorption of that iron in the plant-based food you want to couple iron based food. the beans give you iron, tomatoes give you vitamin "c." if have you an iron-fortified cereal and add sliced strawberries, you get vitamin "c" from the strawberries. it's super simple. go out of your way to eat good and you'll be fine. >> third one, an e-mail from irene. she says, i'm a night shift
9:21 am
worker, how do you incorporate diet and exercise into your routine with all the diets you hear and read about deal with people -- i'm sorry, people that work a traditional shift? >> this question comes up a lot. it is totally doable to lose weight and eat healthfully when you have atypical schedule or hours. the key is to find a balanced plan and then to change the titles of meals. you don't feed to use breakfast lunch and dinner. call it meal one, meal two, meal throw. and then flip them around and eat them according to your hunger and your schedule. for example, meal one, you can have, no matter what it is within that plan, before you leave for work when you get up in the evening or the late afternoon. >> you might want to have dinner first and then end with dessert in. >> exactly. >> or breakfast. >> in the middle of your work shift you'll have meal two. when you come home in the morning, before you go to bed, you have meal three. another key thing is to pack one or two healthy snacks that you
9:22 am
could eat when you're most hungry during your work shift. in terms of exercise, get it in whenever you can. definitely on your days off it should be mandated. then if you can't find a 30-minute chunk of time to walk or do some sort of exercise, break it up into bite-sized pieces. ten minutes before you head off to your job, ten minutes during your shift, and then before you hit the sack at night, another ten minutes and it's done. >> joy bauer, thank you for your tips. still to come, the hottest summer fashion trends for every size and shape. motivational speaker extraordinaire tony robbins. y d! sure, why not? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. okay! mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i love it! mmm, this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! taste it, love it,
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mmm, this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! taste it, love it, or it's free! ♪ activia >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am lisa robinson. a former police officer will spend the next 50 years behind bars for murdering his wife. antonio's to work was convicted of murder in may for the 2008 shooting. he was a former special police officer with the state police and was licensed to carry a gun. guests at a downtown hotel spent and eyes elsewhere -- spent the night elsewhere after a major water leak forced them out. officials at the marriott said that a 4-inch water main break
9:27 am
flooded the stairwells below. it forced management to evacuate the hotel. >> what we decided to do as a group was to actually closed down the hotel for the evening. we are completely sold out. there is a large government group here. we are going to be relocating everybody from this hotel to about 15 different hotels in the city. >> bge is checking for damage to the electrical system and the elevators. hotel officials hope to have everything back to normal later today. now let's take a look at the forecast with tony pann. >> it is a nice start for us this tuesday, and this afternoon you might see a public high, thin clouds moving. humidity will be in check again. high temperatures will be in the upper 80s to around 90 degrees. the humidity is going to go up tomorrow.
9:28 am
chance for a couple of scattered thunderstorms on wednesday night and thursday. the high-temperature on thursday will be in the upper 80s. after that, smooth sailing into the weekend. high temperatures on saturday and set in the mid-to-upper- 80's. >> see you back here at 9:55. [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones, it's time.
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♪ i want it back ♪ n i'm starting to see everything ♪ ♪ before you blew it you pulled me through it ♪ ♪ i want to undo it five-time grammy winner and member of the grand ol' opry, carrie underwood with her newest hit, "undo it". >> i like that title. >>. >> reporter:. . >> she's going to bringing her brand of country to our summer concert stage this friday. i don't know if you call her
9:31 am
country. it's kind of rock -- >> crossover country. coming up, most of us have go in our closet we don't wear anymore like an old sweater, acid wash jeans. >> you have a lot of those? >> i don't. >> i don't have those. >> me either. you, acid wash yeenz? >> they're very in style right now. dig them out of your closet. this morning we're all about trashin', which somebody's trash is somebody else's treasure, so we're going to turn that -- whatever piece of clothing that you have or that fashion item and repurpose it for you. show you how your old wardrobe favorites can be -- >> is that a glue gun? >> yes. >> oh, she has a glue gun and she's not afraid to use it. >> she's inventive. >> creative. >> making bagging out of thing you might want to get rid of. a great way to reuse it new also
9:32 am
coming up in "today's kitchen." there's nothing like fresh lobster. we have ann any here this morning with three affordable lobster recipes. and she's also, you know, also very pleased with them. we're going to learn what we can feed our families and guests with this morning from ann any. . also, carl hisen has a new book. you are a big fan of him. >> love carl. >> it's a book inspired by the celebrity focus culture we're in today. >> yes. >> and it's about paparazzi and meltdowns. the book is called "star island." coming up. but first a check of the weather. >> i do. for today we are looking for strong storms in the upper midwest. also along the southeastern atlantic coast. sunshine in new england. tomorrow we have more showers in
9:33 am
the southwest, which will continue to be a continuation of today. risk of strong storms up in the mississippi and ohio river >> we are off to a nice, quiet start this tuesday did you want to go up a little bit this afternoon, but not a bad day. >> i love what natalie is and that's your latest weather. >> ral, thank you on much. turning your trash into trend and what to do. ♪
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i love the progress. it makes me love myself that much more. i win. and you can too. [ female announcer ] if you join right now, you can join for a dollar. hurry, offer ends august 7th. weight watchers. because it works. ♪ i'm going to be a beauty this morning on "bobby's style buzz" do it yourself. if you've been holding on to college jeans hoping they will fit again, we can pull them out of the style because bobbie thomas is here to show you how to recycle old items into hot new looks. good morning. >> good morning. >> we've seen you turn an altoid box into a clutch, coffee stirrers into a necklace. now tanks into totes. >> i get a lot of heat from
9:38 am
people around here -- >> you're like the mcgyver of the fashion world. >> i have a hard time throwing stuff out. >> and in this economy -- >> in this economy, upcycling, it's a great way to go green. why not start turning your tank into a tote. >> a $2 tank from the gap. >> $2. >> how did you do this? do you really have to know how to sew? >> you don't. i can't sew, yus so everybody knows that. what you can do, if you want to use a needle and thread, you can baste stitch the bottom. turn it inside/out and then turn it right side out. >> just the bottom, right? >> if you're on vacation, we were just on vacation together. if you have forgotten a tote for the beach. take a tank top like this, turn it inside/out. grab the bottom and secure it with a rubber band. and then turn it right side out and you have the instant temporary tote for the beach. it's not forever but a cute
9:39 am
last-minute idea. and you have a little handbag. >> now, with those denim jeans, you have some cute ideas here. >> every week on wednesday, i try to think of something called rework wednesday and post it on my site. why not repurpose a pocket and you can use hem tape to stick it on any pillow temporarily. >> and it hold pretty well? >> yeah. you can also stitch it on. >> you made a pillow out of a pair of jeans. >> with the scraps. the pockets are great to hang on a door so you don't forget your keys or toss in your bag for electronics. it's really easy. just a way to rethink, reuse, reinvent stuff you think is trash but can be -- >> turned into somebody's treasure. >> the olsen girls put a line out at jcpenney. they had a clutch that was a denim pocket. >> draw inspiration. speaking of inspiration, i mean,
9:40 am
this is sort of like all the rage on the runway, but you've taken old sweaters and made great necklaces. >> it's about turning your old knits into something new. the diners are put this reworked, stretched out yarn. i took the neckline off these old sweaters. it's so easy. i just cut it. the more imperfect -- i took jewelry scraps, a big button box. a scarf can be used. you stretch it out. it looks really being. >> like a kgs piece. >> the pore oldie, ratty, the better. >> exactly. >> here's a great idea with a sweater with a snag. this is a nice tank top with the snag. if you weave ribbon through the holes, you can do something interesting with it and it will just cinch the sweater up. you can still use it with some kind of interesting new -- >> you've seen a lot of t-shirts with the ribbon through it. >> and it has roushing.
9:41 am
>> viewers have been sending you great ideas, right if. >> we put up a call to action. i wanted you to send me your ideas. we had yen fer rjennifer reagan. please, send your ideas to she showed us a great way of the sort of flower broaches she's applied to either hair accessories or necklaces. the cool tech feek i like is that she takes the fabric, cuts them in circles and cinches the edges like a curl to get the flower. >> burns the edges. >> be very careful. obviously, children should have parental prvgsupervision. layer them and -- >> that's beautiful. look at these -- i'm going to put one in my hair. super easy, right? no time. these are like dresses that were a bridesmaid dress that had some
9:42 am
significance. >> she's selling on etsy, i'm a big fan of that marketplace because it's handmade wares. >> if you have some ideas, or a premiere storytellers. and later we're loving lobster with annie coppsp activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? today is your tasty lucky day! sure, why not? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass.
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this morning on "today's hot summer reads," "star island," the story of cherry pye, a pop starlit lost in substance abuse. it was written by florida's carl hiaasen. good to see you again. >> good to see you, al. >> one of the villains of the book, a not so good paparazzo. >> and there are great ones? >> exactly. >> you know, novelists are drawn to bottom-feeders and low lives. i mean, it's just a great subject. you wonder watching, how do you make a living in the shrubbry outside sandra bullock's house, but people do this. >> exactly. >> i wanted to get in the brain of one of these guys. >> cherry pye, someone who has an art, not unlike a lindsay lohan, shall we say. when you started writing this, and you know, you're going for some comedy here, when you see
9:47 am
what's really happening, is it kind of hard to top reality? >> it's very hard. but you didn't have to be nostradamus to predict these meltdowns. it's sad, but to stay ahead of it, it's very difficult. she goes to court and she has her fingernails painted with a directive to the judge, that you would use for enemies on the freeway, maybe, but these are details i wish i had had when i was working on the novel, you know. but the dilemmanation of these -- and some are not overly talented. they're creations. they're manufactured. you know, you -- it's just the star-maker machine. now it's at a whole different level. >> in the book, some enablers, cherry's parents, her manager. >> shocking. >> what a surprise. >> but the other part of the aspect of this is this
9:48 am
incredible national hunger we have for news about people who are fairly inconsequential. i think now with two wars going on, a recession, the worst part of this book for me was having to read all the tabloids and immerse myself in the entertainment shows to reacquaint -- who is a celebrity and was not a celebrity in i thought the kardashian sisters were a lounge skill in the catskills. i had no idea who they were. they're from miami. who knew? >> what a shock. >> exactly. >> in doing a book like this, you bring -- the one -- what i love, the one constant is stink. why do you have such a thing for our ex-governor of florida. >> he lives in the mangroves, if you've ever been in the political area of south florida. i always wanted to turn him loose on south beach, the epicenter of pretension. he's the complete anti is shesis
9:49 am
of that to set him loose. he leaves a trail wherever he goes and leaves a pretty big trail in this book. that's my vicarious way of dealing with that scene. >> if you were allowed to your own devices, you might do -- >> the book is the socially acceptable outlet for me, but part of me always wants to live through that kind of, you know, rebel. >> speaking of outlets, how's the golf going? >> it's horrible. i haven't touched a club since may. they don't call me to play much often. that was a bad move. >> well, we're glad you got back to writing. and "star island" i great, terrific book, a fun read. >> thanks. >> it's fun to see you, carl. >> good to see you, take care. coming up next in "today's kitchen" easy recipes for
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9:51 am
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♪ my fickle friend ♪ the summer wind this morning in "today's kitchen" simple recipes for summer catch of lobster. we have chef annie copps, food editor of "yankee" magazine. >> did you call me a hot chef? >> a hot chef because i love you. >> let's get to it. >> people can't afford lobster, but you say we can make it affordable if we can stretch it. >> stretch it out a little bit. look at this dip. it could feed an army and it's one pound of lobster. it start with cream cheese. i'm going to make you do the work. >> what's next? . >> parmesan cheese. old bay seasoning and dill for a little kick. horseradish for another kick. not too much but the cream cheese, it needs some help.
9:53 am
chocolate sauce -- no, i'm kidding. >> what is that in. >> worcestershir. >> don't mess with my brain. >> i reich to mess with you. >> now, stir it all up. eventually it will get nice and blended. >> creamy. >> butter the pot? >> no, we don't need to butter. put it in here. through the magic of television, we put almonds on at the end. it's absolutely divine and delicious. >> i would pinmind? it's warm, too. >> isn't that delicious? and good for you, sort of. i'm going to race you to the other side. now, another way we can stretch our lobster dollar is to make -- you buy six one-quarter pound lobsters and everybody gets half a lobster each. we start with the tails. you can boil them or steam them yourself or have your fish
9:54 am
monger politic them in half. we start with a dressing of butter, parsley, chooiives? >> smells like garlic? >> yes. >> you mix that all together. >> panko on top to add some crunch. that goes in the oven. at the last minute you broil it for 30 seconds to it get a terrific -- >> it's already been cooked. >> it is cooked. >> now you just crisp the tops. >> that's what you end up with here. >> this is beautiful. you'll put this on top of some -- >> wait. we have another -- right in here, we have some butter and olive oil. we'll add some more chives and parsley. >> annie, they're already -- >> i know. the wolves are howling at the bay. >> come on back! right back here, baby. >> and then end up looking like this. >> come on, baby. come to papa. >> hold on, big daddy. hold on. >> hold on. >> call me big daddy. >> tomatoes and you -- >> mix them together.
9:55 am
that's beautiful. >> and good for you, right? now -- >> who's your daddy, annie? >> a little olive oil and butter. >> you kid are crazy. >> it's not just today. >> you're right, it isn't just today. >> that is beautiful. look at that. >> annie! annie! >> come on. >> i think they need some lobster. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> we have to go, guys. >> annie, we love you. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am lisa robinson. a new poll shows maryland democratic gov. martin o'malley is and a close race with republican robert ehrlich. the poll found o'malley ahead of his predecessor by three percentage points, the margin of
9:56 am
error. he led 45% to robert ehrli
9:57 am
>> good morning. we are off to a nice, quiet start this tuesday. temperatures this afternoon will climb into the upper 80s to
9:58 am
around 90. in the warm, but nothing unusual for this time of year. next couple of days we will see the chance for rain go up and scattered thunderstorms are likely. at this point, a nice weekend. >> we will see you back here for 11 news at noon. some people don't notice the difference between meat... and mystery, when they enter... the frozen zone. is it real chicken? or something else? some chicken nuggets and tenders look like they have mystery meat. with my perdue frozen nuggets, there is no mystery. just real all white-meat. made with 100% natural ingredients. no fillers. no preservatives. and a delicious taste your family will love. perdue frozen chicken. all white-meat. no mystery.
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