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tv   Today  NBC  September 14, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make the state we love not just good but great. now let's get down to work. back now with more of "today" on this tuesday morning, the 14th day of september, 2010. another gorgeous day. i mean, just perfect right now here in new york city. expected to be in the comfortable mid 70s. happy to have so many great fine folks joining us this morning. from okeechobee, florida, very nice. here with us this morning. natalie morales in for carl
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quintanilla. matt is under the weather. we heard it yesterday. struggling with it. >> took him out of commission today. >> better get back. okay? coming up on this half-hour, more on the story at the center of an nfl controversy. ines sainz was allegedly subjected to cat calls by the jets. now a harassment investigation is under way this morning. she's going to be here to tell us what she says happen and tell us her side of the story coming up in a little bit. also this morning, joey's diet sos. we hear so much about the whole grains and the benefits of the whole grains. what are the benefits of including them in your dietment a diet. and brewing questions about green tea. is it as good as they say for you? you have little ones as home? i have 1-year-old twins. for one, new york family life is more than busy. it's nuts.
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sextuplets, 22 months old and a 9-year-old. the whole family is here to tell us about their new project. >> get to do that interview coming up in a little bit. my children how much and -- >> the three seats, the third row. unbelievable. >> i don't think they make those strollers. pretty incredible. >> i need one. >> i'll find out for you. okay? first let's get a check of the morning's top stories. let's go inside to ann curry. >> thanks a lot. natalie, carl, welcome news this morning -- chief correspondents andrea mitchell reports that iran released sarah shourd. she's been held for more than a year in iran along with two american friends who face side charges for hiking accidentally in to iran. shourd's release was held up by political feuding among iran's leadership and by demand for a half million dollars' bail. iran's media is reporting this morning that the bail was paid. in the new -- in the new push for peace in the middle east, secretary of state hillary
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rodham clinton says the time is right for israel and the palestinians to make peace. this as she meets with israel's prime minister netanyahu and palestinian president abbas in egypt today before the talks move to jerusalem tomorrow. former british prime minister tony blair was honored in philadelphia last night with the 2010 liberty medal from the national constitution center. former president bill clinton presented the award to blair for the efforts in the middle east. the gas line rupture and inferno in san bruno, california last week. pacific gas and electric said it set aside up to $100 million to help residents there. and the national transportation safety board hopes the explosions will be a wakeup call about aging gas pipelines throughout our nation. and a school crossing guard took her eye off of traffic on monday when she spotted this seven-foot alligator outside of a grade school near tampa. she called the sheriff's deputies who used handcuffs and
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duct tape to subdue the gator until state wild life workers could safely take it away. boy, that duct tape sure can close things. three minutes past. back outside. >> you can use duct tape for everything. >> good to know. another check of the weather from chris cimino who's in for al this morning. chris? hello. we have friends of the "today" show. you are? >> candace, ethan. >> michelle. >> having a good time in the city. >> great time. >> is it everything you expected it to be? >> and more. >> good answer. >> that was well done. get a look at what's going on in terms of the tropics. we have an active tropical season going on. hurricane igor with winds of 135 miles per hour. category 4 storm, west-northwest motion on it. expected to take a turn more towards the north-northwest as we go to friday. early saturday, around the bermuda area we have to pay
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attention sometime saturday morning -- saturday night sorry sunday morning. hurricane julia with winds of 75 miles per hour, julia moving off in that west-northwest direction as well. both storms expected to stay well out to sea. this one well out in the middle atlantic. the u.s. mainland looks safe with the exception of watching the tropics in this disturbance. this drifts towards the yucatan to bring the rain there. rest of the country, quiet on both coasts, deep south, okay. basically in the >> good morning, everyone. a nice quiet start on this tuesday morning. expect a mixture of sun and a few clou
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. >> georgia in the house. who is this? >> orthodontist. >> of course, i should have known that. >> didn't you know that? >> i did, chris, thank you. of course, now to the female reporter who was allegedly subjected to taunts and cat calls by members of the new york jets at a practice on saturday. and now a harassment investigation is under way. you'll hear from ines sainz in a moment. but first, peter alexander has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: inez sainz did not return to the locker room, she reported the action from the sidelines. sainz wants to make sure no other female sports reporter is mistreated on and off the field. >> reporter: on the sidelines, ines sainz is hard to miss. the 32-year-old sportscaster
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from mexico's tv azteca recently named by men's magazine one of the sexiest sports reporters in the world. now sainz is at the center of a sexual harassment complaint against the new york jets. this is video from the jets' practice saturday where footballs were thrown in sainz's direction, and later in the locker room where she says she was subjected to cat calls from players. sainz tweeted in spanish -- i'm dying in embarrassment, i'm waiting in the jets locker room waiting for quarterback mark sanchez while trying not to look anywhere. she said sanchez was a ja, but told me the talk made her feel uncomfortable in the locker room. >> the minute i get in, i feel all of the eyes look at me. they start to whistle and make jokes that i know this is about me. >> the next day as the controversy grew, sainz herself became the target of criticism, with some pointing to seductive
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photos posted on her personal website. and others on tv azteca's site. in response, sainz tweeted again, this time with the picture of the type of outfit that she wore to jets' practice. some jeans and a button down white shirt and boots, she wrote, is not inappropriate. >> not trying to provoke anything. probably my style and probably my type of dress. >> reporter: when the association for women and sports media found out about sainz's complaints, they called on the nfl to investigate her possible sexual harassment. the jets' owner called sainz this weekend apologizing on behalf of the team then later issued a statement saying it's working with the national football league to gather the facts and take any appropriate steps necessary to maintain a respectful environment for the media. >> it seems that crazy over-the-top behavior is not only condoned but encouraged in some ways. it seems to me, this went too far. >> wendy murphy is a women's rights advocate and former nfl
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cheerleader. >> it doesn't matter whether she was wearing skin-tight jeans or seethrough lingerie, none of that is license to commit sexual harassment, period. >> looking for it. >> sainz has been covering sports for eight years. she has no plans to change her appearance in the locker room. >> surely, i don't see why i need to change. it's me and i don't need to change the way i am. they are going to change. the things are going to change in the lockers, not in me. >> reporter: ines sainz told me she has no plans to pursue any legal action at this time. both the nfl and the jets tell nbc news they are taking this matter very seriously and that they have both launched investigations to the players' and the coaches' actions. natalie? thank you. earlier today, meredith spoke with ines sainz about that tweet in which she was dying of
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embarrassment. meredith asked her if she felt embarrassed or actually harassed. >> the line is very fragile between one another. and i must say, i don't hear anything in a sexual way. because i'm not the one who -- who say the charge or who tried to involve the other team in this situation. what happened there is i obviously feel that environment was uncomfortable because i know they are talking about me. but i didn't hear or not pay attention today. what happened there is that -- >> i see the report. >> that's what you were experiencing. >> yeah. exactly. >> then the association for women in sports media got involved. and they're the ones who got to the nfl and said we want an investigation to what's going on. if they had not called into the investigation, would you have reported this? >> i don't think so. as i told you, i don't even pay attention. i tried to focus on my job, i
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say, it's okay. it's an environment. it's what i -- what i need to be to make my interview. so let's pretend nothing happened. but the rest of the media hear the things that the boys and they saw that the environment is very rude for a woman. >> is very rude? >> very rude. >> yes. >> so i think that -- that the main point here is that what they hear about me. not what i am doing. because if not, make it past and that's it. >> you said in your network on monday, azteca, you said you never felt attacked or offended and there are those who are calling you a victim. is that the way you see yourself or is this a case of overreaction? >> i think it's an overreaction about it. and then i start to read a little -- what is the kind of comments that the rest of the media hears about it. >> hearing from others what was said that you didn't hear at the time, do you now believe it was
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sexual harassment? >> no, because i am only a witness. i prefer that the nfl make the judgment because they have all of the pieces together. they have my material, my videotapes, they have the material of the rest of the media. so i prefer that the nfl judge and decide if these are not that kind of situation. >> and you'll accept whatever that decision is. >> yes. >> one way or the other. >> because they are very taking care about it. they are very professional. the investigation is started just hours after that happened. so i believe they are going to -- going to research everything. >> the website specifically of azteca, they have pictures of you that are fairly provocative. your own website does as well. in retrospect, do you feel like those kinds of pictures, not what you were wearing on saturday, but do you think those pictures get in the way of your professionalism, what you do for a living? >> actually, it's something i am
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okay with. i cover the super bowl or something, i dress like i feel is good. all the women like to be attractive, i think so. so i'm -- my way of dress is because i feel comfortable and not pretending to be provocative, only pretend to be attractive. that's -- that 's the reason. so the photos are a consequence of my job. >> that was meredith earlier with ines sainz. coming up next, the whole fat yogu yogurt. we answer your questions with "diet sos with joy." later on, these adorable sextuplets taking over new york. one big happy family in a little bit. but first, these messages. [ male announcer ] where are people with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis going? they're discovering the first self-injectable ra medicine you take just once a month. it's simponi™, and taken with methotrexate, it helps relieve the pain,
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this morning on "joy's diet s.o.s.," joy bauer is dolling out expertise on everything from the green tea to the benefits for your children. good morning. >> good morning, ann. first caller is from amanda joining us via skype from olmstead, ohio. >> caller: good morning. >> good morning. >> caller: my question is what's the best way to get whole grains. we're supposed to avoid processed foods, is it okay to get whole grains from crackers and cereal? >> you want to get your whole grains from pure whole grains. brown and wild rice, pasta. but you bring up a great question. we tell people to avoid processed foods, in the category of whole grain cereals and breads and crackers, it's fine
9:18 am
and supouuper convenient to enj the foods. on the package, 100% whole grain or whole wheat. you'll see this little orange stamp. it's put out by the whole grain council. if it says 100%, you're fine. from cereals and crackers, it's a little more difficult to find pure 100% whole grain. they mingle refined grain in for some of the whole grains. so, in the case of the boxed goods, flip it over, look at the ingredient panel. and that forced word needs to ooit verse the word, whole, or brown rice or oats. then you know, it's predominant. because the first ingredient in a whole grain. you can enjoy those foods. just choose the smarter, healthier options. >> i hope you took notes. >> replay it again. >> thanks a lot. >> mary, now, she's on the telephone from louisiana. mary, good morning, what's your question? mary, can you hear me? >> caller: yes, hi.
9:19 am
>> hi, what's your question, mary? >> caller: yes. >> i think mary might be -- we're going to get back to mary. hi, mary? i'm being told maybe she can hear me. can you hear us? >> caller: yes, i can. >> glad we figured that out. i'm sure it was a technical problem. what is your question, mary? >> caller: i heard all kinds of different things about green tea, but what are the benefits of drinking green tea? >> green tea has been linked to dozens and dozens of health benefits and some are based on fact and some are not based on fact. so the things that we do know, we have some research on, is that drinking green tea regularly can really boost heart health. it can lower cholesterol, your blood pressure, and, in fact, possibly lower overall risk for heart disease or stroke. it can slightly rev your metabolism and give you a weight loss advantage. it's so slight, if you add sugar
9:20 am
into your tea it's going to offset any of the calories that you're burning. some of the things that we're less certain on and looks promising, green tea may, in fact, help to decrease the risk of certain types of cancers because the compounds may in fact inhibit cancer cell growth. and it has anti-inflammatory properties, these compounds, so it may help to combat some of the aches and pains that are associated with arthritis. they've no downside. so everybody should be drinking green tea. just don't add a lot of sugar. >> thank you so much for asking your question. >> caller: thank you for answering. >> joy, thank you so much for being with us this morning. coming up here on "today," does my furniture really have to match? the dos and don'ts of decorating. but coming up next, don't try this at home. we're going to meet the person who can actually -- you just saw him do a double flip in a wheelchair right after this. okay.
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to freeze and thaw by lunch time? so kids can have their favorite yogurt in their lunch box go-gurt. freeze it. thaw it. eat it up. dannon light & fit gives hope. we are sisters, daughters, wives, mothers. and together, we can help fight breast cancer. go online, enter the code from your light & fit lid, and we'll make a 10 cent donation. give hope with every cup of light & fit. aaron may have left most of his life confined to a wheelchair, but that hasn't stopped him from becoming a extreme sports star. >> he made history by becoming the first person to perform a double back flip in a wheelchair. >> oh, my goodness. >> that is incredible. >> he's here along with his mother, kaylene. that's an amazing stunt.
9:24 am
how did you go about even beginning to try something like that? >> boredom was the biggest influence. but i practiced in a foam pit, you know? so i started getting the rotation every time, then it was time to try it and land it. >> you're in a wheelchair because of spina bifida, which a lot of people know about. but you would go watch your brother do his own bmx bike as a kid. does that inspire you somewhat? >> bmx is my biggest influence. a lot of people. >> wow. >> i know you actually had to have your wheelchair and everything retrofitted so you could do that stunt. what did they have to do. you got injured a couple of times too. >> well, getting the chair is a long process of being a guinea pig and getting hurt. but it's holding up real good. a couple of parts on the double.
9:25 am
>> not body parts, right, you're all good. >> check it out. >> the mom is worrying that he's going to be hurt? >> not really. used to be in the beginning. but you get used to it. i've seen it for so long. i trust him. he's careful. he's good. >> aaron fartheringham, you're an inspiration for athletes out there. thank you so much. more coming up after your local news. but sometimes after a busy day and a heavy greasy dinner... my system needs some tlc. now there is something new. introducing activia dessert. rich, silky, smooth yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and peach cobbler. and because it's activia, it helps regulate my digestive system. mmm. works for me. ♪ activia new activia dessert.
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>> likable local, late breaking this is a wbal tv 11 news update. >> good morning. off to a quiet start of this tuesday. a mixture of sunshine and few clouds expected. nice day coming up tomorrow with a high near 77. the next chance for rain will be the next chance for rain will be late
9:29 am
my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends
9:30 am
reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. the job of a justice is to preserve the status quo, to be a referee, to settle fights. well, i am ready to fight them. and i can't do that here. >> you want a backup? >> you know this face. he's played everything on primetime tv, a lawyer, a police officer, a presidential candidate, now, jimmy smits is taking on the role of a supreme court justice who leaves the bench because he feels it's the
9:31 am
right thing to do. so we're going to catch up with him, very talented actor, tomorrow here on "today," that will be a treat. and the treat this morning, we've got -- you know, carl and chris and natalie on the couch this morning. and we've got a big couch this morning. we have something going on. >> a lot of guests going to join us in a bit. sextuplets, then plus one taking over our studio here in new york city. there's the family. >> they're taking over the green room. >> made them feel at home there. 22-month-olds and a 9-year-old brother and it's an understood statement to say this is a very busy family. why they're in town coming up in a little bit. is that the mom? >> that's the mom. >> what a pretty woman. gorgeous mom. >> these kids are so adorable. can't wait to see more of them. also ahead, if you think you're too short or too curvy to pull off the trendiest new looks for fall, thanks again from skinny jeans to dresses and
9:32 am
skirts, how real women can wear the most stylish looks. >> also, talking about fashion from your home because when it comes to deck raorating, a lot people think there are rules to be followed. talking to an eck pert, what rules you may need to pay attention to, and which ones you need to break. where you put your couches, the rugs, the matching question. >> oh, the matching. >> is that a technical term? >> it is. >> anyway, what else is going on? oh. >> summer is winding down. that means nbc's hit competition show, "america's got talent" is ready to crown its next winner. only four acts left in the running for the $1 million prize and their own las vegas show. 10-year-old singer and front-runner, amazing, going to be singing at carnegie hall. the black light performance for fighting gravity. and the operating singer, prince poppy cob who has been called the male lady ga gaby judge sharon osborne. >> i think -- >> what's that?
9:33 am
>> fighting gravity right now. >> amazing. >> they're cool. >> the two-part season finale of "america's got talent" starts tonight. there's prince poppycock. >> prince poppycock and matchy-poos. >> i'm in trouble now. >> that's a segue for you. unfortunately, all we have is the bland old boring weather to talk about. the showers and the thunderstorms talking about the portions of the plains states that could be rough later today. gusty winds. that's the trouble spot. the deep south, hot once again to the tomorrow. the area of rain will spread to the great lakes and the northern plains up and down the seaboard. looking good. same thing for the east >> good morning, everyone. it should be a dry morning
9:34 am
commute. it will be nice and mild later on today with so you can matchy-poo with whatever you want there. >> you can poppycock. >> we just wanted to say poppycock. >> you guys wanted to say it again? >> we're good. coming up, we're going to meet the family, the newest toddlers taking over new york city. they've taken over our green room. they're going to take over our studio. that's coming up after this. crying on cue. this one's for you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you.
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in one of our immediate response vehicles! what if mother won't let me drive? then you probably wouldn't have had an accident in the first place. and we're walkin'! and we're walkin'... making it all a bit easier -- now that's progressive! call or click today. the last time i sat down with a family of sextuplets, it didn't go so well. you may remember when the masche sextuplets came to the studio, it was chaotic. they took control and ran rampant as children do at this age. it's a new set of sextuplets in town heading to tlc. the sextuplets take new york with all of the daily challenges that they face while raising six active 22-month-olds and a 9-year-old who's a very good big brother, as i found out in the modest house in queens, new
9:39 am
york. john carlos, i don't even know who's who. but justin, joniel, jaden, and the proud parents. good morning to you guys. so nice to meet all of you. >> good morning. >> and i know you called your children really six little miracles because when they were born, they were born at only 15 weeks early, right? weighing only one to two pounds. so now they're very healthy, very active 22-month-olds. any -- any health issues that you've had to deal with in raising them so far? >> not really. they're doing so well. we tried to -- we're trying to raise them, you know, with the goal to health -- the main thing, you know, they're very, very. >> they're almost 2 now. they want to live -- it's all about them right now, right? >> it is. it is. >> where are you going. >> a pleasure to be here, to share with everybody, the people. we want to show the world that
9:40 am
we can do it. they are very, very happy -- my wife is happy to be here. like you see, i think we need to -- >> they're being watched by our crew members. not to worry. they're all fine. uh-oh, okay, they were all fine. okay. here we go again. deja vu all over again. nobody gets hurt, we're fine. now, i know for you, this truly is a blessing. and every day you count your lucky stars. but a lot of this is on your shoulders because victor is at work at lot, and you're taking care of them. you get a lot of hell snp. >> i have one lady. she helped me at night. but we have only two hands. but, we try to manage. >> how do you manage? i know you manage to get yourself to the gym three days a week.
9:41 am
you do look like you have seven children. >> i try to get everything on a schedule so i have to take time for me too. >> yeah. >> and january carlos, i was telling you, you're a great big brother, you are 9 years old. how much of a help are you? i know once at nighttime you helped them get ready for bed and all that? a little bit? >> my mom doesn't want me to help. she lets me play. >> so how would you describe your house on a daily basis. a lot of you chasing after them? >> yeah. >> yeah, i bet. so nice to meet all of you, your kids are so sweet and wonderful. very well behaved. >> yes. >> terrible 2s are. got to be careful. sextuplets takes new york premieres tonight at 10:00 p.m. on tlc. great job, everybody. thank you. coming up next, the look you want by busting common myths of
9:42 am
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9:46 am
they look at the room. i'm one of them. they know what to do. and what is your sort of rule of thumb when it comes to the rules? >> you know what? once you know what some of the rules are, you can break them. because then it's an educated rule breaking. one of the rules is that furniture, when it comes to furniture layouts, the sofa should be basically parallel to one another. >> that's one of the myths. in reality, the only time you ever look directly across from someone is like right now. we're having a formal interview. so you're either looking for a job or you're asking for money or for both. but in real life, people tend to turn to their sides to look at people and have conversations. so you want to put your sofas parallel to each other. you want to put them at right angles. >> parallel. >> if you do put them parallel, close that short end off with a pair of armchairs. here's the right angle setup which looks great. you station your armchairs across.
9:47 am
>> of course, a lot of this depends on the room size as well. >> and how much size you have. >> exactly. another idea is that the sofa and the rugs should match. >> actually a myth. >> you want the contrast? >> hmm. >> because otherwise, it's all just floating together. it's an island of texture. and nothing is anchoring it down. so what -- in reality, this is it. and you can see it together. and once you put a darker sofa on a lighter rug, it anchors it, and vice versa. you can layer it, if you want to. which always looks great. you're dealing with the rights and the creams and the beiges, you have a little contrast. >> interesting how the color is worked in, you know, having it in the bowl of fruit as well as in the middle pieces up on the mantle as well as on the pillows, it's very pretty. >> gives you pop, which we always need. >> also, the idea that the lamps
9:48 am
are an jafrp thought. basically a lamp is a lamp. you're saying? >> that's a myth. and so often, we really do think about lamps as an afterthought when they're just as important as the furniture they sit next to. this is honey, who shrunk the lamp. lamps next to the sofa should be big, bold statements. now, one of the biggest trends is a decorated lamp shade. so we have some color. the vanilla lamp shade is over. and also even if you're putting them on a desk, don't put those little dinky desk lamps that you see. go for a bigger lamps just like a side table. >> it will be the lamps in my son's room. it will give the anchoring feeling. can think about this in a different way. >> doesn't it feel good. >> usually, desk chairs, we have them with wheels. she's laughing at me. i don't know what i did. >> every man in america is going to get upset with me. but the rule really is, if your desk is in the living room,
9:49 am
which many people have home offices in their living rooms today, the desk chair needs be a pretty one. you want a dining chair, not a desk chair on wheels. look, this is a feminine version which i think looks really great. if you need that little glide, put little glider on your legs and you can scoot across the room. >> you can protect the floor with that? it won't hurt the floor. >> it won't mark the floor. >> now, small art? can stand alone on a wall. >> small art looks lonely. it's the loneliest thing on the wall in the world. so if you have a lot of vertical space, stack the art. don't -- even if it's a picasso, you don't want it to be the lone thing on the wall. >> oh. >> you're going to put something else with the picasso. >> we're going to put the monet with the picasso. >> thank you so much. something for all of us. a lot of great ideas this morning. thank you. >> pleasure. coming up next, how to wear the hottest fashion.
9:50 am
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the way car buying should be. today's style, wearing the latest trends, a soft pair of skinny jeans or a maxi dress and thought, i can't wear that. think again. jackie stafford says, yes, you can. she's here to show us today. good morning. >> good morning. >> maxi dress, it's a look i don't think i could pull that off. it's a summer staple. >> anybody. >> let's bring out sam. this is a look you can wear now in to the fall. >> the reason you can wear a maxi dress is all about the heavier weight fabric. we're looking for jersey fabric or linen that you wear in the summer. and it's darker. >> chunky knit cardigan and an ankle booty as well.
9:53 am
got the ankle booty. so that goes to a fall wardrobe item. >> you look great, sam, wonderful. >> thanks so much. next, the skinny jean now. the little look that so many women kind of shun. they don't embrace the look. bring on donna. why anyone with any type of body can get away with it. >> so many ask me, can i wear -- can i wear -- yes, you can. here's how you wear them, a longer-length top. cover the butt. you would never want to wear this with a short waist top. but you can wear the waist jacket over the top. that makes it trend wearable. or you can wear it with a cargo military jacket that keeps the longer leg covered. cover your butt. all of the bag here -- it's a great fall bag as well. these have great indoor umbrellas. great. >> i always forget my umbrellas. the perfect way to have it. >> thank you so much, donna.
9:54 am
>> okay, next, leggings, it was so '80s. but very hot and trendy. and here's the way you can pull the look off for fall. >> leggings -- who knew you could wear leggings for work? office-appropriate leggings. we have marty rocking our leggings here for all of the greater folks. but paired it with a blazer. all about the work appropriate blades and a longer tunic. what makes this look work so well for the boardroom is we paired it with a knee high boot. it's a boot which gives a long, lean line. that's very appropriate. it's a legging -- you could never think you could wear a legging to work. >> it's an opaque look. >> that's right, yeah. >> you look great. thank you. next, a look at jump suits. also, that was 70s, 80s, making a comeback now. this is really great. >> really hitting the runways, everyone was saying, i could never in a million years jump it. here's how you wear it. new york and company, we've had
9:55 am
it with the cute little boyfriend blazer. that's how you wear it. you can make it work for evening. substantial jewelry. great jacket. statement jewelry, and it makes it a look perfect for evening. >> you look great for a night out. bring out bria, yes, you too, can wear a supermini mini skirt. >> beautiful little petite girl here. how gorgeous. mono chromatic look. got the same color all the way through. >> that's the trick. ladies, real quickly, come out with the last look here. jackie stafford, sorry we're so
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> live, local, late breaking,
9:58 am
this is a wbal tv 11 news update. >> a nice quiet while day again. temperatures will jump into the low 80's. a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds. i say on wednesday, up to 77. the next chance of rain will hold off unti
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