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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  September 29, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hill, and this is where it ended up. there were some people trapped inside this box. we do know the bus had children on board. -- trapped inside this bus. at least four children have been transported to local hospitals. unconfirmed reports right now that this also may involve a fatality. we are still trying to get more information on that. northbound 270 from the inner loop of the belt way to go up on 270 has been shut down. it is backed up all the way into virginia for the present time. we are still trying to get more information on exactly what transpired, how many were injured, and what hospitals that went to. as soon as we get more information on this, we will update you. >> we will check back with you. we are learning more tonight about what the baltimore teachers union is calling a landmark agreement on a new teacher contract that will affect more than 6000 city teachers. >> it appears it will be a
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contract for city teachers are paid more based on performance and not seniority. tim tooten is live in northeast baltimore where the announcement is about to be made. >> here at the city neighbors charter high school in east baltimore, is the old hamilton middle school. this is where is the mayor, and union leaders about to give details. here is what has been called landmark. it gives teachers an opportunity to make more money based on their performance as well as their time on the job. last spring, state lawmakers approved a new violation system for teachers, based in part on student performance. we talked earlier today with the city school board president and the mayor about this performance based contract. >> it is very important. i think it is critical to the vitality of our school district. in recent weeks, the issue of teacher performance and compensation has been part of
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the national agenda. baltimore is going to be joining the ranks of that discussion with this announcement this afternoon. >> the students want to give their best, and we are working in partnership to create a school system that everyone can be proud of. >> here are some of the basics of that contract that we can pass along to you. it is a three-year contract proposal with a 4.5% raise over that time, and health benefits that will remain the same as they have been in past contracts. we have a copy of that contract on our website. all you have to do is log onto and click on education to see a contract review copy of the contract already released. we will keep you posted. >> we are also falling another big story tonight, this one from the weather department. maryland is preparing for a downpour and possible flooding.
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the wet weather in parts of florida is set to make its way up the east coast. it is remnants of tropical storm nicole. >> as you mentioned, it formed down near cuba and came across cuba. as a 5:00 -- the well-defined circulation has faded away and now the tropical moisture will continue the search to the north and a new non tropical low is expected on the coast tonight. some early grain arriving in baltimore and spreading up into western maryland. this goes all the way down the carolinas and into florida, where the storm has been falling apart. the storm's center just to the southeast of miami, falling apart down there. there is not an eye to the storm or a well-defined tropical
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system, but there is a bunch of moisture associated with the, which will continue to spread across our region tonight. the potential is there for some spots in maryland to get anywhere from three up to 5 inches of rain and a few strong or severe thunderstorms tomorrow. it is a windy, wet weather pattern for another day or so. i will have more details on it and a complete forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> florida is getting a heavy soaking as the storm now sets its sights on the carolinas. >> a: not be hurricane strength, but the storm is shaping up to be -- to: not be hurricane strength, but it is shaping up to be over whether event. >> we are expecting rainfall totals in the 1-foot range over a wide area from north carolina all the way up into new england. it has already begun in north
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carolina and is spreading north. this has the makings of a major flood event over much of the northeastern part of the u.s. and including the mid atlantic. >> it started in parts of south florida earlier in the day, making everyday chores and the commute miserable. crews spent the morning filling sandbags and heavy rain pulled on streets and created problems for this car, which ended up in a ditch. for others along the eastern seaboard, it was a day to prepare for nicole's arrival. >> we have not had a major storm in north myrtle beach in over 10 years. >> the mayor warned that there could be some low-lying flooding and rip currents, but did not expect a call to deliver much more. >> we are not recommending any one board up. the sustained winds are supposed to get no more than 45 miles an hour, so we feel like we are in
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good shape. >> nicole's path is similar to two other previous storms, hurricane floyd in 1999, and guinness in 2005. low-cost significant flooding and damage in florida and parts of the northeast. now that nicole is getting ready to leave her mark, the question is how much damage will she leave behind? >> as the remnants of nicole head north, b.g.e. says it is preparing for power outages as a result of the storm. they will keep personnel on standby should they need to respond to weather-related outages. residents are urged to prepare a storm kit in case you do lose power. >> if you or someone you know is dependent upon electrical equipment for medical needs, now is the time to actually make preparations and have all heard it means or a place to go in case you lose power.
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-- have alternative means. >> the part of public works is urging residents to clear their storm drains of trash and debris. they have five crews out doing the same thing. the 11 insta-weather team is blogging about the storm's impact. you can follow the storm was the ever-changing path. we want to see your storm videos which again up load to ulocal. >> bedbugs are taking center stage once again for the baltimore city health department as it continues to deal with the growing number of phone calls. earlier this afternoon the department kicked off a series of meetings to address the issue and helped citizens battle bugs. lowell melser is at that meeting and he joins us with more. >> like many major cities around the nation, baltimore has found itself right in the middle of the bed of battle.
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the health department here is taking a proactive approach and will be hitting a number of different neighborhoods, telling folks how to prevent the problem from happening in the first place. if folks do have a bed of problem, how to stop it. -- a bed bug problem. >> verlan smith has not lived in her town home since the middle of july because of bedbugs. she was one of 150 people that showed up to get as much advice as possible about the pests. >> i was hoping that it would help, because i honestly really don't know what to do. i don't want to go back into my home. >> like many major cities, baltimore has found itself in the middle of a bedbug battle, and things have gotten so bad now that health officials are taking serious approaches to the issue, pointing out that no one is immune. >> it can be someone who travels for work and come back with
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bedbugs. there really could affect anyone. we would like people to be as well informed as possible. >> health officials offered concerned citizens various advice on how to determine first if they have bedbugs and what options they have if they do have them, and preventive measures to keep them away. they also stressed for people will -- to live in row homes and town houses, how important it is to get involved with your neighbors if you do notice bedbugs, because they cannot all go away unless you work together. loren had bedbugs and it got rid of them by working with her neighbors. >> i did discover an infestation and it did turn out that are adjacent evers had had them for several years. >> the city health department is taking this very seriously. they are having eight or nine different meetings over the next four months to address this issue. if you would like more information on the meeting or information on how to deal with bedbugs, we have provided links on our website,
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>> the ravens and steelers are gearing up for another one of the classic battles. >> baltimore travels to pittsburg for sunday's matchup. it is a game that is crucial in the division. the rivalry always delivers a classic. pete gilbert reports from owings mills. >> the ravens and steelers offer one of the best rivalries and all the game. it is interesting to look at how different parts of the squad be the rivalry. the offense tends to be focused, brief, and to the point when it comes to talking about pittsburg. the defense let's at least. a different vibe from the moment you walk into the facility this week. >> it is a new week, a new team, and we have to go out there and try to improve just like we do every week. >> you don't know if rate rise will play with a bruised knee.
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-- if ray rice will play with a bruised knee. the passion for playing the steelers drugs any particular. -- trump's any particulars. >> it we have this week, pittsburg? ok. >> it is early in the game. a good personal foul might be exactly what your team needs. >> you don't hear things like that when getting ready to play the rams. >> still ahead, we will have an update on president jimmy carter's condition after he spent the night in hospital. >> the latest in medical technology at your fingertips. a new cell phone at that operates as a stethoscope. >> was so many different devices, it is a little
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intimidating when it comes to navigating the world of entry devices, but we are all going to need one come friday. >> baltimore city school kids to have trouble getting to school and public transportation now have a new way to report problems. problems.
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>> baltimore city's first order school for girls moved into its new building in mount vernon. it is currently housed in the old ymca building on west franklin street. it moves into its new location with over 200 sixth and seventh graders. >> it feels wonderful to learn in a classroom that makes me feel at home. when i walk into the auditorium, i smile and say good morning to all my sisters. >> i love the uniforms. the baltimore leadership school is modeled after a similar school in harlem. it will eventually make room to serve 500 students. >> as your parents know, moms and dads come up with many ways to make healthy food appealing
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to their kids. as eric edwards reports, times have changed and it is time to get a little more creative. >> it is a timeless tale, mom makes healthy meals, kids don't eat it. how do you make this appetizing to finnicky young eaters? >> we have to be more innovative and make it fun. >> brought to you by a bunch of carrots farmers. >> care reformers have teamed up to market carrots like junk food. >> the kids have told us that when they eat baby carrots in this new packaging, they taste better. >> the baby carrot campaign is also testing ^ vending machines in high school. even what kids bring to school for lunch is getting a makeover.
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the packed lunch is an art form for this working mother of four in virginia. >> kids like to play with toys in food, and when it looks cool and bright, they want to try it. >> does this really get kids to eat their veggies? >> it absolutely works. coolness is king. >> they tested the theory of group of four year-old, calling them x-ray vision carrots. >> that are still the same basic carrots, but kids are 40% more likely to eat them with this label. >> just don't call it good for you if you want kids to eat it. >> there are some ideas for you. finally, aew app for your iphone that allows it to perform like a stethoscope.
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the old fashioned stethoscope could be replaced by the new application. its inventor is an expert in computer science in london. he said finding the harvey is the hardest thing, indeed finding the heartbeat. >> it started out as something for fun, and i got calls from cardiologists all over the world, very exciting, asking if they knew -- if i knew that it work better than commercially available stethoscopes. >> the application is expected to cost $1. a good stethoscope cost more than $200. >> former president jimmy carter will remain in an ohio hospital for one more night. he was rushed to the hospital after he became ill with a stomach problem during a flight to cleveland. the carter center released a statement saying the former
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president is in good spirits and appreciates all the good wishes sent his way. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meterologist tom tasselmyer. >> we have seen the first batch of rain moved into parts of central maryland, and it looks like it will be with us for the next 24-36 hours or so, probably not take bring off until sometime tomorrow evening. if the pattern continues to look like it does, it will probably go into the first half of the weekend. for the rest back into parts of allegheny and garrett counties, and some tropical moisture coming of from the south that will be with us for another day or so. temperatures have been held down a little bit. afternoon readings only in the mid to upper 80's -- 60's. in rock hall,
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pasadena at 69 degrees. low 60's out in the far western part of the state. flood watch in effect for overnight and into tomorrow. queen anne's county is under a flood watch as well. there is also coastal flood watch, tides running a little above normal with southeasterly winds blocking the water in the bay. there is also wind advisory for tomorrow afternoon, not because we are expecting a hurricane, but some of the showers and storms could produce wind gusts to 30 miles an hour tomorrow. coastal flood watch, gusty winds, windy and wet for another 24-30 hours or so. the rain could become heavy at times late tonight, winds getting more gusty during the day tomorrow. the front has now stalled, and it could be a rogue wave for the remnants of the cold to move
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along. the remnants are falling apart -- remnants of nicole to move along. low pressure will redevelop and move to the north along the coast and bring all of that tropical moisture into the mid atlantic. the end result is a lot of rain for us. the satellite imagery looks like something is trying to hang on. you can see a hint of circulation here southeast of miami, over toward the bahamas. the air force reconnaissance planes and all the analysis that the hurricane center can do does not find a well defined center to the storm anymore. the circulation has fallen apart, but it takes to offer the moisture to get out of there. a lot of shower activity, maybe some severe thunderstorms in the region tomorrow. gradually tapering off tomorrow evening and moving toward the coast. there may be some showers lingering on the beach friday morning, but then the skies should clear out. saturday we catch a break with
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some sunshine between systems. some cool, unsettled weather coming in from the north for the second half of the week ended look at all this heavy rain, the reds and yellows on a map indicating anywhere from 2.5 to over four inches of rain. a lot of that out near hagerstown and on the lower eastern shore, looking like they may get 4 to 5 inches of rain tonight and through friday afternoon. this is a two-day rainfall total that could go anywhere from 3 to 5 inches in many parts of maryland. 71-76 degrees, and there may be some strong storms popping up in the afternoon. small craft advisory on the bay tomorrow, winds gusting to 30 knots. looking down the road, skies clear out friday with the breeze from the northwest. cool temperatures saturday, and i start to the weekend, then the
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clouds build up. chilly temperatures on sunday with some spotty showers, and more shower activity monday through wednesday of next week. >> still ahead, an alleged victim speaks out. >> a 23-year-old is one of four men to file a sexual misconduct lawsuits against bishop a long period we will response from the pastor. >> president obama today it suffered an embarrassing near defeat, a backstab by more than three dozen of his own democrats. the story is coming up next.
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i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against expanding the child care tax credit and against the state's cancer treatment program. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us.
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>> we are hearing from one of the men who george -- for men are now accusing eddie long over the accusations progress of former church employee an assistant is speaking out about allegations he and three other men have made against the georgia pastor. jamal peres told a reporter in atlanta is suffering was real. >> i cannot forget the way that he may be cry. i was not able to take enough
5:27 pm
showers toward the smell of him of my body. >> the church boasts 25,000 members. a reporter caught up with paris in colorado. >> that man cannot look me in the eye and tell me we do -- do not live with this pain, what you can sit in front of your church and tell them that you categorically denied. you cannot say it to our face. or not a man, you or a monster. >> mischa belongs attorney released this statement. >> the appropriate place to try a lawsuit is in the courtroom. there are rules about how civil litigation is to take place and how council should conduct themselves. we intend to follow those rules. >> still ahead, we will recap the day's top stories, including the remnants of tropical storm nicole, heading our way. >> a new poll, and a big endorsement in the race for
5:28 pm
maryland's governor. the latest as governor o'malley and bob ehrlich do battle over the governor's race. >> baltimore city school kids are being encouraged to text message to rate their ride on public transportation. we will have that story next. >> the fifth generation of fighter planes, that story
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>> we are still following breaking news from montgomery county tonight. >> that is where a bus crashed in bethesda late this afternoon. captain roy taylor is still over the scene with an update. >> we wanted to show you the way the accident scene looks right now. we were able to confirm that there is one fatality involved with this. this is the sky ramp coming northbound where the inner and outer loop me along 270. you can see where the bus crashed and rolled down the hill. we understand four people were trapped inside the bus. two of them are critical. the other two were not life- threatening but were serious. we know there were several walking wounded from this bus. maryland state police are conducting the investigation. if your coming from the inner loop of 495 to go northbound
5:31 pm
270, that has been shut down. as soon as we get more information, we will update you. >> as of today, the central maryland transportation alliance wants passengers to rate their right. >> the new program allows residents to comment viet text messaging. city officials are especially encouraging baltimore students to weigh in. >> thousands of baltimore city students take public transportation to get to school, but they say it is not always a smooth ride. >> it has been really hard as far as getting people to and from school because it has been really crowded. some buses had been out of service. >> the bus is late, and people do not get to school on time. >> wednesday, the central marilyn transportation alliance announced a new program called
5:32 pm
rate you are right. students are encouraged to text the word "ride"and they will be given a short survey about their experience, good or bad. >> if you are on the bus and you have a very pleasant experience, you can text that information immediately. >> the text messages will be sent to the central maryland transportation alliance. they will compile those messages and give them to the mta once a week. >> the war in permission we get, the better we can do in adding service where we needed and taking away from where we do not need so we can provide the level of service required. >> the city is especially targeting school kids to get them to the classroom on time. >> we are working very hard this year on attendance. we want to make sure any obstacles to a young person's attendance is removed. >> this didn't say that would be a big relief to them, and they
5:33 pm
are -- this didn't say it would be a big relief. -- the stepdance say it would be a big rally. >> for more information, visit our website >> here is a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. two men have been arrested in the murder of their cockeysville neighbor. investigators say they are charged with the murder of jose luis ramirez. they say he died of blunt force trauma. his body was found on monday night. authorities say all three men lived in the same apartment building. a new poll shows governor martin o'malley has widened his lead over republican challenger bob ehrlich. a poll shows a 52% of likely voters preferred o'malley. tomorrow, new york mayor michael
5:34 pm
bloomberg will officially announce he is endorsing governor o'malley. bloomberg has supported both republican and democratic candidates in this election cycle. president barack obama will be campaigning for martin o'malley here in maryland and next tuesday. the location has not been announced. >> on the road today, campaigning for democrats, president obama got a political back step for more than three dozen house democrats, many of whom are in tough reelection races this fall. they joined the gop to make clear their opposition of the president's plan to raise taxes on the well-off americans. >> president obama got the embarrassing news in iowa where his rocket ride to the white house began in 2008. to help balance the budget, he promised then and bows now to end the bush era tax cuts on the richest americans. >> we have a $700 billion tax but that affects -- tax cut that
5:35 pm
affects only 2% of the population. >> just a one-vote win, 39 democrats joined republicans to oppose more taxes on the ridge. >> the american people know that raising taxes on job creators will not create jobs. that is why it is unbelievable that democrats would observe this congress without at -- adjourn this congress without an up or down vote on extending all the current tax relief. >> in the democratically controlled senate, gridlock. on even routine bills, and on the big stuff, tax cuts, more delay. >> we just punted on extension of the tax cuts for an obama tax increase. >> can the president when a tax
5:36 pm
hike on the rich after congress comes back in november? maybe not. barack obama's problems controlling congress seem sure to intensify. >> tonight there is mixed reaction to a story we are falling out of chicago precooks official said an elderly woman, fed up with being bullied by 12- year-old, took matters into her own hands and shot the boy. i doubt who the lot is siding with. -- find out who the law is siding with. >> a major mistake on live tv. what happened that has some what happened that has some calling it australia'
5:37 pm
two governors, two different approaches. even in good times bob ehrlich did not make education a priority. he increased college tuition by 40%, cut school construction by $200 million, and ehrlich voted to eliminate the department of education while serving in congress. but martin o'malley, even in the toughest of times,
5:38 pm
has made record investments in public schools, new school construction, and o'malley froze college tuition four years in a row. with martin o'malley, our children always come first. old gibbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create
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new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. >> a 12-year-old chicago boy is out of hospital after an elderly woman who had had enough of him vandalizing her property shot him. it happen on the south side of chicago. authorities say the 68-year-old woman, known as miss margaret, shot the boy after he and another boy started throwing bricks at her home.
5:40 pm
never say he had been terrorizing her for quite some time. -- neighbors say he had been terrorizing her. >> they said garbage cans on fire in the front yard. >> authorities a charges will not be filed against the woman, but the boy's face charges of aggravated assault against a woman over the age of 60. police said the woman act alone and acted in self -- lived alone and acted in self-defense. >> newspapers are calling it austria's most awkward t b moment. the producers of a code next top model" announced the the wrong name. >> i am so sorry. i don't know what to say. this is a complete accident. i am so sorry. >> sarah murdoch was close to
5:41 pm
tears after realizing she had mistakenly announced the wrong winner of the contest. she had completed her acceptance speech before mark backtracked -- before she backtracked. >> still ahead, the irs is embracing technology and changing the way it does business. >> amtrak has a plan it says will reduce congestion along the eastern coastline. it is big and fast, but why it is not going anywhere just yet. >> i have details of a new government warning, coming up. >> a few showers already in maryland, and some heavier rain on the way for later tonight and tomorrow. a flash flood watch in effect. temperatures are in the 60's and the
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>> here is a look at what we are working on for 11 news at 6. a new poll gives governor martin o'malley the lead in the race for reelection. a possible landmark agreement concerning baltimore city schools. why teachers could soon be paid extra based on your child's performance in the classroom. we'll have details on these and we'll have details on these and i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against expanding the child care tax credit and against the state's cancer treatment program.
5:44 pm
andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us. >> on friday, maryland will require drivers to be handsfree
5:45 pm
while on the phone behind the wheel. >> hands free devices are selling like crazy this week. many are intimidated by the technology. jennifer franciotti has tonight's report. >> people come in and say they have to comply with the law. i don't know how i would get this done. >> with the clock ticking, handsfree devices are flying off the shelves at stores like best buy. with so many options, it is hard to know what is right for you. our intern lauren has not gone handsfree yet, and she is helping us check out some of bluetooth options, and earpiece and a visor mounted speaker. most also within the last few years are bluetooth compatible. -- most phones sold within the last years are bluetooth compatible brigance is working out well. >> all you do is press the enter
5:46 pm
button. it will answer the call and go up through the speaker phone or the bluetooth earpiece. >> i am able to have both hands on the wheel, and your coming in really clear. i have the windows down and i can still hear you. >> that is really good news. which devised the like better? a surprisingly, i like the earpiece better. >> elliot says that is not surprising. there are options in every price range when it comes to earpieces. >> the range from $20 to $130, depending on what you are looking for. we are here to help you figure that out. the premium had said will give you a little more noise cancellation -- a premium handsets will give you more noise cancellation. >> they can get you all set up and ready to go.
5:47 pm
>> i went with the jawbone, it sinks up to both my phones and keeps meet legal. >> we invite you to help end distracted driving by signing the pledge on our website. we have posted previous 3-d project stories and you can check out the official data for yourself, all on >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meterologist tom tasselmyer. >> so far, just some light showers moving across central maryland, but the possibility of heavier rain comes in later tonight and through most of the day tomorrow. the first batch of showers tracking to the northwest of baltimore now, with more moderate rains out along i-68 and 70 moving back toward cumberland. the eastern shore right now is the drier location, but they may end up getting most of the rain during the day tomorrow as the
5:48 pm
storm comes up along the coast. it is not technically a tropical storm nicole, is what is left of that. it is like a fall nor'easter with a bunch of moisture in it. just a trace of rain so far at the inner harbor in downtown baltimore. the normal high of 74, but with the clouds and showers around, we ended the day cooler than normal, a high of only 68 officially at bwi marshall. the record was set in 1963. 65 at hagerstown with some rain moving through. 71 down at ocean city at this hour. is supposed county to fill in because you are under a flood watch. for some reason the computer has lost the identity of queen anne's county, but you are under a flood watch. there is a coastal flood watch for the western shore of the bay
5:49 pm
where tides are expected to run 2 feet above normal tonight and tomorrow as the storm is approaching. we are not expecting a hurricane storm surge scenario, but possible flooding in low- lying areas. the tides on the western shore are running a little above normal through the day tomorrow, maybe two-3 feet above normal in the worst-case scenario. wind advisory up for various counties around the region. that is associated with some stronger thunderstorms that may pop up. windy and wet is the theme for the day tomorrow. we had a front moved through some showers and now passed all. many times these low pressure series on the coast, the coastal areas and the eastern shore will get more rain. this front could easily be pushed back a little bit.
5:50 pm
here is a satellite imagery. nichol was getting together just south of the western tip of cuba but has not dissipated between cuba and south florida. all that moisture is continuing to move north, and we will see some rain here for the afternoon tomorrow, heavy at times. ons guy's finally clear out friday. saturday looks nice, but more cool, showery weather coming in for the second half of the weekend. rainfall possibilities, you see a lot of red and yellow here, anywhere from 2.5 to 5 inches of rain. it looks like the lower eastern shore could pick up the most rain. some severe storms thrown in tomorrow, high temperatures in the 70's, winds gusting to 30 knots on the bay. a wet thursday, clearing out,
5:51 pm
breezy on friday, some sun on saturday, and a few spotty showers and cool on sunday. scattered showers will linger into the middle of next week. >> the irs says it will not male income tax forms and instructions next year because so many people pile electronically. the irs estimates it can save about $10 million a year by eliminating paper forms. more than 96 million filed electronically -- and other 120 million filed by paper through paid tax preparers. amtrak has unveiled a 30 year vision for a high-speed rail line on the east coast which would go right through baltimore. trains would travel at 220 miles an hour. amtrak says it would drastically reduced travel time along the congested corridor.
5:52 pm
the proposal has no funding and is still in the concept stage right now. a new warning for parents of infants. the sleek positioners could actually spell b.g.e. asleep positioners could actually spell danger. >> the fda says these infant sleep repositions could cause a baby to suffocate. >> before you put your baby to sleep, a new warning from the government. the fda and consumer product safety commission are revising parents not to use infant sleep positioners. >> we have a couple of examples here. >> a spokeswoman showed us how the products can turn into a danger. >> the baby can wiggle around and get themselves caught and
5:53 pm
suffocate against the bolster. >> at least 12 deaths have been reported in infants ranging from one to four months. they say there is no reason -- nit has been a partial recommendation, now is a very cut and dried thing that we should not be using them. >> sleeping on their back is the way to go. nothing else in the crib will be a safety issue, including pillows, lose blankets, very soft mattresses. >> we tried to contact several makers of these infant sleep positioners but got no response. the fda says it has been in contact with several other companies and expects them to stop selling them.
5:54 pm
>> we have posted that warning on our website, were you will find a link to the consumer sector is the consumer product safety commission. >> the candidates for maryland's governor have released a new set of tv dads. >> they centered around a b g e rate hike. rate hike. >> lying the at-35
5:55 pm
bob ehrlich's real record on energy. lobbyists helped write utility regulations.
5:56 pm
we got stuck with a 72% rate hike. but martin o'malley got tough on bge, forcing them to pay back $2 billion to consumers. and what's bob ehrlich been doing the past four years? he got paid $2.5 million at a lobbying firm, a firm representing special interests and casinos right here in maryland. that's bob ehrlich-- a 72% increase for us and $2.5 million from special interests for himself. nice work, bob.
5:57 pm
>> it is the newest high-tech fighter plane, and we are told we can do things no other fighter plane can do. >> rob roblin got a chance to find out what it is like to pilot one of those planes in a simulator. >> it is the world's most advanced fighter plane, and i am in the cockpit of the f-35 lightning 2 simulator, doing some fancy flying. the f-35 lightning 2 will fly at speeds of over 1,000 miles an hour. it has dealt capability and can also land and take off vertically. many of the features of this aircraft were built right here in maryland. >> 1400 different people whose jobs were treated to this program, and about $206 million total of economic value to the state. this is clearly really important
5:58 pm
to that state. >> the simulator is like the ultimate video game and gives the person in the driver's seat a chance to see what it's like to control this high-tech aircraft. >> the ability for our situational analyst to see what is out there, how our sensors are all this together. we just tell it what we wanted to look x and steers all the sensors to it. >> u.s. military and its allies plan to purchase over 3000 of the fighters. the at-35 lightning 2 is the only fit generation, multi-role fighter. >> using stealth and advanced avionics to get to the target, prosecute the mission, and then return. that is one of the key aspects of this airplane that makes it so good. >> an amazing piece of hardware.
5:59 pm
look at what is coming at new at 6:00. >> the bedbug issue heats up once again here in baltimore city. a live report, straight ahead. >> a new proposal is on the table for baltimore city teachers. we have that story coming up. >> dueling ads in the governor's race. the story and a fact check coming up. >> this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6 nhdc. >> are big story tonight, residents around maryland getting ready for heavy rain as a flash flood watch will take effect at midnight. >> we are going straight over to tom tasselmyer. >> we have had little bit of a ts today with some scattered light rain showers moving through, well in advance of the through, well in advance of the main


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