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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  November 9, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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performed medically unnecessary procedures. the kickbacks the settlement agreement says concern payments the hospital made to mid atlantic between 1996 and 2006. in return for referrals for lucrative the cardiovascular procedures. this involves more than 100 patients. all of that is still pending. the lawyer for the doctor says the settlement is "good for us." he said he would have more to stay up later. the hospital says that they agreed to the settlement to move forward and avoid further expense. tv 11 news. >> the parents of racetracks says that racing will continue even the that slots were approved. we are live at pimlico. george? >> the future of horseracing
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here at pimlico and at laurel got a boost. it has set up a high-stakes battle with the maryland jockey club. >> two leaders are jockeying for position on horseracing in the state. one has majority control of the park and pimlico race track. he says he does not want to and racing at laurel or cut racing days at pimlico. this is days after this -- >> i think the plan will be to close the training center, a close loral as an operating racetrack, and run only 40 days at pimlico. >> he has said before that laurel loses millions of dollars a year. this effectively-the hopes of laurel getting -- dashed the
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hopes of getting slots. he wished to keep -- his wish to keep raising don did not include a proposal on how to keep the race track financially stable. a recent study showed that horseracing accounts for least 9000 jobs in maryland. tuesday afternoon, gov. a valley reacted to the desire to keep racing alive. >> -- gov. o'malley. >> there are a couple of licenses we need to go out to bid or re-bid. i am looking forward to meeting with the owners of the jockey club. >> speaking of the slots license is, we spoke to penn national gaming, the minority owner of the tracks. it says in the long term it may
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consider lobbying the state to put slots in laurel, which would involve a constitutional amendment. tv 11 news. >> in tonight's education alert, the money is all but in the bank, but maryland may not be able to withdraw the money is getting from race to the top. so, where is the snag? tim has the story. >> these of the dollar's one in the race to the top program. the concern is what is becoming a controversial issue -- teacher evaluations. >> we need to figure this out together. eds >> and governor -- >> governor o'malley made it clear. the state will keep $250 million in federal education money.
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the plan would have 50% of teacher evaluation is based on student achievement. >> what will not happen is for our state to lose out on the dollars we have one for race to the top. part of that involves student growth as part of the evaluation of performance in our classrooms. >> some lawmakers say the state board of education may have overstepped its bounds by increasing from 35% to 50% how much of a teacher evaluation is based as to progress. >> if you do not make policy that could drive teachers out of their profession or have a dutchman on our education policy. that is not a good reason to move for work -- or have at detriment on our education policy. that is not a good reason to move forward. >> meanwhile, lawmakers in money should not cloud -- say money should not cloud the issue. >> just to throw that out there is not enough. >> there is no word on when the
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state board will take up the issue. only a handful of the teacher unions and the state supports the evaluation system. live in the newsroom, tv 11 news. >> thank you. do you think student performance should be tied to teacher evaluations? share your comments at just click on education alert. >> one week after winning control of the house, republicans are mounting their transition to power, and they say a lot is going to change. our washington bureau reporter has more. >> and the gop transition team has been in meetings all day. they are looking for input from all sides of the aisle. >> i think the american people sent us a loud and clear message. they want the way washington
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operates to change. not just what we do, but how we do it. >> of the gop -- so the g -- so the gop is discussing changing congress of rules. >> we want to make it more open and accessible to the american people. >> that may sound familiar. flash back four years ago when democrats took over. >> we will make it the most on a system that has ever existed. >> the minority party will manages some transition. nancy pelosi wants to remain at the top, creating a battle for the party's number two spot. >> some of these people who were in leadership in the majority, in the majority, they are not going to be. you have a clash between still need a lawyer and jim cliburn. -- steny hoyer and jim clyburn.
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>> i think it is important to restoring confidence. >> we, both parties are expected to elect their -- next week, both parties are expected to elect their leadership. tv 11 news. >> police tonight are investigating at our rate in anne arundel county. the 23-year-old victim says she had just taken up the trash at the 8100 block of scenic meadow drive when she saw a man lurking in the bushes. the suspect followed the victim before attacking her. >> it is a disturbing incident of the way around. we understand how this could frighten the committee. what extra patrols checking, just to continue to investigate this -- we will have extra patrols checking, just to continue to investigate this. >> police are asking anyone with information to give them a call.
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a baltimore man has been charged with cruelty for killing his underdog. 35-year-old stanley, and used a shotgun to put down his bullmastiff because it would not stop fighting with a siberian husky. it the dog -- the dog later died. the police also found a couple deceased inside a great. coleman was released on $150,000 bail. police have charged two men with a marijuana growing operation -- jesse duffy and vincent davis. they are facing a variety of drug charges. their home had been converted into a marijuana farm. the electrical supplies to the building had been altered to bypass the meter and provide the power needed to keep all the equipment working. >> a silver springs man is charged with drunk driving after
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an accident involving a howard county police officer. authorities say he was not injured when he ran a red light. he slammed into officer kirk brown's cruiser. the officer was taken to shop, where he was treated and released. -- shock trauma where he was treated and released. >> rice says he offered to sign an autograph after being issued a warning by police. police are investigating the case. >> honoring service men and women. >> how they are taking care of veterans and their families days before veterans day. we will have details. >> talk about parity.
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ravens and falcons. a battle of words, almost identical words. >> the insta-weather plus forecast is coming up. forecast is coming up. right now 67 at i need a home performance with energy star audit. this sensor will show why my living room gets too hot and too cold! get up to $2,450 dollars in rebates and keep saving with home performance with energy star. get started at
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>> the new president at the university of maryland- baltimore was officially inaugurated. ed he began his term at the university as the sixth president on july 1. >> at thurgood marshall, there is the uso lounge where 600,000 service members have been able
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to years. >> id is a home away from home for it -- it is a home away from home for service members. >> it has become a tradition here. this is the seventh annual salute to our veterans and military families. >> mark. >> every year, they come here, veterans and uso volunteers, to pay their respects to those who served. >> i want to thank again our veterans and families for all that you do for our country. thank you very much. >> many of the volunteers here are themselves veterans. >> it is a pleasure. to greet the guys as they are coming back and to join up. to give them a little comfort. >> it is very appreciated by the troops. you can see it in their faces.
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>> a lot of concern during the vietnam era. now there is the recognition that all the troops are getting, and that is wonderful. >> he has been met -- she has been with the organization for 30 years. >> this is a time to say thank you, not only for those who are serving, but those who have served. >> no one here today deserves more banks than 90-year-old veteran and uso volunteer carlo deporto. >> i am happy to serve my country. i would do it all over again. nothing like it. >> this is one of the things that makes america great. the military, and all they do to keep us free and safe. so god bless you all and god bless the united states of america. >> saying thanks to those who
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serve. tv 11 news. >> this coming thursday, we ask you to help us honor veterans and service members. we would like you to share your photos on click on u local. >> now your insta-weather plus with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> temperatures in the low 60's for most areas. that will happen again for tomorrow. temperatures will slowly warm through the rest of this week. right now, it looks like there will be zeros in the precipitation column 61 in the inner harbor. the normal high has dropped to 51, and the normal low has dropped to 36. you are having a night that as 10 degrees warmer than normal. it should be mild again tonight.
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the breeze tends to keep the temperature up a bit. with a light nor the breeze coming at the north, it will prevent of released the temperature drop. and50's all the way back into the frederick county. mckinley at 46. still close to six degrees in at d.c. -- 60 degrees at the see some of those scattered clouds may work their way down, maybe as far west as baltimore overnight. for the most part, it is going to be clear. overnight lows, perhaps 38. most areas in the 40's tonight, even 45 or so. the last of the rain showers pushing into northern maine. high pressure is inching in from the west with lots of clear sky.
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that will be the weather pattern for the rest of this week. it looks like that will hold into the weekend. the front panel of the country does not have much chance. so, right through the work week. a gradual warming trend. sunny days and four nights. what you saw today, you will see again tomorrow. highs may be staying in the upper 50's. south of the border, low 60's will be common. small craft advisory for the morning on the day tomorrow. the winds may have a tendency to die down through the late afternoon, but still enough breeze to get a two-foot shop on the open waters. so that -- two-foot chop on the open waters. so that advisor stays in effect for tomorrow. maybe a few fair weather clouds
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drifting by from time to time. and relatively mild day for the lower eastern shore. temperatures around 61. the insta-weather plus seven-day forecast. it looks like the dry weather is going to go through at least sunday. 66 on veterans day with sunny skies. we made it close to 70 friday and saturday with lots of sunshine each day. mid-60's sunday. 20% chance for scattered showers. it will cool off a little bit. more significant storm approaching on tuesday. >> now, elevens boards. >> -- 11 sports. >> usually, it is pretty quiet on tuesday. this place is coming as ravens and coaches and players had to condense their workouts and put the thursday and friday practice
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under one umbrella today. consider this. the head coaches of the ravens and falcons have identical coaching records. 26 and 14. both quarterbacks came from the first draft round of the 2008 nfl draft. their number this year -- almost identical. 13 touchdown passes, 12 touchdown passes. so, you cannot miss the comparison between the no. 1 quarterbacks. about the only guy not wowed by that, to no surprise -- >> i do not care. you guys are going to make comparisons no matter what. it does not really matter to me either way. >> much more with the ravens tonight at 10:00, with a special
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guest eric dacosta. you can find that on comcast channel 208. watch for a chance to win tickets to an upcoming raven's game. they want to keep winning because they want to stay ahead of the pittsburgh steelers. pittsburg staying with the ravens with a win against the bengals. they turned the bengals secondary inside out. mike wallace gets it for 27. 24 and 5, shipley can't hang onto it. pittsburgh wins and 27-21
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tuesday lockstep with the ravens at 26 and 2. we will have the forecast after this.
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>> happy to have some mild weather. >> it is nice. warming trend, still some fall colors. temperatures will be above normal through sunday at least. the next five to seven days. ok, so there you go. for the man sitting next to me. mid-a 60's on veterans day. gorgeous day with sunny skies. not cooling-off much on sunday. a chance for scattered showers monday and tuesday as the temperatures slowly back down below normal. at the next few days and over the weekend, it is going to be really nice. folks in the veterans day of will have a picture perfect dead. >> as long as you can. >> ok. nbc nightly news is next. we will see you at 11:00.
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>> good night. [captioning made possible by constellation en
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