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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  November 12, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the forecast. >> watch the game last night? we will get to that but first the weather will be beautiful this weekend. plenty of sun and above normal temps. we may not top out at 70 but it does look like mid 60's today and upper 60's tomorrow. right now 48 downtown, the warmest location. a b a big contrast out to the suburbs. here 32, 31 at the airport. mid 30's on the eastern shore. 61 to 66. the normal high for november 12 is 58. so we are above the mark. sunrise at 6:47 and we will see plenty of it until the short day, the sunset before 5:00. it looks like we will have a great weekend. i will have more on that but right now the first check of the morning commute with kim dacey. >> good morning, everyone. usually busy start to the commute. the first is fire activity in
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towson on joppa road. upperco we have a defective light at emory road. a couple other things. a report of an accident in rosedale at golden ring and kenwood and downed wires in anne arundel northbound richie highway. so an area you may want to avoid for now. we will give you a live look at 95 south of 195. you see looking good both directions. over to a live view northbound here looking good as well. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." >> our big story, the baltimore city f.o.p. rejects the latest offer of a contract for 2011. nearly all of the officers, sergeants and lieutenants disagreed with the proposal. jennifer franciotti is live at headquarters with more on what is next.
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>> turnout was exceptionally high but rejection of the contract was overwhelming. if passed the contract would have called for a 2% pay cut. that is basically the equivalent of five days of pay. in 2012 however they would have received five days paid leave to make up for the cut. the police union has been without a contract since june. mayor rawlings-blake said she thought the contract was fair. the f.o.p. president said the rejection is sending a clear message to the mayor. >> i think tonight it speaks volumes about the, where we go from here. speaks volumes about the rejection not only of the last contract but mayor rawlings-blake and her policy to keep the city safe. >> in reaction to the vote last night the mayor has said she's disappointed but believes they can come to an agreement. the union says it is willing to sit back down at the negotiating table but president bob cherry
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had strong words for the mayor. we will have more coming up live at 5:30. back to you. >> baltimore city police are investigating a car break-in. what makes it interesting is the victim is the husband of mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. it was between wednesday night and thursday morning. it was at the mayor's home when it was broken into. authorities say mr. blake's personal car was out of their view. >> are you concerned that the city may have dropped the ball? >> no, i think there is a 5,000 victims that are victims of car break-ins and we are doing what we can do to raise awareness. we will look at this as an experience to see how we can improve but at no time was the mayor in danger. >> police say the only thing taken was a satellite radio. >> passengers on the crippled
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cruise ship are back on dry land where there is hot food and air conditioning. the passengers and crew members streamed out of the ship in san diego. many of the guests were unaware of the nature of the emergency until they returned. on upon a fire in the engine room knocked out the primary power source. it left long beach on a seven-day trip to the mexican river rive rivera. >> the military would be little harmed by the no tell policy. more than 70% of troops surveyed say the effect of ending the ban would be positive. opponents are calling the study biased saying the leak of selected findings to the media was intended to manipulate the debate. today barack obama heads to his fourth nation on a trip that you asia. it is japan and this weekend's apec summit. kate amara is in our washington bureau with more on the story.
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>> in japan president obama will encounter the same trade and currency issues that define the g-20 summit in south korea. the leaders smiling for a group photo in seoul, south korea shall while in meetings clashing over currency. president obama pressing china to act responsibly on a currency many believe is unfairly low. >> it is undervalued and china spends enormous amounts of money intervening in the market to keep it under valued. >> leaders working to prevent the fight from turning into a trade war that could send the economy back into recession. >> we understand that it needs to be dealt with and i'm confident that it can be. >> g-20 members came here hoping for a crow mice on000 -- compromise on how to create a recovery. what they signed off on was a communique', agreeing it a set
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of guidelines to measure imbalances and agreeing to discuss the details next year. president obama arrives in japan later today. at the summit movement is expected on creating a pacif pacific-wide free trade zone. >> they were down most of the game but the ravens raced back against thes but still came up short. very short. the raeurpbs took a one-point lead with a minute to go in the game only to have the falcons push through their defense and drove 80 yards down the field. the final 20 on a t.d. pass. falcons win 26-21. we will have reaction later on from the coaches. that brings us to the water cooler question of the day. it is sort of midterm report card. have the ravens played up to your expectations so far this season? you can e-mail us at
5:07 am >> 32 degrees on tv hill at 5:06. a plane goes down in florida killing three. >> a potential breakthrough in the search for a missing handicapped girl. >> here is a live look at traffic the beltway at liberty road. more weather and traffic when we come back.
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you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. i care about your fiber too. i have for a while. ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. >> a very happy friday, 48 degrees downtown but out in the outlying suburbs down below freezing in in most locations. by this afternoon we will warm up to milder than normal conditions. you can see this nice dry swath on most of the east coast that will hold its grip today and throughout the weekend. that means beautiful sunny skies not only today but tomorrow and sunday as well. today into the mid 60's for a daytime high.
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yesterday we topped out in the low 60's. we will be warmer tomorrow. but at night because of the clearing of the skies the temperature will drop. so, 32 in the suburbs and up to 42 downtown. tomorrow more of the same but a little milder. 65 to 69. plenty of sun and light wind out of the northeast. what about sunday? i will break that down with a seven-day forecast in a little bit. >> covering the nation, in is new evidence in the case of a missing girl in north carolina. it is reported that searchers found human remains in caldwell county. the girl has been missing more than a month and police have found an artificial leg that belonged to her. police say the evidence recovered wednesday has been sent to the state bureau of investigation. three people are dead and another seriously injured after a plane crashed in florida. it was last evening when it reportedly caught fire during takeoff from palm beach international airport. records show it is owned by a
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flight school in melbourne. no word on what caused the crash. >> a former university of tennessee student accused of hacking into a vice presidential candidate e-mail was convicted of illegally accessing sarah palin's yahoo e-mail during a 2008 campaign. he was originally charged with four felonies but was convicted on a misdemeanor and one felony charge. he could be sentenced to 15 to 21 minutes in prison. it is now 5:11. if you plan to travel in the near future and need to rent a car. there is something you need to know. >> we have more incidents and accidents coming in. we will have the latest in traffic. look at you. body rested. stress gone. mind sharp. because unisom gave you deep restful sleep all night. morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning.
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>> we have a lot to talk about at 5:5 in the morning. >> these fridays have been busily lately. let's gets to it. to us be some fire activity on joppa road between danway and pleasant plains. gold ring and kenwood and upperco defective light. parkton a crash at old york. anne arundel county the brookland area downed wires. closed 11th avenue and townsend avenue. but major roads checking out ok. we will have a look at the west side at liberty road. volume is building there but we
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are not seeing delays yet. outer loop is fine. over to a live look at 95 at 1935 both directions fine. 83's good as well. that is the latest. now for a check of buses and trains. >> good morning, kim. we have on the marc trains on time service on penn, camden and brunswick. metro subway has a 15 minute delay westbound. light rail on schedule. a few buses 20, if, 40, eastbound to the 11 bus with a diversion at charles. with the m.t.a. i'm kurt kroncke. back to sandra shaw. >> good morning, kurt. happy you are doing well. things are high and dry over the mid-atlantic. high pressure is dominating not only the mid-atlantic but all up and down the east coast. that means plenty of sun throughout the weekend and mild are than normal. very atypical for november where we tend to see gray skies and
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chilly conditions. there is a front to the west that won't affect us until sunday night. it won't give us a chance of rain until late on monday and more so tuesday into wednesday. meantime, temperatures a wide range. anywhere from 30 near the state line to 31 at the airport. 48 downtown. you have the influence of the inner harbor. any time you are closer to water you have a more moderate temperature. for the statewide forecast it will be beautiful with abundant sun all the way from the mountains with a high of 60 to about 63 to 65 here in baltimore. we were 62 yesterday. it will be milder today. winds will be light so it will be great to do anything outdoors from 10:00 on. this morning you will likely still need the coat. 58 in the lower eastern shore, a little breezier there. there is a coastal flood advisory going into effect tonight because all along the
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week we saw strong winds earlier and there's been a consistent low-level wind flow pushing the water up. so a coastal flood advisory is in effect so be aware of that. that is midnight tonight it goes into effect. the normal highs and lows we have been above normal the last couple of days and we will continue. 58 is where we should be for november 12. 36 is the average low. we will be around that tonight. not near the 18 degrees low set in 1957. 78 is the high record. beautiful tonight. any time we have light winds and clear skies the temperature has the potential to drop. it will be in the suburbs, around freezing. to the west this front will lose punch when it moves through sunday night so we will not get any rain from that. high pressure will block us from precipitation this weekend. but next week there will be an area of low pressure that forms along the gulf coast bringing an
5:18 am
immense amount of moisture tuesday and wednesday. before that we will remain quiet and above normal. sunny tomorrow, 65 to 69. how about that saturday forecast? looking into sunday, 64, mostly sunny. monday partly cloudy, 59. chance of a shower late. tuesday and wednesday a good chance of rain. >> in our consumer alert nissan joins the recall list recalling more than a half million vehicles with a majority of them right here in the u.s. it says steering columns and battery cables need to be be fixed. it covers more than 3,000 frontier pickups, 282,000 x terra s.u.v.'s both between 2002 and 2004. nearly 19,000 send extra sedans 2010 are named. owners will begin to be notified next month and for a complete list of all recalls from cars to
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food and other products go to a busy travel period there is something you need to know about renting a car. >> so your rental car has a flat or dead battery and you didn't get the roadside assistance insurance. keep your wallet handy. companies are imitating the airline industry. >> they have found a lot of creative ways it nickel and dime consumers. >> most rentals are late model and low mileage so breakdowns are unlikely. but if you refuse the assistance coverage you are now responsible for paying a locksmith or running out of gas. that is why consumer advocates advise you do other things that save money like filling up before returning the car and being smart with accident insurance. >> these insurances are probably
5:20 am
duplication of coverage so if you own a car and you have insurance that will cover you when you rent a car. >> with the agent offering you an upgrade for 10 bucks more per day it may be because they don't have the car you reserved. it is important to understand why they are offering it to you and that you can decline and often get it for free. >> it has reached the point even the travel industry is cracking jokes. >> an analyst said he wouldn't be surprised if they charge for steering wheels. >> it is hard to laugh when it is your money. >> best buy and target are gearing up for the holidays with more deals. jane king has a look at the business news in the bloomberg business report. >> hello, stan. happy friday to you and best buy, if you are looking to do a little shopping this weekend,
5:21 am
maybe electronics, the retailer jump starting holiday shopping season slashing price today and tomorrow. one deal a 40-inch hdtv for $400. target has expanded free shipping on more than 800,000 items including a freshly cut christmas tree the first time they have done that so you can have it shipped to your doorstep for free. looks like we are going to have quite a rocky start to trading this morning. in europe and asia talk about a selloff there, they are speculating growth in china will slow. they are raising their interest rate and there is growing concern about ireland maybe defaulting and needing a bailout. this weighed on stocks yesterday. cisco adding to the pressure after warning its profit will miss expectations. fedex expects to see its busiest day in company history on december 13. it is predicting it will move
5:22 am
nearly 16 shipments that day, more than 11% than last year's busiest day. that is possibly an indication of an economy on the mend in the luxury retail business especially. i'm jane king, bloomberg news reporting for wbal 26 11 news. >> it is now 5:22 and 32 degrees on tv hill. coming up we will look at traffic and weather. >> don't forget to e-mail us your answer to the water cooler question of the day. have the ravens played up to your expectations so far this season? you can e-mail your response to
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shhhh... we're going hunting. it's civic season. ♪ the all-new chevrolet cruze. starting under $17,000. get used to more. ♪ >> veterans day is a day to celebrate but for two little boys in washington spending the day with their dad wassen likely. -- was unlikely.
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but one soldier made his way back home to his two biggest fans. >> at this home in washington they know even when a soldier is away heroes abound. >> they are my little heroes. yeah. >> she was amazed at the bravery of her kids sam and nate and luciano. all three of them have stepped up in the absence of their big hero, their dad, lieutenant k l colonel who has been serving in afghanistan since last november and wanted to reward his sons with a veterans day surprise at school. >> my name is lieutenant colonel -- >> the video message. >> we live at the edge of the runway. >> the boys know dad should be home by christmas or if they are lucky, thanksgiving. >> that is what they think. i have a better idea.
5:26 am
just stay right there for a minute. >> where is my boys? >> dad! >> some might tell you it is not nice to fool children. those people have never seen a moment like there. >> i'm really, really, really -- >> i think i'm going to go crazy. >> my little heroes got their present i wanted them to have. >> it is a moment of heroes for all sizes. >> it is no longer surreal. it is now actually happening. the year is over. get back to being a family and a dad. >> starting with pancakes. >> those stories get me every tile. it is 5:26. coming up in the next half hour -- >> members of the police union overwhelmingly reject their new contract with the city. we will tell you why straight
5:27 am
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>> good morning, everyone. welcome back to "11 news today." i'm stan stovall. >> i'm mindy basara. we will check the weather and traffic. tgif, everyone. >> starting off cold but it will improve. >> that is what happens. we have sunny skies that heat us up but then we will drop. the traditional pattern but it is atypical for november. clear skies, high pressure dominating not only over the
5:30 am
mid-atlantic but the entire east coast. that is why we see the stable conditions. 48 downtown with moderating influence of inner harbor but below freezing at the airport. most areas are in the 30's somewhere. with the sun you pretty early, 6:47 and plenty of time to warm us up it looks like 61 to 66 for the daytime high which puts us above the norm of 58. tonight clear skies allowing the radiational cooling temperature to plunge into the low 30's in the outlying suburbs and about 42 downtown. it will be milder for the start of the weekend and the sun will hang around. >> the weather is not a factor in the commute in so i'm not sure why it busy. towson fire activity joppa road between danway and pleasant plains. rosedale an accident at golden ring and kenwood. upperco a defective light hanover pike at emory road and crash in parkton.
5:31 am
brookland northbound ritchie highway shout -- shut down in one area. we are not seeing delays yet. 95 north of 195 in that area looks good here in both directions. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." back to you. >> our big story this morning, no contract for 2011 for baltimore city police department after the f.o.p. overwhelmingly rejected the latest offer. we have a report with jennifer franciotti from baltimore city police headquarters. >> good morning. that is right. 95% rejection of the new contract left the mayor disappointed and union demanding a contract that reflect what is they say is the hard work they have done over the last few years to bring crime numbers down. it is being called a historic
5:32 am
turnout as members voted on a new contract. with overwhelming results, rejection. 95% turned down the contract. the crux of the issue for police a nearly 2% pay cut the equivalent of five days of salary in 2011. 2012 would have given them an additional five days paid leave. officials say the vote should send a clear message to the mayor and city hall. >> the rejection of the mayor and her final offer which is it is unconscionable. the union recognizes that and we are prepared to unite with the membership in force and fight back and remind the citizens of baltimore our men and women will do their job but they want to be respected and want to be rewarded for the work they have done going back the last two or three years in bringing crime to levels we have not seen in years. >> in reaction the mayor issued a statement saying "i am disappointed in the results of tonight's vote but i remain
5:33 am
confident we could come to an agreement." both the union and city leaders will now go back to negotiating a new contract which must be completed by the end of the year. however, union officials say that new contract has to be worthy of the sacrifices that the men and women of the baltimore city police department make every day. jennifer franciotti, wbal tv 11 news. >> prosecutors have dropped an attempted murder charge against a man accused of cutting four people in a bar fate. three university of maryland opportunities were injured in the attack. leonardo ramos was charged on attempted murder based on evidence at the time but surveillance suggests he was acting in self-defense. he is still charged with a second degree assault charge. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake plans to lobby the general assembly for tougher gun laws. she said she wants to make
5:34 am
illegal gun possession a felony. proposing a minimum of 18 months for a and maximum of 10 years for those arrested with an illegal loaded firearm. 82% of jail time imposed by courts for in gun offenders was suspended. in 2009 former mayor dixon tried to push for an 18-month minimum sentence but the effort failed. buttons, the kind on your shirt, are apparently the latest option for drug smugglers. court documents show an interesting surprise for two baltimore city residents. david collins has more from b.w.i. >> heroin smugglers with ties to baltimore air mailed a package to the u.s. last week from the philippines. this house in the 1900 block of loretta avenue is the address on the parcel. it indicates mark harrison lives there. but it was intercepted
5:35 am
by u.s. customs and border patrol agents in cincinnati. court documents don't reveal why it was tagged as suspicious. the dresses were decorated with large buttons. agents discovered heroin in the buttons. with a street value of some $50,000. although a novel approach it has been tried before. this customs photo was taken in 2004 after authorities found a similar smuggling attempt in australia. customs turned the dresses over to investigators with homeland security. just this past monday an undercover agent described as a d.h.l. employee made a controlled delivery to the row house. the package was supposed to go to mark harrison. the state records indicate he doesn't own the home. court papers reveal jails jeter signed. he later told authorities harrison didn't live there. hours after jeter left the house police knocked again. authorities say michael anderson gave them consent to search the
5:36 am
place. they found the package in one of three bedrooms upstairs. anderson told agents he had no idea what it contained. he says it is for an individual named black who had a drug shop around the corner. according to the criminal complaint anderson told agents black advised him the package was from new york and that the contents would be pocketbooks. anderson says he was supposed to give it to black and receive payment in return. court documents don't say whether federal agents arrested black. anderson and jeter are charged with conspiracy to import illegal drugs. jeter has a detention hearing in court tomorrow. >> it is 5:36. 32 degrees. coming up a study reveals vitamins may not fight cataracts. >> researchers believe a special infant formula may lower the risk of diabetes among babies. >> e-mail your answer to our
5:37 am
water cooler question of the day. have the ravens played up to your expectations so far this season? e-mail your response to >> we are not seeing any delays on major roads yet but we have several things to talk about this morning on the roads in baltimore and anne arundel county. we will have the latest next.
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5:39 am
>> top of the morning, 48 degrees downtown. below freezing here on tv hill and at the airport. so bundle up but we will have to shed the layers because with plenty of sun we will go into the 60's. yesterday we topped out at 62, above normal. you can see the nice dry swath of air all over the air and much
5:40 am
of the eastern seaboard under the influence of this strong ridge of high pressure. that means pleasant conditions. today a little milder than yesterday. 61 to 66 degrees. normal for november 12 is 58. sunrise this morning at 6:47 and sets at 4:54. so a short day but it will be pleasant. there is a flood threat in effect until midnight tonight because we had the high winds early in the week and the wind levels have stayed consistent enough that it has caused the water of the chesapeake bay to elevate. so coastal flood advisory in effect. clear tonight, 32 outlying areas, 42 downtown. more on the seven-day and weekend forecast in a little bit. >> in our medical alert long-term use of vitamin c or e doesn't reduce the risk of age related cataract the in men. researchers studied american
5:41 am
11,000 over 50 for eight years and found taking vitamin c or e supplements had no apparent effect on the risk for cataracts. good nutrition and use of anti, dents were thought to cut down on the damage. >> using a special infant formula may lower the risk of type one diabetes for babies at high risk. researchers studied 230 infants. half were given standard formula when breastfeeding was no longer available the other the proteins were broken down and easier to digest. in the end babies given the special formula had half the risk of developing diabetes causing antibodies compared to bodies with the regular version. other experts say more research needs to be done is there is no definitive evidence that standard cow's milk formula can increase the risk of diabetes. >> sounds like dialogue from a bad movie but listen up, folks.
5:42 am
>> loud but unsuspecting sounds could cause permanent damage. >> what you talking about? >> i was wondering how we were going to deliver that. from screaming babies to passing motorcycles to co-anchors, the special quizzes you on which sounds are the loudest and which can cause you harm? >> loudest and weirdest in my case. click on medical alert and get that information. >> it is now 5:42. 32 degrees on tv hill. it is a plan for higher taxes, later retirement, fewer government services, the action on the deficit panel's new proposal. >> a live look at downtown baltimore, good-looking morning but it is cold. we will have an update on weather and task in a few minutes.
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>> kim dacey checking the morning commute. a lot of little things >> first towson fire activity on joppa reoad. watch for lane closures there. rosedale a crash at golden ring and kenwood. upperco a defective light. crash in parkton old york near lents. brookland a pole down between 11th avenue and townsend avenue. we have a look at the west side of the beltway at liberty road. you see volume building but no official delays so far so you should be pretty good there. switching to a live view of 95 at 195 both north and southbound moving. that is the latest. now for a final check of buses and trains with kurt kroncke of the m.t.a.
5:46 am
>> we are looking for the most part pretty good on the marc trains. no delays on the penn, camden or brunswick. light rail on time. buses 27 with a 30 minute delay 52, 53 and 91, 15 to 20 late. 1, 3, 61 and 61 at charles and pratt. now back to sandra shaw. good morning, sandra. >> good morning. happy friday to everybody out there thanks to a nice ridge of high pressure over the entire east coast we will see plenty conditions, above normal. different for november and plenty of sun. the next bound have i to the west and that will be ear sunday night and it will likely just cool us down for the start of week. later next week is a shot of rain. so not bad. right now temperaturewise 48 downtown.
5:47 am
so, we have the moderating influence of the inner harbor and buildings makes it milder. in contrast, 31 at the airport, below freezing. 30 near parkton and 36 in westminster. so, it will be one of those days where you start with the coat or jacket and shed it. because this kwrarb you will be fine. in the mountains, 60 today, the constant statewide across maryland is the sunshine. it will be sunny here in bullet. 65 for the forecast high. winds will be light out of the north about five miles an hour. take a trip across the bay to the lower eastern shore and we are looking at a 58-degree high still above normal. for the bay, not bad but we have this coastal flood advisory because we saw the strong winds earlier in the week and low level winds have been consistent enough that there is a coastal advisory for both sides of the chesapeake bay until midnight
5:48 am
tonight. so, boating interests be advised much that. 78 is the record high. even though we are above normal we won't threaten that. it was set in 1879. it has stood the test of time. 18-degree record low in 1957. no frigidity like that. we will get to freezing in the outlying suburbs and low 40's downtown under beautiful clear skies. fronts to the west generating showers but high pressure will block us from that activity throughout the weekend. so very stable and quiet and actually sunny and above normal temperatures. tomorrow milder still. looks like mid to upper 60's. for saturday winds light out of the northeast and as we check out the seven-day forecast on sunday mid 60's, maybe a couple more clouds. monday after the cooler air settles in a high of 59. isolated evening shower. tuesday hit and miss showers chance and early showers wednesday before we dry out
5:49 am
again. >> here we are 10 days after the election and the write-in about thes are being counted for one of the alaska seats. lisa murkowski launched a write-in campaign. the number of write-in ballots leads the number of votes miller received on election day. officials and observers for each camp are closely pouring over each ballot. miller's campaign has aggressively challenged individual ballots for purported errors in spelling of murkowski's name. she hopes to make history as the tpeufirst u.s. candidate since to win as a write-in candidate. president obama says his bipartisan deficit reduction commission has to tell the truth to the american people. but it is tough to hear it is a plan for higher taxes, later retirement and fewer government services. we have the details and reaction. >> the deficit commission story hit without warning. a battle to cut our deficit. a bold move on taxes and
5:50 am
spending. >> i set up this commission to make tough decisions. >> but in korea president obama said he alone can't erase all of our red ink. >> the only way to make the tough choices historically has been in both parties are willing to move forward together. >> the deficit commission saying that the old ways won't work. >> we can't tax our way out of this problem and we can't cut our way out of this problem. >> what is proposed is a combination. the plan could cut defense spending, cut 10% of government workforce, hike taxes by little tphaeugt the mortgage deduction, cut social security cost of living hikes, raise the retirement age gradually to 68 and hike what we pay for medicare. >> a lot of this is politically red hot. they are touching about every third rail in american politics. >> are ordinary citizens ready to sacrifice? >> if it is more money out of my
5:51 am
paycheck sobeit. >> scary but we will have to deal with it. >> the mill guessing is later. >> it is bigger and harder than anything and that is why it probably won't get done the next two years. >> but a key house republican sounds on board. >> this is a serious impressive effort. they are taking it seriously. >> barack obama has his next big challenge. >> it is 5:51. 32 degrees. much more ahead. >> including a look at one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> time to get to one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. we asked can -- have the ravens played up to your expectation? tom says no. one week they look like champs the next week they lack like the detroit lions. flacco needs to show emotion and enthusiasm. only when the fourth quarter did he come alive. i love the ravens but sometimes they can be hard to watch. keep e-mailing responses to we will read more the next hour and post them all on our website.
5:55 am
>> tom is a truough critic. the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat. the ravens had a one-point lead with one minute left only to have the falcons drive 80 yards to win 26-21. bizarre end to a game that turned out to be prime time worthy but it was all atlanta the first half. second quarter, this is a problem first half. poor tackling. over landry. 7-0. not a good start to the second half for joe flacco. throws into coverage. poor decision looking for anquan boldin. grimes picks it off. then some life. third quarter, it is 13-7, new game. it was 20-14 with just over a minute left. the ravens had just scored and scored another one.
5:56 am
ed 1:05 left the ravens up one but the defense can't hold it. matt ryan in the teeth of wicked pressure. you will see the celebration there. roddy white forearms josh wilson, knocks him down and he is wide open and skips into the end zone, 33-yard touchdown. no penalty. 26-21 the falcons win. the two coaches put the game in perspective. >> i thought it was a hard fought victory. great environment. thursday night football with the nfl is exciting, playoff atmosphere. obviously gets a playoff caliber team. i like the way our guys fought and fought through some of the errors we had early. fought back from a second half deficit, took the lead and we were disappointed with the loss. >> went out there and went to work and made the plays we needed at the end of the game and got the outcome we wanted. i am proud of every man in that
5:57 am
locker room because of what they did tonight. they came and played a very good baltimore raven football team. >> both good teams. ravens now 6-3. off until a week from sunday. >> here is a look ahead to the next hour. >> the westboro baptist church could make an appearance in maryland for another protest. >> the education secretary comments on the possibility of maryland losing money from the race to the top. >> you know the saying a cat has nine lives? it could be true for one as he survives being buried alive. that 6:39. >> as far as the weather, we are buried in sunshine. looking great heading in the weekend and above normal temperature-wise. >> we have a new accident in the southwest corn er of the city.
5:58 am
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