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tv   Today  NBC  November 12, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. all ashore. passengers finally disembark that carnival cruise ship and they're sharing home videos of the conditions they faced and the fire that started out. a couple whose dream honeymoon turned into a nightmare speak out. more news about that russian spy ring. apparently they were turned in by a fellow russian spy. now he's reportedly under fbi protecti protection. the so-called hiccup girl
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sits behind bars for first-degree murder, her mother opens up about her daughter's arrest in a live interview said, opens up about her daughter's arrest in a live interview said, friday, november 12, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. >> tgif, everybody. this carnival splendor has finally docked and now investigators is find out what caused that fire that disabled the ship. >> and passengers are starting to open up about their ordeal at sea. at trying ordeal at sea for two divers. they discovered their boat was gone leaving shem stranded.
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they took photographs of their ordeal, they nearly lost their lives, but they did lose their camera. they have been reunited four years later. we're going to speak to those divers coming up. not one, but two big events out on the plaza. our crowd is gearing up for a special live concert from bon jo jovi. and we're going to watch the arrival of the rockefeller plaza christmas tree. the passengers now speaking out about their experience aboard that ill fated carnival cruise ship. miguel, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning, investigators may not know for some time what caused the generator room fired that disabled the mighty ship, but this morning as we continue to look for a cause, we have a
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better picture of what it was like to be aboard that cruise to nowhere. our first glimpse of the first sign of trouble, smoke from a fire that crippled the gigantic ship out at sea. at 6:00 a.m. on monday, he realized something was terribly wrong. >> i woke up to the smell of smoke so i immediately knew something was happening. >> reporter: passengers stumbled out of their rooms, the ship's crew tried to keep people calm. >> there's absolutely nothing to worry about. >> reporter: soon the fire was contained but the splendor lost power and propulsion, the ship began to sway side so side. >> this is rough. >> this is nothing for them. >> reporter: it didn't take long for some passengers to get sick.
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it didn't help that some toilets weren't working. by night fall, perishable food was going back. marquise won't forget his birthday aboard the splendor. >> the worst thing was the smell from the rotten food. >> he never expected his food to be canned spam delivered by the u.s. navy. >> reporter: the air drop may have been exciting, but the cuisine certainly wasn't. >> the first cruise i ever lost weight. i have never seen hot doing salad and green bean sandwiches. >> reporter: ken king joined hundreds of other passengers for a warm beer in a dim bar. >> they were giving everybody free alcohol which helped a lot. made everybody happy. >> reporter: happy is how to
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describe the homecoming thursday. after being stranded at sea, passengers raised their arms and cheered. believe it or no. ted fisher is ready for her next cruise. >> what are the odds that this could happen again. so the next one has got to be perfect. >> reporter: perfect because the cruise will be free. carnival says they're not only refunding their passengers, but their next cruise is on the house. >> newlyweds jeffrey and sabrina were on that ship on their honeymoon. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> how good was it to get your feet on dry land again? >> oh, my god. it was amazing. >> were you guys ever worried for your safety at any time during this, or once you learned the fire was out was it more just about inconvenience than
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safety? >> the danger was more in the beginning when we didn't know anything. but we felt that all throughout. >> oh, yeah, it was more of an inconvenience later, like day two. >> you guys took some photos of your experience, just take me through it, what exactly was the worst part of what you had to face over those three or four days? >> well, to me it was definitely having to walk up nine flights of stairs to go get food that was rotting and it smelled like garbage. and then when the bargain was gone, it was sewer, which was all after the smoke smell finally went away. to me that was the worst part. >> reporter: jeffr >> jeffrey, what about for you? >> i would say it was finding ways to make the day go so you didn't have to sleep all day. the first day we just slept all day basically. so later on we got a deck of
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cards and then the staff helped us out and did some activities for us. >> what exactly did you eat? there's been conflicting reports that there was spam, there was no spam, there was vienna sausages, what did you eat to say alive? >> the first couple of days we had the same thing, cereal in the morning and the fruit, but i wouldn't go for the fruit. and then salads were for lunch and dinner and then sandwiches. the first two days there wasn't any meat, just cheese and tomatoes and sauce, i didn't know what it was. and then the last day is when they had the spam burgers, the spam hot dogs they cut up, mixed up with some sort of cheese sauce. >> by that time you weren't asking questions, you weren't all that picky.
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what about the free booze? did this become one big booze cruise? >> yes, towards the end, people were crawling up the stairs. >> they were just barely pulling themselves along. >> the last two days most people were just gone. >> they don't even know they're home in san diego yet. one of the things, i have heard universal compliments to the crew on board the ship. >> i would have to say the crew was amazing. john the cruise director kept everyone calm and even laughing during it. >> they pulled together. >> so carnival has basically said, we're sorry, we're going to give you a free cruise. are you going to take them up on that or are your cruising days over? >> we want to, but they don't understand that we just used all our time for our wedding then for our cruise that we just went
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on. and, you know, jack's a full-time student at uc irvine, and i work full-time, they're going to give us a free cruise, but when are we going to use it? and this was our first cruise, we're not so sure about the boat thing anymore. >> you would get back on the ship, wouldn't you? >> i wasn't terrified the whole time. the expectations were high. but i wasn't afraid at the end. >> you've been married for a week, you've got great stories to tell. it's all going to be better from here, i promise you. jeffrey and sabrina, thank you so much for joining us, welcome home. all right, it's nine minutes after the hour, here's ann. now to president obama's asian tour and the summit of the world economic superpower was held overnight in seoul, south
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korea. savannah guthrie has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, to you. well, ann the president left seoul without the breakthroughs on some of the things he came for and on that big domestic issue of taxes, the president said this morning he is willing to compromise but will leave the deal making for when he returns to washington. >> i'm not going to negotiate here in seoul. >> reporter: the president from south korea today, rumors of compromise on the bush tax cuts are premature, rejects reports his administration has already decided to temporarily decided to extend all the tax cuts even to highest earners. >> that is the long interpretation because i haven't had a conversation with republican and democratic leaders. >> reporter: wrapping up the g-20, the president was willing to look at the trade imbalances that have americans buying more goods from overseas than they're
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selling. but the leaders put off decisions on how to fix the imbalances and the president comes away from seoul empty handed on a sought after free trade agreement with south korea. >> instead of hitting a home run, we're going to hit singles. but they're really important singles. i'm not interesd in signing a trade agreement just for the sake of an announcement. >> reporte . >> reporter: today the -- wound up on the defense over the federal reserve's decision to pump $600 billion into the economy, something critics seized on as the u.s. manipulating its own currency. >> when i am asked about it, my simple point is to say that from everything i can see, this decision was not one designed to have an impact on the currency, on the dollar. it was designed to grow the economy.
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>> reporter: reflecting on his seven days abroad, the president resisted the suggestion of drumming in the midterm actually weakened him on the world stage. >> i have to say my relations have become much stronger with the people i have worked with here. it disininvolves the interests of countries and not all of these are going to be resolved easily. and it's not just a function of personal charm. >> reporter: well the president is now in japan for one last summit, a meeting, an economic conference of asian pacific nations and he returns to washington on sunday. it is not 7:12, once again here's matt. >> there's new evidence in that spy ring drama. we are now learning the possible identity of the russian spy turned double agent who helped investigators crack the case.
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nbc chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has more on this. >> reporter: it is a real life thriller a russian spy defects to the u.s. and is reportedly being targeted for assassination by moscow central. he is credited with recruiting the bond woman of this tale anna chapman and nine others to live under deep cover in the u.s. until they were arrested and sent home by the fbi. he is a double agent who apparently defected to the u.s. last summer. now reportedly under fbi protection from a russian hit man. >> whenever an important defect for comes to the united states, of course he worried about his security. but the cia is very good at
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resettling these people, giving them false identities and hiding them. >> reporter: prime minister vladimir putin, once a spy themselves sounded deadly serious about the double agent this summer, telling reporters that russians had been betrayed by a traitor. but in this country, experts say the defector would be given a new identity. for them a double agent is a huge prize. >> it means the head of counter spy operations for the russian intelligence service, you know, the old kgb has defected to the united states. and if that's true, that's a big blow to the russians. >> reporter: making the most of her role in the cloak and dagger drama is chapman, now a celebrity back home, posing for
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russ russia's edition of maxim magazine and an app so people can play poker with anna. she even has her own action figures. officials won't comment on any of this. this russian i this -- >> andrea, thank you very much. good point. let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories. natalee morales is in for me. we begin with the up date on the engine woes plaguing the world's largest jet liner. an airbus executive said this morning that rolls royce has identified a faulting bearing becomes box as the cause of the oil leak.
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there were four previous malfunctions of that engine model dating back to 2008, enough for two warnings to be issued to airlines. a dramatic walkout by one of thing governing parties. leaders struck a power sharing deal for a new government. negotiations have been stalled since march. the summit addresses international money policy, on wall street stocks once again may be guide bid the dollar. amanda drury is live at the new york stock exchange for us this morning. >> the dollar has been somewhat of a come back kid. further gains in the dollar today could affect the market. and today, q b-2 is going to pull out of the huddle, it's going to ease it's new program by making its first purchase. >> thanks so much. the cholera death toll in a haiti has now soared to 800 and
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an official at the centers for disease control says the epidemic is worsening and could ultimately pose a threat to other nations including the u.s. those reportedly explicit photos and text messages allegedly sent from brett favre may now be in the hands of federal investigators. . a connecticut man is baffling hospital officials said,ing ing mmiguel society t then he headed home to eat his sandwich first before then asking his father to take him to the hospital. he was treated and released but i guess we're all wondering what kind of sandwich that was today. now 7:17. the man of steel, you might call him. unbelievable. >> a good sandwich. >> must have been a good sandwich.
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>> when you're hungry, you're hungry. mr. roker, we're looking like we're going to have a great weekend. >> looks spectacular here along the east. but our friends in the midwest, not so much. we have got a line of showers and thunderstorms, this part of a slow moving system. behind it much colder air being dragged into the upper midwest from wichita falls up to minneapolis, we're talking one to two inches of rain and then over the next 48 hours, we have got winter storm watches in effect from storm lake iowa all the way up into minnesota. snowfall amounts anywhere from four to eight inches of snow with some areas minneapolis will see a few inches at least, maybe some northern suburbs may see up to eight inches of snow before it's all o >> it's all about blood of sunshine and above normal temperatures. lower-to-mid-sixties for the daytime high. 64 on
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>> and that's our your latest weather. it's been almost six months since the disappearance of kyron horman. kate snow is joining us with the latest. >> these six months have been so agonizing for kyron's birth parents. they firmly believe that his stepmother terry horman who dropped him off at school last june knows where he is and are
7:20 am
. >> reporter: in new interviews, kyron's mother, father and stepfather are emphatic that his stepmother is responsible for kyron's disappearance. >> she has not proven her innocence in the investigative part of this process. >> reporter: this summer kaine said police informed him that his wife had tried to pay someone to kill him months before kyron went missing. terri horman denied that. but now for allegations from kaine about terry's character. kaine says it was common for terry to be visibly impaired from alcohol several times a week, and she would pass out on the couch. kyron's mom says those allegations are deeply upsetting. >> i wish i would have known it before. i wouldn't tolerate it and if i would have known i would have
7:21 am
taken him out of that house in a second. >> reporter: terri horman has responded in court papers calling kaine's allegations vicious. he's told law enforcement she had nothing to do with kyron's disappearance and before these new allegations surfaced terry's brother talked out in her defense. >> the family celebrated kyron's eighth birthday in his absence. his friends wish he would come home. carson lopez prays for kyron every night. >> please protect kyron and i say let kyron be safe and let him get home soon and let him get home safely. >> we're still searching. we're not going to give up searching and we'll never give up hope. as long as i'm living. >> reporter: kyron's parents are worried that as more time passes
7:22 am
people are forgetting to look for kyron, they really want everyone to remember that picture of him, you remember with his red eyed tree frog science project that morning. we hear from others who saw kyron that morning he went missing and they're also going to map out what terri horman did that morning. >> you can see that "dateline" searching for kyron tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central time. details on the so-called hiccup girl. for the first time her mom speaks out in an exclusive live interview.
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still ahead, divers lost at
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sea photograph their ordeal and their rescue. and also bon jovi. because toyota developed this software that can simulate head injuries and helps make people safer. then they shared this technology with researchers at wake forest to help reduce head injuries on the football field. so, you know, i can feel a bit better about my son playing football. [ male announcer ] how would you use toyota technology to make a better world? learn how to share your ideas at
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. time to check on the morning commute with kim dacey and traffic pulse 11. >> we have an accident in reisterstown, and a report of a water main break. also a report of and accident
7:27 am
essex at old east ave and 702. west side, it will take to 18 minutes all the way down the west side outer loop. looking at nine minutes here and 11 men's and southbound -- on 95 just past the beltway. live view of the top side of the beltway, decent delays. harford rode down to providence road. switching to a live view of 895, delays you are seeing are i-95 south approaching 895. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> i start today, but wide range of temperatures. 47 downtown right now. low 30's up north. eastern shore, upper 30s the low 40's. warming up this afternoon into
7:28 am
the 60s. sunset at 4: 54. the temperature will have ample time overnight. we will surge to the mid-to- upper-60's tomorrow. more clouds on monday. good chance of showers on tuesday. >> be sure to check the bottom of your screen for updated news and traffic information. back at 7:55 with another live update.
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it's 7:30 now on a friday morning, november 12, 2010. the holiday season now can officially begin because al is once again delivering the rockefeller center christmas tree to our little backyard here at work. al, tell us about that baby. >> hey, matt, this is a beauty. a 74-foot tall spruce from new york. we're talking 12 tons of tree here with a 45-foot wingspan. this is a gorgeous tree and of
7:31 am
course it was upstate and part of a firefighting family who decided to give this as a gift to the city of new york. we're bringing this bad boy in. it is a beautiful tree. the smell of the spruce is overwhelming. and we're going to put this thing up, 30,000 lights, of course, five miles of wire and lit atop the crown jewel of rockefeller center, a crystal star on top and we will light this thing up, natalee morales helping me light it up on november 30th here on rockefeller plaza and on nbc. it's a beauty, guys. >> do you ever get the temptation, you do this every year, kind of hit the gas, take a run for it and take that thing home with you. >> i was thinking about it, the problem is i don't have a stand big enough. >> who does? i guess we do. >> yes, we do. >> thank you, al, we're going to
7:32 am
check in in a little while. as al mentioned, we're going to light that thing on tuesday night november 30th. they're going to have that thing standing up in a couple of hours over there. they do a great job. we also want to talk about a big performance coming up on our plaza by the way. we have got bon jovi on our plaza. a lot of people have been talk about two men who were diving off the coast of australia, they surfaced and their boat was gone. they lost that camera, even though they were rescued. unbelievab unbelievably, that camera has now surfaced four years later and the images are still intact. we'll be taking a look at more of those pictures and also hear the divers harrowing story. the latest on the murder
7:33 am
case of the so called hiccup girl jennifer mee. her mother speaks out for the first time since her arrest. >> reporter: nearly three weeks after her arrest, jennifer mee is still in jail having nailed in her recent attempt to get out on bond. among those opposing her release was the victim's family. jennifer mee who became known three years ago as the hiccup girl went to court hoping to get out of jail on bond. >> i would point out that miss mee poses absolutely no risk of flight. >> reporter: and once again jennifer mee was hiccupping. >> there's been no evidence presented that she has in her possession either the resources or the ability to flee. >> reporter: mee and two young men are charged with first-degree murder for the death of 20-year-old shannon griffin. police say mee met him online
7:34 am
and lured him to this house to be robbed. but when a scuffle broke out, griffin was shot and killed. police do not believe she was involved in the shooting, but under florida law, she is -- >> she has absolutely no prior criminal history of any kind, juvenile or otherwise. >> reporter: but the victim's family opposed that. >> it's just wrong, it's wrong, your honor. >> reporter: on the day his cousin died, he was thrilled to have met a girl on line. >> he was about to go on a date, he was happy as he could be. >> reporter: me e suggests the same illness that caused to -- but the judge had his own concerns.
7:35 am
>> the family is saying now they can control her when the evidence suggests they have been unable to do so to date. >> reporter: he then denied the bond request, leaving jennifer mee in jail. jennifer mee's lawyer says she's now being treated for the return of her hiccups. >> jennifer mee's mother is with us along with jennifer's attorney is here, good morning to both of you. have you seen jennifer? >> i have. >> how is she doing? >> she's holding up. >> you said in the piece what she has developmental issues and doesn't comprehend things at her grade level. does she comprehend what she's facing now, first-degree murder charges? >> i don't think so. she said the last time i saw her that she hopes she's home for
7:36 am
christmas. she doesn't understand the severity of what's going on right now. >> we remember your daughter from her several appearances here on the "today" show when she had this case of hiccups that wouldn't go away, we thought of her as a young, innocent, somewhat shy little girl. take me back to the moment you heart the news that she had been arrested on these charges. what was your reaction? >> definite state of shock, it was a nightmare. >> a state of shock, however, we do need to mention that in the years since jennifer appeared on this show, she had experienced some troubles. she had not led a perfect life even after the hiccups went away. describe for me some of the things she had been through. >> she was living different places. she always had a roof over her head. >> but she lived a transient lifestyle? >> she would stay at one place
7:37 am
for a couple of months and another place for a couple of months and she was running with the wrong crowd. >> the kind of crowd that would be capable of getting into the kind of trouble she's in? >> john, it's a possibility you say that she had been diagnosed with tourette's syndrome after the episode with the hiccups. is it true that you may actually use tourette's as a possible defense in this case? >> certainly to the extent that it is a mitigating factor, we're going to have her examined, a whole battery of neuro and psychiatric type tests need to be conducted. but it's going to be relevant, to the extent, i can't say now,
7:38 am
b but tourette's is -- >> in truth the diagnosis of tour rhett's syndrome in a legal offender is no more a reason for or an excuse for such offense other than medical diagnoses. such as asthma or rheumatism. scientifically there is no evidence of causal relationship between having tourette's and committing a crime. >> for example, if a young lady is pregnant at the time of the sentencing in her case, that's a factor that the court's going to consider. that doesn't mean that pregnant women are killers, it just means that it's an issue that's taken into consideration. tourette's we believe in this case, not only explains the hiccups, but also could explain some of her poor judgment. >> you mentioned rachel, after this incident occurred that when it came to that case of hiccups with jennifer, you said it was
7:39 am
the curse of the hiccups, not the case of the hiccups, what do you mean by that. >> i kind of felt like she was more and more trying to withdraw from myself and her siblings and wanting to go out and do her own things, getting on the social sites, she had no business being on there, she's so naive, and it just escalated. >> i'm going to follow this case and see what happens with jennifer. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> they have parked the tree and the family that donated are here. what's it like seeing it all wrapped up and on its side? >> it's so real, it's not our tree anymore. >> do you miss the tree? >> somewhat. >> the tree almost dominated the house. what's it like now. >> very light, we have to paint.
7:40 am
>> or get some curtains. >> we got to get some curtain >> plenty of sunshine and milder than normal temperatures. los 6 is the perfect is on the lower eastern shore. 68 o >> and that's your late es weather. matt? up next, photographs taken by two divers who were rescued after being lost at sea surface four years later. we'll share a remarkable story and some great pictures right after this. but i was still taking a foolish risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol
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don't kid yourself. back now at 7:42 where a
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story that's part rescue, part reunion. photographs taken during a life threatening mishap at sea are found four years after their dramatic rescue. natalee has their story. >> reporter: it all began as peter and jeff set out for a scuba dive off the coast of australia. it soon became clear that this dive would be anything but routine. >> we were coming up the anchor after a great dive and the anchor had snapped. we surfaced and there was no boat, australia was very small on the horizon. >> we waited a little while, waited longer and said, okay, we'll head for shore and started swimming. >> reporter: peter and jeff were stranded nearly five miles off the coast of australia. their dive boat nowhere in sight, they kept taking pictures and made the decision to start swimming ashore. but rough seas made that all but
7:44 am
impossible. >> it was quite difficult, with the waves hitting us in the face constantly. >> just knuckle down and go slowly, don't push yourself too hard and just relax and work your way toward the beach. >> reporter: after four hours of swimming, a vision of the horizon worth celebrating. peter and jeff spotted a large vessel and luckily the vessel spotted them. >> i'm normally a really controlled person, i screamed over the radio, we found them, we found them. and it was a joyous occasion. we were relieved, we were safe, we just felt fantastic. >> reporter: but peter and jeff's ordeal doesn't over yet. just before they reached shore a wave came up and rolled their rescue boat on its side. >> it's a cruel twist of fate. i looked behind just as i felt the surge and realized as soon as it hit, oh, this isn't good.
7:45 am
>> miraculously the only casualty was peter and jeff's camera, lost or so they thought. nearly four years later, a local resident found it washed up on shore and tracked peter down, the camera and it's pictures intact. now battling cancer, peter says the camera and pictures take on new meaning. >> getting this camera back reminded me that i shouldn't have given up hope, it came back miraculously and i'm hoping for a miracle. i want to survive. and it's a message of not giving up hope. >> and another great reunion to tell you about, peter and jeff never got to speak with the captain who first spotted them stranded at sea. and when the story surfaced about finding the camera, they said they always wanted to meet him and give him a bottle of scotch. when the captain heard that, he couldn't refuse. >> i spoke with peter and jeff
7:46 am
on thursday and i started by asking peter what it was like to get his camera back after four years. >> it was unbelievable. it really lifted my day. i have been fighting cancer and it really cheered me up. the photos were spectacular and i'm overjoyed to have them. >> there's lots of photos of you diving and you looking underneath, those were the fun times. when you discovered that your boat was gone, suddenly the mood must have shifted and there's one particular photo, i think it's of jeff, i don't know, maybe it's of you peter, but it shows you clearly being unhappy as your head the bopping above the water. tell us about those moments when you don't know what was going to happen next. >> i had just dumped all my heavy dive gear within the first five minutes basically to stay afloat and that was a lot better and then we just started swimming for australia, of course we love our beautiful
7:47 am
country. >> the boat sank it's sinker line and drifted a little bit. so by the time we came back, it was gone. >> so had enough energy left to take pictures of the rescue helicopter. you can actually see the helicopter that would eventually get you on to the police boat that would eventually, the boat would eventually capsize. now what went through your mind then when you realized this had happened to you not just once but twice? >> well, it was actually wasn't the police boat that overturned. they picked us up and gave us the option, they were going down to another port further down south and they said would you like to get back on board with your friends on your own dive boat? so we jumped back in the water answam over. and we then came through the bar, at the river mouth to the ocean and it was low tide so the waves were really choppy and a big wave caught the divers
7:48 am
unaware from behind and before we knew it, we were in the water again. >> but everybody came out okay. and now peter, as you are, as we heard in the last report, you are battling cancer. what has this experience, looking back at these pictures which you have been quoted as saying has made you remember and relive those moments of having survived that ordeal. how has that informed your own battle today and how might that inform all of your efforts to overcome difficulties? >> just never give up. getting the camera back and the photos has given me a chance to give a really positive message about being healthy and getting checked, especially for colorectal cancer. especially if you're checked. it's a positive good news story and i needed a little bit of positive good news. >> we're just happy to get a good message out.
7:49 am
>>itis it's a great message and it's fun to see your holding that camera in your hands. by the way, does the camera still work? >> believe it or not, i haven't actually tested it. >> it came back fully intact, when it was cracked, the seal actually made a hissing sound. >> thank you so much for your positive message this morning. >> no problem. >> it's a privilege, ann, and it's great to be alive. >> thank you. and still ahead this morning, a live concert on the plaza from rock and roll hall of famer bon jovi. but first these messages.
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coming up, a special reunion. bon jovi, live in concert out on rockefeller plaza.
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for the real problem. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. time for another check on the morning commute. here is kim dacey and traffic pulse 0 hundred >> we have an accident in reisterstown. pretty bad accident. watch for lane closures there. report of a water main break. bad news, accident southbound 95 past the beltway. blocking two left lanes there. heavy delays developing.
7:57 am
first, life drive times, not looking good at all. west side of the beltway, 25 minutes all the way down. 95 at south between the harbor tunnel and the beltway on the south side. heavy delays paid leave a little extra time on about this morning. you can see that this is backing out of the wife from harford to providence. -- all the way from harford to providence. these are delays on 95. looks like they might be dissipating just a little bit. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> quite a contrast with temperatures this morning. frigid in frederick. 40 degrees downtown, with moderating influences. you will be shutting layers as
7:58 am
it progresses because of all the sunshine out there. tomorrow, up to 68. mid-60's on sunday. tuesday is the next best shot of showers. >> check the bottom of your screen for updated news and traffic infor
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on a friday morning, it's the 12th day of november, 2010. it's actually a stunning morning here in new york, we have got some chilly temperatures, and we have got a big crowd of warm people down there. 99.9% of these people are here to see bon jovi live in convert, coming up in about a half an hour from right now. i'm matt lauer along with ann
8:01 am
cur curry. >> camp erin was started by two people who wanted to give a young man his last wish in life to help children who are grieving when they lose someone they love. major league pitchers founded it. but you can see some of the kids have been helped out on the ice. and you see the back part there, adam has been skating with the children. there you see him. >> he's got his go ahead medal around his neck, that's cool. and we want to let you know all next week, "today" goes viral. not like virus viral, but the video viral. this one-man version of the song dine familiar mow.
8:02 am
-- dynamo. >> we liked this so much and meredith, ann and i t, al and io do this. >> that is really pathetic. but it was fun. >> it was fun. and we have got a terrific video, an amazing video at the end of the week. >> you know what? you can also get in on the act because of course, we want to remind you that you should send us your video that you have created, the "today" show theme, using clips and we're going to air the best one you create coming up next week. and remember, you must have them in by the end of the day on monday. >> we have a lot to get to, let's go inside and natalee is standing by at the news desk. some passengers aboard that
8:03 am
carnival cruise ship are describing their ordeal as nightmarish, others are praising the crew for keeping the passengers' spirits high. home video shows smoke from a fire that crippled the ship. president obama is now in japan after wrapping up the g-20 summit in seoul. the president defended the fed's decision to pump 600 million into the economy. also someone who defected to the u.s. and reportedly became a double agent is being targeted by the russian government for assassination. the pakistani taliban says it was behind a car bombing and gun attack in karachi thursday that left at least 15 people dead. it happened at a high security compound near the u.s. consulate. the battle for holiday
8:04 am
shoppers has already begun. retailers are banking on customers' increase in -- many stores have already announce free shipping and are even opening on thanksgiving day. if you are sending christmas packages to your loved ones to service members overseas, today is the day to mail them if you want them to arrive on time. priority mail can still be sent by december 4. and tight rope walkers thrilled audiences in basra, iraq on thursday, it's the first circus there and it proves security is improving. the "today" show hat has come in pretty handy today. what is better, the "today" show hat or seeing bon jovi. >> bon jovi.
8:05 am
>> the pick city of the day happens to be mobile, alabama. mild and 75 degrees, but as you look on the satellite, we have got a big system in the midsection of the country slowly making its way east. rain in texas all the way up to iowa. east coast looking pretty good. temperatures in the southeast warmer than usual. >> absolutely gorgeous friday, with plenty of sunshine. light winds. warm tomorrow, but milder still broods sunday, 64. >> mr. roker, thank very much. when we come back, jon bon jovi
8:06 am
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nah. we have something else. but if you're hurt and miss work does it pay cash like aflac does? nah. or let you spend it in any way you want like for gas and groceries? nah. or help with everyday bills like aflac does? nah nah nah. [ male announcer ] there's aflac and there's everything else. visit for an agent or quote. aflac! losing a family member is painful at any age, but it's especially tough on children and we found a very special place to help children cope with loss. >> let's play tag! >> reporter: like most kids, thomas and his brothers came to
8:10 am
camp to hike, paddle canoes and make new friends. but unlike a typical camp, they also came to grieve and remember their father. >> love you, dad, miss you. >> reporter: peter belog died of colon cancer leaving behind his wife and four young sons. at camp erin, these boys are not alone. >> look at my mother, doesn't she look like me? >> reporter: this camp was inspired by 15-year-old erin metcalf who met her hero, baseball pitcher jamie moyer. >> we met her through make a wish, she was a very sick young lady at that point in time and she was waiting for an organ and we created a special bond. >> reporter: erin was diagnosed with liver cancer, although she received a transplant, the cancer came back and her prognosis was grim. >> she usually wasn't feeling her best, but always found a way
8:11 am
to smile, always found a way to bring light to the situation. >> reporter: even at the end of her battle she was focusing on others and worrying about her sisters. >> her faith in the end was remarkable. for anyone to be 17 years old and understand that you're not going to live much longer and be concerned about their parents and their sisters that you're leaving behind is quite remarkable. >> reporter: erin's final wish was to help other children in pain. through the moyer foundation, they created camp erin, a bereavement camp to help children like erin's sisters who have lost loved ones. >> camp is important because it's a time when they get together with other kids with similar experiences. they're an unusual circumstance, so this is a place where they can come and not be unusual.
8:12 am
this is the norm here. >> i really didn't know what to do because i was alone and coming here, i see other kids and they teach me how to handle my own feelings and i help them and we help each other. >> reporter: from memory walks to arts and crafts, this camp teaches kids it's okay to cry, but it's okay to laugh too. >> think of your most precious memory that you have of your loved one. >> reporter: it's okay to remember and still move on. at camp erin, every camp camper has a volunteer buddy who supports themselves through the weekend. . >> try to be a big brother, also like trying to be the man of the house too, which is pretty tough. hi wanted to share with him that it was already to, you know, have him feel his feelings.
8:13 am
>> reporter: with the help of his new friends, this is something thomas is learning to do. >> he lived to be 41. he died two days before christmas. >> the thing i admire most about them is that they're so brave, they're learning they have a place in this world still. >> reporter: if these kids learn one thing at camp erin is that it's they're not alone. >> my hope is that they're going to find in themselveses the strength to go on. because whoever it was they lost, their fondest wish i'm sure is that their children would be okay and that they're going to grow up to be the people that they were supposed to be. >> t >> reporter: the wish of one child helping many others. >> helping other kids like me, i just had a blast.
8:14 am
>> buy! >> reporter: so this morning, we reunited all 49 of the camp erin albany children here at rockefeller center's ice skating rink and also we're joined by the camp founders, you just hea heard -- welcome to all of you this morning. let me start with you karen and jamie and describe how you must have felt to haabout erin to hau start this camp for children. >> she lost her battle to cancer and had a wonderful family and she wanted to help her sisters with the grief. so he started this camp all across america. >> to see this impact, it's very powerful, it can't be any more powerful. >> when erin was sick, we saw so
8:15 am
many family that were care forgive a child that's ill. >> your daughter's last wish, her final wish, realized. what does it mean to you. >> we feel that this is her legacy, this is something that really mattered to her and to know every day that there is this camp and the transformation that these children go through is a huge honor and a blessing in our lives. >> it's about healing. >> and it's a great opportunity for us to stand up and get other organizations to get involved. to give back and all the communities and many more communities. >> in fact you're saying that by the end of this year, you expect
8:16 am
to have a camp in every major league city in america? >> yes, ma'am. >> it's part of our legacy as athletes. you know, to give something back and to make a difference in people's lives. >> that you have done. >> it's a free camp, so we rely on volunteers and corporate sponsors and it's a wonderful thing. >> we're going to tell everybody that's there more information about camp erin on our website. if you have any questions, please take a look at that. now we're going to turn to natalee who's on the plaza. >> we're gearing up here for the bon jovi concert coming soon live here on the plaza. lots of fans of all ages, some very young, who probably don't remember a lot about bon jovi. so i'm going to test their knowledge. the song "you can't go home" made history when it a, became
8:17 am
the most downloaded song ever, b bon jovi became the first rock band to reach number one on the hot country charts or it was the first rock 'n roll song to inclu include -- okay, now hs our holiday gift list. aww, not the mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the shipping. shipping's a hassle. i'll go to the mall. hey. hi. you know, holiday shipping's easy with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. yea, i know. oh, you're good. good luck! priority mail flat rate shipping starts at just $4.90 only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
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8:21 am
(announcer) for five generations, with a name like smucker's it has to be good. back outside on the plaza right now, with the answer to our bon jovi trivia question. in 2006, the song "who says you can't go home" made history when it became the most downloaded song ever, bon jovi became the first rock band to reach number one on hot country charts. it was the first rock band to reach number one on the hot country charts. sports columnist and best selling author is throwing us a curve with his latest kids book, this time he venture into the
8:22 am
world of fantasy and science fiction. >> in the back of my mind i wanted to try to write a book about a kid who could do some cool stuff. my editor said if you could pick one, fly or be invisible, which would you choose? >> we have this discussion all the time. >> everybody has this and when i would go out on speaking tours, i was shocked that there would be this big debate. so i said, i've got a character here that can do both. >> talk to me about his life before he discovers he's got these powers? >> he's a kid living in new york city, central park becomes like a movie set for this book. his dad is a big troubleshooter for the president, he loses him in the first chapter, doesn't believe it's an accident. at the age of 14, he finds out that he has the ability to send himself in here to there, as
8:23 am
fast as you can send a text message and that's the first time he has the magic inside. >> there's controversy over there, because he's not sure he loves these powers, because a lot of people would say how cool is that? he's not sure he really want this is. >> he finds out he's got strength and vision and senses about things about to happen and he's not happy about it because -- but he's on this quest to find out who took his dad away from him. and to me, writing this book was like putting him behind the wheel of a hot car and saying let's see what this baby's got. the discovery was as much for me as for him. >> he loses his father, that's a dark turn in a book for kids. there's also the issue of bullying that comes up in this book. why did you want to tackle those things. >> because i wanted to raise the stakes a little bit. all of my books are about kids getting knocked down and getting back up. i never give the characters in
8:24 am
my books more than they can handle and i give this boy a lot. and ultimately he finds out the real magic in him in heart and courage. >> i know you appeared recently at a place i massachusetts and you were talking about this book and kids come up to you, you gather a group of kids, what kinds of things do you hear from kids who have read your previous books that inspire you to keep writing in this genre? >> when i see -- travel team came out six years ago and we sold millions of books since then. but when i come up with a copy of travel team that looks like a car has driven over it, which means it's been read and reread and to find out how important these books are to kids, and ipod, internet, google, video game world has been the coolest thing that's ever happened. >> good to have you here, the book is "hero" and just ahead, jon bon jovi rocks the plaza
8:25 am
live. that's after your local news and weather.
8:26 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara let's get a final check on the morning commute with traffic pulse 11 and kim dacey. >> that accident at tufton ave and falls road. possible lane closures. water main break church drive. southbound 97 -- 95, accident just past the beltway northeast corner. move on to the shoulder, but causing a lot of delays.
8:27 am
report of an accident or not bound to 95 on west and russia wrote off ramp. -- about 295 on west nursery road off ramp. switching over to a live view at white marsh, 95 at southbound, very, very slow. you definitely want to leave extra time. delays on 95 from white marsh all the way down through to both sides of the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> if your car is still sitting in the shade and you've not been out there, frost on the windshield. we are down in the 20's. the barometer is still high. northwest winds. unseasonably mild temperatures once again. storms in the atlantic, stalled in the midwest.
8:28 am
typical like this time of year, 58 degrees. we are in the 61-66 range today. lots of sunshine. north breeze that 5 to attend the weekend will be similar , so go out and enjoy it. >> another update at 8:55.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on a friday morning, it's the 12th day of november, 2010. as you can see, the boys in bon jovi about to get into it with a major concert on the plaza this
8:31 am
half hour. but the concert is not their only performance. i'm here with natalee morales and al roker. . >> look at him, i mean he's so graceful. he was on "dancing with the stars" of course. and also how to keep your kids germ free during this cold and flu season. >> and what would happen if kathie lee and hoda switched sides for one day? >> frank gifford would be surprised. imagine kathie lee in the subway, hoda in the suburbs. all we know is probably a couple of people end up drunk. >> no matter what happens. >> no matter what happens. >> that's the best! >> a lot to get to when we say hi to nick cannon.
8:32 am
how are you? good to see you. >> you have your halloween for next season. >> you have 90 seconds for the judging. they have got to have an act that's so concise, it's spectacular. boom. >> do you have one of those big hooks where at the end of 90 seconds they get dragged off the stage? >> i have been asking for that. >> maybe a gong. >> you have some great news? >> yes. >> it is a wonderful time right now. we're happy at home. >> congratulations. you don't know boy or girl yet, right. >> that's like the surprise of a lifetime. so you want to try to hold out as long as possible.
8:33 am
>> congratulations. >> thank you. >> nick cannon, from "america's got talent" is in new york right now. mr. roker? >> i wear that title proudly. >> plenty of sunshine and milder than normal temperatures. los 6 is the perfect is on the lower eastern shore. 68 o
8:34 am
>> don't forget you can get your weather any time of the day or night, go to weather channel on cable or online. sunday is the biggest night of the week, because it's football night in america. the patriots come into heinzefieheinze field. cloudy skies, i relish the thought. 20% chance of a shower, temperatures upper 40s to 53. will they cut the mustard, you'll find out on sunday night, football night in america. >> that was great. >> mr. roker, thank you. >> bon jovi live in concert. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
this morning on "today" the reigning olympic gold medalist. the first american in 1988 to win gold in men's figure skating and evan now joins us this morning. we were showing you the moment where you had your hand over your heart listening to the national anthem. so much has happened, since then you've been on "dancing with the st stars". it just seems like you're having so much fun. >> i am appreciative of what has come my way since the olympics. it's changed my life but definitely for the better and it's given me the opportunity to work with some organizations that i really care about and do
8:38 am
things like this tv special that we have coming up on nbc. >> you had to improvise basically to a live performance of the music from foreigner. how challenging is that? >> it's difficult. it's very different for skating where we're used to slipping our cd in and rehearsing our routine thousands and thousands of times but to make it up on the spot, it has to come from the heart. >> we really love you around here. >> i love you guys. >> we're going to let you get into position. while i tell everyone that you're going to be skating to the climb that's sung by david hernandez. ♪ i can almost see it ♪ i can even dream it
8:39 am
♪ there's a voice inside of my head saying you'll never reach it ♪ ♪ every step i'm taking ♪ every move i'm making ♪ lost in all directions ♪ my faith is shaking ♪ but i got to keep trying ♪ i got to keep my head held high ♪ ♪ there's always going to be another mountain ♪ ♪ i'm always going to want to make it move ♪ ♪ always going to be an uphill battle ♪ ♪ sometimes i'm going to ♪ ain't about about what's waiting on the other side ♪ ♪ it's the climb
8:40 am
♪ my faith the shaken ♪ with the chances i'm taking ♪ no i'm not breaking ♪ these are the moments ♪ i'm going to win ♪ i got to be strong ♪ just keep pushing on ♪ always going to be another mountain ♪ ♪ always going to want to make it move ♪ ♪ always going to be another mountain ♪ ♪ it doesn't matter how fast i get there ♪ ♪ it ain't about what's waiting on the other side ♪
8:41 am
♪ i'm always going to want to make it move ♪ ♪ always going to be an up hill battle ♪ ♪ somebody's going to have to learn ♪ ♪ ain't about how fast i get there ♪ ♪ ain't about what's waiting on the other side ♪ ♪ it's the climb ♪ there's always going to be another mountain ♪ ♪ always going to want to make it move ♪ ♪ it ain't about what's waiting on the other side ♪ ♪ it's the climb ♪ keep on moving ♪ it's all about the climb
8:42 am
>> you are perfect, thank you so much. coming up next, bon jovi live in convert on our plaza. but first, this is "today" on nbc. to where to get the car fixed. auto service plus is the one auto repair shop that's out to earn women's spect and trust. >> auto service plus. service you can trust. go to for a location near you.
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8:44 am
roll it! >> announcing our fall and winter maintenance specials. you could save up to $65 dollars in additional rebates. only from auto service plus. service you can trust. go to for a location near you. the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> they have been cranking out hit music for almost a decade, ladies and gentlemen, bon jovi. ♪ living a song for the broken
8:45 am
hearted ♪ ♪ no time and prayer for the great departed ♪ ♪ i'm going to shout out loud ♪ it's life now or never ♪ i ain't doing this forever ♪ i just want to live my life ♪ my heart is going my way ♪ i'm going to live while i'm alive ♪ ♪ it's my night ♪ it's life it's now or never
8:46 am
♪ i ain't going to live forever ♪ ♪ i just want to live while i'm alive ♪ ♪ my heart is like an open highway ♪ ♪ like frankie said i did it my way ♪ ♪ i just want to live while i'm alive ♪ ♪ because it's my life
8:47 am
♪ you better stand tall ♪ when they're calling you out ♪ don't bend don't break ♪ baby don't back down ♪ it's my life ♪ it's now or never ♪ cause i ain't gonna live forever ♪ ♪ i just wanna live while i'm alive ♪ ♪ my heart is like an open highway ♪ ♪ like frankie said i did it my way ♪ ♪ i just wanta live while i'm alive ♪ ♪ and it's now or never
8:48 am
♪ i ain't gonna live forever ♪ i just wanna live while i'm alive ♪ ♪ my heart is like an open highway ♪ ♪ like frankie said i did it my way ♪ ♪ i just wanna live while i'm alive ♪ ♪ cause it's my life >> bon jovi, more music straight ahead on a friday morning, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
bon jovi has performed more than 26,000 concerts around the world. 24,000 of those right here on the "today" show. they have sold about 120 million albums. they're going to add to those impressive numbers with their newest albums. it's called "greatest hits" jn n bon jovi, you have been nominated, you're smiling, into the rock and roll hall of fame. it seems like a no-brainer.
8:51 am
what would it mean? i mean some of the names in the hall of fame. >> ritchie and i were inducted into the songwriters hall of fame. >> and you guys over the weekend were named the first global icon at the european mtv awards. >> i appreciate it. we were there at the advent of mtv and to still be making number one records the world over, it's amazing. >> you're always out there with the fans, you basically just came off the road, you start again in december? >> 55 countries on this tour. we did a great american -- the american pop culture is popular the world over. >> what are you going to sing? >> this is the new single.
8:52 am
>> bon jovi. ♪ just a little making a living ♪ ♪ and we're living for ♪ a rich man or a poor man ♪ a pawn or a king ♪ you live on the streets and you can fool the whole world ♪ ♪ but it don't mean one thing ♪ whatever you got is just being in love ♪ ♪ you're walking a road finding your way when no one's there ♪ ♪ you want to give up
8:53 am
♪ it's going to be a good one ♪ living those dreams ♪ i'm a dreamer ♪ because i still believe i believe in hope ♪ ♪ i belief in change ♪ whatever you got you can't breathe without love ♪ ♪ you want to give up but it's worth the fight ♪ ♪ when you ain't got love
8:54 am
♪ you ain't got love ♪ how long you going to live without it ♪ ♪ what do you got if you ain't got love ♪
8:55 am
♪ whatever you got it just ain't enough ♪ ♪ you walking a road ♪ but you don't know where ♪ you want to give up ♪ it's still worth the fight ♪ if you ain't got love ♪ if you ain't got love ♪ what are you doing it for ♪ what have you got if you ain't got love ♪ ♪ what do you got if you ain't got love what do you got if you ain't got love ♪
8:56 am
♪ >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. baltimore city overwhelmingly rejected the offer of a contract for 2011, rejected by 95% of the officers and sergeants and lieutenants in the baltimore police department. the new contract would have to bid to take just shy of 2% of this allies and give days off. -- of their salaries and
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> now let's look at the forecast with john collins. >> good morning. it is another one of those mornings. temperatures will be rising rapidly and will be way above normal. still some stormy weather to the west. i purchase keeping us high and dry up once again. -- height temperatures dipping as high and dry once again. north breeze it 5-10 miles per hour. through the weekend, things change good rain chances, temperatures go down. >> we will have another weather
8:59 am
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