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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 13, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." >> we lose the heat, but we'll bounce right back through the day, and maybe do the same thing, maybe even a degree warmer than yesterday. we are starting out a bit warmer today than yesterday. doesn't mean much. we are still below freezing. at b.w.i. we have room for a come-degree drop. 70% the humidity. that number is a little high in the morning with this early morning chill that we have. again it will drop considerably by afternoon.
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030.26 is the barometric pressure. it is high. we'll talk about where temperatures go today and the fact that, yeah, there is a change coming. it can't last forever. details in a minute. >> thank you, john. our big story this morning, corruption in county government. >> prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife lesley johnson were arrested by the f.b.i. friday at their home in mitchellville. kai reed has more. >> federal officials ushered jackonson out of his home in hand cuffs. his wife shielded her face with a coat. the two are charged with tampering with a witness. >> these investigations involve allegations that real estate developers have been regularly paying off government officials
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in return for official actions. >> according to an affidavit filed in u.s. trict court f.b.i. agents have been monitoring their movements through wiretaps as far back as 2007. investigations reveal payments for $100,000 for one instance and $500,0 in another. then today agents allegedly interrupted a payoff to johnson from the developer. >> jackonson was permitted to leave that interview and then made a series of interviews of calls to his wife. >> the affidavit says those calls, monitored by f.b.i. agents, sfructed him to destroy a $100,000 check. leslie johnson asked, do you want me to put it down the toilet, and johnson answered back, yes, flush back. he told her to put the cash in her underware, and she plizz, i have it in my bra. agents later recovered $79,600
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from leslie johnson's underwear. they say this is part of an ongoing investigation into corruption in prince george's county. >> we still have several people to interview. the f.b.i. will conduct those interviews and gather additional evidence over the coming days. >> kai reed reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> jack johnson was released from jail and placed unto electronic monitoring. he proames claims -- johnson proclaims his innocence. >> when the facts are revealed i am convinced without a shadow of a doubt that i am going to be not vindicated. >> johnson was -- his wife was released under her own recog distance. each charge faces a penalty of
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20 years in prison. >> ann arundel county police are looking for suspects after a shooting in a piecia party. it happened at the 7600 block inside wing's pizza. police say during the confrontation, a man was shot. >> that person was transported to the hospital in extremely serious condition. the four suspects fled the building in an unknown condition. detectives are canvasing for winds and trying to identify winds -- trying to identify winds. >> anything with information is asked to call ann arundel police. >> baltimore county police have made an arrest in a 33-year-old man is behind bars charged with
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first-degree murder. that shooting happened on november 5 in randalr -- randallstown. >> worried residents of this apartment com flex are relieved. one woman who asked that we not identify her said she is shocked tho to know the man charged is one of her neighbors, but she said trouble plagues her. >> it seems like the police are around here more than the residents. >> the police arrested a 19-year-old man. the victim was found behind this building in the 5400 block of old court road. >> basically our investigation revealed that the victim had been at that location. he was an acquaintance of the suspect and the winds in this case. >> 33-year-old adeolu oltamol.
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died of multiple gunshot wounds. >> a woman called claiming he was throlling objects at their bedroom window. in their report, the woman told police her daughter sent messages to her boy friend. she said someone went outside and -- according to court documents cunningham said he didn't go outside. then after police showed him the text message, he said he was inside the arment -- apartment and then wend outside to walk the dog and he saw police standing near a body. >> there was blood on the pavement the next day. >> she's had enough. >> i'm ready to go. i'm already ready to go. >> barry sims, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a 7-year-old boy is dead this morning after being hit by a
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car. it had happened on bel air road in northeast baltimore. police say the little boy was hit after he ran into the street. there was an adult with him at the time. the child did not survive his injury. >> police remain on high alert as police identify their search for the man that raped a woman earlier this week. the latest on the investigation. >> shena moore is relieved to see more police presence in her subdivision after one of her neighbors was raped. >> that night they came knocking on our doors. i guess they let the people in the area know what was going on. i'm glad that the police are around here more fluently than usual. >> tonight detectives went door-to-door alerting laurel residents of the violent sexual assault that happened there.
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in the days since monday's attack they have encouraged people to be on the lookout in today's composite scretch. police say the man raped a woman. >> a 22-year-old female was walking to the dumpster to throw out the trash. she saw a suspicious subject in the bushes. he grabbed her. >> that could happen to anybody. it could happen to me. sometimes i come in late, with my child, and we have to pass through the back or through the steps, and it is dark. they don't have any lights back there. they need to put some lights. >> the case is still under investigation. in the meantime, the ann arundel county police department encourages neighbors to be more aware. >> it does president hurt to travel in groups. keep a cell phone handy. >> anyone with information is urged to call metro
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crimestoppers -- 1-866-7-lock-up. >> two men remembered after their bodies were found in a fire in a glen burnie auto shop. acevedo and ramos were killed in a fire wednesday. the fire was three alarms before the building burned off arund he will corporation road and collapsed. >> an inspection of the howard street railroad tunnel has baltimore county sfils officials concern thd morning. david collins has more on the unexpected development. >> stephanie rawlings-blake toured the tunnel. her group included transportation. the inspection is a follow-up about safety and maintenance improvements in the aftermath of an august 5 derailment of 15
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cars which disrupted north-south rail traffic for 15 days. water on the ground next to the tracks. one city official said it was something they are not comfortable with. >> it is hard to do the forensics around that and determine exactly the source of the water, but again, we think we can stay on top of that. >> the tun emhas a history of water problems. back in 2001, a c.s.x. paralyzed them for 16 days. they could not determine if the derailment was caused by a derailment or if heat from the fire created the derailment as the city complained. >> i am pleased. c.s.x. has been a great partner working with us. they are doing work improving the drainage through the tunnel. they are also going above and
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beyond when it comes to the safety checks. >> will inspect the tunnel more frequently, increase infrared probes to detective -- detect track flaws. >> the new pumps we have and frequent inspection should prevent that from happening. >> they are looking into using homeland security grants to install a transmitter into the tunnel and to improve the ventilation system. they are in the process of developing a new tinl response plan with employees and the city and reeming natural first responders as well. >> this rail line is a tremendous economic generator for our region. >> c.s.x. is now sharing information directly about hazardous cargo moving through the tunnel. >> time right now is 5:12.
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35. chilly on tv-hill. still ahead, a medical alert for sleep apnea sufferers. the research says it could cause brain damage. >> the pay czeches for baltimore employees never showed up. the glitch that caused a delay. >> first a live picture outside. john has your insta-weather plus forecast.
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>> doppler radar shows milder temperatures. we have had nearly perfect weather considering the time of year. out west a storm system that hasn't changed much. it is still producing rains up the mississippi valley into illinois and wisconsin. perhaps significantly for them out there is northern wisconsin central and southern getting snow this morning. so there is a cold front. behind that system is colder air, and eventually things will change and -- we're so far above
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norm yag normal, the cold air will drag the temperatures down to normal. these temperatures are a little weird this morning. closer to normal. temperatures up downtown. the there is chilly air. 73%. the number is high. as soon as the sun starts to heat the atmosphere, that will drop like a rock. 33%, the barometric pressure is up. 66 the hyatt the airport. inner harbor 65. the record at 68. we aren't in record-breaking territory, but this is nice, and it is running, what, 5, 6, 7, 8
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degrees above the average. normal lows are close to that this morning. the lows yesterday -- look at the spread in the lows yesterday. 28 and 25 downtown at the airport. we had that same temperature spread yesterday morning that we have this morning. temperatures this morning elsewhere, annapolis 43. edgewood 36. parkton 34. westminster 39. right at freezing out in far-western maryland. temperatures will rise once again through the 30's, into the 30's, 40's, 50's, and peek out once again in the 60's. even in the mountains to the west it will be pleasant. here's the situation with that system out to the west. look at all that snow. the front gets a little closer this evening. our forecast today is calling for lots of sun. pleasant conditions.
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mid to upper 60's. to northeast winds. higher chances for rain tuesday into wednesday. colder temperature will take the temperatures into the 50's and 40's for highs. >> 68 degrees is a gift today. we'll take that. new research just out suggests sleep apnea may cause brain damage. >> plus plans to improve health care by putting you in touch with your doctors 24-seven. >> and a carroll county organization is looking to spread cheer but they need your when i see people trying to sell and old camry, it makes me want to show 'em a new ford fusion. i can't help myself. i'm kinda ready to move up to get to the next level. fusion... yeah, i like it. ...i should probably brag about this a little bit. the projected resale value can't be beat by camry.
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>> in "medical alert" you may know sleep apnea is linked to sudden death. but this is something new, it may lead to memory loss. italian researchers compared the brains of brain -- they found significant reduction in gray matter in the patients. they performed worse on memory and attention tests and had more trouble with abstract reasoning. however researchers found treating their sleep apnea seemed to reverse the damage. >> a new study links severe acne to increased risk of suicide. research erds believe this is most likely due to the acne itself. in a study of more than 5,000 patients taking accutane it increased -- the number of suicides increased patients
5:23 am
whose acne improved were dis traut if there was no improvement in their social life. >> brian curtis has details. >> what at&t has done with phone, internet, and tv service it now wants to do with health care. >> if we do what we think we're capable of doing, we think we're able to change health care the way a.t.m.'s chade changed banking. >> the new initiative is called at&t for health. the idea is simple. to use aat&t's vast wireless network to provide care. at&t and its partners are developing high-tech devices that monitor patients and communicate. >> a computer inside the slippers is on con tablingt assistant watch for trouble. >> the doctor will be able to
5:24 am
see whether or not the patient has fallen. >> this new device is called a vitality glow tab. it lights up if you forget to take your medication. it can even contact your doctor. >> e-cardio is your monitor that sends health care information directly to a health care professional. in is even a phone out that helps die betics monitor their blood sugar levels. >> now it will tell me how many crrbs have you had. >> there is big numbers in all of this t the market is currently more than $33 bill by a year. that's expected to grow 24% over the next 30 years. >> we think the revenue opportunity is unlimited. >> with the latest move at&t thinks it can enhance the health of its customers and also its bottom line. >> it is not even thanksgiving but at the carroll county
5:25 am
agricultural center people are already thinking about christmas and our troops overseas. jen has that story when we come back. first a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> nothing says holidays like a decorated tree. that's why they are trying to send them overseas. op ration christmas trees needs
5:28 am
help filling their request. >> each year we get more and more requests from the guys in the field who e-mail me. >> jim ward is thinking about christmas. this is the new hosme operation chris -- home of operation christmas trees where drees trees will be packed up and sent home. >> this is the fifth year. the letters get a little more detailed. >> in its first three years, operation christmas tree provided 10,000 trees, but with the economy donations are down. just one $25 donation will pay for a complete frie tree for a soldier. >> that includes everything, the lights, the shipping, the whole deal. >> the trees packed up in carroll county mean the world to the troops who are from all over the united states. >> we have had people from
5:29 am
california to maryland. every year after we sent off the trees to iraq, we took a trip to walter reed, so for the wounded warriors doup there, we tried to help them out as well. >> ward sazz more thaven ever, operation christmas tree needs donations to folks sending a christmas atree. something for the sacrifices they make every day. >> it is frustrating because i don't want to turn them down. >> packing down is november 27th. you can volunteer for it. they need more donations for the general soldiers. it is sort of the anonymous soldier you can donate for. >> he has the deepest voice. >> he does. >> you almost want to talk like that. >> i thought, he needs a job in radio or something. he's doing a great job. you can also -- >> you can find out how to donate from our web site. there is a link there. >> it is going to warm up.
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coming up arkse look at our top stories. >> coming up, the mayor's frustration and the next step in norks. >> no big changes in the weather for the weekend. wait until next week. the insta-weather plus forecast details just ahead. (sfx: coach's whistle) the car coach. >> in case your car repair shop hasn't noticed - there's been a shift. sfx: shifting. more women than men are making the decision as to where to get the car fixed. sfx: shifting what's the percentage? the answer in a moment.
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(sfx: coach's whistle) "the car coach". >> if you had to see one film this season, it would be this one. phil! go ahead. personally... i give it four stars. back in a moment.
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>> temperatures in the close to freezing for normal temperatures. >> right. >> now, this morning, it is 50 downtown with 44 at the airport. there is a real range of temperatures out there. as far as rain is concerned, we are getting a rest from that. really, the ground is still wet. we don't need anymore rain at this stage of the game. the rain is kind of stuck out west. the showers in illinois, arkansas, missouri, they have haven't moved.
5:33 am
eventually that weather system gets here. we'll give you a time-table coming up. >> a 7-year-old boy has died from injuries after being hit by a car on the 3100 block of bell air road in the northeast block of baltimore city. the boy was hit walking through the street chasing after a ball. we were told he was with a parent but seems to have gotten out of their sight for just a moment. >> jacks johnson and his wife leslie have been arrested by the f.b.i. there are allegations real estate developers were bribing some in return for favor rabble
5:34 am
acts for developers. >> a new site for in-door sport and concert arena. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake said leaders are looking at sites on the west side. >> the battle continues this morning between city hall and the police union. the rank and file rejected the latest offer. the police have been without a -- union has been without a contract since june. >> we have spoken as loud as we can speak. i think the numbers of this rejection speaks volumes. >> after it unanimously voted doup its latest proposal, union officials continue to express
5:35 am
frustration with the city since stephanie rawlings-blake had to make cuts to offer's pensions to baltimore the city's budget. >> our officers know these are tough times, but these are men and women that are expect go out there and take a bullet. >> mayor stephanie rawlings-blake said she was disappointed with the contract, saying the bottom line is everyone needs to give up something, but she felt a solution will be found. >> i am confident we will go back to the negotiating table and come out with a deal we can get a positive vote on. the biggest problem came with paycuts. in 2012 officers would receive five extra paid leave days to make up for it. >> i think when i'm taking
5:36 am
furloughs and so are members and the lowest paid in the city are i canning furloughs, if they choose not to, it affects all of us. this is about shared sacrifice to get on the other side of this recession. >> still the f.o.p. says this is unacceptable. that they will continue to protect and serve, but they need to be rewarded for their work. >> tonight is a rejection of those folks in city hall that don't appreciate the hard work our people have done for the past several years. >> i'm lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the political problems here at home putting pressure on president obama? japan. we'll explain coming up. >> and a payday delay for baltimore county teachers. >> autumn is -- winter is just
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around the corner.
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that satisfy my love for tasty treats. around 100 calories. zero fat. now i love my curves in all the right places. yoplait. it is so good. >> today is more or less a repeat of yesterday morning. if we look at our live h.d. doppler radar, the storm out west of us yesterday is kind of in the same place was yesterday. they are getting more snow in parts of wisconsin and minnesotaful as the day heats up -- wisconsin and minnesota. as the day heats up, it isn't a scand significant snowstorm, but it is an indication that the season it there -- is there, it is just catching up with us.
5:40 am
five days of terrific weather. two degrees warmer at this point than yesterday morning. but that's just a technicality. that same spread in outliing areas existed yesterday. 72% the humidity. 30.26 the barometric pressure. winds are calm. let's look at a sampling of temperatures elsewhere. annapolis is 43. camebridge is 36. on the boardwalk it is 40. 35 elkton. parkton 34. edgewood 39. freezing in hagerstown. a lot of 20's. some of the low spots in the valley. out there with dry air, lack of wind. some areas adropped down. petersburg 27. shen doia national park, 22 -- shenandoah national park, 22 degrees this morning. i wouldn't be surprised if
5:41 am
someone around our area out to our west, especially western howard county or carroll county in a couple of those areas out there, 28 or 29 might very well before sunrise or so. here we have the clear skies on the satellite. we widen out a little bit and see the big area of high pressure over us. that's the thing that's been here all week. you see a hint of a storm still out in the atlantic. high pressure in the center ridge line is a little further east. nothing can move. there is a big road block in the atlantic ocean. the weather just kpt progress on. this time we electric u lucked out with high pressure sitting on top of us, giving us great weather conditions. today sunshine, pleasant conditions. nice north to northeast winds at 2 to 7 miles per hour. very light winds. for boaters in the bay today, northeast winds, 5 to 10 noths. bay water temperatures are in the 50's.
5:42 am
insta-weather futurecast shows things beginning to move in the atmosphere, and by understand afternoon, sunday evening, we do pick up more clouds. that front starlts getting closer. the rain chances hold off for us until monday, and then monday we will see more cloudiness. rain chances spotty until we get into the late night hours on monday into tuesday. the seven-day forecast reflects that. it was a pretty good weekend here. we pick up more clouds on sunday. tuesday and wednesday, rain chances go up, especially tuesday into wednesday, and correspondingly, once the front goes through, the temperatures drop off. by the middle of next weeks and by the end of next week, we whether see more 40's for the highs. >> in this morning's "education alert" it was payday for people that worked for the baltimore county school system thrfment was one big problem, their money never showed up in their bank accounts. >> the county school system's payroll problems came to light this morning, with thousands of
5:43 am
employees checking their bank accounts only to find out their checks had not been posted. here's what happened -- there was a computer glitch in a payroll file sent from the system to m & t bank. >> the computer that sends our files every wednesday to the bank that we deal with, their computers didn't read that file. there was a computer glitch somewhere in the system. the problem was thursday, of course, was a banking holiday. >> school officials say m & t bank has been notified and have started to release the funds. most of those affected are school teach erds. >> i do credit them for sending out an e-mail early telling folks they were working on it. >> but school employees that have a bank other than m & t may have to wait longer for their money to show up j a person may
5:44 am
be dwealing a bank in utah or elsewhere, and they may not most the money into the act until after today. that may be an issue for some folks. >> we hope people will get the money in acts today. also, this was to alert the employees in case they have overdraft fees and no one is penalized for this mistake. >> and that has become a bigger hureb as to who will between -- eventually pay those fees. >> they are working as quickly as possible to address the problem. >> hopefully they got it straight generaled up. >> coming up, president obama hopes to conclude his asian trip on an up-note. the >> economic measures in our project economy report. >> first, a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> lots of pooh people clapping, happy the wall street week ask over. the dow lost 1.5 points, the nasdaq lost 32 points and the s&p 500 lost nearly 42 points. meanwhile, president obama is in japan hoping to conclude his 10-day asian trip on an up-note. >> so far the tour has only been a reminder of the president's problems back here at home. >> it has been a tough trip. foreign leaders aren't fawning over barack obama. >> when i first came into office
5:48 am
people might have been more interested in photo-ops. >> now they are interested in obama-economics, negatively. the stronger the economy, the more china can sell here, the more korea can sell cars, tv's, cell phones. president obama wants stimulus. >> it has not come fast enough, especially when it comes to my high priority, which is putting americans back to work. >> the fed pumped $600 billion into the economy. germany's america l and other leaders oppose stimulus spending. they want the u.s. budget balanced to prevent another meltdown like republicans say they do. >> what we're hearing overseas both in terms of the criticism of the fed and in terms of criticism of the economic stimulus strengthens the republican argument that now is
5:49 am
the time for austerity. >> president obama signaled he might go along with republicans on taxes and keep rates what they are now even for the rich. >> i want to make sure that taxes don't go up for middle class families starting january 1. >> the irony is mr. obama is in japan for more economic debate, not raising taxes means more american red ink. that's what the bipartisan deficit reduction committee said this week. next week, congress could begin to block tax hikes. from washington, i'm steve handlesman. >> plus, a major recall. >> and the airline industry. it will cost you. details coming up. >> and high school football >> and high school football highlights coming up in sports. to where to get the car fixed.
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it is the playoffs now in high school football. what you did in the regular season, doesn't matter. last night, a rematch. there was plenty to cheer about if you are on the franklin side. first quarter, joey dorsey hits thomas. franklin jumps to a 14-0 lead. second quarter, same combination, dorsey to thomas. this play covers 34 yards. the indians are rolling. yet 20-0. deep to taylor. a 33-yard touchdown. issah pumped. that good feeling didn't last long. look at the outside. he leaps over a defender. are you kidding me? a 27 yard touchdown. the indians weren't done yet. dorsey to the air. they beat them 47-14. indians moving on. >> the defending 4-a
5:54 am
championships. fast-forward to the third. brian randolph on the return. one touchdown and looking for more. brian randolph shaking and baking. 55 yards to the end zone. old mill a 14-3 lead. trey rolling out. he's going deep. darnell solomon. he tips it up, makes the grab, and he's off to the races. this would cut the lead 14-10. trey knows a good thing. he airs it out to -- guess who? the 6' 4" "solomon does it again. he calls his own number. did they get it? it is a first down. that does it. the defending champs go down. wins the final score 16-14. college basketball.
5:55 am
btball. basketball. hope you have a great weekend. >> it is 5:55 and 34 degrees in tv hill. coming up, a look at our top stories. >> including the corruption charges that sent jack johnson and his wife to jail in handcuffs. >> students with disabilities are learning math skills. they will let you know how you can help them coming up. >> more nice weather. the pattern doesn't change at least for the weekend.
5:56 am
>> nearly 25 million of our fellow americans are have served or are currently serving for our country. veterans day was set aside to honor those who served in the armed services. originally called armistice day, it was broadened to all who served and the name changed "veteran's day during the presidency of eisenhower.
5:57 am
ceremonies turkish ute and reunion -- ceremonies of tribute and reunion throughout america. we at wbal show our gratitude. to honor a military veteran, log on to and click on "u local."
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>> good morning. welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm jennifer franciotti. >> i'm lisa robinson. first, john is here with a look outside. >> what can we say? >> i know it is great. >> running out of things to say about the weather. there will be -- it always changes. but there will be kind of around the corner a cha