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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 13, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we had all low this morning on officially -- not officially, at 31. now, it is 52 already. 3025 is the barometric pressure. we have a westerly breeze at 3 miles an hour. it is 54 downtown. lots of sunshine this morning. the humility -- humidity value is low. really dry air, a lot of sun, and mild temperatures. it has to end at some time. >> our big story this morning -- corruption in county government as a county executive and his wife are taken to jail. >> jack johnson and his wife, a newly elected county council member, where are arrested by the fbi. -- were arrested by the fbi.
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>> officials assured jack johnson out of his home in handcuffs. his wife concealed her face. if the two are charged with tampering with a witness. >> these investigations involve allegations that real-estate developers have been regularly paid off government officials. >> according to an affidavit filed this afternoon, fbi agents have been monitoring through wiretaps and other methods as far back as 2007. investigations reveal payments from a real-estate developer in the $100,000 in one instance, and $5,000 in another. today, they interrupted a $15,000 payoff. >> jack johnson was permitted to leave that interview. he then made a series of telephone calls to his wife. >> those calls include johnson
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instructing his wife to destroy a $100,000 check. she asks should she put it down the toilet, and is told yes, flesh that. the affidavit says agents later recovered $79,600 from leslie johnson's underwear. the attorney says it is part of an ongoing negotiation into government corruption. >> we had still -- we still have several developers and government officials to be interviewed. we will gather additional evidence. >> jack johnson was released from jail yesterday, and placed under electronic monitoring. he proclaimed his innocence. >> when the facts are revealed, i am absolutely convinced,
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without a shadow of a doubt, that i am going to be vindicated. >> leslie johnson was released on her own recognizance. each charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. you can read the complete file liens on >> anne arundel police are looking for suspects after a robbery and shooting inside of a pizza parlor, mr. wings & pizza. four suspects entered the the area around the clock 30 p.m. last night, and announced a robbery. a 20-year-old was shot. he later died at the hospital. any one with information is asked to call anne arundel police. a seven-year-old boy is dead after being hit by a car on belair road in northeast baltimore. the little boy was hit, after he
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ran into the street chasing after all. the child was rushed to the hospital, but did not survive. >> residence in one community remained on high alert as the search intensifies for a man who raped a woman earlier this week. we have the latest on the investigation. >> this president is relieved to see my -- this president is relieved to see more police presence. >> that night, we saw police, they came knocking on our doors. if they let the people in the area now what was going on. i am glad the police are around here more fluent week. >> tonight, detectives went door-to-door, alerting residents of the violent sexual assault that happened. if in the days since monday's attack, they have encouraged people to be on the lookout for this man. >> a 23-year-old female was
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walking out to the dumpster behind her apartment complex. she noticed the suspicious -- suspicious suspect, and he grabbed her and sexually assaulted her. >> it could happen to anyone. sometimes i come in late with my child. we have to pass through the back. they do not have any lights back there. they need to put some lights. >> the case is still under investigation. in the meantime, the anne arundel county police department encourages neighbors to be more aware. >> if you see anything suspicious, contact the police department. qe cell phone handy. travel in groups. >> anyone is urged to call metro crime-stoppers. >> families are remembering two men whose bodies were found after a fire.
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family and friends said goodbye to the men who were killed when the flames overpowered them. the fire happened on wednesday, and quickly escalated to three alarms. still ahead, we're taking questions about your exotic past. we have an interesting animal in the studio. >> "baltimore magazine is about to reveal who led the other top doctor list. >> power fall weather has been unreal,
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>> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> you kind of lose sight of what is going on in general when we have such nice weather here. to our west, it is rating, and
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even snow in. they are getting a mixed in the minneapolis area. places in wisconsin and part of minnesota can expect several inches of white snow. everything is stalled. there is a roadblock in the atlantic. systems usually move west to east. it has not been happening. you get stock under a regime of weather. luckily, we have been stocked under high pressure that has given us a grade what -- great weather. this storm has been stuck out there. eventually, it will come in. it is a matter of how long we can hang on. we have already jumped into the 50's. it is 52 downtown. annapolis is at 51.
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westminster is 46. the last reading from frederick was 32. temperatures are beginning to bump up. readings in western maryland have moved out of the 30's. the sunshine is warming things up. we have some clouds offshore associated with a storm. it has moved alert -- a little further east. here is the high pressure over us. here is the storm to the west. if you get far enough north, temperatures will drop below freezing. they are getting the rain and snow mixed. eventually, we will get into some of this weather. the primary factor is it will take the temperatures down. mid-60's 4 highs in general. upper-60's are high -- are
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possible. there is a low relative humidity readings. of the bay, temperatures are in the 50's. there is a coastal flood advisory in effect from baltimore county, the western shore of the bay, anne arundel county, calvert county in the south, and the tidal potomac as well. unusually high tides. the insta-weather future-cast shows clouds, but rain chances do not come into the picture until late monday. the seven-day -- 67 today. cooler tomorrow. we will get some clouds into the picture. higher rain chances tuesday and wednesday. the temperatures will drop back into the 50's. by the end of the week, 40's 4
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highs. >> there were some serious pay problems for more than 10,000 baltimore county school employees, mostly teachers. their biweekly paycheck did not post yesterday, and officials say it was because of a computer glitch cent from the district to m&t bank. it could take a day or two. there is no word on who will pick up the tab for the overdraft feet. >> when we come back, we have loads and loads of more exciting things to show you including more on whether. and a very interesting that. >> and, of race against the clock has been so washington clock has been so washington tries to
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fewer pieces left behind. looks good son! [ female announcer ] new charmin ultra strong. enjoy the go. for an extra clean finish, try charmin freshmates. exit might be saturday, but thousands of students are heading to school today. jonathan pryce joins us live with details. what is happening today? >> today, we will have thousands of students and parents that are here to see the wonderful options we have in city schools so that fifth grade students who will become sixth grade students, and eighth grade students that will be in high school, make it can make a decision about the schools to attend. >> we are talking about charter schools, and all kinds of things. what are the choices, and why
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should parents come out and see this? >> this allows parents and students to really see and touch the 65 schools that are represented. all of our high schools, and we have many of our middle schools that will be accepting new sixth grade students, and they are present, and able to show some of the great things they have in store. >> even if you are not planning to go to a school outside of your district, it gives you a chance to learn about your school, and then some of the special schools out there. >> correct. it allows you to learn about all of the schools we have in baltimore city. in addition, we have the 2010 middle school and high school choice died, which is being given out today, as well -- choice guide which is being given out today, as well as online.
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>> something else that is key is that if there are deadlines to meet, you will find that out today. >> correct. today is really the kickoff of what is a months-long event, where young people, after they visit the fair, are able to visit open houses, and see more and deftly what is going on. they submit their applications. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> looks like of the time for everyone and a good way to make a decision. the november issue of "baltimore magazine" is out and it features the list of top doctors. how many doctors did you interview to come up with these specialists? >> the survey this year was 5500
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doctors. we ask them all who you would recommend to a family member in each specialty. we take the responses, and ordered them. it is the most we have ever done. >> it had to be a tough job. we have some of the best hospitals in the country. >> we live in the best city in the world for medicine. this is really some of the best doctors in the world. >> the issue goes through doctors, but you break it down into categories, some on usual. we pick quattro that are kind of cool. you have something under spectacular saves. >> we ask doctors what was the most interesting case. dr. montgomery, the director of transplant surgery at johns
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hopkins, described an incredible case where he was given the eight-way swap of origins, and had to find a way to attach an origin to the body without blood vessels. he was able to attach a kid the to woman, she survived, and is healthy -- kidney to a woman, and she survived and is healthy today. >> another doctor discovered that there were worms in a braid. >> he had never seen anything like it. it turns out, after he discovered it, he asked if he had never been a sheep herder, and it turns out that's where it came out. >> how about a mysterious case? this is another doctor. >> she is a pediatrician. this case was diagnosed by a
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nurse. under heard a very weak, but secular -- a nurse heard a very weak cry. it turns on you can hear the muscular weakness, and it turned out to be a rare botulism case. she is perfectly healthy now. >> all of these have good outcomes. there is also an ironic to hear that involves a doctor that helped a dog with cancer. >> the dog turned its owner. the doctor was friends with a veterinarian. the doctor came and helped with a surgery to remove a tumor. while he was there, he looked at the altar, and it turned out be not -- . -- he looked at the veterinarian, and it turned out he had a tumor.
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>> would you recommend people read this to pick a doctor? >> a absolutely. i found my pediatrician, and they have been terrific. >> thank you for joining us. good stuff. you can read more about the top doctors in this month's issue of "baltimore magazine." did not go away, which answer your pet questions when we come back, but first, a look at the events going on around town. (sfx: coach's whistle) the car coach. >> in case your car repair shop hasn't noticed - there's been a shift. sfx: shifting. more women than men are making the decision as to where to get the car fixed. sfx: shifting what's the percentage? the answer in a moment.
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(sfx: coach's whistle) "the car coach". >> if you had to see one film this season, it would be this one. phil! go ahead. personally... i give it four stars. back in a moment.
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>> that looks like somebody we know. we will get to the exotic pet questions in a moment. but first, st. john's college is one of the oldest institutions in the united states. after all of these years, the college has no official god. we have the story. >> -- has any official dog. >> we have the story. >> this is here in large part because of cady. she is a four-year-old that has a run of the school. she is close friends with the game, and all of the school officials. >> at first, i was skeptical about having a dog at a college campus, but it has brought
9:25 am
everyone together. everyone likes her. she has her own budget line, unlike some of us. >> most of the time, she goes around visiting everybody. >> i love this little dog. we are so happy to have her. she makes all of us happy. >> cady is called the $6 million dog because the benefactor for the school said he wanted a dog on campus. >> a graduate remembers there was a dog on campus. he said he would donate money to the college to help build one of our dormitories provided we had a dog on campus. that is why she has the run of the college. if she is the lucky dog chosen. she has her own place to run and play ball. everyone knows our and lobster. >> if there is someone that is something human about us that
9:26 am
wants to have a dog around. >> while there is an old sign that reads pat's not allowed, that does not apply. >> she has a life here at st. johns college. she is the big dog on campus. >> she is so small, and we are so small, that it adds to our uniqueness. >> there you go. >> we are here to answer that questions of more exotic pets. you do general veterinary care, but you like to specialize in some of the. >> it is not really a specialty, you need board certification for those things, but i like same things other than dogs and cats. this is a little kid get to that
9:27 am
is one of our clients. that is up all day. did you want to lay upside down and say hi? let go of the microphone. there you go. >> let's get on to some of these questions about different types, not just the normal pets. we own a parity that is lane a lot of eggs. i heard this could be a lot of -- could be a problem. >> a blame is a normal behavior. if it is -- egg laying is normal, but if there are a lot, they could have low calcium. there are some medications that can knock them out of that behavior.
9:28 am
that can take a useful situation if they are seen quite a bit. >> right, because the shell is made of calcium. >> it pulls away from their bones. >> do they have to make? >> i have had a couple, and they have never laid an egg. >> it depends on the bird. they could be individual birds by themselves, and it starts happening. >> interesting. i have an iguana that seems to be doing well. his front legs are swollen. >> to the we will possibilities -- one would be something like -- two possibilities. one that would be a fracture. there are generally pretty
9:29 am
stoic. they could have metabolic bone disease. that could be another thing. that comes back to seeing your veterinarian, and getting it checked out to get a better idea of what is going on. >> one quick one, should i get my rabbit fixed? it is almost comical. i have heard that it would calm them down, but i am concerned about anesthesia. >> they are a little more sensitive. that is a concern. where are you going, buddy? >> yes, getting them fixed will cut down on the likelihood of them having problems. it is something i recommend. most of the exotic patterns will be able to help you on that one. >> thank you for joining us this morning. we have to get him back to his owner. >> almost took off.
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>> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-11 news saturday morning. >> welcome back. thank you for joining us. let's take another look outside. >> temperatures are going up, once again. if we had a bit of a west breeze that is not very strong. >> it will be beautiful.
9:32 am
>> we are still in the same whether pattern. if things have not changed yet. there is something moving out to the west. we want to look at that on our radar. there is the "yet" in the mississippi valley. some of it is rain, and some of it is snow. it is up in wisconsin, as far south as minneapolis. it reaches down into northwest iowa. some parts of this area might get several inches. that cold front, and rain-making part will eventually get to us. we are not concerned about snow. eventually, the system will take our temperatures back to reality. we will talk about the forecast in just a minute. >> the inspect and -- the inspection of the howard street railroad tunnel has officials concerned. >> david collins has more on the unexpected developments.
9:33 am
>> baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake toward the tunnel with a team of experts. the inspection is a follow-up to a meeting with c accept -- csx about the maintenance and improvements in the aftermath of a derailment of 13 cars which disrupted traffic for an entire day. the latest examination made an unexpected discovery -- water on the ground next to the tracks. when city officials said they were not comfortable with this. >> it is hard to the forensics and determine the source of all water. again, we think we can stay on top of that. >> the tunnel has a history of water problems. in 2001, a derailment and chemical fire paralyzed downtown baltimore for six days. the ntsb could not determine whether it was caused by a water main break, or whether heat from
9:34 am
the fire created the break. >> i am really pleased. csx has been a great partner, working with us, doing work to improve the drainage for the tunnel. they are also going above and beyond when it comes to the safety checks. >> csx will inspect the tunnel more frequently, expedite rail replacement, and improved drainage and install pumps. csx is confident this will take care of the water problem. >> with the new pumps and the frequent inspections, it should prevent it from being a problem. >> the mayor's office is looking into using: security grants for portable -- using homeland security grants. they are using a response plan with csx employees, and city and
9:35 am
regional first responders as well. >> this red line is a tremendous connector, and an economic generator. >> coming up, find out about a new treatment that is given hope to women scoliosis. >> and, it has producers, the steps, and it is close to our heart. "morning glory [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp? get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue.
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>> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with mir rochester john collins. -- with meteorologist john collins. >> it looks equi will be ok this weekend. the cold front out to the west,
9:38 am
the sort -- the storm system is edging eastward, ever so slowly. a bunch of other things have to move first before it can come in. a high-pressure is sitting over us. the dominoes all have to fall before we change things. if that will take a couple of days. in the meantime, we enjoy some great weather. look outside right now, there is the sunshine and temperatures rising rapidly. beadlike airport is already 52. the inner harbor is 54. the morning low was in the 30's. look at the humidity. it has dropped way off. the 38%. that will continue to drop. yesterday, it was 13%. it will probably be in the 20's this afternoon. 3025 the barometric pressure is high. the winds are called at the moment. -- column at the moment.
9:39 am
we are right under the center axis of high pressure. 54 in cambridge. frederick, i do not know with the thermometer is stuck, but it has not changed. 32. temperatures have risen into the 30's in western maryland. temperatures will rise well into the 60's once again. the cooler near the bay. -- it might be cooler near the bay. here we have our sunny skies. here is the storm out to the west. they have some snow from around the minneapolis area. northern wisconsin, western minnesota, and even in iowa. they are getting snow. there is the cold part of the system. eventually, this comes in. it will take a couple of days.
9:40 am
you can see how cold it is out west. a mild burst of air coming in ahead of the cool front. the sunshine is warming us. we will be in the 60's on average. very pleasant. north, to north east winds. the seven-day forecast has us in the 60's tomorrow, but we start to pick up clouds with a shower chance on monday. -- nearly a mere 60's 60. the rain chances taper off wednesday, and thursday, we have another chance. >> scoliosis is a condition that not only affects children. it is an abnormal curvature of the spine that could be extremely painful.
9:41 am
new research is showing surprising results. here is donna hamilton. >> this 62-year-old had never heard of scoliosis until she was diagnosed as a young woman. it was not a problem at first, but years later, the condition worsened. >> a burning kind of pain. it was in the lowest part of my back. >> normally, the spine is straight, with the bones stacked up on top of each other, with disks between them. with scoliosis, the spine is curved, often times in an s- shaped pattern. >> a mile curvature usually does not pose problems, but when it is severe, it can grind bones, and put pressure on the nerves. >> it was debilitating from the standpoint of what i was able to do. i could not stand very long.
9:42 am
>> what is the best treatment for adult scoliosis next two recent studies compared patients on traditional therapy with those who had surgery is. the results gave high marks for surgery. >> those who underwent surgery, had dramatically improved function and less pain, where those who continued physical therapy had little improvement, and gradually got worse. >> last year, julia had corrective surgery. >> the x-ray on the left shows the curvature of the spine. that is the scoliosis. on the right, we see the spine is much straighter. there are the of metal implants, the screws and the rods. they are holding the spine straight. >> for her, it was the solution.
9:43 am
>> i knew the pain i had experienced was gone. that pain has not come back. >> donna hamilton, wbal tv all 11 new. >> we are joined now with more information. back surgery is not something you want to do on this you have to. it is very invasive. how common is scoliosis in adults? >> it is surprisingly common. about one in 20 people has an abnormal curvature. >> why is it worse for some? >> as it gets worse, the disks will balch, and put pressure on the nerves. that will cause pain into your legs. >> do these people already have scoliosis early on, or all of the sudden? >> most people who come to see me with scoliosis did not
9:44 am
realize they had an abnormal curvature of the spine, but as we get the x-ray, we can see that it is contributing to their pain. >> what do you do? we saw with this patient, she could do surgery, and not everyone can, or is too old. >> that is so right. most people can be effectively treated with exercise, and we lost. with those with a larger curve, surgery is typically recommended, not only to stop it from getting worse, but to resolve the symptoms that are limiting her quality of life. >> certainly, the alternatives can be helpful. >> yes. for most people with more mild degrees of curvature, they are best treated with medicine, which lost, and lifestyle changes. if it is bad, or their symptoms are terrible, we go to surgery.
9:45 am
>> it is important to know about this early on. this is something you should make sure your pediatrician checks in your growing child. >> that is right. it used to be popular, but is no longer routinely done. if there is an abnormal curvature, if it should be brought to the attention of the pediatrician. it is easier to treat when an individual is younger. >> thank you, doctor, for coming in. if you have any other questions, you can call 1-800-mdmercy. are the bill is worse -- worth the price of admission? max weiss has verbally refuse when we come back. first, the lottery numbers. -- has her reviews when we come
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x welcome back. you are looking at a scene from a new movie called "skyline." of the world's major cities are under siege. people become frozen like deer in headlights. it is very intriguing, but not one that you got to see. >> it was not screened for critics. >> that is okay. if you like that kind of stuff, it will speak to you. there are a couple of movies you did get to see. we will start with "morning glory." >> this movie has a great
9:49 am
pedigree. it has harrison ford, diane keaton, and is directed by the guy who did "not in hill." a-list pedigree, but a de-list movie. it is not dead, but not that good. i was hoping it would be "broadcast news " call which i love. it almost feels like it was written him the same time, because here is a movie about a morning show, today, and there is no mention of youtube, the internet, facebook -- at one point, the show is threatened to be canceled, and they say they will replace it with a soap opera. i'm thinking, when was the script written? another problem is they make the lead character so cute. she is that a romantic --
9:50 am
romantic comedy stocks character. she is married to her job, but she is really spunky. we have seen this character. there is a lot of that check pop music. the other problem is harrison ford. he still looks really good. he is a silver fox. he just seems miserable all the time. he is playing that kind of character. he just seems like he is truly .iserable cur > >> where we like it? >> i think you will like it. i will give it two and a half stars. >> let's move on to "unstoppable." >> it teaches us all we need is dr. herzka and if that -- denzel
9:51 am
washington and a moving train. this is based on a true story. denzel washington as an engineer, and is pretty much the last chance to stop the train. they have to bust through it, and climb on. you are sort of on the edge of your seats. it is a streamlined movie pretty you have the train, and bad guys tried to stop it. you have two very good actors. 3 stars. >> sounds like a good one. you can read all of the reviews you can read all of the reviews at "baltimore" to where to get the car fixed. auto service plus is the one auto repair shop that's out to earn women's respect and trust. >> auto service plus. service you can trust.
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>> now, 11 sports. >> it is the playoffs in high school football. what you did in the regular- season does not matter. harford beat franklin 14-6, three weeks ago, and last night the rematch. first quarter, joey dorsey hits ian thomas. 20-yard touchdown. second quarter, same taught -- same combination. display covers 34 yards. the indians are rolling. back comes harford. greg foltz, going deep to isi taylor. a 33-yard touchdown. the good feeling did not last
9:55 am
long. let this run, to the outside, and watch this -- he leaps over a defender. are you kidding me? the indians were not done. the boss of brown, franklin gets their revenge in a big way -- in a big way. the region semifinals. brian randolph on the return. shaking and baking -- 55yards yards to the end zone. rolling out, going deep, and watch this? -- watch this -- he makes the grant. he is off to the races. this cuts the lead 14-10. he cares about. he doesn't again.
9:56 am
another touchdown. the bruins go up. he needs and -- a yard to i said, and it is a first down. -- to ice at it. and it is a first down. 16-14. college basketball, shane walker backs down carol mccoy. the turnaround. derrick thomas misses of the jumper. the put back. drexel led by as many as 18. in the second half, the greyhounds rally. drexel beats loyola, the final, 75-72. i hope you have a great weekend. >> it will be pretty. >> i will tell you, it is very
9:57 am
nice. we will give it two days. today, mid-2-opera-60's. -- upper 60's. >> to get out there while it lasts. >> thank you fortunate enough. if >> we will see you back tomorrow. >> this is an editorial by president and general manager jordan wertlieb. >> nearly 25 million of our fellow americans have served or are currently serving in defense of our country. when president william signed a
9:58 am
proclamation, veterans day was set aside to honor those who have served. the recognition was broadened to all that served and the name change during the administration of president eisenhower. we honor those who have served and died in defense of our country. while there are ceremonies, and tributes to route america, we, at wbal tv ask everyone to show their gratitude and say thank you. for more information, and the opportunity to ponder a military member, log onto calm down donkey. it's vacation time! ohhhhh, who says ogres can't surf? nice moves fiona. ha, ha, ha, i love 3d. wooo hooooo! [ shrek ] gingy? [ laughs ] do the roar.
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