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tv   Today  NBC  November 15, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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bge's instant discounts got our homeowner to switch to energy star® cfl bulbs. 3-way cfls really click with my style. learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at she's alive. a 13-year-old ohio girl found bound and gagged in a home a week after she vanished along with her mother, brother and friend. now a suspect is in custody and investigators hope he will lead them to that family. mounting anger at airports over the tsa's new screening procedures. >> you touch my junk i'm going to have you arrested. >> a necessary precaution or an invasion of privacy. and "today" goes viral,
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meredith, al, ann and i try to sing our way to fame. will it be a dynamite performance or not? we'll let you decide, monday, performance or not? we'll let you decide, monday, november 15, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning, welcome to "today" on a monday morning. >> that 13-year-old ohio girl is now talking to investigators but so far is suspect arrested on kidnapping charges is not cooperating with police. >> sarah maynard was found bound and gagged in a home near her home. but her mother, brother and friend have not been seen since last saturday. we'll get the details on that in just a couple of minutes. president obama returned from his asian trip over the
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weekend and will jump right back into the fray in washington as congress begins it's lame duck session today. in bobby jindal's new book, he takes the president to task for the oil spill in the gulf. also ahead, sarah palin's new reality show debuted last night at a time when a new survey shows 52% of americans hold a negative view of the former alaska governor. we'll have more on that as well. plus have you seen this video on the internet? it's a cover song "dynamite" by a man who uses only his voice to make the sounds you hear here. >> we decided to give it a shot and record our own version of that. we have not seen the finished product so we'll be watching along with you a little later. that 13-year-old girl found alive in ohio as police search for her still missing mother, brother and friend. peter alexander is in howard,
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ohio with more for us. peter good morning. >> reporter: this is a bizarre and frightening kidnapping. that young girl sarah maynard lives in this house with her family. she's in good condition, she's being taken care of at a local hospital, but still missing, her mom, her brother and a family friend. and while the search for them is going to begin again in a few hours from now, the suspect is expected in court. in the basement of this rural ohio home a stunning discovery. 13-year-old sarah maynard found bound and gagged and unable to call for help when s.w.a.t. team members raided the home on sunday. hoffman is key to unraveling this awful mystery, that he can lead them to sarah's mother,
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10-year-old kody and stephany sprang, a family friend. >> at this time, we don't know if he's connected to the family or whether he connected himself to the family, a lot of that remains to be seen as the investigation continues. >> reporter: as doctors care for the young girl, investigators are building a timeline. last wednesday, co-workers became concerned when her mother didn't show up to work at this dairy queen. the next day, sheriff's deputies found blood inside the mother's home. >> there's an unusual amount of blood in that house. >> reporter: the mother's truck and cell phone haven't been used since the weekend, volunteers and sheriff's deputies combed wooded areas, scoured this lake and even used a plane equipped with infrared technology as part of their search. hoffman is described as a loner
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who moved into the neighborhood last year. this morning, sarah maynard is safe and this community hopes the same is true for her mother, brother and their family friend. and the sheriff says it's still unclear if matthew hoffman knew any of the victims. he's been cooperative with police as you noted meredith, for 24 hours since he was first arrested. as for that 13-year-old sarah maynard she's in good condition. let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories. >> good morning, everybody. in the news this morning, over the weekend, a british couple was freed after being held hostage for 388 days by somali pirates. paul and rachel chandler were kidnapped on a sailing trip on the east african coast and are now coming to term with the time
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they lost because why would captured, paul's father passed away. the nobel peace prize laureate was released to a sea of admirers after seven years in detention. another emergency landing for quantas overnight, the cockpit filled with smoke aboard a boeing 747, and the plane was forced to land following an electrical problem. this comes just week after another quantas jet made an emergency landing because of an engine failure. the just department kept 600 pages of documents secret for years and now acknowledges the cia used nazis for post war intelligence zba intelligence gathering. trish reagan is now at the new
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york stock exchange. >> it's going data coming out, manufacturing, housing, unemployment. we're also getting some sales numbers out today including some retail earnings. certainly a very good barometer of the health or the lack thereof of the u.s. consumer. we have got a lot of concerns swirling out there about european debt, specifically ireland's debt. so we'll see how that affects things back here at home, speaking of home, the fed this week purchasing $35 billion worth of treasuries, this is all part of it's easing program. president obama is praising a new freeze on israeli settlement expansion in an effort to restart peace talks with the palestinians. the israeli prime minister
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accepted incentives. those are some of the top stories at 7 minutes past the hour. >> al the mvp, what a weekend. >> it doesn't turn out too badly and governor jindal got out of the gulf just in time because they got a lot of rain down there today, causing problems stretching from houston all the way through new orleans, louisiana, into alabama and parts of georgia, we're talking anywhere from three to four inches of rain, they need it, it's been drought stricken over the past few months. the rest of the country we expect to see some showers working into the atlantic states, wet weather, windy conditions, sunny skies, west texas into the southwest, sunny >> we have a little bit of fog to contend with. it is not a big deal, but visibility will be reduced in
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some neighborhoods. 20% chance of a light rain shower or sprinkle. >> and that's your latest weather. and now to washington where congress is back in session today for the first time since the midterm elections. and president obama will look to strike a deal with republicans on those bush era tax cuts following his ten-day trip to asia. in a moment we're going to talk to bobby jindal, the former governor of louisiana. >> reporter: president obama back in the white house after ten days after his longest trip overseas. not much time to recompress as he's got a political reality, the incoming house republican
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freshmen, they have arrived in town but a lame duck congress where he has to deal with the issue of taxes. topping the president's agenda this week, the debate on whether to extend the bush era tax rates for middle income americans set to expire on january 1. he did not dismiss the possibility of temporarily extending them. >> there's been a lot of formulations thrown out in the last few weeks that are interesting. >> reporter: for their part, republicans don't agree on the best way forward. some senators are pushing for a permanent extension but see room for compromise. >> if that's all we can get out of the president, he is the president, so we'll work with him on that. >> reporter: other republicans have come closer to the president's position. >> i think they should be extended until we're out of this recession and then we can look at some new tax hikes.
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>> i look forward to representing any constituents. >> reporter: congress's newly minted freshman senators. an emboldens house republicans -- >> you can't get 80% of what you want, but you may be able to get 60% or 70% of what you want. you then have to define it so that it is a major victory. >> reporter: outgoing speaker nancy pelosi still hasn't locked down the job of minority leader and may face opposition from a long shot candidate, keith schueler. >> and to be able to put speaker pelosi as minority leader, it's unacceptable for our party to move our party forward in a moderate direction. if it comes down to this coming week and she doesn't step aside, then i will challenge her.
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>> reporter: now the president does want to get other things done before the end of the year besides taxes. he's hoping the senate will ratify a new nuclear arms treaty with russia and also they make take up don't ask, don't tell. >> chuck todd at the white house this morning. house republicans aren't the only ones ready to take on president obama. bobby jindal has some choice words for the president in his new book that's called snch "leadership in crisis." you may have gotten invited to the white house christmas party. why the need to personal? >> a couple of things, i do think this is a critical time for our country and i described some anecdotes in the book during the oil spill and it feels like the federal government was disconnected from the facts on the ground. the first time the president came down to the state to see the oil for himself -- >> this is the way you start the book. >> i think he would be mad about
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the oil, i would think he would be worried about the impact on our wet lands, he's mad about a routine letter that we have sent to the agricultural -- about food stamps. they're picking up thousands of gallons in the water, to count the number of life jackets and fire extinguishers, it seemed like they were disconnected to the reality on the ground. >> you wrote this, quote, they believe that the elite could fix everything, it struck me during our conversation that the secretary of energy stephen chu had won the nobel prize, good for him, but just how exactly was this medal going to fix the problem, cap the well and keep the oil off our coastline? did anybody have any idea of the scope of this and have immediate solutions? >> it wasn't just the immediate response. for example i described at one point that was oil in the bay, there was boom and skimmers
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sitting on the docks, couldn't get it deployed. it literally took the captain of the coast guard who was in charge of -- they kept denying there was oil. he saw the oil for himself. i said great, can you deploy the booms and skimmers, but it took 24 to 48 hours. the structures were so bureaucratic, there was a lack of urgency. >> what did you do to cut through the red tape? you are the governor in the state, we watched this situation play out with hurricane katrina five years ago, were you the hero no one was listening to? what was your role? fwl. >> there were no heroes, it was tonight politicians, but national guardsmen they were the real heroes. i ordered the national gashed to build a cup of prototypes of banchs. and all of a sudden the federal government authorized dozens of
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those. we had the national guard out there building land bridges to block the oil from coming into the wet lands. >> by the way, there was criticism of that, the whole sand berm sway, a lot of people said it wasn't going to work. >> it prevented that oil from getting into the wet lands. and here's the point of telling those stories, our country faces a crisis today and the voters said the federal government was going in the wrong direction, just like i said in the book on the oil spill. for example instead of focusing on the economy and jobs, the federal government took on health care. >> when you look at this, you touch on all the themes that people have been touching on, government is too big, it's expansive, expensive. why shouldn't i look at this as your coming out policy, i'm
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getting ready to run for manager bigger. >> i'm running for re-election next year. i do think there are things we have done in louisiana, we have cut taxes, we were talking before, our economy is outperforming the national economy. said we had the second best performance during the whole recession. what i'm saying is, if we actually focus on the real challenges facing our country, not get diverted into taking care of car companies and health care, cut taxes, create jobs, our country can get back on the right path, the right direction. >> karl rove says you're a likely candidate. >> i'm running for re-election as governor of the state of louisiana. i think the federal government would do what we do, cut spending, cut taxes, we would have more better paying jobs in the private sector for our children and grandchildren.
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>> congratulations on the book. >> thank you. >> it's 7:16, here's meredith. last night sarah palin's show made its debut. >> reporter: the producers of "sarah palin's alaska" call it a family entertainment show, but it also advertises alaska and shows sarah palin as a rugged outdoors woman. in the first episode of "sarah palin's alaska" the former vice presidential nominee is the ultimate frontiers woman, watching bears wrestle. >> it was amazing to watch. this mama grizzly, brown bear really, protecting her cubs. >> reporter: fishing for salmon. >> who's going to catch the first fish? >> even scaling dangerous glaciers. >> you have always wanted to be a rock climber.
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>> was it a rock climber or rock star? >> reporter: and her husband playing cameraman and confidant. >> business is about rolling the dice. >> reporter: living next door is joe mcginnis, the investigative journalist. >> todd and his buddies gout there and built a 14-foot fence and others said this is what we need to do to secure or nation's border. >> reporter: tlc executives called the picturesque eight party series as -- >> this is giving campaign advertising for someone who perhaps will have a presidential bid coming up. >> reporter: palin's political standing has taken a beating recently. a new gallup poll shows the number of americans viewing palin unfavorably is high. 52% view her negatively, making
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her the most divisive -- karl rove said there are high standards that the american people have for the presidency and they require a certain level of graff tas. >> palin's response? >> those standards have to be high for somebody who wants to run for president. wasn't ronald reagan an actor? >> reporter: and palin invites the cameras inside her home. although bristol currently seen on abc's dancing with the stars is absent for the first episode, palin's feisty side kick, 9-year-old daughter piper takes center stage. >> my mom is super busy. she's addicted to the blackberry. >> reporter: and cameras catch a teenaged boy trying to sneak upstairs with palin's 16-year-old daughter will row. . >> this gate is not just for
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trig, it's for no boys go upstairs. >> reporter: palin is heading out on a 14-stop tour. the tour includes two stops in iowa and one in south carolina, the state's key to the republicans' nomination. >> it is 7:20, and once again here matt. now to the small country that is home to the largest building in the world. the centerpiece of downtown dubai, standing more than a half a mile high. cnbc's erin burnett is there. erin, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt, i'm standing at the base where i feel safest. it's pretty amazing, a lot of tourists are trying to take mirr pictures and they have to contort to get the entire building in the shot, it's just that tall. it seems like a mission impossible. but against all odds and in the face of a global rel real estate
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meltdown, the world's tallest building went up, and up, and up. and we were there every step of the way. >> how tall is it so far? >> this week it's about 66. >> one floor every 2 1/2 days? >> now completed and finally open for business, it stands a staggering 2,700 feet tall. almost twice the height of the empire state building. extreme high-rise livie living. this is the view from the observation deck, still a long way from the top. a view that's even attracted actor come cruise, he's here in dubai filming the latest mission impossible movie. on tom of the towers, on top of the line, .
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>> people feel they are really in a residence here, it's like entering mr. armani's home. the lobby is a little smaller than some of the big, huge hotels and it's done by design to give that sense that you're entering a residence other than you're entering a big five star ojo tell. the rooms start at $1,000 a night. the jewelry they sell is priceless. this pearl necklace will run you about $40,000. it's a pretty stupendous building all the way from the top of the needle down, not all that glitters in dubai is gold. most of the apartments in the building are sold. a new search for kyron horman who vanished from his school almost six months ago, we'll have the latest on that
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case in a live interview with his mom.
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still ahead, from patdowns to full body scans, why some passengers say new airport screening methods go too far. >> and matt, al meredith and i go acapella right after your local news and weather.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. here is sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> still recovering from an earlier accident. but at the delay spirit 16 miles per hour on the northwest corner approaching 795.
7:27 am
southbound 795, backed up the spill approaching owings mills down to the beltway. ruxton road and approaching the city, another one at a berlin. in the northeast corner of the beltway, the same goes for i-95. 6 mi. per hour towards the end of the 95 split. the 895 split. southbound traffic is pretty backed up there. have your delays on the west side. >> we do have a little bit of fog out there this morning. it should be burning off over the next couple of hours. i don't is dangerous dog. it will reduce his ability as you drive to work -- reduce the visibility as you drive to work or school. we have a cold front going through the area. 20% or 30% chance for a rain shower.
7:28 am
seven-day forecast, a good chance for rain tomorrow. rain should end on wednesday morning and then clear up in the afternoon. it should clear up as we headed to the weekend. close to 60 by sunday. >> check the bottom of your screen for updated news and traffic information. back in 25 minutes with another live update.
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[ female announcer ] join the dreamworks experience for the ultimate vacation, only on royal caribbean. it's monday morning, november 15, 2010. we're seeing the rockefeller center christmas tree and it's five miles of christmas lights. inside studio 1a, i'm meredith viera, along with matt lauer. investigators carried out a new
7:31 am
search for kyron horman over the weekend. the controversy over the tsa's new airport screening guidelines. some passengers are complaining that full body scans and more extensive patdowns cross the line, others say it's the price we all have to pay for added security on airplanes. we're going to talk to them about the new procedures with the head of the tsa. "today" goes viral and we'll find out if matt, ann, al and i have the voices to be stars. the four of us sing acapella. >> in honor of our green is universal campaign, all week look for tips on how you can go green. in a moment we will talk to kyron horman's mom, but here's the latest developments. >> reporter: this weekend,
7:32 am
divers searched the waters of sobi island, a two-day multiagency effort to find little kyron horman. in june when he was 7 years old, kyron disappeared from school after a science fair. on sunday they again walked away empty handed. >> the dedication is to bring kyron home for closure for the family and for the investigation. >> reporter: despite a search that appears to be more of a recovery effort, kyron's parents hold out hope their son is alive. >> some days are better than others, we live it almost hour by hour. >> it's sickening, it's painful. it's the worst torture. >> reporter: kyron's biological parents -- kaine has since filed for divorce from horman. >> i have everything to -- >> terry horman has never spoke
7:33 am
on the the media but in court documents, kaine's claims -- some of her former friends have spoken out. >> i don't think terri is capable or harming a child, period. she's just not the type of woman that would do it that i can see. >> reporter: but in divorce documents, kaine describe s teri as a terrible stepmother, it was common for her to be visibly impaired by alcohol and to pass out on the couch. >> without a doubt, i wish i would have known it before, i wouldn't tolerate it. >> a mother and father with her >> kyron's mom desiree young is with us exclusively. good morning to you.
7:34 am
this is the first time you're speaking out about kyron without your ex-husband kaine. up until now you have presented a united front so what has chan change? >> we're still a united front in the goal that we want kyron home and we want answers, that hasn't changed. i personally have learned of information lately that has disappointed me in kaine's choices and his behavior and i just can't stand by and support the choices that he's making. >> some of that has to do with these court documents that you have seen where he talks about his wife terri being visibly impaired from alcohol several times a week, he calls her emotionally disturbed, yet he never shared any of his concerns with you, is that correct? >> that's correct.
7:35 am
we learned of all of this information after the fact and from the media. he had several opportunities to let tony and i know what was going on in the house and he did not. he had several opportunities to make the right choice and either let me know or remove kyron from the house, i would have removed kyron from the house if i would have known what was going on. >> did you see signs ever desiree that terri was dealing with alcohol abuse or that she was emotionally disturbed? >> i did not see any evidence of alcohol abuse, in fact i didn't know about the dui until after kyron went missing. but as far as a personality disorder, i did for years, i was
7:36 am
aware that she had some issues with pathological lying, things of that nature, but just mostly from my interactions with her. i didn't see, you know, as much as kaine did. >> if you had any concerns, why didn't you at any time -- or did you try to get your son kyron out of that home? >> oh, yes, i did. starting a year prior to him going missing, i tried to get custody of him. >> and what would happen? >> kaine told me it was not an option on several occasions and it was a point of contention with us. he was exhibiting some problems in school and he was expressing a lot of sadness and upset at the situation and kyron on many occasions told me he wanted to come and live with me and on a couple of different occasions, terri had called me specifically
7:37 am
so that i could talk to kyron because he was so upset and terri, personally wanted me to take kyron. >> and then on friday, the police showed you some e-mails that terri had sent to friends of hers describing her marriage to kaine and her feelings about your son. i know you can't reveal the specifics because of the investigation, but generally, what did they say? >> it's very clear from terri's horrible words that she had a severe hatred for kyron and that a lot -- she blames a lot of the marital rproblems between kaine and herself on kyron. it was a huge point of contention in their marriage and she had expressed in great detail her hatred for kyron.
7:38 am
i now believe, without a shadow of a doubt that not only is she capable of hurting kyron, that it's clear that she could have hurt him in the worst possible way. >> do you still hold out hope that your son's alive? >> i will until the day i die. >> thank you so much for joining us and please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. >> thank you. and now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> all right, thank you very much, meredith. and as we look down to texas, you can see warm front separating two air masses so you've got 81 degrees in brownsville, dallas, 20 degrees chillier at 62 degrees. rest of the country, we have 30s in the plain states throughout the western great lakes, 70s in the southeast 50s in the pacific northwest. as far as weather conditions are concerned, we are looking at surge as you get through the southwest and on into the plains
7:39 am
states, sunny skies around the great lakes, showers through the southeast where they need the rain, more windy and rainy >> there is a little bit of fog to start this morning. it will burn off as we head to the morning. slight chance for a couple of >> and if you want to keep track of your weather all day long, you can go to the weather channel on cable or online. too close for comfort, those new airport screening procedures, mat
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we're back at 7:43, if you have flown in the past couple of weeks, you have had to deal with the ta s's new screening procedures. we're going to talk to the administrator of the tsa in a moment, but here's tom costello. >> john's cell phone went
7:44 am
through the screener face up. he said he did not want the screener touching his groin. >> you touch my junk, i'm going to have you arrested. >> reporter: that led to a standoff with tsa investigators who said that he had to go through a full body scan. full body scanners are the ta s's latest tactic. and for passenger who is opt out of the scan, now a much more personal full pat down. officers now are using the front of their hand and more vigorously searching for weapons and explosives. >> we believe that provides the best possible technology to identify those nonmetallic improvised explosive devices we know have been used before. >> reporter: the challenge for the tsa searching those private areas of the body most consider
7:45 am
off-limits but have been used by criminals and terrorists to hide weapons, drugs and explosives. the underwear bomber who nearly brought down an airline liner last christmas. while a screening officer in another room has but a few critical seconds to search for something suspicious. >> reporter: right now 317 units are in use at more than 65 airports nationwide. >> filipina wade use -- for travelers the security over privacy tradeoff often comes down to gender, men less offended. >> this is what we have to do to travel today. it is what it is. >> but women, more. >> it's an invasion of my personal space, my body. i understand why it's needed, however, from a personal standpoint, it is an invasion of
7:46 am
privacy to an extent. >> reporter: and 2 million people moving through tsa checkpoints every day. >> don pistol is the -- you've consumer rights groups, flight attendants and pilots groups say this is going too far. is there any turning back now? >> i think, matt, really what it comes down to is security and partnerships, everybody wants the best possible security to know that everybody else on that flight has been screened properly, that there's not a group of people with box cutter who is may want to storm the cockpit or people with liquid explosiveses or shoe bombs or underwear bombs. everybody wants that, it's a question of what that blend or balance between security, safety and privacy and while we remain sensitive to those people with those concerns, the system we
7:47 am
have set up addresses those concerns and provides the best possible security. >> and taking security to the next level, are you also applying common sense? for example if a 9-year-old girl does want the scanner, are we really going to subject that 9-year-old girl to the kind of pat down we're seeing on the video? >> no, actually, matt, we have -- the policy is that children 12 and under will not receive that type of pat down. so we have heard the concerns that have been expressed and agree that children 12 and under should not receive that type of pat down. >> let's talk about adults now, this pat down that we're talking about, it basically uses the screeners are using the fronts of their hands and for lack of a better expression, they're touching people's private parts. is there any way that this can be brought back to a for acceptable procedure for the people who are squeamish about this. >> the pat downs and the
7:48 am
advanced technology machines are all part of a procedure we have to try to identify anybody before they would ever get to the airport to do something bad. so tsa is the last line of security for people who have slipped through all the different safety nets and get to the airport, then it's really incumbent upon the men and women of tsa to do a thorough screening and the techniques that we're using are used worldwide in terms of both the pat downs and the technology that's being developed. we're looking for other opportunities to develop that technology that can get us beyond this point, but right now we believe we're using the best technology driven by informed intelligence. >> is this perhaps part of your strategy that these physical pat downs are so invasive that you're saying to people, don't
7:49 am
opt out of the screenings, that's exactly why we're doing this? >> we believe that the technology is the best technology available and so if people do opt out, what we want to make sure is that we don't have the 12/25 comer who knows the capabilities of the advanced imaging technology and opts out and does not receive a pat down and gets on a plane with the explosives. >> there's -- on november 24, some we'll have calling for an opt out day. the busiest travel day of the year, are you concerned about the -- >> obviously the advanced screening technology is -- it's irresponsible to say let's opt out and try not to go through any type of security screening or something that would cause terrific delays on the airport on the busiest travel day of the year. >> mr. pistol, thanks for your time this morning, i appreciate
7:50 am
it. >> thank you, matt. >> still ahead, what you can do to help your teen avoid making costly mistakes on his or her college applications. but first these messages.
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just ahead, matt, ann, al and i show what it takes to become viral stars. >> hit your mute button.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is all the bnl to be 11 news today in baltimore. -- wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11 standing by. >> i nasty accident has ordered shut down between phoenix and mccormack. take the harrisburg expressway. expect southbound delays heading towards the beltway. bert 4227 at westminster, and
7:57 am
another one at greenbelt. delays reported there. once you get on to the beltway, you are 14 miles per hour. no. at reisterstown, watch for a crash could another one at ruxton. in the area of white marsh, there is an accident there as well. from approaching white marsh all the way to beyond the beltway, 3 miles per hour on average through the stretch. you can see delays going southbound towards the beltway and other heavy spot, as we mentioned, on the outer loop. >> you can still see a little bit of a fog and haze on some of the traffic shots there. that will be the case over the next hour or so, and everything should burn off after that. there is a slight chance you could see a range or pop up. a cold front going through right now. high temperatures this
7:58 am
afternoon in the upper 50s. good chance for rain on tuesday. rain to come to an end on wednesday morning. >> check the bottom of your screen for updated news and traffic information. back at 8:25 with other live update. caw caw! [ director ]what is that? that's a horrible crow. here are some things that i'll make as little portals. honestly, i'd love to do this for the rest of my life so i've got to take care of my heart. for me, cheerios is a good place to start. [ male announcer ] got something you'll love to keep doing? take care of your heart. you can start with cheerios.
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♪ i came to dance dance dance 8:00 now on a monday morning, it is the 15th day of november, 2010. a little overcast here in new york, but we're going to have a lot of fun in this half hour, because we're going to ask the question, what does it take to become an internet sensation? this guy right here knows. this is his one-man version on song "dynamite."
8:01 am
he does everything, the voices, the instruments, so we decided why don't we give that a try. >> and there's meredith forgetting to wear pants. >> we're trying our hands at viral videos all week long. >> no band, no instruments, just our voices. could be fun. >> come on. get in the spirit. >> out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with meredith viera and al roker. what else is coming up? >> you don't have time to cook for those holiday guests that will be stopping by over the next month or so. chef paula dean is here with recipes you can make now and freeze for later. >> she has a policy at her house, anybody who wants to drop by can drop by, unannounced. i don't mean all of you. >> i was thinking i wow, paula might want to rethink that.
8:02 am
have you ever decided you want to get in somebody's head. we have got -- we're going to tour the new exhibit revealing new insight into how the brain actually works. it is so cool. >> and is that what's going on in our brains? >> or is that the fourth of july. >> the average brain, ours not so much. >> we're going to get a check of the top stories with ann curry. in the news this morning, everybody, good morning once again. in haiti, officials say 14,600 people are now hospitalized with cholera. the death toll has soared above 900 and is expected to rise as u.s. health experts fear the number of cases could reach 200,000 people. mexican officials say the deadly blast on sunday was apparently caused by a buildup of swamp gas. five canadians and two mexican workers were killed. a new safety scare today for passengers on a 747.
8:03 am
this comes just weeks after the engine blowout that grounded the entire quantas fleet of airbus a-380s. congress returns back to work today and some top republicans say they may be willing to compromise with president obama on a short term extension on bush era tax cuts. and charles rangel faces his house ethics trial today. it is now 8:03, let's go back outside for a check of the weather with al. >> we have a lot of nice folks out here, what is your name, george? my name's al. >> you're the man on "today"? >> and you're the man on "today" right now, george. we'll show you we have got pick
8:04 am
city today, monterrey, california, 66 degrees for a high today. jet stream takes a big dip out west. and so we're going to see some chillier than normal conditions out there. but we'll see mild conditions through the southeast, sunny and cold weather today. then as we work our way to wednesday, we get a little bit more of a trough digging in, more on the cold conditions through the plains, sunshine hangs out on the west coast on >> there is a little bit about what to start this monday morning. it should burn off as we head through the mor
8:05 am
>> and that's your latest weather. hwhen we come back, "today" show goes viral as we imitate an extremely popular viral video. ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just love me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just hold me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just kiss me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just want me ♪ l-o-v-e ♪ love, love, love
8:06 am
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8:09 am
>> we're going find out what it takes to become online sensations. >> and this more we're stepping out of our comfort zones and into a recording studio to raise our voices in song. >> a word of warning, it's not pretty. ♪ i came to dance dance dance >> you recognize this guy? how about this one? how about that one in the corner? millions of youtube fans know him as the acapella boy wonder. >> on top of maybe a kick drum which is like -- >> easy for him to say. >> okay, matt, let's try one of more of those.
8:10 am
>> let's take it from the top. >> you squeeze your head, don't you? >> but we wanted to replace all those mikes with all of us and to be just like mike, we have to do it all without any instruments. >> what is acapella? >> it is a very, very tasty italian lunch. >> acapella would be my worst flig nightmare. >> we would need a few lessons. we kick off off by attacking the chorus. matt can actually sing in the shower but he can actually carry a tune. >> si want to celebrate how to live my life. ♪ baby let's go because we're going to rock this club ♪
8:11 am
>> al starts out sounding like a 13-year-old schoolboy. until he finds his inner man voice. ♪ i throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying got to let go ♪ >> us ladies have our own issues. ♪ and on whoops, stop. that was bad, right? >> the kick drum. goes like this. so it's kind of like this. >> soon it's time to move on to the entire song. it has about 19 layers of audio. most of them sounds a normal human never should attempt. but as everyone knows, we're not
8:12 am
normal. >> the sounds that i can make are the sounds that most people can make. after, say, a three-course hungarian dinner. >> la la la la. >> can you do that for a little bit? >> no. >> okay. >> i can do that like three times in a row before i might cough something up. >> good for two and then i'm done. >> let's see how you do. >> so we have the original here. ♪ i wanted to celebrate and live my life saying ao ♪ >> and we have the after, tune
8:13 am
it a bit and add some reverb and delay. >>. ♪ i want to celebrate and live my life saying ao, baby let's go ♪ >> we tape ourselves in front of a screen screen, add a dash of flavor and hope as they say in the biz, that they'll fix it in post. >> i'm a little worried about whether they can actually make this work. >> that my friends is magic. >> and our fearless mentor is was. failure is an option. now how long did you work sweetening this to make us sound good? >> barely any time at all. you guys were great. >> now his nose is growing. >> no, seriously, how long did this take you to put together? >> it was about, what, five hours to get the actual music stuff together, editing and some
8:14 am
tuning needs to happen, so about seven or eight hours. >> over the course of time, did you regret taking on this assignment? >> not at all. nine hours, it was great. >> we all went into this, did you have the times when -- >> he was very supportive, but you could read his eyes. >> you're so kind. he's just looking as if he really loved it. >> of course i did. >> you obviously have heard the finished product 100 times now, what should we expect as we're about to roll this? >> i think you should expect a grammy nomination within the next couple. >> mike, thank you. we may as well get this over with, gang. ladies and gentlemen, the world premier of our little diddy performed by your anchors and your anchors alone, unfortunately every sound you hear was made by one of us. take a look.
8:15 am
♪ i came to dance dance dance dance ♪ ♪ i hit the floor because that's my plans plans plans ♪ ♪ i'm wearing all my favorite brands brands brands ♪ ♪ because it goes on and on and on ♪ ♪ and it goes and on and on ♪ yeah ♪ i throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying a-o got to let go ♪ ♪ i want to celebrate and live my life ♪ ♪ saying a-o ♪ baby let's go ♪ because we're going to rock
8:16 am
this club ♪ ♪ we're going to go all night ♪ we're going to light it up ♪ like it's dinah dynamite. we're going to light it up like its dynamite ♪ ♪ i'm going to take it all out ♪ i'm going to be the last one standing ♪ ♪ i'm alone and all want to be the land one landing ♪ ♪ because i can feel it ♪ and i i i just want it all ♪ i just want it all ♪ i'm going to put my hands in the air ♪ ♪ hands in the air put your hands in the air ♪ ♪ i'm going to go all night ♪ going to light it up like it's dynamite ♪
8:17 am
♪ if i told you once now i've told you twice ♪ ♪ we're going to light it up like it's dynamite ♪ >> wow. >> i would like to thank the synthesizer. >> that song is so fun. when you listen to you, especially. it just makes you feel good. what made you come one this idea? >> really i was producing music for so long and i decided to become an artist and kind of all these things i could do in one thing. >> with your voice, yes. >> it's been pretty crazy, it's like a lot of internet views over 10 million now, combined with my video. >> do you think our lives are going to change? >> as i said, grammy awards.
8:18 am
>> i was clearly not into this when we first heard the idea and then when they said you got to go watch the video to get ready for the shoot and i watched your video, i got such a kick out of it. i played it over and over again. you're fantastic. >> so if you go to youtube and we want to see your video, we type in what? >> type in mike tomkins. >> what are you doing now. >> i'm working on some original music. >> you need backups? >> if you need some, we're here. >> thank you so much. coming up tomorrow on "today" goes viral, you may not know the gregory brothers, but you may know the bed intruder song. >> and we're going to ask them to do one of their auto tune stuff. and our video that you just saw is going to be posted on our website. >> i'm impressed with you guys.
8:19 am
>> meredith, well done, al, matt, well done. >> we'll be welcome back with another of our numbers right after this. i have asthma. and when my symptoms came back i'd get this tightness in my chest. so i went back to my doctor again. we chose symbicort to help control my asthma symptoms all day and night. [ man ] symbicort improves my lung function, starting within 15 minutes. symbicort will not replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. it is a combination of two medicines
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8:22 am
[ female announcer ] clear some snow. ♪ or spread a little warmth. maxwell house gives you a rich full flavored cup of coffee so you can be good to the last drop. we're back now at 8:21 with everything you ever wanted to know about your brain. natalee morales is at the american museum of natural history here in new york where a new interactive exhibit called brain, the inside story opens this saturday. hey, natalee, good morning. >> reporter: yes, this is very much a hands on and brains on exhibit. thanks for letting us in so early this morning. we have learned so much in the last decade about the brain and how it works. what does the exhibit reveal to us? >> this exhibit is here because of the advances in energy technology and also because of psychologists have done really,
8:23 am
really clever experiments. >> we're seeing rite here this giant human here, with the big lips and the big hands, what does this teach us or show us about our sense of touch? >> we have all this information coming in from the outside and so it's got to be processed in our brain so certain regions of our brain are there to process. the size of the hands and the face are proportional to how much real estate in the brain it takes. >> anding we move on to our neuron gesture table, we're going to put our hands on this screen, i understand that kids love this one right here. but it really shows you how the signals are processed in the brain, right. >> you have to get the information from your seasonsend back out into your appendages. these connections are called s
8:24 am
answers. and thinking and remembering are these electrical chemical messages. >> and even our ability to recognize human emotion which brings us to our next area right here as we see this face image here on this projected screen, we're seeing a lot of horror and what does this tell us about how we interact as humans. >> we have four basic emotions that we talk about here, fear, anger, happiness and sadness. >> she's going through all of them at once. >> she's going through all of them. we have our emotions because we have to respond quickly to outside information. this is a very primitive part of our brain that actually controls our emotions. >> and meanwhile, back in our studio, we have some 3-dmri images that shows the brains of a musician as well as an athlete. what are you seeing in this mri? >> you're seeing the brain and
8:25 am
where the brain is yellow and red is very very, active. >> and the back part of the brain more specifically. >> that's right. and when he ee's shown a film o balller reierinas his brain tur >> and the ability to acquire a language, and right here, we have trevor who is showing me how to say a word in mandarin and then it shows how i then have to repeat that. so i'm going to record. all right, i didn't do so hot there. but what does this basically show us? when we do hear his word and then i repeat it. >> it's showing how well your brain adapted to reproducing that sound. and this is part of your brain
8:26 am
that we commonly call thinking. we're actually in a brain right now. >> this is the brain? >> and this is part of your brain and we're actually standing in the cortex of the brain and we're trying to explain how we think with language, memory and decision making. >> it is fascinating, thanks so much. by the way the exhibit runs here starting saturday through august of 201 >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here is traffic pulse 11 and sarah caldwell. >> still dealing with problems in the sparks area. shut down between phoenix and mccormack due to an accident clearing. we're seeing added bailout volume. those delays coming from middletown down to shawan road. if you could head out of 40, we
8:27 am
have an accident. 42 and to 87 and westminster barrack -- for 82 to 87 in westminster. these delays are in place approaching owings mills on the beltway southbound. another accident in kingsville. on the northeast corner, pretty happy there. delays of three miles per hour approaching white marsh towards the beltway northeast. couple spots starting with white marsh -- beyond this, you are looking at delays on the beltway. west side is looking a lot better. >> good morning, everyone. a little bit of fog to contend with in some neighborhoods. visibility down in some areas. 49 in parkton. 48 degrees in jarrettsville.
8:28 am
a mixture of clouds and a little bit of sunshine. rainshowers and the picture as well. is in the upper 50s. good chance of rain tomorrow. high near 55. showers should end wednesday morning. chilly thursday and friday. 60 on sunday. >> we will have another update at 8:55. this one actually does it. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing lotion. nothing feels like it, smells like it, heals like it. gold bond. this stuff really works.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on this monday morning, november a, 2010. we say hello to all of our friends gathered outside on the plaza. >> the next alaskan summe-- a s
8:31 am
peek at harry potter. >> wu. >> plus the right way to entertain during the hectic holiday season. paula dean is here with tasty meals you can make ahead of time and then freeze. all you need to do is heat and serve when unannounced guests stop by. also he is the paint salesman turned american idol. he's set to release his debut album. so we're going to be catching up with him this morning. >> and there he is. >> but first, this month marks the 50th anniversary of john f. kennedy's election. a brand-new ipad and that's
8:32 am
called jfk 50 days to showcase 50 days in jfk's presidency. >> we have got a punch of ipads today. >> it's really cool, you've got all sorts of video, you've got pictures, you can scroll through, you can bring the video up full screen pretty easily just by doing like this with your fingers. bring it back in, you can scroll through the days, there's all sorts of really rich information. >> he said this nation should commit to landing on the moon and bringing him back safely. lots of incredible moments in history. >> august 29, the day that martin luther king came to visit at the white house. and there's pictures of their meetings together at the white house, which is pretty cool. really great for students to have, or anybody who's interested in history. >> it's pretty simple, it's very
8:33 am
intuitive to use. >> what's really cool is a lot of these images have been buried in nbc's news archives and now they're seeing the light of day which is terrific in such a big way. >> this is you going i put my hands in the air. >> and back to us. >> and back to jfk. 50 days is available on i-tunes where you will also find us performing "dynamite." >> let's get a check of the weather. >> we are so pathetic. our early week ahead for the country, above normal in the east, also the great lakes out west. below normal gulf coast on into the central plains w a lot of wet weather there, midweek period, we have got the rain and above normal temperatures here in the east, also in the late week period we expect to below
8:34 am
normal temperatures in the west, above normal in the east with showers a >> there is a little bit of fog to start this morning. it will burn off as we head to the morning. slight chance for a couple of >> don't forget, you can check your weather any time of the day or night, go to weather channel on cable or online. we're going to catch up with the harry potter star.
8:35 am
(sfx: coach's whistle) the car coach. >> in case your car repair shop hasn't noticed - there's been a shift. sfx: shifting. more women than men are making the decision as to where to get the car fixed. sfx: shifting what's the percentage? the answer in a moment.
8:36 am
(sfx: coach's whistle) "the car coach". >> if you had to see one film this season, it would be this one. phil! go ahead. personally... i give it four stars. back in a moment.
8:37 am
for the past ten years movie goers have been captivated by harry potter. determined to stop the forces of darkness. >> we have lost two days without her. >> there's a bit of a chase on here. >> i don't care about a wedding. i'm sorry, no matter whose it is, i have to start finding them. this is our only chance to beat him and the longer we stay here, the stronger he gets.
8:38 am
>> daniel radcliffe as harry potter. this movie is the beginning of the end of the franchise, what's that been like for you, dealing with that? >> it's kind of odd because we finished filming, the last two we shot in one go and we actually finished filming it five months ago, so we have been through our period of mourning. >> what was that last day like? >> lots of tears as you might expect. as you said, it was ten years of our lives. but we shot the last film for 18 months. it has been -- it was very weird doing all the press for it at the moment because suddenly everyone's saying, gosh, you must be so sad, i wasn't until you said something. >> it's a little bit of a celebration too? >> if we had been going out on a sour note, it would have been
8:39 am
heart breaking, but i'm pleased with this film and it's nice to go out with a bang. >> and i heard you swiped some stuff from the set? swiped is not fair. >> but i would have swiped it if they haven't given it to us. my glasses which are a bit tiny. >> you were only 11 when you started. >> look, there i am. oh, good. it's good that everyone keeps seeing that. >> did you have a good childhood? >> i had a different childhood. but, you know, in terms of happiness and, you know, it's an amazing, fun, exciting place to be and you're there with a lot of great people. i have to tell you, there's a lot less bullying on the film set than there is in school. so i missed that part. >> this is the darkest of all,
8:40 am
you're searching to stop him. how does this film lead us into part two? >> basically the thing, i think it was interesting, i was talking to a journalist about this the other day, because this film is easiest to break down because you don't know the books very well. so essentially, there's seven pieces of his soul. and also searching for the deathly hallows. and it's a person that basically rates between us so you get there go first. and the end of the movie and, yeah, it's a big cliffhanger. i'm not going to ruin it. >> don't ruin it. right after filming stopped on that movie, you started "woman in black" which is a thriller, a very scary movie. and you were very clear on why you wanted to do that, you wanted to play an adult, obviously you are one. and a dad?
8:41 am
>> yeah. it wasn't so much i was seeking to play those things, but when i read the script and it was a chance to play a father and a widower, it's inherently a much more adult role. so that is part of the process of gradually sort of separating mylf from harry, not separating myself, because i'm very proud to have played harry. but separating myself from the character. it's a great director, james watkins, he's a fantastic director and it's a great script and it's a fantastic costume. >> scary? >> it's going to be very scary film, yes. >> and you're going back to broadway, "how to succeed in business without even trying" which is a song and dance musical. i didn't think you did that stuff. >> i don't think anyone did. i have always loved singing and i have been singing for a long time and i really, really enjoy it. and dancing is not something i
8:42 am
have ever done, but i've been taking lessons for two years. i'm hoping to surprise some people in the course of the next year. >> you'll be brilliant, you always are. thank you so much, harry potter and the deathly hallows opened this friday. and daniel's co-stars drop by later this morning.
8:43 am
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"today's" kitchen is brought to you by maxwell house coffee, be good to the last drop. >> we're back now at 8:44, this morning on "today's" kitchen, back to basics, dishes you can freeze now and serve later, perfect for the holiday season because you never know when guests may drop in. paula dean is the queen of
8:45 am
southern cooking, her magazine is called "cooking with paula dean." talking about people dropping in, but they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. did you see "saturday night live" this weekend? >> i did see "saturday night live." i thought it was just hilarious. >> i'm paula dean and you know my favorite two ingredients too cook with are butter and oil. that's why i'm introducing my new product. paula dean's big old soak em paper towels. >> that's great, congratulations. >> you know, she i love that girl. she can play so many parts. >> she's got the accent down.
8:46 am
zple she's got the accent down, honey. >> people drop by, you've got these great dishes you can make now and reheat when they drop by. >> we have sauteed our shallot sauce and we have added our rice and we're going to let this cook until it's slightly brown and then we have got our chicken broth over here that we're going to slowly add to it. >> you can't add that all at once. >> this is a sticky rice, so we want all that starch to kind of come out slowly. this is what it's going to look like after ten, 15 minutes. >> all right, what do we add to that. >> we have got our crab meat, we have got our parmesan cheese and lemon zest. all we're going to do is fold this in and you want to do that, just be careful now. >> i want you to show you beer
8:47 am
actually going to assemble things after that. >> like i said, fold your crab in very gently so it won't tear all up on you. >> i'm not the best folder in the world. >> hold your pot, grab your pot. >> let's say we have done this. >> we're going to place this on a cookie sheet, matt, just like this and we're going to let it refrigerate for four hours or even overnight. >> first you put these in? >> we're going to scoop them out using a little butter thing, now that they're cold, they work real, real good. so we just go roll them. this is a season this is seasoned.
8:48 am
>> so how long in there? >> just two to three minutes. not long at all. here's the great thing about this dish, y'all, you take them out, you let them cool completely, you put them in the freezer on a cookie sheet and after they're frozen, you can throw them in a bag and pull them out, put them in your oven, reheat them for about ten or 15 minutes and you're party ready, honey. >> this is a cheese and pistachio roll? >> a cheese roll. >> how long ahead can you make this? >> that will hold in your freezer a month. this will hold in your freezer a month. >> you're making these things and putting them in bags and dating them so you know when you baked them. >> you throw your tender loin in the oven and you've got all your sides ready. >> when they've been frozen for a month, how do you defrost that
8:49 am
and get it ready? >> you put out out on the counter. if you're going to freeze it, matt, you don't want to freeze wit the nuts. you want to toast your nuts. i know you do. in your favorite way to toast your nuts. >> i got it. >> i like to do mine in a pan. all right, now i want to quickly -- >> we are so out of time. >> we are. and i so wanted to show you these. >> those are nice, those are great. a live performance from an american idol winner.
8:50 am
8:51 am
the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. >> back now at 8:51 with the reigning american idol, he wowed the judges and voters earlier this year to win season 9. now he's coming out with his major label debut album called "live it up". just talking about the fact that 11 of the songs, ten of them you co-wrote. i know it was important for you to do that. >> it was. you know, it's not that i look down on singing other people's
8:52 am
songs, i think it was more for me just a matter of being a huge part of my album. i wanted to look at it and just know that i had a lot to do with it. so working with the writers was an awesome experience and it really let me do my thing. >> were you nervous? >> they were actually really cool about it. it surprised me at first too because when you get on a label, you can't do this and you can't do that. and i said i would really like to write on this album and they said okay, go ahead. >> and what are you going sing for us? >> this morning we're going to do a single called "sweet serendipity." >> take it away. ♪ sweet serendipity
8:53 am
♪ oh, oh, ♪ i ain't got no car ♪ and stretched too far ♪ another week ♪ i got nothing up my sleeve ♪ i'm doing just fine ♪ i'm always landing on my feet ♪ ♪ i ain't going to trust someone is watching over me.
8:54 am
♪ i just want to be strong ♪ at the end of the road ♪ i don't want to hold on ♪ i want the strength to let go ♪ ♪ and i'm doing just fine ♪ i'm always landing on my feet ♪ ♪ in the nick of time ♪ and by the skin of my teeth ♪ i want gonna stress ♪ because the worst ain't happened yet ♪ ♪ something's watching over me ♪ like sweet serendipity ♪ sweet serendipity ♪ and i'm doing just fine ♪ i'm always landing on my feet ♪ ♪ in the nick of time and by the skin of my teeth ♪ ♪ i ain't gonna stretch ♪ cause the worst ain't happened yet ♪ ♪ i'm doing just fine
8:55 am
♪ i'm always landing on my feet ♪ ♪ in the nick of time and by the skin of my teeth ♪ ♪ i ain't gonna stress ♪ because the worst ain't happened yet ♪ ♪ something's watching over me ♪ like sweet serendipity ♪ something's watching over me ♪ like sweet serendipity ♪ i'm doing just fine
8:56 am
♪ like sweet serendipity >> thank >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. police investigate several violent acts and baltimore city. the first captain early saturday morning when a man was shot in the head around west baltimore street bridge the second, a 19- year-old was stabbed in the back saturday night. the others occurred on least lafayette street, near st. paul and lexington street police have no possible motives and have not no possible motives and have not
8:57 am
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>> now let's take a look at the forecast with tony pann. >> and a little bit of fog out there. to be burning off over the next hour or so. in the next hour, a cold front will go through. high temperatures will be on the upper 50s to are around 60 per it much better chance for rain on tuesday. showers will end early on wednesday and clear up in the afternoon. it will be chilly by the end of the week. we will be close to 60 by sunday. >> another update at 9:25. ♪
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