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tv   Today  NBC  November 17, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> we're back now with more of "today" on a wednesday morning, the 17th day of november, 2010, keith urban rocking our studio here and you're going to hear more music from keith coming up a little later on. out on the plaza on what's turning into a beautiful day, a little windy but beautiful here in the northeast. i'm here with tamron hall and al roker. natalee is in buckingham palace in london where all the action today. after the announcement of william and kate, there's a little bit of a media presence here? >> reporter: they have been expecting this engagement for a long time. it's been widely reported in some media outlets here for a while as well as you know with a proposal that happened back in october, but we're of course only finding out all the details now. but it's been widely reported that this was sort of a secret engagement, but the world media has descended here and this is a
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little glimpse or glimmer of what's to come over the next couple of months. the wedding could happen as soon as spring or summer. wedding plans are fast in the works and a lot of anticipation and excitement building. >> tamron said bob marley called and wants his hat back. we all think it looks great. >> we like it. >> it's adorable. >> you flew overnight. come on. we're going to check in with natalee in just a couple of minutes. anyway help for your money emergencies. >> speculation about the royal couple, will this modern couple
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have a more traditional wedding? a wedding planner will join us as well as a royal watcher to talk about all the speculation. >> help for your money emergencies in "today's" money 911, we have got advice if you should sell your home after you have lost your job, how many credit cards should you have at any one time. bruce springsteen at his home in a new home recording studio in new jersey, sits down with brian williams who actually stole some instruments. >> good to know. ann's got a look at all the headlines. >> good morning once again, everybody. in the news, a russian man known as the merchant of death landed in new york city this morning to face terrorism charges in a manhattan federal court this orange. viktor bo viktor bout was extradited from
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thailand. the tsa sa says that if airline passengers use their religious beliefs to try to get out of full body scan ors patdowns, they won't be allowed to get on the plane. officials in the dominican republic say the first person has come down with haiti. federal investigators say 15,000 elderly u.s. patients die every month in hospitals because of mistakes. the government report released on tuesday says surgical errors and infections are the most common culprits. the latest report on the gulf oil spill accuses bp and it's contractors of ignoring warning signs before the fatal blowout. the report released on tuesday night by an independent panel also blames federal regulators for not capturing and correcting flawed decisions. the maker of four loko says
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it's removing the caffeine from its product just as the fda is poised to ban it. at least three deaths have been blamed on the beverage. it is already banned in four states. a dog prays that the hero in afghanistan is tdied after he w- frightening the suicide bomber inside a u.s. military base, helping to save the lives of dozens of soldiers. in los angeles county is joining other california communities in banning stores from using single use plastic bags starting in july. the goal is to prevent billions bags from polluting the environment. and it's no monkey business to quit smoking. this chimpanzee who we showed you was addicted to cigarettes
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in a lebanese zoo is making a turn around. whisked away to a rehab center has kicked the habit and is starting to lead a chimp healthy diet. >> mr. rocky e, how about a check of the weather. we have got trouble on both coasts, northeast, a storm system moving through, look at these winds, these are sustained winds, 28-mile-per-hour in boston, 23 in philly, buffalo 42-mile-per-hour winds, that means we have got some rain with this system, one to two inches as you get into new england. big storm moving into the pacific northwest as well. rain and mountain snows, rainfall amounts generally about one to two inches down to eugene, but some areas >> after the big storms last night, things have to settle down. there could be a couple of
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sprinkles. it is generally going to be a windy day, with when gusts up to >> and that's your latest weather. now to william and kate, the most famous couple of the moment, they faced the press together for the first time as an engageded pair. and "today" correspondent natalee morales has made her way to buckingham palace to get the latest on all the excitement there. natalee, good morning again. >> reporter: of course it is the top story in the press here, kate's very special. a lot of focus on the engagement ring which was of course princess diana's. they have been waiting such a long time for this event.
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the countdown on for what will be the royal wedding they're saying of the century. and already this couple did not disappoint, they stepped into the spotlight and they shared their first interview as now the newly engaged royals. the royal couple who may one day be king and queen yesterday released news of their engagement. >> it was very romantic. >> prince william, why did it take you so long to propose? >> well, didn't realize that the -- but also the timing is right now, we're very, very happy and i'm very glad that i have done it. >> in her first interview before
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the world, a rather nervous kate talked about becoming part of the royal family. >> maybe i'll take it in my stride and william is a great teacher and he'll be able to help me along the way. >> and that sapphire and diamond ring, it was william's mother's back in 1981. >> carol and i are absolutely delighted by "today's" announcement and thrilled at the prospect of a wedding sometime next year. >> i heard the news, it was absolutely wonderful. >> i'm just so happy for both of them. they are so happy and it's wicked. >> a cheeky reference to the eight years the couple has been dating, william and kate talked to tom bradby about how they're feeling. >> you both look incredibly
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happy and relaxed. >> we are. we are. we're like ducks, calm under the water but little feet going under the water. it's a real relief. >> did you know you were going to do this or were you holding it until the end? >> i have been planning it for a while. but as every man who knows, it's hart to get motivated. >> i thought he might have just maybe decided. but it was a shock when it came and i was very excited. >> people ask about children, do you want lots of children? see what comes? what's your- >> i think we'll take it one step at a time, we'll get over the marriage thing first and then look at the kids, but obviously we want a family. so, you know, we'll have to start thinking about that. >> reporter: and the royal wedding planning is already well underway as you might expect with plans for a spring or
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summer wedding of 2011. prince william has also said to say that westminster abbey is the location, which is where the queen herself got married and where princess diana's funeral was held. already they're expecting a billion people will be tuning in to this, and as i said, this is gearing up to be the wedding of the century. >> nancy jeffrey is senior editor at "people" magazine and collin cowley is a senior wedding planner. he said a low key affair about a billion people watching? >> it's going to be the coveted wedding, and we're fascinated by royalty and this is the strongest of all the monarchies out there today. >> you covered this couple in the beginning when they were friends and then they started to coyly date one another.
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william reveled in the fact that we were taken off guard. >> what's amazing about this story, they were dating for eight years. everyone expect them to get engaged, but when the moment came, they took the world by surprise. if you were watching william, he looked very pleased with himself that he pulled it off. >> it's usually the bride that glows, but in this case the groom was glowing. what do you make of katharine during that interview? her body language was very comfortable. >> i think she handled herself with incredible poise. when you watched them, yesterday, you can absolutely see their comfort with each other. >> you're looking at that beautiful sapphire, of course it was princess diana's engagement ring, there's a little bit of tradition, but this is a model couple. >> that is probably one of the most famous engagement rings
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ever. i love the fact she wore blue to match the ring as well. >> they have got about a year maybe to go when planning this wedding. when you're planning a normal wedding, it takes a year, when you're planning something on this scale, where do you start? >> you think about it, it's going to be a royal wedding, will it be a private wedding. it will be multiple events and i'm sure all of this has been planned in advance. she'll have a certain say in flowers and the dress and the designer, but there's a big protocol as to how this is going to be presented to the rest of the world. after all it is the british monarchy. >> does much of the planning come from the queen and her staff? >> the palace has said this is going to be a swroint sort of thing. the palace will be very involved but this is will and kate's day and we have seen that they're their own people. and we have to keep in mind it's
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william so i would expect some surprises. >> and the dress, i understand that katharine is a big fan of alex temperly, will we see a traditional dress? >> she'll probably do something down the middle of the road. i think she's probably going to go classic with an edge. >> she's dressing for the world. she's dressing for all of britain there. >> every dress designer in the world would love to be taking care of that dress. >> they were engaged in africa, it may be hard to out do that. >> again, i will expect that they have probably planned it, they probably have agreed on what they're going to do and we probably won't hear about it, they'll probably keep it under wraps until they ready to share it. >> i think we'll find out when they're on honeymoon. >> they waited eight years, but it seems like this is the right time as william put it for them. she looked so poised and this
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perhaps will help them moving ahead. >> without a doubt, i think they'll grow into this with the focus from the world being on the two of them. >> in giving her that ring, he also made his mother part of this day. >> collin and nancy, thank you very much. >> you can see more about the royal couple. a special "dateline" william and kate. up next, answers to your money emergencies on "today's" money 911 and keith urban sings one of his biggest hits. i used to swing over those rocks... took some foolish risks as a teenager. but i was still taking a foolish risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more... and now i'm also taking lipitor.
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the warm, light delicate layers are like nothing else. add a layer of excitement to your next meal. ♪ time for the day's money 911. our financial experts advise you on everything from getting help tlu -- carmen wong and jean chatzky. we're going to go to skype where begi . >> i have been unemployed for almost two years now. i'm a single homeowner and with rates as low as they are, i can't refinance my mortgage or get a rate modification unless i take my pension. >> what should she do?
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is there don't take the pension, the problem is that you don't have income so you can't support that modification or the re-fi as you know. i would start thinking about the fact that this is not a sustainable situation, you've been unemployeded for two years, it's time you started thinking about whether you could rent half the house to start bringing in income, or find a cheaper place to live. you've got to get over the hump and accept it. >> during this holiday time, a lot of employers are ramping up, seasonal temp jobs, there are some opportunities that maybe you haven't heard about. >> crystal is on the phone. >> caller: in july, i was hit by a drunk driver and i'm now confined to my house due to my injuries. i have three small children and i cannot provide a christmas at all for them this year. i have contacted several organizations, programs and churches who have all said that i have missed the deadline for
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applications. do you have any recommendations for families in need? >> i want you to keep on digging, keep on looking, go to your online local message board. there's neighborhood message boards and put out a query about holiday toy drives. look at your online newspaper and continue to contact organizations like the boys and girls clubs, united way, toys for tots. and keep talking to them. also realize that on christmas day, many of these organizations are open and will not turn you away. but i got to say, crystal, let me tell you you survived a horrible accident and you better believe that your kids are just happy that they have you. >> you're the best gift they could possibly get, crystal. a question now fr, how many cre cards should one person have? my husband and i have over a dozen cards.
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we have a balance on two or three right now and. a how many credit cards should you have. >> a dozen is way too many, two or three is probably a good number. maybe just two or maybe just one or two. what she needs to do is cancel them over time and see how that impacts her debt utilization ratio. you want to do it over time. >> you want to make slur that you cut the one that actually had the lower credit limits first. and see how that affects your score. if it's a $5,000 credit limit and it really hurts your score, you're not going to want to cut out the one that has a $10,000 limit it's going to hurt your score even more. >> you can buy your score for about 15, you'll get a diagnostic, and it will tell you if you have too many cards or don't have enough.
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>> in times like these, a lot of credit cards, they're tools for you in times of need so don't shut too many down. >> jess that and patrice, what's the question? >> my mom was recentlying theed with als and i take care of herer day and i have a 4-year-old son that goes to school. we have been told by numerous people that we could get -- i could get paid for taking care of her, but every place we call says she's not qualified. >> you can actually get paid in many, many cases for taking care of her. michigan has something called a cash and counseling program, you want to look into that. also the area agency on aging is a really good resource to find all the programs like this in your state and in any state and i'm really, really sorry about what's going on with your mom. >> jean chatzky, carmen wong and
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sharon epperson, thank you very much for joining us. coming up, we have got an exclusive one-on-one with the boss, bruce springsteen, we're going to go inside his new recording studio that he can finally call his own. but first, these messages. with stelara® for adults. stelara® helps control moderate or severe plaque psoriasis with 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks. and 6 out of 10 patients had their plaque psoriasis rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections, like tuberculosis, require hospitalization. before starting stelara®, your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, or have had cancer. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> after the big storms last night, things have settled down a little bit. it will be a windy day, but not because of any storms passing through to the winds make us between 30 and 40 miles per hour. temperatures may reach the low 60s. cooler on thursday and friday. [ male announcer ] dear civic, boy we wish hadn't told you to start looking over your shoulder. ♪ we were gonna sneak up on ya.
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♪ saying a-o ♪ got to let go ♪ i want to celebrate and live my life saying a-o ♪ ♪ baby let go ♪ we're going to go all night ♪ we're going to write it up ♪ like it's dynamite >> man, you were working it. >> it was a lot of fun doing that. matt, meredith, ann, myself, went out of our comfort zones to create one of the coolest viral
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videos ever. part of our series "today" goes viral. tomorrow it's okay go. one of the most popular viral videos out there, tomorrow they take us along for the ride. we have a ball. in fact millions. if you can't wait to get a sneak peek, go to >> it was awful fun. i didn't mean it was awful. >> first you insult natalee's hat. another creative mind, one of music's best, bruce springsteen. simply the boss. nine out of ten times the songs he writes don't work. coming up, exclusive interview and alex fox is back in the latest high stakes crime fighter show.
9:32 am
we have had more "new york times" best sellers than any other author. and time to dust off those cowboy boots, keith urban is back. he's got one more song. >> but first we're going to check the weather. >> as far as today is concerned, windy conditions in the northeast, rain in new england, heavy rains in the mountain northwest. we have got tomorrow, sunshine along the eastern seaboard, showers in western new york, more rain in the pacific northwest, with the mountain snows, sunny and mild through the northern tier states right on through florida. >> after the storms last night, things of the settled down a bit. wins this afternoon may get up close to 40 miles per hour.
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>> and that's your latest weather. bruce springsteen talks about how he deals with failure and success in an exclusive interview right after this. [ female announcer ] how well did total effects body wash shape up for good housekeeping?
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well, there's the snow you wanted. now to an exclusive sitdown with legendary rocker bruce springsteen. he's releasing a new six disk album. brian williams recently call one the boss in his home studio in new jersey. >> this is actually the first home recording studio i have ever had. i have either recorded in living rooms or houses we were in. i make a lot of demos to see if my song stinks or if they're good in this very spot. >> who tells you that they stink? >> there's a little voice. i thought it was great as i sat in my room, but now that i hear it back, unfortunately, i was kidding myself.
9:38 am
this is coming out with the darkest package. >> the darkness box set gives fans an unprecedented behind the scenes look into springsteen's creative process into the making of this pivotal fourth album. it also includes 21 never released songs during this prolific period. >> things sometimes have to bring them in and work on them and see if they're -- and they may rise up to something spectacular, or they may turn to sand as you're working on them. and most of the time, you get sand. that's the trigger. the trick with song writing is that you're probably successful one out of ten times. you have to be able to tolerate failure and i have learned to do that pretty well. >> while he says he's learned to tolerate failure, outwardly at least bruce springsteen hasn't had to deal with a lot of it.
9:39 am
he has sold more than 121 million albums and he continues to sell out concert tours. you were oppressive and excessive during the recording of darkness. what did you put your colleagues through? >> everyone was a young man because it demanded 24 hours. i didn't have a life, i didn't think you should have one either. >> the notebook plays a prominent part in the darkness documentary. it just looks like things are spilling out of your head. what is going on in your head? have you figured that out? >> no, that's why i still go to the psychiatrist. it's like, you know, it's a mystery. and the notebook to me are always part of the package. they are pretty good little documents of a moment i was living through and what i was
9:40 am
trying to accomplish or what i was thinking about at the time. ♪ i got some beer and a highway ♪ >> i don't want to go all aarp on you, but you guys have grown old together. your knees are titanium members. >> we're counting on science to take us into the future, you know. the band is really, truly at itself best and i think if you do it right instead of running from the years, you gather them in. and something wonderful happens. >> brian williams with the boss, bruce springsteen and the promise, the darkness on the edge of town is in stores now. up next, a great read for your holiday vacation after this. called the humana walmart-preferred prescription plan. it's a new plan
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9:45 am
elusive gunman on the run. the 16th book, cross fire hits store shelve this is week. >> oh, my god, another alex cross? >> just in time for the holidays. >> absolutely. >> i'm biassed, but i think this is the best one. >> why? >> well, alex gets married. >> finally? >> and one of his great adversaries is back to try to maybe knock off mr. and mrs. cross. >> and so are the stakes -- >> that's a little hat. we also know about corker congressmen. has he raised the stakes now? he's got a family now. >> and he has a wife at home and his girlfriends have not done well in the past, so he has to be careful of the gunman with the pen and the computer, me. >> that's right, because let's face it, this guy's had worst luck than any cartwright.
9:46 am
when you write something like this. you want to obviously please the fan, but is it important to please yourself as well? >> it's important for me to be -- to be interested in challenge. if i'm not, then -- if i can't get emotional about what i'm writing, i don't do a very good job. >> you mentioned alex getting married, this is a pivotal event in this book? >> yes, it is. >> this has taken him 16 years to get to the alter. >> it's not 16 years, because we're very careful that alex doesn't age very much. even though there's a year between books, it's not a year in his life. and it only covers one year of his life, the whole 16 books. >> this is a time travel. the last time we saw it ongreen, it was morgan free man. >> he's great.
9:47 am
he's a sweet guy and he's very handsome, very good looking, even better looking than you. and i think he'll be a great alex. we have to beat up the studio a little bit. i'm going to hollywood tonight. >> are you? >> here's what i don't understand. i have had trouble just writing one book at a time. you write a number of them at a time time. >> and screen plays. it's like anything else, you start doing something and you fall into a pattern and you're comfortable with it. i'm very comfortable with what i do. and, you know, that's all. >> where do you see alex cross going from here? >> well, hopefully he's going to protect his wife. the kids are getting older, so that's an interesting thing for him. the trick is always to imagine
9:48 am
things that you haven't seen before and hasn't been in the movies wech movies. we have a game coming out on facebook so people can play along with alex this fall. so that will be fun. >> you come up with them all the time so we're glad you do. not as funny as your book. >> that's high praise indeed, sir. coming up next, we have got one more song from country sfrtar keith urban.
9:49 am
9:50 am
coming up -- >> hoda and kathie lee get to the bottom of things, a whole hour of everything you always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask. >> i think i would be afraid to ask kathie lee. stay tuned for that. but we have one more song from
9:51 am
country superstar keith urban, performing his hit, "sweet thing." ♪ when i picked you up for our first date baby ♪ with your pretty blue eyes they were driving me crazy ♪ ♪ and the tin little thought that was so amazing is they were looking at me ♪ ♪ i held open the car door for you ♪ ♪ then you climbed inside and slid on over to the other side ♪ ♪ i thought my oh, my ♪ sweet thing ♪ the moon is high and the night is young come on and meet me ♪ ♪ in the backyard under the
9:52 am
cottonwood free ♪ ♪ it's a good thing ♪ and i'm wishing ♪ common sweet thing ♪ won't you climb out of your window while the world's sleeping ♪ ♪ you know i need you and there's no way i'll be leaving ♪ till we're kissing on the porch swing ♪ ♪ oh, my little sweet thing ♪ yeah i know i'm gonna see you first thing tomorrow ♪ ♪ but i just couldn't wait so i had to borrow uncle jake's mustang ♪ ♪ its his favorite car and so i can't stay long ♪ ♪ standing here feeling like a love struck romeo ♪ ♪ all i want to do is hold you close and steal a little more time ♪ ♪ is that such a crime? ♪ sweet thing ♪ the moon is high and the night is young ♪ ♪ come on and meet me ♪ in the backyard under the
9:53 am
cottonwood tree, it's a good thing ♪ ♪ and i'm wishing. common sweet thing ♪ ♪ won't you climb on out of your window while the world's sleeping ♪ ♪ cause you know i need you and there's no way i'll be leaving ♪ ♪ till we're kissing on the porch swing ♪ ♪ oh, my sweet thing ♪ oh, my sweet thing ♪ sweet thing ♪ sweet thing ♪ oh, my sweet thing ♪ the moon is high and the night is young ♪ ♪ come on and meet me in the backyard under the cotton wood tree ♪ ♪ it's a good thing ♪ tell me i'm not dreaming ♪ sweet thing ♪ won't you climb out of your window while the world's sleeping ♪ ♪ cause you know i need you and there's no way i'll be leaving ♪ ♪ till we're kissing on the porch swing smoet ♪ oh, my little sweet thing ♪ common sweet thing
9:54 am
♪ sweet thing ♪ sweet thing ♪ sweet thing ♪ common baby now ♪ oh, my little sweet thing ♪ yes you are ♪ sweet thing ♪
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at thanksgiving. which is why safeway has everything you need to get it all done. right now get a safeway frozen turkey for just 47 cents a pound. that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> things should be pretty quiet as we head through the rest of
9:58 am
today after the big storms last night. the winds are going to be gusting between 30 and 40 miles per hour, but not because of rain. high temperatures will be in the low 60s. it is going to be a lot cooler the next couple of days. upper 40's and low 50s. upper 40's and low 50s. to where to get the car fixed. auto service plus is the one auto repair shop that's out to earn women's respect and trust. >> auto service plus. service you can trust. go to for a location near you.
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