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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 17, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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ever been through. >> a strong storm moves through our area, causing problems through our community. the damage was hard to mess, especially tearing a roof off an apartment complex. baltimore's powerful storm caused quite a bit of damage. the national weather service will know by tomorrow whether or not speculation that a tornado touched down is true. but for many along the city county line, it is hard to argue with these pictures. trees snapped in half. >> i thought it was a freight train, and then i heard stuff tearing apart. >> we have live team coverage tonight as many people are still out of their homes. david collins has that story. we begin tonight with our chief
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meteorologist tom tasselmyer who has more on what happened. >> it was an intense area of low pressure that mr. espy quite a bit. it moved up west into the mountains. the storm went through ohio and is making its way through new england. it drove through warm and humid air through the mid-atlantic. our temperatures last night rising through the overnight into the 60's, setting the stage for that warm front to trigger the storm. just some scattered rain showers on the doppler. what we are keeping an eye on is this second storm coming through the ohio valley. it will cut across the mid atlantic tomorrow. still something to watch. it will also bring some much colder air with the potential for snow in the mountains. we go from potential tornados to a more wintery feel. more details coming up in a little bit.
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some devastating sites to see, and trees on homes and power lines just hanging across trees. here is some of the video we captured in baltimore county. many say they were awakened to the sounds of that storm, but it seems to be a consensus that it did not last long. they damage is perhaps -- it is more amazing there were no reports of serious injuries. in baltimore city, damage was so severe that stephanie rawlings blanked -- stephanie rawlings blake established a disaster relief fund for those affected. 359 apartment units and 16 buildings have been condemned. that sent 250 people into the intake center. the management company that runs the affected apartments -- if you would like to help out
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donations can be made to the disaster relief fund of northeast baltimore at 25 west fayette street. hundreds of people have been affected by this storm. >> from the left to -- left without a home to dealing with cleanup, david collins spoke with one family dealing with the situation. let's head out to baltimore where the cleanup is well under way. >> we are standing at the edge of mclean boulevard. it has been reopened to traffic but there are still police cars blocking off a lot of the side roads. police officers are guarding the perimeter of this property, even along the edge of northern parkway. they need to keep people out as they continue to clean up. they are hoping things will be back to -- back to normal by tomorrow morning. >> just a loud boom.
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>> it was real fast. leaves and everything gushed in real fast. >> they all heard it wednesday morning, the winds gusting up to 80 miles per hour but it was not until daylight that neighbors in northeast baltimore saw the destruction the wind left. roofs ripped of homes and debris scattered around. >> it is just a miracle there were no serious injuries. >> the cleanup started almost immediately, breaking up trees and working to get power restored. residents were evacuated from damaged apartment complexes. >> i am going to a hotel because i have no place to go with my children. >> the city set up shelters for displaced residents. they are hoping there it -- hoping they will not need them
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thursday night. work crews will work through the night to make that happen. >> our intentions are to get this site ready in the morning so people can return to their homes. we are in the process of cleaning up debris and will be boarding up houses. then hopefully by sunrise all the individuals who have been evacuated from this neighborhood will be able to return in stages. >> this woman hopes her family will be allowed to return thursday, but her heart goes out to the others who are not so lucky. >> of all the people who will not be coming back over here -- i saw was not on the list, so hopefully tomorrow so i can get back to work. >> the city says if they do need to keep the shelters open tomorrow night they are prepared to do so. hundreds of people are taking advantage of those shelters tonight. we go to david collins outside
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one of those shelters. >> baltimore's city acted quickly and decisively. officials say 250 people have signed up for temporary shelters. many are at the french academy behind me. this woman and her family is behind -- is among them. kathryn lynch and family members are on what many people would consider a nightmarish journey. but she says she feels blessed. her family recently moved in to help curb with a medical problem. their home -- to help her with a medical problem. their home is still standing but there is no electricity. >> i thought somebody was shooting firecrackers off by the window. the next thing i heard was something like a train. then i heard a big boom. >> they live where locals call
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the little dutch village which was swept by what many believe was a tornado. >> somebody said the roof was going to cave in. half of the window was caving in. >> the rest of her family joined her at a red cross shelter set up. tell me what it was like all day at the ice rink. >> sometimes it was cold when people open the door. dtv kept on coming on and off so you could not see -- the tv kept cutting on and off. they gave us little kid things, so i colored. >> the red cross urged everyone to board a bus to the french academy shelter for the night. -- to the french academy -- friendship academy.
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>> there are cots right next to one another, so i don't think many people will get a good night's sleep. baltimore city officials are well-organized. the game plan tomorrow is to move everyone here back to the ice rink. city officials say the owner of the apartment complexes will try to place those displaced into one of the undamaged apartments. reporting live, david collins. we will not know until tomorrow officially if a tornado touched down. >> but we have extensive coverage of the store online ad you can hear residents talk about losing their homes. captain roy taylor takes a tour of the city from the air. inspectors speak about the damage. if you feel unprepared for severe weather tom tasselmyer shows off a great device you may
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want to invest in. it is all at in tonight's education alert baltimore city schoolteachers have a brand new contract. >> it comes with a 4% pay hike, but a controversial teacher evaluation system. 1902 teachers voted yes for the contract, while 1045 voted no. we will have more on this story from tin tooten. >> all day long school teachers made their way to the polls, 11 hours straight to vote for a second time. officials have been calling this a landmark contract. results were announced at an evening press conference where 65% voted in favor. >> our teachers have shown how much they love their profession
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and their students, and have voted in favor of our contract. [applause] >> but she will be the first to tell you the real work is just beginning. here are some of the terms, teachers will get to earn achievement units which will allow educators to get a credit for in and out of school activities. the contract will open the door for teachers to advance their careers with four new professional models. but the most controversial change involves teacher evaluations. that will not come until panel educators can hammer out a fair system. many of those who were counting on the new contract say they are sure they will have the most to gain. >> i think it is good for young teachers who are motivated and helping us move up faster. >> the same can be said for veteran teachers. even though it will take some
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time to iron out the teacher evaluation system, educators can expect extra pay before christmas. across -- a cross country cocaine ring broken up. >> police have arrested those responsible for those breaking into a nature center and abducting exotic animals. >> i did not know that. >> you can find out was -- what most parents have no clue about when it comes to their children's safety. >> we go inside the storm damage with county building and electrical inspectors. >> one storm moved out early and another one bearing down. we will see how that impacts the mid atlantic region with the forecast. baltimore has winds diminishing, but the temperatures are falling.
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we have an update. police have arrested two young boys for stealing exotic animals from leakin park. the mother called police telling them she had been missing animals. the neighbors saw kids carrying cages into the home. the animals are said to be doing just fine. authorities also busted a cross- country cocaine ring responsible for moving drugs from southern california to right here. the ring began running drugs back in may. nearly 300 kilograms of cocaine has been seized. 14 people, including a celebrity dj are among those facing joe -- drug trafficking charges. police are needing your help finding a thief responsible for stolen credit cards. surveillance pictures show a woman using a stolen credit
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card always wearing a dark baseball hat. the items are charged to credit cards stolen from park the vehicles throughout the county. if you know who this woman is, contact anne arundel county police. you are probably accustomed to checking expiration dates on food or medicine. >> but something parents use every day carries an expiration date as well, child safety seats. >> you know a car seat can save your child's life but did you know it expires? >> i did not know about that. i did not know there was an expiration date. >> i have two kids and as they have outgrown them i would give them away to friends or family. i was surprised to learn an infant car seat should not be used after six years.
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there is a couple reasons for that. components can be exposed to environmental issues such as food or debris. it can actually did great the actual component. >> this is the coordinator of maryland kids and safety seats. she showed me where the expiration date is for my car seat. >> it says do not use after december of 2013. >> others may have a label like this one. >> my kids are getting older and i would give away old car seats. that is not good. >> as i from the components the actual plastic can deteriorate over time. more importantly, there are improvements to motor vehicle safety standards that can improve the product. the currency from years ago is not as safe as one today.
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>> i have donated hours. >> this woman says she will not be donating her daughter's car seats anymore. >> if you cannot find the expiration date on the car seat, it should be in the instruction manual that came with the product. what do you do with your old car seat? if you don't want to throw it out you can remove these straps and just recycle the plastic parts. -- remove the straps. those temperatures are quite mild today but changes are on the way. this second storm will roll through here tomorrow afternoon. it will bring some colder air into our region and send temperatures below normal, but today was 61 at bwi marshall. some of those storms laggard past midnight.
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we picked up over 1/10 of an inch. winds are falling off quickly. we had gusts of 46 miles per hour. they have come down to less than 5 miles per hour. we are in date 30's right now in the western sections of the state. temperatures are starting to fall throughout the baltimore area. it will get colder in the morning with mostly clear skies. cloud cover moving in through the west, but we should start the day with some sunshine and west winds at 5 miles an hour. this is the way the map looked last night, a big storm drawing that warm air and the warm front triggered the heavy storms. that storm system is now pulling away from us through new england and eastern canada. behind it, we expect this weather disturbance to approach tomorrow.
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it is much smaller but it will cut through the afternoon. as it passes by it will try to bring through this cold air showing up in the northern plains states. freezing up in minneapolis. some of that cold air will get here behind the storm. maybe a sprinkle of rain. not a lot of moisture with this one. it will fall in snow in the mountains. that cold air comes in with snow showers gradually winding down in the western maryland mountains. it looks like our weekend will get off to a cold start. 50 to 55 tomorrow. not as windy as today but more cloud cover and perhaps a light shower. small craft advisory with west winds at 20 knots. western maryland will see rain and snow showers with a high only in the low 40's. not as breezy out on the open waters, 53 degrees with a slight
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chance for a sprinkle. the lower eastern shore will hit 57. your seventh day forecast, low 50's thursday and friday. a warm up on saturday up to 59. you can see a couple days in a 60's next week with a chance for showers on tuesday. >> joe flacco has put together some impressive comebacks. he hopes he does not need one this week. we will tell you why next. live from universal orlando resort. it is power ball. isight's estimated jackpot $36.2 million. for $1 more you can get our power play option. that multiplier is number 3. we are ready to go. our first call is 14, followed
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if the ravens had one last week than they might be facing a challenge facing the panthers this week, but after a loss you cannot overlook anyone. the ravens know they still have to win at least four of their next seven games to get into the playoffs. carolina does not look like much of a threat. at this point of the season they cannot afford a losing streak. for joe flacco if it means not getting caught up in what the panthers do, and focusing on the stakes the ravens have writing on the game. >> i think no matter what you will play a good team. i don't care how many games they have one , each week you are playing a pretty good team.
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we have to pay attention to us trying to get our seventh win and improve ourselves. >> four nights after buffalo snapped the capital's winning streak, alex ovechkin had a strong first period on saturday but not tonight. matt bradley with the five hole. second period, jordan leopold with the goal and the caps lead with a goal. 135 feet away, at the caps knock off buffalo 4-2. a good week for some local matchups in college basketball. loyola, ray rice taking in the game. chris chases him for the layout.
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umbc with an early lead. but they hit seven straight buckets. umbc getting the retriever is back in this battle of the dogs. the freshman from cardinal puts up 20 points to go along with five rebounds. loyola gwynns 83-72, to pick up its first wind. -- loyola wins 83-72. pamela has a final show of tennis greats. she held her civil -- the silver anniversary tennis ball which brings to -- no torment but plenty of stars tonight. -- no tournament. a touch of irony that chris evert and martina navratilova
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have become great friends whose support each other. >> we will either kill each other or be friends. when you are living in locker rooms it was only martina and i in the locker room, so we were staring at each other. we had to play each other in the finals and pam was there. we all have been very close. we all have each other's backs and will be there forever for each other. >> some of the classiest sports stars of their era. stick around, coverage of the overnight storm continues after this break. tom tasselmyer will have a final look
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>> roofs ripped off and dozens of families displaced after a big storm moved through baltimore. this is the view from sky team 11 of the dutch village apartments. three groups were completely torn off. the city says more than -- three roofs were ripped off. our coverage continues with the cleanup left behind. >> work crews will be out throughout the night train to clean up the damage and get displaced residents back in their homes. kim is live in northeast baltimore with the very latest.
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>> this is mclean boulevard behind me. they have reopened back to traffic and maybe some of these side streets around the dutch village apartments. they still have police officers standing guard around the property to make sure no one can get in. they are hoping to have it mostly clean up by tomorrow morning and have things back to normal. rescue officials say it was a miracle no one lost their life or was seriously injured. the cleanup started early this morning after the wind took off roofs and knocking out electricity. officials say work crews will work through the night to get people back in their homes. >> our intentions are to get this site ready in the morning so people can return to their homes. we are in the process of cleaning up debris and will be
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boarding up some houses, continuing assessments. hopefully by sunrise all the individuals who have been evacuated will be able to return in stages. >> if they do need to keep those shelters open tomorrow night, they are prepared to do that. they are also hoping to have all the roads back open by rush hour tomorrow morning. we will have the status of things tomorrow on 11 news at 5:00 a.m. >> 359 apartments in baltimore city were damaged. in baltimore county, 92 homes were damaged. building inspectors were examined structural damage and electrical issues. barry sims tag along. -- tagged along. >> the whole roof just came off.
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>> high winds ripped the roof off the dutch village apartment complex. the city building inspector and others had the task of determining if the property was safe for residents to occupy. >> nobody can occupy these houses until roofs are replaced. >> inspectors condemned 16 of the buildings. many other apartments were damaged when the roof stirred into tumbling debris. -- wendy roofs -- when the roofs turned into tumbling debris. >> the roofs have to be replaced. some minor masonry work as well and electrical systems will have to be checked out. >> as workers for a tree service removed branches that damaged homes, at this woman described her concern as the winds got
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stronger. >> what is this? i started screaming because my daughter was here. everybody started running. >> a lot of headaches. >> some holmes received minor roof damage but electrical inspectors and representatives assessed neighborhoods impacted by the storms. >> we have many involved. [unintelligible] another house buckled near the roof. the storm splattered bricks to the ground. the occupant had to find shelter elsewhere. the county permits director said inspectors deemed her house unsafe. >> we found six. three of them have been read stickered. stickered.