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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  November 18, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the victim had been shot multiple times. police had been here just two nights ago. marcia and terrence williams or arguing. this time she met police outside the door. she had been shot multiple times, including in the face. she is listed in serious but stable condition at shock trauma. >> officers rendered aid to her and saw that she was transported to shock trauma. >> the couple had an 8-rolle boys and is not known what he saw or heard. -- and 8-year-old boy. they say he is now with relatives. one never expressed surprise that the boy was even in the house. >> i did not know there was anyone in the house other than the gentleman. >> terrance williams barricaded himself inside the town house with a handgun. police blocked down the neighborhood and set up an
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unusually large preminger. >> i had some errands to run but i could not leave until after the situation was resolved. >> negotiations -- negotiators attempted to make contact and resolve the situation. court records indicate he was convicted in 2008. court records indicate the baby's mother harassed the williams household with phone calls but was not prosecuted. 2003, the williams -- wilson spot for bankruptcy. baltimore police entered the home and terrance wilson was no longer threat to anyone. police found him already deceased. >> the officers found the suspect deceased inside the home. >> an autopsy will determine the exact cause of death. at this hour, marshall wilson is listed at critical but stable condition at shock trauma.
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>> police have arrested a second suspect in a deadly shooting at a glen burnie pizza shop. investigators say 18-year-old sean anthony johnson is charged in the death of 20-year-old misael flores. police say when flores and a female employee told the men to leave, he was shot. police have arrested and charged a suspect last week and tonight they are still looking for more. the secretary of the burden of juvenile services is stepping down. he was appointed secretary in 2007 after serving in that same position in connecticut. devore says he will pursue our -- other opportunities out of state. >> residents are still trying to recover from yesterday's sudden storm. some were able to go inside
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their homes to see the damage first hand and take out some of their belongings. lowell melser begins our team coverage, live from dutch village. >> 54 yen is like the one behind me have been ruled condemned at the dutch village and out pleasant apartment complex. residents will have a couple of minutes to go into their damaged apartments and get what they could and then leave. they did receive some assistance from the city and the red cross today. the national weather service has yet to determine whether or not a tornado actually did hit this area. one viewer says he caught a funnel cloud on take in this area, and he showed it to us. >> is this a funnel cloud touching down in northeast baltimore? anthony bird of a park built think so. >> i was pretty excited.
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i am the only one that captured this on footage. >> after wednesday morning's storm, he looked through video from surveillance cameras that he has around his home use to protect valuable equipment for his lawn and snow service business. he cannot believe what he saw. right here, this is a solid tree. i got the footage of this electric tornado going back and forth between these and other solid objects right here. it whips around and then disappears within a minute or so. >> we looked at the video dozens of times, and it does appear to look like a funnel cloud whipping back and forth in the area where this devastation occurred in northeast baltimore. this is one of the damaged apartment buildings in the dutch village apartments. here are a couple of barns where the walls have been knocked out. if you look up, no roof. thursday those displaced by the
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storm were able to gather valuables and then talk to the owner of the apartment complexes about a new place to live. >> i want to cry, but i am too wound up and upset to even do that right now. >> are you hopeful that this will get worked out? >> hopefully, and is so close to the holidays, that is another thing that is sad about it. >> most did not have renter's insurance, so the city and red cross were on hand to offer assistance. looting is another concern. >> they only told us to grab the important stuff because they are worried about the security of the property. >> we have learned that the national weather service will be looking into that video and may use it to determine if a tornado did, in fact, touchdown. but city officials tell us there will be no curfew in effect tonight what they are was last
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not, but there will be an increased presence out here. the owner of the apartment complex has hired additional security to help prevent looting. an estimated 44 people spent the night in shelters last night. we understand that no one needs to spend another night in those shelters, as everyone has found a place to stay this evening. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> insurance officials are reminding homeowners who may need repairs to beware of shady contractors and skimmers. barry simms continues our live coverage. >> we are here at home in part will -- parkville. homeowners are trying to make sure they get the repairs done, but that they have higher the right company, filed the insurance claims, and avoid becoming victims once again. out of the chaos, creativity.
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this resident cards the stump of a fallen tree into a work of art. on forest avenue, clean-up continues as workers remove debris. the next step is to repair the missing reif and cracked wall of this house. >> the neighbor was trying to collect the pieces and put the puzzle together. >> they are trying to make the right moves to repair their homes. >> they ripped off the siding, some shingles from the roof, my awning and gutter. the first day is devastating. >> hiring the right people for the job adds to the burden. >> you are overwhelmed and making decisions in a time of an emotional crisis. it is just hard to figure out what to do and what not to do. >> he says he has already been approached by someone he thought was trying to take it bandage of him.
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>> we signed a contract and had to cancel it today because i discovered that i did not need it. >> the attorney-general and that maryland department of labor licensing and regulations provide suggestions to help avoid con artist and scams. avoid contractors to come to your door unsolicited. hire licensed contractors and check their license number to verify that the licence is current. insist on a complete written contract. know your right to cancel. pay only one-third of the total contract price in advance and be cautious of home repair or financing offers. what about insurance? >> most of us do not think about insurance until we need it and tend to put our minds. it is times like these that remind all of us how important is to remember who our insurance company is. >> after gathering the policy in
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falling in the claim, you want to make sure you understand your coverage and deductible. and you need plenty of documentation. >> you definitely want to take pictures, keep copies of your receipts, write down what the adjustor has told you, what the insurance company has told you. be sure you understand all the steps along the way. >> we have more information about home repairs and injured. just log on to our website, barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore's landmark teacher contract is now in the record books. it was approved last night. 1092 teachers voted in favor of the contract, 1045 voted against it. tim tooten is live in the newsroom with reaction to the
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vote. >> the teachers can earn more money, but there are some strings attached, especially when it comes to how teachers are evaluated. it did not take long to count the votes, which helped the city's school contract to passed on a second try. there was a lot at stake for the union, a top school officials, and the mayor, who praised teachers for approving a new contract to >> i am very proud that they took the leap of faith to work with the school board and dr. alonso to continue their effort in our schools. >> union leaders say face-to- face conversations help convince teachers to vote yes. >> teachers have the opportunity to determine their own destiny and choose their own career path. >> it is a career path lined with more money. teachers will get a $1,500 stipend and eight 4.5% pay raise
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over the next three years. >> it means that if i want to, i can increase my salary and move up. i don't have to wait until i get a master's plus 60, because i have a master's plus 30. >> it appears the most controversial part of the contract, a teacher evaluations, will be hammered out over the next year. >> it is actually a good thing that the contract lost out the first time. now it means that everybody got involved, which is what we needed. >> involvement teachers hope will not end it now that there is a new contract. the teachers may start to collect the first of those pay raises some time before christmas. >> be sure and stay with us. we have a lot more news coming your way on 11 news at 6. >> the carolina panthers believe they do have a prayer of winning sunday against the ravens.
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now they even have a st. as quarterback. see for yourself, later in sports. >> we will check out the seven- day forecast, coming up next.
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>> imagine if you could attack your stubborn fat without an invasive procedure. how about shilling it away? >> many women and men have problem areas on their body, lower abdomen, back fat, but they don't want to do anything in evasive to get rid of it. jennifer knows the problems. >> with the mommy pooch that
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sticks out here, i would like to see that reduced in size. >> jennifer is trying the new approach that chills the fat away. there is no downtime and very little discomfort. how does it work, and how soon? the details in a special medical alert tonight at 11. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> another unseasonably mild day today. we beat the normal high temperature by a couple of days. not as warm as it was a couple of days ago when those of your thunderstorms rolled through. it was a category one tornado with 100 mile an hour winds that rolled through at about 1:35
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a.m. wednesday morning. it was not on the ground for very long, but it was 250 yards wide and less than half a mile long. it was a category ef-1 tornado confirmed by the national weather service. today a much quieter day, just a few clouds and a couple of sprinkles trying to develop. nothing that could produce any measurable precipitation. 59 degrees at the inner harbor for the official high today. it can see those scattered showers and light sprinkles that have a tendency to dry up as they cut across central and eastern maryland. a few leftover showers up in pennsylvania, but other than that it looks like a generally dry forecast going into the weekend. mchenry has brought to 38. 47 at hagerstown and westminster is down to 46.
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that cool air coming in to baltimore tonight, about 42 at the inner harbor. water vapor imagery shows what is going on. this debt in the jet stream will bring some cooler air in on friday. some of the warm air over the southwest will surge in. perhaps another big storm rolling through the mid atlantic next thursday or so. that will open the door to high pressure and clearing skies for tomorrow. other than a few snow showers early in the morning, state what we should see a lot of sunshine tomorrow, and sunday to mostly sunny skies expected saturday into sunday. temperatures moral below normal , 48-53. most of the day the temperatures will be in the 40's. they water temperature run
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around 54. 43 degrees tomorrow after some early morning snow showers, the sun will break through the clouds out and western maryland. here is the forecast, if you are heading south down for the ravens game, we'll have some nice weather here on sunday. temperatures in the 60's with light southwest wind and lots of sunshine. around 50 tomorrow, almost a 60 saturday, settling back into the low 50's on sunday. in a warmup monday and tuesday. headed for thanksgiving day, there may be showers are maybe even thunderstorms here next thursday. >> now, elevens boards with gerry sandusky. >> the carolina panthers have made their decision. bryant st. pierre will start on sunday as defensive quarterback.
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until last friday, he had spent the entire season as a stay at home dad. he has only played in two games in his career and has only thrown five passes. he will start in place of the injured quarterback. stay at home dads everywhere will hope for a disney movie ending on sunday. the ravens have other plans for st. pierre. they look for a chance to get their return games back on track. the word special hardly applies to the return games. >> kick returns and punt returns are broken a state of disarray for the ravens. >> david reed will be our kickoff returner. >> maybe not the most mind blowing a statement, given that david reed looked everything -- every bit like a rookie against atlanta.
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he loves the fayed from his coach and cannot wait to atone. >> to hear the coach say that, that is just a blessing. he is a tough coach, and it feels good for him to show me some love like that. >> he practices hard and is an exciting night. >> donte stallworth has practiced and would love the chance. >> i always look forward to getting the opportunity to get my hands on the ball. whatever the coaches decide, i have been practicing a little bit. as i get more and more comfortable, i am sure the coaches will as well. >> somebody needs to start making plays on special teams. pete gilbert, wbal-tv 11 sports. >> much more on the ravens tonight on wbal plus with the
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ravens report. a turnaround season this year for the terps. the new athletic director announced the return of the head coach next season. they have a 7-3 record this year. regional finals coming up this week in high school football. you have made your pick for the game of the week. frederick and the south carroll versus middletown. stick around, a week's worth of forecast is straight ahead.
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>> tonight we are at the dutch village of garments as residents began to collect their things. the latest from the scene of sheer devastation. those ♪
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>> thank you very much to the students and staff at baltimore polytechnic institute. we had a talk today about life in the pursuit of excellence. >> that is a big subject. i learned a few things, too. >> the weather service did confirm that was a tornado early wednesday morning. 100 mall and our wednesday. it was on the ground for only a minute or so, but it was 250 yards wide. the tornado was confirmed by the national weather service. nice looking weather pattern heading into the weekend. it warms into the 60's monday and tuesday, and by thanksgiving day there may be another storm. >> we will be back at 11. >> we will be back at 11.
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