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tv   11 News Today  NBC  November 19, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we have the official word on what caused all that damage in northeast baltimore and parkville. details are straight ahead. >> suffering tornado damage is bad enough let alone being taken by a scam artist. some tips to help you avoid getting in trouble. >> i'm tara mergener in washington. stat lawmakers are still arguing over how to make sure the food you eat doesn't make you sick. we will have the story coming up. >> the weekend is just about upon us. will we be able to to get out and enjoy it? the insta-weather forecast as "11 news today" continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good morning, happy friday. >> thanks for joining us for "11 news today." john collins is checking the forecast. >> nice morning, 30's and 40's. quiet weather. winds have died down. we are all wearing purple. keith was talking about the game
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in charlotte so we will give you the charlotte forecast . some might be driving do you know there and others may wonder what the effect will be. 1:00 in charlotte. sunny and mild. we won't be that warm here but in charlotte temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60's and light winds from the south to southwest direction. so, it looks like ideal football werplt. >> ideal for a ravens win. >> perfect. we will have nice weather here too but not that warm. we will talk about the details of our force in a minute. now we will check the traffic. >> request r -- southbound 295 owe. it was shut down because of a crash. it is cleaned up and gone. you could see sluggish traffic toward 198 but those delays should be clearing up. we are dealing with a situation southbound j.f.x. ruxton road a crash moved to the stockholders so hopefully not affecting
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traffic too much. we have a crash that disappear ed forest park just north of windsor mill and hilton road at sequoia avenue. havre de grace dealing with an accident at 155 at paradise road. no lanes blocked. this is 95 white marsh area southbound traffic picking up quite a bit in volume but no delays recorded there yet. over sky cam at 40 on the west side, both sides moving fine. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11". >> our big story, the national weather service has confirmed that what folks in northeast baltimore and parkville area had been saying since wednesday, it was a tornado that took a shot through the neighborhood. >> an f-1 tornado was on the ground less than a minute touching down in two different locations. first was a 10th of a mile stretch that caused a field of damage 175 yards wide.
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that was the site of the damage at the dutch village. seconds later it touched down a second time half a mile north in parkville at perring parkway shopping center. it cut a path of a third of a mile long. in the time it was on, the ground it damaged a number of buildings an forced a condemnation of 41 residential units. most of those who lost homes were allowed to return to see what was left of their belongings. some kept loot eers away until they could return to gather things as they picked up the pieces and looked for a new place to call home. >> how have you been doing with clothes and everything if everything is inside the house? >> got the same clothes on. the family is ok. want to make sure the house is ok. >> stressful. but just deal with it. >> so far the red cross has helped 60 families with clean-up
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efforts and temporary places to stay. the city is operating a shelter. no word on how much longer it will be open but the red cross will be standing by to help. >> unfortunately in times of crisis like this there are those who will seize on people's desperate situations to line their own pockets. insurance officials remind homeowners who may need repairs to be aware of shady contractors and scammers. jennifer franciotti is live in northeast baltimore with some tips on what to look out for. >> good morning. we are here in the dutch village community because there is a lot of storm damage you can see. as you mentioned, this storm did affect some actual homeowners and it is easy to be overwhelmed in a situation like this with such widespread destruction and they are often overwhelmed. the attorney general with the department of labor, licensing and regulation are offering these tips to avoid getting taken by scam artists. avoid contractors who come to
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your door unsolicited. hire only licensed contractors. insist on a complete written contract. know your rights to cancel the contract. pay only one-third in advance and be cautious of home improvement and financing offers. as for the insurance, officials say documentation is key. >> you want to take pictures, keep copies of your receipts, right down what the offor and insurance company told you. be sure you understand all of the steps along the way. >> insurance officials say it is very common not to know what your insurance covers until you get affected by something like it. if you want to find out more go to and look for links for both the department of labor, licensing and regulation and insurance administration. >> for continuing coverage of the baltimore tornado go to and you can see
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coverage of the damage, cheney-up and how to help victims through a relief fund. you can submit your own pictures by clicking on the u-local section. >> a domestic dispute in randallstown ends with a man dead and his wife in the hospital. they were called to oak terrace way after neighbors reported gunshots. police say 36-year-old terrence wilson shot his wife several times before barricading himself in the home. >> she was actually walking out of the house suffering from the wounds. officers pulled up and they rendered aid to her and saw to the fact that she was transported to shock trauma. >> after a standoff police entered the home to find wilson dead. an 8-year-old child was inside but was uninjured. his wife was in critical but stable condition. >> state police are looking for a hyattsville man in connection with the discovery of a dead
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body near the interstate. police have issued an arrest warrant for the man. it is believed he shot and killed the other man. the body was found in a box tuesday on the road of i-70. they say he is armed and dangerous and anyone with information should call state pa. harford county say they have arrested a man suspected of over 100 cases of car break-ins. rory leftwich is accused of breaking into dozens of vehicles the last few months. he is being held without bail. >> in anne arundel county police have made a second arrest in connection with a murder during a robbery of a glen burnie pizza shop. shawn anthony johnson is charged with the death. flores was visiting a friend at mr. wings and pizza on baltimore annapolis boulevard when four suspects robbed the story.
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the search for two other suspects continues. a grand jury tkeutsz a baltimore man accused of posing as a police officer in order to molest a teenage boy. he was indicted on charges of sexual abuse of a minor. third degree sex offense and theft. procedures say he posed as an officer volunteering at the friendship academy of engineering and technology in northeast baltimore in order to gain the trust of his victim's family telling them he was trying to catch a child predator he was able to convince them to allow the child to stay at his home. lawmakers on capitol hill are in the midst of heated debate over what you eat. democrats want to i will prove the food system but republicans say this are bigger fish to fry. tara mergener joins us live with more on the story. >> good morning, stan. support terrors of the bill say
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it is -- supporters say it is crucial to keep true getting sick but opponents say the $1.4 billion price tag is too much. >> some of smaller farms would be exempt from a government plan to prevent food borne illness, a plan some democrats say could force them out of business. >> implementing food safety provisions have to be done in a way that supports our small farms, our family farms. >> food safety legislation now pending in the senate complemencomes in the wake of outbreaks of contaminated food. the bill would give the f.d.a. more recall authority, increase inspections and provide stricter standards. >> we are talking about an issue that goes right into your refrigerator and stove and kitchen. as to whether the food you are putting on the table is safe. >> still, the debate could drag on with top republicansing it is too expensive and washington has
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other issues to tackle first. >> the more important thing we can do to create jobs between now and january 1 is send a message to job creators. >> others are threatening to hold up the bill saying more regulation is not the answer. >> that is not the real problem. the problem is effectively carrying out the regulations that are there today. >> senate majority leader harry reid is threatening to keep the senate in session all weekend if republicans delay passage of this bill. back to you. >> that brings us to the water cooler question of the day. do you think the f.d.a. should be given more authority in watching over the nation's food industry. e-mail your response to >> it is now 6:10. 41 degrees. coming up the morning financial news. also ahead a grizzly discovery in ohio as the search ends for
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three people including a mother and child. >> it has been a good day for general motors. first they return to wall street, now one of their most anticipated cars racks up some very high honors. >> the weather pattern produces some cool air coming in but all the unsettled conditions stay north of us. that means sunshine. details going in the weekend. >> we have several crashes to watch for this morning. scattered throughout the area. we will have an update coming up in
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>> 34 degrees downtown. almost 6:14. beautiful morning. scattering of clouds. first light of dawn over the inner harbor. a little chilly. some reading in the suburban areas in the 30's. a look back at that storm that hit a couple of days ago with the severe weather in the northern part of the city. here is the terminal doppler radar from that time. here are the city limits. we had a hook echo at 1:33. this was the tornado that formed out of a line of thunderstorms that was moving across the area producing severe weather. this line produced what they call a macro burst, a down burst of intense winds. a lot of the damage that occurred was from the straight line winds but for a brief period of time this tornado and hook echo developed and that is what caused some of the damage a occurred in northern baltimore city and parts of baltimore county. it was a confirmed ef-1 tornado.
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college park at 36, annapolis 41. cambridge 45. 39 edgewood. 35 parkton. westminster 35. frederick close to freezing and same at mchenry and frostburg. very few clouds. just enough to make the sunrise interesting. most of the clouds are in pennsylvania and new york state. some in garrett county. big area of high pressure will give us great weather for the weekend. further west it is dicey. there is a combination of storms to the west that eventually will come into the central and eastern part of the country. that will be next week. until we get there we are looking pretty good which means it carries us through the weekend. slightly cooler today. 48 to 53. west winds five to 10 miles an hour. the future cast shows the weather pattern most of the stormy activity up to the north. we may get a cloud or two into the weekend but that is about it.
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temperatures today 50. dry into monday but by the time we hit tuesday, wednesday and thursday unsettled with rain chances increasing. thanksgiving day there is an outside chance of thunder. >> we have scattered crashes across the area. one on the southbound j.f.x. past ruxton road. all travel lanes are open. we have a defective light in the lutherville and timonium area. report of accident on inner loop on the east side at route 2, eastern avenue and southhaven street and hilton road and sequoia avenue. we have a look at 95 in the white marsh area volume building quite a bit there southbound but no official delays. maybe a tap of the brakes. west side of the beltway sky cam shows the inner loop and outer loop picking up at 40. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." back to you.
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>> looking at the some of the top stories, the house ethics committee recommends a severe penalty for charles rangel. a panel of peers convicted him on 11 charges of rules violations. ultimately they recommended censure. that is the most serious shy of expulsion. they could change the recommendation to penalize the 20-term congressman. the search for three missing people in ohio is coming to an end. tina herman, her son and her friend were reported missing last week while the daughter was fond alive locked in the basement of matthew who have map's home. there was no sign of the other three. hoffman led them to the bodies of the other three credit. the bodies have been wrapped in plastic and stuffed in a tree. additional charges are pending. a not guilty plea for the barefoot bandit. he appeared in court yesterday to answer carjacks of interstate
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transportation of stolen aircraft and being a fugitive in possession of a firearm. for months he led police on a man hpbt before he was ultimately arrested in the weapons of mass destruction -- in the bahamas. >> in our consumer alert changes are coming to one of the nation's biggest consumer watch dogs. the better business bureau is changing the rating system after the current system came under scrutiny for pay for play. in addition it says it will hire a third party to review its accrediting procedure. it wants to maintain the public's trust. it is only out a few weeks but the chevy volt is racking up a trophy room. it was introduced in select markets in september and has not only been named the green car of the year but also named 2011 car of the year by motor trend on the same day as g.m. returned to public trading on the new york
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stock exchange. emerging from the brink of bankruptcy following a multibillion dollar government bailout. fewer people are heading to the doctor's office to save money. lockheed martin is cutting jobs. jane king has that and more in the blog best report. >> lockheed martin cutting at least 400 jobs closing a plant that makes components for the p-3 surveillance plane. it says it will move the work from the middle river site there in maryland next year. a spokesman says the number of job cuts may be higher if employees whose jobs are being transferred choose not to go. according to a statement the layoffs start in the beginning of next year and continue for two years. big rally for stocks yesterday. ireland closer to a bailout and reports onless claims and manufacturing helped boost optimism. the maryland index higher on gains for catalyst health
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solutions. the long waits in the doctor office may get shorter nowadays with more likely to go without healthcare due to higher cost. and they would rather avoid disputes over medical bills with insurance companies according to a survey. that is business at the new york stock exchange. i'm jane king. bloomberg news. >> it is now 6:20, 41 degrees. straight ahead another check of weather and traffic. >> looking for a much needed rebound win, the ravens fly into the carolinas to face a panther team that is taking out help wanted ads for the quarterback position. >> look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. hope you have them.
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>> good morning, kim dacey checking the commute. overall not terrible but several incidents we want it talk about. southbound j.f.x. past ruxton road moved to the shoulders so all lanes are open. we have defective light york road at ridgely road. report of accident on inner loop at route 2 ritchie highway an eastern avenue at southhaven and crash hilton and sequoia and report of an accident 32 at 29, not sure if that east or west 32. we are checking that. we will have the latest in a little bit. we will give you a live look at
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95 white marsh area southbound traffic may be starting to back down. you may have a tap of the brakes toward the beltway. live view of west side sky cam at u.s. 40 outer loop picking up but no official delays. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11". >> temperatures starting out the day for school because weather 38 to 44. chilly but dry. we will see sun today. cool temperatures though. highs this afternoon upper 40's and low 50's. definitely at least jacket weather out there. as we go into the weekend this weather will continue. so it is a good start to the weekend. looks like it will hold up a few details. playing the carolina panthers. a team that is 1-8 and ripped
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apart by injuries. both quarterbacks matt moore and jimmy clausen out with injuries so john fox says brian st. pierre will start. he was with the ravens in 2005, has thrown five passes in eight years and he was caringor his 18-month-old son when the panthers called a couple of weeks ago. he will start over rookie tony pike. ray lewis says the ravens won't take the panthers lightly. >> you watch enough of their games they have been in every game. they are fighting to the end and the ball don't go their way but they are a very talented team. and we know they are going to give us everything we got. at the same time we don't have no room to take breaks. >> kickoff sunday in charlotte at 1:00. ravens broadcast team busy again. we have the wrap 11:30.
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jerry k and stan white with the call and we have the pre and post-game shows. the bears shut out the dolphins in miami last night 16-0. college basketball, maryland in new york last night to play fifth ranked pittsburgh. first-round in the 2-k classic. gary williams watched them keep battling all night and come up just short as they go down. cliff tucker number 24 played well inspired game. he had 17. jamie dixon not happy with that. not happy with this. this is ashton gibbs. he hits the three. his brother sterling just committed to play for gary williams at maryland this past we week. that is dean gregory who played at mount st. joe. in the epnd watch this bounce pass. that is a 350-footer to gilbert brown. pitt wins.
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maryland will play illinois at 5:00 and again ravens and carolina 1:00 sunday, good way to exercise those demons from last thursday. >> it is now 6:26. 41 degrees. much more to come in the next half hour of "11 news today." >> turns out storm damage is a good business opportunity for scam artests. how to avoid getting taken. >> trouble on capitol hill. i'm tracy potts. snafus on taxes and unemployment. president obama is leaving it behind. we will tell you what is going on. >> good weather here and charlotte where football weather sunny and mild and temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. we will detail thel
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>> good morning, everyone. welcome back to "11 news today." i'm stan stovall. >> i'm mindy basara. meteorologist john collins has a quick look at the forecast. >> we are in the 30's and 40's and the jetstream is coming out
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of the northwest holding the temperatures down today. we will eventually warm up a little bit into the weekend. details on the forecast coming up. >> look agent some of the top stories, it is official, it was a tornado that turned hundreds of buildings and homes into contingenting. >> as people try to pick up the pieces, there are those that are coming out of the woodwork looking to take advantage of the situation. jennifer franciotti is in northeast baltimore with very valuable information on how to spot a scammer. >> that is right. officials say there is plenty you can do to protect yourself. along forest avenue cleanup continues as workers remove debris. the next step here is to repair the missing roof and cracked wall. walt is trying to figure out how to put his house back together. >> it ripped off siding and shingles. awning, gutter and the first day
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was devastating, overwhelming. >> you are overwhelmed and you don't know what to do, where to turn and you are making decisions at a time of emotional crisis and it is hard to figure out what to do. >> already he says he has been approached by a possible scam artist. the attorney general with the department of labor, licensing and regulation are offering these tips to help homeowners avoid scams. avoid contractors who come to the door unsolicited. insist on a complete written contract. know your rights to cancel the contract. pay only one-third of the total in advance and be cautious of home improvement and financing offers. as for insurance officials say documentation is key. >> you definitely want to take pictures, keep copies of receipts, write down what the adjustor has told you, write down what the insurance company has told you. be sure you understd all of
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the steps along the way. >> it can be very confusing. don't beat yourself up or feel ridiculous or not smart if you don't know what your insurance covers because most people don't unless something like this happens. if you want more information go to and look for links that will lead you to the insurance administration and department of labor licensing and regulation. back to you. >> pre-holiday gridlock democrats bent on help being the middle class but they lost round one and round two is not looking good. tracy potts plains what it means -- explains. >> before leaving for europe president obama watched bailed out g.m. go public and promised taxpayers you will get your money back. juror you are positioned to
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recover more than my administration invested in g.m. >> a bailout redundant but what about the tax redundant? >> we have to make sure we do everything within our power to focus on the tax cuts for the mill class. >> white house had signaled compromise to reserve tax breaks but democrats are planning votes to leave out the wealthy setting up a showdown with republicans who won't support it. >> they ought to extend all of the current rates for all americans. >> the bill is not passed. >> if your unemployment runs out december 1 don't look for another check the house failed to pass an spectaclexpansion. but in a new report the obama administration claims the stimulus has saved or created as many as 3.7 million jobs. >> officials at b.w.i. thurgood
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marshall say bring it on to old man winter. yesterday they were trained on how to use stow removal equipment -- snow removal equipment. they replicated bad conditions snow can cause. they say preparedness is all about practice. >> the reason we do this is obviously safety. it is safety for our employees first, safety for the passengers that go through the airport. >> airport officials say they will be prepared even if we get the same amount of snowfall as during last year's back-to-back blizzards. let's hope we don't. >> kim dacey with the latest traffic. picking up a little bit on the roads. southbound j.f.x. an accident on the shoulder past reductionton road. lights out in the lutherville area and crash on the out you are loop at loch raven moved to
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the left shoulder. the report of an accident on inner loop on east side route 2 ritchie highway and eastern avenue and crash in hillen and sequoia avenue. 32 and 29 police searching for an accident. not sure if east or westbound but police searching. we will bring you the latest. harford county accident at route 543 and 646. 29 near 32 police search for an accident. nothing here on 29. moving fine north and southbound. over to a live view of the west side outer loop picking up. may see a tap of the brakes there. now john will check the forecast. >> nothing too extreme today. lots of sunshine and wind has died down. by 10:00 this morning temperatures will be climbing through the 40's. just breaking into the low 50's for highs. dry into the evening and with the sun setting we lose ground so it will be low 40's by
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evening. good outlook for the weekend. i will have the details in a few minutes. >> grocers say this weekend is prime time for thanksgiving shopping but a delicious dinner doesn't have to bust your budget. you can get turkey and all the trims for less than $30. in a special "project economy" report we asked local grocery stores for lists to help you plan and save money. it is at click on consumer alert. it is now 6:36 and 41 degrees. coming up, don't tell this unusual artist he has a screw loose. he will try to tighten it. we will have more of this unusual blend. >> we are taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. do you think the f.d.a. should be given more authority in watching over the nation's food industry? you can e-mail your response to
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>> a couple of unusual stories from the art world. let's go to prague and one of the largest chess sets. it is made of concrete and metal with the tallest 9 1/2 feet tall. yesterday the pieces were spread out along the outskirts of up to as tourist attractions. and yes, someone played chess with the pests. took a while. they had to use cranes to move them. took over six hours to finish the game. >> to albania where hardware used to fasten art to the wall is art itself. over 350,000 screws were made to make the show.
6:40 am
it is around the u.s. dollar. he used different angles to create shadow and depth. he wanted to finish for the beginness world record to celebrate its 55th anniversary. i love that. >> kind of screwy to me but very clever. >> talented guy. >> 6:40. coming up we will look at the morning headlines. >> the most popular wizard is bound to make box office magic this weekend. we will look at the lines that have started for part one of the last harry potter movie. >> we have picked up an accident with a fuel spill in reisterstown and another on the outer loop west side. >> good weather, a few scatter ed clouds and flurries to the north. that is not an issue in our forecast.
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>> the time is now 6:42. a domestic dispute in a randallstown community ends with one man dead and a woman in the hospital. it was in the 9500 block of oak trace way thursday after neighbors reported hearing gunshots. terrence wilson shot his wife several times before barricading himself. after a brief standoff police entered the home to find him dead. last check his wife was in critical but stable condition. anne arundel county police made a second arrest in connection with the murder and robbery of a pizza shot. shawn anthony johnson is charged in the death of flores. flores was visiting a friend at the shop last week when four suspects robbed that store.
6:44 am
vincent bonner was arrested the next day. the search for two others continues. lawmakers on capitol hill are debating a bill aimed to protect the nation's food supply. it would give the f.d.a. more recall authority and increase inspections and provide stricter standards. under the agreement smaller farms may be exempt. democrats say it crucial to preventing outbreaks. republicans say washington has other issues to tackle first. that brings us to your answers to our water cooler question of the day. we asked if you think the f.d.a. should be given more authority in watching the food industry. steve says i get so mad when i hear the news and another case of mad cow detected or millions of eggs are found to be bad or spinach is causing e-coli. someone needs to tell us where the food came from and what is it in. doug says i suspect that any new roles will target the small farmer who will be east tore harass than the large are corporate farms who can poison millions of people. >> eric one our facebook fans
6:45 am
says no people are mart enough to make their own choices. we do not need the government hand picking what we eat. we are not five any more. we will post more answers on our website. >> kim dacey with a look at the commute. an accident in reisterstown southbound route 40 at has a spill involved. be aware of that. traffic lights out in lutherville and accident on the top of the beltway at loch raven boulevard. the report of an accident eastern avenue and southhaven and southbound j.f.x. at saint paul street. harford county accident near route 543 at 646. we will give you look at 29 and 32. police are searching for an accident in the area of 29.
6:46 am
29 is fine north and southbound. live view of the west side of the beltway this is from 40 west between 40 and edmondson the crash moved to the shoulder. might be causing a bit of a slowdown. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11". >> it is a look at the radar and lake-effect snow in new york state and great lakes a little weather disturbance producing snow. th that is way north of us. we have a couple of scattered clouds in the sky this morning. the radar lacked different -- looked different late ties and early wednesday morning. as a line of thunderstorms went through the area. this is the what the b.w.i. radar was showing just after 1:30 in the morning wednesday a line of storms and this little tail right here that is a hook echo of that was the brief
6:47 am
tornado that struck the northern baltimore city area. here is the city line right here so that is the isreal northern part of -- that is the extreme northern part of the line. most of the damage from this occurred from straight line winds from a macro or down burst winds that were associated with the storm. those winds helped to develop this very brief tornado. as far as what it was called, it was near hamilton and parkville. ef-1 tornado, 250-yard wide almost half mile path as it touched down a couple of times there. much quieter picture this morning. settled down. 39 salisbury, edgewood and chestertown the same. parkton 36. 30's closer to freezing in western maryland right now. just a couple of scattered clouds here and there. none of it making rain or snow this morning. that is well to the north.
6:48 am
that will stay to the north the next couple of days as a big area of high pressure will move in and keeping us in great shape for some beautiful weekend weather. all kinds of leaves knocked out of the trees with the storms. you have a project this weekend cleaning them up and the weather will be good for that. to the pacific northwest unsettled weather and eventually systems out there will move into the center part of the nation and eastward. so as we approach thanksgiving it could get a little rough. until then we're in great shape. slightly cooler today 48 to 53 west winds five to 10 miles an hour. seven-day forecast tomorrow near 60, mid 50's on sunday but dry through the weekend. monday looks good. 2eu6 the high. by the time we get to tuesday even though it is mild, 65, rain chance comes in and on again and off again rain chances into wednesday. then thursday we could see with a cold front some scattered thunderstorm activity on thanksgiving day.
6:49 am
but that is seven days away so we will have to fine-tune the forecast. stay tuned for the details. >> we will worry about it then. time for a last look at the big story. as homeowners dig out from the damage left from the tornado, they are being warned about people trying to take advantage of them. jennifer franciotti joins us from northeast baltimore with more. >> unfortunately it can be a problem. you have homeowners trying to keen up their yards and they have folks stopping by offering assistance and it is hard to know who is legitimate. that is why the department of labor, licensing and regulation is offering a lot of good tips for homeowners like making sure you avoid contractors that come directly to your door unsolicited. hire only licensed contractors. insist on a complete written contract. know your writes to cancel the contract. make sure are only paying one-third up front in advance and be cashes of home improvement and financing
6:50 am
offers. as far as the insurance policy is concerned, make sure you document everything. have the policy out and take pictures, talking to your adjustor and doing everything you need to make sure you are covered and get the reimbursements that you are due. for more on all of these tips go to and look for links to lead you to the department of labor, licensing an regulation and insurance administration. >> coming up on oprah one of the most anticipated shows of the year. time for oprah's favorite things. see what she rolls out for viewers today at 4:00. and check out what some of your favorite wbal personalities put on their list of favorite things. that is at first with a look at what is on "the today show." >> coming up, new details on prince william and kate's wedding plans. could they announce the date and location as soon as today?
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we have a live report. prince charles spaoeblgs out in an exclusive interview with nbc's brian williams. also ahead new details in the murder of a failed hollywood publicist. why police believe she was targeted by the killer or killers. on a lighter note we will wrap up our series with the most ambitious attempt at internet fame. a music video in one continuous play starring all of us who work here. that is when we start on a friday morning right here. >> over the last decade it has been one of the biggest lit remember franchises an biggest grossing movie franchise. after nine years on the big screen the end is in sight for the wildly successful harry potter series. part two of -- part one of the two-film finale premiered by six hours and 45 minutes ago. >> the show that started magic, excitement and adventure, showed
6:52 am
few signs of waning wednesday night. >> what is so beautiful about it it can mean a lot of different things to every. >> fans around the country packed midnight showings of the latest installment. it is a following that made the series the highest grossing film franchise worldwide. i don't know which is the real one. >> the real one [ >> the release of the seventh film part one of the deathly hallows marks the beginning of the end. >> the actual day of finishing i haven't predicted that i would feel too sad. it would be another day and a pwebit of sadness but no real tears. i'm devastated. i was crying. >> they have spent a decade in front of cameras growing from children into young adults. >> i think we will always have a special bond for that reason. no one will ever really have any idea what this experience was
6:53 am
like. >> where do we go from here? >> it is changing for the characters as they start a finale that concludes next summer. >> we are not school kids any more and we are on the run and we kind of have a dangerous environment. >> it is one fans get to revel in a little longer. >> we are identical. >> harry is about 40 now. in case you are wondering the second half of the deathly hallows is slated to open july 15. >> it is 41 degrees. we will look at weather and traffic together before you head out to start your day.
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>> your note card is filled up. >> i have scribbles and scratches. in reisterstown we have a bad crash southbound 30 an accident with a spill. could take a while. traffic lights out york at ridgely. accident on outer loop loch raven on the shoulder all lanes open there. accident at perking parkway and
6:57 am
putty hill. report of accident eastern avenue at southhaven and crash j.f.x. at st. paul. westbound 32 shaker drive debris a deer killed. harford county route 543 at 646 a crash. live look at the west side at 40 you see the crash moved to the shoulder but causing slowing down outer loop from 795 to there. >> you mentioned perfect weekend for raking leaves. >> or golf or tennis. forecast today temperatures in the low 50's. near 60 saturday. 60's monday. dry weather into early next week then it could be a little unsettled closer to thanksgiving if the computer models are on to something. when you get into your car be sure to tune in a.m. 1090 traffic and forecast together on the fives.
6:58 am
>> thanks for join being us for news news. >> we will be back with a live update at 7:25.
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