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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 20, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> hi, and welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm jennifer franciotti. >> let's go to john collins. a little frost on the windows this morning. we're getting our first look at dawn. if you look at -- that's why i'm showing a wade rergs of the radar.
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the rest of the action is out west. and the pacific northwest. that unsettled weather out west eventually will come east. there is crumby weather in half of the country and good weather on the half. right now we're in the good half. >> our big story this morning comes out of anne arundel county where a federal officer has been convicted of killing a dog. keith sheppard was found guilty of killing bear bear. as a result, shepherp must pay
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$1,000 in fines. >> federal speaker keith shepherd did not say much as he heft the federal court. a judge found him guilty of animal cruelty and identifying a gun near homes. he shot bear bear with his handgun. he says he did it because he thought the husky was attacking his dog. >> during his trial prosecutors played the 911 call. >> i'm a federal police officer. i just discharged my weapon to a dog that was attacking my dog. >> did you kill the dog? >> no, the dog is still alive. i shot it in the rear leg to keep it from attacking my dog. >> he was not allowed to go on a mission as a result of this overseas to defend our country. hopefully things will get back to normal for him as well. >> the judge sentenced him to
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unsupervised probation, a $500 fine. >> i am happy he was found gilly of the over-reaction. mr. sheperd had no prior record. i think the judge indicated he didn't think this type of situation would occur again. >> no comment. >> animal lovers that silently protested outside the courtroom were less than thrilled with the judge's decision. >> it is a slap on the hand. >> a little more than what was done. maybe some more community service or more education. he over-stepped his bounds. >> although they would have liked to see shepherd face tougher penalties, animal rights activists are happy he was found guilty. >> a suspected dog-fighting ring
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broken up. a look at the disturbing living conditions inside. >> an overwhelming stench penetrates from the basement. some of these pictures are provided by baltimore city animal control. pages line the basement walls like jail cells. two dangers had no linings on the bottoms leaving dog paws vulnerable to piercing. the room is dark and dank. the floor covered in feces surrounded by urine stains. no sign of food or water. this battle-scarred dog is one of six police and animal control rescued thursday night. >> police responded to a dog fighting report. the house appeared vacant except
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for a light on upstairs. they entered through a back door. authorities say the room in the rear appears to be the battle room. five of the rescued animals are puppies. sadly, according to experts, they may have been there for two reasons, training to be fighters or used as bait. >> unfortunately, one of the ways they train dogs to fight is they put in what they call bait dogs and it helps that dog build confidence because they can really take down this other dog. >> this pit bulls teeth have been filed down and experts say sometimes owners will do that so the dog can't fight back in a fight. >> one pit bull was found dead in a plastic bag with a good amount of blood. it appeared to have bite and
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chew marks on its legs. in the middle room, they spotted another dog eating a a grown plastic bag. neighbors said they had no idea what was going on. there is a school across the street. >> it is not something the police department or barcs can do not on their own. we need community invflment. >> animal rescue has determined the dogs are gentle and they believe would make good pets. they will soon be available for adoption. >> an investigation is underway in relation to a deadly accident. a man was pushing a disabled car off the road when he was hit by another vehicle. we're told the driver did stop to help. the victim quho died at the scene has not been identified. >> also under investigation this morning, the stabbing inside a baltimore city hospital. city officials say a 15-year-old was stabbed in the back. it happened during an
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altercation involving several other students at douglas high school. the victim is expected to be ok. the search for his attacker continues. >> a search for a morgan state university football player is accused of fizz cllcally attacking a female on campus. to the to the has more on what -- tim tooten has more. >> it happened outside the morgan state cafeteria wednesday. that's where a female student was physically attacked by a member of the football team in front of a crowd of winds. >> it started out being a jovial kind of conversation. it turned serious. >> school spokesperson says the female victim refused medical attention not long after the incident. they said it took time before the assault was reported to police. >> the victim failed to identify the assailent, so it took 24 hours before she was willing to come forward. once that happened, matters were
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handled by campus police. >> school officials tell us alcohol was involved and the two students knew each other. they say they believe what happened was an isolated incident but they promise a full investigation. >> we take it seriously. any time you have a male student involved with some sort of assault on a female student, we take that seriously. >> tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and that unidentified incident was immediately dismissed from the football team. >> in this morning's project economy report, the u.s. district court temporarily shut down a company over allegations of fraud. the federal trade commission accuses the company of scamming home owners facing foreclosure out of thousands of dollars. here's kai reed. >> the defendants charged in the
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case all practiced under the umbrella of residential relief foundation. the f.t.c. alleges this is a bogus mortgage relief firm making deceptive promises to consumers facing foreclosure. >> that if consumers face foreclosure they will get loans modified so monthly payments will be reduced. >> the company initially contacts consumers by mail. the letter includes a seal that looks like the great seal of united states and says the consumer can modify for loan modification resulting in late payments waved and reduced modifications as much as 14%. the company charges a fee up front. according to the f.t.c., in most cases the loan modification never happens. >> you interview numerous consumers who all report, basically, nothing getting done. if they want a loan modification, they need to do it themselves.
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and they are not getting the assistance is that was promised from this company. >> no one came to the door at the company head quarters this afternoon. earlier this week the u.s. district court halted company operations and froze its assets. ' message posted on the company's board says its company and sister companies have been placed on a temporary restraining order. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a hearing is scheduled for wednesday to determine if the restraining order will be extended. meanwhile, a third party has been put in place at the company to examine its operations. >> a carroll county apartment complex accused of making few apartments available to black renters. according to reports two african-american testers were told in were two units available. white testers were told there
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were between 12 and 14 vacancies. >> a programming note for you. the state com trawler peter francho will be our guest. if you have a question, you can e-mail us at sundayquestions @ >> this year thanksgiving dinner doesn't have to cost too much. how to put dinner on the table for under $30. >> if you are traveling, expect lots of company, and you should pack patience. expert advice to help you make your trip less stressful coming up. >> first a live picture. john has your insta-weather plus forecast after the break. stay with us.
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>> a nice morning this morning. filtered by high, thin clouds. the sun will also move through today. we will have some of those high cirrus clouds. the only clouds producing precipitation are well to our north, showing up on radar up in the state of maine as snow and a little rain-snow mix. it is just like sprinkles or flurries up in new york state in
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vermont and new hampshire. upper peninsula getting lake-effect snow. it is colder up there. there is a cool front up there. i'll show you that in a moment. let's look at our own conditions now. there are high, thin cirrus clouds overhead. it will be a beautiful sunrise this morning. humidity 79%. it is always a high reading. 30.18 the barometer. a high reading. southwest winds at 6 miles per hour. pasadena 39. 38 columbia and sikesvill. white marsh. ed card. rock hall 39. satellite picture shows just a few clouds around here,
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especially south of us. that's what we saw on the skycam here. a heavier band of clouds to the north. there is a cool front off to our north and northwest. there it is. that will be coming in during the day today. there, except for these thin icely clouds in the at, there is no moisture with this at all. at least on the lower portions of it. it is all on the lower pressure system. that's why they are getting snows up in maine. so when this comes in, the most we will see are a few scattered or thin clouds. that's it. no precipitation associated with it at all. temperatures behind the cool front, way up in the dakotas, minnesota are really cold. teens, 12 degrees at international falls. only 3 up in montana. so eventually that cold air will catch up, but it will take almost a week for that to happen. we're in good shape today. 56 to 61. mostly sunny skies. west to northwest winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour. insta-weather futurecast shows
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this evening, when you see some clouds west of the mountains, and you kind of can draw a line. we're south of the front today. tomorrow will be north of the front. tble down here. we'll see a few scattered clouds and slightly cooler temperatures. monday morning the front comes back through. we may pick up cloudiness in the morning and it may dry out with sun. no rain with that either. here is the seven-day forecast. 54 on sunday. 53 on monday with particularly cloudy skies. tuesday, wednesday, and thanksgiving day, we have rain chances. maybe even thunder on thanksgiving day. and then the cold air comes in. >> changes coming to the center business bureau after allegations of pay for play rating. >> and a possible problem with c.f.l.'s raising a red flag with environmentalists. >> plus it seems you get to spend thanksgiving with santa this year at the inner harbor.
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we'll explain when we come c
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>> changes are coming to the better business bureau's rating system. the b.b.b. came under scrutiny by connecticut's attorney general for what he calls pay for play. it says it will hire a third party to independently review its accrediting procedure. >> environmentalists are sheding light on c.f.l.'s. compact flourescent light bulbs. >> the federal government has ordered we all switch over to c.f.l.'s by 2014. general electric shult down the last incandescent light bulk
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factory in the country. c.f.l.'s are five times more efficient than incandescen, but they also use four to five milligrams of mercury. that fact doesn't alarm scientists. >> it takes so much energy to run an incandescent, there is more mercury put into the environment for that route than if you were to put this into the dump. >> there are concerns mercury could accumulate here at the landfill. last year americans purchased more than 400 million c.f.l.'s, but if a significant number of us don't recycle them, that's exactly where they are going, the dump. >> are you worried about mercury
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in our landfills. >> i think the more responsible people are, and eventually, maybe there will be a prohibition on disposal for lamps. >> any mercury that gets to an incinerator is a threat to human health and the environment. we have been working on legislation to reduce the amount of mercury in lie light bulbs. >> this may also be part of the solution, l.e.d.'s. 20 times more efficient than an incandescent bulk. -- bulb. >> grocers say this weekend is prime time for thanksgiving shopping, but a thanksgiving dinner doesn't have to bust your budget. you can get turkey and all the trimmings for less than $30. we asked local grocery sforse for a shopping list to help plan your meal and save money. it is all at wbal-tv 11 news and click on consumer.
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>> welcome back, everyone. if you're traveling this holiday season, you can expect company. it is estimated more than 850
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,000 marylanders will travel over the thanksgiving holiday. that has aexperts advising to get an early start. >> we are ad viding anyone traveling from baltimore or maryland heading northbound to new jersey, new york, or tomas delininkaitis to be mind -- for delaware, to be mindful they are having construction. the lanes are altered. >> and gas prices are set to be higher. great. >> and joining us now, the professor of hospitality at prince george's community college. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> this year the volume is up. more people are traveling over last year. what do you attribute that to? >> they are saying it is 11% up. i think a lot of people put off
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trips because of the economy, and now this year it is time to start traveling again. that's one of the major factors right there. >> let's falk about things -- talk about things people can do to make this travel experience easier. >> we all know to check in online. if you fly on southwest you want to check in 20 hours before flight. you can pay to check your bags. even reserve airport parking online before you go. that's something a lot of people don't know about. >> checking your bags, i watched some slick people the last time i was traveling. they didn't check their bags, so they just got up there and when they got to the gate, well, you don't have anymore room, we will have to check that for you, and they didn't pay. >> that's a travel strategy people are starting to use. i've used it to. we'll see if it keeps going.
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>> if the flight is over-booked, you don't say give up your seat. >> i would give up my seat. i would want the voucher they are offering. i would only give up my seat if i did a confirmed seat on the next flight. once they take you out of that plane, you are in the standby pool for the next flight. when flights are full, you don't want to take a chance of making the next flight. >> you want a confirmed seat on the next flight, then i'll be happy to give up my seat. >> under packed. just don't take a lot of stuff. >> you don't want to take a lot of stuff. a couple reasons. you will have to stand in line to check it, and as we know, there are baggage fees, the lines are longer at check-in. we also know that there is i chance your luggage will be lost. then with the fee, if you va to pay a fee, save that money, buy yourself some new clothes when you get there.
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>> ack the -- back at the airport -- >> we have known it for years. of course, the holidays mean more elderly folks traveling, more children traveling. people usually don't travel. then this year with the added security measures, it will be interesting. >> adhere to the two-hour rules. >> when you pick someone in the airport, especially airports like b.w.i. have congested areas. stay in the cell phone lot and pull to the airport. if you are arifling with an evening spot, have them meet you at the arrival area. no one will be up in. >> we were talking about thsm everybody is up in arms about the t.s.a. and security and all this stuff. when you get to the airport, you see people fighting with people. it is like -- just do what they
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say. >> holiday spirit, right? if you breathe in love and breathe out love, everyone will be happier. >> everyone wants to do their job. >> that's right. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> visit >> stay with us. more news coming up. ♪ ♪ cadillac cts sports sedan. top-tier status right now get this attractive lease offer on a cadillac cts sport sedan. ♪
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cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thanks for joining us. >> first we want to go outside with john collins. >> as the sun is making its way up, it is beautiful outside. >> just enough of those thin clouds for a real -- >> are you serious? >> cirrus. it is gorgeous. the subpoena set has been -- the sunset has been beautiful, too. today we'll be a little warmer than yesterday. a little less chilly, i guess is
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the best way to put it. the satellite combination, what you see there are just those thin clouds over us and back toward the great lakes. a couple spots of rain-snow mix in new york state. this front, when it comes in, is going to come in dry. that's fine. we'll detail what happens today and the rest of the weekend. stick around. >> thank you, john. taking a look at the morning's top story the search is on fr a gunman in a double shooting. shots rang out in the 1,500 street. two men were shot. the other victim was shot multiple times. both victims were taken to the hospital. no word on their condition. we're told the gunmen fled the scene. police searching for the man that robbed someone inside a supermarket. it happened inside this giant
6:34 am
supermarket in owings mills. police say this man snatched a woman's purse and ran out of the store. if you know who he is, you are asked to call metro crime stoppers at 1-866-lock-up. >> the deputy general council for the maryland public service commission. he cited service in working with law enforcement officials in prosecuting cases across the state. >> he will replace robert warbaugh that -- >> seniors dealing with the aarp life insurance program warning. it is possible someone may have received your personal information. it seems they sent information to the wrong customers compromising identity. lowell melser has more. >> i was very distressed imagining where is my personal information going? >> he said he had to do a double take when he opened a letter
6:35 am
from his aarp life insurance company with an invitation to increase his coverage. >> i looked at the form, and i was shocked. it didn't have my name on it, it didn't have my phone number, it didn't have my zate of birth, it had someone else's personal information on there. >> the enrollment form was addressed to a man in cockeysville and had all sorts of information inside. club called the man and got ahold of his sister who took care of his estate, and saw something that made his heart sink. >> she said she also received a letter to upgrade her insurance. she looked and saw an arnold address and someone else's name. >> not knowing how bad the problem was, clough said he called aarp and they had no idea what was going on. >> a person could easily log
6:36 am
onto the aarp life insurance web site and use this information to reset my pass word and see how i make any payments every month and get ahold of my checking account number. >> representatives say they are going to get to the bottom of the situation. we got the following response. the company is taking this report very seriously. it is now investigating the entire process of this mailing. if a client's personal information has been shared with another unauthorized person, the company will offer a year to of free credit monitoring to help clients with any consequences that stem from this. >> new york life is asking people to look at their mailings closely and you can get their phone number at our web site at >> get ready for a combo fitness
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extreme workout with charles harris coming up. >> first, santa aarrives in switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> very nice peaceful morning this morning. a few thin clouds. all the precipitation is way to our north. a mix of rain and snow up in parts of new england state. lake-effect snows. the upper peninsula of michigan. there is an indication there is cold air up there, but it is not nearby. let's look at the readings. beautiful sunrise this morning. 38 at b.w.i. marshall. 79% the humidity.
6:40 am
southwest winds another 6. -- southwest winds at 6. we'll see some w scattered clouds here and there is nice weather. this is what the satellite image looks like here. sikesvill and randalls town looks like the coldest now. this is a boundary between the colder air and milder air that we have near. it is not really warm, per say, but a little less chilly.
6:41 am
we are sufficiently farther than that that we will be relatively dry. tomorrow the front will be to our south. some slightly chillier air slips into the picture. quite cold, way behind the front. teens and single digits in montana and minnesota. between -- eventually that cold air will bottle up, but it will take a while to do that. small craft advisories out until noon on the bay. a front producing clouds and maybe a sprinkle in the mountains to the west. you can kind of see here, that's where the front is. until this evening, we're south of the front. the front slips to our south. maybe a few scattered clouds.
6:42 am
then a warm front comes in. probably no precipitation with it. 59 today, 54 sunday. south of the front, north of the front, south of the front again. then tuesday and wednesday, ot are another storm front comes in and another chance of rape, and maybe -- another chance of a storm and maybe rain on thanksgiving day. then temperatures get cold. >> well, santa claus has officially come to town. st. nick arrives at his house at the inner harbor and stays through christmas. this year, santa's house has gone green. >> santa every year arrives in spectacular fashion. this year his house at the inner harbor is more cozy.
6:43 am
over the years, his home had fallen under disrepair. not anymore. from the inside-out, santa's house has been upgraded and it has gone green with new windows and more. >> outside we stripped everything down and refit everything with l.e.d. lights. >> thousands every year make visiting stantia and shopping at the inner harbor is a family tradition. >> we have the slight shows every night between now and new years, and it will be starting at 6:00. then we have another baltimore harbor place classic. >> is that will happen december 4, the same day as the annual lighted boat parade. put on by the fells point yacht parade, more that 50 holiday craft will make their way to the inner harbor where santa will be every day.
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>> stay with us. jennifer is about to fitness. >> i'm getting extreme. first a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> welcome back. it is time for 11 fitness. charles harris is here to charge your body with combo fitness extreme. >> that's the key word.
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>> so we're getting extreme on our bodies. >> with this workout, it is cool, because you can do it in a small area, if you have an apartment or a bedroom or basement area, you can put a lot of different exercises together to make a good combination. sco like i to to start with th" . so you can go side to side on the bosu. now we're going to balance. i'll do my curls around. shake it.
6:48 am
like this. >> you don't have to do 10-pount pound weights like you do, right? >> 10, 20, 30, 40 -- >> whatever you can do. >> how hard is that to do? >> it is hard -- once you get used to it and start using your core more, which is the key. >> as you are deal with, you tighten up your abdomen there. also you can use the ball for balancing your upper body as well. >> that's a good shelf, too. >> i'm not going to comment on that. so i'm standing up. i'm doing push-ups like that. so you can turn it over and incorporate your butterfly press with the weights, still using the same 10-pound weights. so i'm going wide. >> that gives your back good support? >> good support. also i'm doing a chest press
6:49 am
working out the body. still having -- >> you have toys scattered all over the place. you can push it out of the way and make room. >> yes. triceps up and down. >> what did you call that? >> it is a bosu ball. all-around sports stores have it. i'm going to finish with my abbeds. >> if you would like to get in tough with kwlarls you can go to or go to first a look at what's coming up on the "today" show. >> today we're live in afghanistan reporting on a critical juncture in this war that began more nine years ago
6:50 am
as president and nato plans an exit strategy. we'll take you on patrol in one of the most dangerous operations in the country. >> we're also following major new changes to the patdown searches at airports. many people call them humiliating. this morning the government has new guidelines. we'll tell you what they are. then we'll hear what prince charles has said. and her favorite things issue. it's an eye opener. those stories and more when we see you later on a special edition
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>> entering the weekend, 16 teams remaining. we have four final fours. that's what they are trying to get to. we have some two-way action. it is the 2 we have some 2-a action. a 7-0 lead. south carroll trying to answer. anthony nardo. gone the other way is hunter.
6:54 am
61-yard touchdown. middletown out early. cavaliers trying to get back into it. john henshon drive catched off by ben mccarty. on the night shut out the cavaliers. middletown moves on. 2-a north finals. first quarter, city's first possession. can't find the ball. seriously, where's the ball? oh, there it is. there it goes. daequon's fifth. lines it up. puts it through the uprights. 7-6 mavericks. wilkins.
6:55 am
good looking ball. eastern tech wins the 2-a north region. 7-6 your final. college hoops. gary williams taking on 16th ranked illinois. . to -- illinois at the break. knocking down threes from all over. illinois would lead by a dozen. freshman out of arizona pausing and knocking down that three. 87-6 your final on friday. that's a look at sports. i'm pete gilbert.
6:56 am
>> carmelo anthony is helping put continue dinner on the table. people lined up inside the youth development center where members of the all-star foundation handed out dinners. >> inmates in hagerstown did their part to help deserving families this holiday. they prepared 350 turkeys which were delivered to the b. gatty center. this is the 20th annual thanksgiving dinner provided in the name of the woman that started it all. >> temperatures in the 50's to near 60. dry weather through monday. by thanksgiving rain chances go up. temperatures go up and down. next week at this time, wole be -- we'll be -- >> thanks.
6:57 am
[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> wind gusts of 80 miles per hour left behind damage and 250 people homeless. the storm uprooted trees and left thousands of homes without power, mostly in northeast baltimore and parkville. county officials and emergency responders provided temporary assistance for those in needs. 60 apartment buildings have been
6:58 am
condemned and 350 units were damaged. despite all the damage, no lives were lost. while there were injuries, none are life-threatening. as we approach the holiday season, some of these families will still be in need from their loss. one of the owners of an apartment complex affected donated $10,000 toward the fund. go to and click on "hot topics" for details on how to donate. this holiday season as we give thanks for all we have to be glafle for, please take a homent moment to think of those families whose lives changed in the blink of an eye and are in need of help. in is no better time to reach out in support than now.
6:59 am