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tv   11 News  NBC  November 21, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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(sfx: coach's whistle) "the car coach". >> if you had to see one film this season, it would be this one. phil! go ahead. personally... i give it four stars. back in a moment. >> alive, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00 in hd. >> police are on the scene of the barricade situation in northwest baltimore. they say it is related to an early-morning murder. good evening. i am deborah weiner.
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they say the person inside may be connected to a deadly shooting in another part of the city. our reporter is live on the scene with the latest on the connection. >> this is still an active scene. the police have the area blocked off. a lot of traffic cannot get through the area. they believe a person of interest from this morning's deadly shooting is inside the house. earlier this morning, baltimore city police found a woman shot to death in east baltimore. she has been identified as 28- year-old sharon jones. they say she is a maryland corrections officer. they also say she knew her suspected shooter but would not say how they think she may have known the person who shot her. later today, the police were searching her home for clues. that is when they found the person of interest inside her home. that is not too far away from
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the situation where we are here on green spring and dupont. they found the person of interest inside. i talked to neighbors who live next to the crime scene of the deadly shooting this morning. they are obviously. concerned. >> the police cannot do it by themselves. people have no regard for human life anymore. it is a sad situation. >> the police think the person of interest in this morning's deadly shooting is holed up in the house not too far away from here. if you have to travel in the area of green spring and dupont, be prepared for detours. the police have been turning cars around for the last hour or so since we have been out here. that is the latest from the scene. reporting live from the scene for wbal-tv 11 news. >> this is the third deadly shooting in the city since friday night. police say a 19-year-old man was shot around 9:00 on saturday
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evening on swann avenue. he was rushed to hospital where he later died. a 29-year-old man was killed in a triple shooting. it happened in the 1500 block a public road. one man was shot in the chest and died from his injuries. -- happen in the 1500 block of poplar road. authorities are working to see if the body is that of a young boy who grew up in baltimore. the body was found one day after missing persons report was filed in north carolina. the 16-year-old has be missing since last sunday. his mother still lives in baltimore. she is been working with police in north carolina. dna has not yet confirmed the identity of the body found. there is still no word on what caused the early morning fire in canton. fire officials say businesses and buildings were damaged this
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morning. it took the fire crews about half an hour to gain control. one person was taken to the hospital to be treated for burns to the stomach. ♪ the loss on the road was not enough to hold the raven's down. they took on the panthers today. they brought home another victory. pete gilbert is live in the studio with a look at the game. >> it looks like a blowout in the final score. the ravens did not gain full control until halfway through the fourth quarter. it was an effort from the quarterback. in the end, they finished the job in style. joe flacco made the effort. they let it fly. it is a 56-yard touchdown. the ravens were up 7-0.
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it is off the street and off the hook on the past. 88 yards to the rookie. josh wilson would like to do over. it is a 2013 game for the ravens. that seemed to wake up baltimore. it goes left. he looks right. you know what is coming. there is. it is the lateral. he finishes off the play for the touchdown. that made it 27-13. the ravens when the game 37-13. they're seven and three and still in first place. we will have a look at why the game was so close for so long. there's a national championship in college park. >> despite outrage over new screening methods, gtsa says it will not change his decision. that quickly changed to a maybe. thanksgiving is just days away. millions of travelers are waiting to see what happens next.
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brian moore has the story from washington. >> it is the busiest travel weekends of the year. they're sending mixed signals about the controversial new screening policy. >> i can understand the public debate. i am sympathetic. >> you are not going to change anything? >> not going to change. >> later, he seemed to back down and called it an evolving program that will be adopted as conditions warrant. he says he is just trying to balance privacy with public safety. >> i talked to a number of people who say this is what we need to be doing. >> this cancer survivors as an agent handled her prosthetic breast without asking. >> she moved it up and down and left and right and then said i was ok. >> some american support aggressive screening. members of congress are demanding and review. >> but not think the rollout was good. the application is worse. this needs to be refined.
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>> the secretary of state is one frequent flyer who does not have to worry about it. >> would you submit to it? >> not if i could avoid it. who would? >> a new poll shows 56% of americans are more concerned -- confused than ever about tsa policies. >> knowing the dos and don'ts of traveling can make your traveling less stressful. we have a list of guidelines posted on our website at still ahead, there is heavy snow out west. we will have a look at the rough conditions. the police pursuit in pennsylvania left one man dead pennsylvania left one man dead
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>> the winter weather pounds the west. take a look at the video from salt lake, utah. the highways are covered with snow. there are concerns about avalanches in the mountains. warnings and watches have been posted all over the region. an early morning carjacking turn deadly after a shootout on a pennsylvania campus. philadelphia police say around 3:00 this morning to begin chasing a vehicle involved in a carjacking. the driver crashed into a concrete barrier near the university of pennsylvania campus. the two suspects ran from the scene. one suspect was killed during a shootout with police. the second was captured and taken into custody. still ahead, it is that time of year again. long lines and impatient customers. we're helping to ease the frustrations of holiday shopping. >> the jet stream shows where the winter storm is out west. eventually, this will sweep east. we will talk about the forecast and includes thanksan
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it's retailers are offering bargains already. as you head out to shop, will the customer service measure of your expectations? we're putting the retailers to the test. lisa robinson explains. >> hopefully, the service will be great. that was not always the case. it was not always the case for our secret shopper. we sent her to more than one dozen stores in the baltimore area. she would make purchases in giving us her opinion. some places do very well. >> the greeted me the second i walked in door. >> at least one store does not measure up. >> i asked politely if you work here. he said, "what do you think?" >> it is the annual customer service test. >> it is time for your insta- weather + forecast with john
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collins. >> it was a really nice day today. the radar is clear. we have mostly sunny skies. it is 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. the wet weather is in the great lakes. the west has had unsettled weather. denver and amounts will have snow this evening. the pattern will be changing during the week dragging the western weather in our direction. for a day or two, we're in good shape. let's look at today. it was 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. 53 was the high at the airport. typically, 54 is the high for this time of year. we were on target with a high temperatures today. it is 48 in annapolis. it is 48 and would. -- at edgewood. this evening, we have generally
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clear skies. there are some clouds to the north and northwest. they are not producing precipitation. there is a warm front in the great lakes. that is why they have a few showers in the upper great lakes. here is the storm system coming in. the rest of it is in the west. the pattern is going to change and start dragging some of the unsettled weather this way. the time being, we are divided. there really cold stuff hangs off to the northwest. you can see that here. 65 degrees in st. louis now. almost 80 degrees down in the state of texas. it is below zero in montana. there's quite a difference in a relatively short range. tonight, there is warmer air coming back. there could be some fog. it will be chilly tonight. the wind will be quiet. here is the temperatures can for tonight. temperatures will fall through the 40's overnight.
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it might get into the 30's in some areas. tomorrow, we go through the 50's and into the low sixties for the high. it will be about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. there will be a mix of sun and clouds. we will probably see more clouds than today. there will be mild temperatures with southeast winds. the future forecast shows some of the cloudiness as the warm air comes in. there may be some sprinkles in pennsylvania. by the afternoon, we should see sunshine. changes coming on tuesday. here's a cold front in the west. it is dividing our mild air with a cold stuff. we will see more cloudiness and a chance for showers on tuesday. things will clear out for the middle of the week. that clearing will be temporary. 62 and 66 for monday and tuesday. by tuesday afternoon, some rain. thanksgiving looks wet. we would get cold air over the weekend. there could be some sprinkles
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and showers. >> there was a time during the game where i thought, "really?" >> ravens stars on defense settled things down. he was old school. we will take a deeper l
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>> it is 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> the team will never apologize for victory in the nfl. they ended up with a comfortable victory and a stay at the top. he has been telling everyone for years that he can still get the. in the first series of the game, he proved it. joe flacco time to throw and he
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does. it is a 56-yard touchdown. the ravens take the lead. in the seventh quarter, i do not know how he did this. he does not get credit for being as nimble as he is. how about that for a game? then they fumbled. there were not quite insane today despite playing well at times. it was a gorgeous throw to todd. it looks like a panthers recovered. the replay showed the foot out of bounds. the drive continues. the big play those in favor of the ravens. it is capped off by rail rice. is his first rushing touchdown in eons. ravens take the lead. then a little bit of lightning. bryant st. pierre and with his first career start. he had only thrown five passes
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before this game. 88 yards, 20-13. the ravens lead and put things away. you knew at some point that what happened today. he gets to running for the lateral. he had a 10-yard shot to landry who finishes off the plate. it is a 30-13 reagan's lead. his next pass was right to re louis. -- it is a 30-13 raven's lead. it was in for the touchdown. .7-13 was the final perio tampa is at home in seven days. the texans in north jersey with the jets. this is the fourth quarter. passes into the hands of kevin bentley. it gets to the tent. 27-23, houston. it is still time for the jets.
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it is the second straight week he hauls in the game winner. new york remains charmed. the texans stay cursed. the maryland man lose two basketball games and one football game. finally, the fans can share. the maryland hockey team won national championship game no. 7. it was a thriller in college park. they beat the heels 3-2. that is the same score by which they lost to carolina in 2009 for the title. two races in miami. one is to win the chase for the cup. it is a three-way competition for the title. they're trying to stop the rain of jimmy johnson, the fourth time champion. he was in second place to start the race. it was a tough day. kept spinning into the grass. he had some damage. he would race all day but could not catch jimmy. he is still in the mix.
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he was penalized. he quips another member of the crew and injured demand. he had to be carried off. fortunately, he is ok. it was a scary moment. jimmy johnson had his usual excellence for another title. second in the race, his fifth championship overall in a row. the baltimore native delivered maybe the most painful blow to the start of the season for the miami heat. this is the end of the game tied at 95. he takes his talents to the corner for a jump. he gained the last of his 15 points giving miami a loss for the season. that is the look at sports. stay with us for a check on the forecast coming up. when my husband got sick and couldn't work anymore,
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>> the ravens wrap up tonight. the sense in the sports office was the we could not believe the game was where was in the fourth quarter. we will get their take. the ravens wrap up after sunday night football. >> you are talking about rain on turkey day. >> i cannot know which day is more important, it travel day on wednesday or turkey day and black friday. we do have rain in the forecast. the clouds and rain with temperatures around 49 degrees. we will have some nice days with
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temperatures in the 60's. by tuesday, we can see some rain. wednesday looks dry and a little cooler. it will be cold starting on thanksgiving day. there will be chances of rain into friday. there will be blustery weather next weekend and cold. >> thank you. that is it for the news at 6:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]
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>> this is a wbal-tv editorial by jordan wertlieb. >> the wind left behind damage in more than 250 people homeless. the storm uprooted trees and left thousands of homes without power. mostly in northeast baltimore and part of bill --parkville. officials provided temporary assistance for those in need. apartment buildings were condemned. more than 350 other units were damaged. county officials said that 92 homes were damaged. despite the damage, no lives were lost. there were some injuries, but none are life-threatening. as we approach the holiday season, some of these families will still be recovering from their loss. wbal-tv 11 is joining the mayor in asking you to make contributions to the disaster relief fund for northeast baltimore to help these families. sawyer realty donated $10,000 to start the fund. ordinations can be sent to the
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fund. go to and click on hot topics for details. as we give thanks with our friends and families for all the we have to be grateful for, please take a moment to think of those families whose lives changed in the blink of an eye. they are in need of help. there is no better time to reach out with support than now. ♪ ♪ have a better day...
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