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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  November 22, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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live >>, local, late breaking this is wbal news in hd. >> of been a correction officer is found murdered inside her east baltimore home. -- and female correction officer has been found murdered inside her east baltimore home. the murder investigation is our
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big story at noon. police believe the suspect may have been involved in the barricade west baltimore hours after the body was discovered. >> just before 4:00 on sunday morning, city police found sharon jones shot to death inside a home in the 1700 block. >> it is a shame what the world is coming to nowadays. >> she was a maryland correctional officer who worked a pre-trial unit. investigators say her body was found inside a homfriends home. >> when homicide detectives came to the location they saw blood on the door and had reason to believe that individual was inside. police blocked the streets surrounding her apartment for several hours, thinking he was barricaded in their. and when hthey finally
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went in there, no one was in there. >> he was not the type of guy that you would see that would do something like that. i am hoping that everything is alright. >> city police think at jones may have known her shooter but would not comment on that relationship. meanwhile, a correction officers at carroll county detention center is in stable condition after being attacked by an inmate. and john davis was first attack by a chair and then beaten with a fist. officer davis was treated for severe facial injuries at carroll hospital center. jennings, who was being held on charges of burglary now faces an additional charges. howard county police are investigating the sexual assault. investigators said a middle-aged woman was walking northbound
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around 7:00 on saturday night when a man grabbed her on the sidewalk. the person pulled her to the ground, director, as sexually assaulted her. she was able to fight back in the man ran away. if he saw anything that night, please give police a call. >> investigators identified a mutilated body they found in milton. he has been missing for a week after his steps as said copley's he ran away from his home in north carolina. -- he has been missing for a week after his stepsister said he ran away from his home in north carolina. the search continues for whoever shot a man in northwest baltimore. he was shot in the arm and shoulder on collins avenue around 9:00 last night. he is being treated for nine- life threatening issues. -- non-life threatening issues.
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lacher baltimore ranks 12th on the list. and as a state, a maryland ranked eighth. st. louis, a camden, new jersey, and dietrich top the list. -- detroit at the top of the list. i hope your doing well on this monday. we certainly had a mild start this morning and then a foggy start. we will probably see a couple of sunbreaks. it is turning out nicer than that was. you can barely see low-level clouds. it will start running up as afternoon progresses and we will see a nice daytime high. 58 at the airport. we're in the lower 60's on the
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eastern shore. i have your holiday forecast coming up in a little bit. still no word on what caused the early morning fire in canton. businesses and another building located in the area under blocks where damage in that fire. it took kreuz half an hour to gain control. one person was sent to the hospital, to be treated for burns to the stomach. -- it took crews have an hour to gain control. we have the latest on what you can expect a airport. marlene mccarthy said she was humiliated at airport security. she refused to more radiation from the full body scanner and got this instead. having the agent, cup the prosthesis was humiliating.
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>> the chief says he understands the public outrage over the aggressive new hands-forward search but is trying to detect terrorist hide bombs in their underwear. he is now trying to change the procedure that very few have experience. >> is seems like every passenger that receives this is a very small percentage. >> uncomfortable? hillary clinton think so. >> not a bike avoid it. and who would? -- not if i could avoid it. >> many passengers say it is unnecessary invasion of privacy. >> if we go to cavity search with rubber gloves, i will have a problem, but other than that, let it go. >> congress wants to take a
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closer look at the procedure and if tsa is the agency that should be doing its. >> ravens fans got a little bit of everything against the panthers. the first half of the game was all about offense. the quarterback carved up the carolina defense for 213 yards and a 17-3 lead. in the second half, the bulk of the scoring came courtesy of the defense. a pair of interceptions by a the quarterback put 14 points on the board and took the air out of bank of america stadium. final score, raven's 37 -- 13. -- ravens 37-13. coming up, how social media is getting into the dining game. could of bones found on the beach in aruba be a clue in the
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disappearance of natalee holloway? details on the new evidence. first, a delta plane makes an about face after leaving jfk.
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>> a jet bound for moscow was
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forced to make an emergency landing. a plane carrying 193 passengers turned back after takeoff after one of the engines failed. more than one that did firefighters and other emergency crews were on the scene as the plane arrived. the jet landed safely and all passengers or reassigned leader in the evening. no injuries were reported. they are investigating why the engine failed. dna testing will be done on the bones found in aruba to find out if it is the remains of natalee holloway. officials have yet to confirm whether the bonus is even human. natalee holloway disappeared in 2005 while on a high school graduation trip. joran van der sloot is suspected in her disappearance. the pope is addressing difficult issues facing the catholic church, including abuse. the quput his question and
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answers. one of its longest answers was regarding a question about condom use. while he still says it is immoral, he makes a claim for using them in certain cases such as preventing aids. it is beginning to morlooked more like the holidays in southern california. this year dan ackroid have the honor of lighting the tree. beautiful scene. still to come on the revenues at noon, a popular show based in baltimore is cancelled. plus -- >> if you are claiming poverty to debt collectors and post a picture of a new boat on your
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facebook page, you deserve what you get. >> your friends are not the only ones tracking you on facebook. how debt collectors are using social media to get their money. >> we started out with fog and this morning. i will let you know if you need the umbrella later this week and see what the forecast looks like. 58 at the airport. 57 downtown.
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>> in this afternoon's consumer alert, friends, families and celebrities use social networking site to connect with people. someone else could be knocking on your cyber door. debt collectors. >> social media sites are a great way for people to get a glimpse into someone's life. >> they typically want to
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follow people better fascinating, people that are celebrities. >> clinton davis says more debt collectors are using them to get a glimpse into the finances of people that owe money. >> if you are claiming poverty and at the same time you post a picture of your new boat, you deserved when you get. >> there is a gray area in the law when it comes to what debt collectors can do on social media. there are certain things that are off-limits. >> if you plan on taking a picture next to a fancy car and posted neting, it legal experts say it think agaithink again. the law is clear, attorneys say those in debt, should not drag on line about money. >> this is a new and different
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dates we are moving into and to the art of debt collection. >> retailers are offering all sorts of bargains are ready, but as you head out to do your holiday shopping, will the customer service measure up to your expectations? we're putting retailers up to the test. >> hopefully the service you received will be great, but that was not always the case. with a hidden camera rolling, we went to more than a dozen stores in the baltimore area. >> they are getting an f. some places do very well. at least one store does not measure up. i ask politely, do you work here? and he shook his head. he said what do you think? >> tonight annual customer service tests. see which stores the the best and which do not live up to the
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customers' expectations. >> now your forecast. >> as you take a look at that hd doppler, you can see low-level clouds hovering around the area. we have some dense fog on the eastern shore and around baltimore. the upper level low as well to the north. there is an area of high pressure that is bringing in a southerly flow this afternoon. they will tend to break apart as the day progresses. this will help us get up to run 60 for hyperion we're close to let out at the airport. 64 on the eastern shore. as you know, we did start out with the fog. things will brighten up as the day progresses. we're going to plunge into the 40's for a height.
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average low as 33. the record low was 15 degrees back in the 1800's. thankfully we will not be threatening that tonight. partly cloudy tonight. 50 downtown. still above normal. pretty comfortable out there. the next cold front will not get here until next tuesday. bottom line is tomorrow will be a mixed bag as far as the weather goes. partly cloudy skies. a slight chance for rain. a better chance of seeing rain when the secondary) comes through on thursday. and by 1:00 tomorrow a few clouds tend to break in, but we will call it a partly cloudy day. this will break apart as the day progresses. no major threat of rain tomorrow. by thursday there is a more distinct system to our west. that will organize and move on through.
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behind it much colder air. seven-day forecast breaks down. very mild mark. a slight chance of showers in the evening. wednesday 55. second front does come through on thursday. 58. in a good chance of hit and miss showers. friday potential for rain early. and we will remain a chilled friday and saturday. >> in today's medical alert, we know working out in the eating right are successful methods of weight-loss, but what about taking your challenge on-line? you would be surprised how some programs use cyber peer pressure and even financial penalties to keep you on track. >> i went from 240 52185.
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-- to 185. >> how did they know you're sticking to your goal? by adding a referee and option to send your money to an anti- charity if you fail. >> it is not just this big hope that you have. it makes it very concrete. >> check out >> there is this big brother aspect to it that someone could be watching. and makes people a little bit more accountable for what they are eating. >> knowing that you're going to log in to this group and you have to weigh in every week, it helps keep the focus. >> not everyone feels the same
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period a nutritionist we talked to said there are some aspects better dealt with what one on one. >> there are many types of these weight-loss whaebsites. he is still making cakes, but he will no longer have cameras watching him do it. "ace of cakes" has been cancelled. the reality show, all of goldman and the staff at terms to the cakes. up next, your maryland lottery pick three and picked four numbers. we will get another check of the forecast. first, a look at how wall street is performing at this hour. stay with us.
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>> coming up, one more deserving audience and one more magical power. it is the biggest and grandest ever. that is today at 4:00. do not forget to visit our website. take a look at our favorite the. tonight on 11 is at 5:00, of baltimore family trapped in the wreckage of last week's grenada reunites with rescuers.
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11 news is there for the reunion. falls are a major cause of death among the elderly. new research suggests your diet may be too fault. tied for your maryland lottery numbers. >> whenever the ravens win, it is a good monday. happy monday. 3, 6, and final number is 7l . 3, 6 and 7. play keynote today. ? tickets are randomly sprinkled throughout the game. visit your local retailer and
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that yourself play. that's a 1. 1. followed by 7. your last number is 1. 1, 1, 7, 1. the maryland lottery let yourself play. >> we are back with one last look at the forecast. >> the forecast is looking pretty good. temperatures are comfortable. tomorrow there is a slight chance of evening showers as the first crack comes through. down to 55. in thursday a mix of sun and clouds. 50% of showers off and on. and by friday it will be much
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cooler. i only 47. -- high only 47. >> thank you for joini
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