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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  November 22, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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over airport security checks. >> getting an early start on his thanksgiving travel, avoiding the rush, but not a security backed down. >> getting your body touched is always a little bit interesting. >> he is not the only one who is bothered. >> nobody wants to watch you be felt up, for lack of a better term. >> it has caused a wave of controversy around the country. from this child to a bladder cancer survivors who says he was humiliated when agents ruptured his your ostomy bag during a private back down -- his urostomy bag during his private pat down. >> it leaked down my leg and my shirt. >> as all of this been done
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perfectly? no. >> the head of tsa said they are not making any changes, but they will continue to evaluate. >> we are always looking for ways to evolve our technology and protocols. we're looking at back to see if there's any basis for any way that we can modify, and yet, provide the level of security that everybody wants. >> in the meantime, the tsa minister is urging people not to boycott the -- administrator is urging people not to boycott the bodies gantt, opting instead for deepak down. that could lead to huge delays. >> officials are telling travelers not to believe all of the horror stories floating around about airport security, but some passengers say it is still an invasion of privacy. we continue our team coverage live from b.w.i. marshall. >> i talked to an overwhelming majority of people here at b.w.i. who say they are in favor
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of pat downs and full body scanners. the camera walker and her kids are heading out of town for thanksgiving. despite the tensions whirling around the tsa checkpoints, she is not concerned. >> i think it is part of being safe and secure for the holidays. >> the airline is working closely with tsa. we expect the traffic -- because of the passenger volume, we do not expect any disruptions. >> atterbury wants to get safely to their thanksgiving celebration, but a lot of -- everybody wants to get safely to their thanksgiving celebration, but a lot of people are at odds with the methods. >> if it makes flying safer for all of us, then it is a teachable moment for the children and part of what we go through. >> the benefits outweigh the risks. if someone wants to pat me down,
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i'm all for it and for anyone else getting a pat down. >> but some do not want tsa cards touching them. >> i think they need to calm down it is an invasion of privacy. would you want me feeling you love? i don't think so. >> sheldon would rather see been done differently. >> use the old-fashioned method. if you have problems, then proceed. >> i appreciate that tsa is doing something to make sure we get there safely. >> airport officials suggest that you arrive with plenty of time for your flight, about an hour before a domestic flight. and a.c. to familiarize yourself with tsa guidelines to avoid a backup. -- and they say to familiarize yourself with tsa guidelines to avoid a backup. >> do the airport pat downs
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bother you? more than one-third say they bother. about half say, no. you can vote at, just click on travel. >> some demonstrators outside city hall made it clear they're not happy at all with wal-mart's business practices. david collins is at city hall. >> all voted in favor. there was one abstention, city councilman carl stokes. this opens a new chapter for this community. baltimore city council voted in favor of allowing this project to go forward, despite pressure from a coalition of labor and community groups to make wal- mart pay as a condition for opening its doors.
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they passed a bill that increases the living wage that has been the same in baltimore city since 1984. >> it was deadlocked in committee. >> the project will take over 11 acres were injured -- angela -- anderson chevrolet stood for decades. >> it has been a very fought out, long process to make sure that the communities are heard. >> the blueprint calls for three and a 30,000 square feet of retail space. wal-mart is the anchor store. it would include the first los some improvement center and specialty shops. it also provides for 7290 residential units and parking spaces. -- 70 to 90 residential units
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and parking spaces. there will be designated by cranes and pedestrian crossings. lanes going to -- bike and pedestrian crossings. >> i'm going to get a little shopping cart and a few as much as possible. >> the wal-mart will include a supermarket and produce section as well as a pharmacy. in addition to paying low wages, protesters worry that it will put the locally owned stores out of business. >> we want to make sure that wal-mart takes care of this city. >> a living wage bill requires retailers who grows more than $10 million to pay workers $10.57 per hour. >> the election may be over, but tonight, maryland congressman elect andy harris is finding himself the target of a whole
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new campaign. it is the latest wrinkle about his remarks last week concerning the congressional health care plan. >> the new campaign on radio and facebook goes after harris for complaining about having to wait for its congressional, government-funded health care coverage to peaking. he is a big proponent of government run health care and ran on a platform of repealing the health care law. >> what was the first thing anti- jarius did when he got to washington? he complained that he was not getting his new government provided health care fast enough. say what? call congressman harris and tell him to stop whining about his health care and start fighting for hours. >> in his remarks the day after, he expressed surprise about this juror. >> i just as the question about the start date and it got spun into the belief that i would like a public option or
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something. >> he then claims that he was not asking about his health insurance needs, but for his family. >> someone on behalf of andy harris did release a statement saying, "harris is being hit with false accusations and personal attacks. we're tired of this revolving campaign. that campaign is paid for by the organization, americans united for change, which was founded in 2005. it pushes a progressive message. harris is the first targeted post-election on the topic of health care. >> a missing baltimore teenager turned up dead in massachusetts. investigators identified the mutilated body of 16-year-old devonte tisdale after his sister
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told police he had run away from home after having a fight with his father. 28-year-old sheron jones was found inside this house in the 1700 block of aisquith street in east baltimore. she was shot in the upper body. police are not saying much about a possible suspect, but they confirmed a fight between jones and an ex-boyfriend late friday night. >> they just broke up three weeks ago. uchitel machine 1 him no more. -- she told me she did not want him no more. he called me and i said, but she don't want you know more. he would not stay away. >> jones was a correctional officer for six years.
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detectives said a man hit and killed by a train this afternoon was killed near rte. 40 and contractors lane in rosedale. the contractors said the -- the train conductor said he saw the man, but could not stop in time. >> authorities say this man attacked and 85-year-old victim outside his house in the 300 block of east lafayette. fortunately, the victim was not seriously injured, but his money was stolen. if you have any idea who this man is, you are urged to call baltimore city police immediately. and police are also searching for the suspect that sexually assaulted a woman around 7:00 p.m. last night. she was walking around castle for drive and schafford court when she was grabbed by a man who assaulted her. a complete description is at
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>> fire officials say two businesses and another building located in the 800 block of south montfort avenue were damaged in this fire. one person was taken to the hospital to be treated for burns to the stomach. >> still to come, some good news. single stream recycling. >> and sensible substitutions you can make this thanksgiving to have a big impact on your waistline. >> if you did not think the ravens had a perfect game against the panthers, you are not alone. hear what john harbaugh has to say about the game. >> there are changes in the forecast. we will sort it all out coming up. 56 at b.w.i. marshall.
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but jim swift announced single string recycling has increased over the past two months. from september through november officials have seen a jump of 18% recycling in the county began on february 1. paper, bottles, and some plastics can be combined in one container to be picked up on designated days. >> there are all kinds of bargains already out there, but as you head out to do holiday shopping, will the customer service measure up to the expectations? >> we are putting some retailers to the test. >> hopefully, the service you receive will be great, but that was not always the case for the 11 news i-team seybert shopper. >> we sent it to more than one dozen stores in the baltimore area. she made purchases and give us her overall opinion of
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her shopping experience. at least once or does not measure up. >> i asked politely if either of them worked here and he shook his head and said, what you think? >> tonight at 11:00 p.m., steve which stores are the best and which ones do not live up to shoppers expectations. >> it now the 11 insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> we will see an up and down movement on the thermometer for the next seven days. in between, the possibility of a few showers. 65 at the airport. the average is just 54. we beat that by 11 degrees. the morning temperatures were near 50 when the normal low is down around freezing, and the
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record low, 15 setback in 1880. -- 15, set back in 1880. unusually warm weather statewide. if you had fought in the morning, you probably will see some more of that developing -- if you had fog in the morning, you will probably see some more of that developing tomorrow. the warmth is almost up and down the entire eastern seaboard. there is some arctic air in western canada to the canadian border and montana appear. the real impact will not come here until the second storm in the pacific northwest can clear our region and that might happen next weekend. tomorrow, mild temperatures and
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scattered showers. the first of the cold fronts makes its way through. wednesday, sunny skies and cooler temperatures. the thanksgiving day, another one is approaching, so the next round of showers develops. the chill will hold off until friday afternoon or saturday. tomorrow, cloudy and mild, 61 to 66, morning fog and afternoon showers. west winds on the day tomorrow, averaging 10 knots, the waves around 1 foot. western maryland, mild temperatures and showers are likely out west. around the bay, about a 30% to 40% chance of a shower and probably the least amount of rain chances near the lower eastern shore. if you are traveling on wednesday, a huge travel day nationwide. cool temperatures and some sunshine should extend up to most of new england.
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troublespots on wednesday. dallas and atlanta are most likely dealing with some clouds and showers. chicago looks all right in the morning on wednesday. there will be some snow with adventure in the mountains by wednesday morning. by wednesday evening, things slowed down for travelers. dallas looks good, denver looks good, and the southwest looks good as well wednesday evening. if you are waiting until thursday morning to meet the road, showers in great lakes and down toward a plan as well. in minneapolis, gusty winds. the pacific northwest will have rain and snow showers thursday morning. overall, not too bad, just a few troublespots for travelers on thursday. maybe a thunderstorm thursday evening.
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when the conditions friday as the rain moves out and buy the weekend, high-temperature only in the 40's. >> considering the ravens played a team with the worst record in the nfl yesterday, anything shy of a 60. when will be a letdown. -- of a 60-point win will be a letdown. throw was's 58-yard bought on accurate. defensive coordinators have to account on that in the future. intoave to take that t account in the future. the first big return of the year. david reed, 84-yard kick return.
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we need you to block someone other than the kick returner on his plate. -- on this play. joshua wilson with the 86 yard clean up. interceptions/rugby game complete with a long tossed to landry. the ray lewis looked like he did in his old spice commercial to wrap this up. watch steve smith tried to bring him down. not going to happen. the head coach would have liked to have had a little less trauma in the fourth quarter, but he knows this duane counts as a wind toward the playoffs. >> there is no perfect win.
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it is a great question because we talk to a higher price about that. we really do. -- we talk to our guys about that. but we really do. we are still looking for the dominant game. i think we are all disappointed we did not play a dominant game, but we are happy with the wind. you have to take your victories, but by no means are we satisfied with the way we played. >> more on the ravens playing at carolina tonight at 7:30 p.m. last season, vikings head coach and brad childress stood one scoring drive away from going to the super bowl. tonight he stands from the outside looking in. the vikings are at a 3-7 record this year after childress takes his team on another brett favre comeback.
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frazier, one of the hottest assistant coaches in the nfl right now, takes over as head coach. surprisingly, he will keep the star quarterback. not surprisingly, brad childress had some personality issues with a lot of his players. childress posed a 3-9 record against archrivals, green bay packers. [ female announcer ] dry, cracked hands? gold bond ultimate concentrated cream heals and protects like lotion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing.
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>> find out what you can find with retailers.
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and realize with what the protesters have to sayav
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>> mild tomorrow with an afternoon shower and then 53 with sunshine on wednesday. then it warms up again with a thunderstorm possible thanksgiving day. the chill comes with the weekend. >> we will see that 11:00 p.m. [ rowe ] mike rowe here, no no up here, there you go.
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