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tv   Today  NBC  November 23, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. breaking news. mark your calendars, april 29, westminster abbey, that is the official date and location of prince william and kate middleton's wedding. we're live with all the latest details. deadly clash. north korea fires dozens of artillery shells on to a north korean island escalating tensions between the nations. an attack being strongly condemned by the white house this morning. and dangerous storms. rare november tornadoes in
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wisconsin and illinois including one that caused a school bus to roll over. and out west, heavy snow is already creating big problems for thanksgiving travelers and more is on the way today, for thanksgiving travelers and more is on the way today, tuesday, november 23, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm meredith viera. >> and i'm matt lauer. and take a look live at westminster abbey. we understand the queen is there this morning and we now know that prince william and kate middleton, now known as katharine middleton. if you had planned for april 29, cancel them. that's 157 days from now.
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we'll start to put a little counter up on the bottom of the screen there from now on. >> the announcement was made at st. james palace shortly before we went on the air this morning and now there are just a new additional details to be sorted out like the guest list, the reception and, yes, kate's wedding dress. which designer will she choose? what is it going to look like? and how much will it cost? we'll get some insight from the one who designed princess diana's gown. >> let's go stephanie gosk, she's at westminster abbey, good morning to you. >> reporter: looks like we have a spring wedding here at westminster abbey. this is a 1,000-year-old church. it is rich in royal history. there have been royal burials, coronations and of course weddings and prince william will be the latest wedding.
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this seems to be something of a victory for the prince. he had been pushing for a spring date. we could be in trouble here with rain. we see some issues on this issue, it seems prince william got it right. the ceremony will be broadcast live around the world with 1 billion people watching, the kind of attention a future british king can expect, but the average girl growing up expecting a smaller event. here she is in a school day. >> i wish to marry you. >> be careful what you wish for young kate. a royal engagement can also be a rude awakening. kate like diana in the '80s is under a microscope. >> the palace are very aware that she's going to be taking on
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the biggest role in her life and they're paving the way for there to be a support network for her. >> the queen is very much of kate's and there's a feeling that could really help guide indicate into the role. >> reporter: lack of privacy, an endless series of rigid protocols, kate middleton's new reality. her friends and family say she's up for it. a strength she often showed as an athlete. >> kate is a very intelligent human being and she'll handle it. >> reporter: having watched his mother diana struggle, william is said to be very aware of how difficult this life will be for kate. it's a high price to pay for falling in love with a prince. you're looking at a live shot of
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westminster abbey. appropriately enough, she was married in westminster abbey and now we know that her grandson will be married there as well. >> stephanie, thank you so much. nbc news royal expert robert jobson is the royal editor for news of the world. good morning to you. i know that you were at that briefing, let's start with the date of the wedding, april 29, what is the significance of that date? >> well, this is the date they wanted, they wanted a spring wedding, but it's also the date of katharine of sienna, queen katharine. but it basically shows to me that prince william has won his first battle, he wanted a wedding sooner rather than later and it's going to be a bank
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holiday. >> we saw kate middleton visiting there last week, and the significance of that. >> this is the royal family's church, this is where the queen was married and this is where princess diana's funeral was held. >> william and kate want to control every detail of their wedding and we have heard that that's caused some friction with the queen's staff, what can you tell us about that? >> there's a little bit of a debate about the timing because william and kate want to get married sooner rather than later and yet a summer wedding would have looked better. you guys know what the british weather is like and there were fears if they had had it earlier in the year, say, march, it
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could rain. april 29 is just about the last day of spring. >> but april showers, you never know, that's the problem. >> let's talk about the price tag for this wedding, we're hearing numbers in the range of $40 million. prince charles will pick utmost of the bill but another $30 million for security. that's going to fall on that taxpayers during tough times, how do you think they'll respond to that? >> the second part of that statement is about the cost. the security will be taken over by the government as well. we're going to have heads of state here, the rest of the money will be footed by prince charles and also the middleton family will contribute as well. but in all honesty, i think we should be looking in a very upbeat way about this wedding.
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this wed will constitution billions of pounds for the british economy. it will actually raise awareness. william and kate are very concerned that it not be toos of citizen tod citizen -- >> prince william doesn't want what happened to his mother, but how can he control that? >> this couple are going to be the future king and queen of england and there's huge media interest in them. they want to be in control of the situation, not only for themselves because they're the ones that are pressing all the buttons because if they don't control it now it will spiral out of control and that's why they're putting their feet down and saying this is what we want and you're going to have to do it. we know that prince william is very good at digging in his heels and clearly he has won the first round. >> when princess diana met her
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horrible death in paris, she had no body guards. this time katharine, kate is protected by scotland yard. so the paparazzi just better watch out. >> and very quickly, robert, at the briefing, was any mention made about the guest list, the reception or the wedding dress? >> actually it's quite interesting, they want the guest list to be as much as they can be to do with their personal guests. but obviously there will be heads of state. there will be a lot of their friends. when i asked how many people would be there, they said the church will be full. so you're talking a few thousand people there. i think it's going to be a gate occasion full of pomp and pagea pageantry. they will be riding in one of those state carriages, you can bet your bottom dollar. >> thank you for your perspectives this morning. let us get the other top stories of the morning now,
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ann's on assignment. tamron hall is at the news desk. good morning to you. a south korean island is smoldering this morning after north korea issued one of its worst attacks since the war ended half a century ago. >> reporter: even for the unpredictable north korea, this latest action is alarming. the north korean military pounded a south korean island with as much as 100 artillery shells killing two north korean marines and several civilians. the south koreans shot back and scrambled their f-16 fighter jets. earlier this morning the white house issued a statement condemning the attack and telling the north koreans to a lot their belligerent actions. >> and this comes right on the heels that north korea has built a nuclear facility.
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>> reporter: north korea is seeking world status, they often use -- all this could spiral well out of control and only yesterday the state department told north korea that it will not reward bad behavior. and it doesn't get much worse than this, tamron. >> thank you, mick. and cambodia's mourning today as 378 people are dead and hundreds injured on a stampede on a bridge. this morning rescuers are scouring the muddy river below for any survivors. and new video showing the explosion at a coal mine that trapped 29 workers. this has a second robot is being brought in. the first one short-circuited in side that mine. the court authorized rates are part of a three-year probe into insider trading. more raids are expected in the
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coming days. good news today, the economy had an unexpected growth spurt in the third quarter. >> good morning to you, tamron. investors are watching this read on gdp very closely especially this time of year because its tends to correlate with shopping sales. but today the tensions between north and south korea and the ongoing european debt concerns that may weigh on trader who is may opt to take profits during this holiday shortened week. and wild weather across several states overnight caused -- a cargo plane overshot the run way at seatac airport. at least one tornado has been confirmed in wisconsin. a video caught another suspected twister that roared across illinois. it is 7:12, now back to matt, meredith and al. you can bet that people are watching the weather with so much travel. >> a lot of people depending on
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fair skies. what's the weather look like for april 29th in london? >> lookiooking pretty darn good. but let's focus on home. >> okay, fine, fine, fair enough. >> in fact as we talk more about those storms moving through illinois and wisconsin yesterday, six reported tornadoes flipping a school bus in wisconsin, 50,000 people in illinois without power as power lines were snapped and then in washington state they have in washington the pacific northwest record cold, they have got winter storm warnings out and in fact as we go to the maps, here's what happened, jet stream is way to the south and we have got low pressure pushing its way to the northwest. that's bringing blizzard like conditions, blizzard watches, storm warnings into the central plains today. snowfall amounts going to be generally anywhere from three to nine inches. some areas could see up to a foot and a half of snow before
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this is all over causing massive delays. seattle tacoma airport has >> variably cloudy, maybe pettifog, milder temperatures in the low-to-mid-50's. showers this afternoon at 40%. beauti and that flipped over school buzz in illinois, there were no injuries. . with the thanksgiving rush in high gear and some calls for a boycott tomorrow, there's word that the policies may have been
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slightly modified. tom costello is at reagan national airport, tom, what can you tell us? >> these enhanced pat downs that have been so controversial have been for people who opt out of the full body scans, now word that's changing slightly. after more than a week of outrage about where tsa screeners have been putting their hands, senior government officials say the tsa is reducing the number of passengers who are randomly selected for a pat down. the public and political uproar hit a boiling point on monday. >> our goal must be to maximize protection and security and minimize inconvenience. >> reporter: the administration says intelligence continues to suggest terrorist are targets commercial airlines, but on this busy travel week, passengers are asking, where is the line between smart security -- >> this is the world we live in,
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so i would rather be safe than sorry. >> reporter: and invasion of privacy. >> i don't like them touching private areas. >> i'm all for security, but at some point, enough's enough. >> it's not offensive as far as i'm concerned if it will keep me safe. >> reporter: now there's a call for passengers to boycott tsa scanners on wednesday. the travel industry is calling for tsa to examine it's approach to security. >> we're calling on 100% of travelers as a threat to the system. >> reporter: but from the shoe bomber to the alleged underwear bomber to the recent attempt to bring down cargo planes, the al qaeda remains real and it will continue to use full body scanners and pat downs. >> very few passengers receive a pat down. those who decide they don't want to go through the walk through
7:17 am
metal detective for or the new machines, they will get a pat down. >> less than 3% of people actually get pat downs and those who are selected for the full body scanners, less than 1% opt out. we have seen no indication at all of those people who say they're going to protest and tie up tsa checkpoints. but tomorrow is the critical day, it's one of the busiest travel days of the year, the government, the travel industry, are all urging people not to tie up the checkpoints. >> it's 17 after the hour. once again, here's meredith. police in georgia are looking for more witnesses to what's being described as a cold and calculated murder. a father shot just moments after dropping off his 2-year-old son at school. tom trong is in georgia with
7:18 am
details. >> reporter: you know, so many parents start their day by dropping off the kids at school and that's what 36-year-old russell snyderman wassing the here doing here, dropping off his son and then in broad daylight he was gunned down. the family of russell snyderman or rusty say what mattered most to him are the people in these family photos. his daughter son and wife. >> my niece and nephew will never know their father. my sister-in-law has had an entire lifetime of dreams ripped from her. >> reporter: after dropping off his son at this preschool last thursday, police say the harvard educated businessman was returning to his silver sedan when suddenly a man walked up and shot him several times at pointblank range. this is a sketch of the shooter. witnesses say nowards were
7:19 am
exchanged, the shooter simply opened fire and took off in a gray minivan similar to this one. >> it's awful. that's what i can't get over. who does this at 9:00 a.m. when innocent children are trying to go to school. i don't understand how this could happen? >> reporter: needer man's brother doesn't understand either, he says his brother was generous, volunteering to help many charities. >> our whole family has lost its brightest light and we don't know why. >> reporter: authorities say they'll be investigating his business dealings and even the charity work. >> from our initial investigations, this case appears to be a cold and calculated murder. >> reporter: criminal experts agree this was an assassination. >> i don't think this was a random shooting, largely because the vehicle was not stolen, there was no attempt, it appears to engage in any kind of robbery. this was, you know, i'm here to shoot this man and get out of here. >> reporter: left with only
7:20 am
memories, snyderman's family sends this message to his killer. >> come forward and face justice. don't be a coward. >> reporter: and the snyderman family is offering a $10,000 reward hoping to generate some leads that will lead to the capture and conviction of the killer. >> thank you very much. and just ahead, phoebie prince who took her own life after being bullied at school.
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still ahead, the big day was just announced this morning, april 29 at westminster abbey. what will kate middleton be wearing? we'll talk to the woman who designed princess diana's dress. ♪ daisy, do a dollop
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7:27 am
beyond the beltway northeast. eastern ave, watch for closures at 24 and barnes street. in the city, accident at baltimore street and carlton street. heavy ride on the north side, 23 miles per hour on average. if you were going to travel on the west side out of it from 795 to edmondson, 30 miles per hour to that stretch. 19 minutes on the outer loop northeast side. 16 on the west side outer loop. in the parkton region, southbound traffic going away from us on 83 and moving pretty well from york road towards mt. carmel. on glen burnie, north and southbound traffic looking good here. sandra has a check on the forecast. >> a little bit of sunshine kicking through on the clouds. we will be variably cloudy. 52 out there right now, 53 at
7:28 am
the airport, 54 in annapolis. headed for a high today in the low 60s. still above the normal for today. aig fog we had early this morning -- patchy fog we had early this morning. chillier tomorrow. sunday, 53, good for travel. >> check the bottom of your screen for updated news and traffic information. back at 7:55 with another live update.
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7: 30 now on a tuesday morning, the 23rd of november, 2010. just this morning, the royal family has announced that prince william and kate middleton's wedding will be held in that building right there. that's westminster abbey. it will be held on april 29, a spring wedding for the most talked about couple in the world. kate's next decision, who will design her wedding gown. meanwhile, across the pond, kind of a sunny morning here in manhattan, our plaza filled with
7:31 am
use susan boyle fans, she'll be performing in our 8:30 half hour. the latest on the phoebie prince case. she is the teenager who committed suicide after allegedly enduring relentless bullying at school. coming up her aunt speaking out in an exclusive interview. and sarah palin's new book is out today and what she writes about president obama has some saying it could be a road map, the book for how she will run for the white house in 2012. but now to the family of phoebie prince speaking out about her tragic suicide. we're going to talk to her aunt in just a moment. but here's jeff rossen. >> reporter: from the moment this happened. phoebie's family has been hurting, but it's especially hard this week, not just because of the holiday, tomorrow would have been phoebie's 15th birthday. now her father is opening up about the bullying, the pain and
7:32 am
forgiveness. phoebie prince at 12 years old, her whole life ahead of her. in this home video, given to nbc news, the portrait of a happy, playful girl. just last year, at thanksgiving, relatives say phoebie seemed okay smiling, enjoying some family time and over christmas she opened presents with her dad, it would be her last thanksgiving, her last christmas. just months later, phoebie hanged herself at home. she was allegedly the victim of vicious bullying at school. prosecutors say the mean girls would scream at her and threaten her daily. phoebie couldn't take it anymore. monday night phoebie's father jeremy prince broke his silence on irish television. you keep waking up thinking it's a scream, but he's not angry at phoebie's bullies. there's no realing in anger, no
7:33 am
healing in revenge. the only real healing in the long-term is from finding the ability to forgive. phoebie grew up in ireland and moved to massachusetts last year when her parents split up. in a new school, a new country, there was no mercy. in phoebie's final hours, prosecutors say the bullies were especially cruel, confronting her in the library saying, close your legs, i hate stupid sluts. and as phoebie walked home, one last jab. >> calls her an irish slut. an irish whore and saying why don't you go kill yourself and she did. >> reporter: two girls and four boys are now charged with felonies. they have all pled not guilty claiming phoebie was suicidal long before the alleged bullying. court documents say she battled
7:34 am
severe depression. phoebie once swallowed an entire bottle of cerro quell. her father called it a cry for help. phoebie's birthday is tomorrow, thanksgiving on thursday. the first year her family will suffer rather than celebrate. in that documentary, phoebie's father said the bullies have already been punished, charged with crimes and pulled out of school. and if they would just apologize, he said he would be able to forgive them. the alleged bullies are to go on trial next year. >> eileen moore is with us exclusively. tomorrow would have been phoebie's 16th birthday, it's been almost a year since her passing. i can't even imagine what this year has been like for you. how are you doing? >> we're doing the best we can. and trying to understand.
7:35 am
it's probably two things i will never have the answer to is why phoebie is no longer with us and also why she's the one that has kind of brought bullying to the forefront. which is good for all the other children, so trying to balance each. >> yeah, you were very, very close to your niece. when she came here from ireland to massachusetts, you helped her with the transition. >> we did. it was -- you have to understand ann who was also starting teaching the first time in america, under the american school system and also it was a check and balance. on those days, i would be at the house when she came home or they would call. >> ann is her mother? >> yes, my sister. so a check and balance because her school day ended after the girls so everyone was adjusting to this life.
7:36 am
>> and during all this time, did you have any idea what she was going through? >> not at this level, there was sometimes that phoebie talked to me about some issues but never once of bullying and the school and the kids. never once. >> on to someone who prosecutors say was bullied herself, you feel that student who is bully another student should be held responsible for their behavior and whatever happens because of it. >> i think there should always be responsibility for someone's behavior. and i think we have to really get in and teach our children what it is when you berate and belittle, you abuse somebody. we have to do that for the person being bullied, not to hold that in, not to take ownership of someone else's meanness and to express it and
7:37 am
to talk to a trusted adult. >> you created this guide book, you are not alone, a resource for suicide prevention in part to help kids, parents of children who are bullied or who bully. >> and in part i found myself asking this be brought to the forefront in albany and in the news. wonderful website and a lot of good people doing great things and have been doing great things. for a long time on issues of bullying and depression. but i didn't know that. the information was out there and i found myself continually to say i wish i knew that then. i wish i had more of this information. >> so the fact, eileen, massachusetts passed a law that requires every school district to come up with a bullying prevention and intervention plan. >> yes. >> only a handful have done so
7:38 am
to date and it's supposed to be in place by the end of the year. so do you worry that there's not a sense of urgency within schools to deal with this problem? >> a sense of urgency and maybe a little bit of how do we go about this? how do we explain what is appropriate behavior, when have you crossed the line to being upset or not at someone to bullying. i think that might be part of the problem too is defining crossing that line. but the other part that i desperately want to see in the schools on this policy is when they make -- right now the schools are to report home when your child is a bully or is being bullied. but we need to alarm with that phone call the child who is a
7:39 am
bully. we need to give them resources, give them knowledge so that maybe they move forward to that. and to the child being bullied, we need to do the same thing and to follow up and to say, these are great support services. these are places where your daughter, or son can express and learn not to hold those feelings in. >> so the last thing you can do to honor phoebie? >> exactly. help another child so no other child has to suffer what she did. >> eileen moore, thank you for being here, i know this isn't easy for you. >> thank you very much. >> now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> and as we look and show you temperature rise from outside, tomorrow as we get ready to travel, we have got icy conditions through the northern plains into the central and upper mississippi river valley, we have got the risk of strong
7:40 am
storms in the mid mississippi river valley, on thanksgiving day, it's going to be icy and raney. some evening showers move into the pacific northwest. the rain should hold out for the thanksgiving day parade until after it's all over. >> patchy fog out there, more clouds than not. chance of late day showers. 60s yet again. >> and with holiday travel all important, you want to check in with the weather channel on cable or online. . sarah palin's much anticipated new book hits stores
7:41 am
today. nbc news received an advanced copy last night and the former alaska governor is not holding back when it comes to president obama. nbc's norah o'donnell is in washington with the details. >> reporter: well, you know her new book is called "america by heart." it's full of what she calls reflection on faith, family and flag. but with all the attacks on president obama and others, some say it could be a handbook for her for a 2012 campaign. even before "america by heart" hits bookstores, sarah palin is all over the air waives. in a surprise visit to "dancing with the stars" cheering on daughter bristol. on fox news -- >> well, now i'm thinking about 2012 and i am thinking about it. >> reporter: and of course on her own reality tv show. >> it's tougher than it looks. >> reporter: palin it seems is everywhere, plugging her book and settling some old scores.
7:42 am
>> would you even do another interview with katie couric? >> "america by heart" highlights some of her heroes like ronald reagan but it also rips some of her opponents. palin says as hard as she worked to beat mr. obama in 2008 when he was elected, quote, i share the feeling of almost desperate hope that many other americans felt. like then, like you, i loved my country and want it to succeed, but a new morning in america  hasn't broken over the capitol dome. in very personal terms, she also questions the president's patriotism, concluding he has a stark lack of faith in the american people. some say the book offers a blueprint, clues on how she would attack obama if she runs in 2012. >> certainly this book has all kinds of dog whistles for the base about what her messaging would be if she ran for president. >> reporter: on obama's signature legislative achievements, palin writes, we
7:43 am
don't consider the health care vote a done deal, not by a long shot. instead it was a clarion call, a spur to action. palin also attacks hillary children in what she calls her bra burning militancy for this comment made in 1992 when bill clinton first ran for president. >> i could have stayed home and baked cookies and had tea but what i decided to do is fulfill my profession. >> reporter: palin says some of us like to bake cookies, some of us also think we can do that and still have successful careers. will it help show that palin is qualified for the presidency? >> going negative definitely will help spur sales, but voters want to see someone who can be soothing, who can project optimism and who can seem like an executive instead of take a swing at anyone who offends them. >> palin's book is filled with politics and pop culture, she
7:44 am
quotes everything from the incredibles to tony keith to the 19th century political thinker. she also kicks off her book tour today in phoenix. up next, two bucks here, $6 there, why some banks are now sticking you with more fees than ever before.
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- you went to kay. she'll love it. [chuckles] trust me. i know. - save 25% on bulova watches at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. - i love it. back now at 7:46, if you haven't taken a close look at your bank statement recently, you might want to try that because some consumers are now paying more than ever before. lisa myers is in jacksonville, florida this morning. she has details on this. lisa, good morning. >> reporter: the government recently cracked down on banks imposing tough new regulations limiting what they could charge their customers for credit cards and overdrafts. so are consumers paying lower fees now? in many cases no, banks have
7:47 am
found new ways to rake in money. so this is your son's statement? >> correct. >> reporter: what put peggy angle over the edge is when her son a college student was charged $2 just to check his account balance before he withdrew money from his banks's atm. >> so to try to be a responsible banking participant, they penalize you for $2. that's wrong. >> reporter: and when he used another bank's atm, he sometimes paid $6 or $7 to get $40 in cash. all the fees have eaten away at money he earned over the summer. >> $2.95. $2, $2.50. $ $2.95. >> reporter: the last straw, the bank recently paid a monthly fee of $8.95 to what had been called totally free checking.
7:48 am
>> now you tell your children about a bank to warn them of all the con games and the nickel and diming that goes on. >> reporter: fees have gone up across the board this year. >> the increases were seen on everything from monthly service charges to overdraft fees, even atm fees. >> reporter: the number of americans enjoying free checking has dropped from 76% to 65%. and if you want an account that pays interest, the average minimum balance required to avoid fees has soared from $511 to $3,838. some consumers who weren't watching their statements closely have learned the hard way. barbara nelson was shocked to discover she had been charged $6 to $12 a month by her bank jpmorgan chase because she didn't use her debit card enough, basically an inactivity fee. >> it makes he really angry because they're charging me for not spending my own money.
7:49 am
>> reporter: eventually months of service fees and a new annual fee drained her account triggering an overdraft fee. in all she said $118 in fees on an account she didn't use once this year. >> the banks are making huge profits off small potatoes, hundreds of millions of small potatoes like me. >> reporter: a chase spokesman says we encourage customers to check their statement every month to ensure they're aware of all the activities including service fees. the banks argue that they're merely charges customers for the services they use. and with increased regulation, industry spokesman scott talbot says the banks's costs have gone up, necessitating higher fees. what do you say to consumers who feel they are being gouged by banks. >> one shop around, and make sure you understand your account and understand when a fee been charged so you can work to avoid
7:50 am
those fees. >> reporter: consumers should expect even more fees when it comes to using their web did cards. that money has to come from somewhere so it's going to come from all of us. >> just about every member of our crew is gathered around the set watching this right now. so this is important information. still ahead, new details on kate middleton's wedding gown. from the woman who helped create princess diana's dress, we're going to talk to her, but first these messages. ugh, my sinuses... the congestion...
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just ahead, scottish singing sensation susan boyle live in concert out on our plaza. >> but before that we have got your local news and weather. ♪ [ male announcer ] they've been tested, built and driven like no other. and now they're being offered like no other. come to the winter event and get an exceptional offer on the mercedes-benz of your dreams. it's our way of showing a little holiday spirit. but hurry -- the offer ends soon. ♪ [humming christmas song] hmmm,hmm,hmm,hmm, the target 2 day sale is back with my favorite prices of the the ofyear.nds soon. ♪ five ninety nine
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7:56 am
the tarare you ready? starts friday at 4am. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. here is sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> if you are heading out in the next few minutes, there are accidents and heavy delays to watch for. you can see the north side and i-95 coming out of the northeast. watch for crash, and another one in the city. at lochearn drive and, road in
7:57 am
wyndal, there is an accident there. heaviest spots on 95 out of the white marsh. down to the beltway. once you get on to the northeast side, our average amount 30 miles per hour on the average -- the outer loop. once you get on to the j.f.x., delays heading southbound on coldspring. we will switch to a live view traffic and show you what it looks like on the west side. sun glare may be a factor as well. we'd have a minor fender bender. white marsh area, attracting attention with police activity in both directions. >> we are seeing a mixture of sunshine and clouds out there. the front is on the move and had of that, there are showers. it will lose intensity as it moves across a state. slight chance, 40%, of late-day showers.
7:58 am
pleasant, temperature-wise. we slow down into the thirties tonight. it looks like some late date or into the evening showers on thanksgiving day. >> we are back at 8:25 with another live update.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on this tuesday morning, november 27, 2010. and that is the queen of england leaving westminster abbey this morning. that will be the site of the wedding of her grandson prince william to kate middleton on april 29. up next year, something very exciting. >> her fans consider her the amazing voice, taking center stage on our plaza in our 8:30 half hour.
8:01 am
>> this time she came all the way from new zealand. just ahead, speaking of the royal wedding, what is kate middleton going to wear when she wa marries her prince on april 29. some famous designers have emerged as possibilities. we'll talk to the woman who actually co-designed princess diana's gown, she's going to join us for a live interview. and a brave 6-year-old girl who was diagnosed with on of the rarest and deadliest forms of brain cancer. jenna bush hager is here along with marlo thomas, they're going to be sharing that young lady's story. the best part of thanksgiving for some, the dessert.
8:02 am
one of our little sweethearts is going to be bringing us some very nice spiced cider. >> let's go inside. >> tamron hall is filling in for ann. good morning, everyone. the white house is strongly condemning one of the worst north korean attacks on the south since the end of the korean war in 1953. south korea says it returned fire and scrambled fighter jets after artillery shells from the north killed two soldiers and wounded several civilians on a small island. a stampede killed more than 375 people and injured hundreds of others monday. revelers and hundreds of others rushed over a bridge. the tsa says it has reduced the number of passengers randomly chosen for security pat
8:03 am
downs, however the agency warns of long delays if too many thanksgiving travelers refuse full body scans and have to undergo the pat down. officials in belgium say ten suspects are in custody today after anti-terror raids. the targeted suspects planning a possible attack in belgium and others for a chechen terror organization. a guilty verdict in the chandra levy murder trial. he faces up to life in prison for killing a washington intern. it also ended the terms of gary condit. police in colorado have closed their investigation of a suicide pact between twin sisters from australia. one twin survived after the 29-year-old women shot themselves last week using rented pistols at a firing range. quantas says the ceo will be
8:04 am
aboard when the airlines fleet of jumbo jets returns to the skies. the planes were grounded after a midair explosion forced an emergency landing. it is 8:03 now, for a check of the weather from al. >> hello there. >> we have got some business to take care of. congratulations are in order. fresh off the success of his fourth book, the morning show murders, al roker is out with his fifth book, this one's called the midnight show murders. you're a lover, not a fighter, why all the murders? >> our chef willie blessing who also happens to be bald, african-american, a little stocky, who's on a morning show. >> what's the connection? >> i can think of none. he's a lover and he was september out to the west coast to help the network launch a late night talk show. and the host gets killed. and they're worried that -- he
8:05 am
has to help find out who done it. >> how do you write these books? when do you have time to write these books? i don't understand. >> i have a co-writer, a terrific mystery writer. but dick helps me with the road map. it's a lot of fun, we try to give some insider stuff, we use some real people in there. >> james patterson, very well known, mystery writer, thriller writer is raving about this book and says it's very, very, very funny and you should quit your day job. we don't agree with that. by the way, if anything ever happens to any of us, you are immediately a person of interest, that's it. congratulations. >> wie do take a couple of shot at some of the real life late-night comic shows.
8:06 am
>> >> we are going to see a mixture of clouds and sunshine today, chance for showers late in the afternoon. same deal in the eastern shore. same deal in the eastern shore. >> and that's your latest weather. big question, who's going to design kate middleton's wedding dress or gown as they would call it. we're going to ask the woman who designed princess diana's gown. right after this. with the capital one venture card
8:07 am
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it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering. back at 8:09, it is said to be the most talked about and photographed dress of 2011. what will she wear when she marries prince william. tamron is here with the latest. >> every bride wants to shine on her big day and when it comes to picking her wedding gown, one thing is here, kate middleton's
8:10 am
pick will get worldwide scrutiny. >> reporter: kate middleton wore the brazilian designer's creation to announce to the world she found her prince. >> i was very excited. >> isa is said to be kate's favorite designer but the british are hoping one of their own gets to design the future queen's wedding dress. >> just that little bit more. >> reporter: the odds on favorite british design tore the st st stars. >> i think she does a really romantic dress, they're large scale, but not heavy and clunky, she can bring a delicacy and lightness into a huge garment which i think is quite an achievement. >> david emanuel created
8:11 am
princess dianadiana's gown at t time. >> we're in a different mood now, where you know 2010 going into 2011. we look forward to these big, big intraicelebrations, they're exciting. >> reporter: princess diana's dress cost $115,000, kate's dress will cost nearly double that. >> kate has to be sensitive to it being too out landish and expensive. >> reporter: no matter who she chooses, this english rose is sure to shine and the designer remembered forever. >> the second kate picks a dress, there are sure to be copycats and british sellers
8:12 am
already selling an inexpensive copy of that blue dress she wore to announce her engagement. >> susan zuckerman is a writer and reporter for people working with the royal coverage team. good morning. >> suzanne, if i could start with you, let's talk a little bit about these two top contenders who will design the dress. isa the brazilian designer and f phillipa. >> obviously isa is on everyone's mind because kate wears her dresses so well. last week she suddenly emerged with british odds makers putting a lot of emphasis on phillipa.
8:13 am
she is a london based designer and she does have that relationship. kate has the power and the ability here to tap a british designer, and there is a sense of nationalistic pride that goes along with that. >> but is there a big difference in the kind of style these women would use in terms of creating the dress? >> i think that isa is clean lined and polishes. phillipa has a little bit more refined. >> your name has come up as one of the possible designers of the gown. they're putting you at five to one at this point. if you were to design the dress, what kind of a dress would you design for her knowing her style over the past eight years? >> i think the difference between kate and diana is that kate has developed her own sense of style, she very much knows what suits her.
8:14 am
and i would imagine she would go to something quite simple, but also, you know, it's going to be a fantastic challenge for a designer because it's a royal occasion that's going to be an historical moment, it's got to be something that really reflects the history, you know, side. so it actually could be anything, but the one thing i'm pretty certain about, probably not going to look like diana's dress. >> you designed diana's dress. so you know the pressure of being in that position. >> oh, goodness, yes. >> what would you say to whoever designs this dress? >> it is incredible pressure and the thing is if you have a really good team around you, that's very, very important and you're got to get very good security. and the thing is to really concentrate on what's the most important thing which is to do an absolutely amazing dress for the bride. the bride is the most important part of this at the end of the day and put in the back of your
8:15 am
mind, there's going to be i don't know how many billion people watching as well. you've got to try and not think about that. >> right, like they couldn't. >> elizabeth emanuel, thank you so much. and now let's head outside to tamron. >> hey, meredith, al, the crowd is getting ready for the sensational susan boyle concert. this is a young handsome fan. anyway we have got a trivia question for her fans. what part of scotland does susan come from? there it is right there and right after this, we will have the answer. and already they're yelling out answers. what do you think? we'll see if you're right after the break. ♪ [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. ♪
8:16 am
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8:19 am
answer is b, blackburn. and susan will sing for us in the next half hour, meantime over to matt. >> now to our special series thanks and giving. "today" contributing correspondent jenna bush hager visited the hospital and spent some time in familiar territory. jenna, good morning to you. >> like you i had the opportunity to go to st. jude and i got to go back to my texas roots with an extraordinary young lady. to cassidy, she loves the rodeo. from the prize winning belt buckles to their 27 acre farm complete with horses, calves and steers. this family takes roping, riding and ranching seriously. >> where does this love of being outdoors, being at the rodeos, riding horses come from? >> it's a passion that i love and we introduced it to our kids
8:20 am
and they love it naturally. >> reporter: dars si cassidy was well on her way to following her father's passion. but in december of last year, that perfect life was in jeopardy. how did you know something was wrong with darcy? >> she started throwing up in the morning. oh, no she has a cold. and six weeks later, he was getting frustrated because it's not normal. >> we had to wake up at 5:00 in the morning to give her bread so she won't throw up. >> reporter: after several visits to the doctor, darcy underwent an mri. she had an atypical tumor. one of the rarest and deadliest forms of brain cancer. >> you're not hungry, you almost don't feel the pain, the pain is just so large, you don't feel it. you don't know what to think,
8:21 am
you don't know what to say, you don't even know what to ask. >> reporter: after emergency life saving surgery, a family member told them about st. jude's research hospital. at first the family resisted. >> we have four kids, my husband travels, we have animals, you can't let them go, they need water, they need food. >> reporter: despite the long distance, the kcassidy family chose st. jude's. why was it important they come to st. jude's in particular? >> this is a very rare cancer and has a very poor outcome. there's very little success with the treatment. >> reporter: this is darcy's tumor before, after surgery and treatment, the tumor is gone. how often do you see these tumors coming back? >> in her case about 20% chance of her tumor coming back. >> reporter: now darcy has been cancer free for over a year and
8:22 am
on this day, there's good news. >> we're good, we're coming home. >> we have courage now to get back to their normal activity in life. >> reporter: get back on the horse? >> get back on the horse, absolutely. >> reporter: today darcy's back in the saddle. how do you feel about riding horses? hanging out with the family on their farm, i could tell where she gets her strength. what would you say to darcy now that she's back. >> that she's really brave that she survived cancer. >> reporter: as darcy gets stronger, life is almost back to normal on the cassidy farm. where did you get this one from? >> a rodeo. >> reporter: darcy even won a belt buckle in a recent competition. >> reporter: what do you see in the next 10, 20 years? what's your hope. >> one birthday at a time, not what we want, i just hope she
8:23 am
finds a way to tackle what she wants to tackle. >> in the cowboy world, you got to be tough or you're not going to make it and i think that the people that we're around just look at her like she's a professional challenger. >> and now she's fighting to win. >> and darcy's case is so rare that her local hospital had never even seen this type of tumor. remaining cancer free for the next two years is critical. matt? >> it's a great story, marlow thomas joins us this morning. there are fewer than 100 cases of this particular type of cancer, so some might ask why would st. jude's focus on this cancer? >> aside from the obvious that every child's life matters. 70% of the kids who get this are under 3 years old. so there must be a genetic component of this. which is exciting because we're
8:24 am
involved in the first and largest genome project ever. we're going to take 600 kids with cancer and decode their dna to find out what's different between the healthy cell and the bad cell. what we're figuring out also is that all of these cells, what makes a brain cell turn into a brain tumor. what makes a blood cell turn into a leukemia? and this is important because it's obviously genetic. >> but the 1962 survival rights for children with cancer 20%. now they're 80%. and i think people are familiar with the bush family history know that stories like this hit home for you. >> yes, my dad's sister died of leukemia, right before st. jude hospital opened. >> i know i talked to your grandmother about that. >> and my grandfather, the doctor i met at st. jude told me that when my grandfather came, he hugged a little girl and said i wish this hospital had been
8:25 am
around forever. >> a lot of people wish i had been around forever. marlow, it's always good to see you. see you tomorrow. >> yes, absolutely. just ahead, susan boyle live in concert on the plaza, but first your local news.
8:26 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. let's go final check on the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> 95 southbound in the area of 100, through howard county, delays forming at 35 miles per hour. if you had out on east joppa road at seven ports drive, an open manhole there. use extra caution. lochearn drive kit kat road, we
8:27 am
have an accident. you can see the delays due just talking about. 95 at tydings memorial bridge, looks pretty good. no delays here. watch for delays at the delaware polls. northbound, there is a lot of construction there. 95 at white marsh, looks pretty good. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> we are looking at a front passing through the area. we will we going to the state of maryland today. showers ahead of the front. maybe seeing in little brain activity later on into the afternoon. other than that, clouds will increase throughout the day but we will remain mild. temperatures in the 60's. 40% chance of late-day showers. winds out of the southwest and once the front clears, they will turn to the northwest. it looks like for tomorrow, up
8:28 am
to 53 degrees and mostly sunny. thursday, chance of showers, but into thanksgiving evening and night. >> thank you for joining us. we will another update at 8:55.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on a tuesday morning, it's the 23rd day of november, 2010. beautiful day here in the northeast. we have got bright blue skies, we have got moderate temperatures and we have got a monster crowd out on the plaza. these people here to hear singing sensation susan boyle up
8:31 am
on stage and she'll be performing for us in just a couple of minutes. by the way. susan just accomplished something last accomplished by the beatles in 1969. we'll fill you in on that in just a second. meanwhile out on the plaza. >> another great concert tomorrow, tennessee rocker kings of leon will be live on the plaza. >> that will be awfully good. also awfully good, we're talking about dessert. but if you want to save a little calorie count, you might want to think about the minidesserts. johnny delorenta is going to show us how to downsize without giving any calories. >> we're going to teach you how
8:32 am
to celebrate the holidays. before we go any further, can we please welcome in jessica dowd, which is the latest contestant to be voted off "the biggest loser". nice to see you, bad news is, voted off. you started "the biggest loser" you weighed 282 pounds. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. i'm doing fantastic and my goal, i am this close to that goal for the finale so i'm really looking forward to it. >> your goal is 160ish. >> it's a little bit higher than that, probably around 170 for the finale. my goal the way i look at it, it's not over after the finale. it's going to be my life and if i lose another 10 or 15. >> it's a marathon, not a sprint. >> you left one week before the
8:33 am
makeover week. my hair was about down to here when i got home, the best way to pay it forward immediately is to donate it and help who i can. i cut it to here when i got home and now it's already grown this much and maybe i'll do it again in a couple of months. >> now you wear the same size as some of your girlfriends. how do you keep it going? >> it's all about being interesting for me. i do some yoga. i try to do something new every day and keep it exciting. >> congratulations. >> nice to meet you, you can check out "the biggest loser" tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central time right here on nbc. mr. roker? >> as far as your thanksgiving travel, friday, we have got rain changing over to snow in the northeast and new england, wet weather in the pacific northwest, wet up and down the
8:34 am
east coast, atlanta, probably some problems there, saturday snow showerses in the eastern great lakes, a mess in california, sunny and cold in the plains. sunday, sunday, everybody heading home, the western third of the country will be again, a wet, snowy mess. a few snow showers in northern new england, otherwise much of the rest of the country looking pretty good for yo >> patchy fog out there, more clouds than not. chance of late day showers. 60s yet again. >> and of course you want more
8:35 am
information on your holiday travel weather, check out the weather channel on cable and online. up next, some tasty bite sized thanksgiving day desserts. plus a live concert on the plaza from susan boyle, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
"today's" holiday kitchen is brought to you by ocean spray, tastes good, good for you. >> 8:37 this morning on "today's" holiday kitchen. many thanksgiving desserts no matter how much turkey, stuffing and sides you dig in to on thursday, there's always room for dessert. happy holidays are you ready for the big day? >> my siblings for the last three months, are we going to have it at your house?
8:38 am
>> why would anyone cook when they have your house. >> after a big meal, you may not want the big pies, so i've got three of my favorites. we're going to start with pancakes. >> minipancakes. you're using batter from scratch, but you can use store bought batter? >> basically you just mix it and then you just put it on a hot griddle and these are little baby ones. this was inspired by my daughter who loves pancakes. it doesn't matter who day it is. so i decided to make a little dessert pancake. basically let them cook one, 1 1/2 minutes. this is what they end up looking like. what i do is, i put them on a plate like that. and i think this is really fun.
8:39 am
this is raspberry. this happens to be my daughter's favorite, but you can do anything. you can do them slightly warm, it's fine, it just starts to melt, but it looks pretty that way. now this is something you can make ahead of time, obviously. but just as easy at the last minute. >> what kind of chocolate did you melt there? >> it's dark chocolate. it's one cup of chocolate chips and half a cup of cream. so it's very light. >> this is great. >> so the best way to actually melt chocolate is over a double boiler. bring a little water to boil. otherwise you can burn the chocolate. and then it won't taste the same. >> add a couple of raspberries so it's like a pancake sorbet sandwich. >> so you're going to make minicheese cakes? >> instead of having a little sliver, you can have a little individual one.
8:40 am
these are chocolate wafers. so it's a chocolate wafer, you just kind of crumble it up. >> you're overwhelmed by a slice of cheese cake, but you put cheese cake in the middle? >> graham crackers, whatever you like. i take this and i cover it with melted butter. so then, why don't you do this. >> you know me. >> cream cheese. we're going to do a quarter cup of sugar. one egg and a little bit of orange zest. >> why do you put the orange in there? >> flavor. >> you want to pulse, what? >> you just keep doing this until it becomes a nice, smooth batter. and then you pour right in there. just like that. >> how long do you bake these? >> 350 for 25 minutes. and then you cool them for 15. and what i do is i bake them in
8:41 am
water. if you have any issues or imperfections on the sides, it pops. >> you've put more sugar thisin there, haven't you? >> you need to have something pumpkin for thanksgiving. >> how many people are you having for thanksgiving? >> i'm actually having thanksgiving in rome. so it will be very -- it will be a little different. we're still having thanksgiving with an italian twist. >> but normally you do the cooking? >> i do. >> so you'll invite me next year, maybe? >> maybe, i'll think about it. see how nice you are. >> minidesserts for thanksgiving. you'll be back tomorrow with a twist on traditional potatoes. international superstar susan boyle is live in concert, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. >> susan boyle shot to international fame in 2009 on "britain's got talent." her first album sold nearly 10 million copies worldwide. she's performing with the hudson river children's choir, ladies and gentlemen, susan boyle. ♪ just a perfect day ♪ a walk through the park
8:45 am
♪ and then when it gets dark we go home ♪ ♪ just a perfect day ♪ and then later ♪ it's just a perfect day ♪ i'm glad i spent it with you ♪ another perfect day ♪ you just keep me hanging on ♪ you just keep me hanging on ♪ just a perfect day
8:46 am
♪ problems all melt away ♪ just a perfect day ♪ you may me forget my problems ♪ ♪ it's such a perfect day ♪ i'm glad i spent it with you
8:47 am
♪ it's such a perfect day ♪ you just keep me hanging on ♪ you just keep me hanging on ♪ ♪ ♪
8:48 am
>> susan boyle, thank you so much, we are back with more music in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
susan boyle's debut album was the world's top seller in 2009 and her sophomore effort
8:50 am
the gift is currently number one in both the u.s. and the uk, the second time she has accomplished that feet in less than a year and that has not been done in more than four decades. susan, good morning to you. the last group to do that, the beatles, 40 years ago to have the top in the u.s. and the uk two years in a row. what does it feel like for you? this must have been a crazy couple of years for you. >> it's been really fantastic. >> your fans who love you and they care about you obviously that's why they're here. this album, mostly holiday songs, christmas songs. >> it captures the magic of the season, and the holiday atmosphere. >> do you have a favorite christmas song? >> they're all good. >> i wanted to bring in amber. amber's going to be singing with you on the next song.
8:51 am
amber was the winner of the birch contest. she picked you. you are a mom of three, you're a medic from bloomington, new york. how did you feel when you got that phone call from her? >> absolutely amazing. i was so excited that i was actually talking to susan herself and then when she told me i won, the world just stopped, a dream came true all the way around. >> and what was it about susan's voice that impressed you? >> it's a very soulful voice. >> that's pretty high complements from susan boyle. you're going to sing a duet together, a holiday classic, "do you hear what i hear"?
8:52 am
♪ there'sdo you see what i see ♪ ♪ way up there in the sky ♪ do you see what i see ♪ a star, a star dancing in the night ♪ with a tail as big as the sky ♪ ♪ let the little lamb through the shepherd's call.
8:53 am
do you hear what i hear ♪ ♪ ringing through the sky shepherd's voice ♪ ♪ do you hear what i hear ♪ a song light as all the breeze with a voice as big as the sea ♪ ♪ with a voice as big as the sea ♪ ♪ do you hear what i hear ♪ as the shepherd boy sees a
8:54 am
mighty king ♪ ♪ do you know what i know ♪ do you know what i know ♪ do you know what i know ♪ let us bring him silver and gold ♪ ♪ let us bring him silver and gold ♪
8:55 am
>> susan boyle, thank you very much. the album is called "the gift" and we'll have one more song from susan in just a bit. but first your local news.
8:56 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here's a look at our top stories. a wal-mart will set up shop in the heart of the city's north side. coupled with city council gave the final zoning approval last night to the retail giant to be an anchor of an 11-acre development in remington. it is expected to create about 400 construction jobs and 650 permanent jobs. the shopping center will also include a lowe's home improvement center, a specialty
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> now let's take a look at the forecast with meteorologist sandra shaw. >> we are tracking a cold front will get through the state today. increasing clouds as a result. slight chance of a shower late in the day. precipitation in front of it is breaking apart. much colder as we head into tonight. mild throughout the afternoon. the french will be dipping into the 30's. much chillier tomorrow -- the fund will be dipping into the 30's. chillier tomorrow. chance of a shower into thanksgiving night. >> we will have another update at 9:25.
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