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tv   11 News  NBC  May 1, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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rifled that past howard. niclas wallin followed up. 2-0. on the power play, detroit fights back. datsyuk with a wonderful pass to zetterberg who snapped it past niemi for a 2-1 san jose lead with just under 3:00 to play. >> darren: one of the rare times niemi was in his net. gets to zetterberg and now there is too much space. great shot by zetterberg. >> dave: joe thornton was strong against him. he is pointing to his midsection
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saying he bumped it ahead. >> darren: does it with great class, doesn't he? >> joe: like everything else. >> dave: not showing up the officials, just making the call. murray with the shot. thornton able to clear it. won't go for icing. 2:30 remaining here in regulation time. red wings down one game to none in the series. >> joe: what did that hit? >> darren: the post. >> dave: i thought it might have hit the back bar. setting it up for zetterberg. making sure it's not broken. >> dave: poked ahead by heatley. this will go for icing. down less than 2:00. one-goal game. icing call. san jose will not be able to make a change. >> darren: look at the black
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sweaters. they are back. this is a give-and-go. lidstrom pass off. kept going. wrist shot right off the short side post. >> dave: quick shot here and pad save made by niemi. that was rafalski got that one through. bounces it back into the red wings' zone. keep an eye on jimmy howard to our right. he is looking at the bench. rafalski circling back. they are going to try to make a play. this is going to be icing. rafalski was trying to hit the stick of bertuzzi to get it into the zen. it missed the stick. >> darren: that is a huge icing. >> joe: detroit with 1:34 to go. >> darren: zetterberg is getting more and more active. if there hasn't been a time-out here, i'll get back on the ice
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in a hurry. >> joe: stuart trying to save time by going to the bench so mike babcock doesn't have to use his time-out. he goes to exchange sticks. the referee says, let's get going a few seconds buys them time. >> dave: it will be mitchell for the sharks. nice job. gets it to the boards. now bertuzzi. didn't make the play. sharks able to hold it in. kyle wellwood. talk about trust putting them on in this situation. they are protecting a one-goal lead. just over 1:00 remaining here. bertuzzi couldn't control. mitchell gets it back to douglas murray. got away with it. that was taken by datsyuk. couldn't get it deep. howard making his way to the bench.
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recovered by boyle. hands it off to marleau. open net. sends it across on the far side. this too far in front. holmstrom plays it around. datsyuk drops it back. empty net to our right. 45 seconds on the clock. extra attacker for detroit. 2-1 lead for sam jose. rafalski. hammered by ian white. that puck stays in. racing after it is marleau. rafalski trying to get there, as well. rafalski with a long stretch pass. 45 seconds remaining as detroit hits the offensive zone. wallin had it jammed away. datsyuk back to the point. rafalski with the shot. that goes off the skate over the glass out of play with 13:1 seconds remaining. two broken sticks on the ice.
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it's been a tremendous atmosphere all afternoon here in san jose. now detroit takes its time-out. the faceoff will come to the left of the goaltender antti niemi. >> dave: tonight stanley cup playoffs continue on versus. capitals host the lightning. lightning lead that series one game to none. nhl stanley cup playoffs tonight, coverage begins at 6:30 eastern. strategy being discussed both ways. red wings bench were asking officials to look at the clock and make sure extra time didn't tick off. it still reads 13.1.
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>> joe: joe thornton will take the all-important faceoff. datsyuk will take the faceoff against joe thornton. they faced one another an awful lot these first two games. >> dave: datsyuk and thornton. drops the puck. cleanly won by thornton. hammered by boyle. rafalski. sharks able to clear. five seconds remaining. detroit gets it at center ice. hammered by datsyuk. puck on the far side. the horn sounds to endgame two of the san jose sharks' home turf. they win both games in this building. both by 2-1 scores. >> joe: different type of game, game two to game one. this a nasty game. niemi especially early.
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when detroit came out putting pressure on the early part of the game, of course the big faceoff win by thornton. >> darren: i know i've got you winded. you're on the ice for another key faceoff. how big is this going up 2-0 against detroit red wings? >> you've got to keep home ice. will be tough winning there. we've got to take care of your home ice skating. >> darren: what's been the biggest change in your game personally? >> nothing. >> darren: that a boy. >> thanks, panger. >> dave: stanley cup playoffs continue on versus. coverage begins at 6:30. next saturday on nbc, our playoff coverage begins at 12:30 eastern with potential game five between the lightning and caps. at 4:00 p.m., the first jewel of the triple crown, the 137th
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running of the kentucky derby. for joe micheletti and darren pang and the rest of our nbc crew, dave strader saying so long from san jose. -- captions by vitac --
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>> 85-year-old boy found in a vacant howard county home. >> libyan officials say members of the gaddafi family dead. they claim it was an assassination attempt. >> more showers and thunderstorms ins
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>> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6. >> a family in despair. a young man found dead inside of an occupied home and his 5- still alive by his side. what happened? the pieces of the puzzle let the rent for between tonight. the 26-year-old victim was found yesterday, but some believe the body may have been there for days. sheldon dutes has been following the story progresses and joins us live up from jessup with the latest. >> it appears that the victim broke a window. the police were called out to the vacant home earlier this week for the shattered glass window. when they looked around, they did not find anyone. 26-year-old najib abdullah and
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his 05-year-old son were found inside this house. his deceased grandfather on this home. he made the gruesome discovery when picking up things. >> i opened the door and there was a terrible smell. it knocked me down. i got my father and we went around looking for a dead animal. when i kicked the door in and the kids stepped down, it was unbelievable. >> the little boy was asking for help and kept repeating, "i think my daddy is dead." >> his hands gripping like this like he had been holding on to his father. >> the news of the death was too much for his family to bear. it appears that he broke a window to get inside of the home. he and his son last seen tuesday night leaving a relative's home. >> there was an altercation with his father. that was tuesday night. his father was the last person
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who saw him. >> the 5-year-old boy was treated for dehydration and is expected to be ok. the official cause of death is pending an autopsy. live in jessup, sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore city police are investigating a suspicious death. they responded to the 2700 block of matthews street and a woman's body was found lying face down. no word on her identity or cause of death. homicide detectives have been notified. three men are recovering after a stabbing. baltimore county police were called to florida road at around 11:30 p.m. saturday night where they found one man stabbed in the other two found nearby. no word on their conditions. they believed the victims may have been involved in an altercation. >> a shooting at the windsor
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and. a man was shot around 12:30 p.m. and no word on a possible motive. one person dead after an explosion and fire at aberdeen. what happened around 3:00 p.m. killing a contractor employee. this was an isolated incident and poses no threat to other workers. 11 people hospitalized after being exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide. they responded around 8:30 p.m. last night and five children were showing signs of illness. they detected high levels of carbon monoxide coming from and out of service heater. more than one dozen people were evacuated until they were able to ventilate their rooms. >> cloudy skies and grain moving through the area holding the temperatures down. a couple more hours to deal with the wet weather along the eastern shore.
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this is slowly gliding in from the mountains in response to a warm front that will make its way in late tonight and will bring the temperatures back to above normal levels. this will lead to another round of thunderstorms. this is exactly what the people in the south do not want to see in the oklahoma, taxes, tennessee, arkansas. there are some big thunderstorms and i will detail that in the seven-day coming up. >> recovery is the focus in the south following the deadly tornadoes. janet napolitano toward the devastation today. we have more on the story. >> worshipers gather on a concrete slab in alabama, all that is left of the church that was once here. >> it is a fountain of hope. >> this is a scene that played out across the south, survivors turning their thoughts towards
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heaven, that they continue to live through hell. so much and so many have been lost. more than three and a 30-across seven states and the number is growing. -- more than that 330 dead and growing. thousands are injured and hundreds are still missing. as the cleanup and recovery continues, janet the palatine note -- nap napolitano toured this neighborhood. >> it is amazing that everyone is just helping each other around. it truly is. it really touches our hearts. >> many have been told here by the graphic pictures of devastation. >> we hope to make a difference in these people's lives. >> those who live here a understand the fickle nature of tornadoes and the very real
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possibility that they could be next. >> it was just not enough to sit back. it could have been asked. >> it is why those who have lived through the horror now hold the to other targets. they draw strength in numbers. >> just be there for each other. >> and hold on to their fate, even when everything else around them seems to be shattered. nbc news. >> libyan officials are once again claiming that nato was trying to assassinate gaddafi. he was in a building that was bombed by nato. members of his family are reportedly dead. the deaths have not been confirmed, but nato officials insist they are trying to kill the libyan leader. brian mooar has the story from washington. andone of the gaddafi's sons
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three grandchildren were killed when missiles came down on this residence. they claim the libyan leader was the target. >> this was a direct operation to assassinate the leader of this country. this is not permitted by international law. >> nato officials us -- insist they were not try to kill gaddafi. they were just trying to eliminate his war machine. >> if he was killed or injured because of that line, that is fine. >> senator mccain is not ok with the decision to let nato do the fighting. >> we should be leading. we should not be following. we should not be behind. >> the narrative we want you to send is that the libyan people overthrew dictator now that we came in and toppled the despot.
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>> a despot who said he suffered a terrible loss and shows no signs of giving up the fight. gaddafi has offered a ceasefire, but insists that he will not step down. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> hundreds of thousands descend on from for the beatification of pope john paul ii. we will show you how the pontiff was honored here in the baltimore. >> matt damon. i love him. he said he was disappointed in my performance. >> well, i just saw "the adjustment bureau," so right back at you, buddy. >> it becomes the stage for his witty comebacks, but he had to
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>> no one is happier, no one is prouder to putting this birth certificate issue to rest so he can get back to the issues that matter like did we fake to the moon landings? [laughter] what happened in roswell? where are biggy and tupac? [laughter] >> the president had some fun of his own. donald trump was at the correspondents dinner and as smart as the president and the jokes on him. this morning he called the jokes "inappropriate." the last watch for endeavor has been postponed until may 8th.
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a control box needs to be replaced for a heating bauxite . it will take several days to complete. bove john paul ii is one step closer to sainthood. we will assure you how the pope was honored right here in baltimore. >> wet weather moving through the mid-atlantic with some thunderstorms in the forecast. the insta-weather plus details coming up.
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but trying to grow grass from seed in tough areas like deep shade, along the driveway, and where the kids play can be a little intimidating... until now. with scotts ez seed. it's scotts best grass seed, starter fertilizer and a growing material that absorbs water and expands to surround and protect the seeds, you'll get a thick, green scotts lawn even if you've never been successful with other seed before. the revolutionary scotts ez seed. grow grass anywhere. >> for those who could not make it to run for the beatification of pope john paul ii, the archdiocese of baltimore held that some celebratory service followed by a procession from the basilica. catholic school students will spend the day tomorrow learning about the life of pope john paul
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ii. more than 1 million people gathered in st. peter's square. and thompson reports from the vatican. >> today, the catholic church declared pope john paul ii blessed. it is a major milestone on the path to becoming a saint. six years after they wanted sainthood. he has been beatified in record time, one miracle away from sainthood. the three-day celebration began with a prayer vigil last night were the romans once raised chariots. they remembered the man on a fast track to sainthood. among the speakers, the french nun who said her prayers kirk -- cured her parkinson's disease.
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his first miracle. his charismatic faces everywhere and on everything. trying to rekindle the catholics. , slipping in europe after decades of declining mass attendance. >> it is a kind of a spiritual fog right now. maybe this will bring people around. >> many people live inside the basilica before they will pray before the casket of pope john paul ii. they will keep the basilica open until every program has paid his or her respects. ann thompson, nbc news, vatican city. >> york 11 insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> in little bit of rain to contend with as we wrap up the weekend on a cool, wet note. reports of the upper part of the day and the eastern shore, this
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is drying out. back in the ohio river valley and pennsylvania, this will come our way. the total amount of it so far has been fairly light. .003 at bwi. typical high on the first day of name commits a day in baltimore, highs in the 60's. only in the low 60's on the interior shore. just to the southwest, developing and head of a warm front and a pretty close to 70 degrees in central ohio. richmond had 68. the warm front of the getting closer as the day goes on. we will even the sound of 48-55
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degrees. the showers should move out earlier tonight followed by mostly cloudy skies with a live southeastern wind. we will see a lot of clouds and the temperature will come up. there are some big storms rumbling right into northeast texas. the same scenario from last week just not with the power or energy associated with last week's storm system. were the two are colliding, the big thunderstorms. scattered hit and miss showers throughout the day and off and on tomorrow. as we getting to the afternoon, a thunderstorm is possible. finally, the cold front will go wednesday night into thursday


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