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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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wanted terrorist was not armed, but resisted capture before been shot and killed. >> we have more on what was taken after the compound. >> the white house release is a description of the raid and said that the u.s. commandos were met with gunfire as soon as they entered the compound. >> the team cleared the compound, moving from room to room. >> describes a highly a volatile fire fight. the navy seal team found the target. >> his wife rushed the u.s. a salter am shot and a leg, but not killed. he was then shot and then killed. he was not armed. >> it was not clear whether anyone other than osama bin laden au revoir for in the room at the time. >> the white house is still considering whether to release
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the photos of the body. >> i do not see a need to do it. the dna has been deposited, and people may still doubt that. therefore, there may because, i do not know. >> documents, dvd, multiple car drives, that may reveal clues to al qaeda operations. the cia director briefed members of congress on the operation behind closed doors. >> i commend president barack obama for his decisive leadership. >> the president will travel to ground zero in new york on thursday to mark the death and to pay tribute to the victims of 9/11. >> you can see what navy seals all in the final moments. the graphic pictures inside the
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compound where the terrorist mastermind was found is all on for 10 years, he was able to hide in plain sight. a look at his million-dollar compound and going back. that is tonight at 6:30. >> a severe thunderstorm watch issued by the national weather service four parts of western maryland and washington county and south central pennsylvania. if we switch our view, you will see the lightning strikes in that area. those lightning strikes are accompanied by some showers. that is going to be sliding south and east as the evening wears on. the severe form -- storms will be sticking to our north and west. there is the possibility of a strong storm around here and so much cooler weather is on the
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way. >> speed cameras will be coming to school zones in howard county. the council voted after a dozen amendments. critics say it speed cameras are an intrusion on privacy, while supporters say the cameras are a way to slow drivers down. >> a baltimore city judge found one of three police officers accused of kidnapping not guilty. after a jury delivered a guilty verdict for his two co- defendants yesterday. >> the judge say considered all the evidence and had represented the officer and declared him not guilty. there are new questions about whether this case was charged properly. baltimore city police detective greg hellen of this family, but
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declined to comment. his attorney said the trial was fair and the young detective was exonerated. >> i am very relieved that the detective was acquitted. >> they were all charged with kidnapping, false arrest, assault and misconduct. >> they charged them with every crime in the book. unfortunately, this case is about -- this case is about the facts. >> we are disappointed in the judge's decision with respect to officer hellen. >> the case centers on what happened on march -- may 4. forcing him into an unmarked van, leaving him in howard county, standing in with no shoes, socks, or a way home.
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the officers left him in east baltimore. both were 15 years old at the time the officer said the teenager's went voluntarily and offered to give information about criminal activity. the judge ruled he did not commit malfeasance. the judge did believe that he committed nonfeasance by not doing his duty when he should. the charges did not include nonfeasance. the judge said the essence of police work is respect and the essence of respect is in treating people with respect. he said that highhanded cowboy tactics is the exact opposite of good police work. in the dark of a rainy night, a 15-year-old child was found without shoes 11 miles from this,. -- from his call. >> -- home. >> i have no comment on that.
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>> they have dishonored the badge that they wear. it is a stain on the baltimore city police department. >> the attorneys for detectives smith and francis have told us they plan to appeal. >> it was one year ago today yeardley love was found murdered in her off-campus apartment. her ex-boyfriend was charged with that murder. i continue a conversation with their closest friends. is the first time they get spoke closed -- pop -- spoke publicly about their loss. >> the laughter and memories flow easily, but a glance at yet another photo, she is with them once again. there were the best of friends.
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i was recently invited into their circle to your their stories ensure their laughter to learn about yeardley love. >> one of birthings was, -- one of her the things was -- what if's. >> more power to her. >> she did not care of what people thought of her. >> it is perhaps her smile, her laughter, that they miss the most. there is also her heart, a big enough for everyone. >> she was all -- she was always a friend that was making sure that, should be called this person? and where we went, 20 more people would show up. >> was she a good listener?
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>> definitely. >> if you ever at a problem, she would be the first one to call. >> what amazed to the most about her? >> it was her personality and her ability to make any situation a happy situation. she was never down. she brought some much cheer into the room. >> you guys saw her through one of the most painful periods of for life. >> it is hard to explain if you have not met her. she had this way about her where she makes everything seemed ok >> you speak about her in the present. do you feel like she's still with you? >> in some ways. it will always be hard. >> what would it be like with all of your 10 years from now when you are getting together?
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>> we always joke about it that we will be friends forever. i think it will just be very hard. i already think about our weddings and i am afraid i will be sad because she is not there. >> she will not be there for the future events. >> that is the hardest. she is so recent and our minds. we have not really change in our appearance or a grown-up that much. she is so recent. 10 years down the road, we will not know. >> they say she will be -- shape -- they say she will be them as they continue with their journey in their life. they will continue with each milestone. her accused killer is said to
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go on trial february 6. family and friends have established a foundation and her memory. they're building a new lacrosse building in her honor. stir in sport t-shirts with her signature #one and you can find a link to the web sites on >> i will show you what students across the nation are doing to fight childhood obesity. >> we might have a little bit of history starting to repeat out west. >> some big thunderstorms once again. a severe thunderstorm watch for parts of maryland.
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>> president obama honored this year's national teacher of the year. sheet is in advanced placement chemistry teacher in frederick county. she is fluent in american sign language. she was named state teacher of the year in october. >> first lady michelle obama helped launch a program dedicated to solving the problem of childhood obesity. >> it is a national effort to get local schools to take the lead and that is what happened across the country today. >> students obeid the national command, let's move. to putl of let's move is
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more children on the path to help the living and to all began with dancing at 1:42 on the east coast. students realize what they were doing was for a good cause. >> they want us to get into -- it was fun, and kind of hard at the same time. >> it did not take much for let's move to catch on. aipac the school's cafeteria to try to keep pace with the beat. -- they packed the school's cafeteria to try to keep pace with the beat. students in baltimore city also took part in the planned event. >> hopefully, it will cause kids about the world to start moving parade >> michelle obama made a surprise visit to washington, d.c., area school.
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she is challenging schools to combine being actively the eating healthy food. >> it was really amazing that a lot of these kids showed up after school to learn the it routine. >> students are eager to do their parts to help stop childhood obesity. >> as many as 600 and schools took part in today's events. watch local videos on >> you were insta-weather-plus forecast -- >> thunderstorms north and west of baltimore and some of that may move into our region. you will see numerous lightning strikes associated with the showers right now and that weather extends back towards
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pittsburgh, pennsylvania. the southern end about blind could clip through parts of yoyork. what does and alerts, we will show you where the watch is in effect. the pink shaded counties to our north and west. that goes through the evening hours. the watch is a network to air masses are colliding. it quickly dropped back into the 40's and 50's on the other side of that front. and now we are on the warm side of things and it will stay that way for the next couple of hours. a few showers and maybe a friend coming through -- and maybe a friend coming through and we will try to blow some of this pollen out.
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some thunderstorms and a little bit of rain and wind bring east of the mountain. at the front comes through and be a wind shift to the northwest. sun goes down this evening at 8:02. there is a big temperature dropped on the other side of this front. the skies clear nicely to the plains states and that is where we are banking on to get in gear through thursday. the skies may try to clear up the late in the day. tomorrow night, the sky is clear and some chilly air filters and. by thursday morning, the temperatures could be down as low as below 40's in spots.
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friday, the next system roles in it. a one-day break on thursday. northwest went at 10-20. on the bed, northwest of land at 20 knots and weighs around 3 feet. seven-day forecast, we were at 80 today, 50's tomorrow. we will bounce back nicely on thursday. the weakened, mainly saturnine -- saturday night and into sunday. temperatures on saturday and sunday into the low 70's. >> the orioles turned their attention to night to take sneaky kansas city royals' team. only four teams in the american league had a better record than kc.
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ford and, brian roberts, robert --in the fourth, you cannot build at home run back in. chicago went it 6-2. the orioles continue the short road trip tonight at coppin stadium. brad trying to enter the win column. halfway home for on trade, he collected a single in the fifth and last night. 28 games. it is picking up on you. do not expect a bronze statue
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just yet. more than 50 times, a player has carried a 30-game hit streak. we will let you know if he can extend his remarkable feat to 29 in a row. for years, we have heard basketball people say no sport has a stronger home court advantage then there's great not this year. so far, the conference semifinals. jack nicholson, the rest of the time, he has been the lakers' games. here is johnny. here comes the jazz. crunch time. lakers are down two. kobe bryant mrs. the shot.
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-- misses the shot. dallas wins at 96-94. bryant sounds concern. >> you are here to play. i do not really see it as being a big deal. he does talk to compete. >> stick around.
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>> what he said and how the
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organization is reacting grade weighing the consequences, how graphic photos of the death could affect your child. those stories when you join us
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>> tom has come from the weather kingdom to give us great news about mother's day. >> we are shopping for a new
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mother's day forecast at the moment. >> showers and some thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow, 39 degrees. we could celebrate mother's day on thursday. three-day weekend. we could do it monday. some scattered showers on friday, saturday night and sunday, a chance for some showers. at least, the temperatures are cooperating. >> and there you go. >> its rains overnight, that is okay. sunday is the day. >> sounds good parade just sleep really late on sunday, mom. >> we will see you back here tonigh
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