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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  May 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> good morning. iowa mindy basara. >> i am stan stovall. thanks for joining us. >> you might need attack this morning. >> yes. >> it's in the 40's this morning. -- you need a jacket. >> it's a change from the beginning of the week. there are few clouds at the airport at 44 degrees with a west wind at 8 miles an hour. the wind will increase this morning. a mixture of sunshine and clout expected during the day. we will have plenty of sunshine. 57 is the high temperature later on today. when we come back in a few minutes we will look at the seven-day forecast. first, good morning, sarah. >> a nice start to the morning commute. southbound york rd. between bosnia and fremont -- fairmount,
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there's a water main break. moving from 795, no problems out of owings mills. south on 895, seven minutes from 95 to the harbor tunnel. five minutes down to the fort mchenry. 11 minutes from the beltway tacoma 32. and azariah at wilkins ave. -- a nice ride at wilkins ave. 11 minutes from the beltway to 32. >> police have confirmed the death of phylicia barnes was a homicide. >> the parents are preparing for the funeral of the north carolina teenager. there are questions that still remain. >> good morning. the case has officially been ruled a homicide by the state medical examiner's officer.
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the north carolina teenager's body was pulled from the susquehanna river two weeks ago, four months after she disappeared. she had been visiting her sister in baltimore over the christmas holiday wednesday went missing. the cause of death has been determined, but they are not releasing that information because they don't want to compromise the investigation. >> there is certain information that sometimes is only known by the person or persons responsible for committing that crime. that is an important tool for investigators to use determining who is responsible and ultimately in the prosecution of the case. >> the family is planning a private funeral for the 16-year- olds in atlanta, georgia. however, a public memorial will take place in baltimore on may 14. >> a guilty plea for one of the suspects accused of raping a 12- year-old girl in a baltimore county skating rink last august.
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and 18-year-old faces 20 years after he confessed to assaulting the girl in a storage closet in woodlawn. the place has gone out of business. trials for the other two suspect are later this year. the parents of a 14-year-old girl electrocuted at druid hill park are still seeking answers from the city. she was playing softball when she leaned against the fence and was electrocuted. the company did not admit fault. now the family wants the public to know about their daughter deanna green. >> we feel that we should have the right to know what happened to our daughter. the taxpayers need to know what happened. >> i would like to see them be proactive in addressing the failing infrastructures, a failing electrical system. >> her parents along with their attorneys say they will keep fighting to get more answers.
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>> amateur video posted on the internet shows military vehicles along a main road in syria. the authenticity of the video cannot be verified by nbc news. human rights groups say that the syrian military as killed at least 560 civilians in anti- government protests since they began last month. the syrian army units have tightened around five urban centers and the president over there is increasing its use of the military. for now the public will not see photographs proving the u.s. killed osama bin laden. this decision was made by president obama. tracie potts is in washington with how the president plans to honor the 9/11 victims. >> we are a strong and brazilian people. >> no pictures, that is the final word from president obama for now. the white house says releasing the photographs of a dead osama bin laden might incite radicals bent on retaliation.
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>> it is important to make sure very graphic photographs are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence. >> there's already a photographs floating around capitol hill, but that was a fake. democrats and republicans agree they can wait. >> there is ample proof this was osama bin laden. >> the dna was conclusive. that is the case. >> others want to see the pictures now, saying that the u.s. and middle eastern people need to know that bin laden will not come back to terrorize them. >> a picture is worth a thousand words. >> we don't want to streets osama bin laden like a trophy. >> 3 out of four people shot were not armed, including bin laden. a house full of weapons and pisistratus of violence including 9/11 was enough to shoot him on sight, according to the administration. 9/11 family's advance to see the photographs. the associated press is filing a freedom of information act
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request, to force the release. tracie potts, wbal. >> the fear of retaliation continues. members of congress want the tariff threat level in the nation to be raised, but the homeland security chief says the u.s. does not have credible information to issued an alert. intelligence officials are using information found inside bin laden's countdown to add to the terror watchlist and no-fly list. our coverage of bin laden continues on line. check out pictures of the action inside the white house during the event and what the navy seals saw inside the compound during the raid, and a compound of osama bin laden since 9/11. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. does the president's visit ground zero today seem to? email us at >> 45 degrees on tv hill. an internet tragedy, a former nurse convicted in connection
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with two deaths. >> getting away with loot, and the scene ended on one of the suspects tried to skillet -- a machine ended up on top of one of the suspects trying to steal it. >> if you look just fine today, appropriately dressed. we have the weather and
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>> nine minutes after 5:00, partly cloudy. 50 degrees at the maryland science center. cooler in the northern suburbs. near the pennsylvania line it is 43 in tontitown, 49 in annapolis, 45 degrees in jarrettsville. a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds today. it will be breezy, but not a bad day. high-temperature near 67. we will come back in a few
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minutes to look at the forecast for the weekend. >> covering the nation, severe flooding in the midwest. memphis, the largest city in tennessee, the banks of the mississippi. the river has already surpassed flood stage. a former sports arena in th area is the staging area for massive sandbagging efforts. the river makes the standard for severe flooding this weekend and reached a near record crest next weekend. >> a form _ convicted in aiding in the suicides of the people through an internet chat room is sentence. the minnesota person will spend 360 days in jail for his part in the suicide. and 18-year-old from canada and a 32-year-olds from the u.k. involved. he will spend two days in jail each year for the next 10 years as well. in jacksonville, two men took a point change machine from a car wash. they did not realize cameras were recording their moves.
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and they did not know that they wait a couple hundred pounds. they soon found out when it fell on top of one of them. they did not get away with much money because the machine was emptied that afternoon. that's funny. >> today marks the national day of prayer. designated by congress in 1952, is observed on the first thursday of may. people turn to god and prayer in meditation, and churches and groups and individually. it's 45 degrees on tv hill. bin laden is still leaving his mark and why you need to be careful while searching the web. >> a family hero is honored. >> i just did what i was supposed to do. >> the amazing coverage that he showed while getting his family out of harm's way. >> a smooth ride so far on the air your notes if you are getting ready for your commute. there's a water main break in there's a water main break in
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>> it pesky water main break. >> we have one of those in towson and emergency road work. if you travel southbound york between bosnia and fairmount, be careful. this will cause delays through that area as volume picks up. moving also far on the day affec -- on the jfx. looks good southbound toward the
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beltway. looks good on the harrisburg expressway. 57 miles an hour southbound at mount carmel. the problems from the maryland line all the way down to the beltway. 11 minutes on sac town 95 from the beltway southwest to 32. -- 11 minutes southbound 95. interstate 70 at 29, eastbound and westbound up to speed. no problems getting to the beltway. now get the latest on the buses and trains. >> a very smooth commute on the rails with no delays on the penn line, can the line, or marc rail. glen burnie looks fine and the metro subway's on time. the 30 bus will be happy delayed at edmonton and swan.
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>> take a light jacket with you. i thought we could get some frost in the northern suburbs, but it's not cold enough. 43 in tontitown, 44 at the airport, 45 in columbia. it feels even colder with degrees. a little cloud cover will be coming through. -- it feels even colder with breeze.i mostly sunny skies expected. we have storms to the northeast and high pressure over kentucky and tennessee. the wind will start to pick up after sunrise and will drag the cool air out from the southern part of canada. the average high temperature is 71 today. we will make it to the mid to
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upper 60's this afternoon. mostly sunny and breezy. sunrise this morning at 6:04. temperatures will drop into the 40's tonight. sunset this evening after 8:00. there's a clipper to our north. most of the rain will stay north of us in pennsylvania. 20% chance of rain showers on friday. there will be a series of clipper storms on the weekend. there's one on friday and late saturday and into sunday morning. slight chance of showers in today on mother's day weekend. outdoor plants should not be affected. 20% chance of rain each day, friday through sunday. but temperatures will stay about the same, slightly below average. we will get back to the 70's by monday and tuesday of next week. >> this morning, a deal between
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consolation energy and epsilon sparked a rally. -- escalon. organizers from good jobs, better baltimore believe the merger would send utility bills higher and result in a loss of jobs. >> we are here to make sure the merger does not go through because it is too expensive and is not benefiting us. we will get $100. >> officials countered protesters claims and said $5 million would be set aside for a limited income assistance. j.p. morgan chase has decided 3 is the charm when it comes to atm fees. it has posted the fees for customers into the different states. illinois and texas. chase decided to go back to the previous $3 fees. the death of osama bin laden brings frascams.
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photographs or videos of the late terrorist, when you click on link, you often get a computer virus. it steals personal information or insects your computer in other ways. president obama said the government will not release photographs or videos of bin laden's? death.laden's today a panel of security and computer experts testified that rigorous standards need to be put in place to protect consumers. they want a national standard when there's a data security breach. the bill does have bipartisan support in congress. the privacy rights clearinghouse says hackers have access to more than 600 million records since 2005. >> vip treatment at the airport. give us a preview of of today's trading as well.
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jane king joins us from the bloomberg headquarters. you are for vip treatment. >> no kidding. if you are frequent flyer and are constantly getting patted down and taking off your shoes and being requested to take your laptop from your bag, the tsa is considering calling data from frequent flier programs to major airlines to identified certain travelers to have a bar code on their boarding pass to make things go quicker at the airport. it will be tested with pilots and flight attendants starting this summer. the average domestic airfare reached an all-time high of $336 in the fourth quarter of last year. the fares at bwi marshall are much lower than the national average. $284. pass pictur turning to the market, future
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new this morning -- futures this morning are flat, due in part to the disappointing news in the service injuries and job growth. and americans are purchasing navy seal items to a toilet paper with the face of bin laden and other patriotic items. according to the advertising specialty institute. i am jane king, bloomberg news, reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> marketers are creative. i and a stand you have a battle brewing between some popular electronic readers. >> yes, and just in time for summer reading season. android is the key word. broaden noble says to expect a new nook by the end of the month
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and a new kindle coming up as well. >> you'll see you at 6:15. >> it's 45 degrees on tv hill. 5:41. 5:21.- >> do you think the president's visit to ground zero today is appropriate? share your response on, or our facebook page, or email us at wate
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>> he's only 15, but knows the importance of family. he is being considered a hero. >> charlie knisely did not panic. when his house caught fire, the got his parents, little brother, and grandparents out of the house. now more on the honor he received for his actions >>.
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it was april 14 when fire broke in his grandparents' house. charlie knisely is a reluctant hero. >> i really don't -- >> you should be very proud. you did save lives. >> i did what i was supposed to do. >> the save the lives of his grandparents and his little brother after fire broke out at their house in essex. charlie will tour raging fire and had only minutes to get everyone out. >> my little brother if was hanging from the gutter and i told him to jump and i would catch him. and my grandmother as well. as soon as they jumped, the windows blew out. the county bonner does charlie for his quick and heroic actions. >> if you're brave and selfless reaction saved the lives of your family and i am truly humbled by
5:26 am
your heroism. >> because of his actions in a time when most people would be excitable and run out, he did the right than. exceeded not skip a beat and from losing everything and coming back. he is embarrassed and shy. he deserves it. he's great. >> his grandmother and grandfather know what a special person call charlie is. >> we are very blessed, very fortunate that it all works out for us. >> charlie deserves. he doesn't think that he does, but he does. >> he woke us up and got us out safely. we are all very lucky. party was given an executive citation and the hero pin for his actions. tv 11 news. >> i remember when jennifer was covering that story and interviewed him.
5:27 am
it was an amazing story. >> congratulations, charlie. >> coming up -- >> and with carolina teenager will be laid to rest months after she disappeared. her death has been ruled a homicide. details next. >> the president travels to ground zero today and has decided against releasing photographs of bin laden's death body -- dead body. >> it is a little chilly outside. we will talk about the began forecast in a few minutes. >> the commute is looking good for now. nothing significant other than a water main break repairs, causing delays in towson. we causing delays in towson. we
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welcome back. watch tonight with donna hamilton and stan stovall. i am stan stovall. -- >> i am mindy basara. >> you will need a light jacket. conditions, 44 degrees at the airport with a few clients. there is a west wind at 8 miles an hour. that makes it feel cooler than the actual temperatures. dress for temperatures in the 30's. mostly sunny for this afternoon. breezy and coal near 67 degrees. -- cool. we will look at the mother's day weekend forecast in a few minutes. it's not great, but not terrible. >> i know exactly what you mean. >> that saves a lot of time. >> all right. the morning commute is not bad.
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southbound 95 appears the disabled vehicle, but other than that, the one problem we are tracking is in towson, southbound york, blocking southbound side from the costly to fairmount. traffic is alternating on the northbound side. still in great shape, 50 miles an hour on southbound 95 coming out of the northeast. northbound at the harrisburg expressway checking in at 50. traveling south on 895, seven minutes to get to the harbor tunnel. it's five minutes on southbound 95 towards the fort mchenry. it live view shows the north west corner of the beltway picking up in volume slightly. let's look at white marsh going away from us southbound traffic still moving pretty well, but more volume than last check. >> new details surrounding the
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death of north carolina teenager phylicia barnes. >> jennifer is outside baltimore city police headquarters and with details of the funeral. >> north carolina teenager will be laid to rest in a private funeral this weekend in atlanta. the official cause of death has been ruled a homicide. >> i think each additional bit of information is helping investigators. they are using that as effectively as they can. >> when her body was pulled from the raging waters of the susquehanna river two weeks ago, there were no obvious signs of trauma. now the state medical examiner's office has officially ruled its homicide. authorities know how she died, but are withholding information so as not to compromise the investigation. they're certain information in investigations that is only known by the person or persons responsible for committing the crime. that is an important tool for investigators to use in determining who is responsible and in the prosecution of the case.
5:33 am
>> from north carolina, felicia was visiting relatives in north carolina over christmas break. -- originally from north carolina, she was visiting relatives in baltimore over christmas. >> it does not come as a surprise to investigators. the baltimore police department has covered this as if it were a homicide from the beginning and that's why they've been very detailed and very thorough. >> she did have a family living in the baltimore area. many people have been involved in the pursuit of trying to find her. public war you will be held for phylicia barnes in baltimore on may 14. reporting live, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police released surveillance video of a robbery at hertford county laundromat.
5:34 am
two people rushing in there on april 18 as a woman opens the door. the 38-year-old victim was knocked to the ground and pushed around. she's fine. if you recognize the suspect, call metro crime stoppers. >> president obama will be at ground zero in new york city today. his visit comes days after he announced the death of the world's most wanted terrorist. kate amara is in washington with how he plans to honor the 9/11 victims. >> good morning. the president travels to new york city today after deciding not to release photographs of bin laden's body. president obama visit ground zero today. buell a wreath at the site of the world trade center and meet with family members of 9/11 victims and first responders. the trip comes days after all, the leader osama bin laden was killed the in a rate in pakistan.
5:35 am
>> america will not forget and will ensure that justice is done. >> the president has decided not to go public with pictures of bin laden's dead body because of concerns about the graphic nature of the photographs and the back last they could create. >> it is important to make sure very graphic photographs of some one shot in the dead are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence or as a propaganda tool. >> some in congress agree. >> in my opinion, there's nothing gained by releasing a picture of someone killed. >> others believe the images should be made public. >> to put down the conspiracy theories, it would've been better to release it. the administration, some people in the administration thought it should be released. >> the president's choice to keep the photographs sealed comes as a new cnn poll reflects more than half of americans support making the photographs public.
5:36 am
>> are covered on osama bin laden continues on line. you can check out pictures of the action inside the white house during the event, what the navy seals found inside the compound during the raid, and a timeline of osama bin laden since 9/11. >> this morning, city school principals could become some of the highest-paid professionals in the state, thanks to new contract. it was ratified by union officials after the members voted in favor the deal. educators will receive a 2% retroactive pay raise which eliminates step increases. yeas and promotions will be based on performance rather than seniority. the contract will cost the district $7 million. the search for new school superintendent is underway. during a taping, the outgoing school chief shared the qualities she believes? -- she believes her replacement
5:37 am
should bring to the table. they should love children and communicate with those that they serve. >> if one would enter this position feeling that your responsibility is to sit at 200 west baltimore street in an office and make decisions that way without that constant outreach, i think it would be failure. >> the doctor will retire in little more than a month and will most likely continue to work with children. >> baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings blake announces the summer food service program. it begins june 20 and runs through august 19. the program will offer nutritional breakfasts and lunches to more than 20,000 baltimore children. she says the program is important to the continuing sense of the city school children, especially those who are underprivileged. >> sometimes people forget
5:38 am
about the summer and this ensures kids will continue growing and thriving even during the summer. >> 450 community organizations are expected to become feeding sites for the program five days a week. >> 45 degrees on tv hill. a medical breakthrough, asthma patients may no longer need an inhaler. >> new concerned about the baby bottles, weaning your child earlier could control their weight later in life. >> and do you think the president's visit to ground zero in new york today is appropriate? share your response on, on our facebook page, or email us at >> we are tracking water main break prepare its and closures. we will let you know where to re
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>> welcome back. 5:40. it's going to be a beautiful sunrise in a few minutes. 50 degrees downtown. much cooler in the suburbs. you will need a light jacket. northern suburbs are in the low 40's. 45 in westminster, 44 at the airport. the forecast for today, mr. some -- a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds. the mother's day weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> according to a steady, the prolonged use of a baby bottle increases the risk that your child could become obese. children still using a bottle at two years old were 30% more likely to be obese when they
5:42 am
entered kindergarten. drinking from a bottle into the toddler years may encourage children to consume too many calories especially when they are put to bed with milk or juice. >> taking a pill to control asthma may wear a dust as well as unconventional in taylor's. the study followed 650 chronic asthma patients for two years. the medications were equally effective in managing symptoms as steroids and other preventive inhalers. because the pills are easier to use, the patients were 60% more likely to take their medication than those using several different inhalers. >> it is 45 degrees. a life changing decision for a basketball player. and a major consumer malfunction. >> i opened the door and smoke was billowing out. it was black as could be. >> his laptop went up in flames. how the fire started and how to
5:43 am
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>> good morning. is a look at the morning commute. a few problems to watch for. let's start on southbound 95 at caton avenue, a disabled vehicle. there are water main break repairs in towson. watch for delays on southbound , closed between bosnia and fairmount. bosley and fairmount. still moving nicely on the west side and the jfx. looks good in glen bernie. let's look at the northwest corner. outer loop traffic coming toward us is building a little.
5:46 am
a nice ride from 795 all the way down. coming toward baltimore county and down to the fort mchenry, an easy ride at white marsh. let's get the latest on the . >>s and trains whispe the number 13 and 15 buses are running 15 minutes late. the 23 bus has a 30 minute delay. the 36 bus diverted at washington boulevard and monroe due to construction. metro subway and light rail on time. the penn line, camden line, and brunswick lines are on time. >> temperatures are in the low 40's in the northern suburbs, 44 3 in tontitown, 46 in edgewood. you need a light jacket, but not the umbrella. a couple of passing clouds this
5:47 am
morning. we will see mostly sunny skies. much of the rain is in the northeast and new england. the storm that came through yesterday with the rain is now in new england. we have high pressure in kentucky and tennessee. that's close enough to produce a pretty tight pressure gradient and that means the wind will pick up after sunrise. it's going to be breezy today with temperatures below average. dressed for -- dress for winter. the temperatures will be below average until we get to the beginning of next week. mostly sunny is the forecast for today, cool, 67. sunrise at 6:04. mostly clear tonight, temperatures will drop back to the 40's. sunset at 8:03. there's a clipper storm tomorrow
5:48 am
passing through pennsylvania. through the weekend there will be a series of little storms passing by to our north. one of them will come through pack after that late saturday into sunday morning. slight chance of rain showers in the forecast each day this weekend. if you have outdoor plants for mother's day, i would not be concerned. temperatures will stay about the same, and 60's, slightly below average. if i had to put a mark on it, 20% or 30% chance of rain friday through saturday and on sunday for mother's day as well. back in the 70's by monday through wednesday. >> thank you, tony. looking at our top stories, as the villains video's release of a robber inside a laundromat. you can see three people rushing in to the edge with laundromat on april 18 as the woman opens the door. the victim was knocked to the ground and pushed around. if you have information, you are
5:49 am
asked to call police. a guilty plea for one of the suspects accused of raping a 12- year-old girl in a baltimore county skating rink last august. 18-year-old kadeem santiful faces 20 years after he confessed to assaulting the girl in a storage closet at skateworks roller rink in woodlawn. that business has ) trials for the other two suspects are later this year. now there are free rides home for those that intend to party for cinco d milee mayo. aaa and the state department of transportation will be offering the service for the first time for this holiday. this starts this afternoon at a.m.4:00 runs through 4 light friday morning. it's free up to $50 in the baltimore area. >> a man was shocked to find his laptop on fire.
5:50 am
it caused some serious damage to his home. it forced him and his wife to live in a hotel six months. repairs were eventually made. investigators determined the laptop became hot and caused a fire. now, how to avoid such incidents. >> on the bottom of a laptop computer, you have vents. it requires circulation of air. most of the time when you have it asks home, put it on a hard on a-- at home. >>? -- put it on a hard surface. >> someone spent the day in jail yesterday, sort of. >> no handcuffs? >> i was held in downtown in baltimore for good cause. my bill was $3,000 and that went
5:51 am
on to benefit the maryland and 7 delaware chapter of the muscular dystrophy association. six under $80 i have raised the banks do some very generous yours. -- thanks to generous viewers, i have raised $680. they led me out for good behavior. had a busy day. you also did the "let's move" thing at edgewood high school. >> yes, dancing and all. if you want to donate, go to our facebook page or 5:51, 45 degrees. much more ahead. >> including a look at one of your answers to our water cooler
5:52 am
question. >> here's a look at last night's winning maryland's lottery numbers. good luck.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> time to get to one of your answers to our water cooler question. think thedeped if you president's decision to go to ground zero is appropriately?
5:55 am
>> this viewer says what has happened to respect for the office, it is appropriate. stock it already, she says. the president is the chief executive officer of this country. depending your responses. we will read more in the next hour and post them all on the front page of the website, >> now, sports. >> the orioles bounced back from two losses and had a win last night in kansas city. they beat the royals. jake has won his fourth game of the year. he gave up just one run in seven innings. the big story last night was in the second period and mark reynolds scored. robert tried to score and ease out by 10 feet, tagged out by
5:56 am
marc trains. still will bleeding. -- royals leading. still 2-1 in the second. a big blast for nick, home run no. 3. the orioles won the game, 3-2. the braves go for the series win at 2:00 this afternoon. end of the season for the capitals. they lost to the tampa lightning, 5-2. -- 5-3. jordan williams has officially signed with an agent, which means he will stay in the nba draft, meaning his career at maryland is over. he was the leading scorer for maryland in rebounds last year. john enter the draft in 2004.
5:57 am
he was never drafted and never played a minute in the nba. he's playing in australia now. we hope that does not happen to jordan. he's a really good kid, but you never know. he will not play again in maryland. >> it's a shame to lose him. >> here's a look at in the next hour. >> we have a little rain in the seven-day forecast. we will show you that in a few minutes. >> not tracking any problems on the air your notes. we do have some construction day watch for intel son. there are closures there. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> alicia barne's death officially been rolled


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