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tv   11 News Today  NBC  May 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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-- ruled homicide. president obama officially ruled against releasing photographs of osama bin laden. >> if you have not put away the jackets just yet you may need them this morning. 11 news continues right now. >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. >> think you for joining us. -- thank you for joining us. >> a little chilly this morning. pretty cold for the time of year. it will warm up in the 60's this afternoon. a little breeze going to start the day.
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44 at the airport with the west wind at eighth. the winds will get stronger as we head through the day today. we do expect mostly sunny skies. we expect a high temperature around 67 degrees later on this afternoon. every time is 71. we will come back in a few minutes and check the forecast for mother's day weekend. first, we will check and see what is going on on the roads. >> thankfully the roads are dry this morning. is this roadblem esp closed due to a water main break. what for delays as you get further into the rush. paradise ave. outbound bridge road there is some fire activity we're just wording about. -- at mountain ridge road. major roadways leading up to the but we look good. 11 minutes is your drive
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time on the outer bound loop. here is a live view of traffic for you. first book that will kids ave. moving without delay. -- first look at wilkens avenue. >> our big story this morning, it is a homicide. speculation becomes back as city police released few details into the investigation of a leash a barne's death. >> you are very correct about that, because the case, although it has been officially ruled a homicide, right now police are not releasing the cause of death. the north carolina teenager's body was pulled from the river two weeks ago, but it happened four months after she disappeared. she had been visiting family in baltimore when she went missing.
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so far no one has been arrested. police say the cause of death has been determined, but they are not releasing that information, because they do not want to compromise that investigation. >> there is certain information that is only known by the person or persons responsible for committing the crime. investigators will use this to decide who is responsible and also in the prosecution of the case. >> her funeral is being planned for this weekend in atlanta, georgia. it is a private family funeral. a memorial will be held on may 14 in baltimore. >> plans for a public and private memorial are now in place. a private service will be held saturday at the springfield baptist church in georgia and streamed on line. a public memorial will take place next saturday at the mount
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pleasant church in baltimore. we have posted exact times on our web site, >> it has been five years now since the freak accident electrocuted a teenage girl. she was playing softball when she touched offense that had settled on top of a live electrical waddell. -- wire. her family is still seeking the findings of this city's investigation into the death. >> we feel that we should have the right to know what happened to our daughter. the taxpayers need to know how did your daughter. >> and the settlement agreement, douglas electric and lighting did not commit faults in the case. baltimore city was not sued. her parents give our yearly scholarships in their daughter's name. profile trial of a a tria
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pair of brothers is ending in a mistrial. the new trial date is set for july 26. >> it has been touted as a great deal for consolation energy and baltimore, but one local groups is protesting against a merger. organizers from good jobs better baltimore believe of merger will send utility bills hired to result of a loss of jobs. they are also skeptical of the one time $100 credit given to customers to complete the deal >l . >> we are here to make sure the merger does not go through. it is too expensive. it is not benefiting us.
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>> they say $5 million will be a set aside for a limited income assistance. are not goodds for bringing a casino to the area. that delay is projected to cost the state $70 million in lost revenue for education. >> president barack obama will participate in a ceremony at ground zero in new york today. the death of the world's most wanted terrorist. -- this comes three days after he announced the death of the most wanted terrorist. >> president obama is traveling to new york city today, one day after making it clear he will not be releasing photographs of osama bin laden's body.
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>> he will lay a wreath at the side of the world trade center attack and meet with family members of 9/11 victims and first responders. this comes days after osama bin laden was killed and the rate in pakistan. >> there are concerns about the graphic nature of the photographs and the backlash they could create. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photographs of someone who was shot in the head are not floating around as an excitement to additional violence or propaganda tool. >> some in congress agree with his decision. >> there is no way for sure by releasing a photograph of someone being killed. >> others believe that they
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should be released. >> the president's choice to keep these photographs deals a new poll that shows more than half of american support making these images public. >> what do we expect to see in the president's visit to new york today? >> we know he is not scheduled to make any remarks during the visit, although the white house says they expected to be a historic moment for the american people. they also say there will be a measured tone, a somber tone. it will be a private event. the president will be meeting privately with the family members of the 9/11 victims and first responders. >> that brings us to the water cooler question of the day. you think the president's visit to ground zero today is an
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appropriate one? >> despite the president's decision to withhold photographs of the body, the internet is awash with photographs claiming to be those of osama bin laden. many of them are viruses that can damage your computer. you should delete the message without opening the link. the threat posed continues where gunmen attacked security controls. the terrorist then opened fire on the surrounding crowd. this was carried out after al qaeda leaders in yemen vowed to avenge the death of osama bin laden. >> in this morning's edition alert, the search is on for dr. successor. ick's
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she gave a is for finding someone to kill her shoes and what they need to do to follow her legacy of success. -- she gave advice. >> i do hope that the state board of education will look to the internal talent, as well as any external talent, because we have some very talented people, and build a very strong team, not a single person can do this job. to build a relationship with the local school system, after all, they are the people who are on the ground. >> she says the ideal candidates should have a love for children, be able to handle criticism, and be in touch with the people they serve. her service ends next month. you could see more of the interview this sunday at 11:30
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a.m. on tv 11. listen up. why is you should act now if you are considering a move. -- why you should act now if you are considering a move. how about more than $9 per gallon for gas? why some rental companies are hiking prices. >> it is chilly. we will talk about that and check the forecast for mother's day weekend coming up. >> a water main break could impact your
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>> it is beautiful out there this morning, but it is chilly. low 40's in the northern suburb. at least a light jacket with you today. this is a pretty chilly start for the time of year. if we did not have that little breeze overnight in the winds were calm, the temperatures would have dropped into the 30's and there would have been crossed in the northern suburbs. the breeze helped us from creating frost this morning. cloud coverage we had earlier is now passing to the east. high pressure will be in control of the weather coming out of kentucky and tennessee. the big storm we had yesterday is pulling away to the northeast. the pressure created between the systems will create a little more of a breeze. i will call it breezy and cool.
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the average high temperature is 71. mostly clear in chile again tonight. we will drop back in the 40's. during the day tomorrow there will be a storm that passes through the day tomorrow. most of the rain will stay north of us. there will be another one of these storms coming through over the weekend late saturday and into a sunday. sunshine today. 67. upper 60's all the way through the weekend. we will put the chance and for rain shower each day, but if you have outdoor plans, i would not be concerned about it. then it will get warmer. early next week we will jump into the 70's. by wednesday up to 76. let's see what is happening on the roads.
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>> just a few things to watch for. starting with this water main break on southbound york road. you can get by, but it may slow you up a little bit. traveling in catonsville, there is a problem due to fire. not a whole lot to talk about. 48 miles per hour on southbound 95. no problems to report of the fort mchenry tunnel. here is a quick look outside. southwest corner of the beltway building just a bit. for the most part, doing well on the entire west side and north side. that is the latest on traffic pulls 11. >> taking a look now at some of our top stories this morning. the shores of the mississippi
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river reaching record high flood levels. in memphis the river has already surpassed flood stage. a massive sandbagging effort is underway. the river may clip the standard for severe flooding this weekend. a connecticut mother facing criminal charges after her five- year-old's daughter was accidently tainted with pcp. the child is listed in stable condition. apostles' sublet -- a possible settlement for the 29 miners killed last year in west virginia. this is the worst u.s. coal mining accident nearly 40 years. and we must accept offer for june 1, a few weeks before the results of the investigation
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into the disaster are released. >> in this morning's consumer alert, if you think $4 per gallon is high, how about $9? some rental car companies are charging up to $9 per gallon if you do not do it first. rental car companies say their business is not pumping gas and the service is offered as a convenience. if you want to avoid the cost, stop off at the pump for your return your car. officials at chase bank are realizing people do not like higher banking fees. people said no, not going to do it. they stop using the atm's. it is the battle of the read
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ereader's. jane king has those stories and more. >> good morning. it is thursday. we get the weekly jobless claims later this morning. as the nation's employment picture starts to look a little bit better, landlords are raising rents for apartments. in apartment rents may rise more than 4% this year. that would be the biggest annual increase in four years. first quarter year-over-year rents are rising anin excess of 3% are ready. barnes and noble will have a new nook coming out. the daily telegraph reports the company may have their own in time forreader
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the summer. the bluebird maryland index went will work on losses for fti consulting. >> the time is now 6:20. 45 degrees on t.v. hill. >> the orioles go for another win against kansas city. we will find out which byrd in the matchup against kansas city. >> here is a look at the winning lottery numbers from last night. good luck.
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>> now traffic polls 11 and in weather plus together. >> traffic alternating on the northbound side. you can get by, but it will cause delays, especially as volume builds. if you're going to travel on the north side, still at 56 miles per hour. 50 on southbound 95 coming out of the northeast. 59 and the westbound outer loop break past liberty. here is a live look outside. the sudden definitely shining. -- the sun definitely shining.
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>> good morning, everyone. beautiful sunrise in progress. temperatures are in the 40's. 45 in westminster. 48 in annapolis. the breeze is starting to kick up as well. probably feels like it is in the 30's. the breeze will be with us all day today. a mixture of sunshine and clouds off going into the afternoon. a high temperature around 67. the forecast for mother's day weekend coming up. >> now we 11 sports with keith mills. >> the man last night was nick marcagus. they beat the royals last night. jake erietta. a big night for nick marcagus.
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two outs in the second. matt trainer with the tag. nick with r.b.i.. time out hanging. the only run given up by erietta. nick gets a curve ball of his own that he launches his game- winning run. home run no. 3 ford it. but the orioles win. kevin craig gets the save. the season is over for the capitals. they get swept last night in tampa by the smoking-hot tampa o absolutelyg who actuall
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shocked the capitals. one-one at this point. all tampa from there. sean bergenheim with the rockets. 5-3 tampa wins. the caps the third team in 17 years to get swept in the playoffs. they are headed back to d.c. the dallas mavericks beat the lakers last night. they leave the series 2-0. of course trained by nick -- a horse trained by nick zetto is the favorite. uncle moe the second favorite. animal kingdom is 30-1.
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will ridey ros pants on fire. >> the time is now 6:27 and 45 degrees. much more to come in the next hour. >> baltimore police are learning more about the death of alicia barnes. details are next. >> michelle obama was not the only one grooving to beyoncee. we will show you more coming up. an>> your
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lie >>, local, late breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. -- live, local, late breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> no rain to contend with
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today. it is chilly. breezy as we head into the ly sunny., but most sixthl confirm a examiner's barne'sears, fe alicia case was a homicide. >> the north carolina teenager will be laid to rest and a funeral this weekend. her death has been rolled of homicide. >> each additional bit of information is helping investigators and they're using that as effectively as they can. >> when her body was pulled from the river two weeks ago there were no obvious signs of trauma. now the state medical officers
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have rolled her death of homicide. they are withholding the information as to not compromise the investigation. >> there is certain information only known by the person or persons responsible for committing the crime, and that is an important tool for investigators to use, both in determinative who was responsible and prosecuting the case. >> alicia was visiting relatives in baltimore over christmas. in she was last seen at the same spot her family gathered at a vigil last week. >> i do not think this comes as a surprise to anyone. the baltimore police department has covered this as if it were a homicide from the beginning, and that is why they have been very detailed in the investigation. >> anyone with more and information is still as to call
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police. >> a school crossing guard is in critical condition after being hit b a boss. t by a buss. the bus hit her and threw her across the street. >> she was very nice to the kids. i gave her gifts when my christmas went -- easter and christmas cheer always had candy for the kids. she took good care of the kids as far as crossing the streets. school counselors are assisting the children, including those who witnessed the accident. >> students across the nation take a dance break with the first lady. >> for weeks the let's move spark movement
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across the country. it getting students up and out of their seat. >> it is a tribute to their kids and how hard it work every day. the commitment of the faculty and staff, it is just amazing. take a they have moved into a brand new state of the art facility this year with room for close to 2000 students. being selected to participate in the national flash mob was just the tip of the iceberg. a now you say let's have dance and you have the cafeteria packed with people who want to do it. take of the moment they found out about the campaign students got together, put in hours of routine and learn the routinede by beyoncee. >> the even took time to help the less coordinated along the
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way. >> i love to dance. so i love doing still the danson people as well. >> we have been practicing a lot. even before we knew we were going to be on this. we found out i got right at it. >> i have been dancing since i was little. i to be overweight myself. the of sting helped me out so much. -- they helped me out so much. >> it is going to be live, energetic. edgewood, sarah caldwell. >> what a talented group of kids. they were fantastic. thank you for having me. let's look at your morning commute.
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between docilely and paramount, still closures due to a water main break. -- bosely and paramount, still closures due to a water main break. we are dealing with problems in avenue.ise volume building a little bit on southbound 95 and the outer loop at liberty. not a whole lot to complain about this morning. here is a live view of traffic. so far, so good on the outer loop. there are no delays to report at the toll plaza. fort mchenry looks good as well. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> let's start with current conditions. it is a little chilly. plenty of sunshine out there to start the day. west wind at 8. dress for temperatures in the 30's. the forecast today will make it
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up to 67. mostly sunny skies this afternoon. friday, saturday, and sunday we will put a 20% or 30% chance for rain in the forecast. this is just hit and miss kind of stuff. high temperatures in the upper 60's. average high-tech butcher is 71. we will finally get back into the 70's or early next week. not a great forecast for the weekend, but certainly would not call it a washout. >> 45 degrees on tv help. one of hollywood's most eligible bachelors spends a milestone. how george clooney plans to celebrate his 50th birthday. >> president obama makes a decision on whether to release photographs of osama bin laden when he was killed. we will talk about his decision and reaction on capitol hill. >> we're still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. do you think the president's visit to ground zero today is an
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nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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>> in this morning's entertainment news, hollywood legend has passed away. jackie cooper was known as the little rascals in the 1930's. he was also the youngest actor to ever now an oscar nomination at the age of 9 for the title role in the 1931 film "skippy." he was also in all four of the
6:40 am
superman" r reeves' " movies. >> hollywood heartthrob, george clooney, turns 50 tomorrow. he started his rise playing a doctor on e r. he has been nominated for an academy award five times. there will be an a-list extravaganza at his home in italy. that includes brad pitt, matt damon, and stan stovall. >> 45 degrees on capitol hill. coming up, a look at the morning headlines. >> just when i told you to take the harrisburg expressway, but there is an accident. i will call you know of other problems coming up. >> we will take a look at the current temperatures in the forecast for mother's day weekend coming up here yet here
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is a look outside.
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>> welcome back. and headlines this morning, the high-pro by a trial of a pair of brothers accused of setting a pit bull on fire is delayed. there were supposed to stand trial yesterday. the first trial ended in a mistrial. one of the defense attorneys told the judge he needs more time to prepare their case. a new date is set for july 26. police are looking for a door to door robert. a woman told police he flashed an identity card and said he was from tepco. the robber said he was there to
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check a gas line. when inside he pulled a gun and rob the woman. all odds are not good for bringing slots to around 0 miles arrundo mill in 2011. that delay is projected to cost the state $70 million in lost revenue for education. >> the public will not seek photographs proving the u.s. killed osama bin laden. -- will not see photographs proving the u.s. killed osama bin laden. >> we are strong and resilient people. >> pictures is the final word from president obama for now. the white house as releasing photographs of dead osama bin laden make excite radicals bent on retaliation. >> it is a picture that we
6:45 am
prevent very graphic photographs are not floating around as an excitement to additional violence. >> democrats and republicans agree they can wait. >> i think there is ample proof that this was osama bin laden. >> the dna is conclusive, and that is the case. >> others want to see the pictures now. >> a picture is worth 1000 words. >> we do not want to treat osama bin laden like a trophy. >> 3 out of four who were shot were unarmed. the attorney general calling the was seenul, saying the weapo it up to shoot him on sight. >> 9/11 families have requested to see them. from washington, i am tracy
6:46 am
pots, tv 11 news. >> this morning we ask you do you think the president's visit to ground zero is an appropriate one? >> sandy writes, yes, i do. ground zero is just another way of bringing the citizens of the united states together. >> marybeth rights it dove 9/11 families want to meet with the president, a quiet, calm, and a corporate meeting place would be more appropriate. >> i think he is meeting with the families and private. >> chuck wright's i think it is appropriate to honor the rescue victims and all those that lost their lives on 9/11. >> here is a look at your
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morning commute. accident reports coming on the harrisburg expressway southbound, just prior to the beltway. we will update you once we get more in terms of lanes closed. also, this closure. traffic alternating on the northbound side. all of this due to water main break repairs. paradise avenue, what for fire activity. view.give you a liu a live -- watch for fire activity. no major delays at the harbor tunnel. at everything moving well so far at the fort mchenry. >> a little deceiving, but it is chilly. temperatures are in the 40's.
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44 at the airport. on top of that, there is a breeze going, so it feels like it is in the 30's. the skies are basically clear. a few high, thin clouds. you may see some cumulus clouds this afternoon, but mostly sunny. high pressure coming in from the west. in between the systems there could be a breeze kicking about of the northwest gusting up to 25 miles per hour this afternoon. mostly sunny is the forecast. breezy and cool. high temperature between 64 and 69. the average guy is 71. sunset this evening at 3 minutes after 8:00. clear tonight and chilly. i do not think we will get any frost, but we will keep an eye on it. some of you near the pennsylvania line could see some frosted your neighborhood. during the day tomorrow, a
6:49 am
little storm will pass by to our north. most of the rain will stay north of us in pennsylvania. a 20% chance for a passing shower here in baltimore tomorrow. another one of those storms reminded that will come through late saturday and on sunday. a slight chance in for both of those days as well. not a picture perfect forecast, but it certainly is not a washout. upper 60's friday, saturday, and sunday. foremothers say a high of 68. a 20% to the rain shower each one of those days. of high ofher mother's day 68. >> and all saucy -- autopsy proves that someone killed alicia barnes. >> the family is making private
6:50 am
funeral plans for this weekend in georgia. a memorial will be held here. it will be open to the public on may 14. right now her death is being rolled of homicide. when she was pulled from the raging waters of the river two weeks ago there were no obvious signs of trauma. she had been missing since she visited over the holidays in baltimore. the medical examiner's office is ruling is a homicide. they do know the cause of death, but there are releasing the information for fear it would compromise their investigation. they are still asking anyone with information to come forward. >> coming up today on oprah, the biggest, fabulous, last-ever hook up show. surprises from johnny depp, lady gaga, and jessica simpson. watch oprah at 4:00 to get your
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word of the day and the look of form on our website for a chance to win. now with a look at what is next. here is meredith. >> good morning. coming up on a thursday morning, the latest reaction to president obama's decision not to release photographs of osama bin laden body as he prepares to visit from zero in new york. the white house changes the story yet again about what happened during the raid. new details. and curry will be live in pakistan with what bin laden's wife is telling the authorities there. -- ann courie. the oregon woman who said she underwent oral surgery and will come up with an english accent. we will talk to her when we get started on a thursday morning right here on today. >> maybe it's the royal wedding that did it to her.
6:52 am
>> could be. 45 degrees on t.v. hill. >> another look at traffic and weather together before you head out the door. stay with us.
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>> at least the sun is out and it is a beautiful morning.
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>> we do have some problem spots to watch. berg you may see some delay. stock fund york drive still closed. water main breaks going on there. water main break repairs at manor road in halliburton road. delays forming around the area north and west side. 95 coming out of the northeast as well. but show you the harrisburg expressway north of the beltway. this is just the odd accident scene. we will keep you posted on that. -- this is just beyond the accident scene. >> it is a bit of a shock. it is in the 40's right now. that is pretty cold this time of the year. the good as we had a breeze last night. -- thank goodness we had a breeze last night.
6:56 am
it will be breezy, but you will see a lot of sunshine. 30% chance for rain shower friday, saturday, and sunday. certainly not a washout. temperatures in the 60's. 70's and early next week. weather and traffic on the 5's all day long. to go think you for joining us. back with a live update at 7:25. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> follow breaking news and whether any time ad, and stay connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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>> this is a wbal-tv editorial. >> the most wanted man was dead on sunday night came not the finale that many people wanted from the death of osama bin laden. instead came a flood of emotions that reminded us all that while he was the figure up being gone, our world is a far different place than it was before 9/11. from standing in line to the airport to security at all games come our children know no other way of life. it was exasperatingly. for 10 years he evaded as.
6:58 am
living we believe in the caves in afghanistan. instead navy seals found him living inside the middle east mansion. terrorism is not dead, and hatred of our country will continue, and not just inside in the remote parts of the world, but inside our country walls. we may never know the identities of the navy seals the were part of this mission, but we say thank you. thank you.
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