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tv   Today  NBC  May 5, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're back now with more of "today" on a thursday morning, the fifth day of may, 2011. great crowd out here on the plaza on a stunning morning. although, i understand there's going to be some rain heading into our lives in the not-too-distant future. doesn't look like it right now. out on the plaza i'm matt lauer along with al roker and tamron hall. ann is on assignment. she's outside the compound where osama bin laden was found over
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the weekend and killed. she's got some new reporting on what bin laden's 12-year-old daughter may be telling authorities right now. as i mentioned, we'll check in with ann in a couple of minutes. >> also coming up, saving you time and money at the drugstore. you know you can get certain vaccines, vaccinations at the drugstore. there are also other exams you can get. should you be taking advantage of these services? we're going to give you good consumer advice as to what you should do as far as medical checkups. an interesting question, what makes you guy cry other than me being here? >> the movie, "the notebook." >> me too. you're such a chick. >> i watched that movie on plane one time with him sitting across from me. burst into tears. >> i watched it and then i cried. >> that's interesting. science shows that women actually can put on the waterworks faster than men, but that just means you guys are sensitive.
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we're going to take at why women are wired to cry more than men. we're going to look at science and the social impact crying can have even in the workplace. pretty interesting. the other question -- i'm quizzing you. what do you thing is the most popular name this year. >> tamron. >> not going to happen. it's a made up name. >> a made up name? >> no. a real name. >> jack. >> no. >> sam. >> no. but we'll find the answer to it. >> luke. >> we're going to tell you what the social security administration says are the most popular names and why the mtv show "teen moms" have impacted the names people are choosing for their kids. >> wow. that's amazing. no. i mean the length of that tease is amazing. let's go inside. natalie is at the news desk. natalie, take it away. good morning, everyone. a debate is raging over how osama bin laden was able to live unnoticed in a pakistani update for year.
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ann curry is in pakistan with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, natalie. pakistan is on the defensive about why it took so long to find osama bin laden, the government actually saying it's an intelligence failure by the whole world not just pakistan, but one official is willing to call it an embarrassment that he was found just 35 miles away in islamabad. they're keeping people away from the house where osama bin laden was killed on sunday, but we were able to take a walk around and we saw that there were young people still finds pieces of helicopter wreckage. the overwhelming feeling here is of disbelief. people here say that they will not believe that osama bin laden was ever even here unless they see dna evidence or medical records or some kind of photographs, evidence of his body. in fact, one national security, former national security official, national security --
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sorry -- official said with all due respect he believes president obama is making a mistake in not releasing a photograph of osama bin laden's body because he said the world needs proof, and without it, there is a chance that osama bin laden could gain mythical status, natalie. >> ann curry continuing with the reports in pakistan. thanks so much, ann. the mississippi river is swelling to what could become its highest levels in nearly a century, forcing thousands to leave their homes from illinois to louisiana. rising slowly, the worst flooding could still be a week away as the communities ban together to try to safeguard their towns. in missouri army engineers have demolished parts of the levee to help divert waters, a strategy that is now being considered along other locations along the river. workers have entered the plant for the first time since the immediate aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. workers are instafling ventilation machines. general motors is recalling
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about 150,000 of its popular 2011 cruise compact sedans. the company wants to check steering shaft covers and automatic transmissions to make sure they were properly installed former child actor jacky cooper has died. at the age of 9, he became the youngest person nominated for best actor for his role on the film as skippy. years later he played perry white in the "superman" movies. he was 88. the e official website announced that the duke and dutchess of cambridge, prince william and princess katharine, will be visiting california for three days this july after their tour of canada. details will be posted later. william has been here before to the u.s., but it will be kate's first visit to the united states. we'll welcome her with very open arms. it is now five minutes past the hour. it's cool.
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glad they're coming our way too. >> it is cool. i'm sure we will ignore that, right? >> yeah, right. >> thank you very much. let's go over to al with a check of the weather. can you wait? i can't. we're excited. >> we know our producer don nash is giggling like a little school girl right now i'm sure. ooh, the royals. you're 13. what's your name, young lady? >> hadley. >> where are you from in. >> colorado. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> let's all giggle like little school girls. you is can see we've got wet weather making its way from minnesota on down into parts of nebraska. a pesky system that won't get out of here. still bringing rain to new england as well. showers back through the western plains. we're expecting plenty of sunshine along the gulf coast. beautiful weather through the southwest. nice warm phoenix today, 99.
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>> good morning, everyone. off to a chilly start. mostly sunny at the >> and that's your latest weather. natalie? al, thank you. saving time and money. $270 billion industry, and that's big money, meaning fierce competition in everything from flu shots to skin cancer screenings now being offered as a way to lure customers into stores. lisa is the editor of "shop smart." good morning. you're seeing drugstores with the walk-in clinics popping up all over the place. there's a real service added to
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this. are customers seeking that at the drugstores? >> people's lives are so crazy and there's not always time to get to the doctor and times the dock tr can't see you right away. some of these places are open seven days a week. a lot of them have clinics where you can get all kinds of services. it's a real service to the community, especially if you're a busy mom. >> what should you know before you walk up to the counter? >> you should find out how they're staffed. most are nurse practitioners, some have doctors. find out if they take your insurance. not all services are covered by insurance. those are questions you want to ask. >> i know shop smart took a look at services. many of them focusing on health care. utilize the convenience of in-store clinics, testing, and shots. is the drugstore alternative as safe as going to your doctor's office? >> absolutely. we're talking about poison ivy.
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chicken pots. don't have to shlep over to your doct doctor's office. you can do it there. as ma screening, skin cancer screening, there may be special events. check the pharmacy. you might be surprised. again, remember, do they take your insurance, and if they're price sensitive, you management want to see. >> do they take insurance? >> a lot of insurance, exactly. but if you don't have insurance, you're going to want to check the prices there versus the prices that might be offered at your doctor's office. shop around. >> also it doesn't replace your doctor. >> that's right. go to your doctor. >> it's a substitute for going to your doctor. if you've got a minor wound or, again, poison ivy, pink eye, you have a place to go and take care of it. of course, you want to let your doctor know. >> next you say tap your pharmacist for non-publicized offers. you can ask for bargains if you
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ask for it. >> right. for example, 13% asked for a price reduction and half of them got it. some will open credit accounts for you free of charge. you have to ask. definitely negotiate and find out what other extra services may be available. for example, they might be able to customize your prescription. they might be able to get a liquid formulation for you or if you're having trouble having your daughter take her medication, they may be able to make cherry flavor. >> next you say take advantage of competitive drug pricing so asking for things like generics might be the way go. >> generic is the way to go. walmart and target have special $4 flat rate drug pricing for a 30-month supply, $10 for a 90-month supply. that's on generic drugs. even your mom and pop pharmacy down the street might be willing to negotiate with you to give
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you a better price to compete. many have jgeneric over-the-counter drugs. they can save you 66% or more. there's a huge savings going with the generic over-the-koub ter drugs. >> there's a lot of information. we'll have to check out "shop smart". coming up next. they say it's already too cry. but why are men's tears different from women's? we'll find out. raising happy healthy kids. helping children reach their full potential right after this.
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topic. it's one of those things we all mention or discuss at home. but there's science behind it. why do we cry? not based on gender but why do people cry? >> anthropologists never knows. no other animal cries. it's such an honest signal. you cannot fake crying. actors can. they move their face into a position that triggers the muscles and brain that starts crying but to the rest of us it's an honest signal and people immediately stop and pay attention to you. it's a very effective deal dealing with your husband or wife or social group or even with your children. so it's an honest signal. >> so do men cry less than women, or are we better at, say, holding back? we're more emotionally stunted so we don't release those emotions? >> i don't want to call it's motionally stunted. i think there's good evolutionary reasons why men can
9:16 am
do that. for millions of years men needed to protect the group and not show their weakness. but we know testosterone puts on the brakes. when the tess when tesses to trone kicks in. they think of ways to stop crying. they'll cry to mem rice the gettysburg address or come up with baseball scores because they don't want that vulnerability. >> if that's the case for men, why do women like to own turning on the waterworks. >> first of all the gland, the tear duct is smaller in women so when it wells up, they well up faster. >> our glands are smaller and we hold fewer tears. >> we don't hold them as well. they pour out so we give that signal. you know, there's studies in 22
9:17 am
societies around the world and everywhere women are more emotionally expressive. one of the reasons is because they've got more prolack tin. >> what's prolack tin? >> it's a largely female hormone and actually is a catalyst that makes tears and so women are capable of making more tears. and then, again, we also -- we're not afraid of crying. vulnerability gets women something that it doesn't get men. >> like what? >> well, you know, when a man and woman are in an argument, a woman will start to cry and instantly he'll stop. instantly he'll pay attention. instantly he'll try to give her what she needs. you know, for millions of years women have not been incredibly physically powerful so that they're emotionally powerful. >> but it hurts us, too, because if you cry in the workplace or your husband sees you crying it may start an irritant in that person as they feel helpless when you start crying.
9:18 am
>> particularly in the workplace. this is where women don't want to cry. >> does it hurt men as well as women in a man is seen crying at work? >> i think it is. it's more unacceptable for a man to cry at work than it is for women and it's probably been more unacceptable for 4 million years. >> why do we feel better after crying. >> they wonder that, whether we're actually getting rid of various toxic chemicals. they've not been able to prove that but there are lots of bee havl studies that show that we actually do feel better after crying. it's probably the expression of the emotions. the response of all the people around us who pull us in, help us with our problems. >> but have we got on the the point where we do encourage our small boys to -- are you seeing a social logical change or anthropological change? >> i do. i think when teen age comes on, it's harder for men to do that.
9:19 am
men feel their emotions. they have much more emotional flooding. they're betting at emotionally containing themselves probably because of the testosterone, but they can go over the eng. >> thank you so much. coming up next, michael or daniel, alexander or emily. one of the most popular baby names in america. we'll find out o after these messages. 's worse -- mosquitoes or mosquito spray? huh. [ female announcer ] try the new design of off! clip-on repellent. lab tests show this sprayless repellent really repels. in minutes, its fan surrounds you from head to toe with effective, odorless protection. [ mosquitoes buzzing ] so don't spray it on. clip it on. off! clip-on. keeps bugs off. sc johnson. a family company. off! clip-on. keeps bugs off. here's to my pants not leaving marks on my waist. achieve small wins with a healthy lifestyle and dannon light & fit.
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the same great taste your family loves now with the goodness of whole grains... and no preservatives. find more ways to get your family to the table at oh! [ both slurping ] ♪ [ female announcer ] the irresistible taste of cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy squares. just in time for mother's day, the social security administration is releasing the list of names. commissioner is here. >> everyone wants to know top girls and boys names. >> we've got jason on the boys' signed isabella on the girl's side. >> jacob. 12 years in a row.
9:23 am
>> my mother's name was isabella. >> i guess sophia is moving up the list. >> sophia is moving up. the top tenuous fairly similar. we saw interesting patterns with names moving up, so we had the fastest moving name on the girl's side was macy and bentley on the boys side. >> bentley and macy. >> all because of pop culture. >> interesting. it seems like reality tv is catching on. we saw the impact of traditional tv and hollywood. the reality is very popular. religion is still very popular. >> some celebrities. twilight. >> callen. we also saw knox rising on the boys' names which was the names of one of the adopted children of angelina jolie and brad pitt. >> for you personally, elvis
9:24 am
dropping off. >> this was a big blow for me for the first time since 1954 elvis dropped off the top 1,000. i was all shook up about that. >> come on, commissioner. >> meanwhile let's talk about our names. >> we want to talk about our names. >> the only name -- >> not only are you the only one up, you're now the top name on the "today" show because matthew slipped on the boy's side. i think you do this segment every year and people are paying attention. >> i moved from 16 to 14. >> you're not up. >> it's a made up name. >> more and more people are doing that particularly with our daughters. we do a lot more made up names with the daughters. you see a lot more creativity with the daughters than the suns. >> it's a great list. >> you can check it out on
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9:29 am
9:30 am
. >> she always talked with us. the relationship you have with your mom and kids. >> at the end of the day, your family is your most important possession. i think that was -- she was all about her family. >> and those are some of the lessons we learned from our moms, and in honor of mother's day, we're going to share with you some of the wisdom our moms passed on to u. that's tomorrow on "today." >> a special edition here. we've got jean chatzky who's going to be with her mom, giada with her daughter.
9:31 am
lessons we learned. it's going to be great. being a parent, of course, challenging enough. what about when your child seems unhappy or frustrated? you may not know if it's just a stage they're going through or perhaps a sign of something a little more serious. we're going to tell you how to recognize signs that it's time to seek professional guidance to help him reach his ore her full potential. >> keeping with the mother theme, jill's fine finds. three days. have you made your move yet? >> done, done, and done. >> we've got great gift ideas for every mom out there. >> we're going to head into the kitchen for huevos rancheros. >> what ak sernlt are you trying to do. >> i was trying to go with antonio bandaras.
9:32 am
let's check your weather. for today we expect to see the run for the roses on saturday. there you go. 137th kentucky derby. mostly cloudy, mild, 60% chance of afternoon showers and showers. temperatures in the upper 60s. as we look ahead for tomorrow, saturday, i should say, we expect to see plenty of sunshine in the southeast, rain in the mississippi river valley, sunny and hot out west. on sunday, sunday we expect showers in the northeast. rain on mother's day in the pacific northwest with some mountain snow. sunny and hot, texas into the >> good morning, everyone. mostly sunny of the forecast. as we head into the afternoon, bree
9:33 am
>> and that's your latest weather. thank you very much. red flags for parents. when do seek help when your child is out of hand right after these message. all they've given us. really?! [ female announcer ] the tough love... okay, don't do that on your test. [ female announcer ] ...invaluable guidance... [ mom ] go, turn, turn, turn! [ female announcer ] ...and a lifelong friendship. do it again. [ chuckles ] ♪ [ female announcer ] mother's day is for celebrating all our moms have given us. happy mother's day. i love you. i love you. [ female announcer ] now, select cards come postage paid. here's to my pants not leaving marks on my you. achieve small wins with a healthy lifestyle and dannon light & fit. the light fresh yogurt with 80 calories vs. 100 in the other leading brand. here's to 80 calories tasting crazy good. live light and fit.
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[ male announcer ] discover the new taste of eggo thick and fluffy waffles. whoa! a deliciously different way to waffle. how'd you make these, dad? secret recipe. really... [ male announcer ] new eggo thick and fluffy waffles. this morning on "parents today," it's child mental awareness day. is your child falling behind in school or having trouble making friends? these may actually warrant signs that need attention. the president of the child mind institution and die an, the deputy editor of "parents" magazine and they're partners in
9:37 am
the speak-up campaign. nice to have you here for such an important cause. let me tell you why. if you look at these numbers, more than 15 million children in america have psychiatric disorder is. half never receive help. 75% of all psychiatric illnesses occur before the age of 24 and 50% before the age of 14. given these numbers, why aren't we take children's mental health more seriously? >> the big problem is still a lot of shame. if you think back 40, 50 years ago, people used to whisper canc cancer. today we're doing the same thing. unfortunately left untreated, kids with psychiatric disorders are likely to have ak demming failure, substance abuse, dropouts. 5,000 teenagers this year will kill themselves and 600,000 will actually make a serious enough attempt that they'll land in the hospital. >> third leading cause of death. >> actually 14 to 24. but the more important thing is
9:38 am
more kids have these disorders than all the kids who have aids, diabetes, heart disease combined, and yet we tend to ignore these kids. >> and diane, is the reason we're ignoring it, is it because of that social stigma we talked about or is it something more like parents look back at their own history or cases of mental illness in their family that they don't want to own up to that? >> i think it's very difficult for parents know whether their child's behavior is normal or not. i think they want to believe that if a child is having difficulties that he's going to grow out of it and i think it's typical for a parent to wait two years before taking a child with a typical mental health problem in. that's unfortunate. >> what are some symptoms parents should be looking for in children's behavior? >> they have to know their kids. they have to know how they sleep, what kind of social life do they lead? are they outgoing? are they a shy kid?
9:39 am
do they love sports? when does it change? when you see your kid has stress or dysfunction, he didn't want go to school or he can't sit still or he's come plank, parents should see the red flag. if a child has rash, you wouldn't wait four days. you look at it, call a pediatrician. if a kid's not functioning or not happy, call the pediatrician. number two go see someone. you can go for a symptom checker do, i really have to worry about my kids. >> diana, i know this is something that the readers of your magazine, i'm sure they talk a lot about this and write a lot about this, their children's behavior. what do they say about what they notice in kids' behavior and especially when it deals with bullying nowadays that we hear so much about. can some of that play into what could be going on in terms of mental health? >> there's so many reasons for
9:40 am
why a child acts difficult. there's a lot of guilt and embarrassment. parents worry if their child has a problem, people are going to look at them and thing that they're a bad parent and they hesitate to get help because of, that but that's really unfortunate because it's not the parent's fault. >> sudden change, too, we can't forget about that. in the case of sudden death or divorce in family, those impact a child's mental health as well. what should you do to get them need? >> again, we're here in a celebration, again, 9/11 was so many years ago and we feel in some ways relieved. after 9/11 or any traumatic event, certain kids are more sensitive. that's, again, when you have to be on the lookout. i think diana's right. it's not bad parenting that causes these disorders but it takes excellent parenting to make it better. that's what parents need to do. >> good point to end on. thank you. thanks so much for coming to us and raising our attention to it.
9:41 am
there's much more information on our website, by the way, on coming up next jill's fun finds for mother's day after these messageses. as long as i can remember i've had sensitive teeth. i never did anything about it because i felt like okay this is not life threatening. maybe i just need to sip a certain way. or eat something a certain way. until i went to the dentist one day. the dentist gave me sensodyne toothpaste. once i tried sensodyne and kept using it i realized okay this really works. i have stopped using sensodyne in the past for like a week.
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and absolutely no space for added sugar, water or preservatives. tropicana -- we put the good in morning. now for a special edition of "jill's fun find" for mother's day. jill martin is here with gifts for moms everywhere. good morning. good to see you, jill. >> good morning. >> so it is not too late to make a great impression. >> my mom's a teacher so i know she's not watching. i wait till the last minute but i still like to be thoughtful. the shipping on all of these if
9:45 am
it's a website is not exorbitant. >> we're starting out with matching outfits. carly and her beautiful daughter harper. >> this is harper's first appearance. she's looking beautiful. what's great about these,s they're in select ann taylor stores. 60% of the proceeds goes to st. jude's hospital. so it's a great way to get something for your mother, matchy, and also give back. >> absolutely beautiful. thank you. thanks, harper. you were fantastic. swimwear, matching swimwear. i can't stop smiling. >> it starts at $60 for the collection and up. look at this. exact matching mother/daughter. sexy mama. >> that's a hot mama. >> that's right. i think it's so great, especially for mother's day. if you're in an environment to wear a bathing suit, wear it. we're definitely welcoming in
9:46 am
the warm weather. >> the next is called baby buggy? >> look how cute this is? this is from target. $3.99 and up. it's a limited edition. 10% goes to baby buggy. it's a charity. 0 to 9 months for boys and girls. jessica seinfeld's charity. do that big event every year. 10% goes to baby buggy at target. >> that's a great idea. what mom doesn't need a great tote. >> let's start with the beach-loving mom. this is $30 and up. you can buy all different sizes. that's for the mom who shleps who always has everything on them. >> i think all moms shlep. it's cute. >> you can add on for every little holiday. >> very nice. and the mom who loves comfort. >> okay. this is great. we are debuting these on the "today" show. misoni, designer has teamed up
9:47 am
with haviana's to bring us these flip-flops. $60 and up. they're pricey but if you have a mom who likes them, they're amazing. >> these are great. i love the color. >> they sold out online in 24 hours but they're available at nordstroms. it's great for mom who wants to get in on the trend but doesn't want to spend the money. >> for moms who like to travel? >> three pieces in great colors. $63.99 for all three pieces. my mom ties a million ribbons onto the black luggage as it comes along. this is better. at least it's a color. it doesn't look like a carnival on it. >> you've got interesting accessories for ka lip sow. >> they did a line for target. this is to put in your bag. i always think it's nice when you're on vacation when your
9:48 am
toiletries are in nice matching bags. it feels like you're relaxing and pampered yourself. >> that's a good idea. you hate when you travel and your necklaces are all tangled up. for the coffee-loving mother. >> i have this actually in my house. it makes single-cup coffees. i brought it from home just to show. it's so nice to be able to say, here, pick your coffee. you make a cup and it comes out in less than a minute. it's available at macy's starting at $99 and up. it's a great gift if you love coffee it's a really sleek design so it goes cool in the kitchen. these plates are beautiful. >> from kate spade available at bloomingdale's. again, another high end designer, kate spade. look how beautiful this is to serve on. they love to be able to present it on beautiful plates, so this is a great gifts and comes in beautiful packaging.
9:49 am
>> is this for the matter mom? >> yes. cheers. you hook this up to your ipod or ipad and it will play it for a 150-foot broadcast range. it's water-resistant. you can put it outside. $14 and up, baking for good. the proceeds go to charities. you can pick the charity. cheers. i know you're in ebony magazine with your mom. >> yes, we're featured in there. happy mother's day to you as well. very good. up next. something spicy, something sweet. are they talking about us? they're talking about cinco de mayo brunch. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning in the kitchen a taste of cinco de mayo. what way to start the day? host of the food network mexican
9:52 am
made easy. good morning. those who think cinco day mayo is mexican independence day, wrong. history lesson. >> it's the battle against the french in 1962. it's not a celebration. it's so ironic. >> it celebrates mexican herita heritage which is what it's all about. >> you're going to start with a couple of recipes. huevos rancheros divorce style. what do you mean. >> we make them separately, mick them up. they're happily divorced. we've got a few different flavoring. this has spice here. straight in the pan. no oil. >> regular tomatoes. >> regular tomatoes. garlic, cerrano. no oil. charred. it's give to give it so much flavor. we're going to add them to the
9:53 am
blender, add them in. you want to add a little bit of chicken brought just like that. and then a couple of cerranos, give it a blend. this is nice and spicy. this is the spicy one. i think that's enough to get the sauce going. are you blending? >> blending. >> there you go. >> there we go. >> perfect. >> it's a team effort this morning. i love it. after you blend it up, it looks exactly like this one and it's nice and spicy. >> and you keep it simmering? >> yeah. you want to reduce it a little bit. you want to intensify the flavors and kind of cook down the spice from the cerrano. exact same procedure but you're using anaheim chiles. pop them, blond them and you get this beautiful sauce here. >> so that's cold. you get the hot and the cold. >> room temperature. >> okay. >> nice and warm, nice and arm. you've got eggs, sunnyside up
9:54 am
eggs just like this. >> these are nice. >> they look beautiful. we've got tore tee owes. these are huevos rancheros. they're tra dilgsally served with a tortilla. don't fry it so much it's hard. >> you can buy the store bought stuff. >> you would buy the tortilla, the soft one, and fry it for about 30 seconds per size and you put the egg over it, a couple of eggs, sauce it. >> let's move back here. >> yes. >> through the magic of television. >> through the magic of television we've got divorced huevos rancheros. >> and over here, hash browns? >> yes. very easy to put it together. it's really classic mexican combo. >> i love this cafe de la hoya. >> yes. >> we've got some of that going here. >> yes. we've got the coffee grounds, a little bit of water.
9:55 am
happy sincinco de mayo. >> there's something not on this table. nomargaritas. what's up with that? >> it's breakfast. we start the day with coffee and then we have the margaritas. >> we do have to do this. >> yes. you do have to strain it because the grounds are in there. you want it to be really, really smooth. can you smell the cinnamon and the orange? >> thank you so much. this looks delicious. we're going to dig in. still to come we've gone johne'
9:56 am
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>> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news update. >> good morning.
9:58 am
look at all the sunshine over the inner harbor this morning. gorgeous out there. a little bit chilly. temperature will rise today into the 60's, near 70 by friday. we do notice as body chance
9:59 am
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