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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  May 5, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> all eyes are on ground zero
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in lower manhattan, where in a little more than an hour, president obama will honor -- honor the victims of the september 11 attack. the visit is his first since announcing the death of osama bin laden. we detail his agenda, including meeting with family members of victims. >> president obama are arriving in new york city for a ceremony at ground zero, the first place terror struck on 9/11, and the president's choice to publicly mark the death of osama bin laden, and also pay tribute to the victims' and first responders. he will lay a wreath. he will personally hear reaction from 9/11 families. jim richard lost his firefighters on and let the search and recovery team for
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eight months. >> he said what he was going to do, and i am glad he is. -- he did it. from one father to another, i will thank him. >> the somber tone will differ from the celebrations after people learned that the leader al qaida had been killed. chuck schumer says the death gives the city and the nation a boost in the war on care. >> we know we are going to win it. we feel good about that, but there is a hole in new york's heart. >> those a survive that day says it helps to heal the emotional scars. >> we've come full circle. the timing was impeccable. congratulations to president obama. >> you can catch president obama's visit to ground zero and the ceremony live at 1:30 p.m. right here, on wbal today.
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the foreign secretary of pakistan denies that his country had osama bin laden. in a news conference, he also implied that raids. out -- raids like the one against osama bin laden could violate international law. >> this is a false hypophysis. it is a false charge. it cannot be delegated and any account. there are certain legal and modern issues that fall in the domain of the united nations and the international community. >> in their first statement since the bin laden attack, pakistani officials say a similar raid in the future will prompt a review of their ties with washington. from construction of the twin towers in 1970 to the new building under construction
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today, checkout ground zero in pictures on our website, the home page of wbal tv, surveillance video has been released in hopes of catching a suspect of a robbery. three masked people rushed into the edgewood laundromat. a 38-year-old female victim was also knocked around. anyone with information is asked to call metro crime stoppers. despite no visible signs of trauma, somebody killed phylicia barnes according to the chief of the medical office. authorities do not plan to release additional information about the investigation. >> i think each additional bit of information is helping investigators, and they're using that as effectively as they can. >> when phylicia barnes -- phylicia barnes's body was
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pulled from the susquehanna river, there were no signs of trauma, and the medical examiner's office has ruled her death a homicide. authorities say they know how she died, but are withholding information. >> there's certain information that is sometimes only known by the person or persons responsible, and that is an important tool for investigators to use. >> a richly from north carolina, phylicia barnes was visiting relatives over christmas break in baltimore. she was last seen in northwest baltimore, the same spot where her family gathered for a candlelight vigil last week. her case has long been pursued as fall play. >> i do not think it comes as a surprise to anyone, but certainly not a investigators. the baltimore police department has cover this as if it were a homicide from the beginning. that is why they have been very
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thorough. >> jennifer franciotti, wbal tv 11 news. >> a private service will be held this saturday at the springfield baptist church in conyers, ga., and will be strained live on-line credit a public memorial will take place at the mount pleasant baptist church next saturday, may 14. we oppose the time on our web site. the family of a teenaged girl who died after a freak accident continues to sound the alarm. back in 2006, deanna green was electrocuted by druid hill park after touching a fence that had made contact with a live electrical wire. her family is fighting for the right to see the findings of the city's investigation. >> we feel that we should have the right to know what happened to our daughter. the taxpayers need to know what happened. >> in a settlement agreement, douglas electric and lighting did not admit fault in the case.
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baltimore city was not sued, receiving protection under sovereign immunity. >> in our education alert, a new contract could make city school principals some of the highest paid administrators in the state. union officials ratified the deal yesterday, and a retroactive pay raise will be received of 2%, but step increases will be eliminated. raises and promotions will be based on performance rather than seniority. the contract will cost the district $7 million. retiring superintendent dr. nancy resnick details the quality she would like to see in her successor. she says the ideal candidate should have a love for children, be able to handle criticism, and be in touch with the people they serve. she answered nearly 50-year career with city schools next month.
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you can see her complete interview this sunday morning at 11:30 a.m.. john collins joins us with a look at the forecast. >> is absolutely stunning out there. the question is, when will we do on mother's day? i will try to give you an answer to >> thank you. it is thursday. we are answering your pet questions. e-mail your questions and or posted on first -- >> my little brother was hanging here, and i told him to jump. i could see the flames behind them. as soon as they jumped, the window blew up. >> this baltimore county teenager is credited with saving his
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>> a baltimore county teenager can't tell a heroic actions spare the life of his family, and he is now rewarded. , fire. knisely's home without hesitation he single- handedly got his family out of the burning home. yesterday, county executive
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kevin kamenetz award the 15- year-old with an executive citation. >> your brave and selfless reaction saved the lives of your family, and i am truly hundred bought -- humbled by your hair was compared >> what an amazing job. reluctant to accept the title hero, he says he did what he was supposed to do. >> no handcuffs or anything? ok. i am going willingly. >> it is the bravery of those living with muscular dystrophy that made my trip downtown baltimore city police worthwhile. locked up for a good cause. thank you for all of you who donated on the facebook page. that was a lot of fun. dr. kim hammond is here to answer your pet questions, so e- mail your questions to or post
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>> dr. kim hammond is here to answer your pet questions. how're you doing? >> i am great. this is daily. >> are they all this well- behaved? >> i will make a blanket statement and say 90% are. they are great dogs. they have not been bred to extension. they are out there.
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somet's get out to questions. it is about a cat. we hear this a lot. should i feed my cat white or dry food, how much, how often? >> the how much and how often is based on the size of your cat. it is a big, heavy cat, not very much, and not very often turn-a big fan of science diet. -- much. i am a big fan of science diet. look at what they say on the package. >> is it what or dry? >> a does not make any difference, as long as it is good. >> anything will work. >> how often should i grew my pomeranian? >> once a month. they get a lot of long hair.
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it is kind of just a trend. >> you are staying ahead of it. >> you are staying way ahead of it. >> do not let it get out of control. my three-year-old german shepherd has pancreatic disease, and her medication makes her stool very runny. any food suggestions? >> it is a problem. it could be very serious. your pancreas creates the digestive enzymes. you have to use a proper food that will not disrupt that. >> challenge the system. >> exactly. the medicine is not causing the diarrhea. it is probably the food. you have to adjust the medicine. you have to talk to your veterinarian. again, hill's signs dark --
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science diet makes the best pancreatic food on the market. >> thank you. if you have a question, in melbourne until -- e- mail them to, or post your questions to /pets. you can also send your questions to pet questions, wbal, 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore, maryland, 21211. >> eating more meals as a family could curb obesity and improve nutrition among children. a new study shows that kids and teenagers who share three meals a week are more likely to develop good eating habits, and less likely to be overweight. researchers say eating at least five family meals a week could cut risks of an eating disorder by 35%. a new study of 7000 children
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reveals a prolonged bottle use could increase the chance of obesity. children were 32% more likely to be obese. researchers say drinking from a bottle into toddler years might encourage is -- a child to take in too many calories. researchers found medications were equally effected at managing symptoms of asthma as steroids and other presenter inhalers. because the pill is easier to use, patients were 67 -- 60% more likely to use their medication. >> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> we have a gorgeous day, more than making up for some of the
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stinkers we have that. the gloomy weather has moved to -- new england. there is a hint of some sleet. high pressure is controlling our whether. sunny skies out there. in the upper mississippi valley, it is not a huge storm, but it is there, and it is moving east, so every day we get something different over the next few days. that is what the forecast is like. let's look at the current situation outside. sunshine, temperatures are nice. a little below average. 61 degrees in annapolis. cambridge is at 59. on the boardwalk is it -- it is 65. westminster is 61 per frederick is up at 63. everybody has sunny skies. it is only 50 in oakland. abolition has everything to do
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with that. -- elevation has everything to do with that. the pressure change, from the low pressure near the state of maine, and the high pressure in kentucky, and that change is dry air. there is the height. there is the low, over the state of maine. let's call this a clipper, a relatively dry system that comes out of canada. that is scheduled to follow the high pressure once it moves east. that is tomorrow. then we have more high pressure and another system in the pacific northwest with something behind that. so, every day, something different. here's the forecast for today. mostly sunny. actually, i can cover up mostly and just say sunny skies. 64-69 is the high.
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good conditions until we hit tomorrow afternoon. we might pick up some shower activity. dry saturday, and sunday morning, there is something else up there. something different every day. sunday is mother's day, and there will be a lot of these things sitting on the refrigerator, including a forecast for mother's day that is calling for partly sunny skies, maybe a brief shower, and temperatures around 70 degrees. monday, tuesday, and once they all look good, and we finally solidly get into the 70's. up nex
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3 9 0 1 3901 -- the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> john collins, mother's day does not look all that bad? >> most of the day will be all right, but there is the chance of rain. in fact, the next couple of days. today is fine, but each of the next few days could produce a shower. temperatures will be in the upper 60's to near-70's. little or no rain is expected. >> thank you for joining. be sure to join stan stovall and
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donna hamilton tonight for 11 news at 5:00 p.m.. >> follow breaking news and weather any time that and stay connected wit
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