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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  May 6, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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2002. >> all this success, he says he wants something different. we go live at the contest tonight. >> without question, the house that every adult. richardgary built. is hard to picture maryland's basketball without terry williams. . he was going to do things his way. >> gary williams took the court one last time out comcast center. his trademark assist pumps, it seemed subdued. this was a celebration of his career. it was a sad day for the university of maryland. the loudest cheer the afternoon came when the university president offered to distribute.
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>> recommend to the border regions of this university that his basketball court be named for gary williams. . nothing could be more fitting for the man who took a job nobody had wanted. a video tribute showcased his 22-year career that netted 461 wins, the biggest accounting in 2002, the national championship. >> i read a lot of things today. this is my decision. is not a quick decision. it has been a decision about about for a while. >> why leave now tax >> i saw where coaches stayed too long. if you lead to early, it is better leafing rigid ban leading lights. hot water in rigid i thought about it briefly after winning the national championship. i thought that would be a great then print i checked my bank account [laughter] >> leaving on his own terms is a
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rare commodity. when chris and incredible testament to the wereer of gary williams. a will hear from his fans and closest friends. >> thank you very much. college park made the huge campus but it did not take long for the news to spread in. . students are grateful for his hard work and dedication. >> he is an icon here. . everyone is taken aback. >> it is unfortunate. he has done a lot with the school. . >> i'm glad he is going on his own terms. better that way sort of letting the basketball team down the drain. >> you can read more like going
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to our web site, >> president obama had to fort campbell, kentucky today. calcutta confirms give them love and death and that revenge against america. >> the chair by his troops, rigidcheered by his troops, president of bomber came to fort campbell to probably thank and ward unit metals to the navy seals and army chopper pilots who pulled the mission of f. >> it was a chance for me to say job well done. job well done. [applause] ." >> on the web, of alqaeda to
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admit it's been a lot and was dead. aunt bridget bin laden was dead. the crowd of supporters rallied in egypt. in turkey, they burned the american flag. pakistanis to process it. american services will continue operations inside pakistan with drone operations. agents of the cia and watched the hideout of bin laden from a building nearby. and at intermission seized by the navy seals revealed that bin laden considered derailing a u.s. passenger train and pushed for strikes on significance dates like christmas or the 911 anniversary. in new york, los angeles, chicago, or los angeles area.
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he was looking for active ways to attack the u.s. presidents obama warned against letting down our guard. >> we will >al qaeda. >> a stirring and to a successful week on the war on terror. >> here in maryland, thousands of people cannot to our local heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice. today is the 26 anniversary of the state's fall under a state which recognizes all emergency workers who died in the line of duty. >> distributes is just one more opportunity, another chance to show appreciation to the men and women who sacrificed each day and rest their lives each day to keep marylanders safe. it is small tribute.
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these are fallen heroes died in the line of duty during the past year. baltimore city police officer died january 9th. 810 days later, a volunteer firefighter died after responding to an apartment fire. and >> i will remember feeling we had just witnessed the true meaning of service, a man who was willing to lay down his life and for his friends. >> a montgomery county police officer died. the baltimore city police officer losses light september 27th and baltimore city police officer died october 20th. the families of fallen came to pay tribute on this summer vacation. they received replicas of the fallen heroes memorial. the governor offered words of comfort and encouragement. >> today is a date for heroes
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where we recognize their bravery and sacrifice. it is a day when we remember those whose courage called them to do the most important work there is to do in this earth. that is to protect the lives of others. it is not how they died and made them heroes. it is how they lived. >> there were concerns about the future and efforts to continue safeguarding communities. >> there is no such thing in this light as complete justice. there is no such thing as complete closure, not when you have lost someone you have a lot. what we have the ability to do is to love and to perfect our law, to strengthen our law, the love that calls us all to serve. >> the ceremony concluded with a 21-gun salute and a flight over in honor of the fallen heroes.
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>> thank you. baltimore police have arrested a man for the murder of eight west baltimore baltimore she was 32-years old and was gunned down last month in the 600 block of lenox street. the victim had a protective order against the suspects. he is charged with first-degree murder >> water continues to write on the mississippi river. at the high water is threatening to force thousands of people from their homes. we have more from memphis. >> as the water moves an, emergency officials are urging residents and low-lying areas to move out and up to higher ground. >> no need to pack. this is not a flash flood.. this is a progressive. it will rise about 1 ft. per day on average.
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you still have time to plan. >> part the plan includes stopping barge traffic along a major section of the river in tennessee because wakes are pushing into communities along the mississippi. >> when you close the mississippi river, it has an impact on the economy nationwide. >> of the most significant impact is and business parks and neighborhoods like these that have already taken in several feet of water. >> i have never been in nothing like this for this is new to me. >> her home has since fallen rigid swallowed by the floodwaters. . >> i have to wait as water goes down. >> it will be a long and anxious wait as the water continues to climb. >> 46.5, 7:00 p.m. on may 8th, 47.1. >> the fight against that water
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and concern over what it will do next is rising just as fast. crews continued to prepare and use thousands of sandbags. the water's coming up so quickly officials are considering using prison inmates as part of the process to keep pace. >> communities in kentucky and arkansas, we will show you in more photos on amazing. >> they tried to alleviate a lot. >> the one good news is that the additional rain had stopped for the time being. all there is nothing on doppler radar showing out that way. . they are coming in our direction tonight. south of chicago and kansas city and throughout the central
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and lower part of the mississippi valley, they are dry weather will take a long time for the rain and melting snow to run down that watershed. we have some decent rain and thunder to our south. it is southern krajina to the north carolina border. it is much lighter which could hear some thunder coming and. in. the scattered showers could be with us and there's another storm coming up for the weekend. details are coming up in a moment. >> the down economy has gotten the best of the baltimore county murray theater. >> why the movie screens are going dark and we will tell you when you can see the final flick. >> in what the president has done on his watch comedy issues while he has been president, he has it wrong strategically every single time. >> gop presidential hopefuls square off in the first debate of the season. the high-profile candidates not in attendance.
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>> employers create the most jobs since february of 2006. we will have the latest on the jobs numbers and the president's reaction, not. >> we will find out what's in one school system is doing to deal with gang activity. that story's co
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>> and there was an accident on the beltway that brought traffic to a standstill threat at a tractor trailer at an overpass. the impact call but recalls a a steel tube westpac. and tatars are expecting the bridge to make sure no significant structural damage was done it at. the state medical examiner's office is working to identify the woman whose body was pulled back from jones falls this morning. but it was found near union ave. to say they do not suspect foul play but the debt is suspicious. >> a u.s. might see a record number of measles cases this year because of routine vaccinations, measles or not,. there are only 50 cases in the u.s. each year but so far, 89 cases have been reported this year. most of those cases are
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linked to exposure from other countries ". more evidence points to the dangers of bpa which is a chemical found in many plastic products like water bottles and food containers. women exposed during early pregnancy are likely to have children with wheezing problems. 367 children were born to mothers with detectable levels of bpa. at six months, the odds of winning were twice as high with mothers with the highest bpa levels. but how many of you get stressed headaches? >> stress causes a lot of chemicals to be produced in order to deal with stress some of those chemicals have cut back some blood vessels. this seems to be more common in women. >> on avoiding alcohol and caffeine and getting exercise might help. also you can take time alone,
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deep breathing, and meditation. this reduces stress hormones and increases feel-good chemicals. >> now, you're into whether + forecast. >> we are just about up to the mother's day weekend and there is still a threat of a shower over the weekends. it is looking better for mother's day on sunday. the bulk of the rain will be coming down saturday afternoon or evening maybe into the early morning hours of sunday. the main threat of showers on sunday will be passing south of baltimore. we will keep a 20% chance of hit and miss showers on mother's day. we will probably see a little sunset with a high temperature around 71. that's where the temperatures are at this hour it is cooler on the mountains. there has been acquitted of cloud cover. 59 degrees at oakland at this
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hour all. mid-6 0's around the coast. there have been some thunderstorms mixed into the west of us. shares are from detroit to cincinnati and have been heading east toward western and central maryland in. . the warmer temperatures are closer to virginia with bigger thunderstorms. we will look for scattered showers and temperatures tonight at 50 degrees. there is a series of these weather systems, and for over the next few days. this first run extends to pressure north of the likes tonight and tomorrow evening, the next one comes through. if we can get through that quick enough, we might be able to salvage a good part of mother's day on sunday. look for scattered showers tomorrow into the evening and maybe some sons to start the
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day. system trackings out the bus and headed off the coast by. sunday by with the law, we will get some attractive to showers and south of town but. monday looks like a good day to be outside. partly cloudy as the forecast for saturday, scattered afternoon showers, anytime after 4:00 in the afternoon, we will have an increasing chance of rain. highs tomorrow 67-72. 10:01 is high tide at fort mchenry tomorrow. bob and john scherer is arriving tomorrow evening around but bay. the best weather of the day tomorrow and the rate is not arrive until later in the afternoon or evening. temperatures will get into the mid-70 topos. 's.
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20% chance of showers on mother's day out. sunny skies on monday. it looks like we will push temperatures into the upper 70's next week and bring another round of showers and toward the end of next week. >> click spring has sprung in which means it is time for the annual baltimore power mart. >> just in time for mother's day and more this year is significant. >> the president dispatched two of his people for city buses.
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all all >> the president was out talking clean energy and jobs are at its heart a plant in indianapolis where the price the company for their work making hybrid parts for buses and the. has been promoting his energy policies. a partner at that plant in indianapolis are in buses running on maryland's streets. >> the president sent his deputy air corps present deputy secretary of transportation to
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see how maryland are using a hybrid buses. we have more on the visit. >> the omalley at ministration said that every bus replaced will be diesel/electric all. there are now 181 on the streets with the goal of 600 within the next 10 years. the president sent his deputy transportation secretary and his energy assistance secretary for policy and international affairs on eight two-called messenger baltimore wrote. maryland has embraced hybrid bosses and they want to continue the eight administration commitment to clean energy. >> this is an electric cooling system. this is saving us approximately 5% on two mileage. in the back, we have a smaller engine and eight conventional
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diesel engine. >> est. bought 181 of them. in some gases up by 20%. since travel between breakdowns has tripled and consumers like the quiet. >> we have found that they are more reliable, more fuel- efficient, and quite than the diesel replaced. >> is a win for consumers and clean air and the energy independence of america. >> back in july, 2008, the governor announced that mta will replace older buses with the diesel-electric hybrid note. he wants more of them in service by 20148. . the federal in stimulus paid for the $2 million of the $5 million improvements. renovations includes new roads, bus shelters, and lights,. obama's assistant energy
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secretary shared a message. >> i drove to work today in a plug an electric vehicle. that vehicle, i plugged it in at home at night and when i drive to work, i paid the equivalent of 75¢ per gallon for gasoline. every american should have the opportunity of not just to fill up with gasoline but to plug in their cars and run it on elektra's the which would be cheaper and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. >> mta of vessels credit writer shipped to the economy but mostly the new hybrid. >> and tristan will. in origin interesting. interesting. >> republicans are on a mission to take back the white house. we will talk about what president obama has. it all has
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>> there will be a new policy on the books to educate kids about gangs. that story is straight ahead.
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>> maryland school systems are getting serious about the problem of gangs and gang activity. how will they still a problem?
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there are close to 25,000 gangs in this country. most children who join them are between the ages of 12 and 16 at. >> in county school board 8 and took their first step toward adopting a policy. >> note school officials agree this is a serious concern. they have a number of gang awareness programs in place but they are moving a step further. the county school administrators will be the first to admit they have seen their share of gangs in recent years on and off campus. >> tickets are getting into gangs and died. >> 3 school board is prepared to make an education and awareness a part of what students and staff members are required to learn. >> this is modeled after the state or policy. >> this policy is being developed with the opinions of police, community groups,
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parents,. and students called a >> is when the students talk to each other, you will hear things you don't always hear an adult talks to students. . >> policy calls for each school to appoint a coordinator will, in most cases the principal or administrator got. person is responsible for training teachers and staff members on gangs and gang activities all. each school must hold regular security meetings all. the proposed policy calls for all employees to report suspected activity. >> you can't pretend it does not exist but once it is fair, it is really there. it is important back-to-school address is best. >> the school board will hold a number of hearings before putting the policy to a vote. they hope to have a policy on the books by the next schoo yea. >ar. we have a copy of this on our website,
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>> here is a look at some of our other top stories. in at $10,000 was in his scammed id from a baltimore ravens player. lisa cohen was sentenced to three-year probationary there was quite a scene this morning ", an accident on the belt way that brought traffic to a standstill. . a tractor-trailer hit an overpass while traveling on the inner loop. debris was sent on to the beltway. engineers are inspecting the bridge. president obama is at fort campbell, kentucky to thank those of who were involved in the operation with the bat and ball the killing of osama bin laden.
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the president is planning a public thank you for soldiers who have recently returned home from afghanistan. >> class night, republicans looking to unseat president obama critique his handling of the osama bin laden. laden in >> we congratulate the president being decisive. he did a good job. but that moment is not the sum total of america ap's foreign- policy. kia has made decisions i don't agree with. >> is the decision he made was a tactical decision. the strategic decision was made already by president bush to go after him. what the president has done on his watch, the issues that have come up while he has been president, he got it wrong strategically every single time. we went to afghanistan to get him and. he has not been there.
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now that he is dead, it is a wonderful time for this country re-assess and get the troops out of afghanistan. >> some of the most high- profile present candidates did not participate in that debate. the next scheduled republican presidential debate takes place next month in new hampshire. >> the owner of thousand eigh ts movie theater is closing its. april jobs numbers beat analysts' expectations but despite adding 244,000 jobs last month, the unemployment rate managed to climb to 9%. we have more on the project the
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economy update from washington. >> president obama put the spotlight back on the rebound in economic. >> we can take a hit and keep on going forward. >> it was the biggest high rate four ywears.quattr new jobs increase but said the unemployment rate, back to 9%. >> as we add jobs, we will get people flooding into the labour market and the unemployment rate will come down slowly. >> or summon washington, d.c., the jobs report was just a number. >> i'm a nurse by profession. i worked for uhaul at the moment. >> well over $4 per gallon, people buy 1 gal. or eight two at a time it. >> i only put enough gas in
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there to get to a, b, and c. >> obama pushed his clean energy agenda. >> if you already are already paying at the pump, we don't need to pay it. >> through the > > high prices at the pump is a high priority. the job picture is getting better but many feel there is a long way to go. it would take almost 02 0.5 years to restore the 8 million jobs lost during the recession. howrecession- proof ceo's, much they scored when the economy was at its worst. >> plus birds and training for battle. >> i am impressed with these birds at. crows be the next line of defense in fighting terrorism. >> if you ever want to see
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inside the ritz-carlton at the inner harbor, now is your chance. we will tell you how, straight ahead.
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>> officials are beefing up security on subways after this al qaeda was reported to attack a trend by tampering with tracks it appears to be the first circulated intelligence pulled from the rate on the dam late in secret compounds in pakistan at a. intelligence officials say was planned for the 10th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. navy seals found the hideout of osama bin laden, a few years ago, a different team was held to the region helped in the search, crows. crows could recognize, remember, and pass on descriptions of people bothered them. call
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win about fighting and contacted the university for help eight. >> they thought it might be a useful technique for them to identify soldiers ever lost behind enemy lines or persons of interest like osama bin laden. >> the military tested across ability to distinguish between them and they did with amazing accuracy. to this day, but rose give them a cawing. >> recession bypassed most of america's big ceo's. ceo's at the nation's largest companies were paid better last year than in 2007 when the economy was booming. their average was $9 million last year. the value of stock options also soared last
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year. >> still ahead, " a consumer alert that goes back in time. >> our concept is leading technology. >> i've got all the details, not. >> scattered showers on the radar may. be there will be raindrops or over the upcoming mother's day weekend. the forecast is straight at. cloud cover in the area at the moment.
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>> gary williams and his career. at 6:00, we are more with the emotional press conference plus find out what it plans to do next. dutch rupersberger talks about
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the raid that killed osama bin laden. my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turnover. i know it's sort of my weakness. i always keep it in the house. well, that and boston crème pie, white chocolate strawberries, and mmm key lime pie. yeah, i've already lost some weight. [ female announcer ] yoplait light -- over 30 delicious flavors at about 100 calories. babe, what are you doing?! ♪ [ female announcer ] the yoplait you love,
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now in a 4-pack. try it today. >> the baltimore flower mart is in full swing. >> it is a sure sign that spring is here. the baltimore far more is back in mount vernon square. >> there is a great spirit and you can find everything you need to start your summer. there are plants and herbs and vegetables. >> it is not all hours and plaster in many vendors are set up with crafts, jewelry, and handmade goods. mail, elling my famn
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sports jewelry for the ultimate sports founded eight. baltimore is a big ratings and orioles town. >> organizers say william donald schaefer might be gone but his spirit is still here. >> he loved the flower mart. always came down and what something and carry around another flour or two. he was always a presence at we still feel the spirit. >> let us remember william donald schaefer, the spirit of the flower mart lives on with them. >> had a moment of silence in his honor. this year is special because it marks and 100 years before our march has been a part of the baltimore spring culture. >> it is great to be a part of history and they have kept us going this long which is remarkable. it is a great event.
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the city comes out every time we are here. rather great vendors here. >> encourage everyone to come out and share in baltimore's history. >> all the shares a live look over mount vernon. the car more runs until 8:00 tonight and tomorrow from 11:00 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening in if. you could look up the details on our website, will the weather hold off tax >> p? >> it is a flower week and. it looks like some showers for the flowers this week and but not a bunch of rain. we see shara's today but nothing in the rain gauge. scattered showers but not everybody gets wet.
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overall, not a wash tub weekend. the temperatures will be a fairly comparable and the normal height is 71 and we will be right around there. the record low this morning was tied, 40 degrees at the airport. that ties the record low that goes back to 1925. that was a very vulnerable record. we got there at. the at we had an afternoon high temperature of 72. things are high for grass pollen. air temperatures are pretty comfortable, the upper 60s and lower '70s. it to go to the beach for the weekend, it is cooler on the. you will get a seabury's every afternoon but inland is milder.
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the next weather disturbance is burning cloud cover from the midwest in. there are powerful storms and south-central virginia. if we hear thunder, it will be isolated. los tonight will be 45-52. the showers are associated with almost clipper-light systems. one system is winding down over eastern canada and another is passing north of the great lakes. distracts through tonight and the next one comes through tomorrow night. it might actually allow us to have a decent sunday. clouds moved in here and throughout the afternoon tomorrow. asked on sunday, the main threat of rain is south of baltimore and the morning. after that, there will be a trend toward clearing skies which will take us into monday. there will be lots of sunshine
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on monday. partly cloudy tomorrow and range as is increasing as we go toward sunset. the sun goes down tomorrow at 7:00 05. showers are likely in the mountains tomorrow. they will get showers out there tomorrow. it was for a passing shower in the afternoon, 69 degrees and a fairly light westerly. westerly iran holds off until tomorrow night and critic of the rain holds off until tomorrow night. a 20% chance of they don't share on sunday by. a mid '70s on tuesday and upper 70's and mere 80 degrees for the end of next week. >> you think you pay a lot of income tax credit is not as high as you may thank. some iphone verizon customers
5:50 pm
have no complaints and we will have details. >> verizon customers who bought them iphone, the resale value is less. so much talk this week about dtata breaches has put international free internet security back into the spotlight. >> to the cloud. >> we have heard wethe cloud. is even part of the conversation in washington. >> i don't think this legislation will affect cloud computing. i think companies are migrating to the clout. >> the cloud is shaping up the best place for the digital data storage for consumers and companies.
5:51 pm
>> the term 'the cloud' has existed since the 1960's. >> it was derived from the drawings that the internet and indicates and it has evolved into something better. >> cloud computing is a new way of looking at them during that uses services to deliver v toia a utility. >> it involves physical locations with china servers out there are not widely. >> . they have strong physical security and strong electronic security. >> becloud service stores the data as well as software to access the. >> all of your data does not reside with you and your laptop or desktop computer. it is in the networks are you can use it anywhere you are. >> and with what ever mobile device you use.
5:52 pm
>> the now-defunct hollywood video has come to agreement with the maryland attorney general over their debt collection practices. the company illegally tried to collect outstanding late-season product seasonal by customers without providing verification. as part of that settlement, hollywood video will rescind all accounts on customers who will have rigid we have not paid. americans are paying the least amount of their taxes. 1958. taxe it was 23.6% in the first quarter which compares to 27% in the 1970's thru the 1990's. >> like to. thank you,. in a mother's day, sunday, have
5:53 pm
you sent your heart? share prices of your mom out on the the five gifts she does not want and how to avoid getting on her nerves on mother's day. it is all on's day. >> they don't want a crock pot. onions and tempers flare at a town hall meeting ". >> white maryland congress and says the u.s. needs to play hardball with pakistan. ." >> a chance to on a piece of o's
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>> appear worldly and orioles memorabilia auction on saturday. >> if you ask long time o's fans, he was probably their favorite manager you cannot forget pearl we were going at with an umpire. this was the best part of the game or some. he talked about that when he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame. >> and balls and strikes in close plays on the basis, they must have made over a million calls like mast and except for the 92 t i disagree, they got the other one's right. >> now, a lot of memorabilia
5:57 pm
from earl's jolo and career is going on auction. there is a world series ring all to jersey's stock to kinds of awards in all shapes and sizes how about this autographed jerseys? there is a special baseball but cal ripken gave earl weaver. >> this baseball was from 1995 when cal ripken tied lou gehrig's record . while there are certainly some very historic and expensive pieces like his rent for 1966 ring, are lots of things that are at $300 or less. >> if you think he needs to sell the stock, that is not the case ". i talked to him this morning at his home in florida. >> there are a number of reasons
5:58 pm
i am doing this now and. the first reason is that i can divide this, mike four children equally with each getting the same amount .... how could not do that with the pieces themselves. >> it you are looking for some memorabilia,er's the auction is in chicago on may 14th. >> i bet that was a tough decision. to do decision or more informations, you can go to our web site,, click on sports. >> here's a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> garry williams offers one last to fist pump. >> the president travels to kentucky to thank o the tops team that took them off some of
5:59 pm
them later and. >> new details tonight on the raid on his comeback resist compound. >> live, local, late breaking. >> is not about supporting a player or a coach, it is about supporting the maryland basketball program. that is what has been great year. gary williams and his 22-year run eight. good evening. the legendary coach said his goodbyes in an emotional press conference. >> even though he is stepping aside, he will not be far away. >> gary williams, intense, cantankerous. he was an amazing picture on the sidelines in 22 years. he says goodbye and the way that he says goodbye and the way that he went about


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