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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  May 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning. welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm jennifer franciotti. >> and i'm lisa robinson.
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>> we're starting out dry. off to the west in illinois we see another batch of rain. a little in ohio. more in illinois that's coming our bay -- way. when do we get it? forecast just ahead. >> the 91 -- the 911 tapes the night a woman was attacked by two people inside a mcdonald's. >> baltimore county 911. >> hello.
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>> we have a customer having a seizure. >> you have a customer having a seizure? >> yes. >> at one point christie pols' parent seizure was too much for the woman to bear. it is still unclear what propoke folked have vicious attack, but an employee captured it on a cell phone camera. at one point, the victim was kicked before being dragged through the restaurant. the victim has been identified ads a transgendered woman. >> he's moving. he needs help. >> 18-year-old tiana brown has been charged with one count of fiffers degree assault along with others. baltimore county police say they received three 911 tapes. one is considered evidence and
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cannot be played. last week more than 200 people rallied outside of mcdonald's in support of polis. maryland and others want the case to be prosecuted as a hate crime based op gender identity. >> in towson, sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> daniel sullivan charged in the shooting death of 3 -year-old keenya jordan. she was gunned down last month in the 600 block of lenox street. police say sullivan was jordan's former boyfriend and he had a history abusing her. >> what's concerning is he played along the entire time. he came into homicide, asked about the investigation, and tried to be sympathetic toward his first girlfriend's death and ultimately he was the one responsible for it. >> court records show that
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jordan had a protective order against sullivan who has now been charged with first-degree murder. >> the man that killed a woman outside the courthouse. cleaven williams has given life in sentence after shooting veronica williams outside a court house when she was pregnant. >> a woman's body pulled from james falls near union avenue and clifford mill friday morning. at this point officials do not suspect foul play but have classified the death as suspicious. >> the inner loop is open after a tractor-trailer caused a standstill. maryland police say the tractor hit an overpass while traveling on the inner loop.
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the impact caused the steal to twist and send debris on 695. engineers are inspecting that bridge to make sure no significant structural damage was done. >> al-qaeda has acknowledged the killing of osama bin laden and vows revenge. this as the president traveled to fort campbell, kentucky, to thank those involved in the raid. >> the white house says the president's visit wasn't about spiking the ball or gloating but to acknowledge a job well done. >> president obama met privately with the navy seals and special operations forces that took down the world's most wanted terrorist. he called the raid on the compunde compound -- compound a
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historic event. >> thanks to the work of countless individuals over many years, the terrorist leader who struck our nation on 911 will never threaten america again. >> al-qaeda has now acknowledged bin laden's death. it warned america's happiness will turn to sadness and that their blood will be mingled with their tears. meanwhile, documents reveal plans. amtrak said it is fumly staffing -- fully staffing its teams at all major hubs. >> i hope it never happens. i don't want to change my life around it, so i keep going and hope for the best. >> other details on the hunt for
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bin laid yep have emerged -- for bin laden have emerged as well. the reports are the c.i.a. was watching from a house nearby for months. in washington, sally kidd, wbal-tv 11 news. >> in light of osama bin laden's death, seven military veterans and their families are sharing their stories in "the telling project." it highlights the human impact of war on 9/11 families and their strug -- struggles veterans have transitioning back to civilian life. >> in timonium, first responders gather to remember those that have lost their lives in the line of duty. barry sims was there.
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>> as a tearful remembrance of fallen heroes that died in the line of duty. >> today is a day we remember those whose courage called them to do the most important work there is to do on this earth, and that is protect the lives of others. william torbit junior died. 10 days later mark falkenhan
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died fighting a fire. >> montgomery police officer hector ayala died april 4, trooper wesley brown was killed on june 11, baltimore city fliffer james fowler iii died on september 27, and baltimore city police officer thomas portz jr. died in -- died on october 20. william torbit jr. was killed on january 9. >> it was all brought to us as a gift. >> it is not how they died that made them heroes. it was how they lived. >> efforts to continue safeguarding communities. >> there is no such thing in this life as complete justice.
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nor is there any such thing as complete closure, not when you have lost someone you have loved. what we do have the ability to do is to love and to perfect our love. >> barry sims, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 6:10 and 61 degrees on tv hill. still ahead, the campaign to reduce the number of stroke cases in baltimore. >> and up next, residents along the mississippi river wait for another possible disaster to come their way. >> first you are taking a live look outside. it is a very, very pretty morning. cols has your -- john collins has your mother's day weekend
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>> last evening and overnight we had a few scattered showers, a rumble of thunder here and there, but that has all pulled out of the picture. look at our live h.d. doppler radar right now. all clear on the radar. we still have some clouds. but it is still clear on the radar. a couple hours ago, still a couple rumbling isolated lightning. footage in illinois and ohio, there is another weather disturbance.
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what we call in the business a short wave. coming out of southern canada. not much moisture with it. there are thundershower activities with it. that's headed this way. more on that in a minute. now a mixture of clouds around sunrise here. 48 at w.b.i. marshall. so these temperatures this morning are not quite as chilly as they were yesterday morning. 93% the humidity. the barometer down a bit. we have a west wind, almost a brees -- breeze. still clouds sticking around in some areas. 40's around the area.
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clearing off to the north. there is a cool front. it won't come down much further. here's the next disturbance in the west that will be drifting in. in front, slightly cooler air mass. when this disturbance comes across the area, it will be concentrated in west virginia and virginia. high pressure to the south will limit the amount of moisture it has. it can't drag moisture up to the gulf of mexico. there is not a lot of rain in that section at all. we get a chance for showers during the area. 67 to 72 the high. west wind at 10 miles per hour. boaters in the day, 10 knots.
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a one-foot chop. insta-weather futurecast shows this area of rain. by evening moving mostly off to our west. then in the afternoon, another area of shower activity could pop up. most of the day should be fine. going into early next week looks dry, too. forecast, 61 today. not a lot of rain in the forecast. chances for today are -- the days are mixed up. sunday's chances are higher, but mostly in the afternoon. ignore these numbers here. much of next week is dry and nice. >> that's good news. >> one complaint verizon customers have about their new cell phone. you can hear that in our
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consumer alert. >> and stroke can happen. there are steps you can take to prevent stroke. we'll have recipes for you. >> and some good thicks -- things come to an end. why gary williams
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>> in this morning's "consumer alert" verizon's new iphone. it is less expensive than the current iphones. it is a the popular buzz word that most people can't define. chris clackum defines what "the cloud" is and why you should know. >> we've been hearing so much
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about it. "the cloud." in light of all the hacking that's going on rving it is -- that's going on, it is even in washington. >> i don't think this language is going to affect cloud computing. i think companies are migrating to the cloud. >> migrating because the cloud is shaping up to be the best place for digital data storage for consumers as well as customers. >> the term "the cloud" has existed since the 1960's. it was derived from that close-like drawings that was an example of the connect activity the internet would deliver. >> so cloud computing is a new way of looking at services that uses services to deliver via utility. >> it involves actual physical locations with giant servers, but their where abouts are not widely advertised. >> they are secured securities.
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they have strong physical thurt and electronic security. >> security and veens. the cloud service stores data as well as software. >> so all of your data doesn't reside with you on your laptop or your desk top. it is in the network. so you can use it anywhere you are. >> and with whatever mobile device you choose. chris clackum, nbc news. >> the hollywood video has come to an agreement with maryland's attorney attorney over the company's debt collection practices. the office says the company illegally tried to collect outstanding late fees and product fees owed by customers without providing verification of the actual amounts owed. as part of the settlement, they will rescind all negative credit reports made on customer that is didn't pay. >> a reminder that tomorrow is mother's day, so don't forget to call mom. we are honoring the special woman in our life. please share the pictures of your mom. all you have to do is click on
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"you local. "the five gifts mom doesn't want and how to avoid getting on her nerves on her special day. all on's day. >> when we come back, a local campaign to prevent strokes. it starts with eating healthy. first a look at events going on around town this weekend. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> if it could happen to me, it could happen to you. thts the message of a -- that's the message from a young stroke survivor. >> anyone can have a stroke. >> this woman is proof. she had her first stroke five years ago. >> i woke up and i had left-side numbness and blurred vision. >> she suffered three strokes by the time she was 33. she worries too many don't believe young people have strokes. >> davida, i'm greg. >> he happened to be in the park with his two young boys and couldn't help overhearing her story. >> i have also v had a -- i also had a stroke four years ago. >> she was just 25 years old and running a 5-k race when it hit. >> i had the wrong idea.
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i thought it was something in old people or people with unhealthy eating habits were the only ones to get a stroke. it shocked us. we were healthy and young and had the whole world in front of us. >> she worked as an accountant before her stroke and said she has lingering physical problems. she tires early. african-americans are twice as likely to die from stroke and tend to have them earlier in life. symptoms include sudden numbness, yeakness of the face, arm, or leg. sudden confusion. trouble speaking, trouble seeing or walking, and the worst headache of your life. if you have any of these warning signs, call 911 immediately. >> for this 8-year-old boy, he knows what to look for if a stroke is suspected, and he said he keeps an eye on his mom because he loves her.
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f 67 -- >> a new campaign is trying to raise awareness about stroke. the american heart association is coming out with this report. and chef gregory brown joins us with more on those recipes. >> hello. >> you are going to be the chef at a special function to help raise awareness about stroke? >> absolutely. we're going to be at the jazz brunch that will take place at dunbar high school saturday may 14 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. >> and you are going to be making some things like the dish you are making? >> yes. we're making a chicken jumbalaya. because i'm a vegetarian, i have spitched it up a little bit -- switched it autopsyly -- i have switched it up a little bit to make it healthy.
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>> you added some oil and some spices. >> i put in a dad a ayian -- of cayenne pepper. it is also good at met blazzing. -- metabelizing it is great your your metabolism. throwing some tomatos in here. then i have my favorite herbs here, which is thyme and oregano. >> this is how you season your food without all that butter and salt. >> how much is that? >> i >> i would say that is probably a tablespoon of each. a tablespoon of oregano and thyme mixed together.
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>> is it better to have -- do you think it is better to have the actual garlic clove chopped up as opposed to using the powder? >> i think it is better. you can use the powder, but i think it is better to use the fresher ingredients. >> i think you have inspired us to try this. >> i hope i have inspired you to try this. >> orphan should come out to the event on may 14. it is an awesome event. i will alert everybody with ways to reduce stroke prevention or -- ways to increase stroke prevention. >> 1400 orleans street. if you know -- is there a cost in this? >> it is absolutely free. >> we like free. >> we love free. >> you get the free cookbook,
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too? >> yes. >> can't beat it. we're running out of time. oh, no. this is the finished product. we'll try it and show it to you. he's putting in some soy-based chicken. >> keep on cooking. >> thank you. >> yes, ma'am. >> 6:29. much more news ahead. stay with us. you're watching "11 news
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thank you for joining us. >> and we'll look outside with john with the smell of jumbalaya. >> it's unfair. >> we'll get a taste soon, though. >> i'm glad i had a little taste or i would be going crazy now. a patch of fog. thundershower in the evening. that's done. now we're not done with the rain chances, though. as you can see on this kind of wide view of what's going on, baltimore there is kind of on the right side of the screen. a little red dot. out to the west in missouri and illinois, even in ohio and kentucky there is a weather disturbance. not called a "storm "because it is not big enough. doesn't have enough moisture
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with it. it is out there and drifting in this direction. the primary target is going to be virginia and west virginia. nonetheless we'll be on the edge when that comes through, and that should be sometime later today. late is the operative word there. by and large, we will be ok. i'll bring you the details coming up. >> after a 22-year run coaching basketball in college park, gary williams bid fair we will -- bid farewell before thousands of terps fans. >> he said it is time for something new. pete gilbert has more on the emotional good-bye. >> gary williams creapted a legacy when he took a job nobody wanted in 1989. through hardwork and an almost debilitating desire to win, he built a championship program, and an incredible connection with the student fans. >> gary! gary!
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>> every time he walks out that tunnel, he gives us confidence, and that gets us going. >> we will never get anyone as good as gary. he brings so much to the school, i don't know how we can replace everything he's done for us. >> not concerned with making friends garnered him some of the best friends. the voice of the terps, johnny holiday, stood by his side for all 22 seasons. >> the way he ran the program, as clean as anyone in the country. you do it his way, old-school way, or you don't do it. simple as that. >> and ray bischotti one of his closest confidantes couns he willed him about leaving. >> i said, what i don't think you have a chants to realize is, for the rest of your life in -- you will only be viewed as the guy who did all the great things. detractors tend to fade away,
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but the support and love and appreciation never goes away. >> to go out on your own terms like this and still stay with the university, you couldn't ask for a better scenario. >> he is maryland basketball. how do you fill that void? that's the big question. pete gilbert, wbal-tv 11 news. >> our tribute to the iconic coach continues online. you can watch the speech in its entirety and wish coach williams well. go to and click on "sporlts." >> people in the south are pracing for record water levels. >> stay wi
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>> people in the mississippi are -- near the mississippi river are trying to determine whether to ride out the flood or to evacuate. >> jay gray is in memphis, tennessee, with the late of the. >> as the sun sets in memphis, there is a sense of apprehension rising almost as fast as the water here. >> i've never been in nothing like this. >> karen's home has already been swallowed by the flood waters. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. i'm going to wait for the water to go down and see what's happened to it. >> forecasters say for now the water will continue to climb. >> 46.5, clock on the 8th. 47.1. >> it is already high enough that a section has been closed to barge traffic because wakes are pushing over flood walls and
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into communities along the pacific. >> when you close the mississippi river, it has an impact on the economy nationwide. >> the impact is more immediate on businesses and neighborhoods like these already under water. >> we're looking at the highest flood levels since 1937 in most places. some are calling this a flood of epic proportions, and i think that is probably accurate. >> perhaps the hardest part of all this is that it is only going to get worse. >> the mississippi is already over 36 feet. that's considered a major flood stage. it is expected to crest wednesday at 48 feet, a near record level. jay gray, nbc news, memphis. >> we haven't had nearly the rain they have had in the midwest. of course they had a lot of snow this winter, too.
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it is not enough to aggravate the flood situation, which is kind of a long-term issue. why -- >> that area of rain will be more of a miss than a hit. showers from last night have left. 98% the humidity. a west wind at 5 miles an hour. 53 degrees in annapolis. op the boardwalk, 57.
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age in edgewood across the bay. 40's across western maryland. we still have a band of clouds. not a big difference in temperatures here. nonetheless, a front that won't move further south today or much further south. a disturbance that will slide toward virginia and west virginia or at least get closer and bring in a pocket of moisture our way. our forecast calls for a mix of clouds and sun, and toward evening or during the evening hours, we could see more showers. 67 to 72 the high. i think we'll see a few more clouds today. west winds primarily at 10 miles
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per hour. insta-weather futurecast shows this moisture coming in this evening and overnight tonight. most of it passes to our south. we do have that chance. on sunday morning, the rain will be pulling away. something may pop in the afternoon briefly. we can't take the rain chance out for sunday. it is there. once we get into monday or tuesday, it is dry. we look specifically at the mother's day forecast and all the nice cards and everything on the kitchen fridge. here's the forecast. generally partly cloudy. 71 the high. so i don't know, mother's day, more of a positive skew there. again, that chance of rain a little bit. monday, tuesday, wednesday, all looks dry. it will be closer to 80 by the end of the week, but the rain chance goes up as well.
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>> don't go away. "11 fitness" coming up next. >> first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back. candace grasso is here with "11
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fitness" and how to be safe with outdoor fitness. >> i am a road cyclist, and i am aware of the traffic. i feel bad when i'm holding up traffic like everyone. there are some things you need to know about that. these are resumes to keep you safe. we said earlier, the -- the gentleman that sawed off his arm only did it that one day. >> he said he did not tell someone where he was going. if you are going out to do any kind of exercising, let someone know where you are going. >> every time i go out for a long run, a walk, my husband or someone knows where i will be. i will be at the mcr trail. i should be back by this amount of time. if not, come looking for me. >> if not, e-mail somebody. so that it is out there. >> there has to be a human being that knows where you are going, whether you are expected back.
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>> so if you are running or biking, you have things you are taking with you. >> so first of all, you should make sure you are riding with a helmet. i know they want to jump on the bike in the cul-du hch sac. wear your helmet. >> make sure you get fitted for them at the bike shop. the better bike shops know how to do that. you must have a helmet on always. you must always have a water bottle on your bike. next, a bike on the road is considered a vehicle. this is a huge issue. so do not go against the flow of traffic. i'm sorry, guys and cars, we have to drive in the lane. when we start trying to do the white line, if there is a big side, get over on it if there are no glass and issues there. otherwise, if we ride the white line, cars try to get around us, and i have had friends that have
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gotten killed. we have stoplights we have to stop. >> please share the road. >> runners and walkers go against the flow of traffic. >> completely the opposite. you are not a vehicle. in that case, walking, running, anything you are doing on your feet like that, you go against the flow of traffic. you you have sunscreen. >> bring something, but this is the most important thing. >> a telephone on one side. a $20 bill over here. this is filled with water. i have -- i call somebody because i say i'm going to be longer. >> make sure you have it. >> have done u fun. >> good tips. get out and enjoy the good weather. >> if you would like to get in touch with can d.c. e,
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and please stay with us. john has another look another your mother's day weekend forecast when we come back. first here's amy with a look at what's coming up next on the "today show." >> coming up this morning on "today" the death of osama bin laden a week after he was killed. new details on the terror mastermind's compound including new video from inside the hide-out and even the medications he was taking. this comes -- we'll have a live report from pakistan. also, memphis blues. officials are going door-to-door warning residents that the mississippi river is over-flowing. >> plus an incredible story of survival. a canadian woman that disappeared two months ago with her husband weeks ago in oregon is finally found. she said she had to eat snow to stay alive. her family called it a miracle. but where is her husband?
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>> paul mccart any is officially -- mccartney is getting ready to married for a third
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>> baseball has some pretty simple story lines. if you can't score, you can't win. o's drop their third game, as they score only two runs. one tough inning facing upton. he drills one to the corner. bangs it off the scoreboard. markaikis decides he can get the ball nlongoria has scored. still in the second. guyer's first major league at-bat. a two-run homerun. britton gave up those three runs, but nothing more. lee on a soggy night at camden yards. o's get a run on the night. hoping for better weather and
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better results today. a day game today at camden yards. gary williams saying good-bye at comcavity center. 2,500 terp fans. alumni and media turning out for gary williams' retirement. he loved to compete and prove critics wrong. nothing to fight but his had he etions. -- his emotions. gary williams had no competition yesterday. he owned the day as he said good-bye. starting today he begins the phase of his life where his style of aggressive, competitive tenacity doesn't always work. he likes that because it makes him something of an underdog again. >> mainly besides the coaching thing, i'm basically unskilled. [laughter] >> so when you leave the wrun thing you knew -- one thing you
6:55 am
knew how to do, there is always apprehension in that decision. at the same time, coaching gives you confidence that you can be successful in some other ways. >> gary williams said yesterday he expects maryland to move quickly to hire his replacement. according it -- to a published report, the terps have contacted notre dame, and it looks like arizona basketball coach sean miller also ranked near the top of the terps' future coaching wishlist to replace gary williams. >> kentucky down from 20 to 19. you can scratch uncle mo who is not in due to stomach problems. midnight interlude could emessenger as the triple crown hopeful. he has stood in the winner's sirbling before, and he likes his chances today at the kentucky. >> what i've seen of him here, he looks about as good as any of
6:56 am
them here. so i think -- the distance, you know, shouldn't be a problem for him. so i really feel that -- i think he fits in this group. >> you will see the kentucky derby later this afternoon right here on tv 11. i'm gerry sandusky. i hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start. >> chef gregory brown is sfill with us. the jazz brunch coming up this weekend. looks good. >> jumbalaya still heading up. >> and it's a beautiful day, right? >> a very nice day today. a few more clouds. late this afternoon and evening, could see a shower. even mother's day, there might be a shower, i think we'll see a fair share of sun as well. >> thank you so much. >> no problem. >> thank you for watching. the "today" show is nefpblgts we'll see you in 25 minutes.
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>> the sale of constellation energy to -- signals the loss of baltimore's last fortune 500 company. once the deal is finalized, the local utility company will be head quartered in chicago.
6:58 am
over the last two decades several major companies were sold, merged, or relocated to other markets making baltimore the branch office and not the head quarters. economists have long suscribed to the fact that big companies are important to the vieability of a town. in addition to mergers and acquisitions, two companies were dropped from the list as a result of falling revenue. baltimore has a long history of actively engainled companies that has been getter for the life of the company. exalon indicate the -- indicates the jobs will remain here. it will take a joint effort by the city and state to keep and grow existing businesses and attract new businesses to the city. baltimore still has major colleges, universities, and some cu cutting-edge technology companies. the future of baltimore may look different, but there are signs it can be bright.
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