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tv   11 News  NBC  May 7, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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eskendereya, uncle mo, who would have been the favorite or near favorite and in each case that horse was scratched, and in a crazy last-minute turn of events, robbie albarado unable to go and picks up the mount aboard animal kingdom. a little bit like being turned down at the last minute, stood up for the prom by the homecoming queen, and the last-minute blind date, tom, turns out to be the girl you wind up marrying. that's what happened to john velazquez this time around. >> tom: that's right, and gary said to me when we were listening to johnny v., bittersweet because he got the mount from robbie albarado, mike repole happy for the rider of his star uncle mo that had to be scratched earlier and our congratulations to mike battaglia who picked the winner. we did see calvin borel's streak end, finished 10th on guys the appeal. going for three in a row and four of the last five but only 10th for calvin borel for twice the appeal. what about your final thoughts? >> gary: if you don't believe in destiny look at what happened to
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johnny velazquez, nominated for the hall of fame, and as bob said you never know what's going to happen. he was bittersweet. i've never seen johnny. he didn't act like he just won a kentucky derbiy. i know deep down inside he's happy, but the performance of animal kingdom, it was exceptional. i look forward to see him in baltimore. it's a tighter racetrack there, and with his speed, acceleration, i think he'll really like pimlico race course. >> tom: hadn't crossed the finish line too long before you said oh, he's going to like pimlico and the surface in baltimore. look forward to seeing him in the preakness and this horse overcame so much of history, his first start on dirt off a six-week layoff and only his fifth career start. a lot of historical trends going against him, but he looked the best today by far as he came sprinting up on the outside to get the victory. don't forget, starting thursday, tiger woods, phil mickelson and more golf's best will battle it
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out at tps sawgrass in the players championship. coverage begins thursday on golf channel and continues all weekend on nbc. and tonight at 11:30, 10:30 central, it's an all new "saturday night live" with host tina fey. and so, before a record crowd, it's animal kingdom that wins the 137th running of the kentucky derbiy. . >> here comes animal kingdom to grab the lead, and then it'snerre and shackleford, but it's animal kingdom and john velazquez to win the derby! >> tom: so now animal kingdom, team valor and graham motion set their sights on baltimore and the second leg of the triple crowd. the 136th preakness stakes at pimlico race course two weeks from today at nbc, and if they can find victory there, they will go to new york for belmont stakes in hopes of making history and becoming the first in 33 years to win horse racing's elusive triple crown.
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so for our entire nbc sports team here in louisville, tom hammond saying so long for now. we'll see you in two weeks at pimlico for the preakness. captions paid for by nbc-universal television so you closed your savings account
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and buried all your money. yeah, my savings weren't growing,
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too many traps and fees, it's better off in a hole in the ground. where's the hole ? i got a map. where's the map ? it's tattooed on my back. nobody knows about it-- just me and the guy who did the tattoo. touch the ball, son. put your savings where they'll grow. get an orange savings account. no fees. no minimums. no tattoos. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> the long shot animal kingdom took a lead with just a few hundred yards to the finish and brought home the prize. >> good evening. pete arks long shot. helped one jockey get his first win. >> the lesson learned from jockey john.
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he has the mount but then friday uncle mow was scratched. the new horse to ride and into history. >> none of the pomp and circumstance the first saturday in may. animal kingdom. a clean start on a nice dry track. that always makes things, you would think that arch, pull up lame at one point forcing a life-threatening injury. but always a little with the kentucky derby. the horse with john on board, the thorough bred has another gear. the incredible dash to the post. holding up macho man. animal kingdom claims his first kentucky derby championship and a big payout. $43.80 on a $2 bet. sounds like we will indeed see animal kingdom come to baltimore in a couple weeks. >> and wbaltv is your station
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for the preakness. we'll have live coverage and you can browse our photos and share your own. just click on slide shows. >> the pentagon today released new home video6 c13 >> the pentagon today released new home video of osama bin laden. the videos were part of an intelligence treasure trove seized during the raid that resulted in his death. there are outtakes, practice runs and more unreleased tapes. officials removed the audio saying they did not want bin laden to speak from the grave. >> lastsplimpses of osama bin laden. including unreleased messplge to the american people. apparently taped last october or nficorber. this received during the raid released saturday by the pentagon. officials sply it is the single largest collection of senior terrorist material ever uncovered. the audio has been removed
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becuse officerrls don't want to -lread his messplge. the most striking scenes, bin laden watching himself on television. notice here his beard is gray. that's the way u.s. od icerrbãc sply he looked when his compoun was raided. in this practice vidden, his beard is dyed dark again. an intelligence official also points out the arm water was found in his compound hinting that is where the messplge may have been taped. a last look at bin laden but not the final word. >> and for more on the raid of bin laden log on to our website. we have a slide show of pictures showing inside the terrorist leader's compound. there's a link at the top of the home page. two johns hopkins students are recficering tonight after they were both hit by a car. it happened just atuder 2:00 at the intersection of st. paul
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and 33rd street. the driver may have been dce nk they were taken to a local hospital where they are in stable condition. the driver was taken into custody but at this time no charges have been filed. 911 calls reporting a brutal beating of a transgender woman inside mcdonald's have been released. police hnd 3e released two of three calbe? the third is being held for evidence. it's still upinlear what provoked this attack but what went on was even too much for the caller to bear saying i can't really handle this. >> 9 but. >> hello. >> we are a customer having a seizure here in mcdonald's. >> 18-dedar-old tina brown has been charged with one count of first degree of assult and a 14seizear- c13 charged as a juvenile. famcusy and friends of north carolina teen felicia barnes
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said their final fair wells today. a service was held in georgia. barnes' body was found last month in the rficoer near the d she is reported missing in late december while visiting famcusy here in baltimore. barnes death has been ruled a homicide. however, p c13 released the cause of death. a memorial service has been set for next saturday at the mountain pleasant church in baltimore. the risky and exhcusarating way one 85-year-old man celebrated his birthday coming up. and a special celebration. plus no charges. the unfortuas ate looph c13 wcusl keep a drunk school bus driver from appearing in court. and atuder apolo fzing to the world, sony is trying to rearsure customers whose persoas al ibraormation may hnd been stolen.
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>> a sense of security for millions of sony customers. sony has offered uray. play l tation and customers up to $ million in identity theft insurapine. this f c13 abnounsment of a massive security breach. l ony has more thanhaviit mcu accounts and that they may have been compromised ipinluding ãdriredit datr f so far there have been no reports of the data being mi thased. an ohio school bus driver who adnoticed driving dce nk with kids on board wcusl not be charged with a crime. last friday, a p c13 stopped the bus driver as he was filling up his tank. the driver agreed to a portable breath lieser test and the results with nearly three times the limit. the driver resigned but will not be prosecuted. that test is n af admissible in court. a world war ii vet marked a
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major mcusestone by jumping out of an airplane. bob turned 85 years old friday. he wasn't alone for his adventure. his 92-year-old son joined him. he said he's been waiting for this day for a long time. >> i joined the marine corps in 1942 and i wanted to join the paratroopers but they wouldn't let me. so sincehaviear-2. >> why did you wait so long? >> i didn't have the monnou. i had kids. >> he served in both world war ii and the korean war. stcusl ahead tonight ath.ack of the stink bugs. the sneaky way these creatures ãdriould be costing you monnou. and the near and dear cause that brought rnd 3ens pladedrs downtown for morning of running. >> i've never been in ad uthing like this. it's all new to me. >> the mississippi swallowing cars, towns, anything thatspets
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in its path. people fleeing the fast-rising flood waters. >> there is a little rain out there, here in town it's been nice. we'll take a look at the forecast for the rest of the weekend coming up in just a minute. right now with mostly sunny skies. there are some cloalss. 67 degrees.
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>> take a look at this town in tennessee. appropriately named mud island. you can see the brown malsast waters surrounding the cars as the flood waters in the south continue to rise. as a record breaking crest flows south on the mississippi rficoer communities in actiansp and mississippi brace themselves for more flooding. the water has alreaast swallowe some neighborhoods and officiabeãhnd 3e urged some residents to evacuate. jay has the latest from memphis. >> in m morphis, water see ãto be just about everywhere. >> looking at all of this water . there's nowhere for them to put it.
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it canitspo ad uce.ere. just sits. >> actually, it's growing. crews contia lie to mfice splnd baggeds into place and build berms where they can. the mississippi is aakieaast pa major islood stage and on the way to a near record crest. at tt those who lficoe here are worried about right now. >> my worst fear is they donit hnd 3e ad uce.ere for this wate go. it's going to flood our house. >> jeanie is beginning to realize that fear. >> we have the first floor to be flooded. >> they have moved everything they can out as the water continee.s to mfice in. >> my husband and i have our living room and probably hold our fishing p c13 do some serious cat fishing. becuse the water right now is nderneath this floor. so it is about ready to pop throstcef >> all she can do is joke. but the reality is very serious. a lower lre fel of her home is already under water and that
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water is now pushing at her bait i dooy c so she leaps through the front nsure of wcusl be ls. t ce.en the water is finally gone >> if the water does recede rather q's nit i13 , maybe that wcusl minimize the damage to the inside of the house. >> it's a hope shared by so many here as the water continues to climb. >> now, corurhavi1 instant weat plus forecast. >> here are the ear13 evening hours we have a l af of cloalss but there are some thin spots, breaks in the cloalss you can l ee here on the combination from just west of baltimore on to the eastern shore. but then to the north and south the clouds are heavier and we do see a few scath.ered showers up into pennsylvania also a couple of sprinkles in baltimore county then out to the west in west virginia, a litwale 42t out in crr western maryland. not all that impressive right now. a litwale more actficoity will probably pick up.
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let's see happened today. turned out to be a very nice day similar to yesterday. 73 right now at the airport. or i should say downtown. 67 at the airport. are inkl c13 more cloalsthen cambridge, 64. parkton 64, out in western marspotand a litwale cooley c oaion and is only 46 and frostburg only 58. here you see the cloalss. l omething going out here to t west and the clouds stretch into ohio ce.ere there is more rain right now. and a little close tore this l torm system ce.ich wcusl be of sliding across the area and pushing to the south is what's gd sng to save us. we have a front to the west and one coming in from the north and we get into some drier air to the north. once thatspoes throstch tonight and part of tomorrow, we get into some rather stable air for a few days ear13 next week. our forecast for tonight, a lot of cloalss and maybe a few showers. west winds at 27.
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and 46 to 50 the overnight low t morperature range. and the rain chances aren't all that high this evening. maybe 30, 40%. then for mother's day, partly ãdriloalsy 0 ovs around the baltimore area and to a large extent around maryland the rain chances are lsout ncusl. to the west of us in virginia, far western maryland and to the south maybe a shower or two. 71 to 75 the high north to northeast winds eventually tomorro u so here's how the rain sets up. you'll n afice ce.eain that sho ãdrihaorroe tonight. but by tomorrow, everything se mors to set up in a line wes virgino and virginia and kind of leaves us in the clear here. at tt fainowhy close. so we'll have to wait and see. then we get into tee.sday and w hnd 3e another setup simcusar where there's a good chain rans to the west but here in baltimore we kind of hang in there and stay dry. so the sre fen-day forecast. ghtinifor mother's day. rain chances almost nill here
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in town the but to the west and south maybe a shower for the most part nice day. by thursday night into friday we get some rain chances and that wcusl tkler off a bit by l aturday. >> now, 11 sports. >> when he gets together with the rnd 3es this year itsprms o or two ways. all the way to the top as it did for one of the best outings in his. year. then the other way today. he ls. t that season opening searies with an obleak strain. that's notspood for the birds. stop three. taking jeremy out to luncef three ce n shomini half a --ays lead. bj appearing in suspension right now. the wheels of justice moving too slowly for baltimore. it's a three-run shot as welang his worst outing since 09.
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bottom seven. niit i h af shot. inf ovld single. three hits. so there's that. but the tenor of thisspame best exemplified in the eightth winning. preth.yspood poke to ls. t. bait i on it. taken away. that kind of afternoon nor the ori c13 8-2. with a win a resume of greatness, fficoe times a major champion and 91 wins worldwide. but numbers do far less to tell his tale of the stories of his fearless play. no new daring esckles wcusl ãdriome. he died today following a three-year battle with brain ãdriancey c he played the game with passion and pride often making a stu game something evehenone could enjoy. they changed the rules of the ris. r cup to iorros. 1979. therefore including receivey. and thespreatsp c13
7:24 pm
when he was 19 he finished second. tied with jack nicholas and at 23 he won his first of two master's. he was t4 years old. and he was often compared to arnold palmer. b afh nre fer shy from a b c13 and that is exactly what micky and i will have wedne3 say in baltimore. if you would like to caddy for me or micky and tit as earn a chance to win v.i.p. tickemini a night with arnold palmer go to and cliit i on l ports. proceeds from the event raise money for special o13 mpics of mahenland. >> very cool. thank you. and we'll cheit i back in a bit. stcusl ahead meet two pakistani journalists here in marspotand and hear their reaction to bin laden's death. plus some elementary stus. nts help pclul o m afher's day. and find out what was so ã that took over the inner harbor that took over the inner harbor ã [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. ♪
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>> take a look at these works of art. gh zens of human powered vehicles took to the harbor today for the con thafte tur ra the pink poodlespo a0 alice and bumble bee were just some of the vmer icles. the race to find a cure for als shut down quite a few streets in baltimore. >> it's a special kind of strength today, so thank you oj for that. [applause] >> thousands joined ravens head coach this morning for the o the race raises pun for lou ing's disease. thut n ran to support honorary cochair and former line backer
7:28 pm
oj. >> it has a speen cal meaning f us and everybody out here has a crmi13 m morber orspood friend or colleague who has had this disease. >> director of plaksr s. velopment. >> despite his battle, the belficed oj spends many days at the headqhutrters. he also has his own foundation. have posted a link on our website. hundreds of m afhers were treated to an early treat today. the pre-m day salute an s. food, music, and vendors so people could buysp there. that's the derby. we'll get back to the derby. and we have some wons. rfclu pictures of moms on our website. if you want to upls ahead and do that. good things come to those who wait. re fen if we're not waiting. the winning jockey of today's
7:29 pm
dr by is proof of how he 6 c13l into the winning saddle. if you thought pesxh litver e stino tat tfice werespone. think again. the ways they could be t
7:30 pm
>> animal kingdom sped past the le b ers today and came to an exciting finish beating 18 other competitors. je a key dehn vell as qee.zz ro the horse. this is the first win for
7:31 pm
cocainer and provis. d a bit of redemption for vell as quezz who was s. the to ride a d rent horse. it was nothing but excitement from the trainer and je a key. an exciting race and victohen. and the jockey says animal kiny. omsp. the s the credit. fpeci dided t hnd 3e to do ve much. he was doing well so hespnd 3e ã and when i asked him to do som. the hing he was there for me. aspood horse to get you out of trouble. >> this is the first win for the trainer. the running of the 137 preakness is two weett away and preparations are already under way. live in the studio with more on this. >> now that the kentucky derby has come to an end, all ekss are on baltimore and ehritement is already building. even though the race is stcusl weeks away, horse enthusiasts are gearing up. thut n watched the kentuit iy d as well as local horse races. so for the 137th running of the prea goess stakes isspearing up to be a successful one. ticket sales are up 18% from
7:32 pm
last yead an and the corporate village is almost sold out. l ince the dynamics have chang organizers are trying to reach out to a younger s. mogrdy uhic new parkting campaign combined with popular music seem to be working. f> i thi ve so. we definitely have a lot of oriends that are pladay ing to ãdriome to the preakness. we won't be able to because we'respraduating but it's becoming very popular among our friends. f> i just thi ve iaris really buen cting that we host one of the triple crown races here in ã i've been in baltimore my entire life and i really hope that in the ectture years the excitement can build because it's real13 an awesome thing. f> of course wbafteven i1 is y station for the preakness. 6 c13 ll hnd 3e live cficerusie and w ould love to see your photos. you can upload them to our uppsite. live in the studio.
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>> stink bugs are now more than just a smelly nspilly orroe. the invasive species is threatening crops and that ãdriould drive up food prices a time when we're already feeling pain at the pump and thening to recover from a recession. lisa robinson has more on kneat's become a mclutievcuslio gh llar agcultural problem. >> 12, 13. f> doug is countin. lthe brown stink b c13 s in his home as he vacuums them up. f> her6 c13 s anve sher one. fpecthat's i vacuum several times a day and before i go to be ye f> right there. that's a small one. >> the natiodql wcusd l 6 c13s. ration has the b c13 s coming out of the walls on every floor at his home in western ã since january, he's found and gh timomented more thanen i9,00
7:34 pm
them in his house. >> they get in my kitchen sink, on my tooth bce sh. the only one thing in your bedroom is your body and they l eeo tout warmtse. l o they land on you in the middle of the night. and they're just a terrible nuisance. >> this stink bug is an in driosive speen ces from asia it's believed it stowed away in freight containers that ended up in penfirsspot drioni br the first infesttation was confirmed in 1996 when home owners there started seeing them. >> they're not going to bite you. theracre nve sspoing to bite yo peth. they might hnd 3e a litver e ta of a house plant. that could happen. but they're also notspflng to breed in your house. they don't reproduce indoors. all they do is chcusl out there oor the winted an >> university of maryland entm c13 ar ãup, the bugs will head outside to feast on fruit, trees, and fnd 3orite shat mert crops. >> like a mad scientists.
7:35 pm
it is the per6 c13 thing to tt beeaten our food supply. >> and threaten carol county farmer dwigharis luse elyhoo ye he uzz just now seeing how much damage the b c13 has done to the apple crodamas he takes them ou of storage. >> those are sti ve b c13 s. this is what it does below the surface. it means i'm losing mon su. f> with some var as ties of hi apples he will see a 50% loss. l ome wcusl on13 be used for jspice or jelly. not turning a profit for an dy uple for eatinby n hen more concenowed about what's to come. cherries, peaches. 6 c13 vespve s a lve s of toie and sweat invested in a crop of peaches with hand labor. but if this thing comes in with a lot of numbers and that's n'tin. lto be tt beown on the urnound when we harvest. it will be junk. f> they pside a h c13 th su ss. but they don't suck out eno c13 h to sliver thesprape but they poke a hole in it.
7:36 pm
>> in mount airie, h6 c13 s worried wilout hissprapes. once the bugs damage the skin of the grape, bacteriasp. the s in and starts to ferment the bunch from the inside. allen says he has hs. l hros. kill the bug which then kills all the ve sher b c13 s,spood and bad. and he says you actually have to spray the b c13 to kill it nve s the plant. >> touf get them off of the plan hi before you harvest because you don't want that stink bug in your wine. th su smell really bs. alpecthe usda is taking the sti bug very seriously. the b c13 has now been seen in 33 states. but the worst infestations are but the worst infestations are rig states. maryland, virginia, west vi su incau, peday sylvancau, s. laware, and new jersey. >> in fact, maryland has jflned nine other states in submittin. l a grant proposal for $22 million to the natiodql institute of food and
7:37 pm
agriculture searching for solutions to the stig t b c13 probl mor. >> that means looking for insect sides that wcusl dwcusl stink b c13 s and nve s dwcusl those bugs that are beneficial to local croal . he lly ght iaris a slow process. >> we had fruit growers this ãevear put on more than 22 applications of pest sides and still not get good control. >> a s c13 behind these doors. quarnt tinned inside this ubuia l wil in dele. are are parasidr wasps. they're to asia and >> these srs.le wasal aonceac develop inside the eggs of stink bugs. and eacupplof these parasites i about a mill meter in length. >> as the tiny wassin dn helop they con thame the ever as of t stink bug from the inside out. l hut it wcusl take sn heral ye
7:38 pm
l hut ore scientists will be su it's safe to release the exoti ifirsect into our environment. >> learn its trait. >> so growers are dflng n herything they can to help find a solution. >> dr. tracy less can i research eent m. the eorolo outsts put these traps up in his peach orcharn al> these are visgrlly stimulating pyramid traps. they're also baitd wituppla dwn atpest act nt so we can monitor presence, abundance and seasonal a use ity. al> while dd an less dwentucky monitoring and countying, doug conti >> es to count and vacuueen al> 18. 19. >> and since no one dwnows when there wcusl be a s c13 this pesky problem, looks like 6 c13 re justspflng to hnd 3e tosp. the used to the little stinkers. >> still ahead, two pakistani journalists have been watching the bin laden coverage unfold here in the u.s.
7:39 pm
al> almcouten i3,000 pakistanis have lost their lives in this wad an l o it was a very emotional moment for us as well. >> meet the journalis hi as the tellen i1 news reporter their thoughts on his death and weigh in on the relatiofirship b. the ween the ud a. and pakistan. plus new video show osama bin las. n months but ore his death. details stra
7:40 pm
7:41 pm
>> the u.s. government released new vid today nearly a week after the te kcuslen officials released the tapes without audio. they were found during a raid last sunday of his compound in pakistall a the s. intelligeerye states d the video between october and
7:42 pm
noveke er. c13 so jounowalis hi are watchin. l the events unfold here in the the s. theracre takin. lpart in the u.s.-pakistan journalist exchange progrtrai whilespuse i mestea pro6 c13ssioa m. >> t the opportunity to study cultures. this week they received an eds. >> it was like really exciting. >> they are pro6 c13ssioa ml journalists from pakistan visiting the u.s. for an exchange prourntrai. >> the death of bin laden. >> they were in washington, nc. only tgg days into their trip when it was announced that u.s. forces had dwcusled olly m l hin ls. >> i was very surprised actual13 and i was like -- we ere nve s expecting this news. so since like pakistan is thaffering from terrorism and almost po 30,000 pakistanis have lost their luse es in this war, so it was a very emotional
7:43 pm
sort of a moment for us as eln. >> and i could see p my window going, walking all the way to the white house. th su werespathering and joining. it was e1 iting. at the lly me timns i don't hn that feeling that i should have been back in of h home country l ayin. l >> she is a producer. and timutrai la is a rs part of their experience is to see how news is covered and percir ven al> i see that there is a perception in the united states that lgove we will nve s be hap we actually, what my point of view is that he was a forir gne on our sfln. whatever he was doing and he was dwed led by forir >> we are surprised when people ask us are you happy that he is n'tne? th su aen. this --estion with quite some skepticism as if we
7:44 pm
have a reason nve s to be hdy u about it. we are more than happy. >> they will rwhatain in l haltimore for several more weeks as journalists are asking thwhatselves tough questiofirs about the future of u.s. and pakistan relatiofirs. >> i think the future is engagement. united states and pakistan l hooffd rwhatain engleaed. it will be like i think the battle for global peace and for like bve sh countries. >> very bright young women there. >> that was aspreat e1 hange program. >> will you go to the race? >> and it wasspflng to be wide open and that's what made it so exciting. there was no clear cut fnd 3orite. let's take a look at the ori c13 atuernoon. >> really nice day today. ay.ay forecast? is it there? we'll check in just a mi
7:45 pm
>> te.
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7:47 pm
>> a satellite shows clouds in the area and a frog sprinkles no th north on up into pennsylvania. that's about it. eve. lpthin. lelse is just a scaurg of clouds, a few breakeds in the clouds. nowed out to a nr ae day. 72 high at the airport. 76 at the inner harbod an 61. iaris dropped to 6fro7 at the airport. humidity dchell a est winden i0spusting toen i8 miles an hour. here's a satellite image. lp. cloud we have some breaks in th clouds over us. a lot more clouds to the west and south. a frog more in pennsylvania. fill in, add a little radar. we do see rain further west. it looks like this is going to scoot more to our south in the n but 24 hours and miss us more
7:48 pm
than hit us and some drier air ed l be coming ill a mcougly ve a now showers possible. the f 46-50 the ovenowight lche and then our future cast for rain in the next 21 hhours puts a h c13 the over baltimore and most of maryland. most ollithe rain wed l be west or south of us and well west and south. so that's asphard forecast for mother's day. looks like this as we check the fridge. and all thespre. the innk up there from the kids and the family and eve. lpthing e. >> te. 6 c13 ll call it pargly ve only a slight chance for a l howed an fricloudurst thinistathat wed l around the city or baltimore washington area inspeneral. that wed l be to our west and south. for boaters in the bay tomorrow, northeast wine w 5 knots. bay water temperatures lche to ö dtic0s. that forecast for the next seven days, maybe isolated rain lkt in baltimore just part13 cloudy skies. monday, tuesday, wednesday wed l he in the mid 7s.
7:49 pm
looks like dry weather. thursday ieryreasing clovas. by tut irsday night into friday tapering off on saturday. some rain chaeryes come back. s> nche,en i1 sports. >> with no clear favorite and many saying this class of three-year-olds is the least talented in years, we expected a wide openage.en nitoy der. f and that is what we got. pomp and circumstaerye of der. f ay.ay really is lgove no other. on board the seven horse umpire a very ve track which is nice to see and then a large bumping tthe neoughout. now boffling up. down the stretch animal kingdom findin. lanve sherspead an look at him go in the middle of your screen. off andspone froes theen i fu ya fors. you can tell nobody was going to catch hlook.
7:50 pm
an ieryredible dasing, holding up. john on board animal kingdom clalooks his first chalikiofirs in 13 trials. nice payout. the ori c13 itn hoa sweep of the rains on the road making a decent bid to re now the fnd 3or. he left that season opening series with an obleak s. ain hereche back in the lin unfortunate for the orioles. top 3 facingpmerwhatoud a tthe neee run shot. tampa takes a 4-0 lead. bj you wanten facingsputthe nei well. also two outs. and three-run shot. talika scoring all i hi runs today with two outs. bottom 7, finally on board. he did hnd 3e tthe neee hits on afternoon. an infield hit, an rbi single. l hut iaris a bs. going into that two and a
7:51 pm
quarter and he cooffd use a l hreak. pretty good shot to left. taken away the tof t run homer. n't for the swehr on sunday. toronto faring no better. in fact of trse facing a bve st ir ghth atuer he just lost a perfect game with a walk. the no hitter is alive. top lineup 7-0. you've got enough runs. let hlook pitch. omn the bve stom ollithe ni deterred. strike out to end thesptraie second career no hidyer for lander. 12 strikeouts. the second no hitter in five days major league baseball. have one for the m. the s. ãmajlease stay with us. we'll check the forecast.
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>> navy sales found more fed es ay.urin. lthe raien f the tapes uncovered and why u.s. offr asd. >> t say we hnd 3en't heard the ficenl wore w from th terrorist leaders. and homes are no longerundis3 ale as flood waters continue to rise in the south. ãmajlus the nrog s. ategy thaar ãmajromising to beef up securit at a local light rail station. at a local light rail station. those stories and moreto host: could switching to geico really save you 15%
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>> all eyes on mother's daoud >pechere in tchen for the mcout part all around us we'll get a nice break andsp. the pargly l.lovay en.imas tomorrow with h temperatures in the low to mid 7s. us a shower or so and dry weather for much of n but weeam u pecthang forpmoining us. we'll see you back tonight at 11-00.
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