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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  May 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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known to be plagued by crime, officials have heard the residents cry for help. they're now taking a stand to ensure the safety of local light rail stop. this is their big story tonight. they're hoping to reduce petty crime. >> here is how these blue lights work. if someone does not feel safe, they can and divide -- they can activate one of these blue lights. but some people in the area worry about their effectiveness. since the early 1990's, this real stop has been a source of contention >> there was the attempted murder and mugging of a 56 year-old man. there's a lot of petty theft going on. we want to nip this in the bed. >> they just want to feel safe in their community. their concerns have not been
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heard. the mta has added 15 security cameras around the light rail stop. they have also installed this emergency post to help. they have established the protocol for quick response if this blood is activated. >> communication -- if this moonlight is activated >. anne arundel police officers would be alerted. >> this is a good step. the problem is that the crime does not happen at the station. the crime happens in the neighborhood around it. you see a lot of suspicious characters hanging out around the library at the station. there people in the neighborhood to do not belong here. >> they want the linthicum light rail stop out of their backyards for good. >> we will not be quiet b
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until we have a final result. >> there will be one more hearing at linthicum high school. >> two johns hopkins students are in the hospital tonight after being hit by a car. it happened just after 2:00 p.m. this afternoon at the intersection of st. paul and 33rd street. a white chevrolet impala hit the students and the driver may have been drawn. the 21-year-old man suffered a head injury and is in critical but stable condition at this hour. the 18-year-old woman is also in stable condition. the driver was taken into custody and charges are pending. mother's day weekend meant lauck of 422 people in baltimore. sheriff's deputies -- meant lockup for 22 people in baltimore. most of those arrested were women and five were women. there are more than two thousand open child-support awards that
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are current for baltimore residents. a final farewell to a four families and friends of phylicia barnes. her body was pulled from the susquehanna river last month, nearly four months after she was last seen. her death has been ruled a homicide. the police have not released because of death. a memorial service has been set for next saturday at the mount pleasant church in baltimore. a long shot award at the kentucky derby. animal kingdom crossed the finish line and went into the winner's circle. we will find out what animal kingdom was a long shot. in order to clinch the triple crown, animal kingdom must take the title at the preakness.
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ticket sales are up 18% from last year. campaign this year's is enough to bring that key younger crowd. >> we definitely have a lot of friends were planning to come to the preakness. it is becoming very popular among our friends. >> just like last year's had, we're looking for the preakness at. do not forget thwbal is your station for the preakness. we are getting new information about osama bin laden today even after his death. the u.s. garment released five video clips of -- the u.s. government released five video clips.
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>> the u.s. government is using it to the largest collection of senior terrorist material ever found. they're showing these videos to reporters in washington. they're not hearing here in pakistan. they're wondering what these treasure -- what this treasure trove will reveal. we have heard from the head of the military here who said that, if a similar raid to kill another al qaeda terrorist is launched in this country, it will directly affect the relationship between pakistan and the united states. looking at this video as well, we have been talking with people all week about how they are skeptical in this country that osama bin laden was in the compound. they will look at this video and not be convinced. there is. little there that shows the compound or prove to people that he was there -- there is very little there that shows the compound or prove to people that
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he was there. >> we detail osama bin laden by the numbers on a 26-year-old man was buried today with full military honors. this is not a soldier from a current military conflict. this is a moment more than 60 years in the making. the remains of army private first class robert payne arrived with quiet dignity. killed in 1945 in germany, finally brought home two brothers who have waited and waited for him. >> i cannot describe to you how i feel. this is one of the best moments of my life. this is my brother. we are bringing him home. >> a funeral service was held and attended by family and friends and today's soldiers. the u.s. servicemen who had been entered and reinterred as an unknown soldier was at last
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defender -- a family member laid to rest. >> it has been 66 years that we have been working on it. there were 74,000 world war ii veterans who were unidentified. those poor families. i'll is felt that uncle buddy was with us. -- i've always felt that uncle buddy was with us because they always talked about him. >> 8 families persistence proved just as relevant as the pga -- provedy's persistence just as relevant. more trouble for the south as waters continue to rise there were the floodwaters are headed and the unique way that residents are preparing for the worst. >> i was in shock. i was trying to hide.
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the screening was just horrific. >> a class trip gone bad, the chilling story that has left one voice card and a dozen chicken. >> we have a couple of spotty showers in the area. we will bring you the forecast soon.
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>> a horrific story out of kansas that left a 7-year-old boy with serious injuries. he was attacked by a leopard. it was a typical class trip to the zoo. he climbed an exterior barrier unseen by the chaperones and went right up to the cage pierre >> the javel or's went through the cage -- up to the cage. clause went to
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the cage. >> the leopard has a printer response. -- has a credit for response. >> -- has a predator re sponse. >> two former astronauts were inducted into the astronaut hall of fame. bob coe is known for piloting the shuttle challenger on its first mission and commanding atlantis on its first flight. with today's inductions, 79 former astronauts turnout in the astronauts holophane. still to come, water continues to rise in the south. the next target looks to be memphis. residents are packing their belongings and preparing to leave. but the mood is light.
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some residents are cracking jokes. that is coming up. >> for mother's day, a close call with rain. i wi
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>> the mississippi river continues to rise. water is creeping into areas it has not been in for hundreds of years. memphis is a month to be the next target of high flooding can haveands have a bea--
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evacuated. >> in memphis, water seems to be just about everywhere. >> looking at all of this, there is nowhere for them to put it. it cannot go anywhere. just sit pierre >> actually, it is growing. crews continue to move sandbags where they can. the mississippi is already passed major flood stage and on its way to new record crest. those who live here are worried about right now. >> they have nowhere for this water to go. i have to go somewhere and it will fly out my house. >> she is beginning to realize that here. >> we have the first floor to be flooded. >> they have moved everything they can now as the water continues to move in. >> my husband and i, we could probably hold our fishing poles and do some sears phishing.
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the water right now -- do some serious fishing. >> all she can do is joke, but the reality is serious. that water is now pushing at her back door. so she leaves through the front and sure of what will be left while they are gone. >> if the water recedes rather quickly, that could minimize the damage to the house. >> is the hope shared by so many here as the water continues to climb. >> we had a pretty good day today. there were a few showers just north of the city. it came in during the evening hours. the daytime hours held up. not just a couple of little spots, but there's much more rain to the south.
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that will be the trend for the next 24 hours as the weather passes ought to our west. more on that any minute. let's see what happened during the day to day. that is what to the radar looks like in motion right now. as you can see, there is a hint of drier air up to our north. that will be the dominant feature. temperatures are been to the 50's and 60's. 71 degrees is typical for this time of year. right now, it is 59 degrees in annapolis. cambridge is 57 degrees. it is down to 45 degrees in oakland at this stage. the dry air air is pushing in from the north. we still have this unsettled weather on the west. distracting from southwest to northeast. it is not really drifting in our
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direction. it looks like the predominant chance for rain will be out for west and south in the next 24 hours. this will track down across eastern kentucky, west virginia, and virginia and on into the carolinas. that drier air strength to push and from the north. it is a combination that more than likely will give us some pretty good weather here in the baltimore area. mostly cloudy overnight tonight. perhaps a shower. there is not really big chance. but that chance will diminish. the forecast for tomorrow, again, will be a close call. we will try to be positive and say generally drive around the area with partly cloudy skies. south of us, maybe southern maryland -- 73 degrees for the high tomorrow on the bay, less
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than 1 foot shop. -- less than 1 foot shchop. once we get into monday and tuesday, things look pretty good. on tuesday, there will be this little disturbance. we might see some weather off to the west of us. here's the seven-day forecast. 73 degrees to market again, a near-miss on rain. we will try to be positive and keep baltimore dry for mother's day. dry weather on monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. then we do pick up some pretty good rain chances. >> now we have a horse race. >> we had one today and we have another one in two weeks. a man with local connections, we will talk about that next in sports.
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>> at a time when maryland horse racing needs any and all publicity, the biggest states to the sport has was provided today. despite a lightly regarded field, a.j. been trained by one of our own. -- a champion trained by one of
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our own. a clean start to the field. sitting in position was animal kingdom. shonn velasquez rode animal kingdom. velasquez was on board only because his horse was scratched friday and animal kingdom's writer broke his nose -- rider broke his nose. >> they were so relaxed. that is so important. johnny said he was relaxed. i think that was more for show. he is just a very special
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course. >> that is not much of a maryland accent. he was born in england. but he has been in maryland for quite some time. maryland athletics director kevin anderson flew to las vegas today to meet with arizona head coach about coming to college park. he has an impressive record, including a real desire to return to the east coast. he is doing everything he can to keep miller in tucson. jeremy guthrie has one victory and five losses. it is hard to win when your team scores no runs. today, both sides shared the blame. evan longoria was back from injury.
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a three-run shot tampa. b.j. austin with two outs. in fact, all of the runs scored today was by tampa. dick market is, one of his three hits. you know it is a bad day when you see this. eight innings, matt weeders, but up against the wall. facing a varied diet been justin never lander after losing a perfect game -- justin verlander after losing a perfect game. rajlander struck out -- dav
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davis. the trial went on to win 9-0. -- detroit went on to win 9-0. greyhounds or on the attack. -- greyhound were on the attack. moments later, mary had-- mary hannebarry. loyola won the big east championship. championship. i will check
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>> peak is making breakfast tomorrow for mother's day. and johnnie? >> we will have a branch. >> excellent. i hope you do the dishes. >> it will be a close call with the rain tomorrow. it looks like it will stay to the south and west of us. it will be 73 degrees for the high. baltimore is hoping for good weather. most of next week will look good. >> thank you for joining us. have a good night. & today the pentagon released eye tape seized in sunday's raid in


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