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tv   11 News  NBC  May 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> the benefits outweigh the risks, those words tonight from president obama. the discovery of the world's most wanted terrorist ignite a fire storm of questions and many remain. it was one week ago today that president obama announced that a team of navy seals had killed osama bin laden. there is new insight into the rate in pakistan, as u.s. officials tried to gauge how much pakistan officials knew about the former al qaeda leader.
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monitoring the raid was the longest 40 minutes in the president's life, according to a 60 minutes interview. bin laden had a some sort of support network inside pakistan to be able to live for years at a high-security compound. he did not accuse them of harboring the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. >> we do not know if it was inside or outside government. that is something we have to investigate a and the pakistani government has to investigate. >> the u.s. government is leaning on pakistan to determine how the world's most wanted man was living so comfortably in a military town. >> they need to provide intelligence including access to his three wives that are in custody. >> if the pakistani government does not allow americans to question the survivors, the
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there could be a return to a harsh irrigation -- interrogation technique such as water boarding. >> i would strongly recommend that we continue it. >> the u.s. government released videotapes seized from the compound osama bin laden was a living. he was watching videos of himself, appearing as an old man in a stocking cap, wrapped in a blanket. unlike a staged and video, where his beard is dyed black, here it is great. -- gray. >> it looked like he had been in a maximum-security place for five years. >> the youngest winner in of osama bin laden told pakistani authorities they moved to the town 2003, 1.5 hours away from
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the capital. others say there is no way the six-foot foreigner would have gone unnoticed. >> it does not prove anything. it does not prove that he is still in charge. >> the white house is demanding pakistani authorities hand over any materials seized from his compound. $50 million, that is how much he was worth to the u.s. now that he is dead, what happens to the potty? bounty.., -- the the bount two u.s. congressmen want the money to go towards helping our communities. >> the money could go to so many people. two organizations.
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-- it can go to organizations. >> see the changes in the faces of 9/11, where they are right now. it is all on our website at and a suspicious note prompted a delta flight to be diverted. the note apparently had the word "barm" on it. -- bomb" on it. no suspicious packages were found on the plane. and a plane was also diverted when a passenger tried to open a plane door shouting that he had to get out of the plane. >> i heard something fly across the thing. i go running and i see a man
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with his hands on the door and some guys holding him. i jumped on his back and put him in a choke. >> the plane landed without incident. the passenger was detained for questioning. a toddler was involved in a this afternoon.bus george has more. >> a 3-year-old boy and others were here today. we spoke with the boy's mother shortly after the crash. there were not life-threatening injuries. >> it was fast in the scary. >> it was a mother's day that she will never forget. >> you would never think that sitting on the bus you would have an accident. >> she and her son were on their way to the grandmother's house
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to celebrate the day. the car hit the back of the bus. >> fire officials say the bus carrying 13 passengers was stopped nudging some of them off at a stop on philadelphia road in a rosedale, when this saddam crashed into the back left corner of the bus. 12 people went to the hospital with minor injuries. one of them was her son. >> he was asleep. i started walking down. then he talked about how his neck hurt. they put him on a stretcher. >> their work -- there was major damage on the car, but the driver did not suffer major injuries. >> the safety mechanisms appeared to work very well.
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>> the conditions of the passengers are unknown. they hope the injuries appeared not serious. not clear on what caused this accident. her brakes may have failed. >> thanks. a johns hopkins student is resting at home tonight after being hit by a car on saturday. they were hit early saturday morning on st. paul and 33rd street. they were taken to the hospital. one was released and the other is in stable condition. police with this of the accident and was able to stop the driver a few blocks away. no charges have been filed so far. the driver was arrested. and there was an early morning accident around 9:00 this morning at 295 at nursery road.
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both people were taken to shock trauma. they are expected to be ok. no word on the cause of the accident. the mississippi river is swallowing entire homes and destroying belongings as it continues to rise. hundreds have had to evacuate. the wrath of the river continues. here is the latest. >> the water continues to climb almost as quickly as the concern in memphis. >> what is going to happen? when is it going to stop? >> forecasters say they are near a record crest of 48 feet as early as tonight -- tomorrow night. >> it is astounding. >> hundreds have been drawn to the water's edge as it creeps closer to the city. some to take a picture. others to stop and stare.
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>> they have seen something they have never seen. >> they are watching but not waiting here. memphis is engaged in a full on fight against the flood waters. at times, it is in hand-to-hand combat. other battles is with -- and other battles are with the equipment. the weapons do not matter. mother nature is winning. for residents on the north side of the city, this was one of the last chances to move to higher ground. >> i cannot get out yesterday evening. >> emergency crews went door-to- door to hand out items to push them out to safety. >> last night, there was not any water in the trailer park.
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now there is. >> almost as big a wary as the water is what will be left behind. wbal tv. >> and gun fire continues to slay the middle east. it has claimed the life of a 12- year-old boy. activists of a regime in syria has a crack down to end the seven-week anti-government uprising. more than 580 civilians have reportedly been killed. activists say authorities have arrested a 10-year-old boy to punish his parents. the fighting in cairo continues between hundreds of christians and muslims today, hours after mobs set fire to churches and a christian-own apartment building. a dozen people were killed and a 200 were injured.
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they attacked a church on the outskirts of cairo. a group of young people attacked an apartment building with knives and machetes. a christian woman married to a muslim man has been adept -- adapted from the church. -- abducted frp, tjom the churc. up next, an incredible story of survival. >> we are praying for a miracle. >> the amazing rescue and how she managed to survive, next. >> we will see plenty of sunshine in our forecast for several days. details coming up. these guys are trying to clear right now. right now. -- rh [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money? pnc virtual wallet gathers your spending and saving
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>> minor injuries for three crash.people when a train slab service is expected to resume by the morning rush. and the young mother accused of killing her two year-old daughter -- media credentials have been received for the trial of the mother. the judge has decided to keep the location of jury selection a secret until tomorrow. kasey in the knee is facing a first-degree murder charge in the daughter of her child caylee anthony. -- kasey anthony is facing a
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first-degree murder charge in the daughter of her child caylee anthony. and a search continues for one woman's husband. >> and back on march 19, they left their home in british columbia and headed for a las vegas trade show. that same day, a surveillance camera photographed them at a store in eastern oregon, the last pictures of them together. 400 miles later in the nevada back woods, their van got stuck in mud. >> they wanted to take a scenic route. >> it ended up in this wilderness area. she stayed alive seven weeks consisting on beef jerky in the trailer makes comic eating snow in the drinking from a nearby stream. after 49 days, she spotted some people writing all terrain vehicles and flag them down.
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>> she convinced them she needed help and they got help for her. >> she is recovering at this hospital and spent mother's day with her son and daughter in law. >> we are praying for a miracle. >> they pray that her husband will be found alive. three days into the ordeal, he took off carrying a gps device looking for help. the search for him was suspended today because of bad weather. the doctors say they are amazed at her remarkable recovery. >> it is unusual for us to see someone in this type of situation to survive and be doing so well at this time. we are experienced with various degrees of starvation. this is a once in a lifetime experience for all of us. >> her children say the prayer is for albert continues as the
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search should resume in better weather. nbc news, los angeles. >> traffic changes are headed your way this week and could affect work. there will be in vain closures at the intersection of conway due to construction. -- lane closures at the intersection of conway due to construction. >> it is part of our downtown infrastructure improvement program. there is some utility work that will occur as well. some of the work is outside the scope of the downtown baltimore area. >> they encourage people to watch for changing traffic patterns or take an alternate route for the time being.
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>> the weather cooperated it today. there are a couple of sprinkles south of baltimore this evening. things are beginning to clear out. it looks like the weather pattern for the next few days will be and settled out of the atlantic ocean. the storm will be stalled out there. there will be some storm is passing to our west. we will be in the sweet spot in the middle, as we are right now. take a look at conditions for today. 77 was the high. a few scattered clouds. in a harbor had 30 -- 76. no rain fell officially. there may have been a few sprinkles. in baltimore, we were just fine today. very nice weather.
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60 at the ocean city. westminster 57. 50 degrees in western maryland. we expect to lose 10 degrees more this evening. some scattered clouds around on of the satellite imagery. the weather was a little bit more unsettled out to the west of us. there are still lingering showers. the next few days, it will be out to our west. drier air to come in along the coastline. that is the future of our forecast for the next few days. the warm stuff is out to the west. the dividing line between the warm and cool air on the great lakes, that is where the action is going to be the next couple of days.
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46-52 is the overnight low. 72-76 tomorrow. nice weather. north wins, 7-12 miles per hour. it should be very comfortable. on the bay, 5-10 knots. there will be unsettled weather to the east on the atlantic. we may pick up a cloud or two. the stormy weather stays away from us. the forecast is a get one until we hit the end of the week. lots of sunshine. by late friday into saturday and sunday, the rain chances go up. we will cool down for the weekend and have some chance of rain.
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>> thanks. >> a year ago, hopkins was sweating a lot. tonight, a little bit more relaxed. we will take a look at a surprise for the terrapins.
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>> a great story today in "the new york times" about the
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kentucky derby champion, animal kingdom. it had an impressive win. the trainer run a clean program. -- runs a clean program. the winner will come to maryland on tuesday. he will continue a less regimented program as he awaits the preakness on may 21. a program with no steroids. animal kingdom has come back well from saturday. a refreshing story for an industry that could use something positive. winning and winning claim applies. -- clean applies. a three game sweep against the orioles. ferguson affected early.
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a to run a school. if you give him a chance, that is what happens. he keeps them alive. a second home run allowed this year for this player. mike gonzalez, getting some help from his defense. that is a great turn. down to the winning run at the plate. lee. 6-4-3 double play. the orioles have a much needed a day off on monday. a top weight last season for john hopkins. -- wait last season for johns
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hopkins. the blue jays gathered to watch this show. 12-2 record on the season. many people predicted the outcome for the young squad. the head coach got their attention all year long. maryland not ceded it goes on a familiar road to north carolina. hopkins the 3 seed against hofstra. and women's, maryland against navy saturday in college park. and another game against massachusetts on saturday. the coach for the bulls in the lakers -- the finality with los angeles defined the term,
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leaving on bad terms. jackson was unable to motivate the defending champs. they completely failed to defend the perimeter. dallas and adjacent terry, and a record, nine threes in the game. lamar odom ejected as he makes this run. a wicked elbow here. the mavericks had the last laughs. 122-86. tiger woods and out with a sore need since the masters will play next week at the players championship . a final round today for a moment of silence for seve.
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the par save into the clubhouse. bird, for a bird. just enough and going back to 18. now is a chance for you to when a gehlenite with arnold palmer. -- win a gala night with arnold palmer more. -- pommard. log on to enter or buy tickets on stay with us. 11 news continues right after this.
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