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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> live, local, and late- breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news tonight. captioned by the national captioning institute [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> we begin tonight with another dramatic and emotional day in the casey anthony trial. the jury listened to hide charged closing arguments. jay gray has details from orlando, plus the courtroom outburst that angered the judge . >> attorneys now will present their final arguments . >> the final day began with a montage of pictures. and the prosecutor outlining what he described as a web of lies that led to the little
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girls death. >> casey anthony maintains our allies until they cannot be maintained any more. >> he laid out the state day-by- day narrative. >> she knew that that night she would be in the arms of her boyfriend and then caylee would be dead. >> casey anthony shaking her head, then turned away and crying her >> this is the bag caylee was found in. and this was her coffin. >> the defender got his chance to refute the state's case. >> the strategy behind that is, if you hate her, if you think she is alive and no good slut, many will start to look at this evidence in a different light. >> he argued that the state's case was based on emotion instead of sex. >> the key question as relates to all manslaughter, child abuse
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and murder charges, is how did she die? >> using photos and a poster boards. >> this is outrageous. >> and going after a state witness is, he began to question evidence. as the tension and emotion grew in the courtroom, a close shifted from legal the personal. lashing out as ashton laughed at his presentation. the outburst and anger d elaying this high profile trial. >> the judge threatened to throw the attorneys of the courtroom if there are any more problems. tomorrow of the jury will hear instructions and begin deliberations. more than 100 people have returned to their homes after an exxon oil spill near yellowstone national park. emergency crews have deemed the area safe after a 12 inch pipeline ruptured at up to 1,000 barrels of oil rush to the
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surface and into the yellowstone river. disaster and emergency service workers say there was no immediate threat to humans, but the long-term effects are unknown. >> i can deal with the river problems because i have to because i live down here. talkingaoil, we're not about one barrel. >> exxon mobil officials say they are not sure why the rupture occurred, but they regret the incident. a baltimore county jury awarded more than $1 billion to a group of jacksonville, maryland residents that sued the oil giant after a leak in 2006 that damaged their property values and water supply. part of a west baltimore row home collapsed this afternoon. it happened around 12:45 hit in south tarleton street. police blocked off the street as a precaution. fortunately, no one was in the
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building and so far no injuries were reported. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a two alarm fire in sparrows po ints. they were met with flames shooting from a single family home. most of the damage was confined to the rear of the home and everyone made it out safely. there is no word on the cause. still no word on what started a fire that killed one person and injured an elderly woman in anne arundel county. the fire broke out at 1:30 yesterday in shore drive in edgewater. the 84-year-old was rushed to the burn unit with life- threatening injuries. the cause remains under investigation and officials have not released the name of the person who died in the fire. it was a lightning strike to a church that cause a fire in frederick county. it happened just before 5:00 a.m. this morning at the marvin united methodist church in the 5100 block of woodville
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road. one firefighter was hurt and taken to the hospital. damage to the church is estimated at $15,000. a man is recovering from multiple gunshot wounds after a late-night shooting. investigators believe the 27- year-old was shot in the 400 block of ilchester avenue. anyone with information is asked to call city police said 410- 396-2455. another republican has thrown his hat into the crowded ring for president kerry michigan rep mccotter formally announced his candidacy yesterday at a fourth of july celebration. party insiders consider the five term congressman a long schaub. he was welcomed with cheers from
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the audience. he thanked the crowd and picked up his guitar to play with a band. law makers now have less than one month to reach an agreement on the debt ceiling before the u.s. government defaults on its loans. each party has drawn a line that it refused to cross, but brian moran explains that several key republicans are suggesting possible ways to move forward. >> the senate will come to order. >> congress has less than a month to raise the credit limit, but lawmakers are locked in a battle over a long-term cure . democrats want to raise money. republicans are demanding massive cuts. now a couple of key republican lawmakers are suggesting possible ways to compromise. was in kyle negotiations with the vice president. he said there were certain revenue raisers we could work on . >> senator john mccain will not say exactly what revenue raisers are, but he and other republicans are not necessarily
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opposed. it sounds a lot like what president obama and democrats have been asking for, but republicans insist that if revenue raisers is code for tax increases, that is a deal breaker. john cornyn says he is no fan of the debt ceiling extension, but it may have to happen. >> the problem with a mini deal is we have a massive problem. the big problems will not go away. >> he blasted an idea that the u.s. constitution and powers the president to keep on spending, even if all goes sam goes over his credit limit 0--e ven if uncle sam goes over his credit limit. >> democrats the president obama will use the constitutional clause to continue to pay the nation's debt. issues like the debt ceiling are bound to be tweeted to the
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president in a town hall. this wednesday the white house will address citizens through twitter. the current white house account has more than 2 million twitter followeres. and the president is not the only one region . vice-president joe biden is working to gain the support of educators nationwide. the vice president spoke at the end of a convention of the national education association today. members of the nea will vote tomorrow on whether the union will endorse president obama for re-election. the union's endorsement is a vital and he took a swing at republicans to make his case. >> the new republican party has undertaken the most direct assault on labor, not just in my lifetime but without any hyperbole, literally since the 1920's. >> with more than 3 million members, the nea is the
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largest labor union in the u.s. it is endorsed every democratic candidate since 1976. this friday marks the end of an era for the u.s. space program. "atlantis"is scheduled to lift off this friday as the last mission. astronauts will run a re-a supply mission to the space station. after 30 years, some wonder if the investments were worth it, but officials say the knowledge we have gained is irreplaceable cured >> it has been remarkable with what has been able to accomplish. it has been standing in terms of what we have learned from it. and that knowledge will go into building the next vehicle. >> the end of the shuttle program means the end of thousands of jobs. america will not have to rely on the russian space program to carry u.s. astronauts into space. the royal couple are days away from their visit to the u.s. when they encountered today as the trip to canada continues.
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the people this homeowner chose to remember this independence day. >> the inner harbor is getting ready to host a big birthday party tomorrow. >> severe thunderstorms moved to the area this evening, then they go to the south. are we done with the rain?
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>> as holiday weekend is a time for family and fares. dozens and baltimore county celebrated the heritage fair. the family offers food and vendors plus patriotic monuments honoring lives lost in american
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history. classic rock legend at the money performed at today's final day of festivities. tomorrow, america celebrates its 235th birthday. the inner harbor will host the area's largest fireworks display. we are live tonight for a preview. >> upon our perch overlooking the inner harbor we have been able to hear and see some of the fireworks shows of the surrounding towns, but tomorrow downtown is supposed to be the big show. the inner harbor is hoping to impress. >> baltimreo! > these fun loving folks are just in time for the inner harbor's fireworks show. it goes something like that. >> we will show them we have the best fireworks in the world. >> crews worked on sunday to get the artistic explosives in place. they sit on barges and docked in
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curtis bay. 1400 shells. >> we have new shells. jellyfish shells. we have half moons. >> the show starts at 9:30 p.m., but some may opt for home-grown fire works. according to the cdc, at 8400 people nationwide were rushed to the hospital last year with injuries from fireworks. this weekend in washington state, a man went too far. a 58-year-old is in serious condition after homemade fireworks exploded on his face and body. he was trying to make a super fire work of black powder, model rocket motors and chemicals. he could face charges. this crew will let the professionals do the work. so they can enjoy the true meaning of the fourth. >> freedom. that is what it means. with family and friends and having a good time. >> and you are looking live at
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the inner harbor. this time to run by, the skies will be more colorful. the show starts at 9:30, and city police tell us they will have extra officers on patrol at the inner harbor. >> something to do this for the july dax on our web site you will find fireworks and other celebrations.tatce day we invite you to share your celebrations with us. you can opt loaded your holiday videos and celebrations at a house in eastern rhode island is decked out for the fourth of july but it is not just to celebrate america's independence. the homeowners said he said up all of these flags to pay tribute to the people lost their lives on 9/11. there are 3000 american flags, each bearing the name of a
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victim of the attacks. >> i was never in the service. i like to show my appreciation of the troops . in years past, we have done everything for the troops. this year we thought it would be appropriate for the 10 year anniversary of 9/113 >> it took 15 people more than six hours to write all the names on all of the flags. people have been celebrating america all weekend long. people in l.a. got to enjoy it as a tackler fireworks show last night at the hollywood bowl. the display is a tradition going back to 1969. hall and oates kicked off last night's show with a live performance . the u.s. is days away from a royal visit. prince william and cable and are expected to arrive in california later this week, but the royal couple faced protestors today in canada. they arrived in kickbacks city, an quebec city.
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>> the newlyweds are on the fourth day of an 11 day trip to canada and the u.s.. they attended a prayer service on deck before meeting with residents of the center for homeless youth. >> about 150 demonstrators demonstrated nearby. >> it is simply a pleasure to be here. thank you for your patience with my accent. i hope we will have a chance to get to know each other over the years to come. >> the protesters also . in montreal yesterday and are largely from an anti marcus separatist group. however, far larger crowds of supporters gathered in quebec to catch up a glimpse of the pair on their overseas trip as a married couple. the royal couple will leave canada for a three day trip to california at this friday. out west, heat and strong winds continue to be a problem. the high to pitcher in phoenix
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on saturday was 118. could covered it kept it from reaching 120. strong winds gusts knocked down power poles causing problems for drivers and knocking out power to communities. one woman says the temperature in her house was well above 90. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast. >> we had our own version of extreme weather this evening. some strong thunderstorms moved through. a lot of lightning, and a strong gusty winds and hail. what is left of that rain is to our south. the last of the rain south and east. a shower activities -- most of it remains in st. mary's county. but diminishing area of rain in pennsylvania is moving down towards the maryland line. it does not look like it will survive the trip. of around our area, the rain thread has backed off. here is what it looked like earlier. those stores were moving
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through. again, some of them were severe. most of them were just south of baltimore. howard county, northern anne arundel county and moving south. they got their start in western maryland earlier in the day. 93 was the high before the rain came in. inner harbor hit 98 this afternoon. much more humid today than yesterday. 69 and 73 the temperature extremes. over 1/2 inch of rain. here you see the rain coming in, where the heaviest rains in carroll county, baltimore county, howard county pared some of the rainfall amounts were up to two inches. in many cases less than 1/4 inch. much of the eastern shore missed out on a lot of the rain this time around. right now 72. 82 at ocean city on the boardwalk. westminster is 73. frederick, 72. it has dropped into the 60's in
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western maryland. here is what is left of the rain. you can see a front here. this is the cold front that helped to trigger this storm activity. there is the front that will be passing through overnight and pushing the humid air to the south of us. our winds have become more westerly here with the front approaching. tomorrow, the front will stall to our south, down in southern virginia. there will be some rain around the front. mostly north of the front, the rain will be limited. seles, a little more active. depends on how far south that settled. our forecast tonight, rain chance is diminishing. 68-72 the overnight low. tomorrow, partly cloudy skies, thunderstorms -- best chance south of baltimore. 88-92. not as you did. west and northwest winds at 5-10 miles per hour -- not as humid. 9:00 in the evening at looks
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like most of the rain chances will be south of us. although the computer does put a couple of spots up here. we have clouds in the area as well. that fund will be hanging around over the next couple days to our south. that means rain chances will be close by. ocean city forecast? monday, mostly dry in the morning but showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. could extend into the evening, highs in the 80's. 7 day forecast. 90 the next couple days. rain chances sell on monday. tuesday looks dry. late wednesday and thursday and friday, another chance of rain could >> we are talking the nfl top 100. >> a peer review loaded on the players. where do ray lewis and ed reed said in?
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>> nopw 11 sports. >> the orioles last said multipliers to the all-star game in 2005. they have a chance to avoid the lone traveler. the guaranteed slot has been filled and it goes to a first timer. he earned a spot on the american league team. selected as a reserve of by the manager ron washington. his offensive numbers are solid, not spectacular. what sets matt apart comes behind the plate. he blocks the plate like it is personal. >> i have been during about this since i was a kid. i was extremely excited.
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it makes you very proud. all the work you have put in has paid off to get to an all-star game. >> congratulations. adam jones will add to his all- star appearances. jones may still make his way to the midsummer classic. one of the fan vote will make the team thanks to all about. go to the realities remain pure the orioles said well out of contention in the al east. in atlanta, lugo faces zack. blake davis trying to make the most of his opportunities. top 3. and quality high school of fielder said he used to hit the
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ball pretty well. still does. first career home run. first home run for an oriole pitcher since 2006. the top five would be our rainshower not yielding . to the wall. brings home brenton. averages 60 points. briton out of the game. atlanta takes a 4-3 lead, but reynolds treating atlanta like sherman did for the union army. brian mcann, pretty good ball. didn't run that hard. takes it off the wall. throw s s a strike. the birds win 5-4. kick off a 3 game series on monday. the nfl network did a good job of killing the football. with players voting the top 100
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right now. the ravens had 6 makes the list. tonight, they unveiled a top-10. ray and ed are represented. ed reed comes in at 5. ray lewis, the highest voted defensive player -- number 4, a tribute to what he can do on the field but more what he means of that period of off it. >> it's always an honor. anytime you are picked from your peers and you have an opportunity to go out and display your talents. those are the people who you really play for and you play against. when your legacy is done with this game, with all of the great ones on the list. >> breakfast at wimbledon today
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