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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  September 9, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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now. town officials have asked us to stay 25 feet away from the water. it has started to recede -- or looks like it is starting to receive from earlier. you can see all the murky water and trash that has washed up. officials expect this to go even higher later tonight. >> the flooding can be seen from a bird's eye view. it really shows the devastation. >> with all the fuel tanks were trained, it is terrible. >> they decided to stay in. bill, but they are back and port deposit when entering the damage to their home. >> i did prepare for it. i got everything out of the basement including the furnace. right now, it is just a waiting game. >> officials have been able to quantify the depth of the flood, but it is deep enough for kayaks to paddle down main street.
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this morning, swift water rescue crews went out to monitor the rising waters in search for hazardous materials. flooding in the area could get worse. >> to give you a little bit of a reference, the real record for anyone's living memory was her can agnus in june of 1972. that was 36.8 feet. this forecast is for about a little over 3 feet less. this is still a very substantial flat request dave miller decided to stay for the flood, but the property manager is already assessing damage. >> drywall, take up half the cabinets, rip out the tile. replace it all. >> i have mixed emotions. i do not know which way to go. i just want the water to go down and get back to normal. >> back live, you can see some firefighters getting hosed off.
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actually just got back. as part of a rescue team that was out and about in this dirty water earlier today. just to describe to you what this water is like, there are broken propane tanks that are in here. there are turned over porta- potti and garbage in the area. it is important that the firefighters get cleaned off from the mess before they head back to their trucks. i just spoke to the mayor, he said 40 people decided to stay here in the affected area. we will hear from one of those residents at 6:00. >> thank you so much. in baltimore county, especially the eastern part, at first it seemed some residents were flooded and others were spare, a sudden shift spirit all that. -- s. bared all that. >> we had the water received risk -- the water receded as well. the sun burned to the clouds a little earlier today. people here have been very
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concerned as they watch the water levels grow. now they have gone back down. >> i have to go down that road. >> water across berson point road near rocky point park. she is determined. >> this is dramatic. a lot of people have been gathering down here. see the cars parked on there? they are not normally there. are stranded. there are leaving their cars there and getting rights in trucks across the water. >> tim michael decided to drive across. but he probably got about 200 miles of water treated by 4 inches to 1 foot deep. to get beyond that, it is ok the rest of the way up the record >> heavy rain also causes flooding here. residents say they have no
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other alternative. >> i have been living down here 30 years. this is the worst it has been as far as water control. nothing else he can do. i will not try to park here and walk home. i go through two to 3 miles per hour and i will get there. but some might as well go home. it is not a can't get across that. >> she is ready to make her track with boots on her feet and in her arms. she probably would have driven but she just put her car in the shop. her last mile home will be what one. >> and again, we want to mention the county officials have warned repeatedly about going through standing water. people in the area where we were said that was the only way they could get to and from their homes. >> there is some good news from the weather center, at least we are seeing most of the shower is taper off.
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a little sun break to the cloud cover it from time to time. most of the area is under a flash flood watch, warning, or advisory. there is still the potential as you for heavier showers or downpours pretty blue shaded areas could pick up another half or inch and a half of rain. pockets of even heavier rain and that especially to our north and pennsylvania. the trend is to lift the shower activity up into western pennsylvania and into the great lakes as the remnants of lee continue to weaken we will see less share activity. a little rain into the weekend forecast but also sunshine and improving conditions. we will took the 70 coming up in a few minutes. >> well, it was pretty bad. flood water has come up to the shore. near the lockout's museum.
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will also show you the dam with some of the floodgates opened. you can send your photos and video to the local at -- ulocal at >> in one of the first 9/11 remembrances, workers at ground zero stood silently true that the moments al qaeda hit the trade center 10 years ago. there is another kind of 9/11 reminder, the warning of another attack this weekend. officials say the threat comes from pakistan. three men possibly set to the united states. some possibly with united states passports. u.s. intelligence fears the plan might be to attack new york or washington d.c. with a vehicle bomb. nyc cops are on high alert. the feds are also on alert.
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>> we are doing everything within our power. all hands are on deck. >> the public warning as part of the defense plan. >> to enlist the millions and millions of new yorkers and americans to be the eyes and ears. >> mayor bloomberg urged calm. no need to avoid mass transit or gramm that zero. -- ground zero. 9/11 remembrances went forward and pennsylvania where passengers defeated the fourth al qaeda team in 2001. >> the house now observes a moment of silence. >> a moment of silence and congress. and at the new york stock exchange this morning near ground zero. ♪ the financial community was hard hit on 9/11 but bounced back.
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>> resiliency is a very important ingredient in the defeating terrorism. >> the terrorists did not win. >> those were two main themes as the new world trade center rises and america marks a decade since 9/11. another theme is honoring those who died here. families are gathering for an emotional weekend. from ground zero. >> as maryland prepares for the 9/11 anniversary and information about a threat, government and other state officials addressed a crowd of first responders. >> the governor remembers the advice he got shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. >> when they come back the next time, you want your city on the list of hard at targets.
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>> then he was the mayor of baltimore. now as governor he spoke about how the state is more prepared at a symposium at the university of maryland. intelligence has picked up a credible threat to new york and washington, d.c. >> we are talking about bridges possibly being threatened. a lot of washington bridges over into maryland. >> identifying critical infrastructure is one of the court capacities' the governor says they have worked on since 9/11 with things like increase communication and draws on exercises. because of the new threat, the state is taking some additional cautions. >> pushing out some of the very helpful information we have received from homeland security. it is what we call trips fire questions that need to be disseminated to hotel security convention center, other employees. >> university of maryland terrorism expert says even
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before this particular threat, it was well known that osama bin laden had been planning an attack to coincide with the 10th anniversary. he says what america is on high alert like this weekend, we have been able to prevent attacks that everyone can help. if you see something, say something. >> a lot of citizens of skepticism about what role they play in the heading of terror attacks. history has demonstrated that the average citizen that sees something not quite what they expect has been able to thwart terrorist attacks. >> state officials will be dedicating a new 9/11 memorial made from steel from the world trade center that will serve as a constant reminder in baltimore. at the university of maryland, tv 11 days. >> tonight, 11 news remembers the 68 mayor lenders who died on september 11, 2001. also we remember the brave men and women who died fighting the two wars that followed. september 11: 10 years later.
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that is tonight at 7:30. >> will also hear more from the man who came to personify grace under pressure. >> mayor rudy guiliani shares some of his memories from that terrible day. >> and president obama is shawms plan can help school systems except school buildings. i in tim tooten. local reaction coming up.
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thefter this week's games, stock market closed sharply lower. today was the steepest decline in more than three weeks. today's decline comes after rising fears about fallout from a european debt crisis. >> and internet education alert, in pitching his american jobs act to congress, president obama did not leave out education projects proposed spending $30 billion to renovate school buildings. it was a message that reached home for baltimore. >> if you do the math, it would cost baltimore more than $1 billion to fix up school buildings. what it is not clear yet if
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school officials can cash in, it has not stop them from trying to solve the problem. >> every child deserves a great school. we can get it to them if we act now. >> president obama speak critics spoke to the needs of every school district in the nation including baltimore city. while most buildings were in need of repairs. the school is more than 50 years old and showing its age. the school's parents are among those taking notice. >> the school is pretty good. it is just the minutes of it, i guess they do what they can with the money they get rid >> the american jobs act will repair and modernize at least 35,000 schools. it will put people to work right now installing science classrooms all across the country. >> the assistant principal knows firsthand what it is like to try to make do in a building in need of so many repairs request to do
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not have shades of our windows, and you also cannot see out of the window because of the haze and fog on them from plexiglas from a few decades ago. >> it has had a complete makeover. rex is different when you walk into a room that is freezing cold that you are wearing your jacket or sweating so hot that you are stripping off clothes or a review cannot see out of. they feel wanted and people care about them. >> what is taking place is part of a larger school system plan to try to modernize many of its older buildings. >> now the president's job plan also sets aside $5 billion to help community college is to make repairs. >> now, you're 11 insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> we are making slow progress of this weather pattern but there are still some showers on radar and likely to continue to show up as we had through the weekend. some of the rain falling, you
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really do not want to see it in the flooded areas. additional showers falling, nothing that is going to cause any additional problems. just a nuisance there with stars rotating out of hartford county up into parts of cecil county into the far southern sections of lancaster county in pennsylvania. the bulk of the heavier rains are heading northwest back to pittsburgh. the farther north and west ago, the better it is for us around here. have actually seen some brick to the cloud cover at times. futurecast is indicating that as shares pop-up to the weekend, potential there for another heavy downpour or two -- dickensian the blue shaded area, it could get another half- inch of rain and isolated showers. pockets could get heavier than that. it's not a completely dry forecast. it is just the rain is becoming more scattered and not quite as severe. still, we are under flood watches. then there are warnings in
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montgomery county, charles, st. mary's along the -- all of the flooding is not done yet as we have been saying over and over. take several days for this water to drain away. we are still in the process. it is 60 degrees in the mountains. as he had listened to the bounds, you may have to deal with a little more rain. further south and east to go. overnight lows of 61 degrees. we are right in between two tropical systems. katia is beginning to restore to boards the north atlantic. and lee continues to fade away slowly to the west toward the ohio river. in between these two areas, low pressure has popped up. as katia moves away, high- pressure should fill in over the area. it is a slow process and not a clean break, but in the
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afternoon a thunderstorm a pop- up in a few locations producing to the south and west, it gets dry air and sun year over the next few days. even at on sunday there could be a shower in the area pretty much what do factor that into your plans. only about 820% or 30% chance of rain that your backyard gets hit. it will be around. winds will be let out of the northwest and shift to the northeast. out in maryland again, that is closer to the remnants tolee. the showers chances are a little higher. on the eastern shores, letting the water slowly drained away and getting son to break through. in the heat of the afternoon, a few showers could pop up. a 20% chance of a thunderstorm, otherwise not bad weather on the beach. because katia is pulling away, the currents are rough on the coast. you have to watch maria in the
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atlantic and nato in the southern gulf of mexico. aria could be a threat as it heads it's wake-up. -- as it makes its way up the coast. sunny to partly cloudy skies tomorrow with a 20% chance of a shower. warm and muggy and a shower may pass through at times. partly cloudy on monday and tuesday at a stronger cold front on wednesday and thursday. but in pennsylvania, the floodwaters are blamed for five deaths. the most recent, and eight year- old boy that became trapped in a storm drain. >> there are also still people missing here in pennsylvania. one of them was swept away while trying to hold onto this telephone pole. >> it is a little rough. we are still working hard to try to find him. >> fire crews have been searching for 53-year-old martin
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died at for the past day and a half. -- mark for the past day and a half. he tried to walk through it with bare feet. his wife, she was there. she had a rope that she tied to the front of her car and was repeatedly throwing it out to them. fire crews were also trying to help out but were told that he was not able to grab onto the rope and was washed away right before their eyes. >> he was hanging on and we kept saying, hang on. we are coming. my husband is a strong person. he is a great swimmer. i knew that when i saw he was in the situation. we went out, and we could not get to him. >> the gullies that are left behind in this area now that the water has gone back down showed the strength of the creek that evening. neighbors say it was like a
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whirlpool as mark was trying to hang onto that telephone pole. as you can imagine, a traumatic experience -- can being washed away while all of his friends and family members watched him go. the wife does want to thank everybody who has helped out in this tremendous effort for the last day and a half. she is still hoping he comes home. >> what a sad and dramatic story that is. >> we talk all the time about the dangers of water. that is just incredible. >> it really is. >> pain tolerance pretty new study shows how it could help to provide better to get for premature babies. >> another key endorsement. >> a hair restoration treatment that is less painful and leaves less scarring. you know when something's bad -- but you do it anyway?
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[ female announcer ] the keratin protection pro-v system helps prevent then repair split ends. zero fear of breakage, 100% more strength. no regrets, just health. i'm not giving up the heat. [ female announcer ] the breakage to strength system from pantene. >> workers united say that katharine understands the needs of workers and families and the
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challenges faced by city residents. they are the union of textile workers. >> internet medical alert, a recent innovation in here restoration gives people what they call a major advantage to the hair transplant. it also has significantly less scarring. >> that does not bother every man, but for me it has been an issue. >> he was tired of wearing a baseball cap. he was concerned about a more competitive economic market. he invested in a hair transplant. >> he pretty much recruited his hairline right there. you cannot tell that any of this is a transplant. >> the transplant was done with a knee of graft here restoration system. >> it has several aspects that are a major advantage to the traditional transplant. >> there is less pain in the
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procedure, little bleeding, and it no scars. patients can return to work the next day. which one by one he plucks the little hairs and puts them or you need to have here replacement requests it would pull out the little hairs. one by one you collect them. then we inject the more you want them to go in. >> it takes up to a year before patients see any hair growth perplex looks natural. it is coming right out. the line looks natural. >> i think the right candidates, which is most of them, will do great with this. it is important to be evaluated by a doctor first. >> interesting. a new study shows doctors began to recognize pain just before they are born. british researchers research the brain wave of premature babies when there he was pricked with a
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needle. they had a similar response then basic types. they notice a change after 35 weeks. they said premature babies often grow up more or less sensitive to pain than usual. it could change the way they are treated and cured for afterbirth per >> coming up -- we will look at today's top stories including when a pair of convicted murderers will go to trial for a third time. >> at the pentagon -- 10 years after 9/11. that story coming out. >> the cleanup has begun in howard county. a lot of flooded basements.
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>> new tonight at 5:30, as you know from the pictures we have seen, that part of ellicot city has been hit hard with flooding. now the waters are receding. >> the cleanup is beginning. more on the efforts to try to get back to normal. >> before we get to the story, a welcome sight out here in ellicot city in howard county. we are seeing the sun out here for the first time in a week. unfortunately, getting back to something more serious, the cleaning up that is going on out here pretty have seen more
5:31 pm
flooded basements that we can count. for a lot of people getting back to normal it will probably take a couple of months. >> less rain and more cleanup friday, this of the worst of the storm. notice the huge sinkhole performing in a creek very close to his home. >> i can see our ground caving in. >> he says public works officials have stopped by and assured him that the ground is stable. he still worries. >> it has been a horrific experience. my concerns were as the erosion continues, it is coming in toward the deck area. >> the flood waters have receded, but as you can imagine they have left behind a huge mess. >> we are cleaning up the installation. mostly that is all we did. >> it seems every house among the main street all the way to
5:32 pm
the bottom had damage, especially in basements. we saw more than we could count. >> we are trying to clean basements and yards. i have a huge hole in my driveway. >> frustrations are also growing as neighbors complained the more touristy areas were receiving all the attention from county officials and they were left to fend for themselves. >> i was told they have a disaster relief fund. where is that? they cannot even show up and give us a little bit of help. you can see the devastation here. doors blown away from the water, basements, everything. >> county officials insist they are aware of the problems suffered by those on the western portion of main street and are in the process of making arrangements for debris picked up and help. >> officials in the county executive office promise they are doing all they can to help folks on the western portion of
5:33 pm
main street. to start off, they have changed some of the trash restrictions. they will allow up to 10 king's of trash. on recycle days, they can put an infant amount of recyclables on the curb. we provided a list of how this will all unfold. coming up at 6:00, with water in the basement, small. we will have safety tips on how to get rid of it. >> to illegal immigrants now know when they will face their third trial in the 2004 deaths of their three young relatives. they will appear in court november 10 for the third time. both men are charged with two counts of first-degree murder, one count of second-degree murder, and conspiracy. the have both pled guilty. their first trial ended in a
5:34 pm
hung jury. a baltimore man is charged with stabbing death of his 1-year-old son. the body was discovered wrapped in a deflated actress yesterday morning. investigators say that barry spent the night after he was discovered inside a divided. he found the boy bleeding head wrapped him up but did not call 911. police say he is facing murder, assault, and weapons charges. a new jersey man is facing multiple trafficking and costa tuition charges for running an operation out of a baltimore hotel. he was arrested for second- degree assault after his girlfriend crashed in their car. maryland state police investigators say he was transported women to several sites on the east coast for work. he is being held on $50,000
5:35 pm
bond. authorities are chasing down what is called a credible but unconfirmed of al qaeda setting off a bomb in washington, d.c. or nyc. police in d.c. and new york city have already increased their staffing levels. >> meanwhile, as part of the 9/11 remembrances today, leon panetta honored the pentagon personnel who died on 9/11. >> ♪ at the pentagon, a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11, honoring those who lost and those who lived through the terrible day. >> it seems like such a short time. it seems like such a long time. >> leon panetta voice the
5:36 pm
feelings of those in the pentagon then and it now. >> they wanted to weaken us. instead, they strengthened the america. they unified us. nobody attacks this country and gets away with it. >> the damage was quickly repaired, but the day is moralized both inside and outside of the pentagon which is still working to wind down the two wars in 9/11. here and around the nation's capital, stepped up security has become a constant companion. a new report that terrorists may be planning and anniversary attack to remind a chilling reminder that the threat has not gone away. as lawmakers took a moment to look back -- >> on september 11, 2001 -- >> workers at the pentagon put
5:37 pm
their lasting mark on a memorial for future generations. it is the national 9/11 flight. -- flag. a fitting metaphor 10 years after 9/11. september 11 will market very different anniversary for the pentagon. that is the day construction began here back in 1941. >> we have a wbal exclusive coming up. donna down with rudy guiliani to discuss his members of 9/11 one decade later. >> what officials believe the school bus crash landed on its side. >> costs, it was the glow of my career -p plus, a twisted lullaby.
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school bus they were riding in flipped over. police believe the wheels sank into the soft shoulder. no other vehicles were involved. >> a day care in north texas behind bars for drugging more than one dozen children. police received a tip that kimberly land was leasing the children's milk with antihistamines to make them to sleep. none of the children worse injured, but they were very lucky. when you are giving medication unbeknownst to the parent, that child goes home or has a reaction to the medication, it can be life-threatening. >> the children ranged in age from 20 months to 4.5 years old. she is charged with 16 counts of child endangerment. she faces up to two years in
5:42 pm
prison for each count. some local military members are remembering the victims of 9/11. >> you never have a plan for something like this. but i tell you what helps, we have so many other in emergency plans. we take pieces of that and use it. he have to evacuate -- >> former mayor rudy guiliani has more details on what happened the day the towers were attacked. >> and in the jobs plan, you may be surprised how many companies are already seeking to hire more people. >> the heavy rains have mostly moved out of our regions, there are a few showers and thunderstorms on hd doppler. we will see how much of that last into the weekend. it is 79 at the airport and 78 degrees downtown.
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>> floodwaters forced hundreds of people from their homes. officials say more flooding is on the way. we will have the latest on that. plus the ravens
5:45 pm
former new york mayor rudy guiliani will always be remembered for his calm demeanor in the days and weeks after 9/11. >> to nike shares more what happened that day and how he managed to evacuate people from lower manhattan and, his feelings on many responders not being invited to the ceremony. >> the minute we heard a plane hit the north tower, excluded
5:46 pm
the possibility of an accident because of how beautiful it was. it is either a terrorist attack or an insane person acting on their own trying to get one of the businesses there. we were about a mile away we saw a big explosion and we were told a second plane hit. >> you never have a plan for something like that. "i tell you what helps prove we have so many other e emergency plans. we were able to take pieces of them and use them. we had to evacuate thousands of people pretty had a plan for arkansas recon plan. we had a plan for blackouts because unfortunately do york city has blackouts. we had to help people get out of that area. we have a plan for high-rise fires. if you plan for other things, you can be ready for the big thing. you can take pieces of it. it helps because firefighters
5:47 pm
and police officers knew what to do. you can just give them a little instruction and they can to get the rest of the way. they are the reason. the firefighters and police officers are the reason that those terrorists ended up killing about 3000 people and not 12,000 people. >> a lot of people have been worried and upset at first responders were not invited to the ceremony at ground zero. how do you feel about that? >> certain ones were answered ones were not. all of them should have been. i am not running the ceremony. if i was the mayor today, the first responders would have been more important than mayor guiliani or former mayor guiliani court president bush or zero obama. -- or president obama. i would not go if i was taking the place of one of the men or women -- they are the heroes.
5:48 pm
not me. they are the ones i always said when i was knighted and giving honors by mrs. reagan. i do not deserve it. i stood on the shoulders of giants. they should be up front. if it means the reason for this is too much security. i am going to be there because -- or president bush or obama, let's watch it on television. >> rudy guiliani also has some strong views on islamic extremists terrorism and what needs to happen to get this country out of the recession. the entire interview is on line. and tonight, 11 news remembers the 68 maryland citizens who died and the men and women who later died fighting the two wars. it airs tonight at 7: does best 30 on wbal tv 11.
5:49 pm
>> looking at the river and see no rain in many areas around the region. showers are beginning to move out and less and less rain in the forecast as we get through the weekend. nice clean sweep, but there are showers and even a few sprinkles trekking through parts of hartford county toward the pennsylvania line. that is were heavier showers are now primarily in western pennsylvania and up toward the lake. we are seeing gradual improvements. the remnants of lead that triggered all of this is way over the western part of the ohio valley. surely -- shortly but surely, on this ninth day of september we did pick up another four tents inch of rain. the airport so far has 8.5 inches of rain this month. marshall not even getting the worst of the rain. 0.32 at the center harbor today. high temperatures pushing closer
5:50 pm
to nora -- normal. flash flood watch remains in effect from baltimore. also, some mornings and ann arundel. it takes several days for that to make its way down the waterways into the total back or the bay. you temperatures are holding. it will stay muggee tonight with some patches of fog forming. the remnants of lee sitting back over the ohio valley and katia moving ball up to see now east toward the north atlantic. in between we are caught in scattered showers around here. as lee continues to weaken, less and less our show up. a few scattered. on sunday, the potential there is for another shower to pop up in the afternoon. most grain will be farther to the north. if you are planning to be
5:51 pm
downtown baltimore for the reagans came, keep in the back of your mother could be a shower passing through. 79 degrees to 84 degrees. winds will be light and waves around 1 foot. western maryland were lee is winding down, the rain chances are a little bit greater out there. eastern shore, some sunshine should move into the weekend at times. that could help to trigger an afternoon thunderstorm. watch out for dangerous rip currents along the coast. all of this factors into a game on the stadium on sunday were we cannot rule out a shower. there is about a 20% chance that the little packets hit by a passing shower. it will be warm though with east winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. 82 degrees tomorrow with the rest of the shower sunday. partly cloudy skies returning monday and tuesday. a little warm up and then a cold front coming in on wednesday and
5:52 pm
into thursday. by next friday, high temperatures around 70. >> and tonight's consumer alert, we heard president obama's plan last evening that he unveiled to crate jobs. you might be surprised how many companies are already desperately seeking to hire more people. >> someone who works in tracking down hackers says hiring in the information security industry is as competitive as it has been since boom. jobs are abundant and all of i.t.. >> information technology continues to increase. we see increases about 40% to 50%. engineering is a component of that produces large increases. >> large enough increases that over the last 90 days, 130,000 online job ads were placed for
5:53 pm
industrial, mechanical, or electrical engineer spree that is only a fraction of the activity among on unemployment agencies. >> will that continue to see on our web site is on -- in august are listings were up 20% over the year. >> are looking to add more workers as well. some sectors that require only a minimum shift in career paths. >> education and health, leisure and hospitality offer really strong growth opportunities without the kind of level of skills that may be required in information technology. >> but even for the construction workers still stunned by the housing slump, analysts say there is still hold. >> they have to go through some retraining. that takes time but it also takes a lot of will power on the part of the individual to be willing to change careers and start basically all over again. some labor experts say it may be
5:54 pm
the only way to change directions and unemployment. >> cecil county residents remain on high alert as the water rose. coming up, more on the numbers of gates opened at the dam. a live look at the conditions there right now. servicemen and women remember the victims of september 11.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
with the 10th anniversary on sunday, many people are
5:57 pm
remembering that day in their own special way. >> for members of the military -- >> before in the sun rose, members of our military were stretching and warming up. they were preparing for an early morning run. this run, however, was different than the many runs these men and women take during their career. >> today is a day to remember today is a day for all of us. >> this run was at remembrance of 9/11. it was a 3 mile information run from fort meade. >> i in just to remember those who died. being a military member, i had a lot of friends who died serving to protect america. it feels natural. >> 8000 service members participated. >> we can have to remember what
5:58 pm
happened 10 years ago on september 11. to get together and think about and reflect on what we can do to make sure that kind of event never happens again and. he that is why we are here today. i am really try -- i'm really proud to serve today per >> they were all one -- branches of the military and civilians took part . the sign took"we will not forget." >> honestly i thought it was a slap in the face for somebody to have the audacity to come and attack our country. we are here to remember those who lost their lives in that event. >> remembering 9/11, rob roblin, wbal tv nerws. >> that is all for us today at 5:00. >> here is what is coming up at
5:59 pm
6:00. >> find out what is being done to support a possible terrorist attack targeting bridges and tunnels and washington, d.c. and new york. >> more road closures caused by flooding in baltimore. >> this is what it looks like out here in port deposit. i will have an update coming up at 6:00. >> life, local, liberty, this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> for the cecil county town of core deposits, the worst may be yet to come. that is our big story at 6:00. the river is more than 32 feet high at the dam. >> leaders are seeking federal help for the flooding that leap brought to this


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