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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the big story on this friday night -- serious allegations leveled against the housing authority of baltimore city. charles grassley, one of the most aggressive watchdog on capitol hill, once an investigation on how they spent $67 million and stimulus money. >> baltimore mayor and city housing officials say they are extremely surprised by the allegations. in fact, they are calling them on fair. baltimore's housing commission there is a troubled by questions and concerns about the spending of federal stimulus funds. >> frankly i was shocked. >> grassley has targeted the baltimore housing committee. he sent a letter to house and urban development secretary
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shaun donovan. he says his offices have received numerous of phone calls and e-mails concerning conflict of interest, waste, fraud. he wants to know about specific allegations. >> we run an operation we think is very efficient. we are very meticulous about plan by the rules, making sure that everything is done properly. we protect the tax dollars. we are very concerned here there is allegations made there. >> his letter demands the detailed documentation showing how to use the $67 million in federal stimulus dollars. how the housing authority became one entity. he says, they are not. he also wants him from any
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interest group released to him. the names of all law firms under contract since 2003 along with billing receipts. in the 2009 audit, they found 67 of 69 housing units had a 574 violations. inspectors failed to report 380 violations. in a statement, he says they are good at writing checks and not good at making sure the money is spent as intended. >> i take my job very seriously. we take our jobs very seriously. we think that integrity and confidence is essential to doing our work. to make these general statements without any background, any information is disturbing.
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>> the mayor's office issued the statement that the mayor will ensure that baltimore housing provides information that hud may seek to obtain. they encouraged to share any specific allegations of wrongdoing so that they can be investigated immediately. reporting live from downtown baltimore, barry sanders. >> -- arry msimms. >> prosecutors a 20-year-old patrick edmund great day housemates. the act was consensual. he was found guilty of making a statement to investigators. he has been dismissed from the naval academy. maryland congressman says the death of american-born and cleric means america it is safer. he was killed in a strike in
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yemen. this is the biggest blow to al qaeda since the death of osama bin model. >> he was a charismatic leader who inspired people to kill americans. he now has been taken off the battlefield. i said this after been logging, -- i said this after osama bin laden, and i will say it now. if you are going to kill americans, we will find and bring you to justice. officials say he also communicated with army maj hasaad who is charged with killing 13 people in fort hood in texas. paramedics to try to save the life of michael jackson testified in court today. she has more on the four of the trial against michael jackson's doctor. >> we focused on what happened
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moments after this ambulance arrived at michael jackson's home. it was 12:20 6:00 p.m. and the paramedic testified that jackson was in full cardiac arrest when they found him in the bedroom. >> his skin was very cool to the touch. according to testimony, he asked repeatedly if jackson had any medical issues and if any drugs had been given to the pop singer. >> he said nothing. he has nothing. that did not add up to me. >> did you hear dr. marie provide information regarding any medication that he had given mr. jackson? >> no, ma'am. >> fellow parent metic testified he saw three bottles near jackson's bed. >> what is that? >> it is a heart drug. anyid paramedics' issue during the recession -- the
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resuscitation? >> they try to get inside to why they did not tell the paramedics about the other drugs right away. >> you asked the doctor whether he was on any recreational drugs, correct? >> i don't remember if i asked that or not. that is a common question i asked. >> both paramedics' describe repeated attempts to revive jackson before he arrived at the hospital. >> back here in maryland, police are searching for a driver that hit a woman and two-year old child in one semester. police say a dark blue suv struck the woman and child as they were crossing the street. the woman was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the child was not injured. if you use your own text thing while driving, you may want to pay attention.
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a law will make it illegal to send and it read text messages behind the wheel even at red lights. if testing contributes to an accident, the penalty goes to what hundred $10.30. . the new law does not apply to text in 911 or using a gps system. a rash of break-ins has some residents on edge according to the baltimore county police. there have been nine incidents this month. the latest attack happened last month on coke drive. this time one of the home owners was in sight. >> -- started hearing -- these really large -- these really loud banging sounds. kids a freak out. i was home alone. i grabbed them both and we started screaming. >> some tips -- lock your doors. the are also advising homeowners to keep bushes trimmed so
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burglars on have a place to hide. if an intruder does get inside your home, watch yourself in a closet or bathroom and stay there until a dispatcher says it is safe to come out. somebody drove over the field behind the ear creek elementary school and tore it up. has kai reed explants, now hundreds of kids do not have a place to play. >> the view from above shows a vandal's latest destruction. a large crop circles all over the field. it is the third incident of this year and the second in less than a month. >> he thinks somebody is coming through with an eight tv and maliciously causing havoc on the field. >> coach and a soccer parents spent the night and freddie cleaning up. >> we think somebody is getting some sick pleasure hurting
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children. that is really what it does. it is unfortunate. is unfair to the kids who put in the time. >> the field is located behind beaver creek elementary school. a security camera was pointed away from the field. baltimore county police are investigating they have no suspects. the beaver creek soccer program shares use of the field. hundreds of kids use it for practice and games. more than one dozen are scheduled for this weekend. >> it is depressing. chances are we will probably not be able to play. >> if i have to tell him he cannot come to his game tomorrow at 9:00, he will be disappointed. >> organizers have spent hundreds of dollars fund raising money for clean up. they are offering a $200 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the vandals. >> baltimore county family is
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suing the jensen farms and its distributors after an 87-year- old man died after eating tainted cantaloupes. he died on august 31. health officials told the family that he had the same strain of listeria as the current nationwide upgrade. he bought the catalogue from a produce market. they said this is the only reported case of listeria and maryland. >> good news for you on the education front, marilyn's high school graduation numbers are the highest in 20 years. the graduation rate is 87%. there are more signs of progress on high-school assessments. reports show that 85% of students passed the fha. >> students understand that goal. they are staying in school. we want to make sure that happens. our teachers are doing a better
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job of delivering instruction. i think you see that reflected in what we feel are positive steps. >> you the report for yourself on our web site maryland senior senator in a brand new class this weekend. we are on the road as she is honored for breaking ground on capitol hill. going to the reagans came sunday, pack some patients. new nfl rules could lead to long lines. >> if you have a photo of the first lady out of context, there is a big of a wow factor. >> was it more than just an errand? >> rain falling in parts of a western maryland ' is a weekend forecast coming up next. 61 degrees at the w. i. marshall.
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she de >> if you are planning on attending the game on sunday, and you might want to leave yourself some extra time. the nfl has ordered more extensive pat downs of the fans entering football stadiums. it will include the entire upper body and a need to ankle searches. because of the increase measures, the plan to open an extra turnstiles to cut down on long lines. the wife of harry reid is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. those close to her say she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer and is receiving chemotherapy. she is expected to survive cancer because it was detected early. this is a hall of fame weekend, she will be inducted into the national woman's hall of fame in new york. >> seneca falls new york is the birthplace of the american
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woman's right movement. a fitting place to honor the dean of the u.s. senate. >> on this monumental occasion, senator mikulski is only regret is that her parents are not here to witness this milestone. >> we think about swatting home lines. it really was a very powerful impact. i was touched. >> the senator is among 11 inductees this year including coretta scott king and billie holiday. the senator was nominated by her constituents and chosen by a panel of judges. >> she was chosen because of her work on behalf of americans everywhere. her push for health care. educational efforts. she really is tenacious on behalf of her constituents and
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people across the country. >> her achievements were be honored at the national woman's hall of fame in seneca falls where women like rosa parks and helen keller are honored for their contributions to the country. >> i could not have anticipated it. i had big dreams to do service and worked in the community. i never thought of anything quite as significant as this honor. >> seneca falls is the inspiration for the town in the classic "it's a wonderful life." she is reaching that conclusion this weekend for her that it has been a wonderful life for this native. in seneca falls new york, debra wiener. >> debra will have reports throughout the weekend including her acceptance speech tomorrow evening. the first lady was caught on camera this week during one of her favorite things, shopping at target. michelle obama was photographed
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in sunglasses and a baseball cap shopping at a target in alexandria, virginia. the cashier was the only person who recognized her. aid to say she enjoys running errands and she did before she moved into the white house. experts say there was a political motive behind a shopping trip. >> it is great pr for them because they can say, look, on this trip and others, we know what is going outside the gates of the white house. >> the president says shopping at target is wanting his wife lost to do. by the way, secret service agents to accompany the first lady try to blend in with more casual clothing. >> now, you're 11 insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> september has been the all- time best month ever in baltimore. the third wettest ever, the wettest september. there is still somewhat weather in the state over and the eastern shore areas south of canton. some rain there, scattered
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showers in ocean city. it looks at those spots will continue to see what conditions as we head into the over morning -- the morning hours. rain on the east also spread a battle for the west during the afternoon. potential will start the month of october off with someone weather as well. the last day of september feature temperatures wetter than normal. warm and wet -- at least warmer and wetter than normal. 81 degrees at the inner harbor. normal for the last of september was only 72. while the rain gauge was dry officially, records have already been set. you can see the top five here spread all the way from late 19th century through the 20th century. this year, the wettest september on record in baltimore. while the rain may linger into october, the part of the pattern does not change. the temperatures will.
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it is getting cold and western maryland. a chilly rain moves into the central and eastern parts of the state for temperatures are still in the 50's and 60's. a few showers a round west of us. you may get a little dry weather early in the day. ats to start with west wins 7: 0 space 02. it settles over the mid- atlantic. it will be dragging the chilly air into our region. 50's in the morning. we will be accompanied by 50's in the afternoon. while it is beautiful over the middle of the country, a beautiful sunny begin shaping up. that will not get here. the storm will roll into the mid-atlantic and spin its wheels much like the past couple of storms has done. it generates showers tomorrow,
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off and on chairs in the area and probably a lingering off until monday with some snow mixed into the rain in western maryland. clouts tomorrow, it will be breezy. temperatures stay in the 50's. western maryland, the rain and snow makes saturday and sunday. most of the weekend temperatures out west will be stuck in the 30's, barely climbing above the 40 degree mark for a few hours in the afternoon. 50 degrees of the western shore. in ocean city at least it will sneak into the 60's. that is cooler than normal and they have a chance for a shower as well. look at the eye on the storm. it is during to the north with stronger winds. once have gone up to 120 miles per hour, which is a very strong category three hurricane. it is moving in the direction of bermuda, tomorrow afternoon going into tomorrow night and
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has to be watched as well. that becomes a weak tropical depression toward the end of next week. topics are still active, but all of those storms staying to the east over the atlantic. showers tomorrow at a cool 59 degrees. kickoff sunday evening in baltimore. possibly a few showers around. temperatures to the game will be cooling into the upper 40's. rex ryan isd coach stirring the pot again. it is friday night lights. we are all aboard another night of high school football coming up and sports. >> tonight was the jet got as
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$130 million. now, let's see if we can make you a millionaire tonight. our first number is 19, 45, 21, 3, and the final is 44. the megaball is 29. if no one that is all six numbers, tuzes jackpot
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>> jets had coast -- jets' head coach rex ryan has never hidden his feelings. he says, we have not won the afc championship, but we got there the past two years. the reagans have not. ray lewis responded, he was in the same place i was, watching the super bowl. suddenly back and forth between the two teams as the ribbons host the jets. rex is always a lightning rod for controversy. they loved him during the 10 years and baltimore. he is not the only familiar face on the jets. there is also derrick mason. he was here six years. most of the time the top receiver before being cut in the off-season. there is linebacker who played in the shadows of ray lewis.
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these guys for ravens at one. . it is like you are fighting your brother. right now, if you want to count the preseason, we are 2-0 at fighting your brother. >> he is getting that shot in there. it all starts with ribbons come down at 6:30. it will county down to game time. who is the best high school football team in the city? pauley is making their case for that distinction. --poly has been making that distinction. douglas feeling and before the game. the times would not last long. there is not bringing him down.
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a 37-yard touchdown run. the extra point know that. 6-0 poly. poly goes up 12-0. in the second, engineers go into the air. he is gone. 47 yards for another score. it was 26-0 at the half. poly rolls 42-6. this was a tight one. we start in the second quarter, picked off by zach whittaker. this would lead to a 39-yard field goal. three-zero at the half. fourth quarter on a fourth and three, he punches through the line and he has some real estate. run down to the goal line.
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he takes it in for the touchdown. they survive 21-18. the tampa bay raise made and improbable run to the playoffs. apparently they are not content. tonight the beat the rangers in game 1. matt more pitching for tampa bay making his second career start. top of the third, going deep to center field. that made it 6-0. that is about the only thing rangers fans had to cheer about. mike napoli, he gave up two hits in seven innings. in the fifth, here he is again. crushing the pitch to left center. he drives in five. 0.e raisys hamer them 5- it has been five months since he
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was dismissed as the terps head football coach. the bitterness is stronger than ever. he was asked by a baltimore radio station if he still watches football. he says, i could care less about maryland. i burned my diploma. there was more, he says he is flying a georgia tech flag right now. despite going 9-4 and being named acc coach of the year. he also says, the talk about maryland pride. they did not show me a lot of pride getting the job or getting fired. there is no bitterness with our tom tasselmyer. tom tasselmyer. he
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>> it was so nice to see the sun. >> this is the type -- this is the time of year you expected dry, cool weather. we will have to deal with more showers on saturday and sunday. showers gradually to appear -- tapering off monday and tuesday and wednesday. temperatures will war back to the 70's. that is the weather we are waiting for right in the battle of the week. >> that is all for 11 news tonight.
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