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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 9, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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temporada, tiene de 8- 8. 30-yard attempt. and crosby will send the packers home on a happy trip to wisconsin. >> cris: that's what world champions do, they find a way, despite tough circumstances, which is certainly what aaron rodgers and the packers faced tonight, to simply get it done. >> al: good passer rating. very imprecise and all of that and it's a little implicatedcomplicated. it gives you an idea. as cris said at the top when i add him for an adjective, he said phenomenal. no if's, and's, or but's. rodgers had 100.5. and kurt warner who did it
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through 2002 and had that rating for only one game. but there is aaron rodgers, who has just been spectacular, no question. if the mvp balloting were to be held today, there is your man. he does it again tonight. he does it after a very slow start. he does it one tackle out before the game and the other gone during the game. then crosby bangs it through the end zone. mccarthy does a brilliant job calling the game. capers, on the other side, does a great job of defensive adjustments and the packers are, with 25 unanswered points, on their way to a wigbig win. in the meantime, you have sherrod picking up a lot of experience. you have newhouse who had to flip over from the right side to the left side. so that line is getting rebuilt on the fly and the packers are as hot as they have been,
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including last season when they roared down the stretch. baugh bulaga choo come back next week. caught by roddy white for a 1s. >> cris: adjustment by dom capers to go to the bump and run, man-to-man coverage and trust these corners on the outside and begin to send pressure, just changed the complexity of this football game. it really did. he rolled the dice. they weren't getting any pressure. took some chances and these corners won the battle. >> al: from the 35 on first down. ryan throws and then it will be caught. flag is thrown. gonzalez, for the moment, would have one more career catch than tim brown, the longtime raider. pending call. >> referee: prior to the pass, holding, number 55 of the defense. penalty is declined. result of the play is a first down. >> al: penalty on bishop.
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catch by gonzalez. tony has caught five tonight. ryan. gonzalez now with a half dozen. >> cris: it was interesting talking to dom capers about this defense. he said after four weeks last year, we weren't very good either. then, all of a sudden, it started to come together and he thought one of the keys was b.j. raji. he got so much better in the second half of the season and through the playoffs. finally creating some pass rush from the inside and he thought that fs onewas one of the keys. >> al: second and eight. it will be third down and eight. ryan, that hot start tonight, but if you look at the overall numbers, 167 yards for him through the air and for rodgers, he is just four shy of 400. >> cris: and they just have to be shaking their heads, the atlanta falcons, to come out and put 14 points on the board and
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just go up and down the field and then the spigot got turned off. i mean, it was a goose egg after that. >> al: ryan started 8 of 10, which means he would be 10 of his last 21 under 50%. and that is intercepted off the deflection. that is jarrett bush who will run it back. bush still going. harry douglas is there and finally coming in to make the tackle would be jacquizz rodgers. >> cris: we talked about the depth of these wide receivers and so many guys making catches. how about the depth on the defensive side? >> al: how about another dropped pass by roddy white in effect? >> cris: well, it was charlie peprah, a backup safety, who made the interception earlier. now it's jarrett bush, a backup cornerback who comes in and makes the play.
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i thought it was, to some degree, the corners and their playoff of tramon williams and sam shields and charles woodson a year ago that turned this team around defensively and maybe it will be starting after tonight. >> al: well, the falcons will go to 2-3 so they have already lost as many games as they did all of last season when they were 13-3, with a number one seed in the nfc. they start 5-0. they go home to face the winless rams. meanwhile, atlanta stays here to take on carolina and the amazing cam newton, who almost pulled one out today against the saints, but new orleans won. and the saints put some more room between themselves and last year's nfc south champions. great job, great adjusting by the packers tonight and they score the last 25 points of the game and win it 25-14 in atlanta. postgame is next. .
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pharmacy you can get your flu shot. and you'll get a bonus. you get 10% off your groceries. [ male announcer ] save 10% on your groceries when you get a flu shot. that should make you feel better already. safeway. ingredients for life. after a spurtering start, the packers 5-0 with a victory. aaron rodgers continues to amaze. 26 of 39 for 396 yards and two touchdowns and remarkably 12 different receivers caught passes from rodgers tonight. he will receive questions from michele tafoya. >> michele: aaron, you guys were down 14-0.
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you lose your left tackle chad liveton and then you got to kind of shuffle the offensive line. how did you adjust not only to stay in, but take over this game? >> we just stayed patient. you know? it was a tough game. i took a lot of shots and had to move around a little bit and shuffled marshall to the left side and running derek to the right side. they did a great job. you know? it was one of those games. the rhythm wasn't there all the me but we just stayed with it and stayed patient and knew the big plays were going to come and the defense did a great job after of first two drives. >> michele: you found 12 different receivers tonight. ties a team record. how were you able to get so many guys involved? >> the way it went tonight. a lot of guys played. they were playing a lot of soft coverage and take what the defense is giving you. but guys made big plays. james had a great catch and run. greg as well. jermichael dropped a couple but came up with a big play on the last drive and proud of our guys.
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>> michele: play action so productive. how were you able to be productive even though the run game in the second half wasn't moving? >> it's about a good fake and the line keeping their pads down and us trying to make a play. it's been a staple of our offense. probably the last nine or ten games and it's no surprise winning those games. >> michele: aaron, congratulations. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks, aaron, thanks, michele. packers 5-op. it only other unbeaten team is the lions 4-0 who play tomorrow night against the bears. tony dungy your reaction to tonight's game, coach? >> i thought it was a great job by the packers and cris and al talked about the defensive adjustments that they made, but i thought aaron rodgers was spectacular tonight. you heard him talk about staying patient when they got down and i thought he really did that. they had to kick field goals. jermichael finley dropped a potential touchdown pass. he didn't force things. he didn't take chances. he stayed within the offense and got them rolling in the second half. i thought he was tremendous.
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>> it's a pass happy league now. we all know that, tony. but, today, the steelers and the patriots were helped by their ground games. >> they really were. and i thought really, really critical. pittsburgh, ben roethlisberger, threw five touchdown passes but what really got them going was controlling the line of scrimmage again and getting that balance running the ball effectively, and the same thing in new england. tom brady, we expect to see the big numbers and the touchdowns but benjarvus green-ellis really won the game for them with a gutsy drive and pounding the ball in the fourth quarter to win it and i think that is what is going to happen. whoever comes out of the afc is going to be the team that gets that balance going and is able to run the football and be two-dimensional. >> tony, thanks. we turn to mike florio on at profootballtalk. tomorrow you will see the eagles lose again today and drop 1-4 with a mistake-filled effort against the bills. if philly can't turn this thing
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around who is the most accountable? >> the person no accountable is the man in charge of the football operations for the last 13 years in philadelphia and that is head coach andy reid. he is the person who is the architect of this team. the so-called dream team. signing free agent after free agent and almost showing off with some of the big names that he brought to philadelphia during the latter stages of off-season and andy reid is a man responsible for firing defense coordinator sean mcdermott and making the offensive line coach one castillo the new defense coordinator and andy reid is ultimately responsible for undisciplined team. bad penalties. stupid mistakes. untimely errors. bad tackling. you name it, andy reid is the guy ultimately responsible. doesn't mean he gets fired if they don't make the playoffs but when you go all in there has to be a consequence if if doesn't work out and so far it's not working out for the eagles. >> key injuries. mario williams with the texans.
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>> fear he has a torn pectoral muscle. if so he'll be out for an extended period of time. mri coming tomorrow in seattle. tarvaris jackson will have an mri tomorrow on another pectoral muscle injury and could be out for some time depending on the results of the mri in tampa, gerald mcgo, ankle injury. another mri coming tomorrow. no mri necessary for 49ers receivers josh morgan. a broken ankle suffered in garbage time of that 48-3 win over the buccaneers. they were up 41-3 when he went down with the broken ankle. >> here in atlanta a victory for the packers. in the process they lose offensive lineman chad clifton what appears to be a serious hamstring injury. nfl films all-access look at the raiders emotional win over the texans which came down to the final play of the game.
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11:46 pm get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> al: cris collinsworth, website football think back to last year, packers on the verge of not even getting to the playoffs. have to beat the giants. they do. have to beat chicago last day of the season, they do. win four games on the road in the playoffs, win five to start. the last 11 times they have played, whether it meant something, they have won and now you got st. louis and minnesota coming up. >> cris: and you also have to remember aaron rodgers was coming off of a concussion in the games before that. so it has been quite the remarkable run. it's always to watch anybody sort of grow up before your eyes in this league, but to see a quarterback mature the way that he has, it's just been spectacular to watch.
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>> al: he has been tremendous. now, in the division you have the two undefeated teams, green bay 5-0 and tomorrow night detroit plays against chicago. if chicago wins that game, very important game obviously, for the bears. minnesota next week. >> cris: and minnesota bounces back. when they got the big lead today, i thought oh, no, don't think don't tell me they will blow another one. they have blown huge leads. today they poured it on and finished the way i think everybody thought the vikings would play this year. >> al: always a good scene, shy town next sunday, the windy city. in atlanta tonight, 25 unanswered points by the green bay packers, as they win. the final score, 25-14. until next week, from chicago, al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya. our crew headed by fred dugelly
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and drew essen cough. we say good night from atlanta. . -- captions by vitac --
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good evening everywufpblet thanks for staying up late. we'll begin tonight with a rescue after a man fell some 30 feet. rescue crews were called to the state park just before 5:00 sunday afternoon. investigators say the 24-year-old victim and woman were hiking when he fell. officials say that area is only accessible by a trail making his rescue a challenge for first responders. >> we ended up with six fire stations represented here in
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the rescue. and one howard county unit. and they were very well trained and were able to effect a rescue of bringing the patient back up the cliff and transporting by land up the set of steps here. >> a stit police helicopter was also brought in to assist. the victim was taken to shock trauma. no word tonight on his condition. a traffic stop ended with a major marijuana seizure. investigators say during a routine traffic stop on friday a state trooper smelled marijuana. during the search the trooper found nine pounds of it inside a large laundry bag. the driver and passenger 22-year-old joshua cunningham and dezz monday were charged. both suspects have been released on bond. new tonight a traffic stop turnses into a man hupt for two suspects that happened around
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11:00 sunday morning. state police say a state trooper tried to stop a vehicle involved in an accident near route 24. that's when five suspects in the car fled the scene on foot. three were taken into custody a short time later. no word on if anyone was hurt during this crash. a man in serious condition after an overnight shooting in northwest baltimore. an officer on patrol heard gunfire around 1:45 sunday morning near park heights. moments later officers found a 25-year-old man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was rushed to the hospital. no word on what led to the violence and the search for the gunmen continues. a woman is still in jail tonight after that fight at the wall mar super store. 33-year-old teresa jefferson faces several charges including first and second degree assault. investigators say jefferson attacked a woman outside the store around 11:00 sunday morning then chased her inside. we're told her once inside she
11:52 pm
then began throwing bleach and over chemicals at the victim. >> ultimately transported about 19 patients none of them with what we believe to be any sort of serious injuries with the exception of one patient that was transported with bleach to the eyes. >> there's no word on the conditions of those injured. jefferson is being held on $350,000 bond. your favorite fall traditions like hey rides and picking pumpkins may have more of an impact than you know. agricultural tourism has evolved into a multimillion dollar industry here in maryland. more from rogers farm in stevenson. >> fall activities like picking pumpkins are not only a great way to pass the time during the season but is also a great way to help support local farmers. >> jeff and his children are back for another year of fall tradition. >> like to come out when the
11:53 pm
weather gets nice a couple nice weekend and play around outside and have the kids run around and jump on the hey and run through the maze. >> my favorite part was taking my very own pumpkin in the second year and i liked going in the tea partiee. >> but they aren't the only ones taking advantage of these iconic fall activities. this is the start of the tourism season in maryland and business is already booming here at rogers farm. >> we bought a couple pum kins to carve and then apple crieders. >> we have lots of families couples, lots of people pick out pumpkins, go in the corn maze. >> maryland's 231 agra tourism farms generated $7.3 until in 2007. not only is visiting these farms a fun time but supports
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local farmers. >> it's important because for so many farmers this helps close the gap for the year. it if it hasn't been great weather this can really help boost sales and close out the year in the black. local farms offering fall activities head to our website. >> from country setting to protests in the city it is now day 23 of the occupy wall street protest in new york city. thousands of protesters continue to camp out in lower manhattan speaking out against corporate greed. the month-long protest began in new york and expanded. how to expand the job market is the issue for president obama as he tries to get the jobs bill passed. a presidential road trip will
11:55 pm
set up a showdown on the floor later this week. >> as the senate gets ready to take up his jobs bill this week, president obama is campaigning to get americans behind a measure he says is about more than poll tigs ticks. >> this jobs bill can help guard against another job turn here in america. this isn't my belief. it's what independent economists have said. >> the president predicts it can put 1.9 million americans back to work. >> it's really important that president obama get out there very strongly, very clearly about what this jobs bill does. >> republicans say the 447 billion bill doesn't add up to much and they accuse president obama of playing politics. >> it's nothing but a rehash of the same failed ideas he's already tried combined with a huge tax increase. >> whether or not it passes the senate is facing a rough ride in the republican-controlled
11:56 pm
house. >> he put ideas in his jobs bill that have already proven to fail. instead of trying to get the compromise he's running around the country campaigning on bail that he knows won't pass. >> and as politicians slug it out in the capitol millions of unemployed americans are waiting for answerings and action. >> house republican paul ryan says he sees room for compromise on corporate tax reform but not on the jobs bill. a baptist pastor clarified his comments after calling mitt romney's religion a cult. stood by his definition saying it is a theological but not a social logical cult. it comes amid criticism that comments he made while introducing governor rick perry last week. he said he could only endorse a practicing christian but if necessary would support romney. >> because i do believe it's preferable to have a nonchristian like mitt romney
11:57 pm
who at least embraces some biblical principles as opposed to a barack obama who embraces positions like abortion. >> romney says religious differences should not prevent them from choosing the candidate best qualified. straight ahead where the past met the present for fan appreciation day. the brewers' dynamic duo. >> that's my line but i'll take it. the brewers' dynamic duo lead the comeback for milwaukee. a thrilling start coming up in sports. >> and as far as the weather is concerned, we've had some terrific weather the past few days but storms are closing in. just ahead. >> clear skies this evening. still nice. 0 at the airport. 68 at the inner [ female announcer ] at you can choose your channel package. ♪ ♪ you can choose your own
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we've gone all out to make this year the best ever. and we are 100% open for business. you mean 100% open for fun. here in the best part of the gulf. louisiana, florida, alabama, mississippi. this could go on for a while.


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