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tv   Today  NBC  October 22, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. heading home, president obama says all u.s. troops in iraq will be out of the country by the end of the year. it is a major milestone in the nearly decade-long battle. but is it the right decision? baby lisa bombshell, the search for the missing 10-month-old takes a shock new turn with investigators making a chilling discovery inside the family's home. and harry's california girl. reports this morning that the dashing young prince has a new
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squeeze from san diego. if he take a close look, she looks a lot like princess kate. is she the one? looks a lot like princess kate. is she the one? today is october 22nd, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm amy robach. >> and i'm carl quintanilla filling in for lester. safe to say, prince harry is not just here for military exercise peps. >> that's one way to put it. i apparently has a new girlfriend and they met on harry's first weekend off from flying helicopters. who is she? we will tell you, coming up. news out of australia, an american diver was killed by a great white shark. witnesses said the 32-year-old victim off the shore of a popular beach is the second fatal shark attack in the area
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in the last 12 days. we'll have a lot more on that story, coming up. and then another explosive day in the man slaughter trial of dr. can rad murray. the prosecution has one final witness before the defense takes over and this witness may prove to be the most damaging witness yet. we'll have the latest from the courthouse. and kaup call tilt babe caper. wait until you see this new video going viral. it shows twin brothers trying to escape from their crib. their mom pup up cameras to show how they were doing it. whoa. and wait until you see what one boy did to conceal his crime. >> wow, luckily, babies bounce. president obama declaring an end to the war in iraq. after close to nine years, costing thousands of american lives and hundreds of billions of american dollars, president obama said it is ending. nbc's kristin welker joins us live with more on this.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy. in his comments on friday, president obama said the tide of war is receding and said the decision to bring home all 40,000 troops who are still in iraq is the fulfillment of a campaign promise. now, it is also in keeping with a deal that was struck between the united states and iraq back in 2008 when george w. bush was president. now, all combat troops left iraq in 2010 with noncombat forces remaining. but in recent months, there's been a lot of discussions about exactly how many troops to leave in the country after that end of the year deadline. at issue, should a few thousand troops stay to help iraqis with the transition to train and prepare for that? the major sticking point was that the iraq parliament could not guarantee legal immunity. president obama didn't address that issue during his remark owes friday, but said he spoke to prime minister mall key by korns call on friday and they are both now on the same page.
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>> even as we mark this important milestone, we are moving into a new phase in the relationship between the united states and iraq. as i told prime minister maliki, we will continue discussions on how we might help iraq train their forces. today, i can say that our troops in iraq will definitely be home for the holidays. now, as part of thor those ongoing discussions that the president mentioned, he invited prime minister malikai to the white house in december. >> kristin welker, thanks so much. here is carl. the world is now looking at a world without the existence of moammar gadhafi. adrian is live in misrata. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carl. gadhafi's body is still here in
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mist mistrata and it's open for a second day for gadhafi to view. the members of the interim government here, the transitional council in libya seem to be divided about what to do with the body and whether it will be buried quickly. this is in the face of growing international concern over the circumstance surrounding his death. the united nations has weighed in and it's calling for an investigation and the u.s. is calling for a full account of the details over what happened. nato, which launched the air strike that prevented gadhafi and his men from escaping his hometown on thursday said it's ending its operations next weekend. meanwhile, the prime minister this morning said he expects to have a vote within eight months to elect basically a form of parliament or a congress which would then be passed with two thing, to draft a new constitution and to form a new interim government.
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in the meantime, officials are gearing up for celebrations tomorrow when they'll expect to form the liberations of libya. >> thank you. so what is next for libya and iraq? what does it mean for the u.s.? richard engle is here with morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with iraq. obviously, americans want to celebrate u.s. troops coming home, but that doesn't mean that there won't be risks for iraqis down the road. >> there will be risks for iraqis down the road, regardless of what happened what happens. keeping a small, residual force there probably wasn't going to stop the problems that iraq is facing and is going to continue to face. iraq could go back into civil war. the kurdish militant groups have decided to pick a war with turkey. iran's influence is growing in the country. so there are significant problems there. the debate that the united states was facing was whether to pull out all the troops as was part of the original plan by the
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end of this year or to leave a few thousand, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 on to help guide the process. and the united states decided after some political decisions from the iraqis not to do it. >> that sdus discussion regards immunity. can you discuss why that was important? >> it was in the iraqi's interest at the end of the day to have an extra training force, individualsry force at the end of the day, providing intelligence, technical support. president obama told them, fine, if you want them and you ask for it, we'll give it to you. the prime minister of iraq wanted it. the problem was, his political opponents said that this was extending the occupation and they were really beating him up domestically for it and they were going to take away any immunity that these troops would have had. so when faced with that prospect, sending troops without
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any kind of immunity, which means that they could be thrown into an iraqi jail for any kind of offense, the president said, that's not a good deal, we're not going to do it. >> let's turn to libya. >> a very we're situation there. >> a weapons free for all, very little experience with democracy. so is civil war a -- >> no, i don't think so. you would have to have multiple parties on the ground that want to fight a civil right now. there are different tribes, but there is no religion division, there is no ethnic division. it's a tiny country, 6 million people. it's awash with oil, it has 1,000 miles of mediterranean coastlines. if they can't get this one right, they have serious problems. i think most people are pretty optimistic about the future of libya. they just need to get over this phase. they killed gadhafi. some people are describing it as effectively a lynching. he was driven out, flushed out
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of hiding by nato, captured by rebels and then executed. and now they're putting his body on this bizarre public display, keeping him in a commercial freezer and allowing people to come in and have a viewing party. so they're holding him like a trophy, almost. they have to get beyond this and then get to the real business of electing a government and starting to run the cup. >> a week of milestoneses for the middle east. >> it certainly has been. >> richard, good morning. now here is amy. >> carl, thank you. this week, mitt romney said president obama deserves credit for removing the libyan dictator from power. eric is a senior adviser to the romney campaign. governor romney has been criticized for not taking a firm stance on libya. first, he criticized the president for being too lenient, then said the president was ac
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acting -- where does mitt romney stand on the middle east issues? >> there's the jihadist movement that is seek to radicalize fellow muslims, there's the influence of the mullahs in iran trying to capitalize on the instability in the region to increase their reach and their influence. and as president, mitt romney would support those individuals and those groups that are committed to democratic values and building democratic institutions that can sustain an open society. >> gr romney made a statement regarding the president's announcement about u.s. troops in iraq saying in part that president obama's astonishing failure to secure appear orderly transition in iraq has unnecessarily put at risk the victories that were won through the blood and sacrifice of american men and women. as president, what would governor mitt romney have done differently? >> well, i think what he would have done is listen to the
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advice of his military commanders and tried to arrive at a solution that was the best military solution, not necessarily the best political solution. look, it was a mistake for president obama to announce a total drawdown of all the troops over the next two months. we all want our troops to come home safe and sound, but we want them to come home knowing that they've achieved a lasting victory and that we can ensure, for the long-term, that iraq will be a reliable and strong alibi of the united states. >> let's talk about the election real quickly. i've got some news to get into. michele bachmann, we're hearing news that her entire new hampshire staff has resigned. what have you heard about those reports? how will that impact the race in the granite state? >> i'm not sure what's happening in the michele bachmann campaign. i can tell you that mitt romney
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is campaigning around the country, in the early states such as new hampshire. he'll be there today. mitt believes strongly of reaching out to every voter, holding town hall meetings there. he's been doing that since the beginning of this campaign. he's 100% committed to that process and he'll continue with that going forward right up until the voting in january. >> and i can't let you leave without talking about herman cain. he continues to be ahead in most national polls up against mitt romney. at one point, he was considered just to be the flavor of the week, but how do you plan to beat herman cain if his momentum continues the way it's been rolling on? >> herman cain, aimny, is a serious competitor and i know might tell admires and respects him. i think he shares in common with him the fact that they both have that private sector experience, which is going to be so critical for our next president in confronting our economic challenges. but look, you know, nothing in life, especially with something as complex as our economy is as
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easy as one-two-three. >> or 9-9-9. >> and that includes herman cain's 9-9-9 plan. there are some specific drawbacks to that. specifically the 9% sales task is not going to fly in places like new hampshire and it will result in the middle class having to pay taxes. >> we presh your time this morning, thank you. >> thank you, amy. sharon epperson joins us at the news desk with some of the headlines. >> thank you. good morning, everyone. we begin with what may be a big development in the case of missing missouri toddler who disappeared more than two weeks ago. police conducted a thorough sweep of this house on mobd and say an fbi ka daver dog hit on the scene of decomposition on a bedroom floor. two days later, armeded with a
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search warrant, they came back, spent about 17 hours inside and outside of that home. they carried away a number of items including rolls of tape and a tape dispenser. police say they have received conflicting information from the people that have been interviewed in this case. police have said publicly that they have not received cooperation from the parents. the parents fired back on friday through their attorneys saying they have fully cooperated and all they want is the safe return of their baby girl. since this search 2k3w57, police have fielded some 600 tips. they're looking for the ones to help solve the case. >> thank you. a 32-year-old unidentified man was reportedly diving off the coast of australia and spear fishing when he was killed by a great white. it's the second fatal shark attack off western australian in
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12 days. the state government says they will look at increasing aerial shark patrols over western australian beaches. the heir to the saudi crown, sultan prince abdulaziz has died from cancer. john and elizabeth edwards's eldest daughter is getting married today. she'ss she's marrying her college sweetheart. finally, penguins in new zealand are getting sweaters to protect them from this month's massive oil spill. dozens of people responded to an s.o.s. from a yarn school asking people around the world to knit penguin jumpers to keep their birds warm until they can be clubd clean. that's a little different. still, a lot of animals there
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suffering from that massive oil spill. >> i like the one with the turtleneck. >> they need sponsors. the. >> so cute. oh, look at that. >> they have to catch them, too. >> they're not slippery any more, though. >> they kind of look like drink cozies. bill karins is here with a check of the forecast. >> i'll give this weekend an a. chilly morning, nice weather. there are a few exceptions. pacific northwest, you have maybe a few showers and a few showers in the dakotas. the hurricane season is still ongoing. it doesn't end until the end of november. we could still get some storms and even hurricanes. willow was in october. this is the next area to watch, including around honduras and nicaragua. this could be up around cuba and cancun in the next five days or
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so. the but this >> a delightful fall day in store for today. perfect fall weather. mostly sunny conditions. then tonight, 36 to 44 under partly cloudy skies.eekend yourself. that's your saturday forecast. amy. >> bill, thank you. they are sold as bath salts, but as we've been reporting, these products are used by teens to get high with devastating consequences. yesterday, the federal government issued a temporary ban on the chemicals used in these so-called bath salts. joining us is dr. steve lamb from the nyu school of medicine. good morning. >> good morning. >> when we hear bath salts, we
7:18 am
automatically think that's what you put in your bath salts for a relaxing evening. but these are a slang name. >> they don't contain sodium or magnesi magnesium. your bath samts are perfectly fine if you buy them in republic eweble stores. they're a variance of a product that's bruised in the plant called the cat plant? >> what are the results of these bath salts that were seeing? >> few injest it or snort it, you're going to have an amphetamine, cocaine-like reaction. you're going to have somebody feel crazy, almost suicidal. these are very, very dangerous because they are so addictive that as soon as you come down, you want it again. you can climb a flag pole and jump into traffic. this is really a very dangerous substance.
7:19 am
>> and do these stimulants act as a drug in that they can be traced in blood and europe? >> what's interesting is they evade that. so even the customs people don't pick it up. the dogs don't recognize it. unless you know what they substances may be an issue -- look, if a 22-year-old man goes into a store and buys a battle sath, you know this is not for bathing. >> i don't picture that happening. what should a parent do? >> well, look, whatever it is, you have to get them -- some intervention is necessary. bring them to a hospital, they have to be observed and monitored. there are consequences such as seizures. this is a dangerous and serious situation. bypassing this law, it means that you can make it illegal in these convenience stores or on
7:20 am
the internet, you can stop the process. that was the intent of the dea. >> dr. steve lamb, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. he was the visionary genius behind apple. now, three weeks after the death of steve jobs, a new biography is offering a candid and extraordinary look at his life. kate snow reports. >> every time he took the stage in that trademark turtleneck, the world expected another innovation. >> today, apple is going to reinvent the phone. >> steve jobs was a pioneer on the cutting edge of technology. but the new biography raises questions about why he waited so long to take vac of cutting edge science to help himself. in 2003, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. two years later, he told graduates he had beaten it. >> it was a curable form of cancer. i had the surgery and thankfully i'm fine now.
7:21 am
>> but in an interview to be broadcast this sunday, jobs initially resisted the surgery doctors were recommending. >> he tries to treat it with diet, he goes to spiritualists, he goes to various ways of doing it macro bioticsly and he doesn't get an operation. >> why doesn't he get it operated on immediately? >> you know, i've asked him that. he said, i don't want my body to be opened. i didn't want to be violated in that way. >> isaacson conducted nor than 40 interviews with steve jobs over two years, during which jobs revealed some family secrets. he discovered his birth father, a syrian immigrant, ran a restaurant he once frequented. jobs tolding isaacson, he had no interest in a relationship. quote, i was a wealthy man by then, b and i didn't thrust him
7:22 am
not to go to the press about it. bill is basically unimaginative and has never invented anything, jobs said. he shamelessly ripped off other people's ideas. he said the maker of the phone ripped us off. as for why he agreed to speak so candidly, jobs told isaacson in august, i wanted my kids to know me. i wasn't always there for them and i wanted them to know why and to understand what i did. for "today," kate snow, nbc news, new york. and we're back, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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plus, friends and family will come out to celebrate the life of dan wheldon. first, these messages.
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>> good morning. i'm jennifer franciotti. it is 7:26. here's a look at some of our top stories for you. family and friends said a final good-bye to a baltimore teen as u.s. marshals prepare to bring his a-- alleged killer to court. horton accused of killing ryan jackson. jackson's body was found in south baltimore. detectives caught up with horton in alabama. he spoke to a reporter as he was being led to jail. >> i'm sorry to everything that happened and for his family. >> horton's wife was with him also in alabama. she's cite forward resisting arrest. >> the man accused of killing a johns hopkins researcher will spend the rest of his life behind bars. the judge said he would show wagner the same mercy he showed
7:27 am
stephen pitcarin. he was on the phone with his mother at the time of the murder. she testified about hearing her son's murder. >> it is hard to move on with this, but they have to move on with their lives. without their son, without their brother. >> the pitcarin family declined to comment. >> two people killed include a morgan state student after an accident in fells point. the crash happened long bank street 10:30 thursday night. police say one of the swrim victim was was j. uli -- police say one of the victims was julian brunson. the other people involved in the crash are expected to be ok.
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>> welcome back. it is going to be a delightful weekend. we're under the influence of high pressure. the winds will be light. mostly sunny. a perfect fall day. northwest winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. temperatures anywhere from 57 to 62 degrees. if you are heading out on the town tonight, it will be a crisp, cool evening. some clouds move in. nothing to worry about, though. 56 to 64 degrees. keeping an eye on a system that will make its way through on monday. temperatures around 68 degrees. by tuesday, 70 degrees, and then
7:30 am
another system moves through later in the week. 50% chance of rain on thursday. temperatures back in the 60's then. >> thank you, lowell. thank you for joining us. we'll have another update for you in 25 minutes. we'll see you then. we are back on this october 22nd, 2011. it's officially sweater wearing season here in the northeast as you can see from the folks outside. we want to thank everyone who came out of the plaza to spend their money morning with us. we're going to head out a bit to say hi, but first, inside the studio, i'm amy robach alongside carl quintanilla. coming up, the case of dr. can rad murray. >> did the kill michael jackson?
7:31 am
the prosecution will wrap up its case monday with perhaps the most explosive testimony yet. also, we know prince harry is stationed these days in california, but it seems the royalist is mixing business with pleasure. he is now linked to a 26-year-old woman from san diego. and a lot of people are saying, you know what? she looks an awful lot like princess kate. we'll have more on their romance, coming up. >> one is clothed a little less than the other in that shot. >> nice of you to notice. plus, boston accents have been memorialize ed. but can bostonians lose that accent inspe accent? there's a new class to help with that. >> that was quite funny. >> that was hard to do. on a more serious note, last
7:32 am
sunday, dan wheldon died in a horrific crash in las vegas. today, a memorial city for the 33-year-old race car driver will be held in florida. mark is live in petersburg. >> good morning to you, carl. that service begins in 2 1/2 hours in the church behind me. this is a big facility. dan wheldon was very well regarded here. in st. petersburg, florida, dan wheldon was a beloved son and neighbor who everyone seemed to know and like. his death last sunday was a tragic blow to the community that adopted him. >> he's been a great citizen, great husband, great father and this entire community will miss him. >> reporter: wheldon was killed during a race in las vegas during a horrific 15-car pileup
7:33 am
in which his vehicle flew into the air, hit a wall and bust into flames. a team of doctors worked feverishly to save him, but his injuries were too severe. >> indy car is very sad to announce that dan wheldon has passed away from unsurviveble injuries. >> reporter: wheldon, raised in england, is the reigning champion. he leaves behind his wife, suzi, and two small boys. susan wheldon has invited the st. petersburg community to the funeral service and wrote a public note of thanks saying, although the last few days have been unbearable for our family, the overwhelmling love and support we have received are rays of sunshine during these dark days. matt mcclellen once provided free for for wheldon racing fans in exchange for being able to meet wheldon, whose family invited him to hr house. >> i went over and met him. he was playing with his kids. he was on the floor rolling around and just, you know, a down to earth real guy.
7:34 am
>> and he was a cool kid. >> trish thomas was a neighbor who witnessed the love between wheldon and his wife. >> they had just reached such a good part in their life. and when i saw that car flying, i thought, oh, no, it's over. >> reporter: friends and neighbors now mourn the loss of a champion, who they knew as a regular guy. the wheldon is being remembered at nascar events this weekend in talladega and in indianapolis on sunday. indianapolis, where wheldon became an international star. carl. >> nbc's mark potter in st. petersburg, thanks. now for a check of the weather. >> good morning to you, carl, on this gorgeous saturday. wish you, sir, a happy 40th wedding anniversary. and your better half? >> she has a headache this morning. >> and she's in bed? >> in the hotel, yes. >> is that the key to the
7:35 am
successful 40 years? >> yes. >> let her sleep, right? this weekend, a lot of people will be doing those scenic drives. down through the ohio valley, too, it's start to go look nice and pretty. as far as the "today" forecast goes, really not many issues. we could see an isolated storm or two in oklahoma. the only travel difficulties may be in the pacific northwest. as we go through sunday, same story. many areas of the country, if you're nice today, that means you'll be nice tomorrow. that's a look >> a big improvement from yesterday as the winds die down and mostly sub -- sunny conditions today. then tonight, looking at temperatures 36 t friends
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in good ole caribou. and if you if you or maybe you on your 13th birthday would like to get your hour by hour forecast, get that at >> bill, thanks. coming up, the gift of life. a baby undergoes a rare heart transplant. we're going to meet kylie faith and find out how she's doing. >> how cute. plus, can bostonians lose their famous accent? one of our own gives it a shot. but first, these messages. arth. ...could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you... ...with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra,... ...humira's proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events can occur, such as infections,
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and protecting our land and water... i might get a job once we graduate. she is too young to talk or walk, but a little girl from florida will have an incredible tale to tell one day. she was just a few months old when she had a heart transplant. we'll meet her and her parents in just a moment. but first, more on kylie faith's story. big brown eyes, a beaming face, and for little kylie faith jones, a story of survival that is simply remarkable. it gain in the womb, 16 weeks into the pregnancy. kylie's mom was told her baby had a potentially life threatening medical condition. >> her heart was flipped. it was on his right side of her baby. she had a third degree heart blockage. >> just three days after she was born, surgeons fitted kylie with a pacemaker. for the next three months, she seemed to be improving. but one night, kylie's dad knew
7:40 am
something was very wrong. >> when i picked her up out of the baby seat, i realized her body was limp. >> kylie was unresponsive and in the hospital, doctors resuscitated her. they then realized her heart was continuing to mall functions. the only hope was a transplant. this past august, kylie became the youngest patient in florida to undergo a heart transplant. the procedure was a success and for kyler and her parents, it was also something else. a miracle. and joining us live from joe demagio hospital in hollywood, florida, is kylie faith jones along with her parents, trace and john, and dr. maryan christen. good morning to everyone. >> good morning. >> i can see kylie looks like she's doing rel well. it's been seven weeks since the surgery? >> yes. seven weeks. she's doing great. she's doing all her normal baby stuff, eating, sleeping.
7:41 am
she's doing fantastic. >> we just heard you found out at 16 weeks into your pregnancy that kylie had a major heart defect. she is a pacemaker implanted when she was just three days old. did you think that that was going to be a lifelong solution for her? >> we knew it would take us for a while, at least maybe 30, 40 years. we thought that the pacemaker would help her heart go and that we would be fine and she would just live a good life from that. >> and then, john, everyone was fine for three months until kylie got sick. and at first you thought she had acid reflux or something fairly simple. and then you realized, obviously, that it was something much more serious. did you have any idea she could get this sick from her heart defect? >> no. it really caught us off guard. we knew there were possible complications, but that was very unexpected and, as you mentioned, we thought it was just regurgitation, reflux. obviously, when we brought her into the hospital, we were shocked at how sick she was.
7:42 am
>> she is so adorable. i can't take my eyes off her. i know it took several weeks for a heart to become available and it was touch and go for a while. how did you get through that waiting period? >> it was a long period. our faith in god, our family and friends, the doctors and nurses at joe demagio hospital were with us every step of the way. >> and, trace, can you tell me the emotion and feeling that you felt when you finally realized there was a heart available? >> it was mixed emotions. we were elated. we were so happy for kylie, of course, but our hearts were just breaking for the family that had lost their baby to give our baby life. and then we were nervous for her surgery, you know, was she going to make it? it was mixed emotions, a long night for all of us. >> and, john, what was the biggest change you noticed in kylie? >> she just started acting like
7:43 am
a baby again. before her surgery, you know, her heart wasn't performing. she was very lethargic, very, very little emotion. and then within a couple days, she was like a normal baby again. just -- the surgery went perfectly, the care was incredible here at joe demaggio. we couldn't be happier with her results. >> doctor, going forward, we know kylie will have to be on anti-rejection medication. what challenges does she face with this new heart? >> well, certainly she is -- she'll be tied to medications for her life and that's something that we really can't change. but the medications are very good at suppressing the body's urge to reject the heart. she should be essentially a normal child. you know, as i tell all the families, she should be able to go to school, clean her room, do her homework, do everything that she needs to do. even as she gets older, she should be able to do all those other normal girl things, like
7:44 am
be able to get married and have children. she will need to be followed by transplant physicians for her entire life, but really, part of the big reason why we do all this is to restore these children to as normal quality of life as possible. and for the most part, for thousand oefs children and adults around the united states who have received heart transplants and other organ transplants, they are restored to a normal quality of life. >> a new lease of life with quality. thank you so much. coming up next, losing the boston accent. can taking a class get it done? we'll find out after these message aes..
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7:47 am
i didn't understand the interest. when i asked for a potato, they still give me a spud. but i stopped by the class. >> it's been revered. >> i'm still wicked pissed at you. >> oh, my god, sally, it was a current. >> you're not from here any more. down in new york, people are like, let's get divorced. >> but when you hear one, there's no mistaking it. your boston accent really makes you stand out. >> enter the boston accent modification class. >> i'm still pronouncing my alma mater northeastern. >> where students are taught to find their inner r. they're mostly aspiring actors, like school teacher julian jantonio. >> auditioning has been tough, especially having a boston accent. >> if you don't like the way i talk, maybe there's something you'd like to do about it. >> but wait, doesn't hollywood
7:48 am
love our accent? >> you're up in the middle east and then you drop your eyes and you're hanging in the big, bad projects. >> they come here because they want the bartenders, the plumber, they want the kid on the street, the drug dealer. we have to start another reality show. >> but perry says if her actors aren't auditioning for one of those stereotype webs they're out of luck. teacher marjorie feinstein whitacre says the first step is getting students to hear when they're slipping. >> you're target phrase. >> eating bananas and talking and driving their car is a little bit of adjustment that we have to do. >> a big part of the course involves dog clickers. marjorie bought a bunch of them. erchblt someone drops the "r," you get the click, click. >> it's not that hard, mike. >> yeah, like that. >> i was born on march 12th --
7:49 am
>> this is my hardest work. i then went on to class university. >> i will consider this course a success. there's three things i'm hopping to learn from this court, okay? and you know what you can do with your clickers. >> cheryl is the only one here who doesn't want to be an actor. she's a technical trainer. >> here i am trying to train people, but i had such a strong boston accent that i wasn't coming across as the expert. >> did you ever have clam chowder? it's better than chowder. but for these boston act sens natives, the joy is turning off the accent when they want to. >> i love being from boston. >> i can overcome it. i don't want to lose it. it's me. >> so you don't want to lose it, either, mike? >> no. why? because then you can't go to to ball games and swear. >> swear, right?
7:50 am
and clicke. >> yeah. you know what you can do with your click. >> so can you do your best accent with an r? with a hard "r"? >> yeah, i can. you know, when you say, come on, where is the car keys? you can do that but you can also say what about the car keys? the thing that ruins the accent in the minds of people are all the kennedy movies. >> you know a real bostonian when you hear one. and i love the accent, by the way. never lose it. >> you're kidding. >> thank you. just ahead, the big escape. we'll see what these babies do when their mom leaves the room. yeah. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
7:51 am
7:52 am
we want to show you the newest baby video to go viral.
7:53 am
this is a good one. a mom installed a couple of cameras to keep an eye on her sons to see how they were getting out of their crib. when she left the room, one of the guys climbs out and plops on the floor. he's put back in the crib, but watch what happened. >> he waits until mop leaves, makes another bid for freedom while his brother is watching. he gets you up over the crib, walks over tom to the camera. and tries to destroy the evidence. >> look at that. he turns et around and takes it down. it's technology, right? they know. >> you have to imagine the conversation beforehand. i'm going to make a run for it. are you in or are you out? >> the other brother is like, what are you doing? you have twins. >> now we know what's going on. >> we'll be back in just a moment. there he goes. i didn't underst. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves
7:54 am
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7:56 am
>> good morning, i'm jennifer franciotti. it is 7:55. here is a look at our top stories. >> a howard county grand jury has handed out indictments in two separate murder cases. domneek mcdonald held in the death of nicole mcnair. she is alleged of shooting mcnair. >> two people killed after an accident in fells point. the crash happened along banks street in fells point 10:30 thursday night. one of the victims was julian benson. scheduled to graduate this september. his passenger, zoe crumpton was also killed. the people they hit expected to be ok. >> family and friends said good-bye to a baltimore teen as u.s. marshals bring back his alleged killer. officials say horton attacked ryan jackson inside his home
7:57 am
with a hatchet. jackson's body was found days later in south baltimore. detectives caught up with horton and he spoke to a reporter as he s being led to jail. >> i'm sorry for everything that happened to him and his family. >> horton's wife was also arrested for hindering and resisting arrest. >> we have a programming note for you. dr. osirus barbow will be our " q & a" guest on "11 news sunday morning." you can e-mail questions at
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> we have a great weekend in store. perfect weekend to get out and work around the yard. i know the komen race is tomorrow up in hunt county. if you have any outdoor activities to do, this is the weekend to do it. the winds will die down and make things spectacular. the rest of today, mostly sunny. a perfect fall day. northwest winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. more on the 5 side. 57 to 62 degrees. then for tonight, if you are heading out on the town, i think you will definitely need a jacket. 36 to 44 degrees. some clouds move in, but nothing to worry about. as we look at the seven-day, things look good for the entire weekend. topping out at 63. a slight system moving in monday with a chance for sprinkles. temperatures move into the 70's.
8:00 am
another cold front moves through wednesday evening into thursday giving us a better chance for rain. temperatures back in the mid 60's. >> thanks, lowell. thank you for joining us. see you again in 25 minutes. and welcome back. today is saturday, october 22nd, 2011. you know, this is a perfect fall day here in new york city. we have an exciting crowd out there on the plaza. we want to thank them for spending their day with us. nice to have you here while lester is off today. coming up, we're going to be talking about the bombshell development in the case for the missing baby lisa. >> yeah. this is a stunning new revelation. they had these cadaver dogs
8:01 am
going through the home looking for this 10-month-old girl. it picked up a scent, that of a deceased human. we're going to talk to the private investigator that's been hired by the family. >> we're also going to talk about the case of dr. conrad murray. the prosecution is on the verge of wrapping up their case against dr. can rad murray. their last witness may be the most sxleesive yet. we're going to have that in just a bit. then it seems that prince harry is not just on a military exercise in california lately. it seems he's also spending some time with a young american woman. there are some reports the two have been getting very cozy of late. who is she? we're going to have all the details on the prince's new romance. >> but first, let's get the latest details on the news of the day from sharon emerson. sharon, good morning. >> good morning, amy. good morning, everyone. the final exit date has been announced for u.s. troops in iraq. nbc's kristin welker is alive at
8:02 am
the white house. good morning, kristin. >> good morning to you, sharon. president obama said the decision to bring home all 40,000 troops is the fulfillment of a campaign promise he made back in 2008. it's also in keeping with a deal that was struck back in 2008 under the bush administration between iraq and the united states. now, alin recent months, there have been negotiations about how many troops to looed leave in the country after the end of the deadline. at issue, should a few thousand troops stay to help train iraqs and prepare for the position? the iraq parliament could not guarantee legal immunity for those troops who remain. president obama didn't address that issue yesterday, except to say all american troops will be leaving by the end of the year. he also said he spoke with prime minister malaki by video conference in the morning and they're now on the same page.
8:03 am
and he said the united states and iraq will continue to have a strong partnership. in fact, he invited the prime minister to the white house in december. sharon. >> kristin welker, thank you. a great white shark has killed an american diver off western australia. it happened today in a popular tourist spot. the 32-year-old unidentified man was reportedly diving .spear fishing when he was killed by a ten-foot great white. it's the third fatal shark attack off western australia in 12 days. the state government says it will consider increasing aerial shark over the next couple of days. three days after an animal owner in ohio set dozens of exotic animals free and committed suicide, public safety issues are rising. >> reporter: when public safety officials had to shoot and kill
8:04 am
dozens of animals, released by a prieftd owner who then committed suicide, it showed a disturbing relief the ohio governor says will be addressed. we will be looking at what authority can be bring in to clearly put ourselves in a position of determining whether anybody out there is qualified and whether they have the ability to even hold these animals. >> kasich ordered that all wild animal permits will be newly reviewed. and wild animal actions will be sharply restricted or shut down. but animal rights activists say tuesday's headline making horror show was only the latest of dozens of dangerous incidents in ohio involving privately owned exotic an males. terry thompson had 35 tigeres and cheetahs in what was essentially a private zoo. >> it's hard to imagine that a private individual would have the resources to take care of 35 large cats. >> zoo veterinarians said conditions on the property was
8:05 am
deplorable, but said there was nothing under the law then they could do about it. instead, for reasons not yet clear, thompson released his animals tuesday before turning the gun on himself, leaving law enforcement officials with what they say left officials little choice but to open fire on those animals, all but six of them killed. federal crash investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fatal crash last month at the reno air show. the plane crashed into a crowd of spec taters, killing 11 people and injuring at least 7 had. finally, a detroit restaurant has come up with something huge, literally. a $2,000 world record burger that could take on any appetite. malley's grill says it's new, absolutely ridiculous burger weighs a whooping 338 pounds. how would you eat that? now, that's the news. back to amy outside on the
8:06 am
plaza. >> yeah. i'm sorry, after looking at that, i don't think i can have a hamburger today. that was a little too much. sharon, thanks so manuch. let's head over to bill karins with a check of the weather. >> i need your help here. we need to do a little bit of an edit here and add amy in here. very good. now we can do the big checkmark there. we'll take care of those others things, tom of the rocks should be gorgeous out there today. looks like a fabulous weekend so far in new england, mild in the desert southwest. the trouble spots in the northwest, that's where we have rain moving through. look at the green on the map, approaching anywhere around the puget sounds, the cascades will get wet, but it's the only rainey spot we have in the country. so many areas will see a beautiful picture perfect weekend. a nice, cool morning, low humidity and a sunny afternoon
8:07 am
from many spots, from chicago to miami all the way through areas in >> a delightful fall day in store for today. perfect fall weather. mostly sunny conditions. then tonight, 36 to 44 under partly cloudy there in. that's a look at your weekend forecast, carl. >> bill, thanks. the search intensifies for missing baby lisa who disappeared from her crib nearly three weeks ago. on friday, police revealed in court documents that led to a possible big break in the case. ron mott joins us live from kansas city with the details. ron, good morning. >> reporter: hey, carl. good morning to you. police say a dog specially trained to detect the consent of
8:08 am
human decomposition hit on a smell on the floor of the berm at this family's home, adding more renewed interest in this case and renew eed for this lite girl. this led officials to follow up with a search warrant two days later. on wednesday night, forensics teams wearing protective white suits carried numerous items out of the home bradley shares with her husband, jeremy irwin, capping a hunt inside and outside the house for clues to find the missing 10-month-old lisa irwin. >> the dog made indication that there was a decomposing body in that spot at one time. it is proof that this is an important piece of evidence. >> among the property confess indicated, a comforter, a disney shirt, blanket, rolls of tape and a tape dispenser. officials say they've gotten
8:09 am
conflicting information about what may have happened the night baby lisa disappeared late october 3rd or early october 4th. adding the parents are not cooperating with authorities. the parents fired back through their attorneys friday saying officials are withholding information from them, writing the couple has vivian law enforcement officers in kansas city their complete cooperation and that debbie and jeremy want one thing, their baby girl. deborah bradley, who had been home with the baby, later admitted on "today" she was drunk and might have blacked out that night, but insists she has no involvement in the disappearance of her daughter? a lot of people are going to say, deborah, you were drunk that night. is there any chance that you did anything to your daughter that you're just not telling us? >> no. no, no, no. >> though officials have fielded hundreds of tips, she hasn't been found. >> in a case like this, anything
8:10 am
that happens to adds to the knowledge that law enforcement has is a good thing. it's a movement forward for law enforcement in this case. >> according to a police affidav affidavit, deborah bradley initially hold authorities she did not look for her little girl behind the family's house because she was, quote, afraid of what she might find. >> ron mott, thank you. are police any closer to solving this mystery? bill stanton is a private investigator working on the case. bill, good morning to you. you've been hired to work with the family and as a security consultant. you've been in close communication with the family. do you trust the cadaver dogs? >> again, as i stated previously, we are looking at the facts. as an investigator, i go where the facts and the truth take me. so if, in fact, this is valid, then you have to ask more questions. but before we validate it, the questions i have, is the dog -- was the dog trained? how long does that consent have to be there?
8:11 am
was there a second dog, etcetera, etcetera. >> all these reports, bill, that the couple is neither cooperating fully with the authorities, not agreeing to another unrestricted interview with detectives, if your view, are they cooperating with investigators? if so, how? >> well, i'm looking through a very narrow prism on that. i'm not the attorney. about you from my exposure, i have witnessed this cooperating. the questions i have are more to the scent dog, the potentiallty that there was a dead body. there was also a stray cat. if a stray cat rolled around in road kill and laid on the floor, would that tip off the scent dog? also two substash yanted accounts of a man walking away with a baby, i would not discount that. that baby may still very well be alive. >> i want to ask you about those eyewitness accounts. people say they were convinced they saw a baby matching baby
8:12 am
lisa's descriptions being carried by a man the same knife night she disappeared from her home. how seriously do you think those testimonies are being taking into account? >> i, for one, am taking it very serious. you have two separate eyewitness accounts in different areas, saying it was a baby in diapers. in a diaper. that should be taken seriously. as seriously if not more so than the consent dog, than the cadaver dog. >> we heard in the reports some of the evidence the technicians took from the home. 17 hours of removing things like a comforter, like a tape dispenser, like tape. does that collection of evidence lead you to draw any kinds of conclusions? >> no. it tells me the feds and the kcpd are very competent and they're doing everything possible. i have a lot of confidence in the kansas city police department as well as the fbi. and i know they're doing everything humanly possible. as i'm sure they would more than
8:13 am
likely have gotten a consent dog to possibly follow that baby's consent a night or couple nights later if someone carried off that baby. >> finally, bill, the last time deborah and jeremy spoke publicly was to our peter alexander earlier in the week. can you tell us how they're doing? >> you know with what? from my exposure to them, they are staying strong. they had their baby taken from them and it's a tough thing. none of us could know how they would react unless it happened to us. so on that level, my sympathies do go out the utmost to this family. >> bill stanton, appreciate your time. thank you very much. we're back right after these messages.
8:14 am
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you know, it's almost hall lowe wean time. i know everyone is excited about it. >> that's right. there i am. complete with real chest hair, i would like to add. oh. >> and then last year, lester gave us his take on the situation, so to speak, as jenna was snooki'ed out. it was a blast. >> oh, my gosh, yes. so there will be wigs and makeup and you have some additional things to put on underneath my clothes to create my look. so we tried those on and i'm all ready for it. >> no other hint? >> no. i will be changing my body shape. but we're not switching genders this time. i can give that clue. >> okay. we're back after this. this is "today" on nbc.
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
sgroo prince william is a husband now, but his younger brother, harry, is an eligible bachelor. is that about to change? there are reports harry has found a new love interest right here from the usa. annabel is live from london with more on this story. >> that's right. prince harry is spending two months in california for military training. he arrived two weeks ago and seems to be making good use of any time off. he has a reputation for enjoying parties and he's been spotted in bars and clubs in san diego paying a lot of attention to one lady in particular. this is the 26-year-old who has caught the eye of prince harry. jessica donaldson may bear a resemblance to kate middleton, though obviously not the tattoo. the prince met jessica on his
8:21 am
first weekend off at his hotel in san diego where they've been seen together since. >> i think the media has been there two weeks and this is the first time we've seen the rumblings of a girlfriend. but what i'm saying is two weeks? what took you so long, prince harry? it's normally around two minutes. >> prince harry was at his brother's side when he married kate middleton in april. but a bachelor with a reputation for partying. >> i think the moment prince harry puts down his cocktail glass, moves away from the bar, he will have forgotten about jessica. he's out there to work, he takes the work seriously. the next blond walking by on the beach, prince harry will be going out on a date with her. don't think this is serious. i don't want to break jessica's heart, but really, it's not the romance of the year, trust me.
8:22 am
>> captain whales, if he passes his training, he will return, something he badly wants to do, leaving any he new romances far behind. >> his last tour in afghanistan was cut short after ten weeks when news of his role became public. one thing is for sure, the man third in line to the british throne leads a rich and colorful life. amy. >> indeed, he does. and still to come on "today," dramatic new testimony in the case of michael jackson's doctor. ♪
8:23 am
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8:26 am
>> good morning. i'm jennifer franciotti. it is 8:25. here is a look at our top stories. maryland state police say a man died after a multivehicle collision just prior to the beltway. that accident involved a tractor trailer and a chevy suburban. more on "11 news saturday morning" starting at 9:00 a.m. >> the man accused of killing a johns hopkins researcher will spend the rest of his life behind bars. a judge gave johns wagner a maximum sentence saying he would show wagner the same mercy he showed pitcairin. he was on the phone with his mother during that time. during the trial, his mother testified about hearing her son's murder. >> hopefully it brings them some peace, but they have to move on with their life without their
8:27 am
son or brother. >> the pitcairn family declined to comment. >> two people killed after an accident in fells point 10:30 thursday night. one of the victims was julian benson, a student at morgan state university. he was scheduled to graduate this september. his passenger, zoe crumpton was also killed. the people in the other car expected to be ok. >> the police search for a man who shot another man in a parking garage. he was shot in the redwood street garage across from university hospital. police are looking for a thin, black male 20 years old, six feet tall, with a white beard. >> please stay with us.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> welcome back. if you like fall weather, have i got a forecast for you. i think you are going to like this. rest of today, mostly sunny conditions, a perfect fall day. temperatures anywhere from 57 to 62 degrees. if the sun stays out and we don't get too many clouds in the afternoon, we will be in the low 60 range. if you are heading out tonight, clouds move in. you will need a light jacket. nothing to worry about. cool and less breezy. taking a look at the seven-day. sunday looks good. 63 degrees. monday a front moves through. i get a chance for a sprinkle. temperatures back up into the low 70's by wednesday.
8:30 am
as the cold front moves through wednesday into thursday, the best chance of rain thursday. then we're back into the high 50's by friday. >> thank you, lowell. thank you for joining us. "11 news saturday morning" continues in 25 minutes. we'll see you then. we're back on this saturday morning, october 22nd, 2011. it is a beautiful fall morning here out on the plaza. we want to thank everyone who came out to say hello to their family and friends back home. outside on the plaza, i'm amy robach along with carl quintanilla filling in for lester. coming up, though, later today, we're going to be talking about more fireworks from the system around the trial of conrad murray. >> yeah. this explosive man slaughter trial is about to enter a
8:31 am
crucial new phase. the prosecution will end its case on monday and that's when the defense takes over and presents their side of the story. the question is, will they call dr. murray to the stands? and then she was the singer who became an overnight sensation. we're talking about susan boyle. her life changed in a flash after winning "britain has got talent." she invited me into her new home in britain, but as you'll see, she doesn't spend the night there. then we're going to switch gears and talk about a story that's going to touch your heart. these spouses who both lost their spouses to cancer and in the end, actually found each other. they're now married and they're going to talk about hope and healing. we'll have that conversation this half hour. >> but first, let's get a check of the weather from bill karins who is out in the plaza. >> i'm always a sucker for people in nice t-shirts. what do your t-shirts say?
8:32 am
>> sister chicks. >> you guys are all sister? >> yes. >> five of you? who is the oldest? >> which one of these was the most trouble as the young one? >> none of them. >> staying true to the sisterhood. have fun in the city. so many of us are going to have beautiful conditions out there this weekend. there's not many weather issues out there. the southeast looks good this morning. the northwest, we're showery and clouy. washington state into areas of the northern rockies, it's areas less than ideal. just about everybody else is going to get an a plus weekend out of this. beautiful fall conditions for getting those last minute pumpkins, apples >> a big improvement from yesterday as the winds die down and mostly sub -- sunny conditions today. then tonight, looking at temperatures 36 tonny.
8:33 am
of course, we're deep into fall and starting to get deep into the football season. the colts come to down to take on the saints. saints still have super bowl hopes. we'll see how that goes. sunday night. there's an indoor game and there shouldn't be much issue with weather. back to you, carl. >> bill, thanks. after four weeks of testimony, the prosecution is wrapping up its case in the man slaughter trial of dr. can rad murray. an expert is going to be back on the stand monday. kristin dahlgren has the story. >> reporter: the prosecution made its final push with propofol expert dr. steven shaffer blaming conrad murray
8:34 am
for michael jackson's death. >> in my view, michael jackson died while the infusion was running. >> shaffer estimated mu murray gaip gave jackson 40 times more propofol than he admitted to police. >> on friday, the defense tried to discredit the doctor. >> you understand that everything you said in the past two days was your opinion. you do understand that, right? >> much of what i have testified is basically standards of the practice of medicine. >> his testimony capped the prosecution case that experts say has been laid out well. from the bodyguard who testified murray tried to hide drugs before calling 911 -- >> he reached over and grabbed a hand full of vials. then he reached over to me and said, here, put these in a bag. >> to paramedics who said murray never told them jackson was given propofol. the jury heard from jackson himself sounding incoherent in a
8:35 am
recording made by dr. can rad murray. but with the defense set to start, the case is far from over. >> while it may seem that the defense has a tough road ahead of them, all they have to do is kick up sand and hopefully something sticks with some juror that creates reasonable doubt. >> and their tactic may now be to put michael jackson on trial. >> in court, the defense is et is to prove jackson self-administered drugs in a desperate bid for sleep. they'll call dr. paul white, the self-proclaimed father of propoe foll follow. michael jackson is set to take center stage as they try to convince the jury it was the king of pop and not his doctor to blame. joining us this morning, beth carace is a correspondent for true tv's "in session."
8:36 am
good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about this dr. shaffer who said in probably the strongest testimony yesterday that dr. murray created 17 instances of poor egregious care. is that the crux of the case? >> it really is. the one thing is setting up that infusi infusion, the i.v. drip that kept running even after michael jackson died. so, really, if you had to pick a couple of things, it would be giving propofol outside a hospital setting and then leaving his side. for two to 45 minutes is unclear how long he was left his side and things went wrong during that time and the drip kept going even after michael jackson died and that's why he had such a high level in his body. so while he committed 17 errors, some of them aggreegregious, son
8:37 am
unethical, those two that i've highlighted are the critical ones. >> how many doors are open for the defense to make its case? >> the defense is arguing that there wasn't that infusion, that drip. they're saying, no, he gave him a small injection of propoe follow. and whatever it was in there that killed michael jackson, michael jackson is responsible for himself. he had to have taken pills, injection of profo poe follow or something like that. the defense, they know is coming, but the defense has to explain the level of propofol and how he could have given it to himself. >> so the defense is going to bring dr. paul white, the father of propofol. is the junl jury going to be left to try to decide which anesthesiologist to believe?
8:38 am
>> yes, that's part of it. well, that's a large part of it. it comes down to the science here of what actually did cause the death. but the state says, even if you believe the defense that michael jackson is responsible, dr. murray left his side. you do not leave the side of a patient. so even if michael jackson ingested, dr. murray is still at fault. >> member of the family have been coming to the trial each day as the prosecution comes to a close. what has their mood been like? >> well, the courtroom is always pretty full. a time of michael jackson families are always there. randy jackson has been there every day. sisters, we think more family members will be returning. there were several of them during the beginning of the trial since things will be wrapping up in the next few weeks.
8:39 am
but, you know, it's a somber courtroom. but there have been some sparring matches between these two experts. the defense expert has been making faces. the judge has admonished him because he does not like what dr. shaffer is saying. he's going to be testifying this week. the judge has already set a hearing for after the trial to decide whether to hold that expert in contempt because of his conduct. >> beth, thanks very much. we're back after these messages. keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is.
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get 10% off or 18 months special financing on carpet purchases of $450 or more when you use your home depot credit card. that was susan boyle and britain's got talent just two years ago. she quickly became an overnight
8:42 am
sensation, and despite her international success, she still lives a relatively normal life in her native scotland. i recently paid a visit to susan at her home in scotland for a candid conversation. >> hi there. how are you? >> hi, susan. i'm amy. so nice to pleat you. >> pleased to meet you. >> it's nice to be here in your brand new beautiful home. stepping into sue is an boyle's home, which she jokingly refers to as the posh house, it's easy to see the great contrast her life has become. here in a quaint and picturesque part of the countryside, susan's life seems pretty ordinary. >> how are you doing? >> except for the fact that everywhere she goes, almost everyone knows who she is. her international fame coming overnight following an audition two years ago on "britain's got talent" that wowed the audience and judges alike.
8:43 am
♪ i dreamed a dream as time gone by ♪ have you ever gone back and watched that original audition? >> it was obviously from that audition i lacked confidence. it's a good one. >> hi, neighbor. >> just down the street from susan boyle's new home is the house she grew up in. she still owns it and, in fact, stays here most of the time. you sleep here. >> uh-huh. >> even though you have that big house down the street. >> that's not really meet. when i'm back in this space, well, my mom and dad, with i still feel close to them. i still have a lot of mice nice memories in this house. this is my comfort zone. >> and that's why you keep your donny osmond blanket here. >> there's no answer to that. >> ahh, yes, the donny osmond blanket, given to susan by one of her fans. >> he's a heeman.
8:44 am
>> even before she was famous, music played a big role in susan boyle's life. the difference is, now she has a much bigger audience. she has sold over 15 million albums worldwide since her album debuted in 2009. her new album, someone to watch over me, will be released november 1st. >> the title song is beautiful. but it begs the question, do you have a personal connection to that song? do you have someone to watch over you? >> i've always had my mother to watch over me. and i think that's really like a nice thought, that she's still here with me. i think she probably wanted this to happen. >> you know, it's interesting. she's made millions and millions
8:45 am
and millions and still lives the same way she lived before. even though she bought that house, she's never sprent one night in it. that is what makes her so grounded and so relatable to people who were her fans. >> and we were watching that tape from the original airing. we got chills. still get chills. >> i know. everyone was ready to boo her and she just wowed them. it is one of those great moments. it is. i could watch it over and over again. coming up next, two people who found hope and each other. their remarkable story. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
what happens when two young families are struck by tragedy? that's the subject of "the color of rain" a new book that tells the story of two families pulled together after tragedy? and the book is a reminder that even after the worst of times
8:48 am
can lead to better days. in the last months of the battle with cancer, matt kell did what he could to prepare his sons for a future without him. >> if mom respected somebody and loved somebody enough to marry them after i've passed away, i want you to expect that i love and respect that guy, too. >> 16 days from the diagnosis of her brain tumor, cathy spain was dead. her children, charlotte, jack and dan, motherless. >> she liked to play music a lot. and she would clean up the kitchen and she would put on music and she would just dance. >> in the canyon of their grief, surviving spouses michael spain and gina kell found each other, blended their families and climbed their way to a new life together. >> my dad was really happy when they came. and, you know, i haven't seen him happy in a while at that time. so it was nice.
8:49 am
and, yeah. he was happy so i was happy. >> from unthinkable sorrow to suburban joy, the spains turned the hard knock of humanity into their own story of ir repressible hope. >> you can get through it because i didn't think i was going to get through it. now, it's worked out fine. >> and michael and gina spain are joining us here on set. it's good to see both of you. good morning. >> good morning. >> i could see watching some of that video even was emotional. right? >> yeah. it is hard. and joyful at the same time. i mean, when i look at that video from matt kell, i realize that he's talking about me six years ago. so that's pretty incredible. >> gina, the experience is unimaginable for probably a lot of our viewers. so what in the book did you want them to connect with? >> well, i think the biggest lesson that comes out of the book is to remember to -- don't
8:50 am
wait to repair relationships, to be generous at every turn that you can with your family and friends. so many people have said to us that the story is resinating with them because they want to be better spouses and better parents and better friends to other people. and i hope that that is what people get out of this story. >> you both talked about having been married to the love of your lives. and now you've sort of had to redefine what true love is. i wonder if you have an answer to that question. >> it's not even a redefinition. it's a better understanding that love is not a zero sum game. it isn't that i have to love cathy less because i now love gina. and it isn't that our kids have to love their late mom or dad any less because now they have new parents in their lives. love continues to expand if you open your hearts. >> you say that charlotte, your daughter, said to you, please don't marry someone else. >> she did, yeah. >> so how did you bring her around on that? >> you know, it wasn't a matter
8:51 am
of consciously trying to change her mind. it was really just modeling that sense that you grow new hearts. you continue to look forward and she honors her mom by continuously being open to what's revealed next and being open in particular to love. >> and, gina, one thing in the book that comes through is humor, which you really have to lean on, right? >> absolutely. >> it has to be a pillar of support for you. >> it's usually important in those times. my husband, when he was very, very sick with cancer in some of those darkest hours sitting in cancer centers waiting for the doctor to come in and all those times, there was always humor. it brings levity. it's just a way to stay grounded. >> finally, the title, the color of rain refers to -- >> it's a m for. there's a story in the book that explains the title, but it's a met for for, you know, the rainfalls, it's kind of gray and dreary, but when light refracts
8:52 am
through it, you see color. the same is true of our lives and of our tragedies. when we look at them through the lens of faith and let god's light shine on those things, we can see color and hope and a future for ourselves even after our losses. >> you two are brave and generous for sharing that story with us. michael and gina, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we're back after these messages. hey! you kids almost ready? i've got breakfast waiting for you. whoo! uh-oh. what? mom's doing her exercise video again.
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this is no ordinary saturday for today. this is making a difference day. >> it's a national call for community service and one that we hope inspires millions of americans. >> yes. miriam is here from "weekend magazine." you're marking make a dinners day. good morning and thanks for being with us. >> thank you so much for having us, actually. >> tell us what makes today so different. >> today is, in fact, make a difference day. at gannett, we're very committed to serving communities. 21 years ago at usa weekend, the staff came one this idea and now r now as a result of that, millions of americans get out today and make a difference in their local communities. >> best of luck with it and thanks for coming on to talk about it. make a difference day. >> that you can so much having us. nbc has been a great partner
8:56 am
this year and we really appreciate all your inspiring stories. >> thank you so much. that's going to do it for us today on "today." [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good morning. welcome to "11 news saturday morning". i'm deborah weiner. >> and i'm jennifer franciotti. here's a look at some of our top stories for you. traffic has reopened on eastbound i-70 after a fatal crash shut down access to the beltway. michael means of montgomery county was killed when a tractor-trailor cut off his s.u.
8:57 am
v. his vehicle slid under the trailer and became pinned. he was pronounced dead at the scene. no charges what -- no word on charges for the driver of the truck. >> another murder at criminaliston t. perkins hospital in jessup. vitaly davydov is charged for killing david rico-noyola. he was in the hospital for beating his psychiatrist to death. >> the judge gave john wagner the max num mum sentence for the murder of stephen pitcairn. he said he would show wagner the same mercy that he showed pitcairn. >> coming up, a community is in shock after an elderly couple is found dead in their home. hear what neighbors think might
8:58 am
have happened. >> and a living legend at camden yards. a live preview of today's big event. >> and weather in store today and tomorrow. the insta-weather pl
8:59 am
[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good morning. welcome to "11 news saturday morning" i'm jennifer franciotti.


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