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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> grab a warm blanket and your winter coats because a snow storm is heading our way right now. road crews are expecting one sloppy saturday. that is the big story tonight. good evening everybody. while most of us are gearing up for halloween, the winter rebecs could have been looking more like christmas. we start off tonight with meteorologist john collins who is tracking the storm from the weather center. >> so far this evening, the storm has only produced desperately drizzly activity around the baltimore area. the storm center itself, the low pressure center is just taking shape down in the coastal area of south carolina. it will be moving up overnight.
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that is where the storm will start to pick up some strength. here is the way we expect the storm to behave. the winds will be coming off of the atlantic ocean. the water in the ocean is relatively warm. it will have relatively warm air pushing into the area providing mostly grain for our region right around the metropolitan baltimore area. to r northwest will be a little colder. they expect to get some snow. you can see the white shadings there. as the storm progresses northward, it moves westward. that will bring in a cold air closer to us in the baltimore area. we expect to see a mix of rain by a saturday night. brought baltimore in the i-95 corridor, it is a winter weather advisory in effect. further west is a winter morning in defects. all that coming up in a few minutes. but coming up over the years,
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state highway officials say they learned lessons from earlier snowstorms. what are they doing to keep drivers saved this time around? >> crews will be set up at intersections in areas that tended to freeze. we are set up in north baltimore. you can see the cold drizzle is already starting to fall. crews will be out on a train to make sure that this mass that is falling down does not create too dangerous of conditions. >> we think about snow 247, 365 days a year. >> highway officials say they were ready to go. >> today the crews loaded up, they cleared a drainage candidates is to make sure leaves are blocking drainage that it will not pile up and cause ice. >> if it does not know, the system will start off as red which could make the roads here is like. officials are asking drivers to slow down and allow plenty of
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time to get to destinations. >> be very cautious. it is a be cautious for pure >> they're taking a cautious approach to the storm. utility has been taking stock of its resources and devising plans just in case there are power outages in the area. >> if you do have the scenario with the heavy wet snow sitting on top of heavily treed canapes, that could actually bringing the trees down onto the power lines and cause outages. >> nobody has a crystal ball, but not -- most folks are not letting the threat of snow or ruin their weekend plans. >> i just think it will melt. "the figure if it is going to be anything, it will not be enough to worry about >> not too concerned? >> not concerned. >> you are taking a life look at some of the precipitation has started to fall in north baltimore. it is very cold.
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for the latest information on reconditions and safety tips, go to work >> you can go to and click on whether. >> frederick police of charts and a convicted felon with the border of the burger king manager. the suspect is 21-year-old jose barrella. he shot the manager shortly after she opened to the restaurant. he is already in federal custody. he is accused of entering the country illegally. maryland health officials are making changes at a hospital after -- officials say the hospital will undergo a
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complete city overhaul. it is the second to murder at the max a month -- maximum security hospital in a week. officials said one patient killed and another at the hospital last night. the autopsy showed the 40-year- old victim died from multiple blunt force injuries. last week, another patient was charged with murdering his roommate. >> hospitals are places for healing, not violence. >> he calls the incident tragic and unacceptable. >> perkins hospital has taken many steps to improve the strength in -- the safety of the environment. more needs to be done. >> it is operated by the department of health and mental hygiene. it serves patients with serious psychiatric disorders to face criminal charges including homicide, assault, offenses and that robbery with a deadly
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weapon. most of the 240 patients were ordered to perkins by a court. according to state officials, the hospital added additional staff and upgraded the security system after a previous killing in 2010. now with two more murders in the past week, they have added even more staff to the units and are conducting criminal reassessments of every patient in the hospital. >> just to assess how they are coping with the extraordinary situation. to double check their levels of care to make sure that they are receiving the appropriate services. >> the have the potential for violence. it is critical that there be an accurate assessment. >> the victim from thursday night's killing was a 40-year- old. defense attorneys who are trying to convince a jury to spare a
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convicted hit man's life. -- ar bishop to's lawyers psychiatric said he felt shame for murdering the guest is an honor. to that it will and is speaking out after a hartford counties in broken to her home and shot her husband. last thursday investigators say 70-year-old mason carter entered the home through a dog or. we are told the team opened fire on the husband and demanded the car keys to spend at trip -- to speed off. she is glad the 17-year-old is now off of the street. carter is chart with attempted homicide, theft. he is being charged as an adult. william cooper is being -- is recovering in hospital.
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citigroupdeputies and got the weapons on school field trip to the hartford plan environmental education center in bel air. it the girl is in the custody of her parents. police are investigating a shooting involving a sheriff's deputy. happened when the ban said he barged into the deputy cruiser armed with a knife. >> in baltimore city deputy sheriff stopped at a traffic light on his way to work when authorities say daughtery , and to the front seat of the cruiser. what's he pulled a knife and attempted to lunge at hand. the deputy was able to discharge his weapon in time. the suspect was struck in the left arm. >> the sheriff's deputy did not get hurt. they took daughtery to the hospital for treatment. the motive for the attack is of no. the intersection is very busy. a day care is located just a few
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yards from the crime scene. >> i heard "pop pop." i am shocked. i was shocked. in the morning, parents, and is still barred. -- parents, and it is still part. >> word they speaking or laying still? >> he may i contact seconds before the shooting. but he did not look right. he looked out of it and crazy looking. he steered her in the eye as a predator would or something like that. >> he has a criminal history dating back to 1993. what is curious about it is five of the nine cases referred on the stet docket. that means chances of a conviction or not likely according to prosecutors.
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in 1994, police charged him with attempted murder, but prosecutors dropped the case. he has a court case in december to answer a court charge. he lives two i miles from the crime scene. his family declined to go on camera but they shared the following. they urged us to check his criminal history which showed only a couple of minor convictions. they say he had a psychotic episode that put him in the hospital in august. doctors contributed to drug and alcohol abuse. somebody stole his car recently. he has been upset about that. family members if they wonder if he was asking the sheriff's deputy about it. >> he is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. in northwest baltimore, david collins. >> a maryland man was spent another month in jail. gary girudano has not been charged but a judge ruled he
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will remain in custody to give investigators more time to collect evidence. they believe the 35-year-old frederick woman is dead. he declines any wrongdoing. he says she was swept away when the two went snorkeling. >> the maryland a s p a curious of white men would he returned and adopted cat to death from a bb gun and would. less than three weeks later, he took a second cat to the fat with a blunt force trauma. he faces up to three years in prison. state troopers have concerns about their guns. tonight, by the maryland state police believe their safety is at risk. "our kids are 21-years old and they cannot get a job. it all comes from the fact that corporations are running our government. >> protesters occupied
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annapolis. they say the government has completely sold out. >> right now it is a little too early for snow. it gets colder tomorrow and snow comes into the mix.
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>> maryland has earned the top billionaires' mix. 7.22% of maryland household are millionaires. that is slightly higher than hawaii. phoenix estimates that the number of millionaires grew 7% since last year. >> what do we want to do? we want to stop -- >> dozens up protesters occupied annapolis tonight.
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they are fed up with corporate greed. >> corporations have taken over our government. the banks on our government. once a politician gets in office. if you are to spend $1 billion to spend eight -- to win a presidential election, you are totally and completely tied to the people who get the money. >> protesters in annapolis say their goal is to separate politics for money. maryland state troopers are questioning the reliability of the guns they carry. d barack manufacturer insists the guns are safe. jane miller investigate. >> the service up and carried by a maryland state troopers is a 40 caliber beretta. the agency bought the model in use in 2008. the problem started in 2010. state police spokesman says the problem with the gun to talk magazine that holds the bullets
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surfaced force -- first. the problem that prevented the magazine from falling free when they triggered needed to be low. >> this is important and police combat situations. >> there is more. >> there were a couple of other issues that developed as the process was going on. >> the plan at the bottom of the magazine caused the next problem discovered as trips that firearms training. >> the base plate was coming off and causing all the arms to pull out of the magazine. >> now we want to be happening if you are in the heat of the moment. >> that is certainly not what you want happening in a combat situation. >> again, beretta created a fix. in another problem surfaced. the guns used by the agency's a swat team malfunctioned again while training. the agency -- that issue remains under review. it is a familiar story, he says
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reliability problems caused him to switch from the bread it to another manufacturer. >> the ticket in a big box back to brenda. it is a state company. he wanted to buy in the city to camp. you are not to sacrifice officer safety. >> does the fact is a maryland company factor into the conversation at all? >> if we can purchase a product that is reliable and functional and cost effective that is made in maryland, we want to do that. the ultimate priority here is the safety of our troopers and the citizens who serve. >> an executive with a red it tells us the company believes the problems the state police are having with the guns as a result of training bills. as for the guns themselves, they are absolutely safe and reliable.
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>> this year's black bear hunting season is officially over. the maryland department of natural resources reported 65 kills us of last night. the largest taking was a 375 pound male killed by a 12-year- old boy. they're hunting returned in 2004 after more than a 50-year moratorium. >> so far things are pretty quiet spirit we do have some light rain and drizzle and it missed in the area showing up on the radar. the radar looks a little more impressive than it is up there. things are beginning to get a little bit gap. the storm really has not come together again. eventually, we will have a nebraska turned on her hand. temperature or below average. 50 degrees at the airport. it is going to stay tonight in the 40's for the temperatures are right now and tomorrow it
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will get colder. here are the readings currently. 47 at the airport. 47 at sols. . westminster is down to 39 degrees. readings are in the low 30's and far eastern maryland. at this stage in the game, you start seeing some snowflakes out there. higher elevations of to the west, it they will be the first to get any snow out of the storm as it continues to develop. here is what the situation looks like again. the atmosphere is pretty dry. most of what we see her on the radar, especially eastern pennsylvania and new jersey, it is evaporates before it hits the ground. indications that the storms might be falling into higher elevations. the storm itself is just getting near the coast in the carolinas. as soon as it gets out over the water and it starts to face up or get in the alignment with a storm up in minnesota and wisconsin, things are really going to take off. that is going to happen during the day tomorrow. what's the storm takes off in
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our area, things should be pretty quiet until the end of the weekend and early next week. cloudy tonight with drizzle and ring, nebraska went at 20 degrees. temperatures will be dropping into the 30's. we will see a lot of 40's as well. generally speaking it will be above the snow making temperature at least a rugged baltimore area. we do have winter weather advisory in effect. this gray or white shaded area running from the jersey, northern delaware, cecil county, hartford, baltimore county and city, montgomery county, right along the i-95 corridor abrupt -- along the bay, that will be in effect until tomorrow evening. partly shaded areas west of that which includes frederick county and on west, that is the warning. that is what the more significant snow is expected to fall. us rein in the mix and more stress know. it would be a heavy snow as well. tomorrow the forecast causes -- the forecast calls for rain and snow mixed. two to 5 inches north and west.
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the winds will swing around normally. 35 degrees to 41 degrees, temperatures pretty flat. here is a trace to two inches just to the northeast of us near the bay along the i-95 corridor south of washington, d.c. just west of the, baltimore county itself and western howard county has two to 5 inches. there could be some significant what help -- what heavy snows here. most of the snow is going to fall on the mountains. higher elevations of pennsylvania. overnight and pulls out and we try out. we have a pretty good forecast. that sets the stage for a good day on sunday. mostly fat -- mostly sunny skies for the football game. he temperatures will be in the 40's. here is the 74 cast pretty miserable weather is tomorrow. some of you actually get some decent accumulations of to the west. 30 degrees is the high.
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47 on sunday and dry. on halloween, it will be 50 degrees with sunny skies. the next week, we get up to 60 degrees with another ranchettes on thursday. >> great football weather and a great football game to match. over time in howard county. those stories and more next on sports. >> it is friday, october 28. and that's just part is estimated at $67 million. when the jackpot, we will see if we can make you a millionaire. the first number is 52, 56, 49, 31, and the final white ball is 13. the megaball number is 41. [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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>> it seems to consensus in town is how the grievance will react to the debacle in jacksonville. they played great at home. they have not lost two at home
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in two years. first season in the desert looks like that. he single-handedly dominated games. >> it is one of those games records. you have to do a great job of making life hard on him. we just can't let him have releases up the field and not get pressure on the quarterback and give him a clean pockets. >> just a 50-50 shot of playing thanks to a hamstring injury. the second time -- second all- time leading receiver. he took out a half page ad in the sun thinking baltimore ravens fans for all of his budget of their support. it was a great gesture, but not all that surprising. he is that kind of guy.
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thank you to all those who took part in the poll. high-school football tonight. over time needed in howard county. river hill untouchable and contemplate. he plays like this. allan wells behind some very good blocking. 7-0 hawks. the double inside handoff. ryan perry 51 yard touchdown. fourth-down for the gladiators. into the end zone, 13-12. two-point conversion. he makes it 14-all.
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on fourth down, 21-20. that is how it ends. this afternoon, mount st. joe's. first quarter, plenty of time to throw and it is a slide. he walked into the and some 59 yards and 7-0. st. joe's has an answer. there he goes. just outside not to be caught. 76 yards for the touchdown. that was all gilman and cyrus jones. gilman improves to 7-1. the blue jays currently enjoyed a 12 game win streak.
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for the first time this year, they pose a real challenge. hopkins was up points behind a great passing attack. snow in the forecast seems to get a little dicey with home field. >> we will be prepared for any circumstance. the team we are playing has beaten us five of the last 12 years. has been a great practice so far. "also saturday, in rotterdam and irish 42 straight. -- notre dame. 7, firsteries game time in nine years we have had this. the last team a road team won a
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road game was 1979 and baltimore. painful memories of that one. this one has just gone final. 6-2 st. louis. that is a look at sports. 'et's send it back to kai.
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>> rain and snow mixed tomorrow.
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he will have more details tomorrow.
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