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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  November 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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deadly hot -- double amputation stop him from being a kid. >> nobody should have to go through this. it is something so simple and easily treated. >> last year, he was admitted to baltimore washington medical center with a high fever and swollen tonsils and unexplained hip pain. despite during a rapid stress test as protocol in such a situation, the doctors never did one -- despite doing a rapid strep test as protocol in such a situation, the doctors never did want. >> we would not be in a situation if she would have taken two seconds to do that test. >> the child's condition got worse overnight after he was misdiagnosed with a sinus infection. the infection entered his bloodstream and caused a severe infection. in order to save his life, doctors had to amputate both legs.
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if he had been given simple antibiotics as a precautionary measure, even if they did not do the blood test or the rapid strep test, he would be cured and playing soccer on his elementary team. >> his parents filed a malpractice lawsuit against the doctor and medical center, seeking compensation for his care. attorneys say it is more than $30,000. eric's parents hope their story will help others. >> we want to make people aware that it is a very serious thing. >> never once does he wake up complaining or angry. he always had a smile. >> in a statement, baltimore washington medical center said they extended their heartfelt sorrow for eric and his family. they also said they believed the care he received was thorough
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and appropriate. they said his symptoms were not indicative of this aggressive infection. >> we have an update to a developing story we first brought 11 news at 5:00 p.m. a city student is recovering after being stabbed at school today. kai reed has details. >> both the victim and the suspect our students at the same school. the stabbing happened at 1:30 p.m. this afternoon in a lower level stairwell. a 14-year-old student stabbed a 10th grade student in the stomach. they do not know how old the 10th grade student is. he was rushed to surgery at sinai hospital and is now in stable condition. officials did not reveal the specifics of the incident. after-school activities have been cancelled.
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>> i think it is safe to say this is what is going on now. it is sad to happen anywhere at any time to anyone. >> according to school officials, the 14-year-old suspect is now in baltimore police custody. >> a baltimore county grandmother and her grandson were found dead. she was found in the basement of her home. an anonymous caller said she had been killed by her grandson and he took her car. they found the grandson dead in her car alongside a road with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. the investigation continues. >> an independent report raises many questions about the police handling of a shooting last january outside a baltimore nightclub that left two men dead. one of them was a baltimore police officer who was killed by fellow officers.
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jane has more. >> this report spread criticism far and wide, from police leadership, training, to the pot -- quality of the investigation. what is missing? >> chaos ruled on the morning of january 9 as a security cannot -- a security camera captured an apparent scuffle. police officer william torbit used his gun to shoot sean gamble. other officers shot torbit 42 times before realizing he was a cop. the report of the investigation was turned over to the mayor today. a. reviewed the tape and the statement from the police. one thing was missing. >> we were not able to hear from the police searched -- police officers who were involved.
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it hampered the investigation. >> the officers who fired their guns and three others appeared before the review board, but refused to answer questions. >> it left a lot of gaps in the information that we thought we needed, and also that the department and the community needs. >> fewer than half the officers who responded checked in with the dispatcher, added -- adding to the chaos. officer torbit took action without backup, which contributed to the life- threatening situation. and after the shooting, police failed to do accurate ballistics tests, making it impossible to know who fired the shots that killed gamble and torbit. >> in light of this report, do you have confidence in the leadership of this department? >> yes. >> the four police officers who
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fired at officer torbit remain on desk duty. the other three refused to answer questions are back on regular duty. the 33 recommendations are in the report, some are already being followed, according to the commissioner. >> a man accused of murdering his wife before fleeing to north carolina is now in the custody of montgomery county police. curtis lopez is charged in the murder of jane mcquain. officials are also expected to charge lopez in the murder of her son, a 11-year-old william mcquain. his body was recovered after a six-day search. police are charging a barber with sexual assault. authorities say he allegedly made inappropriate comments to a 13-year-old and it allegedly eventually lead to assault.
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police believe there may be other juvenile victims who went to the salon and accompanied by an adult. they are urging their parents to speak to their children -- the parents to speak to their children. call police with information. >> senator ulysses currie is charged with bribery, extortion and making false statements to authorities. david has the latest. >> before jury deliberations began, closing arguments became combative, each side accusing the other of misstating the facts. during closing arguments, the prosecution referred to ulysses currie as the senator from shoppers. they bought his office for $250,000 and exchange -- in exchange for favors. joe evans, the defense attorney, characterized the notion that a senator in the twilight of his career would take a bride is like a bizarre bucket this.
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evans called -- that would take a bribe is like it is our bucket list. evans called him a good man. evans described the case as entirely circumstantial, hinging on inference. the prosecutors said, of course the evidence is circumstantial, they were trying to hide it. she says the evidence is irrefutable and urged the jury to look behind the smoke and dust the defense is throwing at them. she asked, how many of you would take $250,000 to vote a certain way on this jury? that is what senator ulysses currie did it. he is not like you. said that the
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senator was a smart man. the prosecution accused defense of changing tactics. she refers the jury's memory, regarding in complete financial disclosure forms. on that day the ethics committee said a complaint about his forms he signed an agreement with shoppers. then he did not disclose it in his agreement. a year later he got a raise. the three days after that he said in a form that did not report his agreement. >> dozens of first responders were honored for their acts of heroism. their stories are coming up next. >> gop presidential hopeful
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herman cain is pointing fingers at one of his opponents. >> and joe flacco talks about the challenges of playing in pittsburgh. >> hd doppler is showing wet weather in to our west. a wet friday and how about the weekend? weekend? 58 at the airport right we had a mouse.
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make one call to an allstate agent. ♪ >> there is been reporting in the herman cain sexual- harassment controversy as the campaign spent a fourth day in damage control mode. >> it is a critical time, just two months before the iowa
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caucus. here sally kidd. >> you can bet herman cain would rather be talking about his tax reform plan. instead, all of the talk is focusing on the sexual harassment allegations. who tipped off the media about sexual harassment complaint against hermine kaine? his campaign pointed the finger at rick perry, rick barry. d.b. been there at -- rick perry's campaign pointed the finger at mitt romney. >> i did not know any of this. >> it is hard to leak something you did not know anything about. >> three women who worked for him at the national restaurant association in the 1990's claim he made unwanted advances. two filed complaints and received settlements and signed confidentiality forms.
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attorney allowed him to release a statement. political analysts say it is the destruction the gop front runner does not need. -- distraction the gop front runner does not need. >> it keeps perpetuating in the news cycle. >> a republican spokesperson says the republican party is not taking sides. herman cain has never sexually harassed anyone and says he is the victim of a smear campaign. >> the national restaurant association said it will decide tomorrow whether to grant the one accuser's request that her statement be made public. >> dozens of police officers and a firefighter were honored last night for their acts of heroism. the baltimore county police
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department handed out medals of honor, the silver star, the commendation award, the purple heart, and emergency services award. those officers were honored for saving the lives of others and putting their own lives in harm's way. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> this time i am wearing is designed by victoria mariann of essex. she is a 10-year-old battling sickle cell anemia. it has lady bugs on it. victoria is an avid reader, an honor student, and one day she will be a pediatrician. no doubt about that. oure got some showers of to west. for now, cold across the region. 30's around the mid-atlantic.
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38 in baltimore and 39 in pittsburgh. charlotte, 32. there was some cold air around. with a lot of sunshine, it temperatures warmed up nicely during the afternoon 65 at the airport, 66 downtown. the normal high is only 61. it has been mild, but not quite that form. in the 80's in 1953. clouds are off to the west and approaching. overnight, increasing cloudiness. bewill hold in the 40's may even close to 50 downtown. a swirl of moisture over the ohio valley is tracking east of st. louis. it looks like this spin in the clouds means it is beginning to
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drift south and east. this is the storm that at one time was producing blizzard conditions out in colorado. now it will weaken as it tracks into the clinic -- carolinas and behind it. tomorrow morning, a chance of light rain passing south of baltimore. most of the rain at the virginia-carolina border. i think we will get some late days and and there will be a nice finish today, which set up a beautiful weekend. through sunday we expect mostly clear skies. a breezy day tomorrow on the bay. the winds could gust to 20 knots. that could produce a 2 to 34 chop on the waters. -- 82 to 3 foot drop on the
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waters. on the eastern shore from cecil county down to talbot county and caroline county over to dorchester county, a shower in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. ocean city has the best chance for rain tomorrow, but lots of sunshine in a saturday and sunday forecast. if you're headed to pittsburgh for the weekend, it is one of those weekends that could deliver any kind of weather. but this time, quiet and mild. no weather problems anticipated for the ravens and steelers sunday evening. for the forecast, here is that we can. >> sunday's ratings game in
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pittsburgh only marks the halfway point of the season, but you cannot help but think the outcome won't have a considerable outcome. memories of a great start followed by nightmares second half. joe flacco, blocking out the doors at hines field and then staying confident and aggressive. >> we have won a lot of football games and my job is to continue to get us to do that. >> being on the road is probably harder this year than it has ever been. you have had mixed success on the road. in pittsburgh, harder than anywhere. what makes it so difficult? the field is the same length,
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but it is not the same game, is it? >> we like to think of it as the same, but the crowd is not the same. >> you can see the entire interview tonight at 7:30 p.m. on the ravens report. that is channel 208 on comcast, for 60 on for rising, and 1160 on the open-air. the orioles go into the off- season with -- as the only team without a coach. the chicago cubs will probably make a series moved to get peugeot's. -- pujols.
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the orioles are still searching for a team manager while every other team still has their manager in place while they search for talent. >> stay with us.
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>> coming of the 9/11 clock, money problems are threatening to keep -- coming up at 11:00, money troubles are trying
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>> a beautiful day out there. it will catch another one into the weekend. >> good. >> i do not know if we will do this again in january, but we will do this again in november. showers tomorrow morning and sunshine in the afternoon. highs in a 50's. daylight savings time is this began. monday and tuesday will be the sunshine. showers return wednesday and thursday. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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