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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a dramatic turn at a howard county industrial park this afternoon. police say man refused to drop his gun. 11 news reporter kerry cavanaugh is on the story, and she joins us with details. >> police say it is not clear why the man may have been wandering around in the fourth place, but we did speak to several of his friends who rushed to the scene because they were concerned he may have been trying to harm himself. passing trains are typically the only thing you hear behind this hanover industrial park, but somebody called 911 about a disturbing noise at koran off of the trees. >> the initial call that came in indicated there may have been shots fired by the suspect. >> they found the man alone and apparently troubled. >> when they first spotted the suspect, and he was clearly carrying a weapon and displaying its openly. -- it openly.
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>> they caught up with him next to the supply warehouse. >> the officers supplied -- caught up with him. he refused to drop the weapon. >> they swarmed the area and catalog evidence as they were rushing into shock trauma. at this time, it is unclear if he ever fired back at police. >> treating for gunshot wounds, his prognosis is not clear. as for the officers, we are told they are all now on investigative lead, depending the outcome of the investigation. >> a quadruple shooting in west baltimore. police say a 19-year-old shot four men early sunday morning. investigators say two of the
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victims were club employees, and they were treated for non-life threatening injuries. they believe an altercation led to the shooting. and there is still searching in another case. there was a triggerman at the deadly shooting one week ago. jones' family turned him over to police after recognizing them on surveillance video. police say he confessed to the crime. the woman charged in the death of john hopkins researcher will spend years in prison. she was charged and sentenced for her role. two were convicted last summer. wagner was sentenced to life in prison. we are learning more about a stabbing death over the weekend. one person is being held without bond, shanee liggins, who denied
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stabbing korthneigh mccoy, who was stabbed while trying to break up a fight at an off- campus party. >> she was not a rowdy person. she just wanted everyone to calm down and come together. >> this was the set off campus death of a frostburg student in less than two years. police have not identified the victim of a man's body that was discovered last night. no word on exactly how he died, but police say they have not ruled out foul play. it has been three years since a marine was shot to death, and there is still no answers. our 11 news reporter joins us with the mother's pleas for the
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killer to come forward. >> she will visit her son's grave on the anniversary of his murder and the yearly reminder of just how much she has lost and how badly she wants answers. >> i do not know if i can describe how much i miss him. i miss him like he is a part of me that is gone. >> anas than three years since taylor was killed. for his mother, it has been three years of sorrow. >> i do not function anymore. i do not feel like whatever reason that his life was taken, it was not worth it. >> the former marine was walking his girlfriend on the morning of november 8, 2008, when he was shot several times. it initially appeared to be a robbery. it shows taylor with his hands up in the air.
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police say they had some leads over the years, but they all went cold. >> it just seems like every time someone got killed after my son, they always came up with four weeks or five weeks that they would have a suspect, and someone else was locked up for it, but with my son, not a hint. it just seems like somebody knows what happened to him. >> this year, just as she has done for the last three years, she will go to the grave and pray for answers. >> i just need to know. they say when a person passes away to rest in peace. i would like to have some peace, because i cannot. if i do not know what happened to him. and why. >> lee roy taylor left behind five children.
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police are urging anyone with information to call them. reporting live in the studio, kai reed, wbal tv. >> there was a hearing in virginia today, and attorneys contend that a mix of all and drugs caused the death of love. the native died in charlotte's the last year, and the trial is now she sat for february. -- set for february. >> the jury sent a note to a judge in deliberations and asked if a defendant could be found guilty of conspiracy if it did not take place in the alleged timeline. judge by richard bennett said they could render a guilty verdict even if it took place after the indictment period.
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deliberations will resume tomorrow. it took the jury less than nine hours to find dr. conrad marie guilty of involuntary mine start -- and voluntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. >> find the defendant, conrad robert murray, a guilty of involuntary manslaughter. >> dr. conrad marie showed no reaction, but outside, it was plain. fans got the verdict they had been hoping for. the jury of seven men and five women spent some eight hours deliberating, contemplating testimony from 49 witnesses and hundreds of pieces of evidence. in the end, they agreed that
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conrad murray should be held responsible for michael jackson's death. >> they have suffered, a son and a brother, and i think that is most important to keep in mind today. >> prosecutors had another request, to put him behind bars. >> that he be put into custody. >> the judge agreed. >> his reckless conduct poses a risk to the public. >> they placed dr. murray in handcuffs and led him off to jail. the man michael jackson trusted with his life is now responsible for his death. he is now in the custody of the l.a. county sheriff's department. sentencing is set for november 29. wbal tv 11 news. >> two penn state officials appeared in court to face charges according to allegations
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against a football coach. they are accused of knowing about the allegations involving a 67-year-old but failing to report them. he is no relation to gerry sandusky locally. >> this is not a case about football or universities. it is a case about children that have had their use stalling -- stolen from them and in society that did nothing to stop it. >> they stepped down from their posts on sunday. >> another person came forward to say that herman cain had made sexual advances. she graphically described an evening she had a dinner with the candidate. >> he suddenly reached over, and
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he put his hands on my legs, under my skirt. i was very, very surprised and very shocked. i said, "what are you doing? you know i had a boyfriend. this is not what i came here for." mr. cian -- cain said, " you want a job, do you not?" when i asked him to stop, he did. and the owner of a local restaurant. >> being able to give it back in a way that it will be appreciated and loved. decidedisney's whiting to give -- why denise whiting decided to give back her
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trademark. >> we will see how the seven-day is impacted. >> coming up next --
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>> a change in mind about the owner of a restaurant in who owns the word "hon," who once threatened to use cease and desist orders for those and threatened to capitalize on it. she had a change of mind. >> going to the process, it belongs to the people of baltimore, and the thing is, baltimore is going to have it, so i do not have to hold onto it. i do not have to keep it.
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it was not mine to start. >> she was on "kitchen nightmares" starring chef gordon ramsay. and pay your debt by the end of the year or say goodbye to your contract. $1 million in fees. vendors are selling race organizers, saying they have not been paid. they may have to sell off some things to allow the race to succeed. higher rates in effect in maryland. the state is not telling you something else about the system. what happens when you get a ticket? the state calls the policy user friendly, but the i-team asks what about state law? here is our investigative reporter jayne miller. >> the dispute with the toll
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system was lengthy and expensive. she was being held responsible for thousands of dollars in untold tolls and fees he says he did not even know about. >> if you pay it within a certain amount of days, they would waive part. i was still flabbergasted. >> the only, he thought, he could take his case to court. he wrote a letter to the agency that handles the toll system. >> what i said in a letter is that i really did not want to -- is there any other method? no, no other way. >> in fact, what he did not know, stay lot appears to be on his side. the article that governs told -- toll citations says he may pay directly to the maryland transportation authority or to
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elect to stand trial. the problem, it makes no mention at all of the option to go to court. why did the authority not follow this statute? >> there was a process that we believe to be more user- friendly. >> the acting secretary. >> you think this is more user friendly? >> we are not issuing a civil penalty. >> the agency says they are in the right because they do not call these civil citations, never mind the intent of state law. >> the bill cannot send you a bill and say, "pay it or else. >> these are the types of notices that are sent out, and it does not advise the driver of all of their rights under the law, -- my >> it instructs
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motorists can appeal but only to them. it could result in the suspension of registrations. >> were you aware of an alleged violator? >> we give them an opportunity to appeal. >> but not to an independent -- >> not to a court. >> there is nothing friendly about telling me that if i do not pay this, i am subject to further administrative fees and that they will suspend my registration. i will not be able to drive. >> we have learned that they will change their practice and tell those who do not pay that they can go to court, but for everybody else, there is no plan to include what is written in state law. >> we were trying to implement a user-friendly system that was
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less onerous. >> if that is their idea of friendly, i think we need to work on our diplomatic skills a little bit. >> the state issued more than 1 million toll notices last year alone. >> ultimately, it will take a major action, probably against the state come to collect a lot of toll was that were collected in violation of the statute. >> he had wished he had known what was in the law. >> in my situation, i had a timeline. >> he paid the bill that was demanded. lest the agency decide to suspend the registration and impose more fees. for the 11 news i-team, i am jayne miller. >> now, your forecast, with
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chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a storm in the middle of the country is arriving, but today, it was colder than normal in the morning. i think it will happen again, even on wednesday. nine degrees warmer than normal, the seventh day of november. the record high was 77 degrees set back in 1975. this was quite below the normal low -- quite above the normal low. this is going to turn out to be a chilly morning, and if the temperatures were to orloff, there is from temperature behind. expect some patchy fog to develop. gaithersburg 39. almost into the upper 30's across some suburbs. 35 of -- 35 in the suburbs.
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the winds die down and the skies stay clear. there is one of those areas of high pressure it to our south. the hurricane center think this could take on some characteristics. snow in the mountains again, in the head of severe thunderstorms, numerous reports of hail and wind damage. at least one report of a tornado in oklahoma. it is very quiet around here, at least through wednesday. thursday, showers approaching with that storm getting here. and this may be enough to produce a little snow in the western maryland mountains. sunshine after some early morning fog. on the bay, the waves running right around 1 foot. temperatures climbing into the low 60's. a pleasant afternoon with highs in the mid 60's tomorrow, low
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60's on wednesday, and down in a ocean city, some patchy fog, lots of sunshine coming temperatures in the 60's. it looks like they will be dealing with some classics the gavel rain showers and cooler temperatures. enjoy the nice november weather. only about 50 on veterans day. it should clear out in time for the weekend. partly cloudy for both saturday and sunday with highs near the 60-degree mark. >> they step up and show the champion. those who said joe flacco was not an elite player.
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and you're always guaranteed the lowest prices online. so don't wait... try, compare and buy at today. because there's never been a better time to build the perfect fios bundle. -- >> the ravens players get a day off tomorrow, and they will need it.
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in likely leaves everyone mostly spent. the ravens had to fight through last night in pittsburgh, anywhere but on. in an away stadium. the offense overcame a few mistakes. joe flacco to torrey smith, but he does not pull in. how do you pull yourself back again? he drops a pass to the 10-yard line. dropping a perfect pass into the arms of cement to win it with eight seconds left. this is the kind of drive that can make a season. it can also have people wind up
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with ulcers. >> under no it it was the motions as much as tension. you just feel tension for each plate. every difference of call they made, trying to anticipate what might be coming next. tackin the end zone. joe did a great job paid >> what do you find more satisfy? text this number, and a, b, or c. the number again is -- standard text messaging rates apply. we have already received about 400 messages, and it looks like everyone prefers the last-minute nail biters. and there will be a slightly different path in the game.
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a baseball scholarship to play at the university of south carolina. tomorrow, the orioles will try their hand at the latest attempt to turn around a losing season when they have their top baseball executive. he has not worked and a major league front office for almost one decade. you'll have to get up to speed fast. show water has always produced a winning record. they have a lot to get done to help them turn around by next season. and the former heavyweight champion has lost the final fight of his life. he died following a brief battle with liver cancer. he was called smoking joe and was the first to be muhammad ali back in 1971. he began also losing two other matches. the game remains popular years later to symbolize to w
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>> we will take more of this weather if we can get it. >> then we will give it to you then. free of charge. >> there you go. >> 68 degrees tomorrow after a little morning fog, lots of sunshine, 63 on wednesday, a chance for some showers on thursday, and veterans day cooler, and the showers should and in the morning, and a nice weekend th temperatures back to the 60-degree mark on both saturday and sunday. >> ok, thank you. that is it for the news. "jay leno" is next. go
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