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tv   11 News Today  NBC  November 8, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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out this morning but some rain to our west and it is moving this way. they forecast is coming up. >> live, local, late-breaking - this wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning, i am mindy basara. >> i am stan stovall. >> it is a good day to go out and do something? >> it is about as nice as it gets for this time of year yesterday and today. there is a little bit of fog like yesterday and it is thickest in the eastern shore counties. you can get the school delays of our website. there is some light fog at the airport. the visibility is down in some neighborhoods but not as thick as yesterday and it should burn off quickly. it should be gone by 830-9:00 at the latest and we will have sunshine this afternoon. we will make it up to 68 degrees. the average high temperature is 59 degrees and we will come back
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and talk about rain that is moving in. >> good morning, a busy right for motorists could take southbound 95 with an accident just past the beltway southwest would speeds at 16 miles per hour. it is from 295 through the accident scene. the left lane is closed and their clothes and all lines to try to clear this accident. another accident is still being worked on at bonfall street. further south, westbound 50, another accident and that one is taking up the left lane as well. let's look outside this is 95 southbound at the beltway southwest. the accident is being worked on their and traffic is bumper-to- bumper. avoid that if you can. we will switch to live your traffic at rte. 50 at sandpoint.
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westbound traffic is backed up coming off of the bay bridge. we will keep you posted. ♪ >> our big story this morning -- republican presidential candidate herman cain spoke publicly about the sexual harassment allegations against him. >> he has planned a press conference later today another victim has come forward with pretty graphic accusations. >> this fourth woman is a former employee of the national restaurant association but unlike the other accusers, she went on camera. >> my goal was simply to get him to admit to wrongdoing. >> the first of herman cain's accusers have gone public. she came forward on monday. she said she was groped by herman cain after they had
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dinner together in 1997. >> i hope that what i did will enable other women to come forward in a similar situation. >> she says she met with german can to ask for help getting a new job. >> this is a man who i want to for help. it was shocking to me that he would use that power in such a way. >> how was your day? [laughter] >> last night, he denied the allegations. >> when it was all over with, i said i know what we have to do because there is not an ounce of truth in all these accusations. >> herman cain says he will answer these charges at any event today. >> we will have a press conference and we will take his head on. >> one analyst says his days could be numbered. >> this could easily be the end for herman cain. >> sharon bieleck says she is a registered republican and there is no political motivation behind the accusations. >> a less than stellar turnout
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is expected in baltimore as voters head to the polls to cast their votes for several city offices including new york. mayor. >> good morning, the mayor's race is the most publicized in this election but voters will also be testing their ballots for city council and city comptroller. how many voters will show up to those polls? during the primary election in september, turnout was an all- time low, 22%, down from 48% in 1999. there are more registered democrats than republicans in the city, a lot of attention was focused on the democratic primary. mayor stephanie rollins by kim hammond top but she is not running unopposed alfred griffin will also be on the ballot. he says he has no campaign office and no signs and less than $1,000 in campaign funds that yesterday he shared the experience he brings to the
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table. >> i am not a career politician. this is my first time going into politics. i have community experience i lived abroad for six years. >> [no audio] results will be covered as they come in today. >> the polls open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m.. you contract the candidates on our website,, where they stand on the issues and what you need to know before you vote. >> deliberations will continue for a second full day and the corruption trial of state senator ulysses currie. they asked the judge if he could be found guilty of conspiracy. the judge responded that they
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could. he is accused of accepting more than $245,000 in payments from shoppers food warehouse in exchange for political favors. >> a woman will spend 15 years in prison. the jury found her guilty for her role and the death of steven pitcairn last summer. >> and howard county man is recovering in shock trauma after police others shot him. when officers arrived and an industrial park, they found the suspect wandering around the seen waving a handgun. >> we have multiple officers who got out of the car and there was a confrontation at this location and he refused to drop the weapon and our officers fired multiple shots striking and. >> the man is identified as a 19-year-old and the officer who shot him as on routine administrative leave. ♪ >> about 1200 bge customers are
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waking up without heat or hot water. a contractor broke a 12-inch gas main cutting off service at 10:30 monday morning. bge crews will have to physically disconnected and reconnect service to each of the affected homes and businesses once the gas main is repaired. it could be days before that happens. >> pay up or don't come back -- reports show race organizers zero taxes and $1 million in fees for the grand prix. the city says it will terminate its five-year contract with baltimore racing development and find another developer at the debts are not paid. >> she was once the embodiment of the neighborhood but she is giving up her plans to trademark
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the word 'hunt.' after a week of consulted with a celebrity chef, she made this emotional retraction. >> going through this process, the reality is that it belongs to the people of baltimore. now baltimore is going to defend it. i don't have to hold onto it. i don't have to keep it. it was never mind to start with. >> she says sense of the hunt trademark erupted, she lost 15% of business. do you think the denise whiting statement is a sincere expression of regret or a pr mode. move? >> coming up, 40 degrees and still ahead, a discount
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warehouse is saluting veterans this week. >> for a generation, he was one of the toughest man on the planet, a look back on the life and career of smoke and joe frazier. >> details of what is next for dr. conrad murray. >> we are live in hershey, pa. at hershey park and i will tell you how you can get a chance to see how chocolate goes in the beans to your candy bar after the break. >> if you're getting ready to head out on south than 95, details of a big deal like developing of the beltway
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♪ >> all week long, we are playing"where's eva?" i am at hershey park and i learned about the job of making process. i did that at the hershey story museum in the chocolate lab. you were my instructor yesterday. >> yes, i was. i want to invite your viewers to join us in the chocolate lab located at the hershey story which is the museum on chocolate avenue and it is 1 mile away from the park. >> we get dressed up in our lab coats and hair nets and were ready to start the process. what are we making? >> you are making candy cane bars. that is no chocolate and white chocolate and a layer of fresh
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candy canes put together to make a delicious chocolate and confection. that is one of four holiday classes we're offering in the chocolate lab at the hershey stories starting on november 18. >> it was so much fun. you got to sit there and designer can be however you wanted it to be. >> your viewers can come in and make delicious chocolate treats and will teach them a little bit about chocolate is grown and processed. it is a lot of fun. >> you are learning how to do with hands on but you are instructing people out chocolate comes to be. >> the beans are inside that pot and they grow on trees in the rain forest all around the world. the trees can only grow within 20 degrees north and south of the equator. it is an interesting story. >> you mentioned the other class as you have coming up -- >> the first weekend in
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december, your viewers can come in and make a cute little krisp kringle. we will have artisans and craftsmen there and your viewers can walk around and look at all the arts and crafts and maybe purchase something if they are interested. we will also be offering a class called "let it snow chocolate." >> that is perfect for the holiday. you can eat it yourself or give it for a gift. we are live in hershey park all morning long. coming up next, we will give a clue where we are heading tomorrow. >> outstanding -- i am a big fan. >> i'm never coming back, i'm sorry. i had a job but for breakfast. >> that is the breakfast of champions. i'm a fan of snow and chocolate
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so i like the snow/chocolate thing. we will look forward to hearing the clue on where you will be tomorrow in our next half-hour. i've never been there around the holidays. they have all lights on. 37 degrees at the airport. like yesterday, there is some light fog areas and thickest on the eastern shore. there are school delays on the lower eastern shore and you can check those out of our website. we will see plenty of sunshine and the fog to burn off quickly and we will have another beautiful day. there is a system in the midwest that will inch its way over to the east coast. it will give us a chance for rain starting wednesday night into thursday. the weather will be fine until then. there are some big thunderstorms across the southern plains and even some snow on the backside of it. it loses its punch when it gets to the east coast. in the short term, high pressure will keep things nice and quiet.
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we talked about the storm yesterday off the southeast coast and it became a tropical storm called sean. it will stay offshore snow threat to the east coast. there will be big waves coming onshore around the delmarva beach this. es. mostly sunny today and it will be an outstanding afternoon with high temperatures in the upper 60's. overnight, partly cloudy skies, a chilly but not cold, with temperatures around 40. thickening clouds tomorrow and it will stay dry during the day on wednesday but we expect a chance for rain showers wednesday night into thursday as the system comes out of the plains. it will stay cooler into the weekend and a high temperature will be 53 friday, 58 saturday, and back into the 60's on sunday. the time is 6:16. >>." ng.d morni
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the accident on southbound 95 is off to the side. there are still some delays that stretch back to 295. another accident coming in not far from that at wilkins avenue. further south, was down 50 past sandy point state park, watch for delays coming off the bay bridge. we'll take a look at a moment but let's look at those delays and southbound 95 starting to flow once again for the accident is off to decide at the beltway southwest. you can see there is that accident on the west bound side taking up the left lane. states to the right and you can get by but be prepared for delays. >> taking a look at some of our top stories -- the boxing world is remembering former heavyweight champion joe frazier in known for his three fights against mohammad ali.
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he was the first fighter to beat mali and won a gold medal in the 1964 olympics. he had liver cancer over a month ago and went to hospice care and he was 67 years old. dr. conrad murray faces up to four years in prison. due to overcrowding, it is unlikely he will serve that long. he is being held in custody without bail and his formal sentencing is scheduled for november 29. the founder of facebook took a tour of his alma maters monday. mark zuckerberg a tour of cambridge, massachusetts. he dropped out of harvard in 2004 when he moved to california to launch the social networking site. ♪ >> more good news for the port of baltimore -- in addition to its booming cruise business,
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they exported a record amount of coal and imported record amount of salt in 2010. most of the exports were headed for china and that breaks a 20- year record. they expect 2011 to be as good if not better than 2010 which will ultimately lead to more jobs. sam's club and papa john's are saluting our military. >> good morning, more americans and a greater percentage of the elderly were poured into secretary of the treasury tim geithner that what the census bureau had reported back in september. new figures show that 16% of americans lived in poverty last year, not 15% and a new way of measuring shows the proportion of americans 65 and older was revised from 9% to 60%. college kids are bearing the brunt of the lousy economy.
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a growing number of students are hoping to get a head start on job hunting by graduating early from college. from ups, the company says it may hire 55,000 ups workers which is a 10% increase from last year. stocks are turning higher as the european central bank predicts the debt crisis will be under control within two years. sam's club is the latest company to salute the military. for those renewing with a $40 membership, sam's club will give you a $15 sam's club gift card. it is happening through of veterans day. will donate $1 for all its online orders through veterans day. >> the time is 6:20 and 40
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degrees. still ahead, an accident near the bay bridge is slowing down westbound traffic. >> they were expected to be the dream team of the nfc east but the season for philadelphia eagles' offense has been a nightmare. we will have highlights from last night's monday night football. >> don't forget to e-mail us your answer to the water cooler question. do you think the regret of trade marketing hte hun name is the sincere? >> there is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers --
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woman: working in public relations is not for the faint of heart. i love what i do, i enjoy the work, but it's a very hectic pace. ♪ don't want to miss a thing strayer university met my needs in terms of my family, my work/life balance. the fact that leading companies are hiring strayer graduates is impressive, but it's not surprising. these companies want us so badly. [ laughs ] i'm felicia blow, and i earned my m.b.a. from strayer university.
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>> traffic and weather together -- >> we are still dealing with a few problems out there with an accent clearing westbound on route 50 past sandy point state park. asimov of the bay bridge, some delays are still in place -- as you come off of the bay bridge, some delays are still in place. you can see the delays are easing up south of 395. caton ave and wilkins' seven know as an accident which is clearing up. we will start with 95 at 395 and
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the delays are clearing out southbound toward the earlier accident. let's switch to live view of traffic or there is an accident in place westbound rte. 50 off the bay bridge. you can see it taking up the left lane with delays prior to the bay bridge. that is the latest on traffic. >> good morning, everyone. we are off to a fairly quiet start with some fog like yesterday. there's even a few school delays in the lower eastern county -- eastern shore counties. it will turn out to be a beautiful day. we will make it up to 68 degrees this afternoon. a little rain in a seven-day forecast and will have that in a few minutes. >> now, 11 sports -- >> it is hard to reconcile with
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losses to jacksonville and tennessee. this bodes well for baltimore. john harbaugh was a sleepy but happy monday. >> it was a great win and we were excited and i think it was something we all felt great about after the game. you win in that environment against that team who we have respect for, in that manner, that will be something i think everyone should be excited about and i know the fans were, too. >> the bears and eagles on monday night football, we pick up in the second quarter. jay cutler had a great game but this play did not work out. there is a fumble and they go into the end zone. he never fumbles.
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fourth quarter, undaunted, 5- yard touchdown and chicago with a 27-24 lead. michael veeck completes but the throw was high. the eagles never got another chance. the final was 30-24. shortly, the orioles might be able to do some spending. later today they will announce their new baseball executive. >> high hopes, thank you. last week, we did trash talking with their sisters station and we made a bit over the outcome of the raven's-steelers game. it is time for their more anchor to pay up and they did. take a look. >> we are good to our words. we are wearing a purple and
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black. >> and somewhat purple pin stripes. >> it has been a summer morning. we will give you guys the wind. it was closed. >> keep in mind that baltimore is playing very well against the steelers this year. you have won twice but can you hang on to that division lead to? >> it is a long season. >> we are counting on you to lose a couple of times to help us. we will be watching you, baltimore. >> you won, we give it to you, take care. >> we should make them eat their terrible towels. >> the time is 6:28 and 40 degrees. still ahead, new details in the death of a wheelchair-bound man
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and why it is now being called a murder >> voters had to the polls today in baltimore for the city wide election. we will have a preview coming up. >> i'm alive and hershey, pa. where the sun is coming up over hershey park. i will tell you more about my
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>> live, local, late-breaking - this wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning, welcome back. >> thank you so much for joining us. a great day for golf? >> you reminded me. it will be a beautiful afternoon with a little bit of thought to start the day like yesterday but it will be outstanding and as nice as it gets this time of year. the high temperature will be around 68 just like yesterday. when we come back, we will look at the seven-day forecast. >> the voters in baltimore will head to the polls today for the citywide election but how many people will turn out to? >>kim dacey joins us live with details. it is an election that many
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people don't know what is happening today. >> that's right, people are waking up and finding out about it. the election today is for baltimore city mayor but there'll also be ballots for city council and city comptroller. how many will show up at the polls today? during the primary election in september, turnout was at an all-time low at 22% down from 48% because there are far more registered democrats than republicans. a lot of attention was focused on the democratic primary. mayor stephanie rollins by came out on top of she is not running unopposed -- mayor stephanie rawlings blake came out on top but she is not running unopposed. >> i am not a career politician. this is my first time going into
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politics. i have community experience, lived abroad for six years. >> polls are open from 7:00 this morning until 8:00 tonight. stay with us for the latest on the elections throughout the day and the results tonight. >> the frostburg state university student accused of stabbing to death a fellow classmate tells a judge she did not do it. she is being held without bond and charged with murdering her fellow students. court documents the shows she denied stabbing the students over the weekend for this of the second off campus death of a frostburg state university in less than two years. the federal judge has sentenced a prince george's county man to more than eight years in prison for distributing child pornography. the 64-year-old will spend 100 months in prison. investigators found more than 42,000 images and 670 videos on
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his computer. he later confessed to traffic in child porn for the last six years. after his release, he will register as a sex offender. out of howard county, investigators have determined a quadriplegic man found dead in his home eight months ago was murdered. in february, the 51-year-old was found dead. there were no obvious signs of foul play but detectives began investigating the case as suspicious. after an autopsy, investigators determined that someone gave him a deadly overdose. >> slow and steady is the order for the slot revenue. they brought in a combined $12 million for the month of september which is the same amount they have drawn for the past eight months. hollywood casino drew $9.1 million while the location at ocean downs saw $3.8 million in sales. slots' abroad in a total of
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$55.8 million. -- slots have brought in a total of 58 -- $55.8 million. >> if you suffer from back pain, you may think it is in your genes. doctors at mercy medical center said back pain is brought on by lifestyle choices like smoking, obesity, or lack of exercise. >> there are many causes of back pay and but the most common is degeneration of the desks with in the spine. the desks are the question, the shock absorbers between the bone and the spine. >> the says about 90% of the cases, back pain can be relieved without surgery. >> now, traffic and weather together. >> good morning, we are dealing with some inner loop delays on the topside of the bill would do to a truck fire approaching
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green spring avenue. some have delays toward the jfx. 18 miles per hour on the outlook west side of around 795 down toward liberty. caton ave/wilkens ave look for an accident there are delays as you come off of the bay bridge on route 50. let's look at traffic in the area of park heights leading up to green spring. that is where we have a truck fire and some heavy backups developing on the inner loop. let's go to live view of traffic rte. 50 at sandy point. this accident is on the left shoulder on the west bound side. it is causing delay on the bay bridge. eva?e is she has a 5 pound piece of chocolate? >> good morning, yes, i did not
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know they made candy bars that big. i am in hershey, pennsylvania and yesterday i attended a cooking class. i learned how to make my own candy cane bark. they are getting ready for the holidays. you can see the light behind me and the roller coaster is out of season but that will be up in the spring. at a job that world, you can buy all the candy there and you can put your face on a candy bar. they have a green screen and you could take your picture and there you go. here we have it, my very own hershey's chocolate bar. this is the seven-day forecast for baltimore. we will be warming up into the upper 60's this afternoon with plenty of sunshine but clouds will increase to -- tomorrow as the storm system comes closer. it will cool down into friday and we try out on the weekend and start to warm back up. when we come back, we will
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announce michael for where i will be tomorrow. -- i will announce my clue for where i will be tomorrow. >> then weaken said eva is really sweet. >> she could make money off of that. auction of your candy bar with your picture. >> she says no way. >> the time is 6:38 and 40 degrees. we will take you to a bar that is byod, bring >> your own >> we are stildog. >> de do > dnise whiting;'s statement not to trademark the hun name is sincere? send us an e-mail.
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>> the owner of a bar in north london has turned his pub into a place for pups. they have special drinks named after dogs. that is so funny. there is no alcohol in the drinks. they are designed to appeal to the k nine pallet.
6:42 am
this has boosted business and the customers appreciate a place to go with their furry friends. if you have a big dog and i don't know how that works but little dogs seem happy. >> at dinner time, i try to tell my dog to get off the table. a lost a baby bear cub caused a stir in virginia sunday. the cub was separated from its mother and climbed a tree in a residential portsmouth neighborhood. animal control is notified but before they could get there, the bear climbed back down and ran off into the woods. >> he is cute. the time is 6:42. we will check in and see where is eva this morning plus your answer to our water cooler question of the day. >> traffic is not moving on the topside of the belt way. >> it will be a beautiful day but we have a little bit of rain
6:43 am
to talk about with the seven-day forecast and a few minutes. here is the beautiful sunrise in progress.
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>> city police are investigating or night stabbing and the victim was found after 2:30 this morning. was taken to an area hospital and is being treated for multiple stab wounds. no word on his condition. baltimore city fire investigators are looking to determine what sparked a house fire in northwest baltimore overnight. the fire was called in before 12:30 in the 5300 block of buford avenue. a team of 44 firefighters brought the fire under control but the family living there will
6:46 am
have to find a new place. no one was injured. anchoring the community, cafe hun owner denise whiting is giving up on her effort to copyright the word 'hun.' she consulted with chef gordon ramsey and she made an emotional retraction. she says since the trademark controversy erupted, she lost 15% of business. >> that brings us to your answers for watercolor question. >> do you think that her decision not to trademark the name is a sincere statement of regret or a calculated pr move. >> james says it is obvious this is a calculated move and poorly calculated at that. >> friend says she is taking
6:47 am
someone's advise and trying to appear less crazy. you can see the results on our website, >> now traffic and weather together. >> it is not pretty on the north side of the beltway, dealing with heavy delays that stretch back approaching reisterstown road and 50 miles per hour approaching green spring -- and 15 miles per hour approaching the green spring. it will be awhile before the problem is cleared up. 14 miles per hour on the outer loop with a delayed that stretches back toward reisterstown toward edmonton. delays are in place on southbound i-395 and if you want to go west on route 50 off the bay bridge, watch for that accident that is being cleared from the left shoulder. this is the pace of things not
6:48 am
moving much at all at par kites. in our live traffic is backed up close to 795 and continuing until you get to just prior to green spring. we have all but one lane getting by. let's switch to a live view of the accident on westbound 50. there is still a bit of a back up on the bay bridge. where in the world is eva? hershey, pa. this morning. >> good morning, this is heaven. there's more to do in hershey and just eat chocolate. there are animals. here is an interesting animal theme we found him roaming around current. >> we have many things to do at hershey park and one of those is a zoo. we have animals native to north
6:49 am
america and this is one of our ambassadors. he is moe, the striped skunk and he is used in our educational programs. children can come and have a birthday party at the zoo and moe is one of our painting skunks. he is often used in that way and he seems to enjoy his life and his work at the 0. >> you de-scented him? >> that has to be done at a young age. he is an enjoyable animal to work with. >> you guys are looking forward to christmas season and santa will lend you his reindeers? >> that's right, they will arrive friday night and they will be trained. they have to get conditions for the big night. we have nine live reindeer at christmastime in hershey park. they are available to all of our guests to see and enjoy.
6:50 am
>> so much fun coming up in hershey for the holiday. there are skunks that paint and santa's reindeer street lots of fun at hershey park. i'll give you a hint of where i will be tomorrow. it is not where i am but where i can go, join me and her majesty as we prepare a foddie feast. this will be posted on our facebook page. we will choose and the winners of people got it right to make when a wbal priz epack. >> i think you will skunk people with bad clue. -- with that clip. >> we have to kick it up a notch. >> go to our facebook page and click on the close. clue.
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we'll talk to you again during the next half-hour. the chocolate is good that the decorations are fantastic. 37 degrees at the airport right now. there is a little bit of thought this morning but not as thick as yesterday. the biggest flaw is on the lower eastern shore counties -- the biggest fog is on the lower eastern shore counties. it's beautiful sunrise is in progress. to the west, there is when coming in across portions of missouri back into the southern plains and some big thunderstorms there and snow on the backside of that system. this will move over to the east coast. this will probably not be in until wednesday night and thursday but it will make it to the east coast and we will wind up with a little bit of rain. it will lose its punch would just scattered showers. we should wind up with some nice weather after that. mostly sunny skies today, the high temperature this afternoon will be in the upper 60's and
6:52 am
the average height is 59. the sun will set this meeting at 2 minutes before 5:00. chile but not call tonight, we will drop down to around 40. thickening clouds tomorrow and it should stay dry during the day. often on rainshowers during the day thursday. 57 on thursday and drive friday and saturday and 53 on friday but we should get back into the 60's on sunday. an outstanding forecast for today, and joy. -- enjoy. >> voters will head to the polls in baltimore today to elect a mayor and other city officials. kim dacey joins us live with details. >> good morning, the most publicized race is that for mayor. voters will also be voting for city council and city comptroller.
6:53 am
how many voters will show up at the polls during the primary election in september, turnout was at 22%, down from 48% in 1999. there are four more registered democrats in this city, a lot of attention was focused on the democratic primary. mayor's staff and make rulings by came out on top and she is not running unopposed. alfred griffin will be on the ballot. polls are open from 7:00 this morning until 8:00 tonight. stay with us for the latest on the elections and the results tonight. >> the time is 6:43 -- 6:53 and 40 degrees. >> we will look at traffic and weather together coming up.
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>> we have a tractor trailer fire on the north side of the bellwether. we have three right lanes closed on the envelope approaching green spring avenue. 17 miles per hour on average through that stretch. 12 miles per hour on the west side on the outer loop and southbound to 95 from 32 is jammed. let's look at that delays. on the topside northwest corner, it is just a mass, not moving as you make your way from 795 toward the area of green spring. the three let lanes are closed. -- the three right lanes are closed. >> we will have great weather
6:57 am
but it will not help those folks. >> weather-wise, it is a gorgeous morning but a little bit on the chilly side pretty touch of fog that to burn off quickly and this afternoon will be as nice as it gets for this time of year, 68 degrees with sunshine. average height is 59 degrees. >> call it occupied love. they met at a protest and got married there. we will take heed to their wedding during the 7:00 hour. >> how romantic. we will continue to fall delays in the big problem on the beltway. >> thanks for joining us for a 11 news today. >> follow breaking news and whether any time at and states connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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>> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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