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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  November 8, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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moment of my life. >> sadr currie said -- senator currie said he was not soured by the trial. when asked what he would have done differently, he replied, i have no idea. his defense team said that its scene out and whisked him away. -- it said that was enough and whisked him away. >> get the verdict as it comes down. you can sign up for our free breaking news and text of alert. the baltimore city police officer is recovering after being dragged during a drug investigation. he approached a pickup truck to talk to the people inside. that is when officers say the driver took off. the officer became entangled in
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the vehicle and was drive -- dragged for two blocks. he was able to fire two shots, but did not hit anybody. police are looking for a gold late model pickup. >> for more news -- for more on the bridge news reported yesterday, authorities say they received calls of a person with a weapon. jeffrey nichols was shot when he refused to put down his weapon. also, police believe in it quadraplegic man found dead in his home was murdered. andoxycodon parent aqsa cot
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overdose. it was discovered during the autopsy that someone apparently gave him the overdose. >> jane miller is live in the newsroom with the latest on the grand prix. >> the mayor is still a fan of the racing event, but there is doubt about its future. >> stephanie rawlings-blake acknowledged the grand prix troubles. a splashy event for baltimore, but besieged by debt and vendors. >> i have concerns about the management. >> yesterday, city hall told the developers to pay their debt by the end of the year or the city pulled out of the deal. the city says is owed about $1.5 million.
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a number of vendors complained they have not been paid either. the city spent nearly $7 million on roadwork for the event. a study last week showed the event generated about $47,000 in economic impact, far short of what's promoters promised. >> i am pleased by every day that goes by. while there have certainly been detractors, people coming up to me and telling me what a wonderful experience they had, it was definitely a chance to showcase baltimore on a world stage. we just need to make sure that it matches the magnitude of the event. >> the deadline for deciding about next year's event, which is scheduled for labor day next year, the mayor said they will see what happens by the end of the year first.
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>> thank you, jane. the ge said it could be days before service is fully restored to 900 south baltimore customers. a contractor had a 12-inch gas main. -- hit a 12-inch gas main. >> it is going to be a long night for p.g. crews are here at locust. -- bge cruise out here at locust point. this is the 1400 block of locust point, which is considered the west side of this gas main. there are about 900 customers that will not have gas for another couple of days. it is a tedious process to get the gas back on line. >> it was around 10:30 a.m. when a construction crew working on the bridge project on forde avenue and locust point hit a gas main, knocking out gas to
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about 4000 customers. >> you could see the pipe there. it was a 12-inch main. it was an awful smell. >> bill has lived in this area since 1979 and has never seen anything like it. >> the operator, when the machine busted it, he saw the dark fly up in the air and he knew something was wrong and backed away from it -- the direct flight out of the air and he knew something was wrong and backed away from it. >> officials said they have figured out how to reroute the line to restore a portion of service to about 100 customers on the west side. for another 900 customers on the east side, a long and tedious process -- possibly several days -- because officials have to enter each home twice. >> wants to turn the gas off and make the repairs, and then we go back in to make sure we can't introduce the gas into that -- that we can introduce the gas
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into that individual building. >> the nice weather helps, too, meaning they will not have to use their heat. >> it has not been too bad. they have been out trying to get the job done as quickly as possible. and of course, what they're thinking about is the resident's safety, and i appreciate that. >> for some residents and business owners, it is a double dose of bad news. the walkway is now shut down. >> they are telling me today it might come back on. hopefully it does. if not, hopefully tomorrow morning. what can we do? >> for folks who went out of town or on vacation, not a good time to go. officials will probably go door- to-door with police and a locksmith to try to gain entrance into people's homes. you can hear behind me is a very active scene and probably will
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be for quite some time. >> thank you. the howard county health department says a resident at the senior foot -- this senior putte living facility has died of legionnaires' disease. he lived at the lighthouse facility in ellicott city. he died last week. there do not seem to be any other cases among residents. city officials have discovered two cases of legionnaires' disease inside a ham and nursing home. -- hamden nursing home. they began showing symptoms in september, but have since made a full recovery. a bottled water investigation is underway. education alert, the number of students attending baltimore county schools has gone up for the fourth year in a row. but where is the growth and why? for some answers, we go to tim
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tooten, joining us from the newsroom with more. >> baltimore county school officials are not surprised by these latest numbers, which are being released tonight. they want to make sure they put resources where they need it the most. you'll be hard-pressed to find an empty seat in this school cafeteria at sparks elementary. it is a sign of growth taking place, especially in northern baltimore county. >> it is a testament to the schools in the area, not just sparks, but the entire feeder system out in the harford zone. parents want their kids to be here. >> it is attributed to a growing student body. the largest increase is taking place among the district's elementary schools. right now, more than half are overcrowded. a dozen others are extremely overcrowded.
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six portable classrooms have been added at sparks to help deal with the problem. >> the six portable classrooms help us to maintain the class sizes that are within the county guidelines. >> but there is concern among the teachers' union that student wrote could eventually lead to larger losses. >> the workload involved with just one or two extra children, especially at the lower level, is immense. a means that much more riding and even telling parents and contacting them. emailingmore riding and a parents and contacting them. >> to see those numbers, go to our websites and click on education alert. >> you have almost a couple of hours to get out and vote in baltimore city.
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>> he will not be waiting long because of low voter turnout. that story, next. >> a defiant herman cain says the woman accusing him of sexual harassment are not telling the truth. >> a long distance tret staring at the ravens and a new challenge for the orioles. >> and the beautiful fall weather is about to come to an end. some changes coming this way. right now, mild in baltimore.
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>> it is election day in baltimore city and if you're headed to the polls, i will talk on a limb and say you will probably not have to -- i will go out on a limb and say you will probably not have to stand in line. mayor stephany rawlings-blake cast her ballot this morning and is expected winner -- is expected to be the winner in the mayoral race. >> embattled gop presidential candidate herman cain is denying once again that he has ever sexually harassed a one. >> this comes one day after a woman publicly accused him of sexually inappropriate behavior. >> herman cain says the woman who are accusing him of sexual
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harassment are lying. herman cain is on the offensive, denying sexual harassment allegations in an interview on yahoo! >> i can categorically say i have never acted inappropriate with anyone at all. >> and he says that includes the bolon you recently publicly accused him of sexual the illicit behavior -- includes the woman who recently publicly accused him of sexually illicit behavior. during a round of interviews, she said she had no financial motivation to come forward and knew her motives would be questioned. >> i expected it and i still knew i had to come forward. >> very common to feel embarrassed, humiliated, and
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afraid. >> and that is why she said she did not report it 14 years ago, because she was embarrassed. >> many women who are facing sexual harassment are afraid to speak up. they're accused of being gold diggers or whenever they are accused of. -- whatever they are accused of. >> hermine kaine still remains at the top of the gop field. -- hermann kaine still remains at the top of the gop field. gresko than normal temperatures in the morning -- >> cooler than normal morning temperatures and warmer temperatures in the afternoon. we had 71 at b.w.i. marshall. that is 12 degrees warmer than the normal for the eighth day of november. we are only supposed to be kidding about 59 for the normal
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now. -- hitting about 59 for the normal now. across the mid-atlantic we are underneath an area of strength in high pressure. unsettled weather into western ohio. the temperatures should cool off rapidly again for the next few hours. 56 in parkton, 54 already in salsbury. ocean city has already cooled off to 48 degrees. once again, the outlying suburbs will be much cooler overnight and in downtown baltimore. in the suburbs and 40's downtown. this new tropical storm will likely be kept off shore. it looks like tropical storm
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sean will stay off the coast, but it may impact us because the next heavy front in eastern oklahoma and -- parts of oklahoma and texas. as long as john is out there it will disrupt the flow of that front. this storm is expected to get a little bit stronger. it is expected to begin as it heads toward the atlantic. -- it is expected to get weaker as it has toward the atlantic. mostly clear skies actors are morning fog and and thursday this storm comes in from the west. the rain will change front snow in the mounds -- mountains.
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a decent day in the mountains tomorrow until tomorrow night. and then the showers arrive and that changes to wet snow on thursday with the temperatures in garrett county on thursday only in the low 40's and getting colder on friday. the lower eastern shore, a slight chance for scattered showers on thursday with highs in the low 60's. this weekend in the pacific northwest, a good chance for showers. rain off and on and in a 40's. temperatures will trend downward for the next three days locally. gusty winds and a lot coldiron federer instead. -- colder on veterans day. back into the low 60's by sunday.
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>> this is 11 sports. >> we will hear from raven's head coach john harbaugh in just a moment. but first, the news from camden yards today as the orioles introduced their new leader in the warehouse. dan duquette takes over as the new executive vice president for baseball operations. >> i would not be here standing in front to be today if i did not believe i could have an impact and turn this franchise around to get it to be competitive and then to a championship level. i am a builder. every place you go has their own distinct challenges. >> 83-thousand mile -- a 3,000 mile retreat lies ahead. it -- road trip lies ahead.
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their record currently is a trend that john harbaugh hopes to see changed this coming sunday. >> you just look at it and take it for what it is. the record could be better. it could be worse. we have run some good games against some good teams and we have let some slip away that we should not have. we just have to continue to improve because the next challenge will be the toughest challenge. >> more tonight on wbal radio. kerry williams will be our guest and you can hear our interview coming up right after tonight's newscast. you can also see it on wbal +. it appears the fallout will continue for the penn state football program. the "the new york times" reporting today that head coach joe paterno's era will end
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within days, if not within weeks. the board of regents is losing confidence in its head coach. the fallout stems from recent charges of sexual abuse of children facing the former defensive coordinator todd gerrie sandusky, who is not a relative of mine -- coordinator, jerry sandusky, who is not a relative of mine, i want to emphasize that.
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>> tonight at 11:00 p.m., not guilty, that is the verdict in the trial against ulysses carry. -- ulysses currie. and polling shows a low voter turnout. why the apathy? we will have more.
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>> it was a pretty today. >> beautiful stuff out there. another repeat performance tomorrow. maybe icloud or two in the afternoon, but another nice day. showers on thursday. possibly just barely making it into the 50's on veterans day with gusty winds. by sunday, heights back into the low 60's. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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