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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  November 9, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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joe paterno has been a part of penn state football for five decades. he has announced this will be his final season. >> silent as he left his house this morning,joe paterno wept openly as he told staff and then players that this would be his final year at penn state. he made the decision to retire to make things as easy as possible on the board of trustees who he says has more important matters to discuss. this is a tragedy. is one of the worst sorrows of my life. with the benefit of hindsight, i wish i had done more. an artist removed jerry sandusky from a mural of coaches in downtown. it one of the alleged attack
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took place at the athletic facility at the university. the question of a cover-up still lingers. the school to talk athletic director has been indicted as well for lying during a grand jury. there continue to be indications that university president will resign or be fired by the end of the day. >> it will take time and the efforts of everybody involved at the university to get back to where we deserve. >> a reputation that joe paterno worked so hard for for six decades. that is why many people do not understand why he when he was told of the situation, he only told his supervisors. >> it i think he blew it treated is not about going to your higher ups. is about going to authorities. >> the university board of trustees continues their
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investigation as well discussing amongst several issues whether they will allow joe paterno to finish out of coaching this season. >> it i have to wonder, what is the mood on campus among the students and current and former players? >> i think it is rough because they fall into two categories. everybody is embarrassed and ashamed of what happened to the program. very sad for the victims. there is a real concern that list could grow as it becomes more public. there is a sense of sadness for coach joe paterno. he has dedicated his life to the school. they hate for him to go out the way he is right now. they understand the focus needs to be not on the coach or the nittany lions but those who were victimized. >> it will be a long healing process. >> speaking of former players, there was a lot of instead
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alumni who were devastated to learn of the scandal. the former running back for the baltimore ravens played for penn state. >> lidel mitchell played under joe paterno and jerry sandusky. mitchell says he was blindsided by the allegations and the involvement of the penn state football program to report it is a sad day. i think we all feel that. >> and state alumnus and former baltimore colts alumnus was as shocked as anyone to learn about jerry sandusky. he had to started working with pan state during his freshman year. >> i don't know what to think. obviously we'd never suspected anything like that.
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we had never seen any tendencies like that. >> you can't make any excuses for him or say he was sick or this or that. it is what it is. it is unfortunate. >> while at penn state, mitchell was coached by joe paterno the was only at the program for a couple of years. he says he is not only a great football coach, but a great person. >> he let him know what he knew. i guess what it comes down to when people look at it, why did you not go further? i guess that will always be the question. why did you not move forward with his entire to other people. >> he says it is unfortunate that after all paternal accomplished to be remembered -- all joe paterno accomplished to go out this way. he is retiring at the end of the season.
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>> it is the victims who are involved. that is what we have to remember. it is much bigger than football. it is a shame these things have happened. we just don't want to get caught up in the football and all of this and that and forget about them. >> coming up at 6:00, he shares his thoughts on the future of the penn state football program. >> thank you. will you still support penn state football? we want to hear from you tonight. we will tabulate the results and oppose them on >> a man will spend the rest of his life behind bars. sentencing came down a couple of hours ago. he was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. green was convicted of the attempted murder of shaw in
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2009. he was a customer when green walk in and almost immediately shot and killed him. he then robbed and shot the owner of the store. police captured him in baltimore city with a shootout with officers. fire crews responded to the 5900 block where mobile homes were dealing with electrical damage to appliances and other equipment. bge was on the scene and found in the hour. hundreds of residents who have been without heat or water might to finally see their service restored. bge tennessee love the news that are making good progress on restoring gas service. at this point after construction crews had a gas main. utility crews say repairs could wrap up tonight.
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more than 200 contractors and out of state personnel working on the problem. it is important to call the program to schedule a restoration of the service if they are not home. >> a woman is in critical condition at the baby burn center after police say she caught fire in her backyard. it happened just before 3:30 on tuesday. the 57-year-old woman initially caught fire in the backyard and walked inside for help. her 84-year-old father try to put the funds out and was injured in the process. a number of spot fires broke out in the middle of the home. there were some -- there was some flammable liquid where the woman caught fire. no word on what caused the fire to bring out initially. baltimore police are looking for an armed robber. he made off with $300 in cash. that is at a shell station. he is about 6 feet tall with a
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thin build. if you know anything called metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7- lockup. >> courtney mccoy's viewing will be this friday at the funeral home on east preston street pretty following the on saturday, a funeral will be held on primrose avenue. the woman accused of stabbing mccoy was denied bail. she is facing first and second- degree murder charges. >> it will be cooler air around the region today, but a good deal of sunshine and did not a bad weather pattern for early november. things cannot turn nasty in the mid atlantic. for now it is dry and mild. temperatures in the 50's. no immediate threat although there are light showers and sprinkles occur -- approaching
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dear to county to our west. that is likely to track through here during the day tomorrow. behind it gusty winds and a much colder air. a lot of the chilly winter air will filter in here in time for veterans day. we will check out the 74 cast in a few minutes. --7 day forcast in a few minutes. >> a nose dive on wall street. stocks were hammered after bad news about italy and greece. stocks fell more than 3%. it is the largest drop of the dow since september. the nasdaq fell almost 4%. the s&p 500 lost 47. of the day. the state of the economy will be the main topic as the republican candidates debate tonight on cnbc. it might be a chance for them to break through the nonstops
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sexual allegations coverage of top candidates herman cain. >> it is a debate side to that says "talk about jobs." the auto industry is bouncing back but michigan's unemployment is over 11%. u.s. stock prices dive with word that italy might to default. the first gop debate in three weeks tonight on cnbc will focus on the economy. jon harwood is one of the nominators per >> everybody is anxious thinking washington does not have the >> i don't think we need to hear about herman cain's sexual liaison or anything. >> the crisis will, a jury yesterday he called his main accuser trouble. she says today she is ready to
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do more. it joined was a second came accuser to let her name be used. she says she will do a news conference if other accusers will do it with her. >> i will. i encourage the other women who have not come forward to please do so. >> a potential disaster for herman cain. >> it will be unpleasant. i think we can all dread that particular moment. >> tonight is a moment for herman cain to talk about 9-9-9. for rick perry to talk up texas jobs. for the rest of the gop field to showcase their ideas on how to put america back to work. >> from rochester, michigan, i am steve handles men. >> in local politics, blake will
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be serving her first term as mayor. she won with 87% of the vote. not that many people bother to vote. only 10% of the city's registered voters showed up at the polls. >> i am not sure i know what a dead at oyster looks like. >> i have no idea either. the site is becoming too familiar to maryland watermen. we find out what is causing the problem and address were concerns the problem will spread. >> a possible breakthrough in medical research. could we be closer to a vaccine for cancer? >> the drive against pittsburgh and really goes down one of the greatest ever. what was going through flacco's what was going through flacco's
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>> president obama has signed a disaster declaration for the district of columbia. it comes after a request from mayor vincent gray. the initial repairs to the washington cathedral are expected to cost $15 million. there are also schools and other government buildings in the of work as well. funds could also go to repairing
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future emergencies. there is a broken water main causing problems in downtown baltimore this evening. it broke in the 200 block of east saratoga street. when a plane had to be shut down while crews made repairs. -- one lane had to be shut down while crews made repairs. >> an experimental vaccine developed by the national cancer institute is showing some promise in treating advanced breast cancer. it was used -- cancer did return within two months. survival was about 15 months. four years later, when patient remains cancer free. researchers say that small victory gives them hope the taxing could one day work for other patients. with all the competing claims on store shelves, a trip to the grocery store can be confusing to health-conscious shoppers.
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but claims to be healthy can be loaded with sugar and calories. be wary of bold claims on the box. the usda and fda have a vague guidelines for what can be advertised as half the pure >> you have to look at the nutrition facts. >> don't forget to compare the nutrition laborers -- labels. how many calories does it have? you may be surprised how many products look the same that are different. speaking of salt, we always hear how you be to cut back on salt. i admit that i love salt. a new study suggests that cutting your sodium intake could raise your cholesterol levels. that is not a lot but possibly put them at a higher risk for heart disease. other experts say the study itself is too small to come to any real conclusion. >> now, your 11 insta-weather
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forecast with chief meteorologist tom tussle mire. "a little chilly in the morning. so far hd doppler continues to show dry weather along the atlantic. changes are coming to with the cold front sitting off to the north and west starts to slide into the area. it will reach us tomorrow. look at the snow coming down in the upper peninsula in michigan. we do have to deal with some changing weather conditions. a first batch of showers should get here probably tomorrow morning and track around the state. it has been a decent november day. 59 degrees is the normal height. we are still a little bit above normal. at 35 degrees this morning. a slightly cool for a normal night to day of november. the record low is 25 degrees set in 2003. there is a line of showers
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coming out of eastern ohio and western pennsylvania. it is 54 in oakland. still pretty mild state wide. areas are mostly in the upper's -- the upper 50's. not a whole lot of rain expected tonight. you can't rule out a passing shower after a dye. the bulk of the rain will be traveling -- you can see it is not a big rainmaker. this will be scattered showers line up along the front edge coming through. when it passes by, winds will start to cool things off. with the increasingly cloudy skies and a light southerly breeze, temperatures will not drop into the 30's like last few nights. as winds shift to the northwest temperatures will not have a chance to rise at all. highs in the mid '50s. sunrise at 6:54. gust over 20 knots at times in the afternoon with a 1 foot shop
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on the open waters of the bay. all of this because of a cold front going through ohio and into the gulf coast. this will come to the mid- atlantic tomorrow. much colder air tomorrow. the same air will push trouble stormed sean out to sea. as it makes the push into the atlantic, it may come close to bermuda sometimes friday passing just to the northwest of the island. the sky is clear tomorrow night. maybe a couple of inches on the highest ridge tops and garrett county. clearing skies as we head into the weekend. the weekend is looking nice. if we go into western maryland, the rain will be mixing over to snow in the afternoon. a high of only 40 degrees and snow showers with a couple of inches on 35. eastern shore the emphasis will be on a windy conditions. highs only around 50 on friday.
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winds gusting over 25 miles per hour. a couple of scattered showers tomorrow and much cooler on friday. tomorrow and around baltimore, scattered showers in around 55 degrees. veterans day will be cool and windy. temperatures will be in the 40's only hitting 54 a few hours in the afternoon. it will be sunny on saturday and partly cloudy on sunday. >> michael jackson fans would give anything to come much as anything of his to call their own. >> now fan will buy the king of pop's deathbed. what else is going up on the auction block just ahead.
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>> the ravens say they have
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moved on over sunday night's win over pittsburgh. it is because they have moved on does not mean we have to just yet. pete gilbert 61 more look at the best moment of joe flacco's career. >> i was curious to see what was going through their minds when joe flacco was delivering on the game-winning drive. >> even when they had 92 yards, the ravens were like we still got it. i was like, if you say we got it. we got it. >> the kind of drive in which legends are built. one that he gave him a entire new level of resonate. >> there was some communication going on. they are the steelers. they could come from anywhere.
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joe would get us in the right play. he was pleased. to be a part of it, it is more impressive. >> flacco triste the moment i he does anything else, with flat line demotion. >> -- flat line emotion. >> it was not easy, but i don't think anyone was thinking that. execute the play and see where it takes us. >> flacco handled adversity pretty well. >> it means a lot for joe to keep going. he knows what kind of player i can be. that is what being a pro is all about. i plan on getting there sooner than later. >> what this meant going forward we will soon find out. the next time the ravens find
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themselves in the need of a lengthy game-winning drive, they want to think he can do with, they will know. >> making over the city's homeless shelters with a splash of color. a program with the st. vincent depaul baltimore. the homeless shelte for women and children are among 51 homeless shelters along the nation being painted. they will paint the inside of the shelters including better, common areas, and a dining rooms. >> there is no better feeling than giving back, particularly for people whose lives are in turmoil and could use some help. >> it would also handle minor repairs on walls and ceilings as well. >> they say it is amazing what a coat of paint can do. >> anybody with bwi knows things
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can get crowded there. >> the airport is getting a wonderfully dollar expansion. -- a $100 million expansion.
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>> >> add the oyster bar in the
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upper bay today, the department of natural resources did not find one life oyster. what has become of the oysters in the upper chesapeake bay? many have found dead oysters, above the bridge. >> it seems to be limited to two areas. losing any oysters never seems to be good for the bay. rob roblin has our story at 530. >> you are on the chesapeake bay. it is estimated there are over 1000 or oyster bars. some as small as a few acres and some as large as 3,000 acres. >> today we went to one of those oyster bars at the mouth of the river. at this 29 acre park, things were not good. >> this is a dead worcester. he is fairly recently dead. it is fairly clean inside. it gives us an indication.
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in this particular part there is nothing for them to work on. this bar was planted with seed oysters in 2006. we should have been finding some oysters here. >> the need a certain amount of salt to survive. heavy rains last spring in the tropical storms cut a lot of fresh water on the bay dropping salt content in this area and killing oysters. >> this bar is pretty much gone. it is obvious. >> it is gone as far as live oysters are concerned. >> how long will it take for worcester's to produce here again? >> that is an excellent question. in the upper bay we have very low reproduction up here. >> they say this is just a small percentage of the total oyster population in the bay. >> roughly 2% of the oyster grounds were affected appear.
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it is a small percentage but that does not mean it is not important. >> things are looking fairly decent and other areas of the bay. >> right now and this oyster bar, they may not see it live oysters again for years. >> it may take 10 years before we get more up here. >> here is a look at some of the other top stories this hour. this will be the last season as head coach for legendary joe paterno. he has decided to step down at the end of this season after a disturbing child sex abuse scandal. meanwhile, a ninth victim has come forward alleging he was abused as a young boy by jerry sandusky. a young man sentenced in a killing in a shooting at the convenience store will spend the rest of his life behind bars. he was charged with the murder
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and attempted murder of shaw. he was a customer at the store when green walked in and shot and killed him. the police shut down part of i 83 this afternoon. at this time it is back open. figgero manage to escape from central booking by scaling the fence in an employee parking lot. he was arrested for driving without a license and a drug charges. >> just off another record month for the number of passengers travelling in and out of bwi marshall airporrt. they will expand once again to make traveling to the airport a better experience. it is expected to take two or three years to complete. >> some major changes coming to
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bwi marshall over the next several years. some of them will be seen immediately. the reasons -- growth and the merger of southwest and airtran airlines. call it a case of good fortune good fortunebwi marshall is going through growing pains. >> we have to react to the marketplace. that is what is driving a lot of this. we want to get into the construction season this summer. that is why we are pushing as quickly as we can to make this happen. >> something travelers will notice right off the bat, next tuesday air-tran will move from concourse b two a. the tsa has set up and overflow security checkpoint below. also for those leaving a hotel
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shuttle, there will be designated pickup areas. in a couple of years is when the real changes will take place including linking together concourses a,b,c with a connector making it possible to access all three concourses at any time. also a nine lane security checkpoint will be installed and placed it between the congress is moving the delta ticket counters to concourse d. making this the main entrance to the airport. >> i don't know that they really need it to. >> some passengers had differences of opinion, all seemed pretty excited about it. >> i in not surprised they are expanding it. it is a great location being so close to washington and baltimore. >> as far as funding, the $100 million project will be fully funded by airport revenue. it should be completed by the
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summer of 2013. >> i think it is great that they are expanding on the airport. it makes it faster and accessible to people coming in and going out. >> if you would like a closer look at some of the artist renderings of the facility were to see how your trip might be affected, you can log on to our website. we have some helpful links. at bwi marshall, wbal tv news. >> the deputy secretary s transportation make the announcement today saying the funds would be used to enhance access to local affordable transportation to veterans. a 211 , an on-line directory will offer access to health care and food pantries. a1:click center for veterans will arrange transit needs. >> for veterans, health care
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does not begin and end at the door of a va hospital. it begins with getting to access the service. sometimes act -- sometimes accessing the service comes down to one of the most humbling things around -- do you need a ride? >> last week you recall we told you about how you can send leftover wheat hauling candy overseas to troops. we are happy to report that 300 pounds of candy, toothbrushes, and other dental supplies were collected for operation gratitude. the you can learn how to donate by clicking on the link at the top of our website and then click on "as seen on" right at the top. >> for millions of low-income families, high-speed internet may no longer be a luxury. >> how they plan to get to markets connected.
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-- kids connected.
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>> maryland the's first lady is trying to get victims of domestic violence a voice. examining the impact of the peace and how to better prevent it. today's program included a tribute to the late patricia. she was a big supporter of the victims of domestic violence. shebas' the founding share of the symposium. it is making sure of authorities on all levels are educated about it. >> italian prime minister says he will resign after implementing economic reforms demanded by the european union.
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it made the announcement yesterday after failing to secure a majority vote. it could be several more weeks before he actually leaves office. the prime minister was surrounded by controversy earlier in the year. >> arizona interstate was forced to close this morning after two tanker trucks closed. the crash happened around the chandler, arizona when a gary track craft carrying a mixture of diesel and gasoline. a thick black smoke rolled toward phoenix. it is unclear if there were any other injuries. >> i know this sounds more big, but you can now on michael jackson's deathbed. it is being held by a celebrity memorabilia auction house. the bet is among hundreds of items from the mansion where he spent his final days.
5:43 pm
a note from the chalkboard inside his kitchen that says "i heart daddy." the chalkboard is estimated to go for several hundred dollars. also for sale, shares with michael jackson's makeup stains on them. >> a rubber uses bug spray as a weapon of choice and a gas station and is caught on tape. iran 11:30 last night, three people walk into a gas station and what if you think. the came back later and won started spraying it with toxic bug spray. they bit off with a bag of cigarettes. the clock is doing ok and did not need any medical treatment. i hope he did not agree to deep. >> story had to that, a christmas miracle. >> a new tax on christmas trees is delayed. we will explain the department of agriculture's change of
5:44 pm
heart. >> a state of emergency. alaskas coaches -- alaskas coast is taking a beating.
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>> good afternoon. i am rod daniels per coming up at 6:00, find out what problems currie could face in annapolis. joe paterno's career is ending in a way many could have never imagined. got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go.
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be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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>> a six story hotel and other buildings have collapsed after a 5.6 earthquake hit and turkey. the first video showed that people trying to pull victims from the rubble in their bare hands. at least two collapsed buildings and rescue workers searching for people. at least 34 people are supposed to be trapped. less than three weeks ago, a 7.2 magnitude quake hit northeast of the same area. hurricane force winds are slamming the coast of alaska. wind gusts of over 85 miles per hour are creating a 35 foot waves. officials are warning residents to secure their homes and evacuate. the last time something similar to this happened was in 1974 when a storm surge is measured over 13 feet.
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>> alaska storm like a hurricane up their coming in through the western coast of alaska. blizzard conditions obviously any effect. several conditions along the west coast of alaska. here in the eastern united states, things are quiet. has been a nice couple of days in november. about to change a little bit but we stuck another nice one in today. a couple of degrees above the normal high. our record high was 78. at the record low of 25 degrees back in 2003. you could see the showers beginning to make their approach to the west. they are thinning out and falling apart a bit. at one time was a line of thunderstorms producing severe weather in the southern plains as a much weaker version approaching our region is about to cross the mountains and had to baltimore during the day tomorrow. we expect a few scattered showers. still in the low 50's statewide.
5:49 pm
a couple of showers roll into the mountains tonight. parts of washington county and allegheny county. maybe a light shower developing east of the front. the best chance of a shower would be in the afternoon. the cold air comes in and the rain starts to change the snow in the work maryland mountains because- 40's 4 lows once will stay out of the south. tomorrow with a fraud going by winds turned to the northwest. 10 to 15 mile per hour winds will get stronger toward the night. high temperatures now moving to tonight. small craft advisory with waves running 1 to two feet. big changes coming into the mountains. snow showers off and on friday. fretted temperatures in the 30's with one or 3 inches of snow on the highest elevations of
5:50 pm
garrett county. eastern shore not as bad but a couple of showers tomorrow. winds may gust over 25 miles per hour. the sky is clear and temperatures turned noticeably cooled. this is all associated with a cold front coming through ohio, eastern kentucky, and georgia. the front moving off of the coast will help protect us from tropical storm of sean. 1 65 miles per hour and may become a minimal category one hurricane in the next 24 hours as it gets pushed out to see northwest of bermuda friday morning and attracts up to the north atlantic friday afternoon. the seven day shows us friday most of the day in the 40's barely hitting the 50 degree mark in the afternoon. good-looking weekend with sunny skies on saturday and partly cloudy on sunday.
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>> into that to talk consumer alert, the have announced a plan to bring high-speed internet to some of the nation's poorest children. it will cost $9 a month which is only about one-fifth of the national average. big cable companies are throwing away behind the plan and say this is an investment in the america's future. >> for millions of low-income families, high-speed internet may no longer be a luxury. cable and computer companies are teaming up with nonprofits and the fcc to bring internet to some of the nation's poorest children. for less than $10 a month. >> whether we are talking about jobs or health care, getting on line is a necessity not a convenience. >> the program will be open to families with at least one child in the national school lunch program. the fcc says it will not cost
5:52 pm
taxpayers a dime. it is estimated that one-third of this country does not have high-speed internet. the major barrier has been subscription prices which average $45 a month. the cable providers including comcast have agreed to slash their monthly subscription rate. >> this is our opportunity to double out and make a bet on the future of our kids. >> a computer manufacturer is offering refurbished computers for prices starting at $150 per deprogram promises a head start for students like erica. an attempt to close the digital divide between a america's have and have-nots. microsoft says it is working on its own low-cost computer that will cost around $250. >> it appears the u.s. agriculture department is going to delay a new 15 cent fee on a
5:53 pm
christmas trees. the fee was requested by the national christmas feet -- christmas tree association in 2009. the fee was supposed to fund a federal program to promote and market christmas trees to benefit the industry. although the association said the program is not expected to have any impact on the price consumers pay for christmas trees, the announcement did draw criticism including some say in the that the president was the grinch who attacked christmas. this is not a christmas tree tax from the obama administration but a self-imposed 84 promotional campaigns similar to the dairy industry's "got milk" pain. >> thanksgiving is two weeks away, but in one town christmas was and everyone's mind. the 70 foot tall tree weighs 10 tons.
5:54 pm
the evergreen was hosted on a crane onto a trailer for the 3 hour trip to the big apple were the new york city tree lighting ceremony will be november 30. a top science professionals are heading back to school -- high school. how they plan to get more kids crunching numbers and at 6:00. >> giving away canes
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5:56 pm
>> a grass-roots effort to support military veterans is spreading all across the country enabling servicemen and
5:57 pm
women to get free state of the art canes. specialm's club, a thank you to veterans -- support in the form of collapsible canes. >> wherever you go you have to find it will place to put these things. this fall's up and you can put it on the table. the story quite pleased with it. >> they can get a free cane thanks to the support our troops campaign. each year free cans are given out in every sense club across the country including 12 here in maryland. >> amt medical does this every year. we have given a way 100,000 the cannes. it is a way for us to say thank you to the veterans' parade is a way to keep them up and connected to family and community. >> it reinforces what federal and state is all about. it is a nice feeling. i am proud to be here.
5:58 pm
>> for many veterans, they say it is the thought that counts. >> it is not the came, it is the gesture. to show some kind of that physical appreciation. >> in appreciation he says these men and women deserve. he sees more returning vets seeking care than ever before. >> if you want to see something heartbreaking, go to the rehab center. you see something that makes you really sick. it really does. war is. >> that is all for us at 5:00. here is what is coming up new at 6:00. >> center currie is acquitted by a jury of his peers. >> some big changes in store for bwi marshall. >> live, local, late breaking,
5:59 pm
this is wbal tv newsat 6:00. >> a federal jury may have acquitted currie, but 11 news has learned his troubles are far from over. state senator currie could be facing -- facing sanctions for failing to disclose his earnings from the food warehouse. >> more on his possible future at the statehouse. >> the possibility exists there will be two state house investigations. according to senate president mike miller, it is expected to conduct a separate comprehensive approach. it has broader to jurisdiction from everything from disclosure forms to conflict of interest complaint. >> state senator currie may have been acquitted


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