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tv   Today  NBC  November 11, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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what's in your hand? what's in my hand? it's an autographed picture of me. look again. it's an autographed picture of roker, the man your man could be if he were on where in the world, but he's not here. as a matter of fact -- >> oh, my lord. >> he's nowhere to be seen. but if al roker was me, he might be in a tropical paradise, and he could be throwing a beach party just -- >> back with more of "today" on this friday morning, the 11th day of november, 2011. that was the scene on barbados earlier this morning when matt as you just saw revealed his location on the fifth and final stop of his whirlwind where in
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the world adventure tour and looks like a good time was had by all and it's a great start for the weekend not only for him but for all of us. meantime here in new york city, i'm ann curry along with savannah guthrie and al roker and by the way, we should take a moment and mention to all the people who are possibly in our plaza, but also all around the country who have served our nation, that we want to wish you a warm veterans day. we cheer you. we love you and we are grateful to you so thank you. >> and to their families. >> that's right, because families serve being a military brat myself, families serve along onside their parents, mothers or fathers. coming up in this half hour you're going to be doing a little house hunting. >> our real estate guru barbara cork ran will show you exactly how far our money goes these days as we check out homes everywhere, from classic brick
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tudor in seattle to a woodlands retreat in the adirondacks, new york. you two ladies have social graces. >> that's nice to hear, thank you. that's a compliment. >> you'll do the correct thing i know. what if you're seated in ex-to somebody who is rude on the plane or your teenager get involved with something? we'll get a lesson innet quit from an expert and he is going to put savannah and natalie to the test. >> okay. >> it's weird that i feel nerve bus this. i don't want to fail the social test. >> you would not. what else is coming up? also ahead are you really hungry? dieters say they feel hungry all the time, that's why they can't lose the weight they want to. perhaps you're hungry for something else like fun or companionship. we'll examine some of the habits and why people feel like maybe it's not so much about being hungry but more about the emotional things and a lot of us eat for reasons other than hunger. i think we can all relate to that. >> i'm a comfort eater.
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>> i'd like to tuck in with a pot roast right now. >> i feel like ice cream is the answer. >> to everything, i know the secret to life. before we get to that, we'll now talk about the news and natalie is at the news desk for all of that. hey, natalie. >> good morning again, ann, all and savannah. good morning, everyone. a penn state coach at the center of the football sex abuse scandal will skip saturday's final home game because of threats. nbc's ron mott has the latest now from state college, pennsylvania. ron, good morning. >> reporter: hey, natley, good morning to you. assistant coach mike mcqueary is a key witness in this case against a former assistant, and because emotions are raw and potentially volatile, the university is keeping him away from tomorrow's big game. right now mike mcqueary is in the eye of the storm. the penn state scandal has cost football coaching legend joe paterno his job and several other high profile university officials theirs. mcqueary still holds one but he's been sidelined this weekend. in a statement thursday night
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the university said "due to multiple threats made against assistant coach mike mcqueary the university decided it would be in the best interests of all for mcqueary not to be in attendance at saturday's nebraska game." mcqueary saw former assistant jerry sandusky allegedly assault a young boy in a campus shower a decade ago. mcqueary told paterno who notified his boss, the athletic director. paterno hasn't been charged but his boss and another school official have been charged with failing to report the crime and perjury, both along with sandusky, deny the allegations against them. >> beat the best! >> reporter: paterno has reportedly contacted a prominent criminal defense attorney. governor tom corbett, the state's attorney general in 2009, when the current investigation into sandusky's alleged abuses began said there's plenty of regret to go around. >> every pennsylvanian who has any knowledge of this case feels a sense of regret and a sorrow
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to also see careers end, but we must keep in mind that when it comes to the safety of children, there can be no margin for error, no hesitation to act. >> reporter: in contrast to some of the rowdiness we saw on campus wednesday night, students organized a prayer vigil and candlelight vigil for tonight, trying to shift some of the focus back on to the victims of the sexual abuse. >> ron mott, thank you. last night on the eve of this veterans day the senate unanimously passed the first small piece of president obama's jobs package. it gives tax credits to companies that hire disabled veterans and improves counseling and training programs for veterans and troops about to leave the military. dr. conrad murray is in a los angeles county jail this morning awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. before that verdict murray made a key admission in an exclusive
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interview with savannah guthrie telling her he stepped away from a sleeping michael jackson just before he died and was gone for far longer than he had previously acknowledged. >> how could you really be monitoring michael jackson at the same time you're making calls, you're texting, you're e-mailing. were you distracted? >> no, i was not. when i looked at a man who was all night deprived of sleep, he was so desperate for sleep, and finally is getting some sleep, am i going to set over him, sit around him, tug on his feet, do anything unusual to wake him up? no. >> so you walked out of the room to talk on the phone? >> absolutely. i wanted him to rest. >> you said you were talking on the phone but you could see him? >> i could not see him from where i was talking. >> but you could hear him in. >> i would think if he got up and he called for me, i would hear him. >> if he stopped breathing, could you hear that? >> no, i cannot but he was not on an infusion that would cause him to stop breathing and that's the reason they talk about i was not supposed to be monitoring
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him at that time because there was no need for monitoring. >> you don't regret leaving the room? >> i regret that michael has passed. >> do you feel guilty that he died? >> i don't feel guilty, because i did not do anything wrong. i am very, very sorry for the loss of michael. michael is a personal friend. it's heartfelt. it's been painful. >> and you can catch our exclusive look inside michael jackson's bedroom monday on "today" and also see more about dr. murray on a special documentary tonight at 10:00 eastern on msnbc. our next story can be difficult to look at, but also shows what a little help can do. three months ago, this infant boy became the face of the famine in somalia. at 7 months old he weighed just seven pounds. now thanks to the international rescue committee he's been taken from his refugee camp to neighboring kenya, where with
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proper nutrition his weight has doubled and he's even started crawling. but as unicef reminds us, more than 2 million somalis still don't have access to food and they need your help. he's done it before and he's doing it again, billy crystal will host this season's academy awards, it will be his ninth time taking the stage. the 63-year-old comedian is stepping in, now that eddie murphy has stepped out, following the ouster of his producer brett ratner. crystal said he's doing it again so "the young woman in the pharmacy" will stop asking his name when he picks up prescriptions. it is 9:08. let's go back outside to al with a check of your weather. >> actually i came back in. >> oh, inside. >> that's all right, getting ready for barbara cork ran. what's happening as far as today is concerned, we got a big storm system coming in to the west coast, a lot of subtropical moisture wrapping around that. we're looking at a lot of rain from central into southern california, talking about anywhere from one to two inches
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of rain, so mountain snows back into the rockies, pacific northwest, looking at wet weather as well. lake-effect snow showers in the east, western new york, western p.a., northeastern ohio, look for sunshine along the gulf, temperatures on the chilly side in central florida today and windy conditions in the >> good morning.tes on i the weather will be a breezy and chilly. a mixture of sun and clouds. ♪ she's a brick house >> reporter: time for "today's
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real estate." what can you get for $400,000? our brick house contributor ba are bra cork ran is here with great buys. good to see you.. >> good morning, al. >> let's get started. we'll go to a beautiful five bedroom three-bath house, this is driftwood, a small town in texas. i love the name. >> it's a good name and it only has 1,600 texans living there. you don't picture towns like this and look at this house. >> just a little chat. >> a texas style roof. i hope it's in good shape, i don't know but the house itself is 3,900 square feet and that lawn out front should be green and the driveways should be steam cleaned to improve the curb appeal. the entry is built to impress your friends. i think that is beautiful, soaring ceilings and plenty of windows. there's a kitchen that i think is a little bit of a disappointment. >> i'd expect more out of a house like that. >> it's a nice sized kitchen but the cabinets are wrong. picture that with fresh white cabinets and that decreases the value of the house by so much actually so they should really
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improve that kitchen. let's move out of the kitchen to the rest of the house which is a knockout. the dining room is beautiful with wood floors and a semicircle of arched windows, also three big bedrooms that come with this house and one, the master bedroom, comes complete with its own separate sitting area, so it's a nice size house with a good price of only $350,000. >> let's go southwestern, head to a one-bedroom cottage. >> so different out there. >> one-bedroom coming in santa fe with a hot tub. >> perfect for an artist or writer that doesn't need a lot of space, it's a tiny house. if you love southwestern style you're going to love this house. take a look inside, the houses there are like nowhere else on earth. that is actually called an outdoor living room, and there's three of them there, so there's lovely alcoves where you can sit outside. it's not so much about the inside of the house, it's as much about the outside of the house. it's an adobe home with three courtyards and gardens.
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the yellow windowed kitchen has a big old chopping block, feels friendly like i could make myself at home there. the knobby walls is siptal. the ceiling reads like a short ceiling. it's not, it's because the style of the ceiling brings it down with the beams there. the living room has old-fashioned windows, traditional beehive fire plapla in the corner, beautiful tile work on the front typical of the area and the cozy bedroom has vega ceilings and its own beehive fireplace in the corner of the room. the gardens are filled with native plants and of course a funky old hot tub that's plunked down in the middle of the backyard. >> get in the hot tub. if you want to, first of all to new hampshire, francestown, historic home for $375,000.
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>> storybook cape. it looks like you're supposed to be happily ever after there. the kitchen and opening dining room, wait until you see this, has a knockout sigh cathedral ceiling with exposed beams. giant fireplace with original cooking arm, the friendliest kitchen. i love a kitchen like that. soap stone counters and cabinets hand made by a local artist. beautiful, and comfortable kitchen. the living room has hardwood floors, six over six windows, built-in book shelves and look at the detail in the fire place, distinguished for a house that reads informally. you can also see the extra wide floorboards in the parlor, throughout the house, a good shot of it right there. many of the windows have still their original panes from way back when. there's another elaborate fireplace in the parlor with the original tin ceiling above it, you have to peek under it a little bit but the house is charming end to end. >> one last stop, the
9:14 am
adirondacks, one-bedroom house in ohio, new york. >> ohio, new york, kind of a whacky name but listen to the name of the street, called teacup street. that sounds friendly. this house you have to appreciate comes with 100 acres of land, with streams and woodlands and animals crawling around, all that kind of good stuff. so you get not only a gorgeous house but you get that, too. it's solar powered and has lots of outbuildings. the inside of the house is entirely knotty pine and i just love this full length sun porch that runs the whole length of the hous just feels so peaceful. i think you have to live out there every day of the week. the distinguished windowed kitchen has wood counters and painted cabinets, small but workable and also a little bit sophisticated. there's a simple open dining area adjacent to the kitchen and just about the right size, like an alcove, feels like a private restaurant. i love it. i can just imagine curling up with a good book next to an old-fashioned stove. why wouldn't you hang out there and the 100 acres come with
9:15 am
reclaimed pasture wetland, two streams populated by native brook trout if you like to fish. >> or gal. barbara, thanks so much. >> thank you so much, al. >> you have a great weekend. coming up, from a crowded plane to your co-workers' offending you on facebook we have advice on minding your ps and qs in awkward situations. later, how to tell if you're hungry or bored or it's all in your head. we've got the answer for you but first these messages. why se ttle for a why se one-note cereal? ♪ more, more, more...
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ever wonder if it would be okay to defriend your mother-in-law or co-worker on facebook, present company exclud excluded? >> social cues, philip galanis of "the new york times." >> his new books "social qs." >> nice to see you three. >> what is it about social etiquette that makes it a hot button issue? >> what makes "social qs," the book so fun because we're living in a new world, exploding in ways it never used to when we were kids so the idea of your mother-in-law and facebook and your elementary school friend and all those together we didn't used to deal with that. >> sometimes people say you get it wrong. >> oh, yeah. they let me know. >> you'll get it right with us. >> let's get to the questions, my mother-in-law recently sent a facebook message to a friend of
9:19 am
mine whom she never met after seeing a picture of her holding a cigarette in one of my photo albums saying smoking is very dangerous and the color of that sweater doesn't flatter. i've had it but my husband thinks i'm overreacting." is she overreact being her mother-in-law? >> well, you know, it's difficult because you have to live with that relationship. it's your mother-in-law, so there's "different." there's a way to go about it. >> the mother-in-law clearly crossed the line, she doesn't know this person but what you do about it, i would ignore it and stew. >> let me tell you because i think we've got a middle ground between these two. obviously when your wife or girlfriend says, i've had it, you know attention must be paid. >> yes. >> let the biological relation, the son in this case, go to his mom and set ground rules. mom, you message me and my wife as much as you want but our friends, they're off limits to you. >> middle ground, very good. >> you're good at this.
9:20 am
>> that's why he's got a book, for god's sakes. next my 13-year-old son just started dating. i think he comes on strong, calling and texting then calling again to see if she's gotten the text. i suspect the girls find all this communication annoying and i'd like to tell him to take it slower. but my wife thinks we should stay out of it. how about you? >> if josh was dating what would you do? >> he has to learn in his own way in his own time that sometimes you're going to get rejected so if the girls don't like it, then whatever, but at the same time, the girls who see it's a lot of effort this poor kid is putting into the relationships so i give them bonus points for that. >> i am a non-parent but i think i would, my instinct would be to say something to the child and say you know what? sometimes it's a little much and maybe we should just say hello and show you're interested but you don't want to -- >> as a non-parent i can tell you, if you did do that there would be a lot of slamming doors in your house.
9:21 am
i think once you establish that the kid isn't harassing these girls, and it doesn't seem like he is. >> it's cute. >> let him work out his romantic mojo on his own. >> did you get my tweet? >> so cute. it's adorable. >> let him figure it out. >> let him figure it out. >> i'm a tall girl with long legs. this is sent in by savannah. when i sit on airplanes my knees almost touch the seat in front of me. the last time i flew the guy r reclined his seat and his head was practically in my lap. i asked him politely to keep his seat upright but he refused. what could i have done? >> savannah? >> i wouldn't want to cause a scene so i would just suffer. maybe an e-mail a friend. >> if i had that problem which i wish i did, i would pay more for the extra leg room. >> i'd say something. >> i find that if the words, you
9:22 am
use the words in a loud voice, air sickness bag, the people in front of you will just move right up front. you know something, i think this is the problem of this is strangers in tight spaces. so you've done what you can do. you've asked the guy politely. maybe an air stewardess could find something for you somewhere else on the plane. tangling with this guy more is going to raise your heart pressure. he's not going to do anything. >> he has the right to recline. >> baaaah-d man. >> a good sheep imitation. >> philip galanes thank you so much. >> thank you. >> the book is "social qs: how to survive the quirks, quandryes and quagmires of today." we've got olympic ice dancing silver medalists live on our rock center. first these messages. hey guys, what can i get for you?
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still ahead, are you really hungry? tips to help you lose weight. >> hoda and kathie lee are having fun at universal orlando. . i better skip breakfast. yep, this is all i need. [ stomach growls ] [ female announcer ] why skip breakfast when you can start your morning with special k multigrain oats and honey, a wholesome blend of rolled oats and honey kissed multigrain flakes. it's a delicious way to get your whole grains and make your breakfast beautiful. ♪ consumers prefer wanchai ferry orange chicken... over p.f. chang's home menu orange chicken women men and uh pandas... elbows mmm [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry, try it yourself.
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♪ because i'm bad, i'm bad ♪ really, really bad ♪ you know i'm bad, i'm bad ♪ really, really bad ♪ you know it he was the king of pop, had millions of fans around the world, and monday on "today" we're going to take you inside michael jackson's home where he spent his final days for an exclusive tour. coming up in this half hour, a common complaint of many dieters, always feeling hungry but experts say actually sometimes it's all in your head. it's not that you really crave food but comfort. we're going to help you figure out the difference to help you lose weight. it is that time of year, the rock center tree is here, getting ready to be hoisted up over the skating rink and speaking of the rink we'll be
9:31 am
headed down to the rockefeller rink where ice dancers meryl davis and charlie white will be here and going to dazzle us with some fancy footwork and choreography, too. look at that. hold it, hold it. >> i got it, i got it, i got it! boop, i ain't got it. >> i think this is going to go on forever. >> until we move on. >> please! good morning, natalie and you guys. this weekend we'll be covering the penn state sex abuse scandal, the shocking charges have led to legendary football coach joe paterno's firing that triggered near riots on campus. all eyes are on tomorrow's final game of the season at home with a new coach. then we're going to make a turn to a completely different story, "west side story" the singing and dancing. we'll celebrate the film's golden anniversary with ree no mo rita moreno and others sharing their stories. lester and i had a bet to see who could learn a skill
9:32 am
later on in life, i took up the guitar. lester took up italian and we started from scratch, neither of us have either done any of this before. we did this for two years. we did a two-year experiment and this weekend we're both going to come out and play guitar, speak a little italian and see who kind of rocked it. those stories and more. >> savannah plays the guitar so you should jam together. >> i know, should we start a girl band, take it on the road. >> i would love to. >> start right about now. >> maybe we'll write a song about you al, a sad heartbreaking song. >> okay. >> what is the weather looking like, al? >> that's right. >> cold where you are. >> that's another sad song. let's check it out and show you for our weend, for tomorrow, sunny skies throughout the eastern half of the country and the west looked like a mess, rain in southern california, the pacific northwest, mountain snows, it will have flurries in northern new england and sunday, sunday, along the east coast, sunny, mild, wet weather through the northern great lakes, more
9:33 am
rain in the pacific northwest, showers in the southwest. >> good morning. it will be breezy and chilly. a mixture of sun and clouds. >> of course we've got the best night of the week coming up. of course we're all talking about it, the only night you could be thinking about it. sunday football night in america. this is the best game of the weekend. nothing else matters, as the patriots come in to metlife stadium to take on the jets, both teams 5-3, an epic battle.
9:34 am
this will be one they talk about for the ages, temperatures in the 50s on sunday night football night in america. i have the vapors. >> and you're scaringing us. >> you should be. better run! >> i'm going to take the girl band and get out of here with jenna. coming up next how to tell if you're really hungry or you just feel like it. after this. keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is. why se ttle for a why se one-note cereal? ♪ more, more, more...
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and 2 minutes to christmas? [ mumbling ] ...enny days, 8 hours, 9 minutes... 18 days, 17 hours... [ mom ] let's go, young lady. [ female announcer ] they're for building excitement for christmas. 12 days, 18 hours... come on. it's no days! [ female announcer ] the hallmark countdown to christmas ornament. 5 hours and 59 minutes and 41... 40...39... 38...37...36... ♪ everybody's got a hungry heart ♪ ♪ everybody's got a hungry heart ♪ this morning on "eat smart today" are you really hungry? many experience feelings masqueraded as hunger like boredom or stress. how do you know it's food you crave or emotional eating? here is madelyn bernstrom and dr. gail saltz.
9:39 am
>> good morning. >> physical hunger, a lot of us grazing throughout the day probably not ever experiencing hunger like we think. what do we feel with physical hunger? >> biological hunger, true hunger is something you need for survival. we're hardwired to survive. we need calories and mostly this is protein, essential fats. it's not eating for pleasure. that's something that's learned. when you're biologically hungry we most often don't get to that point because we pre-eat, feeling fatigued, your stomach feels empty, growling, you feel a slight headache. i need to eat. these are brain signals sent to you for true hunger. we confuse the issue of i need to eat. that's biological. i want to eat is something else. >> the emotional hunger gets in the way a lot and a lot of us when it comes to struggling with diet, that is often what's happening there, we're reaching for food as a comfort. >> i would say pretty much that's almost always at least a piece of the case that
9:40 am
psychologically you're driven by your mood state. i feel sad. it makes me feel better and in the moment it does make you feel better. i feel anxious. i have to eat. i need to stay awake. i'm bored. i want to eat because i want to be part of socially what's going on. these are different emotional drivers of eating. they're legitimate in the moment but don't work long-term >> why does it feel when you eat something it does feel it is comforting but at the same time you feel like you're satiating some sort of hunger? >> because you are filling yourself of course. >> yes. >> and that just positively r l reinforces the idea the feel good that you get, brain chemistry is definitely involved but the satisfaction of an emotional need. now i just ate this chocolate in those ten minutes, boy, i felt less sad, i felt less anxious. >> food really does taste good when we feed that need, it is reinforcing. the problem on the back end there's guilt and shame with this eating. if you're eating for biology you eat and move on.
9:41 am
when you're eating to are emotional reasons you feel good in the moment and that turns into a lot of bad feelings, negative going why am i doing this? i'm a bad person and it fuels more overeating and that's a huge problem that has to stop. >> you came one strategies how to make sure you know which is which, emotional eating or because you are hungry. madelyn, keep a food and feelings journal. >> you need to connect what you're eating and when you're eating and why and connect your feelings with this because you have to take a step back and go, you know, am i upset, did i have a fight with someone? am i turning to food and just grabbing it mindlessly or has there been three or four hours between the times i'm eating and the only way you can do this is to be accountable to yourself and that's what a food log does. >> when you see it in writing and do it over a period of time you're able to see which emotion tends to trigger your eating the most, which is really helpful, because then you can cope with that, you can find other ways to cope with that emotion and you can say to yourself, oh, here i am anxious again, that's
9:42 am
probably going to make me feel like eating. i'm not really hungry. i'm anxious. >> part two, do a mood check, make sure you're assessing the mood at the time. >> for each people different things. if it turns out it's anxiety, you want to deal with anxiety. >> madelyn you say the thing is to avoid skipping a meal which can backfire when you skip a meal. >> right, because you need to create some structure, when you skip a meal, you send all of the biological signals awry, you don't know if you're hungry or fool. when you skip meals, food and mood are really tied so you have to do an assessment on both of these and not keep the food separately and not keep the moods separate. >> and assess if you're content. how does this help control your hunger? >> there's full like i'm overfull. there's i'm filled, and you have to sort of get in touch with that feeling, because that will help you from just going overboard all the time, and contentment of course is also about your mood state so as i
9:43 am
said, you want to, if you use this to fix your mood in the moment, and you've really got an ongoing mood issue, you haven't dealt with that at all. you can come up with coping skills, so maybe you're going to say when i feel anxious next time i'm going to take a bath, listen to a relaxing song, i'm going to take a walk, some other coping skills so that food doesn't have to be a reaction to that. >> find some other non-food activity. >> non-food activity but sometimes you can use food, but low calorie foods or things that satisfy that oral need, the hand-to-mouth. take a bagged salad and go hand to mouth instead of chips or herbal tea or sugarless gum. if you're an oral person you often turn to food and need to find low calorie activities to keep your mouth busy without a lot of extra calories. >> 100 to 150 calories. ladies, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> i am still hungry, though. coming up next, ice dancing olympians meryl davis and charlie white, with a live performance, after this.
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♪ i like the way you move this morning on "today at the rink" we're delighted to welcome back meryl davis and charlie white, the ice dancing duo. you may remember them from the 2010 vancouver games where they won the silver medal. already this year, several first place finishes including the world championships. good morning to you. i say several wins, you've had only wins. how have you kept the momentum going? >> you know just lots of hard practice. there's no trick. you just got to put in the work. >> you guys basically have been skating together since you were little kids, right? >> we've been skating together since 8 years old so it's been a long time. >> does that help with the coordination and give you that added advantage? >> absolutely. just knowing that we can rely on each other from being together so long, it gives us an advantage. >> i know you have a big event coming up on sunday called "fashion on ice." tell us about it. >> it's part of the pandora nbc
9:49 am
skating series and it's paul mitchell "fashion on ice" including betsy johnson and jay mendel, a collaboration of fashion and skating. >> you'll treat us so get set, we'll get ready for an ice dancing demonstration. they are going to be doing it to "someone like you" by adele. take it away, charlie and meryl. ♪ ♪ i heard that you're settled do down, that you found a girl and you're married now ♪ ♪ i heard that your dreams came
9:50 am
true ♪ ♪ guess she gave you things i didn't give to you ♪ ♪ old friends, why are you so shy?♪ ♪ ain't like you to hold back or hide from the light ♪ ♪ i hate to turn up out of the blue, uninvited but i couldn't stay away ♪ ♪ i couldn't fight it ♪ i had hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded that for me ♪ it isn't over ♪ ♪ never mind, i'll find someone like you ♪ ♪ i wish nothing but the best for you, too ♪ ♪ don't forget me, i begged, i remember you said ♪
9:51 am
♪ sometimes it last in love, but sometimes it hurts instead ♪ ♪ nothing compares, no worries or cares ♪ ♪ regrets and mistakes, they're memories made ♪ ♪ who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> meryl davis and charlie white, thank you so much. coming up next we'll check in with kathie lee and hoda live from universal orlando resort. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:52 am
♪ [ female announcer ] we know you've got a lot on your plate at thanksgiving. which is why safeway has everything you need
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to get it all done. right now, get a safeway frozen turkey 8 to 24 lbs, for just 59 cents a pound. cook your thanksgiving turkey perfectly with our free chef assistant app. it's foolproof. safeway. ingredients for life. ♪ hoda and kathie lee have made their way down to florida to the wizarding world of harry
9:54 am
potter at universal orlando. you have a huge crowd behind you. >> yes. >> you have really drawn a crowd. what do you have coming up? >> our crowd keeps building. they just keep showing up. we need more crowd control. it's been pretty crazy. >> so much i can't hear you. >> we took tha lap around universal and you'll see us, we made fools of ourselves which is not unusual. >> what else is new, that's right. >> exactly. >> we've been getting into the wizardry a little bit of the magical world of harry potter. so much influence of these books incredible. there are a couple of people back here their entire bodies are tattooed from scenes from harry potter. >> real tattoos. >> we'd show you if we could. >> they're back there somewhere if you know what i'm saying. we're not that weird, natalie. come on, we're not that weird. >> not that you're calling those people weird. >> we have a great show coming up and i've been trying to work a little magic, we've been
9:55 am
practicing so we want to see if this is going to work. >> yep. >> abracadabra, alakazoo, let's make kathie lee say good-bye to you. >> wow! that's amazing. you need to bring that wand home and use it a lot more often. much more harry potter-mania after your local news and weather. >> she'll be back. kathie lee will be back. don't worry.
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