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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the scandal that has rocked their campus. after rallying behind joe paterno all week, students have turned their attention to the victims. tomorrow is will focus on penn state future -- football and a witness who went on to join the coaching staff. >> 48 hours after chaos on the campus, students again poured onto the streets. their message is quiet and clear. >> now is the time to give our support to the ones who need it the most. the victims of child abuse. >> the traditional pep rally was replaced by a candlelight bejewel for victims of the sexual assaults. they seem to draw strength from being together. they will gather again tomorrow, more than 100,000 fans, for a game that will be unlike any other in bevaer stadium.
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>> i don't think anybody who does ever lived here or got here has any idea of how it will go. >> there will be increased security at the game. >> the man who says he saw former assistant jerry sandusky sexually assaulting a young boy in a shower and reported it to parterno delay a decade ago was placed on administrative leave today. >> it was made clear that coach mcqueary could not function under these circumstances. >> it has been difficult for anybody to function. hopefully the game can provide a bridge between the allocations -- allegations and the outrage. "i hope we can all just take three hours and of what a little bit. >> of what, although they are aware it will not undo what
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happened. it cannot begin to take away the pain of the victims remembered here tonight. >> our own jane miller will be reported tomorrow during the 9:00 hour of the morning news. be sure to wakeup for the news starting at 5:00 a.m. honoring the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, today the nation paused to say thank you. president obama began the veterans day at arlington national cemetery. he placed a wreath at the tombs of the unknown whose remains have never been identified. he addressed hundreds of attendees were he thanked military personnel for their service. >> while many responsibilities come from the job, none are more humbling and serving as were commander in chief.
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i am proud to be with you today. >> hundreds of people in the baltimore area took time out to thank the men and women who have given so much for their country. whose broad stripes -- >> on the 11th day of this month, veterans and family and friends gathered to honor those who dedicated their lives to military service. >> will celebrate the contributions of our armed services to remember those who have served our nation to preserve freedom and the american way of life. for those still with us, and those who now are -- now protect us as angels above. >> a parade to the streets of downtown baltimore preceded a
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ceremony in front of the war memorial, including the presentation of colors and expressions of gratitude. >> it is our responsibility to honor those who served decades ago or this year. we just want to say thank you. god bless you all. question because of your service, our nation remains the greatest nation in the world. we owe each and every one of you a debt of gratitude for. >> in baltimore county, dozens gathered in downtown towson our hundreds hong wreaths by the vietnam memorial. >> setting aside one day a year is a small thing for those who have done so much for us. we owe it to these great men and women. but the put their lives on the line for us to give us the freedom and liberty we enjoy today. >> a new tradition got under way in pasadena. at least once a year veterans will hold a ceremony at the tide
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debt -- gigantic flat at the intersection of route 100. the dress lowered the flag, folded it, -- the veterans lowered the flag folded it and replace it with another that will states throughout the winter. mexican help but think the veterans every day. share your -- you can help us honor the veterans. go to and clik on ulocal. >> police say they found a woman shot several times. she died at the hospital. no word on what led to the attack. police are looking for a good man who shot two and in charles village. one was found at the corner of barclay street. both men are expected to
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survive their injuries. baltimore police are looking for new clues in a 9 month old murder investigation. anthony trent is a transgendered woman who went by the name of tyra. sheldon is like at police headquarters with more on this on -- with a sense of the murder. >> friends and family hope somebody out there comes forward with new information to help the investigation. >> no matter how this young man lived, he did not deserve this. >> anthony trent was known as tyra. at in february her body was discovered by a man looking for his dog. >> they thought it was either a mannequin head or a body lying at the bottom of the basement steps. >> we do not believe the victim was killed at this location. >> we believe he was brought there. >> detectives have no new
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information on the case. >> he was a really fun loving person. she was just like any other 22- year old. she was somebody who wanted to see her community progress. >> her friend sandy hopes the case will bring awareness to the struggles of the transgendered community. >> when something happens it is forgotten the next day. we want people to continue to understand we are victims of violence. >> recently spoke to tyra's mother about the murder. with the holidays are coming up. her son is gone. >> i don't care what they want to be, they are still somebody put the child. we are all god bless the children. but it does not matter how somebody took her life. we want to find who did it. we want them to come to justice. but if you have any information on the case, called crime
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stoppers. that number is1-866-7-lockup. >> there was also impressed today to better protect students who are believed it because of their sexual orientation. students at the university of maryland organized a symposium. what made this event you need is it focused on students who were victimized because of their sexuality. several national studies have suggested gay, lesbian, transgendered students experience higher levels of bullying. >> what needs to be done by schools and a lot is more insight to an oversight. just having cameras posted a round is not enough. children have to realize that the targets and the delays have more in common than they think. >> both legal and educational experts expect -- participated in the symposium. maryland already has anti
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billing on the books to protect students regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. a man climbed into a woman's bed and sexually assaulting her. it happened on agreed not avenue. you are urged to call baltimore police with any information on that case. out -- are goodwill stores being targeted? just as we were reporting a robbery at towson, police say another was him progress. we will have more on that in a minute. first, david collins has reaction to this morning to talk robbery and towson. >> a helicopter assisted in the search. close to one dozen patrol officer security product -- crime scene. >> what would they rob the good will? "this good will start at the 1700 block of joppa road. the store had to temporarily
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close. customers were stunned. >> why would you rob a good will? it makes no sense. >> the robert did not announce his intentions. it happen quietly at 11:45 a.m. he moved around at will with an estimated 15-20 customers. by several accounts, only one person noticed. a store employee who had a gunshot in her back. "i was in the shore shopping -- >>donna bosley did not realize what happened until she heard the victim talking about the ordeal. >> and over heard the lady on the phone saying, he had a gun in my back. he brought me from the back of the front of the store and they opened the cash register up. i said to myself, i wonder when that happened. the lady said, she made the announcement that said, nobody leave the store. i said, nobody leave the store? yes, it just happened.
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i said, oh my god. >> the armed robber mentioned a store safe. she noticed he wore a hood and a ski mask. employees to set their boss would not allow them to go on camera recall whoever is responsible was quiet and left the store and noticed. what it is a little scary he was able to do that with 15-20 people in the store in broad daylight in the middle of the day. that is a little unsettling. >> at the goodwill store, police say the rubber did not get away with anything but a bad it was called to the scene to treat an employee for minor injuries. if you have any information about these robbers, you are asked to call baltimore county police. a second recall in two week's pre find out what some customers found in their potatoes. who knew a move across the harbor would mean so much. it will go inside the kitchen of the new improved phillips seafood. >> when we moved here, my
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husband wanted to cut this tree down. he said it is the ugliest tree i have ever seen. >> humble beginnings, but destined for fame. how it went from a pennsylvania farm to the rockefeller center.
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>> good news for phillips seafood lovers, philips has kept its traditions but it is also trying out some new tricks. "it was a harbour + tradition for more than 30 years. phillips seafood has moved. today is the opening day. this morning in the kitchen they were hard at work getting ready for the reopening.
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many of the employees came from the former harbor place location. charlene has been with philips for 17 years. the >> they are the best crab cakes -- crabcakes you ever want to have. we are the best. >> your the queen? >> yes, i m. i am the queen of making crab cakes. >> the former espn zone has been completely redone in the phillips seafood style. the idea is to keep all of the good things about the old phillips and greek -- combined them with new ideas. >> it has been a great opportunity for us to just say, all right. we are starting over and starting fresh. we are continuing this legacy. we want to continue to do that. we look forward each and every day part improving on the service we can provide. >> on the walls are photographs
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going back to the 1950's. here is the phillips crab house in ocean city. some pictures of witnesses in the 1950's or 1960's. here is gov. harry hughes having some crabs. they want to keep their loyal customers coming back. >> a think it will be great moving to the side of the harbor. a i think we are really looking forward to success moving forward. some great food, some great service, in a new fresh environment. >> we want to tell you about a better recall. the new york based chain is recalling 400 pounds of mashed potato. several customers have complained about bits of plastic is found in their potatoes. there were sold between november 22 and november 9. they are marked with the code use by 1115dsa.
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the can return them for a full refund. this is the second to recall and two weeks. pine nuts are pulled because of our concerns about salmonella contamination. the holiday season is here when the massive tree takes center stage at rockefeller center. the 74 foot tree will be displayed throughout the holidays. the tree was cut down from a family's yard and pennsylvania. "i had just gone home from making eggs at our church. our doorbell rang it. the fellow said, that is the most beautiful more whispers treat i have ever seen. i said i did not know what it was. he handed me a card and it was from rockefeller center. >> the lighting ceremony is scheduled for november 30. >> now, your 11 insta-weather
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forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> it was windy and colder than normal on this veterans day 2011, but it was not snow we like it was 24 years ago in 1987. the snow storm rolled through with some thunder snow as well. it was coming down heavy and complicated. 6 inches officially at the airport on that day. it was heavier just to ourselves. national airport as it was called at the time, 11.5 inches. that was a whopper of a storm moved through. interestingly enough, the winter that followed was not that impressive. only 20 inches of snow in the winter of 1987 and the 1988. it did not keep going. this time around on veterans day we had a high of 50. that is exactly eight degrees below normal. low temperatures are the current readings out there. it has been getting colder throughout the afternoon and evening as strong northwest
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winds gusting over 35 miles per hour at times have been diminishing. the skies are clear statewide from the beach to the mountains with mostly clear skies. as you much lighter blends. we are expecting temperatures to continue to cool rapidly in the morning. many temperatures will be in the 20's. the only thing that michael the temperature up a bit is a little bit of a breeze. other than that, clear and cold. 27 in the suburbs. 37 in downtown baltimore by morning. there are some rain and snow showers as a cold air causes the lights and picks up moisture. east of the mountains the clearing skies should hold tomorrow with high-pressure to the south. you can see cold air stripping out over the warm waters of the atlantic. it produces clouds high-pressure delivers beautiful weather for saturday. some of the cloudiness will start spreading across our region the second half of the
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weekend. it does look like it will stay dry. tomorrow will be gorgeous. lots of sunshine and a little bit milder. he was the cloud cover arriving on sunday and baby showers to the north and west trying to get east of the bounce light of the day on monday. until then it is not a bad november pattern. senate tomorrow 61 degrees. it will be testy at times over the open water of the day. there is still a small craft advisory for the chesapeake tomorrow. in western maryland they climb out of the deep freeze. the lens will be lighter of the eastern shore to the coast the next couple of days. lots of sunshine we will see a warm-up getting temperatures into the upper 58's and low 60's. arkansas insta-weather 70 -- our insta-weather seven-day, we will see more clout at 62. monday shower chances are only 20%.
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better chance of rain their rights on tuesday. even when that system leaves, temperatures are still smile. 57 on thursday. >> the nba lockout well under way, we turn our attention more to college basketball. opening night for most of the country. we will check out on an upset bid for morgan state. that is next on sports. >> it is friday, november 11 during two nights jackpot is $22 million. he must have these walls plus the "mega ball. let's see if we can make you a millionaire. our first number is 29, 16, 15, 2, 22. megal ball is 27.
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>> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> the ravens have touched down and seattle. the defense at the very least sets up a score if not rings up six by itself. suggs campaign has been off the charts. he found his way to make an impact. seven sacks of the season makes for a nasty harbinger when they face the 27 worst passed preventing line -- project -- protecting hundred >> >> at the end of the day, the most important thing is to win. >> earlier today in our grievance text question, we
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asked for your prediction. thank you for playing our testing dance. week one of the playoffs underway. the last go around for a legendary coach. top seed playing host to wren after 43 years of coaching, he will retire. that has to wait at least one more week. poly very good to that. one last move and he is gone. he was a foot race. they could not get anything going. the intersection care --poly listen to the final. plpleton. -- appleton, raiders out po out ply in a hurry.
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20 yards for the touchdown. on the ground and through the air, still in traffic he gets it done. 40 yard score. a definitive open statement went winning 49-0. college basketball to is getting underway. most of the schools in the area tipping off their season. we start with morgan state. they're trying to fill the coffers and still a win as well he is a streaky shooter predicted from baltimore. look at him coming off the screen. 18-10 morgan state. 22-12, berars. his son ended with the 11 total points. desmond wells. respectable but of law spread towson getting a big check at kansas.
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off to a rough startdeon jones offered a sweet moment, but kansas shot 59% for the game. that is no contest. 100-54. the most interesting game of the night played on the deck of the uss vincent cole of san diego. an incredible sight on veterans day. no answer for the wingspan of john hanson. and the open court, the pterodactyl the some angular things. north carolina holt of michigan state. the maryland women open up at comcast center. the turks win. elisa -- the terps win. the maryland woman a couple of years ago had consecutive runs
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going to the final four. indeed they are back to it again. >> this is one of my favorite times of the year college -- >> football, basketball. >> exactly. stay with us. thomas up next with a look at the forecast.
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internet-connected devices. we were gonna storm the castle. i love your hair. [ sarah ] thanks i went to your guy. it's perfect. i thought we were storming the castle. [ male announcer ] that's why you need the internet rated #1 for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v. >> they're saying the normal is 59. >> to get temperatures of around
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60. that is not too far from normal. the weekend will feature a lot of sun tomorrow. 62 degrees on sunday. sunday it will be more clout and the sun coming in. even when the system passes by, the temperatures will not cool too much. he will stay around 60 until the end of next week. we are in a holding pattern between fall and winter weather to,. >> the best day of the week is always on a monday. not always but -- that is it for the news tonight. see you back tomorrow. good night.
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