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tv   Today  NBC  November 14, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we're back with more of "today" on a monday morning. it is the 14th day of november, 2011. when we first came outside about an hour and a half ago, the clouds had rolled in. now it's a beautiful sunny day here in new york city. temperatures still in the 50s so not too bad. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry, al roker and savannah guthrie. >> hi. >> last we saw savannah at least i did. >> we were in africa. >> having dinner in a french restaurant, don't get the wrong impression, in namibia. it was good to have you on that trip. >> it was fun to be there. >> it was good. it was fun. coming up in half hour, more on the sexual abuse scandal at penn state university. we're going to hear from jerry
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sandusky, the former coach at penn state, in his own words. this is a tape taken about ten years ago, and recorded about ten years ago, talking about his relationship with children. we're going to hear more about that, even as one of the alleged victims in this scandal prepares to sue the college. so we're going to be talking more about that. a little bit later on we're going to take a look inside the home that michael jackson spent his final days in. we were granted exclusive access inside the rented mansion. we'll show you what inspirational messages he wrote to himself on his mirror and show you the message his kids left for him. also ahead millions of americans we know are under severe financial stress and a new polls finds that more than half of americans are dipping into their retirement savings, their college savings just to pay the bills. we'll have some advice coming up on how you can cut down on some of the financial anxiety and also good tips. >> on that point with
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thanksgiving coming up, how do you make sure you save some money as you throw a batch for your family, want to have friends over, we have advice from party planner colin cowell, he has ideas and obviously using some ideas to create a more modern table setting in some cases so we'll look at that. >> lots to get to. let's go inside, natalie morales with a look at the headlines. >> good morning, once against. nbc has uncovered video of the coach at the center of the penn state child sex abuse accusations at the time that he was working with kids at the second mile program he founded. nbc's national investigative correspondent michael isikoff has more. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. years before he was charged with sex abuse, jerry sandusky spoke with great passion about his work with children. they're words that take on a very different meaning today. >> how did it all senator basically because i'm a
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frustrated playground director i guess. >> reporter: that's jerry sandussky in an nbc news interview in 1987. in light of the sex abuse charges filed against him it's a disturbing look at the man at the center of the penn state scandal. >> i enjoy being around children. i enjoy their enthusiasm and i just have a good time with them. >> reporter: at the time of the nbc news profile, sandusky was a pioneering defensive coach under the legendary joe paterno. he turned down head coaching jobs with other schools to continue his work with the second mile to continue with his charity to help troubled kids. >> everybody needs people to care for them. sometimes they don't want it. sometimes they don't understand what you're trying to do but they want to be disciplined. kids are growing up awfully fast today. >> reporter: now sandusky is charged with 40 counts of sex abuse over a 13-year period, out on a $100,000 bond and denies any wrongdoing. >> it isn't what happens to you that's important, it's how you react to it.
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>> reporter: a decade after the nbc news profile, police first investigated sandusky for allegedly showering with and touching a young boy in the penn state locker room. a grand jury report says that investigators from local and university police listened in as the boy's mother confronted him. >> "i was wrong" sandusky told her, "i wish i were dead," but no charges were filed. a year later sandusky at age 55 announced he was retiring from coaching to work more on the second mile charity. lou prado, a penn state sports historian who has known sandusky for years thought that was strange. >> surprised, everybody was surprised but it seemed natural he'd want to spend more time with the kids because he had this great camp, wanted to expand it and raise more money. >> one of the biggest things would be the trust that would be developed. what we're trying to be is what we think to be is a true friend. >> reporter: but now the charges he sexually abused eight young boys, all of whom he met through
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the second mile charity, there is outrage over the damage sandusky is alleged to have done to the children and penn state university. >> what i think of him now? i can't tell you what i'd like to do to him, if i could get him. he's ruined penn state. >> reporter: the circumstances surrounding sandusky's surprise retirement and what penn state officials may have known about his alleged conduct, is now a central focus of the investigation. natley? >> still much more to the story. michael isikoff thanks so much outside penn state, thanks. president obama is attending a campaign fund-raiser in hawaii tonight. on sunday at an asia-pacific economic sumity he urged members of a congressional super committee to leave their opinions deadlocked on deficit cutting and said it may took a new congress to pass his $450 billion jobs bill. the wife of gop presidential
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hopeful herman cain is speaking out for the first time after several women have come forward accusing him of sexual harassment. gloria cain says she doesn't believe the allegations against her husband and said he "totally respects women." some important health news for you this morning. the number of aduts with diabetes worldwide has doubled since 1908 and the international diabetes federation is forecasting that that number will double again by 2030, meaning one in ten adults will be struggling with diabetes, and most would have type ii, the kind linked to weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle. the ancient greek gods ruled the box office "immortals" at number one with $32 million, "jack and jill" opened at number two and "puss in boots" got bumped down to number three. action junkies are enjoying an early holiday present. damien walters released his annual show reel on youtube, three minutes of high flying,
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car hopping, spine-wrenching acrobatics. don't try any of this at home, all the warning. damien is a professional stuntman, enjoying a little drink at the end of all of that. it's seven minutes past the hour. back outside to matt and check your weather. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by soma intimates. >> i could do that stuff, i really could. here is a cutie, who is this? >> gala thomas holden ii. >> oh and already a born broadcaster. you'd probably make a lot more sense with that than i. got to, it's a little dirty, i don't want you getting sick. there you go, what a cutie. let's check your weather and see what's happening. we will show you, we've got this front stretching from texas all the way to canada, and it's bringing rain all along it. we've got some strong storms there, going to be firing up later today from texas and
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rainfall amounts about a half inch to a quarter inch of rain, and then as we move along the front, you'll see in the mid section of the country, down through arkansas, anywhere from one to three inches of rain, heavy rain, pittsburgh, indianapolis, cleveland and more rain all the way up into new england. >> good we have some cloud cover to start the day. the chance for rain increases to about 30% by late in the afternoon. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? al, thanks. this morning on "tooled's money" avoiding financial stress. it's been three years since the
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recession hit, and according to a recent survey, millions of americans are still worried about their financial security, even if the recession is technically over. "money" magazine covers the topic in its current issue and donna rosatta say senior writer and gail saltz, an nbc contributor. people are under tremendous strain and stress about their finances. >> i see it in my practice and people talking to me in life. everybody is really worried about money and it's interesting, people who are really struggling and have serious concerns, they're worried about are they going to be able to afford health insurance. will they have a job in will they have, really it's about loss, the life that they expected to have, the way they expected to be able to raise their family, what they expected to provide for the next generation. it may not be there and they're really feeling it, even people who have money are anxious, that it will disappear. >> leads me to donna. underscoring all of this is uncertainty. people aren't wrong.
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that's what i made the point about the recession being technically over, for so many people it does not feel that way. >> mun magazine did a survey with "time" magazine. more than half people feel like the recession is still going on, even though it ended and almost half of people feel like their personal financial security is worse today than it was in 2008, in the height of the recession. >> we'll get to the tips in a minute. gail, i imagine this can lead to real depression. >> it can lead to depression and anxiety and also lead to health problems, because when you are constantly stressed or what we call chronic stress, your body and your brain are bathed in cortisol, which is the hormone released when you're stressed and it can raise your blood pressure. it has effects on your immune system, on your whole cardiovascular system so it can be a real problem. >> let's focus on things people can do and alleviate some anxiety. the first one, focus on automatic savings. explain. >> that's right. we're saying stop budgeting and that might seem counter intuitive. financial experts say you really
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need to know what's going on with your money. it's stressful to do a detailed budget. focus on how much you need to save, take that money out of your paycheck directly or from your bank account and whatever is left over is yours to spend. >> you're saying don't do the line by line budget because that exacerbates the anxiety. that's pretty controversial. >> i would play devil's advocate. it's fine to automatically take out the money you need for bills but you shhave regular meetings with your partner. because it would be easy to stick your head in the sand and not look to what do we need to do in terms of next week and the future with our money. >> but that's kind of generalized angst that i think everyone is worried about here. i love your next tip, donna, worry on purpose. >> that's right. as gail was saying we're not saying you shouldn't be spending any time on your finances, but you need to, everyone is so worried it can lead to insomnia. >> constantly worried like this dull anxiety. >> exactly. set a schedule, set aside some
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time every day to worry about your finances. >> i love that. >> sit down, whether it's with your spouse or your family and put down a to do list, what are your biggest concerns. if you address that, you can move on and won't wake up at 3:00 in the morning. >> that's a cognitive behavioral technique used in therapy in other arenas. when you make that list over and over again and specify, you actually diminish, you would find week to week you diminish your anxiety about it. >> time to get to the last two tips, give to others. seems paradoxical but it creates a good feeling. >> it's true. if you don't have a big paycheck to give to somebody else, give your time and that takes the focus off yourself and you also understand that a lot of people are in the same situation or perhaps worse off and you're going to feel better. >> we're out of time. the last one, communicate with your spouse. >> couple, the number one source for arguing, have a weekly meeting, not in the bed room. >> good advice. gail and donna, thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up next, jeff rossen
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takes us on an exclusive never before seen tour inside the home where michael jackson spent his final moments. later, your body after babies. some advice to help you get back in shape and more of your questions answered in our diet sos, coming up after this. join us at mcdonald's november 10th through the 20th for the give a hand fundraiser. buy a hand and help support ronald mcdonald house charities and give hope to kids and their families. hope's good! the simple joy of helping. we've combined conditioner
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but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer up to 9 months. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. it's been more than two years since michael jackson's death and now for the first time we're getting a glimpse inside his rented loss an less mansion where he spent his final days. nbc's jeff rossen was allowed
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exclusive access. good to see you. >> good morning. really a fascinating behind the scenes look of how michael jackson lived. we've seen the crime scene photos, snapshots of michael's final moments but that's it, until now. this morning you're about to see what no one has ever seen before. i got full access to michael's mansion and there are cameras captured everything from his inner sanctum, literally offlimits to everyone but him, to love notes from michael's children. welcome to 100 north carolwood in the heart of los angeles, where michael jackson spent his final months, and in true jackson style, the grounds are gorgeous, eclipsed only by the beauty inside. >> how are you, welcome? >> good to see you. zblood to. >> good to see you as well. >> reporter: thank you for having me. >> come on in. >> reporter: showing us around, darren julian and martin nolan from the auction house preparing to sell everything in here. the decor is majestic. michael lived in this mansion. ♪ why, why >> reporter: as he was
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rehearsing for his upcoming tour and as you look around, michael's fingerprints are everywhere. as soon as you got to the top of the stairs you're greeted in this beautiful, giant foyer, with high ceilings and of course a piano. michael loved his music. he has a huge collection of pianos here and at neverland. but the real interesting section of this house right through these doors, this is michael jackson's private bedroom, and when i say private, i mean ultraprivate. michael's children weren't even allowed here, not his assistants, not his security guards, no one. this was for michael only. this was his bed and michael jackson didn't enjoy sleeping in a king. this is a california queen. something else that jumped out at me, he has a sitting area in the bedroom as well, and for somebody who was so huge in the entertainment industry, no huge flat screen tv for michael jackson. this was his television set, a fairly standard model. but the real prize in the auction, when they started selling off michael's items, may be this armoire.
9:18 am
you can see that michael actually hand wrote something on the mirror, so every time he looked at himself, he would see this. train, perfection, march-april, full out, underlined, may, and a little stick figure that he drew on the bottom. michael was so desperate for this comeback and tour he wanted to see that motivational message every time he looked at the mirror. how much money would the mirror go for? >> we estimate it $6,000 to $8,000 if you owned it. because it's michael jackson's and because of what he wrote here he desperately wanted to make a comeback this was a constant reminder to him. >> how much will it go for then in. >> $40,000, $50,000. >> that's part of the point, this is michael's inner sanctum. everything goes for for money? >> that's exactly right. anything in here will sell for more money because these were a part of his private life no one else got to see. >> how much of this is for sale? >> everything in the house movable is for sale. >> reporter: right through here is michael's personal bathroom,
9:19 am
and again, this is all part of the master suite that is so private only michael was allowed in here, so big it can fit a tub and a chaise lounge in the middle. something interesting through here in his shower by the way is enclosed in double sided glass is this shower bench. if you look up close, michael drew these stick figures on every piece of wood on the shower bench and this is for sale, too. right through here, as you go out the other side, this is michael's, well i guess this would be his closet. it would be an apartment in new york city for most people and we're told in his final days, this room was literally stacked with his belongings, every closet was filled, every tabletop was filled with stuff. michael loved accumulating stuff, and he kept a lot of it right in here. of all the rooms in the house, this one has the most meaning. it's been called the medication room.
9:20 am
this is where michael jackson intent his final moments, in fact, it's in this very bed where michael jackson spent his final moments and this bed is going up for auction soon. this is how we're used to seeing the medication room from crime scene photos taken just after michael died and it was a mess, pill bottles thrown everywhere, pillows around, there's even a doll in the middle of the bed. dr. conrad murray administered the propofol right here at michael's bedside. of course, this is a piece of history. >> like his inner sanctum anything in the room is going to have nor value but the bed we conservatively estimate $3,000 to $5,000, what the value is of a bed and its historical significance in this room, it's going to be far great per. >> reporter: do you expect to get perhaps the most money of this particular item? >> we anticipate it being one of the top selling items. >> just down the hall more >> bedrooms, lavish and spacious. it's believed michael's children, prince, paris and blanket, slept here.
9:21 am
in fact you can see the kids everywhere, prince carved his name into this candle. and this is the kitchen, where the family spent much of their time during the day. >> a kitchen that's very similar to what they lived in at neverland, a home that was filled with love, and that's represented here on the chalkboard. "i love daddy. smile, it's free." >> the kids wrote that. the chalkboard, with that message, is up for auction, too. also downstairs a living room, a formal dining room and just like neverland ranch, this mansion has a fully functional movie theater complete with velvet seats. michael didn't own this home. he rented it, fully furnished. the homeowner, no relation to the jackson family, wants to remain anonymous. she and the auction house will share profits when the items sell. when you step outside it is beautiful here. >> michael liked private surroundings that are immaculate. >> reporter: this is immaculate,
9:22 am
his own private oasis, greenery his protection from the outside, the pool, the poolhouse all part of michael's life in the final months but even this mansion suited for a king couldn't cure this king's pain.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> it is going to turn out to be a pretty nice day. cloud cover, but little in the way of precipitation. temperatures way above average. upper 60s, 10 degrees above the mark. better chance for rain on tuesday and wednesday. tuesday and wednesday. back into the low 50s by
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can put to good use. >> hopefully the holidays aren't going to bust our diets. joy will talk to us about whether you can strength train and not bulk up too much, also talk about the difference between sea salt and table salt. >> i wonder. >> curious to know. >> that's right. one comes from the sea -- anyway, and the other comes from your table. first we bring in four-time oscar nominee, kenneth braa, writes, directs and of course acts. >> hello, hi. >> brand new fantastic movie "my week with marilyn." so good to see you. you play sir laurence olivier. was that somewhat a lot of pressure on you? here you are playing this legendary actor/director. >> well, it was fun is what it was. it was a little scary to begin with will you like michelle williams who plays marilyn
9:32 am
mond monroe, you have to get the sound and physical things right. there are so many things to research, documentaries and stuff, you have an amazing amount of research material. it ended up being more fun than scary. >> you have been compared with sir lawrenurence olivier. what access did you have to understanding that relationship between him and marilyn at the time of the filming of this movie? >> the thing clear, she was the greatest movie star in the world at the height, she stopped at heath row airport, arrived at gridlock and he was the most famous actor in the world, she didn't show up at the time, didn't show up for three days at a time, he didn't care for that. she's so sexy and funny and michelle captures all of that. he's maybe not his best but admired what he did enormously. after the picture he did a great performance, and she made "some like it hot." the film they produced while
9:33 am
this was happening wasn't great but the back stage story is electrifying. >> we have to go but real quick you're known to be a famious director. who were you at taking direction? was it difficult? >> of course i think i'm brilliant at taking direction. you have to ask the director. we had a wonderful director, it was wonderful to work with michelle williams who puts you so at ease you feel you have another director there >> captivating. wonderful to have you here. >> "my week with marilyn" opens in select cities november 23rd. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> now for a check of the weather. >> all righty. >> announcer: "today's green is universal" is brought to you by glad trash bags, now stronger with less plastic waste. >> thank you, dennis. all right, and we are back with our good buddies, nbc's chief environmental correspondent anne thompson and brought us coffee. >> beware of correspondents
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bringing gifts. >> mug save trees, company wide effort to make people aware and you can see it most notably with the green peacock on your screen, you see this across all of nbc's programming this week. >> why focus on coffee? we throw out the paper cups a lot. >> right, if we all went to reusable mugs instead of paper cups we would save 9 million trees a year, enough energy to power 77,000 homes and $55.7 billion gallons of water. >> the nbc universal message is always seen across the platforms of nbc. >> you'll see it on "late night with jimmy fallon" on "community" "whitney," "up all night" and news on telemundo. >> get rid of the mugs, no, keep the mugs, get rid of the cups. >> keep these mugs. >> five coffee shops in new york
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city and l.a. and chicago and if you're not in any of those cities go on greenisuniversal website, to the facebook page, upload a picture of you and your mug and enter to win a mug signed by nbc talent or get a free trip to universal studios. >> signed by talent, that's a prize? >> we use that term loosely here. >> can we fill our mugs up? >> that's what's going on in the >> good morning. mostly dry. we could see some rain showers late in the day.
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>> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, we were throwing the mugs out here, so it got dangerous, he threatened to throw this. jill bauer has your answers to all of your diet dilemmas after this. [ male announcer ] what if we could keep enough plastic waste to cover all of manhattan out of landfills each year? the equivalent of 140 million trash bags, gone. by using new glad trash bags, designed with reinforcing bands to be stronger with less plastic waste, we can. ♪ it's a small change that can make a big difference. ♪
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♪ i'll send an s.o.s. to the world ♪ we are back with "joy's diet s.o.s." weighing in on your diet dilemmas. ways to get back in shape after the baby! >> the baby! >> skype, loegen in massachusetts, joining us. >> hi joy. >> hey. >> i recently moved to the boston area and it's normal to have power outages. i was wondering how long does food typically last in the refrigerator if my power should go out. >> if you keep the fridge closed and that's key, you don't want to let the cold air out, food will remain safe for about four
9:41 am
hours, and the safety temperature is 40 degrees or lower. and it's really great to keep a thermometer in the refrigerator. when the power comes back on you can check the thermometer and red flag is 45 degrees fahrenheit or above. that's the point you unfortunately start tossing things that have potentially spoiled. the freezer is a better story, if it's packed and you keep the door closed it will last for about two days. if it's half filled it lasts for about one day. i realize this is a lot of information to memorize. a great website,, it's smart, user friendly and answers all of the questions. >> if the food starts to fight you, you know it's time to throw it out. >> when in doubt, throw it out. >> throw it out. brandy in jackson, michigan, joining us via the phone. good morning. >> caller: good morning, al. hi joy. my question is, i just had a baby girl five months ago, and she's going to be the last one.
9:42 am
i wanted to know how to get back into shape without looking like a body builder. >> so brandi, you really don't have to be overly concerned about becoming too bulky and that's because as women, we produce way less of the hormone testosterone and testosterone is responsible for really making men bulky, so unless you're going out of your way to deliberately become a body builder, just by doing 10 to 15 minutes a day of a strength training exercise and only three to four times a week, you are going to develop tone, taut, fabulous muscles. i can relate, i did exactly the same thing, started after my third child, and i definitely feel the difference. you could pick up a dvd, or you could peruse the website and find an all over body workout. i'll toss out mine on twitter and facebook. you have a ton of options. >> brandi, congratulations. >> caller: thank you. >> adam from peoria, illinois, are crackers with sea salt
9:43 am
healthier than ones with regular salt? >> no. not necessarily, and i love this question, because companies now are putting sea salt in a lot of their products because they tend to have a healthier more natural reputation, but it's the amount of salt you need to worry about, not the type of salt, because all salt, sea salt, kosher salt and regular, all table salt has stowed yum and sodium is the culprit for driving up our blood pressure and making us feel bloated and heavy and bleh. pick up the box of crackers or chips or any other snack food, look at the sodium, and the one with the least amount wins. and generally you want 180 milligrams or less. >> joy bauer thanks so much. >> thank you, al. coming up next, colin cowey, three different looks for your thanksgiving table, right after these messages. of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ...could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you...
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this morning on "today's home" creative ideas for your thanksgiving table. celebrity planner and lifestyle guru colin cowey is here to make this a moment to remember on a budget. >> good morning, natalie, how are you? >> i'm great and always awed by the beautiful settings you have here for us and all of this pretty quickly and sensibly. >> everything we see is in the stores now. it's a great job of merchandising for this time of the year, thanksgiving, christmas my favorite time to set tables. we started to do it cleaner, modern and fresh. >> i like the brown, white and yellow theme. >> it's clean and modern. i love the centerpieces over here with the two hurricanes, and when you take flowers and put a lot of flowers in a small face, looks abundant and elegant. this is the time of year you put sauces and the gravy boat and
9:49 am
the cranberry sauce is all part of the decor of the table. >> you like to personalize your table and know where they're sitting. >> exactly. this is a pumpkin left over from thanksgiving, spray painted it white. >> you always encourage us to think outside of the box. that's what i love. all of the stuff from crate & barrel. what's great, this is reusable. >> you could use this from december through to december. >> very organic looking. >> this is table runners and placemats. >> vinyl, makes it easy. let's move over to this elegant berry red look. this looks more traditional thanksgiving. >> and the foundation i found at the gallery and from an organic point of view i wanted to do work with apples. it is our place cardholder and
9:50 am
candle holder as well. >> great idea. beautiful. >> the candle sticks become tomorrow's apple pie. >> i love the cups here with the nuts on the table. >> nuts and cranberries. all very indicative of fall. i love the burgundy napkin over here. >> you found that with the menu between each of the settings here. why do you like to include the menu? >> it's a well-informed gesture, to have it coming. >> if you don't like what's on the menu, get out. >> or load up on the fun. i like the idea of a stem at each place setting and i like tall candles, votive candles. looks glamorous. >> very elegant. i love the berries and the ties here with the red. gorgeous, beautiful. let's move over to the glam look, signature colin cowie. you've done this again, making us think how to use things that
9:51 am
we might have around or find different uses. >> this is actually, i like the idea, pick one color and work with a lot of it, layering it on. >> i willer with lots of gold. >> these are actually you know the vendors on the street, this is jewelry. >> right. >> i bought a couple of these, they were a couple of dollars each. this becomes a napkin ring and the fun thing is your guests, almost like therapy, sit and play with it all night long. imagine if people get to take them home. nature always provides, we took a a leaf and spray painted it gold. it develops energy. the amber glasses, one big scented candle on the table, orchid blossoms and good to go. >> the gold touches everywhere. >> one color, gold continues to be a big trend, i love that, shiny gold together with matt
9:52 am
gol e goals. if you have thanksgiving the weekend before, pull out all of your china and napkins and count that you've got enough of everything so you're not running around the day of. >> chairs is my problem. >> and then i like to set the table the day before, so you got nothing left to do other than concentrate for the food the day of the actual thanksgiving. >> great idea. i'm hosting this year so i'm getting inspired looking at the table. come on over, colin cowie you're invited to my house if you don't mind cooking too. coming up a woman who lost over 150 pounds, the amazing before and after but first this is "today" on nbc. what kind of goldfish sandwich are you?
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i'm a pb and j goldfish sandwich. yeah, me too. i'm a tuna fish goldfish sandwich! that freaks me out! yeah, me too! [ male announcer ] baked with the goodness of fiber or whole grain. goldfish bread! coming up in our next hour, hoda and kathie lee catch up with ron howard. >> and the newest member of the
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joy fit club, dropped 155 pounds, how she did it. >> and easy entertaining with sandra lee. but first, we have your local news and weather.
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