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tv   Today  NBC  November 16, 2011 2:05am-3:05am EST

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. we made it to booze day tuesday, november 15th. starting to feel like that season, you know? a little bit. >> a lot of people in l.a. were camping out because they wanted to see the latest installment of "twilight." the twi-hards stayed out late. the from premiere was last night. there you see the stars of the show who were there. kathie lee and i saw this movie. >> yes, we did. >> in the theater.
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it was something else. wasn't it? how would you describe it? >> we have our feelings about it. i think you have to be a twi-hard. >> and i think you have to be young, your juices just starting to flow. if you know what i mean. my daughter said, mom, did you see that actor on their honeymoon, the bed's a mess and they break the bed and everything? i said, yes. oh, great. that's the part i didn't like. >> here is the funny thing. fandango said there are 2,500 showtimes and it's already sold out and the movie doesn't open till thursday. it's called "breaking dawn." and "breaking dawn part two" will be released next november. you have a whole year to wait. >> maybe by then you and i will understand what the whole thing is all about. >> she is pregnant in this one. i don't think we're giving anything away. you had quite the evening, i would say. >> one of the rare nights -- i'm in town a lot this week.
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it's a big week for reg. i'm going to go to a lot of things for him. last night i was at lord and taylor ringing in christmas for the window unveiling. that's always a beautiful thing. they do a gorgeous job there. the last couple of years i've been there with my friend michael storing who has the greatest balls of anyone i know. he's a wonderful artist. they are beautiful balls. >> yeah, they are. as far as balls go. >> when you've seen as many balls through the years as hoda has, she knows these are among the great balls of all time. there is michael. he is a sweetheart and illustrator for my little book "the three gifts." my proceeds go to battle child abuse, which we are hearing way too much in the press today. kudos to bob costas. he did an amazing interview with sandusky. >> you could have lost yourself and become aggressive.
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i thought he handled it. he was direct, he was a pro. >> he was a pro he was very matt-esque. so good for him. we are not supposed to accuse and decide somebody is guilty until we have the facts, until they are proven innocent. >> i thought he did it with the right tone. >> there's a lot of indictments against this man. we'll get to the bottom of it. >> we have a big book out. it is the "today show" book. 60 years on the air. >> i'm glad something is older than i am. >> look at you with your book mark up front. >> yes, there i am. >> i'm in the back. >> no, you are not. >> i'm fine back here. there is ann. >> i'm certainly not first. >> everybody has a book mark. you can see, it's interesting to see "today" through the years. they used to have girls. >> they still do. >> we'll talk a little about this.
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watching some of these old, this old film is fascinating. to think now we do twitter and natalie does news in two minutes and now we've got this guy in the blackboard. there are the girls being chased around the table. >> it was almost canceled early on. barbara walters as a playboy bunny. >> you never know what you're going to find in this book. there is a story behind that which we'll tell later in the show. here is a question for you. is stress contagious? if you're around someone who is high stress do you get stressed out? >> i think everything is contagious. i think when somebody is friendly walks in the room, that's contagious. we have a choice every day. we can speak life or speak death to people. we can be a downer. we can be a blessing or a burden. unfortunately, a lot of people choose to be a burden today. i'm going to figure out how to ruin someone else's day or do you want to make it nicer? >> i think some people are cranky.
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i think on a plane someone said, is it hot in here? i wasn't hot then i started to feel hot in here. then you're hot and turning on your air thing and you become crazy. like that happened. >> you never look hot to me. you put on a hoodie and you disappear for four hours. snuggled up in hoda world. >> someone will say, was that guy being rude? suddenly i'm on the wagon. i like to be part of something. it can get like that. i think it is great to have someone who lowers the temperature. i'm suggestive that way, i think. >> that's why it's important you surround yourself with people that not only lower your stress levels, but are people that do the exact opposite which make you feel good about who you are. why surround yourself with unbelievable negativity? >> they do say you attract what's within you. i have friends that way. oh, my friends are so bitchy. i'm like, you are, too.
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i think when you are a happy person, you attract happiness. >> i think so. we know what attracts him. we'll get to new a minute, mister. >> there was a guy running the new york marathon. he parked his car. he did the run and he was trying to find his car afterwards. he couldn't find it anywhere. he walked and walked and searched. he couldn't find it. he called his wife to drove down from albany to get him and find his car. >> that's a bit of a schlep. >> you have a situation where you park your car and you don't know where you have left it. >> you don't drive that often. >> when i do, i thought it was on the street. was it this street or the next street? i immediately think someone has stolen it. that's my first thought. >> you couldn't have been an idiot. >> i couldn't have parked it over there. i'm going to find the guy who stole my car. but i do get that -- >> here is what i don't understand. i understand the first time losing something like that. i don't understand how it happens over and over and over
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again. when the person doesn't learn to go, i'm in the mall and i'm going to look up and it's going to say f-2. i'm going to remember or write down f-2. >> you're on the phone. >> stress again. >> you're on the phone, you're forgetting. that is a good point. you know what kills me after the marathon? there are not cabs for people. people have run 26 miles. they have those things around them and they can't even find a cab to go home. it's like the worst feeling. you see them almost crying. >> there are no cabs because they know they cannot get from one block to the next. >> they need to provide free rides after. >> oh! >> after you run 26 miles, figure out a way to get people away. they ran 26 miles. someone take them home. >> i get that. think it through. somebody has to pay for that. we can't afford anything anymore. we're all broke. >> someone can find coin and help these people. donald trump or somebody with
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money. >> sure. ask them to do it. okay. >> here is something that happened to a man. his wife was taking a shower. >> this is not stupid men day, by the way. it sounds a little bit like stupid men day. >> she says will you take my wedding ring. he has her wedding ring and has his razor. he takes his razor which he plans to throw away and throws the whole thing in the garbage along with the wedding ring. it gets taken away. the man has to go into the landfill to find -- >> in a haz/mat suit. it's a $10,000 ring with a lot of emotional value. our question is would you do that? dive in the dumpster? >> i've done the thing with i have garbage and something important and it gets -- i threw away one of my -- >> you throw away your jury summons every week. >> i threw away one of my land line phones. i used to have three.
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>> you threw away your phone? three land line phones, why? >> it comes in the package. you get three. there are the two little sets and the one big one. i had it in my hand and i must have thrown it away. >> what's the problem? you had two left. >> i know. that's how i felt. i'm good with it. >> all right. this has been here for several days. we are going to get rid of this. you keep asking about it. we are green, we are universal, we are proud. these are made by women in africa, i believe, from recycled crocs and things. >> they are attractive. >> we are wearing what we've been wearing for months. these are cuffs. >> it's our tuesday trend. they say this season is all about cuffs. we have been ahead of that crowd for a long time. yours is rich rock? >> i think so. >> this is jennifer miller. they are great little, you know, things to spruce your outfit up. >> and they come in all price ranges.
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>> another reason people are grateful this year. >> what are you thankful for? we want to know. by the way, more than 8,000 people have already told us. go to and like our page to enter. click on be thankful today. you'll be entered to win a trip for four and receive a breakfast for four during the macy's day parade and get a two-night stay at the mandarin oriental as well and two fun food and shopping packages. flights for four provided by american airlines. the contest ends tomorrow so hurry up. >> by the way, everybody, we love that you love the show and we are so excited that you keep asking for our beautiful baby contest. >> people keep asking. we already did it. >> we had it. >> it's over. >> and your car is in f-2. okay?
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>> coming up next -- >> it was a big hit. we're going to do it again. >> coming up next, all the celebrity news fit to buzz about. >> sara takes the reins of a new york eatery.
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it's time for "today's buzz." filling you from brad pitt's celebrity move and parents who gave their 16-year-old something most 40-year-olds don't have. >> here is the naughty but nice columnist rob. >> pippa, what happened? >> pippa is single. she broke up with her boyfriend that she has been dating over a year. they say he couldn't tolerate this amount of fame and attention she's getting.
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>> oh, grow up. >> he's quite shy and private. to suddenly become that famous in a very short period of time, we are talking kardashian fame in britain. she is the "it" girl. sorry, hoda. >> look at natalie. >> the most famous bridesmaid in the world. >> that's the reason, he couldn't handle it? >> he didn't want to be around this paparazzi. >> to hoda's question. >> what was your question? >> it's time somebody listen. it's going to be tough for her to find another one. >> when you're that famous and that famous for being a royal relative, they are looking for a very specific type of guy for her to date. for her to find someone she likes and also makes the family happy is a small pool. >> she has to make herself happy. >> very true. >> that is the most important thing. she didn't marry the royal family. her sister did. >> she did shoot off to scotland to visit her sister and the
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future king to console her. that's a nice way to spend a breakup. >> they get along beautifully. >> kendall jenner walked outside. nice picture of her feasting her eyes on that little ride. >> sweet 16 birthday party. as a gift she got a $90,000 black range rover. $90,000! she spent 20 minutes inside the car playing with it. she didn't actually drive it yet. we don't know if she can drive. >> does she have her license yet? >> i don't thing she does. at the birthday party, the whole family was there. surprisingly, kim turned up. it's the first time we've seen kim, looking somber, but she was there for the party. >> i'm not sure how this is going to read in light of everything else that is going on. >> probably not well. >> not well, but actually, every single one of the kids all along got a car on their birthdays. when they turned 16. this is not new. it's just going to get tons of
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publicity now. you've got to remember in l.a. you live in your car. it's like a house. >> i'm afraid it's going to blow up. it will. >> brad pitt sat down with someone from the australian program equivalent of "60 minutes." >> he surprised everybody. he said in three years time he's giving this up. he is never going to make a movie again as an actor. he likes being behind the scenes. he is going to produce movies, direct. he said with his fame he can bring these tiny stories to light. >> of course he can. why close the door completely? he is probably thinking, that's what i'm going to concentrate more on, but not slam the door shut. >> anyone that is an artist wouldn't slam the door totally on an incredible opportunity. >> angelina has said it, too, and is still making movies. >> thank you, sweetie. >> let him live his life. >> next, sara goes mano-a-mano.
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it is time for "sara in the city." >> this week sara chose the culinary route. what happens when a girl who can't make grilled cheese is let into one of new york city's finest establishments. >> you oar going to find out. bobbie flay was nice enough to let me into his bar americana restaurant, where i learned a thing or two. i'm at bar american with celebrity chef bobbie flay. he will give me an inside look how restaurants get moving. did you start as a waiter? >> no, in fact, if i started as a waiter, my career would have been very short.
2:29 am
i've been in the kitchen my entire career. they don't let me out of the kitchen doors. that's where i really belong. >> what will make me stand out? i know it's a bit of a crash course. what qualities are you looking for? >> friendly service, knowledgeable about the food and wine and everything else we serve in the restaurant. this is what we give you first, okay? >> yeah. >> it's pretty thick. here is the wine list. >> there's more? >> yeah. also a cocktail list. >> can you phone a friend? kathie lee and hoda probably know about this. >> we have lobster avocado, crab and coconut and shrimp cocktail. it's not the regular shrimp cocktail. it is a tomatillo sauce. do you know what that is? >> something with tomatoes in it? >> it's green. they look like green tomatoes. >> they give you three sauces on the side, one is green, is that a tomatillo? >> are you still eating at taco bell? this relationship is over.
2:30 am
be careful with the avocado. >> they bruise? >> oh, yeah. you're doing a good job. go around. >> this will be ready by dinner. that only took an hour. ready to go. >> beautiful. >> i'm going to hand off a tie and vest and hand you off to michael who is actually one of the best waiters of all time at bar american. >> it's like prom all over again. >> i'll watch how you greet and kind of be your wingman, then i'll start to pick up. >> jump in whenever you're ready. can i start you off with water for the table, tap water or bottled water? >> what kind of bottle water? >> you set it down?
2:31 am
my first pour. >> you're doing very well. >> we'll see. do you have any questions about the menu? >> i do have one question. what is a hanger steak? >> they hang it -- no. >> she is having the new york strip. she wants it medium. spinach for the table. watch this flash-free service. i bet you've never seen it done that well before. this is my first day on the job. how do you think i'm doing? >> i think you're doing really good. >> nailed this table. that was my victory dance. i did have to pull that out. >> bobbie is a sweetheart though. >> bobbie was great. i don't think he knew what he was in for when he was going to take me into the kitchen. >> that appetizer is crazy. >> there is a lobster sandwich on the lunch menu. i'm still waiting to be invited.
2:32 am
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we are back on this booze day tuesday with "today's woman" and ways to boost your confidence when you don't want to come out from under those covers. >> whether it's pressure at work, relationship troubles or empty nest. waves of self-doubt come and go. kate is here with new tips. >> she is the busiest woman in the world. you've written like ten novels. >> very busy. >> it hits all of us at some point. could be your kids leaving, could be a career change or with this economy, a lot of times it's that, isn't it?
2:37 am
>> we don't usually see it coming or do we? >> what we are finding is gen-y women in their 20s and 30s don't have the resilience because they've been so coddled and overpraised by their parents and the schools do it, too. when they get a curveball and they can't get a job, they lose their mojo. >> i got a sticker when i did soccer. >> everybody wins. >> isn't that funny? facebook, social media can chip away people's confidence. it's interesting. >> it creates a comparison. you get on there, you see all your friends what they're doing. people pump it up. then you see your frenemy's blog and she is doing great. it makes you feel really crummy. >> and you see your friend in a bikini. >> women in their 40s, 50s, older women cope better with stress probably because we've been through the wringer.
2:38 am
>> we have the resilience. yet the flip side is your goals are shifting because you launched your kids, maybe your career are leveling off, your jobs are leveling off. suddenly you may have a confidence crash where you think what's next for me? where do i go from here? >> we ultimately need to feel like we matter. our lives matter. that our lives have a purpose to them. >> exactly. >> if we've been just a mom -- i don't mean just because it's the most important job in the world, when you don't feel needed, what do you do about that? give us hope out there. >> if you have launched your kids, one great thing to do is take a moment to luxuriate in the freedom. think an what is your plan b. maybe there is a girlhood dream like being in community theater you can bring out again. it's important to get that goal going. and you can also find confidence in other areas. maybe you trained for a 5k race and let that wash over, too.
2:39 am
>> funny how something like that can give you confidence a long time ago i ran a marathon. i remembered after that any time i was scared of something, i remembered thinking it's not as hard as that used to be. >> everything is relative. >> what about kids in their 20s and 30s who lost their confidence? >> i think they can't be paralyzed. that's the natural inclination. you have to say, what went wrong, how do i fix it? stop doing the comparison. say no one is responding to your resume. get someone to give you advice and take a look at it and your cover letter and say, figure out what's wrong and fix it. >> and don't play the victim. you're not entitled. you've got to go out and do it. >> sometimes you can use envy as a motivator. >> spoken like a true cosmo woman. get out of that shell. up next we celebrate "today" at 60. but fist these messages. when a sore throat strikes,
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we are busting out the bubbly to celebrate our 60th anniversary. >> why wait? >> that's what we say. nbc news partnered with running press to produce six decades of america's favorite morning show, a history of "today" documented by steve batagglio. let's take a look at that. >> january 14th, 1952, nbc began a news program called "today." if it doesn't sound too evolutionary, i do believe it is a new kind of television. >> what we try to put on the air every single morning are the stories that will impact your day. >> you are confident this recovery would not be a jobless recovery.
2:45 am
have you changed your thinking at all? >> i accompanied actor and activist george clooney to sudan. who do you, joushg george clooney, doing here? >> there is still a strong powerful dangerous hurricane. >> we travel to the ends of the earth today. >> there is a place of extreme need, of illness and suffering. because of one group of americans, it is suddenly a place of hope. >> you know what the world has fallen in love with, these miners. >> you watch those images of those miners coming out, it fills you up. >> what i love about this broadcast and these people i get to work with every day is that we are united by one common idea, and that is our job is to take care of the viewer. >> the world today mourned the 46-year-old chief executive. >> i must ask you the question most americans want to know about you. are you happy? >> i have a certain peace of mind, yes.
2:46 am
>> it is a splendid morning. >> the picture of the "challenger" space shuttle exploding will remain in the america's consciousness. >> you always were a romantic fool, are you still? >> definitely still romantic. >> one candidate said blame it on katie couric. >> it never dawned on me i could ever be part of anything like this. >> what i love most about my job is the variety. >> i think the show is a microcosm of the lives we all live. ♪ ♪ >> i hope we can give enough to stay with you a long time, and peace.
2:47 am
>> wow. what a look back. >> he is here with us today. quite the effort you put forth here. >> well, there isn't anything like this. talk about 60 years of broadcasting. really, doing the same mission that it had at the very beginning. just to be that companion and that first voice that people hear in the morning when they are feeling vulnerable, when they are getting ready to face the day. they don't know what's ahead. they needed not only news, but needed companionship. they needed people on the air to be real and to really connect. that's why the show is successful. >> it didn't start off that way. that's what's funny about it. you think this would have started off like gangbusters and it didn't. >> nobody thought they would watch television in the morning back in 1952. the tv was in the living room. >> it's like drinking before noon. >> that's what everyone said. >> things have changed. >> the television was in the
2:48 am
living room. it was away from the rest of the household when people were getting ready. pat weaver, the nbc executive who created the show, he knew radio was successful in the morning, why not tv? he picked dave garraway who was perfect. he could talk into the camera as if he was talking to you. >> how about those "today" show girls? what was going on with that? the girls were being chased around the table. how did that come to be? >> like the marx brothers. >> estelle parsons was the woman's editor on the "today" show and would fill in for dave garraway. after that, there was a succession of "today" girls who were not given respect or any of the serious stories on the program for years. barbara walters was the one who changed all that. she was a trailblazer. >> even in her bunny outfit. >> that is tough, too. she was hired as a writer. she wasn't able to write for any of the men on the program for years.
2:49 am
she had to forge her way and eventually became the first female co-host. >> it was really a chimp who saved the day. let's be honest about it. it took a gorilla. >> people still didn't think the story was going to work. there were stories about it possibly being canceled. the chimpanzee was brought on to the show. it became instantly a hit with children. they would turn on tv and watch him. the parents would watch, too, and the rest is history. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. crazy colors and throw in stripes. why not? >> breaking fashion rules tastefully. right after this. let's take a look at your forecast for the next seven days, starting with later on today looking at more showers to move across the southeast.
2:50 am
some areas could use that rain, all the way up into the mid-atlantic and the northeast. big-time airport delays. back to the pacific northwest, more mountain snow coming down around 3,000 feet later in the day. and look at the temperatures. houston, back to 80 degrees. 37 in the twin cities. 48 in seattle. let's move into your thursday. still watching our western storm dominate the weather here. more mountain snow and valley rain drying out in the southwest for the time being. that will change. look at the east coast, up and down the eastern seaboard. more scattered rain showers. and we've got some snow showers coming in, as well. it is cooler across the great lakes, 40s there. 50s in the southeast and cooler in seattle, only 41 degrees for your high. on friday, more mountain snow out towards the west. some of this rain getting into northern california. the bay area only 53. dry elsewhere but cool, that's
2:51 am
more like fall, 40s and 50s for highs. over the weekend, more snow in the northern plains and rockies. more rain showers for you in chicago and dry in the east and slowly warming up our temperatures. more rain showers trying to move back in the ohio valley and northeast. temperatures in the 60s and the southwest, you've got rain showers and mountain snow, as well. moving into your monday, more rain showers moving into the ohio valley slowly pushing into the southern plains. new mexico seeing rain showers and temperatures behind the system, highs only in the 30s. hey, stay with us. coming up on the weather channel at 6:00 a.m. every morning, "wake up with al." woman: day care can be expensive.
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so to save some money, i found one that uses robots instead of real people. 'cuz robots work for free. robot 1:good morning... robot 1:...female child. sfx: modem dial-up noise woman: are there flaws? yeah, um, maybe. anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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now to "today's style" breaking the rule mixing brown and wearing white after labor day.
2:54 am
>> here to tell you how to do it with style is from the style network's "how do i look." >> i love that in unison. >> we do it in stereo. let's start debunking these myths. >> no glitz before 6:00. who said? >> who is saying it right now? here is the thing. we spend so much time looking for trend setters on the runway and magazines. you can be your own trend setter if you break the rules, okay? this is glitz before 6:00. wear a little shimmer, wear it with something polished and professional and play down accessories everywhere else. >> and make sure your nails match. >> i did match with my nails. if you feel like sequin is too much for your office, dress it up with accessories. >> those are glasses without any lenses in them. >> they are called glasses. they are fake glasses. the best accessory every woman has to invest in are glasses. they are inexpensive.
2:55 am
>> okay. horizontal stripes. come on out. >> bring it out. >> so every woman on the show of "how do i look" we hear, can't wear horizontal stripes. b.s. honestly, horizontal stripes can be stunning if you wear them in a fitted way. fitting beneath the knee shapes the outfit into hugging your body. also notice how it's ruched in different areas. the stripes work for you. >> no white after labor day. >> i break this all the time. >> here is the thing. i am a wearapist. i teach that colors can affect mood and enhance mood wherever you go. white means refresh and restart. refresh and restart. look how gorgeous it is. >> and not even winter. they are different whites. you say mix them up.
2:56 am
>> beige, ivory, white. all shades of white. >> don't mix black and brown. who says? >> here we go. >> go, kara. >> black and brown, i always hear that black and brown are safe colors. everybody sticks with them because they are safe and standard. here is where you go unsafe and unexpected. mix them together. not only do you create a much more harmonious flow with the color you get earthy tone, you get fun and funky. >> lastly, no tights with open-toe shoes. you say do it. >> here we go. check it out. she is working it out. obviously, she is picking one staple color which is the mustard dress. if you pick any shoe that has colors that tie into it, you see the mustard on the shoe. >> that's the way it works. >> we went fun with an eggplant. you can do a chocolate opaque brown and do a black. >> as long as it's in the color of the shoe. >> yes.
2:57 am
>> up next, doing the potato mash. vv
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time to head into "today's kitchen." >> americans eat about 130 pounds of potatoes each year. and if that's you, chances are, it is -- there are six all-time great recipes for mashed potatoes. >> and guilt-free. you can have an extra slice of pie at the end of the meal if you want to. we are starting off with four pounds of yukon gold potatoes peeled. just quarter them. >> be sure you don't get the kind that are very waxy. >> yukon golds are great. gold is the flesh color. i find them sweet and creamy, as well. we'll boil these up. let them simmer about 15 minutes. here you have them. >> and the knife needs to go right through them. >> get your finger out of there.
3:02 am
>> we strain them. we reserve a little bit of liquid. >> reserve your liquid. >> and then we are going to mash. >> what is this? >> this is 2% milk. >> 1/4 cup of butter. mash that and add a cup of our reserve liquid. >> how come? >> so we are not using heavy cream. it will add to the creaminess. same with the 2% milk. that is so you don't have all that fat. >> let's get your butter in there. >> that's all right. let's move down. >> add sea salt, heart healthy. >> i could eat mashed potatoes all day long, comfort food. >> 173 calories for one serving. if you would make your regular mashed potatoes, they would be over 225. >> you're saving.
3:03 am
>> let me show you -- come on. >> i like them naked like this. >> if you want to dress them up a little bit, bacon, scallions. >> this is roasted garlic. >> please taste this. you're going to die. >> i don't like scallions. >> potatoes have more potassium than a banana. >> i didn't know that. >> little smoky. chipotle and low-fat sour cream. adding low-fat cream cheese and scallion. >> no more scallion. >> chives. i lied, chives. parsley, chives, chervil. blue cheese and low-fat butter milk. >> the stars from "twilight" will be here.
3:04 am
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