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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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police need your help finding the men who was halted a 15-year-old girl. two of the men wore ski masks but they have released sketches of two that did not wear ski matches. >> police say the suspects used a gun to force the victim into the car. they have not released their specific ages but say they were in their late teens and early 20s. >> the 15-year-old girl was walking around at 3:00 in the afternoon when four men pulled up and 800 sedan similar to this one. the two man in this sketch did not have their bases covered. >> the engage turn some sort of conversation. one suspect produces a handgun and asks her to get into the vehicle. >> it takes a lot of guts. >> was the victim was inside, the covered her eyes in her to an unknown location possibly in
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the city. the police say the man in this sketch of sexually assaulting the team. she walked into a house with her attacker but it is unclear what happened next. >> after one hour, all for lee brecher. to get back in the sedan. the drive back to the woodlawn area where they caught her out of the car. >> it is a reminder that we need it to be alert when we are approached by sprinters in a car. it is important to know what to do and to educate our children about what to do when they are approached. >> one of the suspects has been described as a black man with a fair complexion with comments or rhinestones on his gold-plated teeth. you have any lead to about this, call 1-866 7 lockup.
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>> a man is charged with distributing child pornography. maryland police said robert hudson was caught in an online sting operation. his contact it turned out to be an undercover state trooper. he is being held on $275,000 bond. baltimore county police are investigating the third robbery at a good will store and less than a week. the latest after 6:30 tonight. it there were no injuries. but the same store was robbed last friday morning. if you have information on any of these robberies or all of them, you are urged to contact baltimore county police. gunfire, a car crash, and in injured atf agents. the aftermath played out live on air. we have learned the six people are in custody, i read is live
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downtown. defenses to the suspect was planning on robbing a mexican drug cartel? >> this incident was part of an undercover drug bust that evolve to wiretap conversations and several kilos of cocaine. >> a car, that fire and several witnesses running for cover. >> we heard gunfire. we ran because of the gunfire. eye in not trying to catch a stray bullet. >> investigators say was part of an undercover drug bust. a federal agents working undercover hired to rob cocaine from a mexican drug trafficking cartel. he told the undercover he could handle the job saying he had a couple of guys double) and there and knock them off. all of us will be packing. >> they met with five other
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suspects before the robberies. there were split the proceeds of the cocaine evenly. and wanted to a police fanned into a witnesses corporate the video was taken from the camera posted at a nearby restaurant was packed with customers. >> what i heard a gun that sound or loud sound, i thought something happen to my building. "according to records, one or more people fired at shots. all of the suspects were captured. >> the suspects included michael smith, a briton sykes, and that christopher turpin. an agency was hit by gunfire during the incident is expected to recover.
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>> no more warnings to to get caught by the speed camera and howard county. drivers, going over 40 miles per hour will have a citation in their mailbox. police say they will be moved to a different location each day. the citation does not carry points. we are told money generated will go back into the speed camera program and 60 products. a pedestrian is in serious condition after he was hit by a car. happened iran and o'clock this evening on liberty road in paterson avenue. baltimore county police believe he is in his early 40's. what was thought to be a powder on a plane to baltimore, it was supposed to take off at 6:30 but it did not happen.
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if light attendant announced a specific substance was on the plan. hazmat cruise from out there was no threat. the plan was cleared and the passengers were trying to get back to the baltimore area were allowed to get back on the plane. >> we are not taking any chances here. that is good. i am glad they found on the runway as opposed to on the air. >> the plan should be arriving sometime around 12:30. the u.s. department of transportation has put the brakes on a local trucking business. federal officials say the transport of hanover is a hazard to the public and has ordered the business to shut down. gunther's allowed its drivers to falsify road hours and operate trucks that post a high risk. one person was killed and others injured. all involving gunter's trucks.
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>> tonight to the former penn state lawyer for jerry sandusky is defending the decision to do an interview with bob costas. many found it to be troubling to say the least including other victims. his lawyer disagrees. he does not regret the decision to talk to the media. >> jerry has wanted to talk for some time. we had to let people know which i have been saying for a number of weeks. if i said that, people would write it off as a lawyer spent. the way he came across in the interview and his answers were consistent with the way he has been since i have known him. >> during the interview, he denied sexually abusing children. legal experts say prosecutors could use it against him at a trial.
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the man wanted in connection with a shooting at the white house last friday is in the custody of pennsylvania state police. oscar ortegal hernandez was arrested at a hotel 60 miles east of pittsburgh. >> extraordinary video from the white house. 1600 pennsylvania avenue being processed as a crime scene. one day after the secret service discovered the presidential mansion had been hit by two bullets. one slug reportedly was stopped by bulletproof glass and federal evidence technicians focused their efforts on the truman balcony just outside the president's residence. as the white house search was under way, police captured their suspect. a 21-year-old drifter from idaho. he was staying at a hotel and western pennsylvania. >> he did not make any comment other than he wanted to know
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why he was being taken into custody. rucks' the shooting happened friday evening. and obama was traveling to california. he found the wreck to be hit corporate inside, it investigators said they found an assault rifle and several spent rounds. after releasing his photo, investigators received tips that have been giving inside the occupied encampment. >> they had a picture of the gentleman. he was not here. told him he was not affiliated with occupy the seat. >> authorities will not discuss a motive, they have reason to believe that ortega and posed a threat to president obama. >> still ahead, do for an upgrade. is your child's school on the state renovation list. keeping your family said
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tonight with johnson and johnson says it will remove toxic chemicals from baby products.
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>> good news for cecil and hartford county schools. the have approved a $1.2 million grant for construction projects. cecil county will get $413,000. they will be used to replace high school tracks, referring problems, and upgrade plants spread the money was raised by increasing the tax on alcohol. big changes are in store for stevenson university. the school closed day deal to close its campus. it plans to add 160,000 square feet at a 400 space parking lot. they have closed -- they have plans for a school of science and design. >> we are moving it into the large building. we will keep it as an open classroom space. >> the buildings will be open to students and staff by the
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summer of 2013. a baltimore doctor says he owes his life to a little-known bulk -- device. he was wearing it under his clothes when he collapsed in the mall. >> last june dr. terry party went into heart failure. he knew how serious the situation was and ended up with a triple bypass. when he was bypassed his heart was not bumping as strongly as it should be requested to be discharged from the hospital with nothing. you don't meet the criteria for a pacemaker at this point. or you can wear this gold life vest. >> it is a vast one under clothing that can shock to a patient who suffers cardiac arrest and maybe save their life. >> what did he think about this
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when he said where this the best? >> it is something new, novel. >> it does sound strange. >> he wore a religiously every day only taking and often shower. they were taking his cardiac recess seriously. >> two miles per we were going two miles every day. >> you have been wearing the vest for four weeks? >> yes. >> we starting to think, this is serious -- this is silly. why am i wearing this? >> it is like a prescription. the only prescribe it for so much time. >> of the blue, something they could have never predicted happened. >> i did not feel my heart skip a beat. i did not feel anything. the only thing i felt was, i was feeling a little bit queasy and lightheaded. what we were just finishing up
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and we were right over there. all of a sudden i see him put his hands to his head. he is standing perfectly upright and he goes down precooks everything went to blacks. >> his heart stopped. >> electrical shock at possible. >> patient in shock, stand back. stand back. i recovered with the woman who fitted him said to me. don't touch him. i did not touch him. >> that is your first inclination. >> and shocked him not once but twice. >> you could see it. he was defended? >> his arms want to like that and he got rid the staff. but after the second shot, a cheery was conscious and in after being clinically dead. >> i remember opening my eyes and feeling a little groggy. i was asking my wife what had
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happened. i was not sure what had happened. >> what had happened was cardiac their breasts. this is what a normal heart prevent looks like. it changed to an abnormal rhythm. within seconds he lost consciousness. change to the more dangerous form called particular -- it shocked him and restored his heart with them. the doctor says he was the perfect candidate for this invest. >> if i have a patient i diagnosed as a weak heart and need to do feebly raider, we'd like to treat them for a about three months. that is the waiting. some of the patient may be brought back to normal heart function. they may not need a different leader -- a figure later. >> you were telling me for a couple of weeks there was a
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sunday could not get out of your head. >> his head and elbow hit this marvel. the sound was amazing. it took about two weeks to close my mind off because i could hear it. the bank, bank, bank. it has been a trauma for both of you? >> he continues his rehab with a pacemaker on card for any plans in the future. he counts themself fortunate. >> if you had not been wearing that? "i would not be here. i would not be speaking to you. >> life vest received approval in 2002. the manufacturer says it has been prescribed to more than 50,000 patients. after pressure from activists, johnson and johnson has vowed to remove chemicals from its
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formula within two years. the shampoo still contain toxins after the company was warned. they already sell products without the harmful chemicals, but the u.s. is not one of them. >> now, you're a 11 insta- weather forecast with tom tasselmyer per >> rainshowers across the evening. will taper off in the evening. a little burst tomorrow as colder air filters in as well. for now it is rain with temperatures still running above normal for this time of year. the disarms crossing the lower side of the bay. there have been numerous storms just to the south, especially among the gulf coast region. more than one dozen of them from the gulf coast up the parts of the carolinas. as far north to davidson county. i had pictures come in from
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earlier in the day where storm damage was reported there. not sure if it was a tornado yet, but damage did seem severe. as many as 35 buildings damaged near shady grove. a rough day in parts of the gulf coast region. some of that shower activity working its way to the north and east. so far only light rain showers and baltimore. highs for the day that a bit above the norm of 56 degrees. as a matter of fact, the lows for the day are the current temperatures outside. some cooler air filtering in from the north and west. temperatures in the 30's there per is still in the '60s were the severe thunderstorms are. this is sliding through. it will continue the rain chances as the cold air comes and and where the two collide. insta-weather feature forecast some light rain showers in the morning. as temperatures begin to fall,
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temperatures will be going down. some parts of the carroll, all of carroll county could see some snow showers. temperatures going down so that rain mixes with her briefly changes to snow and clears out for the rest of the week. up in the mountains a couple of inches are possible as temperatures will be more winter like in the mountains. steady and falling 34 days in the afternoon with temperatures gusting to 25 miles per hour. 3 foot waves expected on the waters. western maryland it changing to snow and temperatures stuck in the '30's. loss of sunshine on friday -- lots of sunshine on friday.
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sunny and cool 52 tomorrow but only in the 40's with sunshine on friday. high pressure building and friday and saturday. looking could once we get past tomorrows 1 d and chilly weather. sunny but chilly on friday. partly cloudy on saturday. good football weather on sunday. >> everyone has a theory on what it will take for the grievance to get back to the one column .ri >> it is powerball. 47.1ht's jackpot is million dollars.
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let's get things started. 39, 13,number is 22, 25, 51. powerball is next. tonight
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>> the raven's three losses this year have a few things in common. the came on the road against teams that use a 3-4 defense. beating the bengals may come down to the last of variable, ray rice. the bengals do run a 4-3 defense. as for rice, he only had five carries last weekend. the ravens have played to catch up in their last three games. a bigger role may start with trying to play a lead. the ravens are running backs of
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more than ready to carry the ball more than he did in the three losses combined. >> the problems we have been facing against these teams, we have to attack them. it starts with running the ball. the route opens up the past proved one thing about offense, often test to be balanced. he have to find a way to have balance. runt sets up the past. would you run the ball effectively, it said set up for down the field of pure >> you might notice ray rice wearing the orioles had with the new cartoon bird. he chose it for strategic regions. >> i'm trying to represent the other part of town. the orioles. let them know we are all here representing the new logo. there are two of us in the town. we have to represent both sides. i want to throw out the first pitch. i have proved i can for now. >> much more than just one
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team's ownership. it will change the big leagues as we know that. major league baseball has told jim crane he has to move the team to the american league to purchase the team. he has been a $680 million into by the astros. he appears willing to go to the american the owners will have to approve the deal manager of the year award goes to those who approved the trip. in the american league, joe madden won hisesecond award. they pulled off a remarkable set can't all othe season.
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it won the wild card on the final game of the final game of the regular season. tiger woods made a tigers picked. pick.aptain's not making too swine -- smoothed. first international team competition down under consist of alternate shot performance. tiger pleading with teammate steve stricker in australia. tiger off of the t on five. he made into the bunker. it got worse to. his teammates picked up where tiger left off from one bunker, he rips across the green, into the other bunker. the first team to 17.5 once the president cut. the only time the u.s. has lost has been at royal malden.
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>> rain moving through overnight. temperatures falling pretty good mix with snow before it ends.
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