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tv   Today  NBC  November 18, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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back now with more of "today" on this friday morning. it's the 18th day of november, 2011. it is going to be a sunny, but cold day out here in rockefeller plaza. but we're so glad these people decided to kick off the weekend with us. it is only 36 degrees out here, so people are waiting and trying to stay warm. in the meantime, i'm ann curry alongside david gregory and al roker. and this morning -- by the way, matt has got the morning off. this morning, we're going to be talking about a story that really kind of broke last night about natalie wood, how she might have really died. homicide detectives have
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actually reopened the case, the investigation into her death. she was believed to have accidentally drown during a boating trip 30 years ago this month. this morning, the man who was the captain of that boat that fatal night has made a bombshell claim. we'll have an exclusive interview on that coming up. also the inside scoop, more hollywood news this morning, the official divorce now of demi moore and ashton kutcher. they have officially split up. it is a divorce, by the way, that could involve millions of dollars. there will be a lot of eyes on that. and we'll get into that in a few minutes. >> and on a lighter note, time for seasons eatings. of course we're going to be going to a lot of parties, a lot of great food. that's right. and, of course, there's stress during the holiday season, as well. we want to make sure we give you some tips to help you manage stress and take control so you don't overeat and then regret things come january. >> that's good. timing is just right for that kind of advice. it's also time now for the news and natalie has the morning off. she is on assignment so we have
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savannah guthrie at the news desk. hey, savannah. >> good morning, everybody. a front window at the home of jerry sandusky was smashed this morning. he is, of course, the former assistant coach at the center of the penn state sex abuse scandal. mean twim, two weeks after that scandal rocked the penn state football program, police are investigating child sex abuse allegations at syracuse university now. two men told espn that long-time assistant basketball coach, bernie fine, plo molested them for years, starting when they were teen ball boys. the school placed fine on leave on thursday. coach fine has denied those allegations. a 21-year-old idaho man is facing charges of attempting to assassinate the president after he allegedly fired nine rounds at the white house last friday. president obama and his family were not in washington at the time. according to court documents, oscar ramiro ortega hernandez believes he is jesus. if convicted faces life in
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prison. president obama is highlighting economic and diplomatic progress on his asian tour. in indonesia this morning, the president announced secretary of state hillary clinton will be the first secretary of state in a half century to visit myanmar, where a new civilian government is making reforms after decades of military rule. the president also welcomed an agreement by indonesia's largest domestic airline to buy a record $22 billion worth of boeing jets. and after nearly three decades as the friendly face of morning television, today is regis philbin's last day at "live with regis and kelly." late night surprised him with a red vespa. perfect so he could ride off into the sunset. >> regis! are you ready, my friend? >> i'm on it! i'm ready to go, first ever. >> for the love of god, be careful. thank you. god speed. regis philbin.
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there he goes. >> i made it! i'm fine. >> of course regis can't resist getting one last laugh in, even after some 17,000 hours spent on television. that's more than anyone else ever. congratulations to him. it is now 9:04. back to ann. >> well, actually, i'll take it, savannah. and there will never be another guy like regis philbin out there. and -- i'm not going away. i'm not retiring. i'm just hanging out. so we love the reg. we love him. 62 today. what's your name? >> earnest baker. >> and which is this your lovely -- >> lovely wife. >> where are you from? >> maryland. >> she always fills everything in for you. >> there you go. >> very nice. a perfect partnership. happy birthday. let's check your weather, as regis would say, i'm only one man! we've got a big storm system coming in, upper level disturbances continue to stream in through the pacific northwest. cold air coming in from canada. so we're looking anywhere from
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12 to 18 inches of snow in the cascades. and this monster is going to make its way as far south as the sierra along the coast of california. we're looking at rain, heavier snows through the interior sections. and over the weekend, they make their way into the rockies. the wasatch mountains and the >> good morning.egion, as well.n a cold start on this friday. we will see a lot of sunshine as we head into this afternoon. and that's your latest weather. david? >> al, thanks very much. now to one of hollywood's enduring mysteries, the death of actress natalie wood 30 years ago this month in the waters off
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southern california. her death was ruled an accidental drowning, but now authorities have reopened the case. we'll hear from the captain who was on board in just a moment. but first, nbc's george lewis is in los angeles with more. good morning, george. >> reporter: good morning, david. the sheriff's department says it's been contacted by people with new information about the case. how natalie wood died has been the subject of a three decades old hollywood mystery filled with rumor and suspicion that her drowning was no accident. ♪ i feel pretty oh so pretty ♪ >> reporter: pretty and talented and at the top of her career, as maria in "west side story." natalie wood's death at age 43 in november of 1981 from drowning shocked the world. a who's who of hollywood among the mourners at her funeral. to some friends, the tragedy didn't quite add up, because natalie wood said she had always been afraid of water. >> i've always been terrified, still am, of water. dark water, sea water. >> reporter: she had been
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boating with her husband, actor robert wagner, and with countri christopher walken, the co star of her last film. they were anchored off catalina island in wagner's boat, "the splendor." >> she had slipped on the swim seat step on the aft end of the boat. tragic, tragic night. >> reporter: the coroner said she had been drinking several glasses of wine and may have lost her balance. >> cause of death will be certified as accidental drowning. >> reporter: right after her death, her lawyer tried to dampen speculation that there had been some sort of foul play. >> the facts are clear, they're uncontradicted. the important facts. and the rest is just ghoulish nonsense. >> reporter: but there were hints of a possible love triangle. a possible argument on-board the boat between the two men. and in a tell-all book published last year, the captain "the splendor," dennis davern said he
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saw wagner arguing with natalie wood on the deck of the boat. now the los angeles county sheriff's office says it is reopening the investigation. releasing a statement saying, "recently sheriff's homicide investigators were contacted by persons who stated they had additional information about the natalie wood/wagner drowning." a statement from robert wagner's publicist says the wagner family fully supports the sheriff's investigation. the statement also says it hopes that the sheriff's department is not acting on information from people who are trying to profit off the 30th anniversary of the drowning. there has been no reaction from christopher walken. david? >> george lewis in los angeles this morning. thank you very much. earlier this morning, i spoke exclusively with dennis davern, along with martir rulli. i began by asking what the information was that investigators are now zeroing in on. >> i can't answer that question right now. >> and why not?
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you're referring to mistakes you made. have you changed your story from when you spoke to investigators years ago? >> i did lie on a report years ago. >> and what did you lie about then? >> it was just a miss -- i made mistakes by not telling the honest truth. >> is it your charge that, in fact, robert wagner essentially tried to make this a low-profile investigation, did not do everything he could to try to find her, once she went missing after their argument? >> yes, it was. it was to be kept a low-profile investigation. >> so you're saying that wagner did not do everything he should have done to look for her after she went missing. >> exactly. >> was she -- was he responsible for her death in some way? >> well, like i said, i think we all made mistakes that night. and -- >> mr. davern, that wasn't my
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question. was he responsible for her death? i'm not asking about your story. >> yes, i would say so. yes. >> how so? >> i really don't want to get involved in anything -- >> how can you come on national television, sir, and accuse him of something like that but not back it up? >> well, that's up to the investigators. i don't want to speak for -- >> well, you're speaking to investigators. are they not reopening this investigation based on information that you have provided them? >> yes, they are. >> you may be an opportunist. you're saying that robert wagner was responsible for her death, but not saying how. not shedding light on why it is after 30 years they would reopen an investigation when that's a very unusual step for any investigative body to do. >> far away from even thinking about profiting over a 30-year anniversary. i've known this information for many, many years. and my book has been out for two years. i'm not in it for any kind of profit. i'm in it for the justice of the
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whole situation. >> marti rulli, you helped mr. davern with this book. i'll ask you the question. what do we know now that we didn't know then? >> well, there was a fight aburiboard "the splendor" the night natalie died, a terrible argument. that was never relayed to the original investigators. and none of the survivors, walken, wagner or dennis, were forthcoming with the investigators. >> so then what happens? i mean, i've just heard mr. davern say he thinks wagner was responsible for his wife's death. what happened? >> natalie was mortified, went to her state room, wagner followed. and a terrible argument transpired that broke out to the back deck. dennis overheard the arguing. he did make an attempt to stop it. was told to go away by robert
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wagner. and then minutes later, natalie was missing. dennis was asked to search the boat. he did. he couldn't find natalie. he met up with wagner in the wheel house. dennis wanted to do everything, make a phone call, turn on the search light. his instincts told him something was terribly wrong. and robert wagner asked him not to. >> i want to stop at that point. mr. davern, wagner said not to. not to take direct steps that could help identify where natalie wood was. had she fallen off the boat. that's what you're saying. >> yes, we didn't take any steps to see if we could locate her. >> do you have any evidence, any information to say that there was foul play, that this was murder, that he was responsible for her being pushed off the boat? or was it a matter of him simply
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saying we're not going to look too hard? >> i think it was a matter of we're not going to look too hard. we're not going to turn on the search light, we're not going to notify anybody right at the moment. >> you never told the police that at the time, did you? >> no. >> why not? >> well, because we all had -- we all had our story to tell the homicide detectives at the time. and that's the story i told. >> so you agreed with robert wagner to tell a story he wanted you to tell and not the truth. >> yes. >> why should anyone believe you now, when you didn't tell the truth then? >> well, that time, my life was just totally, totally crazy at that time. and you know, i don't think there was a time where i was even able to even think
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straight. >> any message you have for robert wagner this morning? >> no. my interview earlier this morning with dennis davern and marti rulli. come up next, the story behind the split of demi moore and ashton kutcher. next. i'd never ride without one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack. why kid myself? diet and exercise weren't lowering my cholesterol enough. now i'm eating healthier, exercising more, taking lipitor. numbers don't lie. my cholesterol's stayed down. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. it's backed by over 19 years of research. [ female announcer ] lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications, or if you have any muscle pain or weakness.
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their marriage was on the rocks, demi moore made it official on thursday, releasing a statement saying that she is ending her six-year marriage to ashton kutcher, with, quote, a heavy heart and great sadness. the divorce comes amid reports of infidelity by futurer. the "two and a half men" star responded by saying, quote, he will forever cherish his time with demi. kate, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> boy, i thought demi moore's statement kind of hinted at this idea of infidelity. is that what we think ultimately broke this marriage apart? >> it more than hinted at it. while the split itself wasn't unexpected, per se, the fact that the statement was released came solely from demi and made such a pointed reference to the fact that she is ending this, she is walking away. >> she said her vows mean something. >> her vows, as a woman, a wife and a mother. there are vows and values that she holds sacred, and it is in that spirit that she is moving on. this is an opening salvo.
9:18 am
this is not a subtle standard, joint statement, with all of the usual, we have the greatest respect, we'll remain friends. that's not what's happening here. >> well, does that -- do you signal that this is going to be an acrimonious divorce? >> it's not going to be acrimonious, per se. there's not a whole lot to fight over. they don't have children together. they each have their own considerable wealth. so we're not necessarily expecting a messy court battle in terms of that. but clearly, emotions are running very high. she is hurt, and she is letting people know that she is hurt. >> a lot of people looked at this marriage up until this point saying, well, this is an example of the may-september romance, where the woman is quite a bit older than the man, and is hey, it seems to be working. and she, needless to say, is drop-dead gorgeous. do you think that people are watching this and disappointed because they think, oh, gosh, i guess it didn't work out after all. >> well, there is some disappointment. it is still a hollywood couple. and those rarely make it long-term. but there's also a lot of problems with their relationship that have nothing to do with the
9:19 am
age difference. so you don't necessarily need to look at this and think well, it's because she is 49 and he's 33. that's why they were doomed. >> i know, you made a point about their differing levels of success. that kutcher all of a sudden is on top of the world in terms of a new show and really making a come-back. and she may be in the waiting days of her career, hasn't had that big hit recently. do you think that fed into it? >> it's been a long time since demi moore has been the highest bade actress in hollywood. and ashton is the number-one store in the number-one show on television. and that has to have taken a toll. it would take a toll on a couple in the best of circumstances, which theirs were not. >> all right. well kate coin, thank you so much. appreciate your time. and still to come, are you a stress eater? we're going to help you get a handle on the holidays so you don't pack on the pounds. but first, these messages. [ bells dinging ]
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[ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. [ toy robot sounds ] we want to say hello to two stars of a film that's getting a lot of loud buzz.
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it's called "the artist" but it's a silent black and white film. and apparently we're black and white but not silent. never silent. >> joining us, they won the best actor award. welcome. >> thank you. >> first of all, how different was it or how difficult was it when you don't have to study for a script in a sense, but you have to convey all this by just looks, actions, gestures? >> it's not really different, because for you, it's a silent movie. for us, it's a talking movie. because we had lines, we spoke in english. sometimes in french, sometimes in gibberish. but it's. >> it's -- the approach is kind of the same. you just have to find a character and embody the character and you have a script and you have costume, haircut, makeup. everything together makes it happen. >> it's all in your expressions so much, isn't it? and john, you were at cannes, i
9:24 am
believe you won best actor? >> yes. >> how does that feel? >> very well. it was amazing. from robert di nero. it was very new for me. >> and you both got to do a lot of dancing in this. >> five months. every day. it was great. a lot of work. like, really hard. but it was such a pleasure, you know, to do just one take and to be there and just give it to you. >> 17 takes. >> they kept the 11th or 12th. >> are you surprised how much people have loved the film, given how unusual it is to do a silent film? >> well, you know, you never can expect such a big response. you hope people will respond, but you don't know. >> well, you obviously are. "the artist" hits theatres november 25th. >> coming up next, your local news and weather. [ female announcer ] there's a fiber that goes with everything.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> what a nice day. sunny skies, temperatures in the 30's. a little on the cold side. we will be colder than usual. big area of high pressure keeps storms away to the west. 40's to near 50 for the high. sunny skies. this is chilly for this time of year. year.
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had big dreams of little bundles. you really look fantasti fantastic,charlie. >> thank you. >> you really do. how are you feeling? >> that, meredith vieira, with a remarkable woman whose progress she has been following for years. charla nash. you remember, she was attacked and nearly killed by a chimpanzee. now she has had a full face transplant and meredith will be here with her exclusive glimpse at how charla nash looks now. that will be monday on "today." a very, very moving moment. >> amazing to see her progress and her courage. and we're excited to have meredith back, too. that's monday. in the meantime, coming up today, staying healthy through the holidays.
9:31 am
of course it's a stressful time for a lot of folks. and sometimes that stress causes us to overeat or mindlessly nibble and sometimes the food looks really good. we have some tips to help you keep your diet on track, even during the holidays. and of course, we all remember annie hall, right, especially the outfits? the men's wear look is back, trendier than ever. we will show you how you can pull off the latest styles. >> not to be confused with the andy hall look. wearing women's clothing. then in today's kitchen, spicing up your dinner with a new take on steak. using a sword fish steak. we're going to show you how easy it is to do at home. but first jenna wolfe has a preview of this weekend. >> yeah, we're talking about the big penn state scandal. the investigation is growing with new questions about the alleged sex abuse and the shocking cover-up charges that have stunned the country. we'll have the latest on that. and then up and away. we're going to take you to the macy's studio, where the thanksgiving-day parade floats
9:32 am
and balloons come to life. it's really an amazing place. i even had a chance to go inside one of the balloons. >> wow. >> one word, helium! >> very good. nice. >> that's the word. and speaking of turkey day, we'll announce the winners of our stuffing contest. all that and more this weekend on "today." >> i love stuffing. >> right? >> it's the best. >> we better get to that holiday stress eating segment fast. how about a check of the weather? >> all right. let's see what's happening for your weekend. saturday, chilly in northern new england. frigid conditions in the plains with showers in the upper great lakes. lots of sunshine along the gulf coast. sunday, sunday! milder conditions along the eastern seaboard. showers in new york. wet weather in the lower mississippi river valley. more rain in northern california. a fewer showers moving into the pacific northwest and hit and miss showers and thunderstorms thrs >> good morning.
9:33 am
a chilly start on this friday. we will see plenty of sunshine. and, of course, we always like to think about sunday on friday morning. because sunday night is the best night of the week, because that's sunday night, football night, in america. we are going to be heading down to metlife stadium, as those eagles spread their wings. michael vick, fighting off two broken ribs? i don't know. will he play? i feel like some ribs right now. partly cloudy, mild, temperatures in the low to mid 50s. but enough about my dinner. you think about sunday night, football night, in america.
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>> sounds delicious, al. thank you. coming up next, seasons eating. how to avoid stress eating during the holidays. that's right after this. quicken loans, we understand that when you live in the fast lane, you need a mortgage lender who's just as fast and responsive. [ rob ] hi, i'm rob jones, and i'm a professional race car driver. as a former fighter pilot, i like the fact that quicken loans offers va loans. i worked with a real person while doing everything online. it was the best of both worlds. their rates and fees were low, and their crew kept me updated through every step of the process. quicken loans is a lot like me -- we're both engineered to amaze. quicken loans is a lot like me -- going to stop me is weak thighs. here and the last thing that's mountain series, level 10. backwards. starts next friday morning at midnight.
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thanksgiving, christmas, new year's ahead of us. it's easy to get stressed out and start packing on the pounds. here to keep you on track is today's diet and nutrition editor madeline fernstrom and gail saltz. good to see you. >> hey, al. >> so stress eating. what is it, and this emotional eating and why do people end up turning to food? >> food is such an important part of everything we do. it's not just to fuel ourselves and when we feel stressed, we turn to food, because let's face it, it's soothing and tastes good and for the moment, it's really validating and very reinforcing but masking a lot of things going on. this hand-to-mouth activity, all this nervous anxiety. this is fueled by food. and then the problem is the more stress we get, the more we start to eat mindlessly. but the good news, you have learned this and you can unlearn it. >> so gail, you say one of the things people have to start thinking about as we go into the holidays is about your expectations and managing those. >> right. because the reason, it's harder around the holidays is exactly
9:39 am
that. because we envision all of the families should get along beautifully, we should make this incredible perfect meal so we appear to be the super-duper mom and most competitive. and when you set yourself up that way, of course it's going to be incredibly stressful. so to some degree, bringing expectations back into line and saying, look, if it's going to be so much work and i'm going to be stressed out, having a pot luck thanksgiving will really offload me and it's not going to make me not a great mom, not a great hostess, et cetera. you have to realize that you can bring people together, but you can't make them adore one another and get along in every moment. so there are going to be things that are going to happen that are really not in your control and that's okay. >> and trying to keep control, madeline. one of the things you need to do, keep track of your eating. >> you want to stay in control, because the issue is what triggers you to eat? it's not just the foods, it's also the situation, like gail was saying. it's really less about what you're eating and more about managing stress. so you have this think about things, be a mindful eater and go what things cause me to overeat, certain foods, healthy
9:40 am
or not healthy, that don't satisfy you, but cause you to overeat. but the situations are more important. you go to your in-laws house, very stressful. you have to have ways of managing who am i going to talk to, let me mine myself what i'm doing and think about the situation and food. >> so does that play into self-talking to yourself? >> self-talk is huge and can make a really, really big difference. you almost have to have like a preloaded tape of things that you can say to yourself in those stressful moments. so, for instance, a really good one that i often tell patients to say is something to the effect of, i can only bring the family together. i can't make them get along. >> so a mantra. >> a mantra. i can only serve a lovely meal. i can't make a perfect holiday. sometimes it helps to write them out. what the line is to yourself that creates a reasonable expectation that destresses you in the moment. >> and when you're at your own home, you can kind of control the meal, you can control the menu. but when you go out, madeline, you say one of the things you do, and i took this from you, because i do this now a lot. i pre-eat before i go to a
9:41 am
party. of. >> that's a good thing. that's not overeating, it's eating before you go someplace. you're going to have some soup, some crunchy vegetables, you can have some yogurt, maybe a few slices of turkey. so when you get there, you don't feel vulnerable to all of the things that are there, whether you like them or not. and the worst thing, when you're in an environment you don't like and start to gobble up food because you're nervous. preeating takes the pressure off. you know you've eaten and had something to drink and you can detach from the whole situation. >> we have a long -- >> long holiday season. >> and stress cooking skills and the eating techniques will really serve you well. >> gail saltz, madeline, thank you so much. up next, men's wear inspired looks for women of all ages. right after these messages. so you earn 50% more cash. according to research, everybody likes more cash. well, almost everybody... ♪ would you like 50% more cash? no!
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new stuffed rigatonis, starting at just $9.95. hearty pasta, stuffed with a blend of italian cheeses. for just $9.95, try them with grilled sausage in tomato alfredo. or for just $11.95, try them with chicken in a garlic alfredo. at olive garden. ♪ this morning on "today's" style, guy meets girl fashion. from the vest and blazer to the grandpa cardigan and bow tie, men's wear inspired fashion for women is all the rage this season. isabelle gonzalez whitacre is the fashion feature's editor for "in style" magazine. good morning to you. >> thank you. >> this is not just annie hall, this is a trend. >> it has been for a few seasons, seen it on the runways. really the key, you want to take one or two elements and incorporate it into your wardrobe, unless you want to do something dramatic and wear it head to toe. but really it's about taking key men's wear inspired elements and working with what you have in your closet. >> and still looking feminine.
9:46 am
we're going to show our models and show off the looks. let's start with melinda, showing us a look it with the vest. >> this is a men's suit vest, essentially. really the key, you don't want to actually use a men's vest. it could look a little boxy. so this is fitted. this is from h & m. and what's nice, too, to your point, it plays with the femininity of this floral, flowy dress and creates a nice silhouette. and this works with every shape, because when you wear it open, it creates a nice vertical column that creates a nice lengthening effect. >> yeah, it's actually very flattering. thank you so much. the other trend, the blazer. blazers are always in. but is there something about these? >> this blazer particularly kind of has a prep school look to it. it's fitted, it's more tailored. and actually, this has the buttons down both sides, so it really is men's style. we paired it with a pair of shorts, sort of for a fun update foramen's suit. what's nice, too, with a jacket like this, if approximate you have one with wool it has innate structure so projects polish.
9:47 am
>> but once begagain, this not actual men's blazer. >> it's necessary objects and the idea is you've got this tailored, polished structure. and in navy, which is also kind of a typical man's color. >> all right, victoria, thank you so far. let's bring out our next look. this is jennifer, showing us the plaid coat. that's cute. >> i know, it's a great coat. the idea behind plaid, you think about men's suiting, whether a houndstooth print or chevron, you don't have to do much else if you're going to wear a bold coat like this. and also plays well with embellishmen embellishments. to play up the femininity, we added this beautiful top with sparkle from banana republic. >> so you still feel like a chick. thank you so much. let's move on to our next one. grandpa cardigan. let's see it. >> grandpa cardigan is defined by something that's cozy, a thicker knit and can very easily veer into slouchy territory. >> i was going to say, how do
9:48 am
you do this without making it look sloppy? >> exactly. pair it with slimming prints, slimming silhouettes and also vibrant structures, vibrant prints, rather, to modernize it. so this great slimming tunic, a wonderful print, nice dark brown leggings that again add to the lengthening of her silhouette. and modernized with this oversized statement scarf. >> and the grandpa aspect is it's long? >> it's long, a little bit slouchy, as you said, but you don't want to veer into sloppy territory. >> okay. caramela, you look great. let's do our last week. this is on marie, the neck tie. this is always so cute, but it's hard to pull off. >> well, i don't think it's as hard as you think it is. this is a clip-on, first of all, so no work required. and think about it as something interchangable with your necklaces. this is a fun look, crisp, the key is to wear it with a polished button-down, and pair it with a flirty skirt as we have here. a full pleat. >> kind of have her in this
9:49 am
whole school girl look here. very cute. >> it is cute and actually i think quite practical too. >> all right. let's bring out all of our models and give them one last week and thank them. this is really cute ideas. men's wear. i think the theme here is match it with some girly pieces. >> that's right. to find some balance. >> thanks so much, ladies. thank you. and come up next, spicing up your fish dinner with a new take on an old favorite. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ [ female announcer ] we know you've got a lot on your plate at thanksgiving. which is why safeway has everything you need to get it all done. right now, get a safeway frozen turkey
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♪ all right this morning on "today's kitchen," not steak but sword fish. >> that's right, russell brown is the executive chef of o'leary seafood restaurant in annapolis, maryland. he has got a sword fish simple
9:52 am
enough for anyone to cook. good to see you. >> thanks, al. >> this is a take -- usual leer we're doing this with steak. >> you can definitely do this with steak. that's what a typical preparation is. of course, we do it different here at our seafood restaurant, don't serve a lot of steak there. >> so what do you do, dip it in pepper. >> press it into the pepper corn. this is like a cracked black pepper, kind of a rough cut. >> so you've got to like pepper. >> you've got to like pepper. if you don't like pepper, forget it. >> and a little salt. >> you can always do it that way. >> first saute it. >> yes, sear on a nice high heat in olive oil. >> how long each side? >> about a minute. >> how many ounces? >> about 7 or 8 ounces. just a tad bigger. you guys like to eat. >> we like big. go big or go home. >> so you sear it off but don't finish it. >> you don't finish it here. you finish it off in the oven, the reason you want to keep it at a lower temperature. you don't want to overcook the sword fish. that's the most important thing. >> okay.
9:53 am
great. what do we have here? >> it takes another five minutes in the oven. >> okay. >> and then our sauce, we start with some olive oil and add some julianned leaks. >> and pepper. that's good. >> i kind of enjoyed it. so some leeks in there. >> sliced leeks. wild mix mushrooms, any variety you like. we have shitakes, chantarels, oyster and primini. >> russell, is that alcohol i see over there? >> boy, you just couldn't wait -- >> no, i'm just saying. >> there's butter and cream, as well. you didn't go there! >> it's friday. >> we're going to add some chopped tomatoes. and some shrimp. >> wow. >> you didn't notice the shrimp. >> no, i'm sorry. >> and there's no pepper corn on the shrimp. we're going to cook that a little bit, the shrimp start to turn pink. and we'll add some brandy.
9:54 am
could you do that, al. >> absolutely. >> oh, now, you want to -- >> just get -- oh, okay, into the pan. just checking. >> wherever you like. >> and let that reduce down a little bit. and we'll add some heavy cream. >> yes. >> all right. >> and bring it up to a nice boil and simmer and reduce to a sauce. a little salt and pepper. grab some salt there. >> sure can. >> and reduce three or four minutes and finish off with whole butter. >> all right. >> and then over here we have our finished sword fish. >> you have a swiss chard going here. so sauteed some onions and then what? >> onions, garlic, add some swiss chard. >> and notice you have some pancetta. >> finish off with some nice, crispy pancetta. >> what's that? >> that is for you.
9:55 am
>> it's bacon. >> a nice white wine. >> i knew it! >> ding ding ding! >> beautiful. and this is with sweet potatoes, it looks like. >> we have a mashed sweet potato. and what we have done, a little bit of sweet potatoes on the plate. some red swiss kale. >> fantastic. >> beautiful meal. >> thank you so much. the recipe, of course, is on our website. we want to salute our good friend, regis philbin, saying goodbye after all these years. we wish him the best. >> he is a class act. we'll be back in a minute after your "local on the 8s."
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