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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  November 18, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. in washington, one crisis averted, another one a looming. congress passed a temporary spending bill so the government will not shut down this weekend. but the debt super committee has yet to come up with a plan to/$1.20 trillion from the nation's bottom line. as tracie potts reports, the deadline is the day before thanksgiving. >> no shutdown. the government will keep running until december 16. congress will deal with that again until thanksgiving.
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what is up in the air is whether the super committee can come up with $1.20 trillion in cuts before the holiday. >> the $15 trillion number yesterday would be a giant wake- up call for congress that it is time to rip the band aid often do what needs to be done. >> there needs to be a balance and it needs to be fair. >> there is confusion about whether democrats would accept the offer. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> have met the offer on revenue. we have said it has to be fair to the american people. >> no deal, that automatic cuts would kick in, including $600 billion from the pentagon, on top $400 billion congress already approved. >> the amount currently planned for defense is way too high. >> senate republicans are working on plans to block any cut. we are hearing that the
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committee may consider a smaller deal, something that can get done by midnight on wednesday. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> secretary of state hillary clinton will travel to burma as the u.s. looks to seize what could be a historic opportunity for progress in the country. president obama made the announcement today, saying there had been flickers of progress in the myanmar region. this the first such visit by a secretary state in 50 years. it is a sign of the changing relationship between the united states and myanmar, also known as burma. protesters here decided to march across the howard street bridge. advocacy groups joined protesters to highlight the issues of decaying infrastructure and the lack of good jobs. other grassroots organizations joined in on the march. event organizers say they hope their demands will not fall on deaf ears. meanwhile, occupy wall street
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protesters are in maryland this noon. demonstrators are on a two-week 240-mile march from new york to washington. many are expected to follow route 40 all the way to baltimore this afternoon after spending the night in havre de grace. the group plans to reach washington by november 23, the deadline for the super committee to decide whether to keep the extension of push-. tax cuts. a retrial is expected to begin today for two brothers accused of setting ieight pit bull on fire. in february, the jury told the judge said there were deadlocked prosecutors say tremayne and travers johnson set a pit bull on fire in 2009. >> phoenix still remains this in during symbol, and has become the face of animal cruelty nationwide. i think baltimore is taking this
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crime much more seriously. but are reporting it. police officers are investigating. >> one insurer in the last trial told 11 news that the panel repeatedly voted 11-1 to convict the twins. he said the dissenter held out because she believed surveillance video was too blurry. an arraignment is scheduled today in howard county murder case. anthony parker is accused of killing philip wise at harpers farm road on september 13. he turn himself in to police. police say the victim was homeless. it is life behind bars for a man convicted of stabbing to death and active duty marine at the victim's birthday party in january. police say after being asked to leave the party, 28-year-old michael wiggins returned with two knives and attacked private darius ray. he was convicted of first-degree murder, assault, and other counts. two other men involved were convicted of assault charges.
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the west baltimore man wants answers and an apology after city police raided his home looking for someone who does not live there. arnold armstrong says he was watching television with friends when four officers kicked in the door, handcuffed his friends, and search upstairs for 30 to 45 minutes. >> i kept insisting -- he believes there are weapons, but they still left. if you believe there is nothing in this house, why did you leave? no apology or anything. if you are wrong, you should say you are wrong. >> police officials tell 11 news they believed they had the right physical location for the warrant, but are still investigating the details surrounding the case armstrong has looked into filing an official complaint. >> we have seen in recent week s out and downs as far as
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temperatures are concerned. we are coming off one of those highs -- just a couple of days ago, warmer than 70 degrees. --'ve come all the way down if we make it to 50, we will be lucky today. there is a recovery over the weekend, but not as dramatic as the past couple. those will only get to around or a little bit above the average this season. by early next week, we will be around 60 or so. we will talk about the forecast for today and the weekend coming up. >> more alleged victims tied to the penn state sex abuse scandal are coming forward. attorneys close to the case for alleged victims of the jerry sandusky -- they are beginning to share their stories, some of which date back to the 1970's. investigators believe sandusky it may have tried to buy the silence of his victims after they noticed several years of documents missing from his
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charity. police in syracuse, new york, are investigating allegations of molestation against a longtime university basketball coach. two alleged this week that the coach assaulted them for years. he has been placed on administrative leave as the claims are investigated. bad news for ravens fans -- looks like ray lewis will not suit up for the game on sunday against the bengals. he has a toe injury. he reported the visit as a specialist -- he reportedly visited a specialist. he has not missed a game since 2007, believe it or not. that brings us to our ravens text question of the day. grab your cellphone and text yes or no to this number, 88509.
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we will reveal the results tonight on 11 news at 5:00 and 6:00. one of the brightest brains in history is on display. where you can take a look at albert einstein's gray matter. her death was ruled accidental some 30 years ago. why are investigators once again looking at the death of actress natalie wood? residents in nevada are forced to evacuate after a well fire threatened at their home. r
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>> if a black cloud of smoke covering the skies of nevada have forced residents to evacuate. emergency crews went door-to- door in evaluating people. we are told a fire has damaged 20 homes in the area. several people separate from smoke inhalation. no word on how the fire started. the los angeles police department has decided to reopen its investigation into natalie wood's death. the actors and drowned off the coast of southern california in november 1981. a news conference later today should shed light on what caused police to reexamine the case. the official report is that she drowned after a night of drinking on a yacht with her husband, robert wagner, an actor christopher walken.
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one of the brightest brains in history is going on display in philadelphia. the museum has received 46 slides of albert einstein's gray matter. the rest of the brain is at the university medical center in princeton, where the autopsy was performed. he died in 1955 at the age of 76. still ahead, happy hour for starbucks lovers. a challenge facing the gap this holiday season. but first, why he may not get to watch the fireworks in downtown baltimore this year received. >> the insta-weather-plus forecast is just ahead. sunny skies overlooking the inner harbor, at the airport,
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>> bad news for fireworks fans -- you may not get to watch them downtown on new year's eve. the city has not yet raised the money necessary to host them. so far there are about -- they or about $15,000 short of the $75,000 needed. the final decision will be made in the next two weeks. in this afternoon's "consumer alert," the gap is facing quite a challenge this season. it saw a 30% drop in sales during the third quarter the company is trying to expand globally. but the past six years, the chain reported that sales dropped as many -- in many of its north american stores. it is owned by the same operator as banana republic and old navy stores. starbucks is holding its own happy hour. it is up by one, get one free deal on holiday drinks. if you buy one holiday drink,
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you get one of equal or lesser value ofor free. it is from now until sunday. not a bad deal. this family is already camped outside of the best buy in taxes. -- in texas. they have been there since tuesday, making sure they are the first in line to get good deals. the latest season of nbc's "the sing-off" is in full swing insgerre inonly a few left. and as -- joining us are ben folds and sara bareilles. >> who is the singer from maryland? >> apparently it one of them is
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from maryland. pretty cool. >> go maryland. >> you guys are getting down to the wire. the competition is heating up. tell us what we can expect for the monday episode. awesome.s episode is these groups have a lot on their plate. they have been given a master mix, mashing up of songs, then the judge's joyce, or personally chose songs to give to the contestants. we are going to either challenge them in some way or highlight their strong suits. we are down to the wire. this is the last episode before america takes over. >> you guys have been on the other side of this when you are actually performing. you have done that a whole lot. what is it like to now judge? >> it is nice to listen to music is amazing to sit and listen to the music. it is good to have an
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opportunity and the trust to be able to give them some feedback. i don't think any of us are the comparable -- you call it "judge" because that is what they do on tv, the judge in part, which i suppose means we kick someone off, we don't like doing that. but we all love listening to music. we have all made comments that you can see they have taken on board and come back and improved. i think that is wonderful. it also makes us really careful about what he said. you don't want them working on something that you randomly said out. >> my talented staff told me that it was xavier curry who is from maryland. >> we love xavier. >> tell us about him. >> he has not taken a lead it
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really did he did some incredible dance moves in -- which one was it? they were going nuts, and he was going freaking out nuts in the corner. >> i don't know. they highlighted on israel if you will see behind us at some point. -- on this reel that you will see behind us at some point. >> there he is. oh, no bread, on, wait for it -- oh, no. come on, with freight. >> there he is. you can catch and on the episode of "the sing-off" monday night at 8:00 on a wbal-tv 11. >> again, we have a terrific day going for us. nothing showing up on the radar. there we are. nothing down here. up to the north, there are a few scattered clouds, lake effect
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snow is coming off lake ontario, a little bit off lake erie. that is the cold air over the warmer waters of the great lakes. you even have a cold. in -- you even have a cold air hitting the warmer waters in the atlantic. here, landlocked areas. a little on the chilly side, though. temperatures are climbing. we started the morning in the 20's and 30's. now we are primarily in the 40's. it drops into the 30's with higher elevations out west. they will not warm up that much today. this is where we are going to be for the high temperatures. here is a high-pressure. it is getting to be good weather at this stage. humidity, only 30% right now. the cold front went through and allowed the cold air to come over the atlantic.
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at the next batch of the storms and weather disturbances is kind of riding high. eventually something will develop and come in. this high pass to break down first and allow weather to come in. this will take several days to do. temperature-wise, you can see the shot of cold air over here. out at of the storms in the plan states, and little surge of mild air pushing towards the mississippi valley. that will be the warming trend as we go towards the weekend. we will spend most of the day in the 40's. sunny skies, west and northwest winds will be diminishing in little bit. 10 to 15 miles per hour. small craft advisories are down now. range of five to 15. diminishing winds. insta-weather futurecast shows dry conditions with the storms avoiding us for a while. by sunday, we begin to see more cloudiness, a little more moisture in the south.
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by monday especially, rain chance is begin to increase by the end of the day. big football game sunday afternoon at m&t bank stadium. looks like we will see some clouds and rain chances are pretty minimal. more likely after dark on sunday. temperatures primarily will be quite around to 60 degrees during the game. only in the 40's today. fifties' tomorrow. 60 on sunday. by monday and tuesday and wednesday, especially tuesday night and wednesday morning, rain chances. >> i don't know if you have heard, but regis philbin took his final curtain call this morning. he walked out onto the set for the last time to cheers and applause. the house announced his retirement last february, saying there comes a time when everything must end. philbin started his 20-year run at a morning talk with former co-host kathie lee gifford. what are run he had.
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but next, your maryland lottery numbers and another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast.
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>> tonight at 5:00, police say they said iset a pit bull on fire, but the jury was not sure. a retrial for the others.
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and occupy baltimore protesters on in march from new york and headed our way. -- occupy wall street protesters on a march from new york and headed our way. and now, your maryland lottery numbers. >> the maryland lottery celebrates purple friday with purple drawings and the cash fantasy scratch-off. >> sarah fleischer would've pick 3 numbers. we will get to pick four in a moment. want to win for you and five guest? play ravens tasha fantasy and enter at the drawing official bob diamond
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selects -- >> john has another look at the forecast for the weekend. >> is nice. it is just a little chilly. tomorrow pretty nice day sunday, we cloud up. rain chance is holed up until after dark. monday, tuesday, wednesday, on again, off-again rain chance is. >> at least it looks like it is up for thanksgiving day. >> all that stuff out of the way. >> thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. join us tonight at 5:00 with donna hamilton and stan stovall. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at, and stay connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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