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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 20, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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super bowl, they have to win 11 straight, 7 in regular and four but for andy reid, he'll take knock off the giants by a score up after these messages from your local nbc station.
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welcome to the wendy's postgame report. here now is bob costas.
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>> so the eagles come into metlife stadium and win 17-10. they're 4-6, two games back of the giants and the cowboys tied now aup top the division at 6 identify 4. down on the field michele tafoya is with vince young and one of his defensive teammates, jason babin. >> michele: bob, thank you. vince that game-winning drive, 18 plays, nearly nine minutes off the clock. what was the communication like? what was going on on that drive that made you know you had an opportunity to win in game? >> just basically told us that the offense just to stay focused. don't try to do nothing too big, and take it one play at a time. that's what we did. >> michele: you found riley cooper into the end zone. this was a guy you worked with a lot on the scout team. where was he? >> we was going at it all game. the interception he was all upset about. don't get down on yourself. we called a great play and saw two safeties and he sflit them
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and gave them the ball. >> michele: you told us before the game you wanted people to see tonight how hard you worked and how much you learned. what do you think you demonstrated here? >> just don't ever give up on me. i love my teammates and they did a great job today. i want to say i will never stop. i will never stop. anytime you say something bad, i keep working. i dedicate that to my mom and family back home. >> michele: congratulations. let's talk to jason babin. what happened on that play at the end of the game? >> it was a play that got extended and i keep hustling. >> you were phenomenal again the run tonight. what was working so well for in run defense? >> we're going to go back and watch that tape and whatever it is, we're going to bottle it. weert not going to sell it but keep it. the chemistry and what we had going on defense was something special today. also, i give a big props to vince. he had grate week of practice and did his thing.
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>> michele: you guys with a win. you needed this no question. how do you build on this now? >> go back this week and practice hard like this last week and keep it rolling. >> there you have it. michele with jason babin. they had the potentially tieing score and sack and fumble and ended their chances and they held the giants to 29 rushes yards tonight. tony dungy, your impression of this one, coach? >> if jason babin didn't know what it was, it was urgency. they played with it tonight and passion. that defense got after the giants all night. i have to say chris mentioned vince young, and i thought when we played against him when he was at tennessee, didn't matter how inconsistent he was in the first three quarters. he wasn't a guy you wanted to have the ball on that last drive, and he showed it gone. the fakt he's a winner, he made the plays on the last drive to win the ball game. >> with the eagles win now and
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the giants and cowboys tied at 6-4 and reports meanwhile out of chicago saying jay cutler maz a broken thumb and could miss significant times, what's this mean for the nfc playoff picture? >> cutler's injury really helps all the time that are fighting for those wildcard spots in the nfc. you can look at detroit, atlanta, all the teams in the nfc east. it really helps them you because chicago is playing great football winning five in a row. now they're in a state of flux. >> tony, thanks. we turn to mike florio of we'll have the news on nbc sports talk on versus. take us through some of the day's big injuries starting with the latest on cutler. >> this was a strange situation because jay cutler played the whole game with no indication of any injury. he went through postgame interviews, no indication of injury. after he left the stadium reporting surfaced of the broken
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thumb. "the chicago tribune" reports he's expected to miss six to eight weeks with that broken thup. he wasn't the only one injured on sunday. the tight tanz quarterback has a sfraned elbow that he suffered gets the falcons. adrian peterson sprained an ankle on sunday against the raiders. in that same game, receiver darrius heyward-bey of the oakland raiders took a knee to the helmet. he flthrough home with the team. he'll get more tests on monday. >> for an nfl films all access look at the critical plays from week 11 including the touchdown by grish sham that was overturned on replay. you can watch it with dan patrick wednesday night on versus. back here at metlife stadium the eagles prevail 17-10 over the joins. al and cris back to wrap things up after this.
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welcome back to the wendy's postgame report. here now is al michaels. >> back here to wrap things up with cris.
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when you think you have the nfc east figured out, no, you don't. pretty good day, by the way, for the dallas cowboys two levels. >> it was indeed. it took a redskins missed field goal to give them that chance. anytime the nfc east teams get together, it's a good game. i was so impressed with vince young tonight. come in there with a new system and new team, to make clutch plays on the final drive it was just really impressive. >> the giants still have two games left with dallas, the first of which is december 11th. you you'll see that on "sunday night football." reports out of pittsburgh, broken thumb, fractured thumb, whatever it is. if ben roethlisberger was in the crypt i wouldn't rule him out of the game. he's indestructible. right now tied with baltimore 7-3. >> pittsburgh defense is going to get healthier. they've been playing with their linebackers for the better part of the season. it's interesting to see what
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happens with ben roethlisberger. >> kansas city here we come, and happy thanksgiving to you. and all of you. pittsburgh against kansas city. we'll talk to you next sunday from k.c. football night. it gets started at 7:00 eastern and 4:00 pacific time. until then, al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya and our whole gang saying good night collinsworth, michele tafoya and our whole gang saying good night from the meadowlands. -- captions by vitac -- -- captions by vitac --
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good evening, everyone. i'm debra wiener thank you for
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staying up with us. new york police arrested a man who's an al-qaeda sympathizer who plotted to bomb police in post offices in the city. police say 27-year-old jose pimentel of manhattan is originally from the dominican republic. police showed a video of a car bomb that replicated the one he built. he had resentiment of u.s. troops in afghanistan and iraq. >> he represents exactly the kind of threat f.b.i. director robert mueller and his experts have warned about as american military and intelligence agencies have eroded large scale attacks. authorities have no evidence that pimentel was working with anyone else. police have one person in custody after three people were stabbed in a parking lot. officers arrive in the sunset
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beach bar and grill at pulaski highway. the third victim ran from the scene. a small plane crashed in calvert county injuring two people. it happened around 6:30 at the chessa peek airport. it overshot the runway. police say the injuries are not live threatening. the federal aviation administrati is set to investigation. >> the first trial against trevers and tremaine ended in a hung jury. the twins are accused of torturing and setting the pit bull on fire. the dog was so badly injured she had to be euthanized. a ceremony for members of the transgender community. dozens gathered downtown for the 13th annual event to honor
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murder victims. tonight's ceremony included a reading of the name. the event came after organizers introduced an anti-violence public service announcement. the traditional scramble to debt out of town for holiday weekend is expected to start a bit early. so what will that mean if you're hitting the road for the next two days? we report from north baltimore with some key travel tips. >> well, the wednesday before thanksgiving has been considered one of the busiest days of the year. some drivers may hit the road as early as tuesday. >> just so much travel, everybody's kind of preoccupied and traveling on the same days and it takes you seems like three to five times longer to get to where you're going. >> and if you're hitting this road this holiday weekend you may want to pack some patience. they're expecting three million travelers on street from --
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streets. even though gas is down, it's still affecting holiday air travel. >> they're making the sacrifice to do that and spend their time with their loved ones. >> this couple is getting ready to visit their family and has altered their schedule to fit the holidays. traffic. >> it's one of the reasons i had to take work off because it's unbearable. we've done it a couple of times. >> we've actually seen sort of the a spreading out if you will over the entire week. some people just take the entire week off tend to leave maybe on monday or tuesday so we've seen a little less congestion. but the roads will still likely be jammed in the peak hours. the mdga sucts traveling after 11 p.m. peak hours will be after 9:00 in the morning and after 9 p.m.
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>> however far you have to travel, whatever you have to do to be with loved once that's the most important thing. head to our website to find the cheapest gas, >> retailers are ramping up for the onslaught for busiest time of the year. employers are still looking for seasonal help for the holiday. they count for the holiday season for up to 20% of their sales. >> with all the different project work that comes up a lot of people do short term assignments but managers are still looking at it as if they need somebody to really attack it as if it's a full-time job. >> this comes as the labor department reports last week that the number of people receiving unemployment benefits fell to its lowest level in seven months. days after announcing drivers
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will no longer be issued warnings when caught by speed cameras, officer dusses how the change will -- discusses how it will impact speeders. >> we're going to move advance around. we don't have enough -- vans around. by don't have enough. you might get a ticket so please slow down when you're in a school zone. >> drivers will receive a fine when driving over the limit. >> the intercounty connector will finally open. transportation officials say the highway will unburden the record that parallel the road. like root 32 and the icc. trips will be free for drivers through december 4th. to washington now where the special congressional committee charged with finding a way to cut the deficit appears to be on the brink of failure.
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members are starting to blame each other. brian mooar explains what's next. >> with the deadline looming members of the super committee seem to have agreed there will be no agreement. and the other side is to blame. >> the other side no entitle reform. they think they're going to win the senat, the presidency and they want to wait until next year and just right their own deal. the bipartisan committee has to agree on 1.2 trillion dollars in cuts to meet a wednesday deadline. but the 12 members are deadlocked. republicans are standing firm on tax increases. >> it's not about assigning blame but we are unaware of any democratic offer that didn't include at least a $1 trillion tax increase on the american economy. >> democrats are drawing the line on medicare and medicaid. >> what we will not put on the table is the end of the
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guarantee to those entitlement. >> they slash defense spending alike but not until 2013, a crisis for the next congress. economists mark zandy says he does not believe the standoff will lead to another u.s. credit down grade. in washington, i'm brian mooar, wbaltv 11 news. >> it was fun today. ravens wrap-up, taking care of that but also some college basketball coming up next in sports. >> well, have that umbrella handy. we had a dry day today but the rain is moving in now. will be around for a while. the weather plus forecast. just ahead, a few showers in just ahead, a few showers in the
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here in the best part of the gulf. louisiana, florida, alabama, mississippi. this could go on for a while.
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>> family and friends touched by pancreatic cancer gathered near rash field for purple night. survivor and their loved ones wore purple to honor those impacted by the disease. it was just one of several vigils held across the countryn't november is pancreatic cancer awareness month. dressed in their purple pride, the ravens and their fans joined the maryland food bank to help collect food for needy
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families this holiday season. this is the 16th year they have joined forces. fans were asked to bring nonperishable foods to today's game. the food drive will run through tomorrow. and you can make a donation on >> this morning we had couple of odd little sprinkles here and there. and then some drizzle sprinkles, shower activities started right after the game this evening. we've gotten into some measurable rain now. some shower activities moving across here. a cold front just to our northwest. the activity kind of stops south. the trend may be for a while but most of the rain is going to fall from the baltimore washington area north ward at least for the time being. here you see it's not very significant rain. the most significant rain has fallen in pennsylvania.
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let's take a look at what happened. 68, mild temperatures despite the clouds. morning lows were in the 40's. airports had .200. .300 in the inner harbor and .400 here on t.d. hill so no significant rain fall. 52 parkton. also at fredrick and low 50's out in far western maryland. so 50's rule the game here and really we won't move around much temperaturewise over the next few days. you can see that most of the rain has been up in pennsylvania so far reaching back to the west and there's more storm even going farther west. this front will be sliding to the south a little bit and going to our south so that mild air that we've had will disappear. we'll have more easterly wind. then it will stall out. a little weavers move along the front. each of those brings an
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increase. this will take a couple of days for this to happen. we don't expect the rain to get out of here until wednesday or so. cloudy skies overnight. 49 with on again off again showers. 52-56. those winds will go east to northeast. and again on again, off again shower activities perhaps concentrated in the morning hours. as we look at the forecast for boater on the bay, northeast winds 10 to 15 knots gusting to 20. small craft advisory's out. a one to two-foot chop on the bay. a future cast as to the amount of rain that will fall we could see anywhere from the half inch to two-inch. the two inches of rain more than likely west of us. here's the seven-day forecast now. 54 tomorrow, 55 on tuesday. morning lows down in the 40's on tuesday. wednesday, the rain should end in the morning. and the heaviest rains could be
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where that front going through. and then -- >> a celebration tonight in college park. now i doubt anybody's overturning cars on route 1. but congrats to the maryland field hock yip team. they beat north carolina for the international championship. maryland has won the title. terms basketball. puerto rico in the fifth place game. michael parker, deshawn moseley knocking down a three. six minutes later, terms now trailing. and 37-31. second half, taking care of business. scott machado finishes with the lay-up. iona crashs the terms.
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89-63. conspiracy theorist rebel in the way nascar's championship race unfolded. only two drivers left and everyone gave them plenty of space to operate down the stretch like they almost planned it. carl edwards needs to push ahead of stewart to win the title. stewart looking for his third career championship. a hole in his grille. had to restart but somehow made it all the way back. an hour and a half rain delay. stewart in first edwards in second. chase points now dead even and it's stewart who holds the tiebreaker due more wins in the season. stewart takes the checkered flag. it is the third cup title for the man they call smoke. ravens wrap-up with an amazing victory over cincinnati. plus a quick check of the


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