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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  November 22, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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on our broadcast tonight, chaos in cairo, an extraordinary scene, and here we go again. as 100,000 people take to the streets and some young americans are caught in the middle. our own richard engel is there tonight. why it could be a rough day tomorrow weatherwise for millions of folks trying to get home for thanksgiving. game on in new hampshire. the president trying to gain back some lost ground. mitt romney goes negative in a new ad. and we'll show you what all the talk is about. why the safety of an american staple is suddenly in the news tonight. first it was those hard plastic bottles, now it's soup cans, all because of a new research into a possible health risk. what a mess?
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one bag of flower, two small boys and one mom's reaction when she discovered the scene. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television when you look at the live pictures, you can't help but say, here we go again. the revolution was supposed to be over. we went through this last winter, the people of cairo knocking into tahrir square. the protest erupting into virus and bloodshed. mubarak was thrown out. and yet tonight, this is where we are, violence and bloodshed in cairo in a society that badly needs order and leadership. this is day four of this uprising, by the way, the death toll at least 30, at least 2,000 people injured, that number on the rise. and once again richard engel is there for us. richard, good evening.
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>> there are still tens of thousands of people tonight in this square trying for two revolutions in a single year. today the egyptian military did offer some concession but it wasn't enough. protesters today carpeted tahrir square. there were more clashes, some intense. the anger here is focused on one man. president hoseny mubarak's successor. protesters say he never implemented democracy. today in tahrir square, they hanged his effigy. and now caught up in this second revolution are three american college students on a semester abroad. egyptian television showed them looking sheepish, in detention accused of throwing molotov cocktails at security forces. back in the square, hundreds of thousands packs in.
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this is the biggest dem demonstration since one year ago. it's also the biggest protest of the military. they were promised democracy, now they've vowed to take it for themselves. >> reporter: would toppling the eepg egyptian military be good for the united states? for decades, it's been a peace broker in the middle east. >> the main roll of the army is to protect egypt. and so far, and to this day, to this point in time, it is fully affecting the public. >> in the evening, a rare television address. but it was soon clear he wasn't stepping down. instead he said egypt will form a new government and have early presidential elections. the reaction in tahrir, the
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field marshall is a trader, he said. and clashes resumed, more intense than before. >> brian, regarding those three american students, u.s. embassy officials here in cairo have already been in contact with them. >> richard engel in tahrir square. let's bring things back domestically to the rush that's coming tomorrow. depending on where you're trying to travel, it could be a while. jim cantore with us from weather channel headquarters tonight, jim, show us where it's the worst right now, and likely to be. >> it's tough when you see a storm heading t to the eastern seaboard, that i-95 corridor, that's exactly what we've got. the storm that dumped a foot of rain is pushing to the east. a cold rain tonight across much
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of the upper northeast, especially in chicago, a couple tornado watches down to the south, we're keeping an eye on that. there it is, that i-95 corridor, inundated by rain. if you can hold off until late in the day, you'll be doing better. the red airplanes signal where we expect problems at the airports tomorrow. keep that in mind. yes, that is snow in northern new england for those of you who will be skiing on this holiday weekend. here's a few select cities for you. atlanta looks good, that is one of the busier airports out there, if not the busiest. we're fine in the middle, denver, salt lake, all the way to los angeles. most of the rain seattle and portland expect some wind there and airport delays as well. all in all, the travel woes are on the edges. if you're traveling in the middle, you're good. keep your patience and get there safely. president obama was in the midst of a political storm in new hampshire today, facing an
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uphill fight in that state in the race for president, with new polls showing him running behind mitt romney is what is still a hypothetical matchup. today as the president arrived in new hampshire, romney went negative on the airwaves. our report tonight from nbc's kristen welker. >> reporter: with his poll numbers down in new hampshire, president obama took his anti-congress campaign and tried to win back support. >> if your members of congress aren't delivering, have you to send a message. make sure they're listening. tell them, don't be a grinchs. >> reporter: but he found himself under attack from mitt romney, who hasn't even won his own party's nomination. romney released this $134,000 commercial in the granite state, slamming the president for his handling of the economy. president obama's campaign says this line from the ad is out of context. >> if we keep talking about the
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economy, we're going to lose. >> here's the original. >> senator mccain's campaign actually said and i quote, if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. >> reporter: mr. obama's campaign called the romney ad deceitful and dishonest. romney's camp issued this defense. candidate obama criticized his opponent for not wanting to talk about the economy. today president obama and his campaign are afraid to talk about the economy. despite it's size, new hampshire could be pivotal in a close general election. the president won it in 2008. polls show romney who owns a house in the state, and served as governor in nearby massachusetts is leading obama in new hampshire by as much as ten points. before romney can actually take on the president, he still has a tough primary battle. right now, some polls show him running second to newt gingrich. as the polls have shifted, occupy wall street protesters have targetsed the candidate.
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today it was mr. obama's turn. >> republican candidates have a chance to reshuffle the deck tonight. they face off in their 11th debate. one of the key topics will be foreign policy. that's a topic some of them have struggled with. >> at the end of pennsylvania avenue today, after that special congressional deficit committee, the super committee failed to come to a deal. our report on that from nbc's kelly o'donnell. >> out of the dysfunction of the super committee that did nothing about the country's long term debt. two issues that could directly affect your wallet. unemployment benefits are about to run unite foreabout 2 million out of work.
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and this year's payroll tax cut is about to expire. >> we can't let that happen. not right now. it would be bad for the economy. it would be bad for employment. >> teed the president pushed hard to extend that tax cut into next year. >> if congress refuses to act, middle class families are going to get hit with a tax increase at the worst possible time. >> conservative and tea party groups agreed. >> i don't think there ever is a time. >> 121 million families got that break. for those earning $50,000. a 2% cut in payroll taxes saves about $1,000. we stand ready to have an honest and fruitful discussion with him, regarding the payroll tax extension. what's the hitch? it will cost the government an estimated $170 billion. that sets up a fight coming after thanksgiving, when congress will either have to add
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more debt or find enough spending cuts to make this agreement stick. kelly o'donnell, nbc news, washington. there is news tonight in the penn state investigation, the local newspaper reporting new trouble for the former assistant coach jerry sandusky. nbc's peter alexander has more from the pen state campus tonight. peter, good evening. >> good evening to you. we are learning about two new child sexual abuse allegations against jerry sandusky, where both alleged victims are still under the age of 18. the harrisburg "patriot news" reports that the two cases have been opened by child and youth services right here in pennsylvania within the last 60 days. if they are found to be credible, this could raise new questions about why authorities waited until the end of a three-year grand jury investigation to arrest sandusky. there are new indications that the penn state scandal may include obstruction of justice.
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according to a source familiar with the investigation, prosecutors held a secret motion in july to hold the second mile in contempt after the organization failed to turn over sandusky's subpoenaed expense records. many of those records may have contained details about sandusky's relationships are still missing. >> peter, thank you for that. and a high profile cheating scandal has expanded tonight. this one involves high school students from long island, new york accused of cheating on their s.a.t.'s by paying other kids to take the test for them. it's a story that's getting national attention and stirring outrage over the honest hardworking students who are losing out to cheaters in this case. our education corporate rehema ellis has our report. >> 13 current and former students from some of america's
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top ranked public high schools turninged themselves in today. in the high stakes cheating scandal that has now spread to several new york communities. some of the students are accused of accepting up to $3600 in exchange for taking critical college entrance exams. including the s.a.t. and the act. students accused of getting other students to take the tests for them are facing charges. >> this affects millions of college students and college bound students. >> reporter: the attorneys for those accused say their clients have pled not guilty. with the arrest of seven students from great neck north high school. >> every s.a.t. score from our school is going to be taken with a grain of salt because of these kids. >> all it takes is a simple
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homemade fake i.d. to take the s.a.t.s or the a.c.t.s for someone else. >> reporter: some say people should think twice about how to hold the students accountable. >> this is not a criminal matter that should be processioned here in the court system. >> that attorney who represents one of the students says this matter should be handled by the school districts instead. as for the students accused of accepting money, they could face up to four years in prison. >> there's nothing fair about this case. up next here as we continue, is there a hidden risk in soup cans, how about cans of cranberry sauce for that matter. new research tonight about a chemical that's raised health questions before. and later, you think you're a mess in the kitchen? the viral video showing what happened when mom left the room. a huge impact by shopping smalle
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back with a health news story, a staple in every home. there's new research about a chemical called bpa, which some studies have linked to a higher risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. we reported not long ago about concerns of bpa in those hard plastic water bottles and other products. a new study raises concerns about bpa in canned foods. >> let's put the peach on like this. >> reporter: iris often uses canned food to make meals for her family.  >> it's easy to prepare, when we get home from work and school. and it's relatively inexpensive.
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>> reporter: almost all food that come ss from a can contain trace amounts of bpa. consumers need too be aware of it. >> i think that anyone who wants to reduce their exposure to bpa, one way they can do that is by avoiding canned foods. >> reporter: in a public health study, volunteers ate a serving of canned soup east day for five days. soon afterwards, their levels of bpa were 12 times as high as those who ate soup from scratch made in the cafeteria. there's no scientific argument that bpa always passes quickly through the body, the big dispute is whether constant exposure from sources like the lining of metal cans and certain water bottles presents a danger, especially to fetuses and young children. >> the association representing the canned food industry says the bpa exposure levels cited are not surprising.
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fda and canadian authorities have consistently concluded that current exposures through canned foods do not post a health risk to consumers, including newborns and infants. despite studies showing bpa can be dangerous to animals, no government has concluded it's harmful to humans. canada and connecticut have banned it in baby bottles and cans that contain baby formula. >> you're going to make how many baskets? >> reporter: iris williams says she'll try to cut back on canned foods, but it won't be easy. robert bazell, nbc news, new york. when we come back here tonight, you get to hear someone stand up for the fat cats in this country and what did happen in congress this week. a shouting match broke out. [ male announcer ] are you still shopping for a medicare plan? you only have 15 days left. the medicare annual enrollment period ends wednesday, december 7th.
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and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, take the lead. ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at here's something you don't hear every day, people don't
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usually say it outloud. co-founder of home depot, a philanthropist and this morning on "skwak box" he said this. >> if we change the faces in the white house, we're on the road to recovery. >> you think it's that simple? >> i think it's that simple. we need leadership, cheerleading, we need encouragement. and fat cats do feel like their doing something good. >> people had at him all day, the writer john cook on the website gawker said, why should fat cats feel badly about getting fat, while the middle class taxpayers who financed that bailout, slide into poverty. they need to feel good about earning record profits. the moment of the week on capitol hill took place at a hearing about oil drilling in the alaskan wildlife refuge,
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what you're about to see is an exchange between alaska republican don young and the witness, the historian and author doug brinkley of rice university. it goes very haywire very quickly. the two men don't agree, they don't like each other, pay special attention to the young female aides sitting behind the congressman. >> that side already made up his mind. this side already made up his mind. >> dr. brinkley, rice is a university. you know -- >> i will call you anything i want to call you, when you sit in that chair. >> pardon? >> you be quiet. >> you don't own me. i pay your salary. >> i'll tell you -- >> the gentleman will suspend and i'll remind members -- >> i work for the private secretarier, you work for the taxpayer. >> mr. brinkley. >> nice to see everyone getting along. >> it is rare to hear a witness
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gathering for the holidays, a piece of video we thought you should see. it shows what happened when a mother of two boys left the room. we thought it was topical given the time of year, and given how much time we'll be spending in the lesson. let this be a lesson, and it got people talking today. >> it's thanksgiving preparations, if your kitchen floor looks like this? at least it isn't your living room. >> what are you doing? >> this is what her sons did with a bag of flour while she was in the bathroom. >> see? >> yeah, i see. >> you emptied the whole thing. >> reporter: when she saw the mess, she grabbed her video camera. >> oh, my gosh, not there. >> i knew i had to videotape it,
6:58 pm
because i knew my husband would never believe me, or anyone for that matter. >> i'm going to throw up. >> reporter: the video is now a youtube sensation it today, some people insist this flour fiasco is a fake. was it staged by mom? on our nightly facebook page, skepticism rules the day. doubters say napoli's too calm. >> did you guys get into the flour? >> reporter: the flour is too evenly spread to be child's play. >> it's like a snowman puked all officer my living room. >> i guess if it brings people a laugh, people can really connect with it. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: a family snapshot that just might make you feel better about what's going on at your house this thanksgiving week. >> oh, boy. >> anne thompson, nbc news, new york. >> the mom and her two little
6:59 pm
boys will be on "today" tomorrow morning. that's our broadcast for this tuesday night. thank you for being here with us. we sure hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening. good night. -- captions by vitac --


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